Gold Digger is a SCAM, unless proven otherwise!!! is a new binary options trading software due to be released on September 16th, 2015. It was designed to trade the Gold asset in particular and promises very high returns for your investment. We’re writing this review almost two weeks before the launch date of Gold Digger so that as many people as possible will get the chance to read it before it starts being heavily promoted. You can already find Gold Digger reviews in binary options review sites, such as, which is a website specifically designed to promote every scam that comes out. WatchDog is out to set the record straight and find out: Is Gold Digger a scam or a legit binary options trading software?

“What’s the only true way to make money?” asks the voiceover actor at the beginning of the Gold Digger pitch video, “Nothing comes close to gold.” He goes on explaining how the one asset that stands the test of time is gold. Well, gold is definitely not the ONLY means to make money, but there is some truth in this claim. Gold is one of the most stable long-term ‘uptrend assets, this is a true statement. If this is a scam, it seems that the creators of Gold Digger have been reading WatchDog’s reviews religiously because they haven’t made any of the mistakes that we normally demonstrate in our scam reviews. Still, if it’s a scam, eventually we’ll find out!

golddiggerreview was developed by two young Russian rocket engineering scientists, Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk. Wait a minute, do they mean Anton and Roman? Because Antony and Ronald don’t sound Russian to us. Well, maybe they’re migrants. Anyway, Antony and Ronald discovered a loophole (here’s a term used by some of the fraud services we review – a loophole) to profit on gold “from 180% to a staggering 450% a week,” and they created Gold Digger to automatically exploit that loophole and generate huge profits on auto-pilot.

Ronald and Anthony, the owners of the GoldDigger.Trade software


Anthony and Ronald were both behind the Forex software endorsed by a well known Forex portal. They started their trading applications development career long before the Gold Digger software was developed and even before binary options trading came into existence. We believe it is worthwhile to examine their past in order to learn about their present. In 2006 “they came up with the first revolutionary forex software, called GPS Robot that in 9 years NEVER had a losing month!” A GPS Forex Robot does exist, and it was created by Mark Larsen and two programmers, Antony and Ronald. We did a little check on this GPS Forex Robot on ForexPeaceArmy, the WatchDog of Forex trading, and found that they have some very positive reviews. In 2012, Antony and Ronald created a Commodity Robot that works with Gold, Silver, Oil and other assets. This website is currently closed for new members; it actually “sold out in a matter of 11 hours!”

The Gold Digger Review on YouTube & on the site’s pitch page

UPDATE: 9/23/2015 – Gold Digger is %100 fully automated!

To sum up this review, does feel like a scam to us, but on the other hand it looks so real and different from most scams we review, and the people behind this system have a track record of profitable trading bots. We found a few signs that Gold Digger may be a scam, for example upon trying to leave the website a pop-up comes up promising that if we stay, we would make $34,174 from a $100 deposit. In general, we believe that authentic websites will never try to prevent you from leaving. Thus, in the case of we would like to request that any of our subscribers who have tested this software, leave a comment below this review, providing us with insight to its profitability. Those of you who are looking for a safer path should check out WatchDog’s Trusted Services and communities and you should also consult with our recommended brokers if you’re interested to open an account with a fully regulated binary options broker.

342 comments on “Gold Digger is a SCAM, unless proven otherwise!!!
  1. monica kalaluka says:

    so what can you do to help us recover the money

  2. jack says:

    Thank you WatchDog;

    Will there be a solution?

    Thank you

  3. jack says:

    Good evening watchdog;
    I can not enter on their website
    Can you help me?
    Thank you

  4. yamak kaufman says:

    Any updates on Gold Digger? its been over a year now..

  5. hameed says:

    These numbers do not proof anything.If you want to proof that Gold Digger is not a scam with your trading,you should capture your trading platform for everybody to see and just typing numbers here and claiming it is your trade

  6. Adu bosompem Emmanuel says:

    Is the software available in Ghana?

  7. Rachel Allen says:

    Simply the best!

  8. Kris O'malley says:

    I can’t complain about the performance for the commodities, Gold Digger delivers and for a long time already but the support is a little bit slow. I wish they took care of it but besides that, it’s one of the best systems in the market in my opinion and after testing a handful.

  9. Hubertus Amann says:

    2 accounts registered with Gold Digger in the beginning of December and I am up by $7000, trading mostly commodities, withdrew most of it and kept $1000 to trade with, $500 in each account. Thank you for the review Watchdog, I think this software is really one of the best!!

  10. Sean says:


    Can you use TradeThunder with GD?

  11. Genesis says:

    Please we’ll love those who are using the more to comment and give us more clue on how it works so we could ascertain.

  12. Antoinette Parker says:

    Can anyone tell me if they were asked to deposit more than was originally asked for (think it was 300 dollars).

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Antoinette, The minimum deposit depends on the broker but you can always deposit the minimum, which is usually around $200-$250.

  13. Lynne says:

    Hi Watchdog
    Have you heard of the Simple Profits System? How would you rate it, Scam or Legit?


  14. Thomas N. Tully says:

    Best auto trader in the market in my opinion, the staff very professional and above all the performance is leading out of all the services I am testing!

  15. Dan Berkowitz says:

    Been a while since I posted here, the Gold Digger software is still going strong and I am after 4 withdrawals already. 2015 will be my best year in terms of income in the last 12 years!

  16. Lynne says:

    To Trevor, Samantha and Manuel.

    Did you turn the app on auto to achieve the results you posted above?


  17. Arnold says:

    Now a fully automatic or semi-automatic gold digger better?

    Thank you respond

  18. Rudy says:

    how to make gold digger do auto trade?

  19. Yasmin says:

    The performance was a lot better but lately I am really disappointed. I started with Trade Forecast yesterday and the software is doing well, for new traders I would recommend it over Gold Digger.

  20. Jonathan Lee says:

    Commodities only 2 weeks and my account is up by 500%!! GD is probably my favorite software!

  21. Sangeet says:

    I had a very bad experience with Trend Trader, just wanted to alert everyone to avoid it!

  22. Greg H says:

    Best performance I found yet!! Gold Digger Rocks the commodity markets!!

  23. Octavio Hernandez says:

    Stupid name haha but I got 560EU in a week, I told my wife she doesn’t believe that it’s possible with a software with such a name, reminds her of the song “Gold Digger” well soon when I get my 2nd withdrawal in my bank she will see that I wasn’t playing around. For us this money is a lot!!

  24. Sali Vale says:

    Can I start with Gold Digger with $25-$50 minimum?

  25. Julie says:

    Hi, thanks for all the comments WD. This is a first for me trading with real money in binary options. I struggled initially trading with currency pairs but after reading this blog just traded gold.
    I am Australian, started with one account which only allows you to do the semi-auto trading with GD. I have done 30 trades in gold and currently getting 70% ITM. I have yet to get money out but my balance is gradually building so I am happy. The ap does seem to be profitable and legit at this stage. I have only traded single units which are $40 per trade. I am not getting the thousands that people are claiming from the initial deposit but I am only trading the minimum. Will increase the trade amount once my account can withstand at least 4 losses in a row which is what I have had on one day. My tip is you still need a strategy with this ap that you stick with. Keep emotion out of it and it will return money for you. Happy trading. 🙂

  26. Tim says:

    I cant get the autotrade function UNLESS I upgrade with another deposit in another broker for the silver module…otherwise, just signal show up for just the gold module….annoying..

  27. Stanislav Bernshtein says:

    First two weeks of November with Gold Digger, my total results for all the signals got me around 81%, my only mistake is that I traded $25 and never increased the trade amount. I should’ve also opened a second account for full automation. Next week I will trade mostly commodities, $100 trades and from two accounts.

  28. helid says:

    Hi there, if i open up an account with GD with $250, how much signals do you receive on average?
    Helid South Africa, please help I am new in the industry.

  29. Simon says:

    New to Gold Digger, will see how it works on Monday. Thank you for the review.

  30. victor c anvick says:

    Out of 15 sessons I lost two, unfortunately invested more than I usually do during those days .. but over all I made $2300. It could’ve been a lot more if I kept my trade amount the same for all 15 trading sessions. Anyway, I think they kind of made it over promising but for me this money is good enough.

  31. mabooz says:

    What is the min deposit with GD?

  32. George says:

    Watchdog is George again, Just wanted to thank you so much the Gold Digger is the most consistent software I found in my long binary options journey. I already recommended the software to a few friends we’re all doing very well. Following your advice. Thank you so much for the review and god bless you!

  33. Hamid Veisi says:

    Good Morning everyone! 3 win signals starting well. Great I found this review because of so many spam news sites with confusing information. The Gold Digger works for me and after on Friday I got a total daily good results.

    From Hamid

  34. Tanya Vazquez says:

    I am really surprised to see such a nice website after going through many auto-trading services for binary options. This GD software looks completely different, they include evidence and not just talk and talk. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and will register. I appreciate the review! Tanya

  35. Lee cheng chow says:

    I am thinking to try Gold Digger. Is this available in China? I use proxy.

  36. Miguel says:

    10 ITM’s with Gold trades, 1 Losing trade, 2 ties one with EUR/USD one with silver, 2 losing trades with EUR/USD and one open trade which looks like will land in the money. Gold Digger is reliable, the pip difference of the winning trades clearly indicates it.

  37. degraft uzakah says:

    its just my own opinion. i will like the newer comments in the reviews to be seen first by the viewer/reader. seeing the older comments first makes one to keep on clicking on newer comments button to read recent comments. it is the recent comments that most people want to see

  38. Steven says:

    Honestly I don’t trust almost anyone in this industry! I read all the comments and it could be that you guys all had lucky weeks/days, still doesn’t mean that Gold Digger is the biggest gift for binary options! I’ve been around since 2012 when Michael Freeman was the only guy around with a reliable channel on YouTube, now I follow his auto trader and Facebook group and I can’t recommend anything else. Check my IP and I also sent you an email to confirm that I have a real account with Michael! Now let’s see if this comment will get approved on your forum which seems kind of one sided .. don’t get me wrong, the Gold Digger does look a lot more imporessive than Mikes software, but this is because HE IS REAL! Doesn’t hide behind fake identities, has the largest channel on YouTube in the niche. As he states, not so humbly but I can understand, he owns the biggest channel on Binary Options on YouTube. Now who do you trust? You people need a reality check immediately!

    • WatchDog says:

      Steven, your comment was obviously approved, unless members are clearly trying to post a bogus comment or trying to advertise on our forum using hidden links, we approve everything! We never had anything against Michael Freeeman. Do you really think that only one software works in the entire indutry? You might need a reality check. We promote Michael without even affiliating him, so we don’t get paid a dollar! We do it because we trust him. Some of the points you made are valid but the nature of your attack, without first posting a friendly comment, is not fair Steven. Your post may scare traders who are looking for a legit solution. We both know that not many are out there, so if you didn’t try the Gold Digger software, it’s really not fair for you to reach a harsh conclusion

    • Sharon says:

      What a long threat of comments! Yeah I will test the Gold Digger but I can confirm that Michael Freeman is one of the few legit peope in this industry. Steven is right about this one.

  39. Kelli Hatley says:

    I am back! Another successful withdrawal thanks to the Gold Digger team who helped me get my documents sorted out with my broker! These guys are really professional, I never expected such great service! Again I wanted to deeply thank you for your guidance WatchDog! You helped me and my family a lot and no words can express my gratitude.

  40. Alex Lee says:

    Great day! WatchDog.. We really appreciated your sincere effort to help out all of us from being scammed by BO brokers and all the lousy software.. I knew that GD is a pure and profitable software, just wondered if my country (Malaysia) has synced?

