InstantProfitApp is a Scam- Warning!!! Real Review

Let me introduce myself to those of you who are new to this blog and to the concept behind it. I am the industry’s dog, some call me the Binary Options Watch Dog, sometime I am cute and sometime I am not, just a dog..and in the context of binary options, I made it my goal to put scammers out of business and help unsuspecting traders save their hard earned money by avoiding the numerous scam sites that are out there, with their marketing schemes trying to literally and litherly confuse traders into believing their lies. So I’m going to go ahead and let you in on a few secrets that no one is telling about about the InstantProfitApp. I know you must be asking yourself is InstantProfitApp a scam or is it a legitimate binary options signals service? You might not even know what binary options is at this point if you are so curious about a system that to be honest with you, anyone who’s been around and traded before, would spot as a scam right away.

InstantProfitApp – Scam or Not?

It amazes me that in every InstantProfitApp review I read had nothing but positive feedback and promises. The truth is that many of the sites that promote Instant Profit App or the email spammers who most likely emailed you about this new opportunity, are getting paid for it, so why would they care if you end up losing at the end of the day? they got what they wanted. As a trader I can tell you that there are legitimate binary options brokers and there are legitimate binary options signals services, but many of them are not, and this is because ‘online marketing’ is something that anyone can learn now a days, enabling scam artists to copy professional looking sites and lunch their own fake scam operation over night.

InstantProfit is no different than other similar products that came out over the last 10 years I believe and they all have similar names, Instant Millionaire App, Wealth Code, Auto Binary Code, Instant Cash App, Instant Income App and the list goes on. The common denominator between these products is that they are all a bunch of BS.

The pitch page is always full of promises, performance results and everything to convince you to buy into their lies. To protect themselves from lawsuits they keep the truth in the fine prints, so I wanted to highlight a few of the concerning and important disclaimer information that without a magnifying glass would be extremely difficult to read. Luckily, the Binary Options Watch Dog has a great eye sight, so I decided to do the work for all of you so pay attention please.


InstantProfitApp Lie Number 1  Free, Free, Free…that’s all the pitch page says! Put away your wallet. This is the first lie! The minute you signup and give them your email (bad idea), they will require you to fund an account with a binary options broker they are affiliated with, nothing wrong with that, but the fact that they lie to get your wallet out is false advertising to begin with and getting your email before exposing the  cost of the service or any basic information about it is already shady! Many signals services offer a free trial when you register with an affiliated broker, it’s a win win, they get a commission and you get your signals, but unfortunately the Instant Profit App  prefers to be deceptive from the ‘Get Go’.

InstantProfitApp Lie Number 2 Disclaimer States “Clearly understand this: Information contained in this product are not an invitation to trade any specific investments. ” I am not sure about that. To me it sounds like a very clear invitation to use this product and give it a try. Email Phishing Page and a video with promises to get rich is not a clear invitation to use the Instant Profit App? Maybe I am missing something? Nahh, they are just liars.

InstantProfitApp Lie Number 3 After chatting with one of the representative I was guaranteed a %80-%90 success rate and they definitely showcase performance results. This is a clear attempt to convince and if I wasn’t smart enough to read the disclaimer I would’ve missed on of the most important pieces of information as the Disclaimer States “Hypothetical or simulated performance results have certain limitations. Unlike  an actual performance record, simulated results do not represent actual trading. ” Read this again, I know it’s shocking, because you are absolutely right if you’re thinking “what the fuck is this scam?” They are basically telling you in the disclaimer that any results, proof or any kind of information they use to seduce you to trade using their fake software does not actually represent actual trading, so what does it represent? I know, it represents that InstantProfitApp is trying to scam people who are dumb enough or to be more politically correct..Too naive to read the fine prints! I’ll tell you what it’s about, it’s about a bunch of BS!


So if you are still considering to use InstantProfitApp after reading this review, I really wish you luck in life  because chances are you’ll need it. Don’t be naive, do yourself a big favor. I said it before and I’ll say it again, there are binary options signals out there who work hard to retain you as a long-term trader and work hard to provide traders with quality results and I can testify from experience. The problem is that there are too many scams out there and for non-savvy internet users it’s difficult at times to  recognize these scams. For this reason I created this website, because I am NOT going to let these scam artists get away with this. Learn more about binary options signals services that have a reliable track record and if you have any questions or comments in, please share it below!

One comment on “InstantProfitApp is a Scam- Warning!!! Real Review
  1. Luis A Marrero says:

    I want to say ” THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU ” I almost fell their trap (scam), I had also bookmarked their page until I had enough money for their recommended broker, but since I am a subscriber of yours, I guess you heard my petition to investigate this pie-in-the-sky offer, I am so great full for your advice, I have already been screwed by GT365 which I am still battling them for money that I won fair and square, they have froze my account and finally cancelled my the account, I have no contact with them, numbers that I had don’t even exist any more, any way, I do Thank You, Question? Is there any legit U. S. Brokers out there? I do not want to deal with any broker that is NOT on American soil, Can you help? And/Or recommend one?

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