Gemini 2 Software is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

After receiving so many complaints, we have no doubt that Gemini 2 is a worthless SCAM. Brandon Lewis is the person claiming to be the owner and CEO of Gemini Holdings and the one offering you the opportunity in a lifetime, and that is become part of his new 50 beta testers before he releases the Gemini 2 scam to the public in 2018. Before falling for the promises made by Brandon during his Gemini 2 auto trader presentation, be sure to read this review as we will be exposing all the horrible facts concerning the website.

Brandon Lewis claims to be the CEO and owner of a company by the name of Gemini Holdings, where he and his associates operate the Gemini 2 software from. This however is the first piece of information that we will expose. The thing is, there is no company by the name of Gemini Holdings, it does not exist, there is no licence for it, and neither a trusted website. Additionally if you try to find the company through any search engine, you will come up completely empty. It will then come as no surprise to you that Brandon does not exist. If you try to find any info on his profile anywhere on the web, you will see you come up completely empty, meaning there is no background to the Gemini 2 software prior to this BS.

It is stated that the Gemini 2 software works with some great algorithm created by Brandon Lewis whilst he still worked for google. He created this “predictive” algorithm to predict the increase in traffic to google over years to come, with a staggering accuracy apparently. Google not seeing the potential of the algorithm, as big companies mostly do, Brandon then decided to leave google and incorporate the algorithm into the financial markets himself. By doing this he was able to create a software 3 years ago that places trades based on future predictions by the algorithm and generating $10k – $50k per day.

$1,500 per hour?! Makes absolutely no sense! Unrealistic and highly misleading!


We’ll prove to you how Gemini 2 is connected to other scams! Keep reading!

Well there is just a few issues with the above information that we were so easily given during the pitch video for Gemini 2 scam. First of all, the system has most certainly not been around for the past 3 years as stated by Mr Lewis. It has only been around for 4 months, considering the website was only registered in May this year. Not only that, there is no such thing as making up to $50k per day. It does not happen in the binary options market, or the Forex one for that matter, especially if you are trader trading from your home, if you are a big corporation then yes, however we doubt they are reading this scam review. Plus on top of all of that, thinking that google will allow their data off their premises to be used with systems and software’s not related to their products, is a laughing stock.

The story line and production being used to put the Gemini 2 software sales pitch together is not even original. Only credit we can give the advertisers is that at the very least they did it in stile this time around, and used proper recording equipment. The last time we saw a couple of scams with the exact story line, and exact outcome, the production wasn’t as great, and actually pull your hair out bad. The two scam systems we are referring to is of course Zulander Hack (Review and comments) and Mockingbird Method. Have a look at both, and you will instantly see what we mean with regards to the same thing being sold to us over and over again.

Even the people they used for the testimonials are not new or original or trusted beta testers. We know this, because we have seen some of them before in other systems to the Gemini 2 scam. Have a look at the older guy at the end of the video, the last testimonial giving his account of what live is like since trading with the Gemini 2 software. Here is the good part, he is the same person who claimed to be an owner of another scam we outed not too long ago called Your Legacy Club. Why would he need to be trading with the Gemini 2 auto trader, when he himself created a successful auto trader not too long ago?

Little details like this is why traders need to do their research and read as many reviews as possible before registering for a system, as chances are you are about to register for a scam, especially considering that 95% of software’s launched do not work. If we were not already getting the complaints we are, from trader who already lost their money with the Gemini 2 software, we would have concluded this as a scam in any case, especially due to the high promise of profits, as well as the load of inconsistencies. If ever in doubt, it is always to confirm with reliable blogs and traders before making that all important decision and depositing any funds into a possible scam system.

Review Verdict: Gemini 2 is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

Viral Scam sites we exposed previously on

Prizm Tech, Quantum Code, Dubai Lifestyle, Push Money App and Ice 9

Please help the binary options community by sharing your experience with Gemini 2 below this important review. Unfortunately we’re seeing many scam sites surface every other day, some are very convincing and therefore you must always do some research prior to any investment in order to make sure you are dealing with reputable brokers and signals providers.

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46 comments on “Gemini 2 Software is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!
  1. Mahmoud says:

    Hi guys any advice about which app not scam

  2. Matt says:

    Brandon Lewis is not his real name. He is an actor named Jeremy McLaughlin. Check out this video, where he explains his role:

  3. Charles says:

    I signed with OptionBits with autotrader but the broker told me that autotrader was inferior to his team of Brokers. In the first day he was so sure that he asked me to put in $325 into 3 trades and all the trades were bad that within the first trades I lost everything – so don’t believe what they said that they are here to protect your money but I Guess they were good at emptying them instead
    Never trust the Brokers rep anymore with the sales talk .