  41. Liane says:

    Manuel, which brokers do you use? I started with GoldDigger yesterday, two short-term losses but won the long-term with Gold, so I’m excited 😀

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Liane, Manuel sent us his performance results via email and we encourage you to do the same. He trades with 24option and Glenridge Capital, we noticed when a member registers two accounts, the fully automated feature may become available. Many times it’s with one broker registration. Please do email us your results as well Liane so we can confirm your comment. Thank you and good luck! 🙂

  42. Todd says:

    Spectacular!! What a day let me tell you. Started with a big fat OTM, but then the markets completely reversed and I ended up winning most of the signals. Also for currencies by the way, not just Gold. Call it luck, I think this software is damn accurate!

  43. Manuel Solar says:

    I posted a comment back in September, had good days and bad days but over all I managed to withdraw $5150 from my broker, the withdrawal fees are HEAVY some brokers require $35 and some up to $75 I have a few accounts so instead of requsting my money every week I decided to wait and do it all at once. Great to see that others are also doing great with GD.

  44. Charles Van Aswegen says:

    I have to admit, I didn’t believe binary options at all at first. Seemed too good to be true. Then I started with Topoption a few months ago and made some profits but not enough, yet it gave me the confidence to continue. 6 weeks ago I discovered the GD software and ever since, the 2 accounts I synched with Gold Digger are skyrocketing! I never make so much money in my life working a conventional, 9-17 job, feeling blessed!!! Charles

  45. Shiva says:

    Tell me something, are you making a fool of me? All weekend nothing when I press everyone in the software and also the fully automation feature is there but if I press it nothing happens. Give me evidence that binary options is not available in the weekend and I have something to expect on Monday!! I trusted you after saving me from the Real Profits fraud and now I feel like what in return I get, another scam? I hope I am not wrong and you will let me know what to do next.

    • Brian says:

      Hi no signals on the weekend fun starts Monday

      • WatchDog says:

        Thank you Brian, Every weeekened it’s the same thing over again, Shiva and others, please look at all the previous comments. Every Saturday or Sunday we get emails and comments by worried members because their Gold Digger or other services are not working. This is because binary options markets are closed over the weekend. As always, you can create an account but signals will not magically appear, by Monday around GMT morning hours the GD software will stream signals for you on semi or fully auto, depending on the setting.

  46. Stanislas says:

    When is the start time for me to get the trades into my account? and is 24option regulated? I joined the Gold Digger just now.

  47. Fatolu says:

    Hi,Watchdog, how would you compare the binary option robot software to Gold digger auto software, in terms of the signals they generate daily, and even withdrawal from their recommended brokers.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Fatolu, The BinaryoptionRobot is not a reputable software. They are synced with several scam brokers, which takes away their credibility, so even if they can generate good signals on some days, you might face withdrawal issues when it comes down to the most important factor by which you determine which service to go with. The Gold Digger is getting many positive ratings and it’s on a different level if you ask us to compare. Lastly, The BinaryoptionRobot is not mentioned on our blacklist because they do offer some level of support and we didn’t receive many complaints regarding the actual signals. The main issue is the brokers they are synced with.

  48. Tommy says:

    I am using both the GPS Forex Robot and the Gold Digger Trade software and I can tell you, as an online trader with 6 years of experience. The GPS = best bot and proven in the Forex community, also verified as Watchdog pointed you to on MyFXBook and the creator, who are highly trusted also created the GD software.. now I am new to commodities but I can tell you based on the pip difference of each winning trade that these guys know exactly what they are doing.

  49. Tracy says:

    Hi y’all, jst wanna know if there is any brokers for old digger in south africa and how to find them

  50. Alice says:

    I see now this option to trade on full Auto Pilot but I am having fun with the software, maybe because I am new to binary options but I’ll be doing it on semi for now. Everyone seems to really like when everything is delivered on a silver plate but I love to engage, at least a little bit, with the things I do.

  51. Bren says:

    I was wondering what all the automated fuss was all about so I registered a 2nd account since the performance is relatively good with the Gold Digger software so all of a sudden I noticed the fully automated feature. I think I uncovered the mystery for anyone who was wondering about this like me. Bren

  52. Sonianson says:

    I have a MacBooPro and golddigger is a windows application, not supported by the Mac is any body in here using a mac the question should be does golddiger has a Mac ap? Please let me know, Thanks!

    • John says:

      Hi Sonianson.
      I’m also using a Mac Book.
      We can’t download the software.
      Just use it from the web.
      It’s all the same.
      I haven’t had any problems.
      Profits profits and profits just keep rolling in

  53. Ruth Harte says:

    I love you so much Watchdog and I would never be able to thank you enough. Please allow me to send you a donation if possible for your help with pointing me to reliable offers. I now have an account with Gold Digger, Dow Jones and I also trade solo with Topoption trying to figure out the trends so I can do it by myself. Things are going great, I’ll keep my comment short but again, I have no words to describe the type of gratitude I have for you!

  54. Ifeoluwapo says:

    Why are all the good offers in binary options not available in Nigeria? It’s not fair play. Explain this to me if you can Watchdog. Gold Digger didn’t even let me get through the registration page!

    • WatchDog says:

      This is a heavy topic Ifeoluwap, we are not qualified to answer this question related to ‘why Nigeria is disconnected from the world’s banking system’ but we hope that one day you will see positive changes. Right now the situation is bad, many countries don’t work with Nigeria and credit card processing counties in general.

  55. Aaliyah Viray says:

    Can you explain the issue with regulations? I spoke with customer support, of the broker who deals with me, through the Gold Digger software. They informed me that they are European Regulated and gave me a license number. What is the benefit for me as a UK citizen to have a trading account with a regulated broker vs a non regulated one is my question for you. I hope it makes sense.

  56. Brigitte Shepherd says:

    Silver and Gold are the best I agree. I wasn’t sure about this entire deal but today I got a call from my banker and she told me that I got a new wire and she asked me what it was for so I asked her what’s the amount because I didn’t recognize the company name who sent me the funds, I guess they have some LTD registered.. I’ll save you the rest of the story but I got the $4300 I requested to withdraw after 25 days with Gold Digger and I am absolutely amazed, for me it’s not big money but just the thought of it..that it was make passively for me is something I still can’t wrap my head around. This is a blessing! I don’t know if I am lucky because I don’t fully understand binary options yet but I am glad I’m not on the losing end.

  57. says:

    Your website is so helpful. Thank you, Watchdog. I shall go head with GD.

  58. Julianna Weber says:

    I registered today and they assigned me with a regulated broker so I am relieved. Now it’s a waiting game until Monday, hoping for the best and I will make sure to trade Gold and other commodities as advised.

  59. Linda says:

    Yes! Glenridge Capitol is synced with GoldDigger. Also BinaryBooks. Those where my 2 choices. After reading thru the Watchdog, I’m going to give it another try. The methods of deposit are puzzling at times. Sorry don’t remember which pre-paid card I was attempting to use with Glenridge – which they didn’t accept. I don’t have a bank account atm or regular credit card. Not a problem with MyVanillaVisa.

    You do have to go thru the Gold Digger program to sign up so that it’s in sync.

  60. Linda says:

    Well said Joris! Quality over quantity in other words.

  61. Joris says:

    I agree. Towards the weekend I don’t get as many signals as I do on Monday through Wednesday but the accuracy remains the same. I am assuming that markets are less predictable towards the end of the week so it must be a risk-reduction strategy since we all rather get a few good signals vs plenty of bad signals. On Monday I got 20+ signals so I don’t see the number of signals as part of the equation. Credibility is the most important factor.

  62. Jean Delva says:

    Not many signals today but very accurate. I am thinking to register a second account with Gold Digger, I’ll give it a few more days but so far it’s the most accurate tool for commodity trading. I tried several services myself, and for the most part I’ve been disappointed. Binary options is risky so I relly hope to see good performance continue.

  63. WatchDog says:

    Hi Elisa, OTM stands for “out of Money” = losing signal. ITM stands for “In the money = Winning signal. ITM success rate is the avarege.

  64. Nur says:

    GoldDigger.Trade is not offered in my country, can you please help?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Nur, We apologize for the inconvenience, unfortunately the software is not available in all countries. If you are searching for alternatives, please navigate to our list of recommended services located at the top menu.

  65. Atma Ram says:

    I place 10 trades with Gold Digger yesterday, 8 winners 2 losers. I am still trading with the manual version, I am at home all the time anyway. Just wanted to thank everyone for posting so much valuable information on the software and also to Watchdog for providing this great forum.

  66. Elisa Mendez says:

    I am interested to try this software. What is OTM or ITM? I am completely new with binary options. Elisa

  67. Lydia Negusse says:

    It’s Lydia I am back, Watchdog, now there is a new feature so when you click on Fully Auto-Pilot, it also lets you limit the number of trades I love it! The signals arrive and you don’t need to click on anything, only the parameters when you start each day.

  68. Ralph says:

    Today I withdrew half of my account balance from Gold Digger, just to test how long it takes. After I submitted my documents, the funds were in my bank account within 5 days. It’s kind of slow but I am really happy that it went smooth.

  69. Travis Scott says:

    I didn’t like the click trading feature with Gold Digger so I switched to fully automated since I don’t have time to sit in front of my computer and click to execute trades. This is the whole point behind an auto trader in my opinion. I am glad that DG addressed this issue and included this upgrade. Since Monday my performance is roughly around 81% ITM. Last week I traded everything including currency pairs and it wasn’t so bad because I still finished with 78% ITM.

  70. Zack says:

    I am familiar with the GPS robot, it’s been around for years but I didn’t know that it was created by the same people behind Gold Digger. I mainly trade Forex but my feeling is that this is a serious service, today I’ll put it to the test.

  71. Conrad Glover says:

    Great information, I tried a few semi-automated services and it’s not convenient for me because I work 2 job. I’ll probably register with Gold Digger tomorrow morning GMT and set it an auto-pilot.

  72. Rebecca Andrews says:

    I activated both the GPS Forex Robot and GD software after confirming the results on and I followed the performance for two weeks. First, the great thing about the GPS bot is that you are not required to register with any broker, well you do need a broker to use the software but you can just pay for it. The performance for currency pairs is really high with GPS I am using it with The results for currency pairs with Gold Digger are not consistent, so one day you get 80% and the next day you get 40%, it’s risky so my strategy is to focus on currency pairs with the GPS robot and invest only in commodity signals with Gold Digger with full automation. The commodity signals are really strong, often the movement is by 25+ pips. Gold is better than Silver but together you can get around 81%. The GPS Robot is a different story because with Forex you can leverage but it comes with risk. Anyway I will keep my comment short. Please share my opinion WatchDog, thank you very much!

  73. Liz says:

    When I registered Glenridge Capital was the option I was given so they are synced but for every person it might be different, based on the geographical location.

  74. Yomi says:

    Hi Watchdog and everyone else, this is Yomi again I posted a comment on October 14th. The performance is still amazing but I will save you a very long comment. I’m ready to start trading with a 2nd software and I saw great feedback on the Dow Jones Focus Group, do you have an explanation or a post one this one?

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you for the update Yomi and keep it up! We posted an article on the Dow Jones Focus Group, you can Google it and you’ll find us. The software is going really viral and generating a lot of interest, the article we posted is at the top of the Google search results.

  75. Mark says:

    Is Glenridge Capital synced with GD?

  76. Luke says:

    I didn’t register with Gold Digger yet but it seems like a reliable service based on all the feedback and the reviews on many sites. I already have an account with GlenRidge Capital, can I sync it with the software? or do I need to register a new account directly from GoldDigger.Trade?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Luke, You might want to contact support. It should be possible but in some cases you must register via the website in order to get synced with the software.

