GPS Trader is a 100% SCAM!! Comprehensive Review!

GPS Trader is definitely the type of scam that will either put you to sleep or steal your money. Writing this review was a challenge, boring but important for the purpose of alerting potential victims. Based on pure facts and common sense we established a very solid conclusion, we’re dealing with a fraud! We highly recommend grabbing some coffee before attempting to enter the website or switching on the GPS Trader Software presentation by Richard Heffner, the alleged CEO and founder of the system. Be sure to carefully read this review, as there are a few elements to this system that people seem to be falling for, and the last thing you’re probably looking for is to become another victim of a money making scheme.

The GPS Trader scam had been supposedly designed and developed by Richard and his brother Josh. Richard used to work as a developer for a global satellite positioning systems company called Garmin Ltd. His brother worked for Wall Street as a binary trader. Together they claim to have come up with the answer to everyone’s prayers, and created the GPS Trader Software. That is about as much as you truly need to know about these two, as the rest of their story is pretty much irrelevant.

During our review of the GPS Trader scam and presentation we are told that the system works by using satellite connections to get the trading outcome of 94/100th of a second faster than the rest of the markets. In turn making this auto trader mathematically impossible to allegedly lose. However when you actually do the math, you quickly come to realize that it is impractical for the software to actually achieve generating profits of $20k per day, even if the auto trader had to invest the whole of your investment, it would not reach that. Plus if you think Richard is truly going to increase each and every account to twenty thousand as that was his promise, think again!! If you start with £250 and end say at $3k, he would be an idiot to add seventeen thousand to your account, and we can guarantee that your account will not even reach $300.

Promises that are too good to be true, as illustrated below:


Additionally, The unconfirmed Richard Heffner states that he triumphantly created 27 millionaires in the last 3 months to date. Sadly for him we noticed by doing a quick search of the domain name that the auto trader only exists since 26th April 2016, making it almost a month old today. What happened to the remaining two months? Furthermore, if you scroll down a little bit on the webpage have a careful look at the figure stated there…..$12,000. Really?? Where is the remainder $8k we were promised as a minimum?? wasn’t registered 3 months ago! BUSTED!!!

The information below was provided by WhoIs.Net Domain Lookup:


The GPS Trader Scam software is reported to be one hundred percent risk free, and the way it has been refined to achieve this, is by placing a trade in the opposite direction each time the auto trader realizes the trade is on a losing trend. Now let’s do the sums a bit again. Anyone know of a broker that gives you 185% payout when you lose a trade? Which is the minimum you will need to recover the loss of the losing trade, plus the profit of the second trade. Neither do we, at the most you get 85%, which still leaves you with a 115% loss in your account with two trades placed. However do not take our word for it, you are most welcome to ask Robert Brookes, the broker Richard promises everyone will receive as it is his broker, and he has personally allocated him to everyone signing up. FYI – We highly doubt you will get anyone with that name at the other end of the phone.

The claims with how the GPS Trader Scam software work is not entirely out of this world, as we are aware of other successful binary options software’s that uses satellite data to place profitable trades. However the rest of the inconsistencies, the most ridiculous statements and claims, and overall sales pitch takes this scam to another level. We review several systems a week, and we have never come across one that stays true to their word and generate profits of that can accumulate to millions with such short spaces of time. We can also say with 100% certainty that the Software is also not one of them!

Review Verdict: GPS Trader is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website:

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 In reality trying to find a good automated trading system in your email spam, is not the best approach and not a wise choice if you decide to trade binary options. Research and validation of any broker or trading system is required before you fund a trading account. Without the research you’re subjecting yourself to a wide range of risks, with the main one being your investment, and no one wants to throw away $200-$250 at the minimum with a deceptive scam. At we test, verify and expose automated systems that are associated with day-trading. In most cases we noticed that the advertised performance is misleading, but some websites are credible and offer a real opportunity for members to make money on 100% auto-pilot.

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If you decided to join the GPS Trader SCAM, please share your feedback below this important warning. Who sent you an invitation? What was your ITM performance like? Any information you can provide us and other readers will be greatly appreciated. Help the community by sharing this important review.

29 comments on “GPS Trader is a 100% SCAM!! Comprehensive Review!
  1. Peter Turnbull says:

    Similar lead in story with Blazing Trader, also a scam

  2. Marc Tracy says:

    Starling capital scam alert! !!! I cannot contact them, will not send anymore money despite withdrawl request, ignoring me, skype, email, calling, even compliance not responding. …. account $30,000 requested my initial 15k…. nothing. .. please do not use. Starling capital evem with account manager. Chuck, miarianna, alex,

  3. Ollie says:


    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Ollie, In the email invitations there’s usually an ‘unsubscribe’ option located below. If you can’t find it and you’re using Gmail, you can also mark it as spam.

  4. yogesh says:

    i am in india but when i am signung up when i give +917358266458 it says that the country code is not supported.pls give me as solution

  5. Claires6223 says:

    I’m getting over 10 emails a day from gps trader, cloud trader and ones with just a persons name, I sometimes open the email as they are funny to read especially when they can’t spell or try to fool you into opening their link with things like check this video out of a mum and the usual you’ve won x amount. Needless to say I don’t ever click the link they provide but 10/10 to them for their persistence.

  6. Mike says:

    I have always heard Nadex is the only place to trade options. I opened a Demo account. It only took me two days to lose the $25,000 Good thing I did not give them real money.