  4. Brendon says:

    These guys are rip off people and the more that people know about them the better. They kept on emailing me and phone calls. But I found a phone blocker app which has blocked any scammer numbers. I was nearly sucked in but did some research. Thanks watch dog.

  5. haley says:

    I gave them my email and phone number. Now i just get spammy prank calls. Its good to freak the aholes out hahahaha… First i ask what they r wearing…

  6. Stan King says:

    I haven’t read all the comments, but I can tell you that I received a call from Gemini 2 and got a surprise when I looked at the number they were calling from. It was +47 21 95 44 05 which was identified as being in Norway. I hope this information will help you determine who these people are.

  7. John Pike says:

    I actually got a chuckle from this scams video . the first guy he demonstrated with had “$63.00 in his acount before registering . it said he had to invest broker min of “$250” .
    not sure about you but 63 minus 250 = 187.00 in the hole . banks don’t like that nor allow it on a transfer. so how in the hell did he get the $250 in his start acount ??????

  8. Judy says:

    I just deposit USD 250 to the account using my husband credit card.
    How to take my money back??…

  9. Je says:

    I have a question I join this Gemini 2 server and they call 5 minutes after I made that, she asked mi card number but I didn’t have the require funds, they won’t be able to anything if I change card and cancel the other card I gave information about they won’t be able to do anything right ? And if I gave my personal information like the address im save ?

  10. Engr H A Bello says:

    Thank you watchdogs

  11. Jeeval says:

    Hi Watchdog. Thanks so much for looking out for us. One question, how do I remove my details from this Stoxmarkets website eg. Email. Luckily I haven’t entered any credit card details. Tx.

  12. Jabu says:

    Hi will they use my contact details to retrieve my bank acc cause they called and started to ask my banking details but i dropped the call without telling them.

  13. masud says:

    Thank you Watchdog for all your hard work to save people like us. A BIG THANK YOU FROM EVERY ONE.

  14. Chloe Crijns says:

    I need help! Ive deposited $255USD to a binary account! Its not activated but i have been emailing them that i no longer want an account and that i want a refund! They have our mastercard details and im super worried there going to take all we have!

  15. Brendon says:

    I am lucky for all this information about these scam artists around the world. No way you can make that kind of money in a short time daily.

  16. Hubert Paul says:

    Oh thanks, I was almost falling in for him too… I got frustrated and need urgent financial boast and saw this. I almost gave in but decided to google it. Thanks fro this information

  17. PaulJo says:

    What happens if I provide requested Digits from Expired Card??

    • WatchDog says:

      In this case, they won’t be able to charge you Paul. Make sure it’s expired though because the folks behind Gemini 2 are real crooks.

  18. Attila K. says:

    Today I’ve got this email from them, never put in a dime. 🙂

    Hey there,

    I want to pay you $55,000 USD today,
    do you want it? If so, it’s yours. It’s my
    way of thanking you:

    ==>> Click here to claim your payment

    Just follow the video instructions on that
    page, and you should be sorted by tonight.

    Take care,
    Quantum Code team

    So thanks for this review Watchdog, who knows what could be their next step.

  19. Harrison says:

    Thank you watch dog for your diligent job at first when I knew about the Gemini 2 I thought it was a genuine software because I got it from one website which use to send me emails claiming they are scam investigators who fight against scam brokers and robots but not knowing that they are the real promoters of scam.

  20. Herm says:

    Their still trying to get me to deposit my money. But the only reason I didn’t was because I would press the button then end up on 24/7options site. I then text 24option asking about gemini2 they said they have never hered of them.

  21. Anita says:

    I wish I had come across the watchdog site earlier. I invested with gemini2 and my account was wiped out in just one week. A mistake not to be repeated

  22. Abd El Rahman says:

    Thank you WatchDog for this informative review! The people behind this Gemini fraud are still sending me messages… Bastards!

  23. Aiden says:

    Wish my cousin had read this Gemini 2 review before he signed up with them and got scammed terribly! Thanks for all the help and info Watchdog ☺

  24. Hafeez says:

    Umm i got a question…
    I just signed up to gemini 2 and while i was about to enter my cc number i got a call from a broker … he exolained me everything and asked for my 16 digit cc number and 3 security code on the back of it and expiry date… and put me on hold… luckily my international credit wasnt activated .. he told me to activate it right now to get this.. but i told him i’ll do it tomorrow.. and he replied back saying he will call back tomorrow…
    So i m worried about it..
    Can he suck my credit ?
    Am i in trouble?
    Plz reply …!

