Hercules Profit Pro SCAM

Now that Insured Profits Fraud is out of the picture, there is a new ‘get rich scheme’  promoted via friend invites and ironically from a marketing observation it’s clear that there’s an obvious desire to portray an image of exclusivity and importance since the “friends only” approach contradicts the Hercules Profit Pro massive email campaigning and promotions in the last weeks. Let’s cut straight to the point, the Hercules Profit Pro is a scam and a second generation of the  ‘get rich scheme’, known as the 60K In 60 Seconds, which was previously launched a few months ago and advertised heavily, implementing similar ‘false advertising’ tactics.

The original software,the 60K In 60 Seconds is beyond any reasonable doubt,  a proven scam as documented on many FX and Binary Options forums. To further crash their false image, in addition to all the documented testimonials and forum discussions, they also received over 40 complaints which were filed via the  WD Complaints Center on the BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com

Due to a recent tip by one of our subscribers, we found that Hercules Profit Pro is solicited mainly using the 60K In 60 Seconds subscribers mailing list, which means that there’s an estimated 10,000+ of emails being sent out  and possibly more, by affiliates of the Hercules Profit Pro, actively promoting this offer in multiple advertising channels including fake YouTube testimonials.

If you compare the design and website structure, you will find many resembling factors. BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com finds  many good reasons to believe that the Hercules Profit Pro is another fake software launched by the creators of the 60kin60seconds.com website and if anyone thinks differently we would love to explore different opinions in an unbiased debate below the post.


 Please Share Your Feedback below on your experience with Hercules Profit Pro! 

Here is a ridiculous herculesprofitpro.com quote by “Charles Brocklehurst“,the alleged creator of the Hercules Profit software, check it out:

“you’ve been probably invited via email by a good friend of mine. My friend is worried about your financial situation and has asked me to help you make money”

How sleazy can it get? Which friend is he referring to? The unknown solicitor constantly bombarding my inbox with offers to join herculesprofitpro.com and other similar junk. Perhaps this is the “friend”.. Charles is referring to?! Go figure!

…and for god sake, who is Charles Brocklehurst?! (the alleged creator of Hercules Profit Pro)

Charles Brocklehurst

This dude by the name of Charles Brocklehurst in the picture died on 27 June 2013. RIP whoever you are.. 

The only three Charles Brocklehurst I managed to find via Google search: The dead guy, an Urban Designer and an MD at the Royal College of Physicians. None of the above matched the “Charles Brocklehurst” we were hoping to find.

The conclusion is that Hercules Profit Pro is a SCAM!

In previous months the BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com reviewed many different scams and helped traders save literally tens of thousands of dollars by helping with disputes, posting warnings and advising traders on how to recover lost funds after contracting with scams.  At times our website is discouraging but a reality check is better than a missing check. BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com is dedicated to expose scammers and help our fellow day traders! If you are a victim of any type of online trading fraud, you can contact us directly at the WD Complaints Center

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Please share your experience or feedback on Hercules PRofit Pro, to remind you the domain is herculesprofitpro.com. Your comments can help save other traders from falling victim! Do the right thing and share your experience with us!

14 comments on “Hercules Profit Pro SCAM
  1. jame says:

    From my experience Hercules Profit Pro is a scam. Because I opened an account of amberoption broker through a website of Hercules Profit Pro. When I opened an account of amberoption broker and deposited my money but I did not receive any software or there is no any software for trading. And it is strange that amberoption’s platform automatically executes and trades instead me for me that lost my money and can not stop it. Concluded! they are scam!

  2. Mike Whittingham says:

    Thank You for the ‘heads up’…I was close! MW

  3. Ron says:

    OMG! I came so close to investing the minimum required to open an account with the Hercules Profit Pro. Thank goodness I ran into your blog site. After reading the experiences of others on your site, I’m relieved I didn’t fall victim to this as well. I will check out the OptiExpert site you recommended and thanks again. Keep up the great blog site

  4. Julius says:


    Thanks watchdog! I almost buy this thing but seeing your review
    was so helpful and save my money.

    Anyway, have you review about 2014 Millionaire by Stan Lutz? Looks
    like promising again..please let us know.

    Many thanks,

  5. Mikeal Stanbery says:

    What can you tell me about a auto trader bot by the name of Legal Insider Bot? They are affiliated with the broker Beeoptions.

  6. Richard says:

    Hey WatchDog
    Have you heard of the bot that insures your losses, because it doesn`t seem to make sense and I could be wrong but your opinion would be great.
    Thank youRichard

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Richard, Are you reffering to Inside Legal Bot or to Hercules PRofit Pro? The answer in both cases is NO. It’s a trick they’re using to get you to accept an incentive offer from the brokers inwhich they usually offer traders 5-10 risk free trades. It’s considered a loyally offer because it places a restriction on your account that prevents you from withdrawing any funds from your trading account until you’re able to generate a very high trade volume, usually equivalent to up to 40 multiplied by your initial investment amount. As for an actual “Insurance” for losses on binary options trades, no such “animal” exists on this planet..The offer you are given is deceptive and/or unreal.

  7. Richard says:

    Hey Richard here,
    I am contacting you to see if you know anything about the mail I got on The Oz Robot. Another automated system, makes big promises but I am skeptical about it. If you know anything about it your opinion would be great. Great site and great work you do.
    Thank you Richard

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Richard, I have no feedback on The OZ Robot yet, it seems like a new website based on a Google search. Please subscribe to WatchDog Scam Alerts mailing list and if anything comes up you will receive an update. Thank you for visiting BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com!

  8. milksheikh says:

    I have signed up with them about 1 week ago, instead of making my investment more, my account pretty much disappeared within the next day. I am warning everyone to not use them! BEWARE!

  9. Mel says:

    Hey WatchDog, I decided to signup with Hercules Profit…so instead of doubling my investment, within about 7 hours my account was gone.. Please share this with others!!! Warning people! Don’t you ever get near this scam!!

  10. B. Williams says:

    The Hercules Profit Pro traded away 3/4 of my minimal deposit (200) in the 2 days since I joined. Can’t seem to reach anyone to cancel before the rest is gone. Not using the robot anymore.

  11. George Kendall says:

    The Hercules Profit Pro traded away my minimum deposit in about a week. Beware.

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