  77. Bryan says:

    I didn’t know that binary options brokers verify your identity when you withdraw your funds. Luckily it’s only one time.. so on Friday I scanned my id over to Glenridge Capital after I up’d my balance by $800 last week with GD. I requested $600 back, they charge a fee by the way so I will only withdraw larger amounts from now. Today the money was credited to my bank account!! It’s not much but I am really proud of myself!! Eventually if I make enough money I will take a Realestate course and invest my money in property. Gold and realestate are the key to wealth!

    • WatchDog says:

      Realestate is a great way to make sure that your money doesn’t lose value in time, with the inevitable inflation. We will look more into Glenridge Capital, so far no complaints but they are a fairly new. As long as they process withdrawal requests, they are legitimate. The one-time verification process is mandatory with every broker unfortunately, but they do it for your protection as well, in order to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your trading account and withdrawing money from it. They must make sure that the CC or bank account matches your identity.

  78. Christian says:

    Hi Chris, could you kindly tell me what did you do and how you did so much success with it?

  79. Chris says:

    I posted a comment with my detailed performance results a few days ago. In one word, the Gold Digger is AMAZING! I am just wondering why you decided not to approve my comment… I also emailed you snapshots from my trading account and evidence of two withdrawals. My only goal was to share my positive experience, I am not sure why I am being discriminated?! Chris

    • WatchDog says:

      Chris we deleted your post because it was too long, you can’t submit an article in the comment section. It was over 500 words!! We appreciate your feedback but you must keep your comments shorter and to the point. Thank you for the email but you sent it a few minutes ago, next time be sure to email us before you try to submit a very long comment. As you can see we already have over 250 comments posted, we apologize if there was any misunderstanding.

  80. Thomas Cheng says:

    How much should I invest on each trade with GoldDigger? $25 or $50? I am aiming for $4000 a week, is it possible with $50 trades if I focus mainly on commodity signals?

    • WatchDog says:

      Thomas, Based on the overwhelming feedback it seems like the commodity signals are more accurate so naturally you want to invest more money on low-risk signals. If you plan to invest on currency signals, you should probably trade the minimum.

  81. Margot says:

    3 trades this morning were ITM with Gold, I noticed that EUR/USD is at 55% ITM so I am not taking any currency trades today.

  82. WatchDog says:

    It seems like Gold Digger is becoming a bigger STAR than Kanye West, the self-proclaimed “genius”.. Good luck everyone! Continue and report your performance results.

  83. victor c anvick says:

    let the countdown begin everyone! Monday is approaching and I am ready to make some serious money with Gold! Who’s with me?

  84. Lee says:

    Is this common not to get any signals? I have the software activated but nothing..

    • WatchDog says:

      Lee, this is because of the weekend, Gold Digger and all other services are not available. It’s possible to register an account with Gold Digger but you will not see any trades (signals) until Monday.

  85. Lydia Negusse says:

    Hi Watchdog it’s Lydia again and a perfect week is coming to an end! I never made so much money in one week, who would’ve imagined that it would be trading gold!? This is simply the best auto trading software no questions asked!

  86. Paramjit Arshi says:

    “Gold Digger is not available in your country” how can I still get access? Any suggestions?

  87. Alex Bronstein says:

    So should I trade only Gold or also EUR/USD? Today was mostly winners with the currencies. I feel like I missed on many trades by limiting myself.

    • WatchDog says:

      We’re sorry about your experience Mitchell! Right when Atraxia 7 came out we posted a warning, Atraxia 7 scam. This warning is now ranked well so we’re hoping that many people will avoid making the same mistakke. Alex as for Gold vs Currencies, it’s hard to tell at this point. They might generate a good accuracy with currencies here and there, but the main focus of the software is Gold, therefore you will expose yourself to less risk by focusing on the top performing asset.

  88. Mitchell says:

    I wish I could invest with GoldDigger but I already lost my money with Ataraxia 7. They are shameless crooks! I’ll come back in a few weeks and if the results are still good I’ll jump on board. Please warn everyone! First I sign-ed up, couldn’t even enter into my account. The support email bounced back, eventually I got in but in two days I lost my entire account balance, it’s a SCAM!

  89. Annie says:

    I spoke with support Ajay, it’s 2 accounts max they can’t have too many accounts per each user otherwise it can slow down the servers for everyone.

  90. Ajay says:

    How many accounts can I sync with Gold Digger? I tried the Option Bot and it was not accurate and too complicated, GD is more accurate and much easier to use. I can relate to the previous feedback and results even though I’m new.

  91. Pete says:

    10/13 winners today with Gold!!! I am watching the graphs and I can hear my heart beating fast! I love it! haha

  92. Rümeysa says:

    Can I post my results Watchdog? The Gold Digger is very powerful with commodities!

    The morning signals all winners one after another, incredible!

    1,156.24 Call signal moved by 18 pips to 1,156.42 WON! Expiry 09:24
    1,157.23 Put signal this time moved by 2 pips, lucky one, moved to 1,157.21! expiry 09:34
    (if it was Forex with spread I would have lost this signal, this is why I love binary options!)
    1,157.37 Put, the movement by 17 pips down to 1,157.20, Won! Expiry 11:03

    In the afternooon I lost one trade but only by 4 pips so I don’t blame the software, it can happen even to the best traders. Rümeysa

  93. Frank says:

    It’s me again, okay! This week the results are improving with the currency pairs (%65-%72), Gold is stable over %78, Silver is doing very good this week but I am not counting on it because on the first week it was at around %62, luckily with the Gold trades I managed to make it on my first week. This software is very accurate but I recommend using the semi-auto feature and NOT fully automated.

  94. Connie says:

    Watchdog, I am signing-up with Gold Digger and Google Trader today. I saw that both you and Keith recommend it. Thank you for all the results and feedback everyone. Connie from Canada

  95. Meir Kahane JR says:

    This is not available in my country! The 2nd software I tried to sign-up with today and nothing works.

  96. Jake says:

    I am going to leverage now with 2 acccounts with Gold Digger trading I am doubling up! Whoever is claiming that the currencies are not good should look at the trade this week! It’s really sad to see so many members who can’t join because they were born somewhere where certain opportunities don’t exist. It makes you wonder about the economy and the injustice towards 3rd world countries. It seems like the goal is to keep them poor and I don’t even believe in conspiracy theories, just look at what the US did in Lybia. They had an intention to keep them down!

  97. Kellie Adkins says:

    I got 25 trades from Gold Digger today and 21 ITM!!

  98. Samuel says:

    Not for my country too and I really wanted to try the GD software. I disagree with Sylvia, you might be new to binary options, maybe you should trade with a demo. It’s risky and you can lose a lot of money if you don’t have good technical analysis experience.

  99. Sylvia says:

    What is the use to trade with Gold Digger is you don’t learn from it? I want to learn how to become a day-trader and not have someone trade for me. I’ll try to trade on my own or with some education and if I don’t make it, I will probably start using services.

  100. Lizzy Pattinson says:

    When can I start trading with Gold Digger? Is it Monday UK GMT or do I get signals earlier?

  101. Michael Serra says:

    I just registered with GD, glad to see so much good feedback!

  102. Barry Peters says:

    Martin, Watchdog or anyone who knows about the Gold Digger, I just signed-up and I can’t see any signals, what’s going on?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Barry, no worries! Binary options trading is not available on weekends with every software, please wait for Monday.

  103. Martin says:

    My results for the first week of October with Gold Digger are not bad at all. I avoided most of the currency pairs even though I made a mistake because Friday was really good. Gold, Silver and a few EUR/UD signals. My current ITM for Oct 1st-9th is 84% ITM. Martin

  104. Karl says:

    Which way is better, fully-automated or semi-automated? I heard that having control over the account is better but ideally it would be nice to have full automation while you are not next to the computer. Just set the parameters and go to the beach, this is my plan right now. I can settle for semi but the performance is the key.

  105. Madeleine says:

    I found your site after searching for ’30 day change’ the comments are horrible, I can’t imagine how they are still in business, thank you for looking out for the community. I agree in reference to Mike’s signals, he is doing an incredible job with currency pairs. As for commodities, leave the job to the GD software, after 8 days with over 79% ITM (In the money) performance the Gold Digger, I know it is the most accurate and realistic software in the market. The comments regarding the Gold are right. The EUR/USD is not accurate every day, so I am trying to find a pattern, I set it on semi-auto so I can pick and choose the EUR/USD signals but when it comes to Gold, take all of them! Don’t even miss one signal.

  106. Mary says:

    What do you think about Topoption Watchdog? Are they available with Gold Digger?

  107. Andrew says:

    Beautiful performance with EUR/USD and Gold today, I got 18/21 ITMS!! 😀 😀 😀 No better way to finish the week. Andrew

  108. Jacky Broyde says:

    I hate the weekends. Today I will enter $100 trades, I am aiming to finish this weeek with $3000 in profits! Wish me good luck! Last Friday was over 90% ITM so I am very optimistic. Gold Digger rocks!

  109. David says:

    GD is working well for me, thank you for the recommendations! This page is really important!

  110. WatchDog says:

    We posted a warning regarding Golden Binary Profits. Thank you for the feedback Sean but this thread is only for comments related to Gold Digger only.

  111. Rachel says:

    24/29 trades ITM gold only, not taking any pairs. I also trade Silver, it’s not bad.

  112. Thomas Cheng says:


    I note that you placed 2 trades at the same time, or within 6-7 minutes of each other during the trading period. So actually, if counting only the incidences where the trades are “independent” of each other, the number of “independent” incidences is 7. The ITM for these incidences is 71%.

  113. Juanito says:

    Got mine.. Finally tried yesterday cause of the feedbacks and seems I got some..Deposited 250 and now I have 505…lol.. Also dont try other binary if your using this program since you will just lost.. Tried with two others and all lost so I stick with gold.. If you like to go silver you have to get another account for another broker..

    PUT 17695570 GOLD 07/10/2015 22:22 1143.105 07/10/2015 22:50 1142.95 $40 $68.8 Won
    CALL 17695288 GOLD 07/10/2015 21:53 1143.88 07/10/2015 22:20 1143.205 $40 $0 Lost
    CALL 17694904 GOLD 07/10/2015 21:14 1144.095 07/10/2015 21:50 1143.97 $80 $0 Lost
    PUT 17694110 GOLD 07/10/2015 20:01 1144.26 07/10/2015 21:00 1143.785 $80 $137.6 Won
    PUT 17691568 GOLD 07/10/2015 12:33 1146.115 07/10/2015 13:00 1145.835 $120 $212.4 Won
    PUT 17691497 GOLD 07/10/2015 12:26 1146.23 07/10/2015 13:00 1145.835 $40 $70.8 Won
    PUT 17690854 GOLD 07/10/2015 11:29 1147.345 07/10/2015 12:30 1146.03 $40 $70.8 Won
    PUT 17690846 GOLD 07/10/2015 11:29 1147.325 07/10/2015 12:30 1146.03 $40 $70.8 Won
    CALL 17689843 GOLD 07/10/2015 10:20 1148.111 07/10/2015 11:00 1149.855 $40 $70.8 Won
    CALL 17689839 GOLD 07/10/2015 10:20 1148.016 07/10/2015 11:00 1149.855 $40 $70.8 Won

  114. Sean says:

    3 winning Gold trades today, the rest were currencies but I still won 80% of all signals

    put GOLD 08/10/2015 12:48 1143.844 08/10/2015 13:00 1143.795 Won
    put GOLD 08/10/2015 11:00 1144.1 08/10/2015 12:00 1143.785 Won
    put GOLD 08/10/2015 00:39 1146.169 08/10/2015 01:00 1145.88 Won

    Downhill Gold Market!