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Hafeez, If you gave the scam your CC numbers, you’re not necessarily in trouble but it’s highly likely that they charged you. You need to contact your credit card company and file a formal dispute against the broker that represents Gemini 2 and charged your card. If you need guidance we’ll assist you free, email us at, we’re always here to help.

  25. Sam says:

    Same thing hapoen to me my Cc declined then someone from UK called and insist to try another card or to transfer some money to my CC .. ????Now he is keep on calling me again and again for the past two days … smells fishy ????

  26. adam says:

    they have just called me to so-called activate my account by asking the 16 digits and 3 scurity digits of my visa-debit card. But they failed to do so because i didnt activate the online transaction for my bank account with my bank. so my question. till this point, will they be able to suck up my money if i just ignore them if they call again(expecting me had activated my card).? or do i still need to call my bank and change a new card? i hope someone could answer this. thank u.

  27. Boswell says:

    Lucky me… i decided to deposit and lucky i do not have enough limit to deposit. Then a guy called in just 5 minutes after the transfaction declined. the guy keep on ask me to use other bank card to deposit and said there is only few spots left to grab the candies. After he know he have no chance to wait me to increase the credit limit tomorrow, he end up his call with “i’ll call you tomorrow afternoon” omg… i thought onlybfew spots left? Why he still can wait until the other day? I felt something going wrong only i awake and google it. I saw there is few review on top on the search engine was with google advertise, that is the paid advertise. If it is a review, why they need to advertise their review? Then i scroll down only i saw this review. Have to be aware guys. Thanks watchdog!!!! Love you

  28. juan says:

    I juat visited their website and then they phoned me i gave the guy my card numbers can he do anything in my account now?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Juan, Unfortunately if you gave him your CC number it’s possible that the broker’s rep charged it. Call the number on the back of your credit card and find out. If this is the case, we recommend filing a credit card dispute. IF you need guidance on how to proceed with a dispute, email us at, we’ll walk you through it at no cost.

  29. Earnest Edwards says:

    Thank you for this review. I got an email today from Brandon Lewis. I watched the Gemini 2 video and almost considered it. But then started to google them.

  30. Joshua says:

    Beware the scams! Love your trading group Michael! Gemini 2 is a total scam. I trust Michael totally, he helped me recover a $3,700 broker fraud! My chargeback worked, all thanks to him! You truly are the WatchDog, thanks for keeping us safe!

  31. Jimmie says:

    Can you tell me about grant community united

  32. steven hall says:

    i have already deposited 250 dollars in this scam …any possible suggestion how I get it back

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Steven, The best way is to contact your CC company’s fraud department and request to charge back the transaction. For more information or help, you are welcome to contact us at and we will glad to walk you through this process at no cost.

  33. John says:

    Generating 50k a day is ridiculous as you rightly pointed out. But thank you for exposing the facts that Gemini 2 is clearly a Scam! It will save a lot of people their hard earned cash!

  34. Eduardo says:

    This software is a big scam! I have lost almost 500 USD in 3 days…. Avoid this fraud!! Good info watchdog, really apprecited what you have done. Wish I could read this before my deposit…

  35. Tayo Papahiu says:

    The thing that saddens me the most is that people are in so much need, that they fall for this garbage, and this mother f**ckers take advantage of them.

    Guys please read and do some research before giving your money to anyone.
    This needs to go viral!

    Thanks Watchdog!

  36. Irene Jenkins says:

    I want to add is also a scammer. Had not refunded me of au$350/ since Sept 19. It still has my a/c # even when I use new email address. Watchdog can
    you offer some suggestion of help. Thanks.
    Irene Jenkins aiej

  37. Freeman Ativor says:

    Hi investors pls be aware that sites that seems to give you unrealistic earnings of this type on forex or binary options trading are not true. They just put this fake things out there to lure innocent people to deposit your money into it. They know that people want to make good money online so they try to use all these fake names as well to deceive you.
    Another advice I want to give you all is that don’t fall for all the outrageous promises of overnight riches. They are all scams and must be avoided as fast as possible
    Thanks watch dog for been on the lookout

  38. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    this scammer trying to be smart..the ITM results as they shown from their web is completely fake..100% ITM without any single lose with numerous trades in 1 day??..and anybody can rent any office and just patch their company’s name at any places like this scammer did from their video.. please think rationally and avoid their trap..this Gemini 2 software without any doubt 100% scam!!..thanks for this important review watchdog.. u always save a lot people life and money!!

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