HBSwiss Forex Robot Scam Exposed!!

Do yourself a favor and avoid the HBSwiss Forex Trading Robot SCAM by “Hans Berger.” Found at en.hbswiss.com, the HBSwiss Forex Robot is the latest robot scam to infect the Forex investment industry. After launching an investigation into the legitimacy of the HBSwiss Forex trading software, we came across some unsettling facts which we will disclose to you throughout this review. If you read this review carefully not only you will be spared $250 but we will also instruct you on where you can find regulated trading brokers and proven service providers.


Hans Berger and Bastian Hermann are the two entities given to serve as the scapegoats for this Forex trading scam. Throughout the promotional video, the alleged founder Hans Berger provides us with his life’s sob story when in reality he is nothing more than another paid actor. So what’s the story with the HBSwiss Forex Trading Robot and Hans Berger? We’ll spare you the painful 11 minutes of our life that we wasted on their pitch video and provide you with the shorten version so that your sanity may stay intact.

So apparently Hans Berger was some hot shot banker while his good childhood friend Bastian Hermann is an expert in “super-fast quantum computers.” When they crossed paths one day the two of them decided to grab some grub at one of Switzerland’s finest dining establishments. Sharing old childhood memories along with talking about their professions were apparently the main topics of discussion when suddenly a light turned on in Hans mind about how if they combined both of their careers together that it could result in the creation of something unprecedented and life-changing. *Cough cough* (Hint: the HBSwiss Forex Trading Software).

As you can guess, both Hans and Bastian were up to taking on the task and one thing led to another until finally after three months they came up with the rough copy of the HBSwiss software. However, that wouldn’t be until Hans had experienced some serious family turmoil. Apparently, his wife was about to divorce him and blah, blah, blah. Supposedly about something being too short… oh yeah, that’s right, about his time at home being too short. However, Hans was determined to make his family and his software work out so like a mad-man he worked onward to accomplish his dreams.

It wasn’t until one day when he was checking his bank account where he discovered he had amassed a profit of over 15,000 euros in a single night. Quite an amazing feat if you ask us. What is even more amazing would be how the funds managed to magically appear in his bank account from his Forex broker account. Not to mention that it only took overnight for the funds to magically be sent from his broker account to his banking account. That almost seems too good to be true if you ask us. But wait…things become even more amazing for Hans Berger!

Due to his overnight success, Hans was completely baffled but motivated more than ever before to perfect his trading software. Having informed his dear friend Bastian about his most recent success, they met up together again to formulate the perfect concept to make the HBSwiss Forex trading software more accurate. Now, we skip-forward 6 months and we have the final product for the HBSwiss trading software. The alleged success rate of the HBSwiss Forex trading robot is 87% but of course we aren’t showcased any 3rd party verified investment results.

HBSwiss is a SCAM!

So how does the HBSwiss Forex trading robot work? According to Hans Berger, this software functions off an algorithm that he used to use at his prestigious bank and made it so that it worked effectively with the Black-Scholes-Merton module. Which is some investment module that still isn’t confirmed as a verified trading approach but with his algorithm he was able to perfect his system. Now, the reason why “Hans Berger” is giving his product away for “free” would be because he says that he is trying to build a big enough user-base so that when he goes to kick start his business his investors can be the sole contributors.

What a nice guy, right? Pshhh… yeah right! We all know that most fraudulent trading operations are offered for “free” because when you sign up with them, you are required to sign up and fund a broker account. Well, we can assure you that all the brokers “recommended” by the HBSwiss Trading Robot are all corrupt scam brokers that do everything they can to squeeze every last cent from you. Not to mention none of the brokers are regulated and more likely than not about 95% of them won’t allow you to execute a withdrawal. To be honest, HBSwiss for Forex is just one disgraceful scam meant to deceive new traders out of their money.

Review Verdict:  HBSwiss Forex Trading Robot is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:  en.hbswiss.com

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22 comments on “HBSwiss Forex Robot Scam Exposed!!
  1. Nikol says:

    Yes, I had been scammed with binary where I invested in a large.Then I came across a watchdog website and discovered that I was not the only one who got caught this way. Well done and thank for that like articles, where people can share their own experiences. I still have colleagues that in trouble with other binary scams, where they invested really large sums and now trying to return their money through private legal entities, last hope for the case. Perhaps someone knows reliable lawyers or had experience in these matters?