  115. Sim says:

    Hi, Did anyone try trading Silver?

  116. bernie says:

    Elite Gold Profits stole my 500.00 but Gold Digger is legitimate, made over 2000 with my 250 investment in less than a week!

  117. jgates says:

    looks like there’s someone trying to copy this, got an email today for elitegoldprofits by nigel peterson, name sounds familiar. be interesting to see if this ones a scam, probably as most are!!

  118. Lydia Negusse says:

    Hi Watchdog, I want to report my last 5 days with Gold Digger.

    1st day, was 66% performance and I thought it was no good, because I heard from many top traders on YouTube that it’s necessary to get at least 70% to generate profit. At the same time I took EUR/USD signals mostly. I searched for some information after this day, not that I lost money but I didn’t make any. I found some of the suggestions on this thread and I am focused on commodity signals only now. The next 4 days, calculating the first day into the average I average %82 and it’s amazing! This figure would be higher if it wasn’t for the first day. Don’t trade only currencies, I found it odd that anyone would trade anything besides Gold, or maybe other commodities using this software. There is a meaning I asusme for why they added the word “Gold” to the domain and not currencies or other names. Good job on the objectively written review.

    Lydia Negusse

  119. Michael says:


    Can I know if it is available in middle east countries


  120. Martha says:

    Hi Watchdog, it’s me again Martha! Just wanted to report back, the Gold Digger is the most amazing software, I withdrew most of my profits today but I will continue and trade with the software. I synced two accounts and I am ready for this. I am also learning a lot just by looking at how the software works but I could never generate such a performance on my own.

  121. Brenton Ford says:

    Hey Watchdog, let me just say brother, great site, and thanks for watching over us all, I must get 10 emails a day with all these new Binary Trading software options scattered all over the net, as soon as view them I scoot straight over to your site and like clockwork your already on it, Scam or no Scam your word is golden brother and rest assured adhered to. Regards the Gold Digger App, mate I would have to say I certainly don’t believe it to be a scam, total 35 trades 18 won, 17 lost interesting to note the 18 won were all on Gold the 17 lost were all on currency pairs / seems the boys have a little work to do in that area yet but Gold 100% accurate at least from my point of view. As you can place your trades manually I now only trade Gold, but hey time will tell I may weaken and give the old currency another shot, unfortunately the wife says I will have to repair the holes in the wall first before I have another crack. Stay on it brother Luv your work

  122. Tung Chijun says:

    First trade lost it, but finished the session winning! I didn’t get signals for a few hours and then all at once they came, I wasn’t ready but I made it. Lost a few heart beats but in the profit with Gold Digger.

    1,136.05 CALL 15:42:21 1,135.85 Loss
    1,135.57 CALL 15:45:32 1,135.60 Won
    1,135.49 PUT 15:50:29 1,135.16 Won
    1,134.88 CALL 15:52:39 1,135.02 Won
    1,134.27 CALL 16:11:27 1,134.69 Won
    1,135.64 PUT 16:22:06 1,135.71 Loss
    1,139.27 CALL 16:37:03 1,139.85 Won
    1,139.27 CALL 16:37:51 1,139.85 Won
    1,140.41 CALL 17:07:05 1,140.57 Won

    • WatchDog says:

      Can you be more specific next time? Please check-out how the previous members posted the results. This looks like complete gibberish Mr. Chijun with all due respect. Was it semi-automated or fully automated? We’re getting reports that some members are getting semi auto-traders. Please let us know how they setup your account and give us more details if you plan to post a comment.

  123. Rick says:

    If I invest $ 250 is there a risk to lose my entire investment?

  124. Les says:

    You are not doing it right! If you trade Gold only you will get a higher performance, 79% ITM is very good but with Gold signals only I am getting better results. I am telling you pay attention to the other comments! Les

  125. Jeff says:

    I had the best day ever! Didn’t listen to your instructions and traded both currencies and Gold with around 82% performance results! Better than how my Friday ended, my weekly average is around 79% and with $75-$100 trade I am getting some good profits with Gold Digger. Thank you for the recommendation!

  126. Jamal says:

    Not available in my country!!! Stupid! Whatever with this. The 3rd software that’s not available in my country, Mike’s auto trader registration page is not even working. Nothing is working on this website.

  127. dedi says:

    Is this program could work for the state of Indonesia?

    • WatchDog says:

      It’s a good question, we noticed many traders from Indonesia. You can easily check, try to pass through the registration form. The software wil stop you if your country is not available when you try to submit the form. If you encouter any issues please keep us updated.

  128. GRAEME FRANCOIS says:

    Excellent forum WatchDog—‘fully automated’–does this mean exactly what it implies—-a fully automated system that places trades on your behalf at a predetermind trade amount.

  129. WatchDog says:

    Rose, Trading with any Binary Options Software or Service is NOT available on weekends, no one is getting signals right now, it’s not only you. Please wait for markets to open in a few hours and you will start seeing new alerts. If you experience any issues let us know.

  130. Monty says:

    @Rose – It’s not a scam. Signals are on regular trading week days which is Monday to Friday and starts usually around 12am and ends about 4pm Eastern Standard Time. Check back tomorrow and you should see signals then.

  131. Roy says:

    Rose, there are no tradings over the weekends.

  132. Rose says:

    It’s really disappointing that I am not getting signals since Saturday when I joined! Do you have any idea what’s going on? I am starting to think that this is a scam! No signals, not even one!

  133. James says:

    I can’t wait for Monday!! On Thursday I got my first withdrawal request for $1,500. It’s the greatest way to start the month and for me it’s a major milestone in this journey. I am really fortune with the Gold Digger!

  134. Carlos says:

    Gold Digger not available in my country! Very bad maybe I will change my computer IP but I don’t want problems. Any information on Cash Biz Revolution? Signed up on Friday, results are good. I want to know if it’s a scam or not.

  135. Avan says:

    I want to try gold digger software but living in Singapore

  136. Keith says:

    Whats wrong with the currency pairs? On Friday I got 25 ITM signals and 3 losses from mostly currency pairs. I might try to focus on Gold next week but for me I don’t see a big difference between the two asset groups.

  137. Syed says:

    Can I get Islamic account with website or not?

  138. Carol says:

    Very good forum WatchDog! Thank you very much, without you I would have been short of $2500. My account balance is growing fast with the Gold Digger Trade software! Thank you so much for pointing me in a good direction!

  139. Don says:

    Fantastic week with Gold Digger!! *Feeling Blessed* The currency pairs performed well but still below the Gold ITM. The signals are slowing down now.. probably because it’s weekend soon and Friday is risky, but honestly I am very impressed and in a state of disbelief. I wasn’t really expecting this to be profitable, or maybe I did well expect to make some money or break-even but I certainly didn’t buy into the hype. Now I know that the performance is undoubtedly extraordinary!

  140. Christolien Olivier says:

    What’s the best way to join Gold Digger. I receive mails from many people about GD or is it better to go to their website?

  141. Balazs says:

    How much money do you recommend to start with Gold digger? I assume that the min 250$ is not enough…maybe 500$?

  142. Glenn says:

    I am wondering what broker @Dantheman is using and what country are you in?

  143. WatchDog says:

    Yes it’s not a credible comment by “Drake” We will erase it right now. The IP of your comment doesn’t match Canada sir Drake..

  144. Josef says:

    I actually disagree. I like to have control over my account so I asked to have it set on semi-auto instead, as for all the requirements this is something I am not familiar with because I signed up a while ago. The currencies are not so bad over time, in combination with the Gold trades I average 78% ITM performance after 506 trades. I’m seeing people reporting their trades after one or two days. Gold Digger is a profitable software but I don’t like the idea of signing-up with two accounts in order to get more commodity signals and if members are talking about currency pairs, why don’t you be specific and tell us how many signals you took? STATS 101 CLASS = you need at least 30 trades to reach your conclusion, not based on 5 trades. Some days I got 64%-72%, with the CURRENCIES!, but you know what, over time my account is growing so I have no complaint. This guy Drake, I think this is a fake comment. Drake who from Young Money? Get out of here!

  145. Drake says:

    Comment Erased (FAKE USER)

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you Sven for this important information! If anyone is able to profit with one account and get a decent number of Gold Signals keep us posted.

  146. Rudy says:

    sven how to set up gold digger to fully auto? i use gold digger app and now already growing almost 80%

  147. Dantheman says:

    Gold Digger

    3:00 AM (3 hours ago)

    to me

    This is the email I got when I asked to set up my account on auto. I funded the minimum of $250.00. so it don’t come fully auto unless you put in a lot of money. at least that’s what Im getting.

    Hello Trader,
    The developer disabled the automatic
    trading functionality, because there are just
    too many signals, and to trade all automatically
    you will need a large deposit. The developer are doing
    this also to secure your investment. Making a semi-automated
    trades are safer than auto-trading it can avoid on draining out
    your account balance.

  148. Sven says:

    Only Gold Works and if you set the account on fully AUTO, I invested with two brokers and synced to the system. Now I am getting more Gold Trades than before! Not sure why but I am happy with the result. I’m no longer taking any currency trades from Gold Digger Trade, it could be that only with 2 accounts you can get 30+ Gold signals every day because I didn’t get so many winninng signals before I activated two accounts. Sven

  149. Kristie Hatcher says:

    Joined up yesterday after reading all the positive feedback and I am up by $360! Great job Gold Trade!!

  150. Hana Shalabi says:

    I am trying to make money with Gold Diggr, just activated and I lost $50 with the EUR/USD pair!!! Can anyone help me figure out why?

  151. Liaqat Ali says:

    I am from Pakistan, is this compatible for my country or am I from the non accepted nations too?

    • WatchDog says:

      Liaqat and others, this is something you can easily check when you register. They will block your registration if you don’t qualify. We will ask for a complete list of countries from the support and a list of the restricted countries for any readers who run into this review, but again you can verify this on your own.

  152. Dylan says:

    Why not? I’ll give it a try, I read a lot about the guys from the GPS FX robot and if this is connected with them if can be legitimate. This is the first time I’ll be trying any binary options service. I am an old school Forex trader. 7 years, made some good money a few years ago but I am trying to look into this new trend.

  153. Rahul Xavier says:

    Hey Watchdog it’s Rahul, First I was not sure which one to sign-up with the Gold Digger or Fast Biz because I noticed good results for both and both looked very nice. Signed up on Monday with GD trade and diligently followed the previous commenters proposition. Here is my honest opinion, the developers of the software should have limited this to Gold trades ONLY! The currencies are really inaccurate and I kept track of those trades. Worst than guessing! If you trade all the signals you can lose with the software. It should be make more clear for new members. I trade only the Gold, not even other commodities and I have a winning rate. Not sure if 63 trades are good enough to measure statistics and credibility but it’s doing the job. Today was epic, two trades in a row just spiked, with $200 on each trade.

    First one was at 12:06:35 $200 investment on GOLD at SR 1,124.42 CALL trade it expired at 12:07:35 SR = 1,124.80!!! AMAZING WIN!

    Around 12:27:56 I invested $200 on GOLD at SR 1,123.44 PUT trade, it expired at 13:27:56 SR = 1,123.06!!! It just dropped instantly was beautiful to watch on the charts.

    I got some great trades but I don’t want to go off limits, work of advice from someone who is also following the live charts while trading with, never trade currencies because you can end up losing your money. Set your account on Auto and invest on Gold and not any other commodities just to be safe. I am not yet sure how well the other commodities are doing.

  154. Silvan says:

    I am actually interested to find the truth on the Cash Biz app. It looks like a phenomenal production. The website is recommended on a few blogs but I couldn’t find any mentioning of it on your site.