  7. Mike says:

    Why is it that “you” can lose $10,000,$20,000,$30,000 in a day with options, But you can never make money?

  8. Albalydia olivo says:

    So what ones are safe to use cause I’m tried of wasting my money.

  9. Peter says:

    Another scam busted! The statements “we did this and that for the last 3 months” while the domain exists only for one month is ridiculous. It’s pretty easy to look it up I think? But people seem to be too lazy and all they think of is $$$ (which here is pretty unbelieveable too…).
    Guys, just think twice (or three times if necessary) before investing.
    Good job WatchDog, thanks for the alert!

  10. Luis Mendez says:

    Their advertising is so stupid that I’m surprised people fall for it. When things seem too good to be true, they usually are.

  11. Toby says:

    I saw the video this past weekend.
    Cant login to website.
    Also the broker you put your deposit into acts ignorant too.
    Broker has something to do with this….
    Im just gonna withdraw my money from broker. They already told me there is a $42 withdrawel fee, and 3.9% fee on the amount….
    And i haven’t made a trade…..

  12. George Walker says:

    Is there any software on the internet that does make money in a consistent day to day trading?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi George, Please refer to our recommended signals page. Most of the auto traders are either fake, use false advertising and under-perform by a large margin. There are a few services that are consistent and we are also searching for more.

  13. toddpalmeriii says:

    Wow! GPS Trader screams fraud with the promise to make $20k a day. The funniest part that stands out to me is the fact that they claim to be able to make trades basically at the speed of light. Just like every other investment company..this company claims to have some fancy algorithm they are going to use to double your money. Also, if your looking to take a chance on some investment software like the article states. Please do not do so from a link that was sent via email from a suspicious sender. If the email is in your spam folder please be careful of it and if you believe it to be a scam please contact the authorities to have them investigate the source of the email.

  14. lianiweb says:

    I trade the Forex море 5 years, this time I changed a lot brokers because all brokers cheat and lie,
    If actually won $ 20,000 per day with a minimum deposit of $ 200-300, they would not advertise in inernet with big promises to steal $ 200
    My advice work with ECN Brokers directly.
    In Google there as you want.

  15. Julia Gifford says:

    I joined this GPS Trader, yesterday, Thursday, 05/12/16, and after I tried to enter a deposit of $250 it came up only would accept $300. So I deposited the $300. I was never taken to the next page to download GPS Trader. I was taken to a broker called, Starling Capital. Never saw any money in my account? No GPS Trader? So I called my bank today, Friday, 05/13/16, and they told me, this broker is located in Sweden. They still have not contacted me, to tell me that they have received my deposit of $300, and that my account is active. No word from Richard Hefner? So, I have requested for my bank in credit cards claim department to get my money back in my bank account and went to the bank today, to fill out the necessary paperwork. What a big rip off. Never even got to GPS Trader like he said, Richard Hefner, on the next page you will be able to download GPS Tracker?

  16. Theron Smith says:

    I too got scammed, [$250] but my eyes are widely open now , I will never be fooled again.

  17. Jamie says:

    “The fact that you are seeing this means there are still places available.” I hate these kind of advertising techniques that make it seem like you’re special for being able to view the offer and that it’s only available for a limited time.

  18. Jason says:

    I wonder how can people still be fooled by the promises of scams like the GPS Trader? Why aren’t people seeing through this BS? I mean $20000 in 24 hours!!! Come on! How would he still have spots available if that were true? Some people just love to stop thinking and make emotional decisions and I’m guessing that’s what scammer hope for. Thank you for showing us how bad this company really is! I wonder why the government doesn’t do something about such scammers.

  19. Jon says:

    There is no such thing as easy money. I try to stay away from anyone or thing that advertises overnight success.

    Garmin makes great products. I’ve used their GPS’s exclusively on my boats for years. I wonder why you leave a company like that for something like this?

  20. James Rouse says:

    Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any experience dealing with Aussie Method, good, bad or otherwise, thanks!

  21. Martina says:

    Another scam busted! The statements “we did this and that for the last 3 months” while the domain exists only for one month is ridiculous. It’s pretty easy to look it up I think? But people seem to be too lazy and all they think of is $$$ (which here is pretty unbelieveable too…).
    Guys, just think twice (or three times if necessary) before investing.
    Good job WatchDog, thanks for the alert!

  22. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    this scammer claiming members in my country already earning $12000 a day with this software! WOW!! ..but then it’s only just talk nonsense without any proof though…and from their FB testimonials, easily to say all are fake! My opinion, please avoid from this GPS trader software and don’t let them steal our money!!

  23. Aaron Scott says:

    Too late, this BS came out last week and I got this invitation and decided to try it out of pure curiosity.. and I lost most of the $500 minimum deposit, then when I had $150 left in the account the GPS Trader Bastards wouldn’t even let me withdraw it and eventually stopped communicating with me. They will pay for this one day I can promise you that!

  24. Freeman Ativor says:

    Hello traders and investors pls dont fall for this GPS trader.Its a pure scam,How can u make $20,000 within 24hours?This is just a pure lie and there is no fact in that i the real trading world.They are just in to scam you off your hard earned cash =D

  25. Garretsen says:

    Hahaha, this scam named GPS trader is completely BUSTED! The watchdog totally teared this piece of … apart. It’s also kinda weird to trade binary options based on strange claims related to GPS en ofcourse the fake garminguy is a big red flag.

    GPS trader can’t be real so do not deposit, otherwise you will lose your money. Thanks for this heads up!

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