  2. shameez says:

    I am from South Africa and wants to join the HB SWISS but I see they are scammers who can I join that does the signalling bindery option.

  3. Huber Paul says:

    hello, ho is your traductions , merci beaucoup

  4. Andrea says:

    WatchDog, I always appreciate your point of view and experience in spotting which are the quality offers and which are scams.

  5. Blessings says:

    Hello WATCHDOG, which auto trade can I use that has the RUB currency??

    • WatchDog says:

      I don’t recommend using any auto traders at the moment that work with non-exchange binary options brokers. The only system I would recommend is the Daweda ATS since it works on the Daweda Exchange, and I know they do accept RUB wire deposits. Just not sure that the ATS allows trading in RUB. But definitely check them out. Daweda ATS Review. Keep in mind that this ATS is only appropriate for experienced traders. Newbies should stick with manual signal services.

  6. Blessings says:

    These 2 got balls making fake claims!! This isn’t GOOGLE PLAY STORE!!

    You can’t fool WATCHDOG!!

  7. Lorita Dulce says:

    HBSwiss is an amazing app. These things you say are not true! I was able to earn some real profits by trading with it! It is not scam but legit binary trading system.

    • WatchDog says:

      Funny though that the previous positive comment by Maila S. is with the same IP as this comment. At least use an IP changer next time you try to post fake comments 🙂

  8. Maila S. says:

    Hello! I cannot agree that hbswiss is scam because I opened an account and for now everything is super. AS we all know the “free” is for using the robot, the minimum deposit with the broker is said to be at least 250$. I will only recommend this forex trading robot.

    • Alan Kilduff says:

      Your comment is a lie. You scammers are all the same, Stupid.It is so simple, all you have to do is present a few genuine winners.But you are just too stupid to realise this.Why…because you all are just too greedy.Bunch of fucking dumbasses !!!!

      • Heinz Mayr says:

        I have to agree with you. For the simple reason i made a negative comment about some other scam and this site twisted my comment and made it positive. As far as i am concerned, the whole internet is one big scam clique.

        • Heinz Mayr says:

          Here we go again…”your comment is awaiting moderation”. I would be surprised if if my comment gets posted.

  9. Heinz Mayr says:

    There is no point posting on this site. I have tried that before, but my post was either not posted , or they changed it to their liking. In other words, this site is a scam just like all Binary Brokers and all those Robots.

    • WatchDog says:

      That’s just not true. I approve all comments, except for spam.

      • Heinz Mayr says:

        I can’t remember which Binary Broker you were praising , but since i got shafted by that Broker , which i stated in my post, you changed my post to ” Heinz is in favor of this Broker”….i did reply to that , but you did not post my reply.
        Besides, on several occasions you have praised some Binary broker, who later on was even in court for shady deals. Further more, i got shafted by at least 12 Binary Brokers , Robots and trading companies to the tune of $250-$6,000 each. If for some unknown reason you want the names , i will give them to you. It would take more space than is available here to explain how they con and shaft people.

      • Blessings says:

        Heinz, right after I deposited $250, the very next day I discovered WATCHDOG website and joined! I posted on this website and in a few hours, I was told CT OPTION is a scam… So I went on to withdraw my $250 back… And their request is still pending to this day… That was 3 months ago… Imagine the terror I felt!! Should I have met WATCHDOG the day before, my $250 would’ve been SAFE! Now imagine​ how many victims out there who are trying to get into this trade business but are being cheated with Evey attempt… Instead of complaining, you should be making WATCHDOG famous for their valued efforts to put scum outta business.. I am typing this with the atmost respect!! I am wealthy now because WATCHDOG has watched my back while I was still in my infancy… SALUTE THEM, DON’T CRITISIZE TRUE HEROES!!

  10. zahid says:

    Any one has an experience with XM forex broker.

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