    • WatchDog says:

      Silvan, you can always subscribe and get our latest updates and warnings via email. We don’t have an email solicitation list so when you subscribe to, you will ONLY receive the latest posts immediately after we publish new articles. In fact, the latest review we posted relates to te Cash Biz App, check it out: Fast Cash Biz App Review by WatchDog. P.S. – This is a new offer and we are waiting for some more feedback. If you are a member of Cazh Biz please keep us updated with your results.

  155. Josh Evans says:

    haha I could you sign-up with the Spider Profit? so stupid! I watched the video and it cracked me up!

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Josh, Why make fun of Stephen? Put yourself in his place..if you lost money and people made fun of you, how would you feel? Honestly we didn’t even want to approve your comment but so be it, you are free to take it down if you have any respect for other people!

  156. Stephen says:

    I signed up with Spider Profit WatchDog is this a scam? I wish I found your Gold Digger review before because now I invested $300 and down to $120. I was expecting to make at least a few dollars or not to lose money but I can’t even breakeven with Spider Profit, is this something you are aware of?

  157. Gold Digger Results says:

    I just signed up with the Gold Digger I will keep you posted with my results in a few hours.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi ‘Gold Digger Results’ Thank you for trying to share your results with us but we need at least a name and/or an actual email confirming the results. Unfortunately your list of 25 winners and 3 losing trades is too long for us to post as a comment, you are welcome to post your experience but we can’t have you spam this page. Great job but we already announced that you must keep your comments shorter, this is our website policy. If your comment is over 300 words, we will not publish it.

  158. Jag says:

    Abdul u can always change your ip address to different country and get access!

  159. Diane says:

    Abdul- That is up to your Government, wherever you are. These programs would be in every country if they could.

  160. Jack says:

    Yeah it’s not discrimination, it could be for regulatory reasons. I agree that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions that this is a personal thing against you.

  161. WatchDog says:

    Abdul is everything okay? It’s not the end of the world and why do you throw discrimination into the picture without evidence? Whatever it is that you are trying to imply is completely false. It could be that it’s beyond their control, why do you jump to the conclusion that someone hates you? This is by far the strangest comment. By the way, most Arab countries are accepted so we know that whatever it is that you’re trying to imply is wrong!

  162. Abdul Wahab says:

    It is saying to me ” not available in your country!” What is this WatchDog? Very disappointing to know this discrimination with countries but not surprised because it happens all the time. The Internet is not free for everyone. This is infuriating and unjustified! For USA, Canada, UK of course they let everyone join.

    Enjoy your software but if you eat alone you die alone!

  163. WatchDog says:

    Hi Velev (Емил) and Milana, Gold Digger is available in both countries. The only issue is with US registrations. They get an error but some members manage to join without an issue or waiting time. In 95% of the countries, the registration is instant and automated but if you encounter any issues let us know.

  164. Емил Симеонов says:

    I am from Bulgaria can I join Gold Digger program?

  165. Jeff says:

    They say location, location location!! I say GOLD! Watchdog please share my results! $250 on each trade! All from today so I will not write the date over an over but I wrote it in the same way that others did.

    15:02:27 GOLD 1,131.94 CALL 15:03:27 1,132.19 Won
    14:50:55 GOLD 1,130.30 PUT 14:51:55 1,130.27 Won
    14:34:41 GOLD 1,131.16 CALL 14:35:41 1,131.21 Won
    14:30:57 GOLD 1,131.40 PUT 14:31:57 1,131.14 Won
    14:24:15 GOLD 1,132.82 CALL 14:25:15 1,133.09 Won
    14:10:00 GOLD 1,133.42 PUT 14:11:00 1,133.59 Loss
    14:04:02 GOLD 1,133.79 PUT 14:19:02 1,133.14 Won
    13:33:43 GOLD 1,133.23 CALL 13:34:43 1,133.51 Won

    This is far beyond what I expected, verify this on your charts! I made serious bank today!!! If the software fails me I will let you know but for now they deserve a lot of credit! In this industry to come up with a genuine software is truly remarkable!


  166. Milana says:

    Is Gold Digger available in Ukraine?

  167. Marvin says:

    I signed up with the Gold Digger, it’s running smooth but I am not getting many trades at the moment. I received a few trades, all ITM and then it stopped for about 40 minutes, now it looks like signals are being generated again. I am only taking the gold signals per your recommendation. I’ll keep my trades at the minimum until I get enough stats to evaluate the software.

  168. Dee Tran says:

    Finally they let me register from the US, I was about to just give up. :ast week I kept trying to register and it didn’t work. First 3 trades are winners today! Let’s hope this works like people claim.

  169. Hassan says:

    This is not a scam! Just today, the weeek barely start yet, I finished 9 trades. One was a loss I traded all Gold. Keeping track of the currency signals I realized by myself that the accuracy is higher with Gold. This is what the software seemed to be designed for. I still can’t find a system that will win with every asset.

  170. Leslie says:

    Monty, thank you for making this clear. I got this msg a few days ago that I can’t register from the USA but they approved my account. I think this is some kind of a procedure because not many brokers work with US, so they have to do it manually and sync your account. I suggest for US traders to wait like I did, they will get you synced and it’s worth waiting for!

  171. Robert says:

    Been trying to register with gold digger from the us.
    Getting message will contact you soon is this a common

  172. Madeleine says:

    It’s so great to know because I am in the US and was wondering if this is available since Topoption and some brokers are not available for me. Thank you! Madeleine

  173. Monty says:

    @Dantheman – The signals given are fully automated

    • WatchDog says:

      Dantheman and Mehdi, yes Gold Digger is available in Dubai and also in the United States. Mehdi as for your question concerning the exact time the market open, it depends on the asset. Anyoption offers Dubai and Tel Aviv25 on Sunday…but in general, all 4 asset groups are available for live trading on Monday morning Australia ACT.

  174. Dantheman says:

    I’m in the US and if this is real I will sign up tomorrow when the trading starts. Is there any US traders making any money with this Gold Digger and is it fully automated?

  175. Kristian says:

    Hi this is Kristian again, I started a few days ago with GD and my account is not up by $600. Not much as I expected BUT I also made a mistake to trade currencies while the Gold Trades are the most accurate, my trade amount each time was only $25 because I was worried about losing money, next week I will invest more. It’s a stable software. Satisfied GD users so far!! 🙂

  176. Bruno says:

    Hello Kristian,

    September 22 at 8.30am Kristian said:

    Hi, i just funded my account with GoldDigger. 250$

    What is your position today ? ( 26/09/15 )

    Thanks for your help.

  177. Bruno says:

    I would like to know what is the lowest amount for trades on gold with the GOLD DIGGER system?
    As a beginner, what is the percentage of the amount of trade relative to capital?
    Thank you all for your help.

  178. Mehdi says:

    Tell me this is available in Dubai? I have $1000 I can invest right now. One more question, when is the first moment the trading starts exactly on Monday with binary options?

  179. Monty says:

    @Bade – You must open an account with a Binary Options broker on the Golddigger website and then proceed to deposit money on the broker website itself.

  180. Bade says:

    Hi guys please tell how do i make a deposit on gold digger in order to activate my account???

  181. Roger says:

    I started binary options in May of this year and this has been the best month of my life! I just emailed you a list with 586 trade I took since September 1st with the Gold Digger! I got around %84 ITM on average. Really this i finally a reliable commodity automated robot! The great thing about it is that it’s not just semi-auto ABS or like some of the previous stuff I tried. ABS is fine I can say, the Option Bot 2 is also not bad but having to register with 5 account was a nightmare and figuring out the setting, semi-automation left me really confused and a bit disappointed. This is great WatchDog! I’ll be recommending GD to everyone!!!!

  182. Chloe Parker says:

    Great! I was afraid it’s another manual service because I really don’t have time to sit in front of my computer all day. Thank you WatchDog. Chloe Parker

  183. Krishna Kumar says:

    Whether it is available in India?

  184. Benoit Martin says:

    Hi Watch Dog, i’m in Canada and i just want to know if gold digger is 100% automated because I can not have the time to trade. But i’m searching a binary system 100% automated.

    Thank you!

  185. Thomas Cheng says:

    Today I got an ITM of 86% trading only currency pairs with expiry period of more than 45min (7 trades)

  186. WatchDog says:

    We suggest that you wait instead of looking for loopholes Eddie. Jose your approach wasn’t very nice, the kid is just asking questions.

  187. Jose Eduardo says:

    Get out of here kid!! If you are below 18 you can’t trade binary options! Don’t go and use your parents credit card or something stupid. Kids these days are everywhere…

  188. Emmanuel says:

    Oh my this is not what I expected, trade only gold but the day started bad but then it was like magic. Please allow me to share this WatchDog. I actually got more trades right but I don’t want to spam your page. Today I got %83 27 trades total! I’m sharing how my day started!

    13:39:37 GOLD 1,135.20 PUT 2015-09-24 13:40:37 1,135.05 Won
    13:34:16 GOLD 1,135.07 PUT 2015-09-24 13:35:16 1,135.06 Won
    13:30:08 GOLD 1,134.97 PUT 2015-09-24 13:31:08 1,134.91 Won
    12:02:26 GOLD 1,135.34 PUT 2015-09-24 12:03:26 1,135.31 Won
    11:27:39 GOLD 1,135.22 CALL 2015-09-24 11:28:39 1,135.31 Won
    11:20:53 GOLD 1,135.31 CALL 2015-09-24 11:21:53 1,135.26 Another Bad one.
    10:55:42 GOLD 1,136.01 CALL 2015-09-24 10:56:42 1,136.03 Won!!
    10:34:04 GOLD 1,136.15 PUT 2015-09-24 10:35:04 1,135.91 Won!!
    10:33:59 GOLD 1,136.10 PUT 2015-09-24 10:34:59 1,136.15 Lost First trade!

    I will never trade currency pairs with any software again after seeing the success with Gold like this! From your best fan! Emmanuel

  189. Eddie says:

    I will be 18 in two months WatchDog, can I join the Gold Digger too? Or if not, is there anyway around it? I am really wanting to give it a try.

  190. Neil says:

    WOOT WOOT!!!! 12 In The Money trades!!!! Gold only folks!! Do not trade the currencies. I only got around 70% when I first auto traded the pairs. Now I am only taking Gold signals fully auto, this is the way to make it with the software! Neil

  191. Monty says:

    Thank you Thomas Cheng. I was debating using the currency trades. Now that I’ve seen your post I’ll consider them as well as the GOLD trades.

  192. Thomas Cheng says:

    Today, I placed 2 Gold trades, 4 currency trades. The ITM is 100%! The key is NOT to place any trade with short expiry period. All my trades have expiry period of 6 hours or more. For my broker Binary Book, it is impossible to place 60 seconds trades using GD. Yesterday’s performance was not as good. But over the last 3 days, the overall ITM is 78% for long term trades only!

    If you cannot place 60 seconds trades like me, place long term trades, i.e. those trades that don’t expire until 12pm EDT or 4 or 5pm EDT.

    I have found that long term gold trades have very high ITM. So far it has been 100% (3 days only). The gold trades of Samantha verify this fact also.

