FXMasterBot Review – Scam or Legit Software?

As your research as shown you, there is quite a bit of controversial and ill-founded feedback regarding the newly released FXMasterBot investment software. Incepted on July 18th, 2017 and released in late December 2017, FXMasterBot.com has captivated the attention of not only determined forex traders but also financially hungry review sites that have been predisposed to provide inconclusive reviews coupled with unsubstantiated verdicts.

As you will soon discover for yourselves, the objective of our honest and unbiased FXMasterBot review would be to provide unrestricted insight into the operational features available for investors and to answer the question on everyone’s mind as to whether or not FXMasterBot is a legitimate forex trading software or just another scam auto trader.

What is FXMasterBot?

In lenience terms, FXMasterBot is an investment software that equips online traders with the ability to execute investments with higher accuracy and confidence. Functioning in accordance with regulated forex brokerages, FXMasterBot provides forex traders with a couple of elements that has been greatly neglected over the past few years in regards to online investment solutions which would be safety and credibility. Supporting a vast array of manipulative variables and operational components, investors who utilize the FXMasterBot are empowered with the ability to manage and monitor their own investment operation.

FXMasterBot Operational Insight

FXMasterBot functions as both a manual and automated investment software that renders traders with the ability to control which trading variables are set into action. Providing a multitude of investment features, this forex trading solution operates as an online based application that employs various investment algorithms in relation to active settings to generate the highest probability investment signals. Featuring integrated stop loss and take profit components, FXMasterBot allows traders to practice simple yet effective risk management measures to reduce risk.

FXMasterBot Account Features

FXMasterBot.com allows prospective traders the ability to get started with 4 separate investment packages that are engineered in an incentivized format. While many review sites will make the blatant assertion by stating that all FXMasterBot’s account plans are free of charge, there is truly only one account package that comes free of charge and that would be the Free Demo Account they provide. Disclosed below are the various account packages available at FXMasterBot and their included perks:

Novice Package

  • Free Signals
  • 3 Open Trades
  • 3 Currency Pairs
  • Required Deposit: $250
  • Leaderboard Multiplier x1
  • Multiple Brokers Supported

Expert Package

  • Free Signals
  • Auto Trading
  • 9 Currency Pairs
  • Unlimited Open Trades
  • Required Deposit: $500
  • Partly Advanced Settings
  • Leaderboard Multiplier x2
  • Multiple Brokers Supported

Master Package

  • Free Signals
  • Auto Trading
  • 17 Currency Pairs
  • Unlimited Open Trades
  • All Advanced Settings
  • VIP Customer Support
  • Required Deposit: $1,000
  • Leaderboard Multiplier x3
  • Multiple Brokers Supported

FXMasterBot Platform Specs

FXMasterBot offers investors an innovative dashboard experience that integrates a real-time charting solution with recently generated investment signals. Supporting various applicable trading features, FXMasterBot functions entirely as a web-based software that enables investors to manipulate a variety of unique trading features. Among some of the features would be Reverse Trading, Compound Win, Daily Stop Loss, Daily Take Profit, Max Daily Trades and Max Concurrent Trades. Provided  below are brief descriptions regarding each available software setting:

Daily Stop Loss

Although other review sites appear forgetful in mentioning the importance of this investment setting, the Daily Stop Loss function available at FXMasterBot allows traders the ability to have their software quit investing on their behalf (if on auto trading mode) if they have suffered a predetermined value of financial losses. This setting is a great risk reduction measure and should be set to a value between 3% to 7% of your account balance.

Compound Win

Traders looking to maximize their earning potential through FXMasterBot are able to elect the Compound Win setting to generate higher returns for their winning investments.

Daily Take Profit

Another great risk management feature available at FXMasterBot would be their daily take profit. Should the FXMasterBot be functioning on auto pilot and generate a predetermined value of capital gain through winning investments, the FXMasterBot will discontinue investing throughout the remainder of the day to ensure that overtrading does not occur.

Reverse Trading

This unique investment setting allows traders the ability to have the opposite investment signals triggered by the FXMasterBot to serve as their delivered trading signals.

Max Daily Trades

Active investors who utilize this software are able to further exercise their risk management options by limiting the total number of investments that the FXMasterBot can conduct within a set investment period. Once the FXMasterBot software generates that set volume of investments it will no longer execute any further investments.

Max Concurrent Trades

Traders are able to manipulate and determine the amount of consecutive investments that can be executed and placed by the FXMasterBot software. Operating as another risk management feature, investors are essentially able to effectively control the risk allotted by properly managing the FXMasterBot settings.

FXMasterBot FAQ

How do you trade with the FXMasterBot software?

Investors are able to use the FXMasterBot under a manual or automated capacity. Being able to manipulate and manage every trading facet available with the FXMasterBot enables traders to remain in control over the operational components of this software while efficiently reducing risk.

What is the FXMasterBot Leadership Board?

The FXMasterBot leader board is an inviting and competitive element integrated into the FXMasterBot software. Enabling traders to accumulate points based upon their set multiplier, trade volume, deposits and withdrawals those who reflect a strong leaderboard position are eligible to win additional cash prices and increase overall profit. Below are the set calculations used to determine leaderboard position:

Leaderboard Formula

Trade Volume x Multiplier + (deposits-withdrawals) = Points

Example 1 – Trade Volume of $500, Initial Deposit of $500 with $100 Withdrawal. Investor reflects an Expert account package so his leader board multiplier is 2x.

$500 (trade volume) x 2 (multiplier) + ($500 – $100) = 1,400 points

Example 2 – Trade Value of $5,000, Deposit of $1,000 with $500 Withdrawal. Multiplier is 3x for Master account package.

$5,000 x 3 + ($1,000 – $500) = 15,500 points

Leadership board restarts every month so more investors are given the opportunity to earn additional cash prizes.