  193. Cilla M says:

    Thank you Watchdog and all of you that posted results about Gold Digger software. I have been looking for months for the right Binary Options Account to try and after checking them out, the majority were Scams, so I didn’t bite. There have been so many positive reviews, especially within the past week or so that I know I have to try. Will post my results asap. Thanks! Cilla

  194. Nadine says:

    you read my mind Watchdog, this is what kept me from giving it a try until now. I need a fully automated software and the semi, as you refer to, are worthless! I tried a few. Great results from everyone with the Gold Digger! Thank you! Nadine

  195. WatchDog says:

    Hi Dave, It shouldn’t have any affect on the performance. By the way, there is some confusion here. The Gold Digger software is %100 fully automated! It’s not the typical semi-automated gambling software! We now have solid evidence that this software is not a scam, in fact it’s probably the best binary options solution right now in the market! We fully endorse it and apologize for having doubts when we first wrote this review. It’s our job to protect the industry and we’re happy to see that so many of you are doing well! WatchDog Team

  196. Vincenzo says:

    Is Gold digger available in italy ??

  197. frank says:

    Wow!!! better results this morning! 3 trades 3 wins..

  198. dave says:

    I have a slow computer. Will this affect GD performance?

  199. Samuel says:

    I am new to binary options and I see that my account is growing but I don’t have a clue what’s next. How do I withdraw my funds? I made a few hundred dolloars in the last couple of days with GD. I am ready and would like to get some instructions from you if possible. Thank you! Samuel

    • WatchDog says:

      It’s relatively simple to withdraw your funds from regulated brokers and we know that Gold Digger is synce with some of the best brands in the industry. Confirming your identity is mandatory with any broker, but never give away your SS number if you are in the USA for security, we noticed a few scam brokers in the past trying to request SS numbers and blacklisted the brokers immediately. The confirmation of identity is only required once, and you can do it right after you register an account, before withdrawals, it’s up to you but be sure to have, at the minimum, an ID that will match the identity of the trader who signed-up. This is for security and with Forex brokers they are a lot more strict, some will ask for bills and all kinds of unnecessary docs but luckily it’s not the case with binary options and definitely not with the GoldDigger.Trade app. If you need help email us please. Good luck Samuel and know tht you are lucky, most traders are clueless at first and many sign-up with scam sites. You made a great decision!

  200. Kelli Hatley says:

    I’ll keep it short! Thank you WatchDog! Just like others I was under the impression that this was a negative review but after getting to know the software and after reading it again, I see that you’ve stayed neutral! I know you don’t like long posts but I really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for exposing me to this new opportunity with Gold. I’m so glad I didn’t let my skepticism and past get in my way and chose to give it a try! After a 50 minutes phone conversation with support and a few days of good results. What else can I say? They left me with a big smile on my face! 🙂 Kelli Hatley

  201. Stephen says:

    Same here too

  202. Sarah says:

    Same here Tal, I posted a comment with my 15 trades from yesterday 84% ITM and it’s still waiting for moderation. Why are you not approving my comment???

    • WatchDog says:

      Sarah and Tal, we already have plenty of members posting their results and we’re very happy for you but your comments are too long, don’t submit an essay please. This page is getting very long and obviously we approved your comments now. We have nothing to hide, we actually support the software and know that it’s working. No reason to lash out! Gold Digger is a great software. Good luck and keep us posted if you are interested but keep it short please.

  203. Tal Baruch says:

    I am not doing bad at all with the Gold Digger and I tried to post some good feedback and WatchDog is not approving my comments!

  204. Shane says:

    Hi WatchDog, this is Shane I emailed you a year ago back when the BinaryMatrixPro came out and ripped me off. Just wanted to thank you for the recommendation, Gold Digger is not a scam. The title is a little bit misleading but I understand the way blogs work. Let’s get to the point, I wasn’t sure if I should trust you but after 2 days with a very solid performance I am speechless. God Bless You! Shane

    • WatchDog says:

      This is amazing Shane! We remember you even though it’s been a while and hopefully you managed to get your money back with the dispute request. It’s almost impossible but we hope that you tried. Either way we are glad to see you are going great with the GD software.

  205. Kristian says:

    Hi, i just funded my account with GoldDigger. 250$

    I will let u all know how its going day by day 🙂

  206. Dave says:

    Hi Bourke, Congrats on your trades. I traded 11 times yesterday and won 8 of the signals, great software and I appreciate everyone’s documented performance to help me reach this decision. Dave

  207. Diane says:

    Think I will give it a go…

  208. Monty says:

    @Thomas Cheng – Are you only trading GOLD or are you also trading the FOREX options?

  209. Thomas Cheng says:

    I have so far 8 trades won, and 3 trades lost for the last 24 hours, with ITM of 73%. I believe the ITM would increase with more trades.

    The only thing I can’t figure out is that all my trades have expiry period of 30min to 11 hours, none of which is 60 seconds. All the trades on GD’s site have expiry periods of 60 seconds.

  210. Bourke says:

    I am from Germany and started trading with Gold Digger on Sunday, I invested and waited. Today performance is good, most day I work so I left the software off but for 3 hours I got 2 losses but enough profit, satisfactory for me.

    2015-09-21 16:02:43 GOLD 1,133.17 PUT 2015-09-21 16:03:43 1,132.96 Won
    2015-09-21 15:36:46 GOLD 1,134.17 PUT 2015-09-21 15:37:46 1,134.14 Won
    2015-09-21 15:18:56 GOLD 1,132.82 CALL 2015-09-21 15:19:56 1,132.84 Won
    2015-09-21 15:18:10 GOLD 1,132.82 CALL 2015-09-21 15:19:10 1,132.84 Won
    2015-09-21 14:49:52 GOLD 1,131.03 CALL 2015-09-21 14:50:52 1,131.10 Won
    2015-09-21 14:32:52 GOLD 1,133.63 PUT 2015-09-21 14:33:52 1,133.74 Loss
    2015-09-21 14:32:15 GOLD 1,133.63 CALL 2015-09-21 14:33:15 1,133.70 Won
    2015-09-21 14:26:36 GOLD 1,135.02 PUT 2015-09-21 14:27:36 1,134.85 Won
    2015-09-21 14:26:27 GOLD 1,135.02 CALL 2015-09-21 14:27:27 1,134.85 Loss
    2015-09-21 14:01:43 GOLD 1,137.13 CALL 2015-09-21 14:02:43 1,137.32 Won
    2015-09-21 13:55:03 GOLD 1,136.98 CALL 2015-09-21 13:56:03 1,137.09 Won
    2015-09-21 13:47:24 GOLD 1,136.31 CALL 2015-09-21 13:48:24 1,136.36 Won
    2015-09-21 13:30:26 GOLD 1,136.64 CALL 2015-09-21 13:31:26 1,136.75 Won

    I hope they will not charge me commissions on the trades or any catch because the performance trading is great.

    Regards from Germany!


  211. Stanislav says:

    Is the Gold Digger available in Russia?

    • WatchDog says:

      Stanislav, The software is available in Russia but in general we don’t have a list of countries. Take into consideration that it has to do with the brokers the software is synced with. If the brokers can’t accept your country, you will not be able to get through the registration form. Support is relatively fast so you can also ask them or just check on your own, if you manage to get through the registration page in case you are not sure. We do know that Gold Digger is definitely available in most countries in Europe. They are also available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and USA.

  212. Sally says:

    I really wish I could sign-up with the GD but I already have an account and blew it with the Protected Profits. This is how I found you WatchDog, I found your warning too late. By next Monday I will be able to invest the minimum deposit and GoldDigger is really the best software I managed to find after searching for endless software reviews.

  213. Vince Salzer says:

    It says in the promo vid that the creators also launched GPS Robot…Their picture looks the same as the one on their site. They also have Fapturbo…I have used Fap…but did not get good results. Their risk/reward is 1 to 5. Like you risk 5 to get 1. You can modify the trades…so…..
    Am going to try GPS again….Have had it for a couple of years.

  214. Carlos says:

    Amazing start with the GoldDigger this morning, I am in Spain drinking my morning coffee and I am already getting some good trades. Perfecto!! Carlos

  215. Terry says:

    hey watchdog, is this app available in kenya? would love to try it .

  216. TraderFX83 says:

    I’m a Forex trader for many years and I was looking up for reviews on the GPS tool and landed on this page instead haha Just to confirm, I managed to deposit money and it’s weekend but I guess I’ll have to wait until Monday for live signals. I’m optimistic about the Gold Digger software and the support is great so far. I am also a moderator at a 5 years old Forex forum, and the results reported match the results on th GD site. Will update you all on Monday or Tuesday after I get enough trades.

  217. Marcio says:

    You scared me with the title of this article WatchDog!! I deposited money on Wednesday and I’m seeing an account growth. For a minute there I thought it was a scam based on how you started this review. I missed a few heart beats you need to take it easy!

  218. WatchDog says:

    Gold Digger may not be available in Nepal, we are aware of an issue with many services and brokers not accepting traders from Nepal and a few other countries but you can always check. Alex Bates, you can register with the software on weekends. Right now the markets are still open but on Saturday and Sunday you will not get any signals.

  219. Alex Bates says:

    Are you guys getting trades on weekends. I am new to binary options. Can I register with the software right now or should I wait for Monday?

  220. Bhim says:

    Can I use gold digger in Nepal?

  221. Kristian says:

    Hi 🙂

    Hopefully more of the people trying out GOLD Digger is posting their experiance here.

    Im gona try it with 300$ deposit next month. And i can do an update everyday on how it is doing 🙂

  222. WatchDog says:

    Hi Craig, you can find it by navigating to the search box, look for: GPS Robot and you will find our review.

  223. Craig says:

    Where it the review for the GPS robot? I can’t find it anywhere on your site WatchDog!

  224. Kristian says:

    Hi. The text from their website:
    Could someone explain how this works? What happens when i deposit 300$?

    “You invest a little sum – let’s take 300 USD as an example. The deposit gets inflated 400 times (leverage 400 to 1). That increases the money the bot works with to a staggering 12,000 – yes TWELVE THOUSAND USD . So a return of a few thousand dollars is entirely achievable.”

    Thank you

    • WatchDog says:

      Kristian, this sentence is within the context of the entire idea of how your account balance is naturally bound to grow with a stable performance. Leverege is a term used mostly in the Forex world so don’t treat the word ‘Leverage’ in the same manner, in this case they are referring to the ITM performance over a period of time using the Gold Digger software.

  225. WatchDog says:

    Great point Michael Broyde, If the software ends up failing traders like many of the scams we’ve seen, Antony’s reputation will surely go down the drain.

  226. Mathew says:

    I agree with everyone who is posting good results! The Gold Digger didn’t fail me yet! I hope its not going to switch on me but for now I reached a stable %80 ITM and it’s all I need. My trades are $150 each and my account balance is increasing rapidly! Highly Recommended!

  227. Michael Broyde says:

    I am familiar with Antony Kemble from GPS Forex, the performance is well documented as WatchDog stated but I am not sure if I am ready to enter the binary world. It’s been 8 years since I started with Forex and the GPS is a tool that all professional Forex traders and forums would recommend but the Gold Digger is new. I’m really wondering which software can generate better results and if this is as profitable as they claim. If this is a scam, Anthony will lose the reputation he built himself for years so I am glad to see the good feedback. I will continue and re-visit this review and check to see if this is consistent.

  228. jgates says:

    Hello all, i’m trading with this software as well, for the last week and am up $400 from a $250 deposit. the question I have is looking at some of the trades posted from golddigger, i don’t get minute trade signals at all mostly EOD, and am wondering if the software is trading these for you or are you using the downloaded or web based software. I have fallen for a few of these scams but must say this is the only one i have ever made money with.

  229. Haley says:

    I am interested to learn more about Did you post a review WatchDog? Or are you just recommending him? Today I watched a few of Michael’s videos and he seems to be the most straight-forward guy I’ve seen on YouTube. Right now I don’t know if I should invest my money with Mike or with GoldDigger and I am wondering which one is better. Haley

  230. stigie says:

    can some one tell me how the Gold digger works any alert?

  231. Shelly from Australia says:

    Fantastic! It’s working for me and this is an excellent software! I live in Melbourne and never had an issue with brokers in the binary world. It should be fair to mention that in Australia you will find many local brokers FX/Binary firms. The payout is not so high but those companies are completely regulated is Australia and it’s they have offices in Australia which gives you a sense of security. Shelly

  232. Question For Mike says:

    I am really impressed by your channel Michael Freeman, 15000 subscribers is the most I’ve seen in binary options. You come across as really sincere but I’ve been scammed way too many times, especially with Forex robots. I am actually new to binary options. Your videos make a lot of sense by the way. Tell me, if I register with your AutoTrader what exactly this Facebook group is about and how can I find it? I looked all over Facebook and I can’t find the group you mentioned so I want to make sure this is legit before I join you. Thank you and I apologize if my question is rude.

  233. Vickie says:

    Is this software available in Australia? The GPS software is working for me and I’d like to give this a chance.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Vickie, we checked with support and the software is available in Australia. In general we are not familiar with any brokers who are not available in Ausralia. The regulations apply to your country and no restrictions apply on traders. Sean, you can email us the results but we can’t have you guys post comments the size of an article.. so please provide us with feedback, ITM results and if you are interested to share your detailed trades, one by one, you can email us but please also include a snapshot from your account so we can verify it. Up until now we managed to verify 3 traders who are doing well but usually traders email us when things go wrong so we’re confident now that this is far from a scam!

  234. Sean Mclaughlin says:

    I have a list of 20 trades from today, can I post it WatchDog? I got 86.5% ITM amazing results! Gold Digger is a really good software!

  235. WatchDog says:

    This review is on Gold Digger but thank you for the invitation! If you are having trouble with signing-up US traders, you can always join Mike.

  236. Jordan says:

    U.S. citizen here. Activated my account but having trouble getting past the terms and conditions. I accept but then the page just stays. Trying to get it resolved. Will certainly keep you updated with results if/when I get the software going.

  237. David Levi says:

    I live in Miami right now, not a US citizen but my IP is from the US and I managed to register with Gold Digger today. I’m using chrome and when I tried internet explorer I couldn’t access my account so maybe this is your issue if you can’t get it. Just a suggestion to my US friends.

  238. Jose says:

    Can anyone confirm that they are making good profits in the broker “OptionStar”. Thank you.

  239. Bryan says:

    Currency Pairs are better than commodities! I don’t believe in Gold trading of any form.

  240. WatchDog says:

    Yasin, Rene and everyone who is not here to report their GoldDigger.Trade stats or feedback.. your comments are not necessary. We certainly thank you Yasin for puting this guy in his place. If Rene’s service was legitimate, we would be really happy to list him on our recommended signals list but so far he is acting like a 16 year old, very unpredictable and can’t seem to take any type of criticism.

    From now please post comments relating to Gold Digger only! Let’s not turn this into personal fights between memebers.

    If we offended you Rene, we apologize but you have to understand where we are coming from.

    Good luck to everyone and please keep us informed!

  241. Yasin says:

    Watch your words Rene! You are nothing but a common thief and I just reported you to GoldDigger! Who are you? Just a random troll who is trying to look for enemies. No intelligent things to write? Go away as WatchDog told you! How can you expect them to promote a service that steals signals from others? This is not morality! You might make some money selling your stolen signals from GD Trade but eventually people will realize it and your name will be as stake. It’s best if you generate your 70% ITM without stealing signals and it’s good enough, most groups can’t even reach 60% ITM and I am part of 5 Facebook signals group so lose the attitude and don’t be a cheater!

  242. Rene says:

    Who do you think you are WatchDog? Gold Digger didn’t state anywhere that I can’t share their signals with others for free or for a payment, so who are you? the cop of the industry? I don’t need your help with promoting my service, you people are stupid!!! Trying to help you and you respond in the most unprofessional manner. I can’t believe this website is one of the biggest in the binary options industry. You don’t deserve it! BYE!

  243. dave says:

    Fuckin US. If I want to risk my money it’s my business.

  244. Thomas Cheng says:

    It seems like the issue is resolved now! Just wanted to keep all US traders updated! Contact support as WatchDog stated.

  245. Chad Franklin says:

    I get the same error when I try to login to the golddigger account, but the software I downloaded last week still works. My account with bloombex which uses spot option is still working also, at least for now.

    Anyway, so you know I have placed a total of 15 trades 11 wins and 4 losses. Not that great but beats staring at charts all day.

  246. Thomas Cheng says:

    I got an error message: “The website is not available in your country.”

    I already funded my account, and tried to login the Members Area. I am in the US. Is there any US member here?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Thomas, We looked into some comments on other forums earlier today and we know that there was an issue with US traders who were unable to log into their account. The issue should be resolved at this point based on the comments. Contact support and make sure to refresh your browser. Keep us updated if you’re having any trouble and if anyone else is trading from the US please comment.

  247. Rene says:

    You should leave the software on all day Martha, I made over $600 today! Grace you should join us. Believe me, I tried so many systems and mentoring programs in the last 5 years and not just binary options! IM, Ebay, PPC and Adsense.. but nothing worked for me. I am a skilled trader but alone I get around %70-%72 ITM, I trade during the NFP usually it’s the best time for currency pairs but now with the software I don’t think I’ll ever make less than $300 a day. It’s not happening! I also recycle the signals and send them to my own group of followers and I charge money for the service. I hope they don’t mind but anyway, I checked all the disclaimers and they didn’t mention anything about copying their signals and redistribution. I won’t advertise my group here but I’ll send you an email WatchDog and you should add us on your recommended services, I’ll show you evidence that we are legit. Rene

    • WatchDog says:

      Why would we want to promote your service Rene is you’re stealing signals from other services? We are happy for you and all the best but no need to email us. Good luck with your service but you should seriously rethink your business practices and you are lucky that you didn’t post the name of the group. It’s best if you just go away at this point. Thank you!

  248. WatchDog says:

    Good point Grace, but many people are constantly being lied too so they are naturally angry and skeptic about new offers. The first comments were by visitors who didn’t try the software but we understand where they are coming from. Please do keep us updated.

  249. Grace Sari Ysidora says:

    I am excited to try this WatchDog, I’ve been following many forums and I understand the skepticism of some of the people who just comment without trying the Gold Trader App but after seeing many positive posts on several forums, and all the places where people can just speak their mind, I think it’s finally time to give it a try and worst case.. I will lose a few dollars. Big Deal. Just a few months ago I found a reliabe software but the platform they worked with stopped accepting traders from my country, so I trust that some systems can work. I am a big member so I will rate them fairly if they can generate a good performance.

  250. Martha says:

    Hi Rob, Watchdog and everyone else, I took 8 trades, the last one was tie and I stopped! Really so hoping this will last for a while.

    My results for today with GoldDiggerTrade:

    2015-09-14 13:01:22 1,107.16 PUT 2015-09-14 13:02:22 1,107.16 688.00 USD Tie
    (this was the last one I took and I stopped for the day because I want to be around when the trades are taking place.)

    2015-09-14 12:53:30 1,107.28 PUT 2015-09-14 12:54:30 1,107.21 696.00 USD Won
    2015-09-14 12:27:22 1,108.01 CALL 2015-09-14 12:28:22 1,108.17 680.00 USD Won
    2015-09-14 12:20:56 1,107.57 PUT 2015-09-14 12:21:56 1,107.52 700.00 USD Won
    2015-09-14 12:01:30 1,107.32 PUT 2015-09-14 12:02:30 1,107.30 692.00 USD Won
    2015-09-14 11:48:21 1,106.98 CALL 2015-09-14 12:48:21 1,107.34 688.00 USD Won
    2015-09-14 11:40:15 1,106.93 PUT 2015-09-14 11:41:15 1,106.91 688.00 USD Won
    2015-09-14 11:27:50 1,107.11 PUT 2015-09-14 11:28:50 1,107.07 696.00 USD Won

    I’ll keep you updated! At first when I saw the title of your article you SCARED ME WATCHDOG!! I thought that I might be imagining the good trades I am getting but I read it again and noticed that it’s fair. The title is just scary! It’s farrrr from a scam software! Martha

  251. Rob says:

    Hi Martha!! I am about to sign-up right now with the Gold Digger, how is your performance this Monday?

  252. Blood Moon says:

    I will try the software tomorrow.

  253. Martha says:

    This Gold Application is a true GEM! Last week I had a great experience with 54/62 trades WON and I started on Tuesday. $50 on each trade. Martha

  254. Kofi Joe says:

    Do the name really matter? My first 2 trades are wins. I have no cause to brand GD a scam.

  255. Jess says:

    Hi Watchdog, I can’t say that I agree with everything you recommend on your blog, I will not mention the name of the forum I represent but we are unbiased and keep track of scams very well. Based on our members feedback this is a legitimate offer. Gold Digger may sound like a silly name, but you won’t think it’s funny when you start getting consistent winning trades. Jess

    • WatchDog says:

      Which forum do you represent? You are welcome to share the link to the thread where members are reporting consistent profits. It seems like you are very quick to reach a conclusion and you also criticize us, knowing that we are the leading scam exposing blog in this industry. We hardly recommend any services because we don’t want to mislead our readers so if you are interested to debate any offers we promote, go for it. Let’s have a debate! The comments right now are “Pro” Gold Digger but it’s still too early so we are not really sure how credible your forum is, especially since you don’t seem to have any interest to share any information with us. Either way, we do appreciate your feedback Jess.

  256. WatchDog says:

    No Name, you can find the performance on the website and hopefully we will get some more feedback from traders who will post their results and share it with us. It’s interesting to see so much interest in a software. It seems like our website gets many visitors now by people who are searching for information on GoldDigger, so any feedback is appreciated, positive and negative. Charlie, we totally agree with you on the name choice, silly idea! Thank you Venessa, for offering support and for showing some presence.

    Bernard, if you just signed up you can’t really reach a decision yet after one day so please keep us updated next week. It could’ve been a lucky day, if you want to measure the performance of the Gold Digger software you must trade at least a few days and enter more than 20-30 trades, this will give you a more accurate indication.

  257. Bernard Curry says:

    Hi Venessa Seyman thank you very much for the help! This is Bernard from Thursday night. I ended up placing a few trades before the markets closed, all winners! I am waiting for next week and very anxious 🙂 If it wasn’t for your comment here, I would probably never signup because when I tried other services they never even answer me with questions. To everyone’s success and to your team! Bernard Curry

  258. No Name says:

    Where can I find the performance results of Gold Digger software?

  259. Charlie says:

    It sounds really stupid for a name, Gold Digger but after trading with the GPS software for 2 years, I know a thing or two about their credibility so I will test it! Even though honestly I think this name “screams scam!!” or maybe they stole this name from Kenya West hahahaha

  260. Rudy says:

    Venessa Seyman, I email you regarding few question, Could you please inform me as soon as possible. Thanks

  261. Gold Digger Team says:

    Dear WatchDog Staff, We really appreciate the honest review you gave us and we welcome traders to contact our support team with any questions or concerns. The brokers we work with are carefully screened; and we ONLY work with regulated firms! As you may know, our GPS Forex Robot is one of the leading robots in the world today with a proven winning performance, documented on

    We spent months developing the Gold Digger software and we are very proud of the ITM results our members are getting! We are open for criticism, questions and any feedback.

    Vanessa Seyman

  262. WatchDog says:

    Jose, The Gold Digger offers many options and most of the brokers they are synced with are regulated. Please contact us if you are not sure which broker to choose. Frank keep us posted with more results and we welcocme others to do the same.