Is FXMasterBot mobile trading compatible?

FXMasterBot is a fully functional web-based software which means that as long as you possess an Internet enabled device then you will be able to effectively use the FXMasterBot at home, on the go or on your mobile device.

Is FXMasterBot a software developed by brokerages?

FXMasterBot is an independently developed investment application that was not created by investment brokerages. Functioning with various regulated brokerages, FXMasterBot is one of the most credible and trustworthy trading solutions for online investors of all experience levels.

Does FXMasterBot offer a free demo account?

Yes, FXMasterBot offers an obligation free demo account that is available free of charge.

How can I contact FXMasterBot support?

FXMasterBot does not offer a live support chat or immediate method of communication since they solely operate as an intermediary software solution amongst forex brokerages. Investors who need to contact their support though are provided the means once they acquire for their demo account or active account through their site.

What kind of online investing is supported with FXMasterBot?

FXMasterBot is compatible with the foreign exchange industry, so investors who utilize their software are able to invest currency pairs. Trading can be done on desktop or on a mobile enabled device that supports an internet connection.

Can one really supplement their income with the FXMasterBot auto bot?

An investor can not only effectively supplement their income but do so on a consistent basis as long as they utilize the FXMasterBot in an effective manner that will allow them to minimize risk and optimize their earning potential. Applying market knowledge while analyzing the technical analysis charts in the software’s visual solution can enable investors to employ correlational analysis in relation to generated signals in a manual investment mode to serve as a confirmation method. Otherwise investors can utilize the powerful automative mode and manipulate the desired settings they wish to be active.

How do I get started with FXMasterBot?

There are a couple of different ways that an investor can get started with the FXMasterBot. While traders can elect to enroll with 1 of their 3 account packages we advice prospective investors to get started with the Free Demo Account available at FXMasterBot. Not only will you be able to better acquire an understanding of how the platform functions before committing but you can grow more efficient with the functionality of the software when it is time to go live with their software.

For investors who elect to enroll with both a demo and live account package, all one must simply do is register for an account at FXMasterBot and sign up with one of their appointed licensed and regulated brokerages. After the sign up and verification process has been complete one will be able to effectively utilize the software under a manual or automated capacity.

Which brokerages are FXMasterBot compatible with?

FXMasterBot is solely compatible with forex brokerages that are CySec or ASIS regulated. For the time being, FXMasterBot is compatible with 24Option, OT Capital, Trade Financial, EuropeFX, iTrader and other select licensed brokerages.

Is FXMasterBot suitable for newbie day traders?

Although FXMasterBot was engineered to operate as an effective trading software for investors of all experience levels, we never advise novice traders to utilize an investment software. Lack of experience oftentimes leads to the encroachment of risk reduction measures that tends to get neglected due to a novice investors inability to effectively employ an experienced trading psychology.

Is FXMasterBot a scam?

FXMasterBot is a legitimate investment solution for online investors and is not a scam. Unlike other shallow review sites that will go on to proclaim that FXMasterBot is a scam with no transparent evidence, FXMasterBot is one of the select few trading softwares that is accepted and compatible with regulated brokerages.

While other review sites will promise you that this software is a scam, we urge you to consider the fact of how none of those reviews include deposit records or past portfolio performances. In fact, if you took the time to investigate you will notice how ill-founded and incomplete their verdicts truly are regarding the FXMasterBot then last but not least realize that they solely recommend alternative softwares that are compatible only with brokerages that are not regulated or licensed like FXMasterBot.

How many active investors are using the FXMasterBot software?

We believe it is safe to estimate that FXMasterBot is an online investment software used by a couple hundred of investors world-wide. Supporting over 50,000 monthly visitors on average while being the subject of praise by many investors across the web, it is safe to say that due to FXMasterBot’s compatibility with only regulated brokerages that is it quite popular and will only continue to grow in popularity down the road.

Which demographics does FXMasterBot not currently accept?

FXMasterBot operates solely with regulated and licensed brokerages which has resulted in some demographics not to be currently accepted. Among the current demographics not available for the time being would be the United States, Israel and possibly Canada. The introduction of new qualified and regulated brokerages has been the subject of discussion across the web which likely means that FXMasterBot will likely be accepting currently unsupported demographics in the future.


FXMasterBot.com displayed a SimiliarWeb global rank of 1,299,476 with a South Africa rank of 82,355 as of February 4th, 2018. Experiencing a surge in popularity, FXMasterBot supported over 53,000 visitors in December 2017 (when the software was made available) while over 32% of the sites visiting traffic came from visitors residing within South Africa, Lesotho and the United Kingdom.

Can FXMasterBot be Trusted?

FXMasterBot functions with fully licensed and regulated brokerages which greatly increases this softwares credibility and trustability. Allowing investors to control their various risk settings while remaining in complete control of the software enables this solution to be classified as one of the few trustworthy online trading softwares available as of 2018.

FXMasterBot.com Review Conclusion

FXMasterBot is perhaps one of the few available online investment softwares that is not operating in an illicit partnership with fraudulent and vile unregulated brokerages. Operating solely with regulated and fully licensed brokerages, FXMasterBot finally adds some well-needed credibility and legitimacy to the auto trading community. Empowering users with full functionality controls while being able to manipulate several facets regarding risk reduction measures, FXMasterBot is the perfect solution available for investors looking to make more educated investments.

Functioning as a web-based platform, investors are able to utilize the FXMasterBot software on any internet enabled device while partaking in a competitive leaderboard competition as a way to earn additional cash prizes through their investment practices. For investors who are interested in giving the FXMasterBot a shot we encourage you to sign up with their obligation free demo account prior to utilizing their platform in a live investment scenario.

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