  263. Frank says:

    Just a quick update: I didn’t get any losing trades so far. Two more trades In the Money today so the performance is now getting close to 80% ITM, 2/3 was not so impressive but I got in with two more trades.

    2015-09-10 11:57:48 GOLD 1,106.95 PUT 2015-09-10 11:58:48 WON
    2015-09-10 13:02:45 400 USD GOLD 1,106.96 PUT 2015-09-10 13:03:45 WON

  264. Jose says:

    Hello Michael Browne, What broker you work?

  265. Valerie Martin says:

    I would like to see more people posting results! It looks very promising and my past experience with the GPS Robot is very positive. Just as WatchDog indicated, the accurate performance results can be found on, and it’s not one of the biggest Forex websites it’s the biggest in the world if you compare it to FXEmpire, Investing and other similar sites.

  266. Michal says:

    Nigel, how come? Since morning there was only one signal from gold digger, and the rest is just for the closing market hour

  267. Frank says:

    My Trading with the Gold Digger for anyone who is interested:

    2015-09-10 11:36:30 GOLD 1,107.51 CALL 2015-09-10 11:37:30 1,107.61 WON
    2015-09-10 11:04:57 GOLD 1,107.34 PUT 2015-09-10 11:05:57 1,107.23 WON
    2015-09-10 09:58:30 1,106.27 CALL 2015-09-10 09:59:30 1,106.21 LOSS

    I will keep you posted as I get more trades today, right now it’s too early for me to reach a solid conclusion about the performance. I’m not losing though so I am happy for now!

  268. nigel lingley says:

    well I invested in gold digger started today 6 trades and I already won 5 trades, will keep you updated.

  269. WatchDog says:

    We are actually not sure if the Gold Digger is available in Nigeria. We noticed that many brokers and services are not available in your country. This is something that you can easily find out by contacting support or by registering with the software. If you manage to reach the broker registration section, you should be able to proceed and the software should work but we still encourage you to contact support before you move forward and fund a new account.

  270. Akintunde says:

    Please can dis software work perfectly well in Nigeria?Secondly which broker is better BTW Big option and Binarybook!!!!!thank you!!awaiting ur reply

  271. Michael Browne says:

    My friend told me about binary options and warned me in advance to avoid scams. This software is not one of those “get rich tonight” and “Right now” type BS they are feeding you. Let me tell you, I already got my first withdrawal of $450 and my account balance went from $250 to $1410 in a matter of 4 days with the Gold Software!

    I am withdrawing small amounts each time and slowly increasing the trade amount, this is the best strategy and I recommend others who are trading with the GoldDigger.Trade app to do the same!

  272. Eva says:

    Today I purchased the GPS Robot after reading your review WatchDog, the evidence is there on, I still don’t know if I should also get into the Gold Digging rush so I’ll try the GPS software and then if it works for me I will probably count on their ability to generate a good performance with commodities.

  273. Marne says:

    I hope it’s not the same like with the Option Bot 2, I am only willing to sign-up with one broker to test this software. It looks real but I can’t afford more than one account. Can you confirm if at any point I will need to register more than one trading account WatchDog?

  274. jonabel says:

    hi. i just want to ask if anyone here already withdraw in gold digger?is it easy to withdraw?pls. let me know….tnx

  275. Silvio says:

    Paul how’s Gold Tigger, the trade are the same from them published?

    • WatchDog says:

      The documented trades seem to match the SR for the price of GOLD, we verified it using charts. However, it would be nice to get some more results from other traders and more frequently if possible. Please share your experience with us, good or bad! As for India, we are not sure if Gold Digger is available in India, you can try to register or contact support.

  276. Priyanka says:

    Does the GoldDigger.Trade app work in India?

  277. monica kalaluka says:

    What is the latest on gold digger and insiders information, can only people who have bought in these programs share their experience

  278. Trevor says:

    Hi, I agree with a comment made by Daniel on the signals page. Yesterday I got a really good performance trading Gold and I traded $70-100 each time on auto = $535 in profits, best day since I started binary options in April!! I never had some a profitable day yet at least not with a software! The is legitimate! You can also see the results live, they update it every hour or two.

  279. Prasad says:

    I don’t understand what the numbers mean in the comments above. So is it good or bad? What’s a CALL and PUT? Sorry I am new to binary options and read some bad stuff on IveTriedThat but this person promotes a stupid ebook which gives you nothing later I found the information was free online. Wasted a few dollars but it;s okay. This Gold Digger has a stupid name but it looking real but I don’t believe that I will make so much money. In India we have so many people behind scams and call centers, I always doubt everything. WatchDog what do you have to say? I hope you let this comment approved because I tried to comment on a different site and they didn’t let the comment public.

    • WatchDog says:

      PUT and CALL in reference to binary options indicate if the price is going down (PUT) or up (CALL), as a trader you can set the time frame and enter a trade at a Strike Rate of your choice, and if for example you enter a PUT trade for XY stock at 4.405, if the price expires below this rate you will win the trade but if it expires above, at the end of the given time frame, you will lose the trade. It’s very simple. No spread with binary options making it easier to win a trade in general. This software was created by real people who are not hiding behind fake identities, so if this ever turns out to be a scam, the Gold Digger founders will lose their reputation in the Forex and Binary Options industry which they worked hard to keep since 2006. We undertand your concern and at this point you need to invest more time learning basic terms before you deposit money with Gold Digger or any other system. You can find a free demo account via the following link:

  280. Samantha says:

    This is wonderful. I didn’t think I’ll find a software for binary options that can generate such high accuracy, maybe the key is the gold. It’s a stable asset. Today I entered the trades with $50 each:
    2015-09-07 12:42:03 1,120.81 CALL 2015-09-07 12:43:03 1,120.97 WON
    2015-09-07 12:51:48 1,121.24 PUT 2015-09-07 12:52:48 1,121.20 WON
    2015-09-07 14:03:42 1,119.77 PUT 2015-09-07 14:04:42 1,119.75 WON
    2015-09-07 14:15:23 1,120.34 CALL 2015-09-07 14:16:23 1,120.34 TIE
    2015-09-07 15:44:16 1,120.60 PUT 2015-09-07 15:45:16 1,120.59 WON
    2015-09-07 15:49:40 1,120.39 PUT 2015-09-07 15:50:40 1,120.38 WON
    I am confident in the GoldDigger App, I wish I traded higher amounts.


  281. Manuel Solar says:

    My first 6 trades with Gold Digger. 5 in the money and one out of the money. A good start. I tell you tomorrow what happnes today.

    Type ID Broker Asset Entry Date Entry Rate Expiry Date Expiry Rate Investment Payout Position Status
    PUT 6667 Binary Stock GOLD 07/09/2015 10:46 1119.47 07/09/2015 13:00 1118.885 $40 $71.2 Won
    PUT 6421 Binary Stock GOLD 07/09/2015 02:10 1123.103 07/09/2015 13:00 1118.885 $40 $71.2 Won
    PUT 6416 Binary Stock GOLD 07/09/2015 02:00 1122.725 07/09/2015 13:00 1118.885 $40 $71.2 Won
    PUT 6407 Binary Stock GOLD 07/09/2015 01:50 1122.498 07/09/2015 02:00 1122.62 $40 $0 Lost
    PUT 6405 Binary Stock GOLD 07/09/2015 01:26 1122.86 07/09/2015 02:00 1122.62 $40 $71.2 Won
    PUT 6404 Binary Stock EUR/USD 07/09/2015 01:25 1.11486 07/09/2015 02:00 1.11425 $25 $45.25 Won

  282. Tony says:

    I`v just read the marketing for Goldigger, looks interesting although haven`t invested as am naturally suspicious of “if it seems to good to be true it most likely is”. A number of entries here say that when you try to leave the site it won`t let you but i had no trouble closing the site as it closed down instantly with no harassment.

  283. kat says:

    Thanks for the informative article. To me the “easy money” ads are normally scams. This seems like an interesting idea, but to me it would be safer to take my $100 buy the gold and hide it in the safe to resell when it is higher. If i was given money to invest, and must invest it in unusual ways, I would consider this option. I would wait until it has been proven to NOT be a scam .

  284. Ngjira says:

    I am simply curious but it seems the guys are real – in fact mistakes in presentation and not taking too much trouble to be VERY accurate make a good sign for authenticity.
    Good luck guys, I will try it out.

  285. Fred says:

    I only started last week with Gold Digger but I already know the guys behind the software, look I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s legit or not, you will soon see the results posted by many members. I’ve been a member of their Forex software for over a year and if you don’t want to take my word, look at all the big Forex blogs. They all indicate that these guys are real. This may seem to you like the typical scam, but in fact, they worked really hard on creating this software. Let’s wait and see! I am doing good but I am sure that others will also agree with me.

  286. Kelly says:

    I’ve been researching binary options for a few months so I now get tons of emails with the latest program that will make me millions. I haven’t tried anyone them just because I don’t have the money to lose if they are a scam. Most of them seem like a scam. I love how watchdog points out little clues to people that just say scam because a lot of people are blinded by it. Although this program has a few flags that could be scams, their background seems legit. I have to admit that I’m pretty curious about this one but I won’t jump right into it. I will wait to see what people are saying about it that have actually used it.

  287. fuzzyleon says:

    the two on the picture doesn’t even seem trustworthy to me. And I’m not a racist or anything but I’ve been seeing a lot of false/fraud things coming from russia lately (apologies to all good russian citizens)

    Hide ya money, I think these kids just take it.

  288. Paul says:

    Why so much hate? I gave it a last chance and actually deposited money with Gold Digger unlike the people who commented above and I made a few hundred dollars since Wednesday. Not a million but why would anyone call this program a scam without trying it? This is making me feel scared now but I know the results were good for 3 days, it can’t be just an accident. The developers are real people. It seems like every website that comes out is being called a scam on this website, it makes me doubt your credibility WatchDog, because I don’t think it’s fair that you let everyone post bad comments if they didn’t try the software. If you don’t approve this comment I will know that you are biased against the Gold Digger software and never visit your site again.

    • WatchDog says:

      We are not spreading hate and certainly didn’t claim to reach a conclusion Paul. We appreciate your feedback. Hopefully we get more positive comments but we approve all comments, so we are not going to moderate things that you might not like. This is something we can’t do. It people have a feeling that this software is a scam, let them feel that way. How does it relate to you personal life or financial goal? It doesn’t. Keep it up and we hope you succeed!

  289. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    from their website,it seems just another typical scammer..the ITM’s performances look like too good to be true…for me,it’s still doubtful about this service..

  290. WatchDog says:

    UPDATE: we are still not convinced that the Gold Digger is a scam, yet we are also not sure if it’s a legitimate software, we are interested to know what ITM performance, on average, traders may expect. We would love to get a review or a testimonial by someone who is currently using this system, as it’s already available to the public. Hopefully now that our review is ranked well on Google, we will get the feedback we are looking for. Thank you for all the comments and thoughts on the GoldDigger.Trade website!!

  291. Susan Joshua says:

    I always know this. I now confirmed it now via this article.It may sound so attractive, but we must be very careful.

  292. Willy says:

    It’s hard for me to believe that stuff like this isn’t a complete scam. A program that lets you make money instantly by investing in gold. I’m not convinced. That being said, if you guys think there’s a chance that this could be legit software I’m open to the idea. Just don’t be investing large sums before you test it out first.

  293. vladdy says:

    Gold digger provides notary for trading profit now.

  294. WatchDog says:

    Interesting, thank you for sharing this email invitation! It indicates that the Gold Digger App is already up and running since obviously they are now promoting it. We would love to get some feedback by anyone who is trading with the software.

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