FXInvestigo.com is a BIG SCAM!

FX Investigo, hosted at FXInvestigo.com, is a SCAM!

Launched only a couple months ago, FXInvestigo relies upon fabricated site elements to lure in prospecting investors into their deposit trap.

As you will learn throughout the duration of our unbiased review, nothing is genuine regarding FX Investigo.


FX Investigo Review

What is FXInvestigo.com?

FXInvestigo functions as an online investment platform that allegedly enables investors from varying demographics with the ability to earn fixed investment returns depending upon their deposit.

According to their homepage, FX Investigo employs what is referred to as PAMM (Proactive Asset Allocation Model) in order to reduce investor risk and generate lucrative returns.

FXInvestigo.com is promoted as a Forex Investment company, although when you visit their footer you’ll encounter a general risk warning that only mentions CFDs.

So does FX Investigo invest in the forex or the CFD arena?

That we are unable to narrow down for certain.

FXBit.org supposedly is responsible for the information found at FXInvestigo.com. However, if you search “FXBit.org” you will notice how you are just redirected to the FX Investigo domain.

Who is Behind FX Investigo?

FX Investigo does not share any verifiable ownership information.

According to their domain, 3 separate investment platforms joined forces to provide an all-in-one investment opportunity.

Will Tomo

Allegedly a Joint Head Account Management Team based in Tokyo.

Sujana Kim

Supposedly the CEO at US Youth FXBit Team, a cryptocurrency oriented brokerage.

Aziz Yuhuji

Islamic Trading Founder based out of Dubai who oversees FX brokerages.

While these 3 alleged entities joined forces, it begs us to question who, in fact, are these entities? Right above the footer of their domain we see photos used to portray these entities, although research goes on to show that they are nothing more than stock photos.

Furthermore, FXInvestigo provides their alleged location as 1328 Broadway, New York, NY 10001 yet when you search that address in Google Maps it comes up as a residential apartment building surrounded by the Courtyard Marriott and Hilton Garden Inn hotels.

Investment Plans

The fully automated investment plans set in stone at FX Investigo are absolutely outrageous. In addition, no transparent evidence regarding performance history is disclosed anywhere upon their site.

Plan IC 01

Deposit: $10.00

Duration: 5 Days

Guaranteed Payout: $12.00

Plan IC 02

Deposit: $105

Duration: 30 Days

Guaranteed Payout: $12,575.00

Plan IC 03

Deposit: $501.00

Duration: 2 Days

Guaranteed Payout: $2,400.00

Plan IC 04

Deposit: $1,005.00

Duration: 1 Day

Guaranteed Payout: $8,000.00

Plan IC 05

Deposit: $5,005.00

Duration: 10 Days

Guaranteed Payout: $42,575.00

Plan IC 06

Deposit: $10,005.00

Duration: 1 Days

Guaranteed Payout: $102,575.00.

Allegedly there is “no risk” associated with the FXInvestigo platform. According to their Investment Plan page, an investor who losses funds will be automatically compensated and receive a 10% daily interest to their capital.

This is absolute garbage, no investment related venture is risk-free let alone willing to compensate day traders for their losses with additional interest, it is not a viable or a sustainable business model.


Red Flags and Discrepancies

Where do we begin? First and foremost the most pressing discrepancies would be the ones we just went over relating to their absolutely untruthful investment plans.

It is clear that the creators behind this scam will promise and “guarantee” anything as long as you are more likely to deposit into their scam.

Let’s not forget how FX Investigo disclosed a fictitious address for their physical location while failing to provide any ownership information what-so-ever.

Furthermore, the alleged team of investors who manage and invest your hard-earned money for you don’t even exist! Each of their “investors” are nothing more than fabricated entities accompanied with stock photos.


Domain Insight

FXInvestigo.com was an openly registered domain that was created on July 10th, 2018. According to WHOIS, the registrar information disclosed reflect Yolonda Mathew of BITCOIN, 56 Tanglin Road, Singapore, SG-02, 247964 as the creator behind this domain.

The alleged telephone number of file is +1.4159496022 while their shared email address is [email protected].

A SimilarWeb market intelligence report will go on to reveal that FXInvestigo.com is not a popular website. As of September 11th, 2018 FX Investigo reflects a global rank of 1,206,898 with an Afghanistan rank of 6,357.

Approximately 21.58% of their traffic derives from display advertisements while an additional 14.76% originate from referral based sources.

Is FXInvestigo.com a Scam?

FX Investigo is a misleading investment scam that should be avoided at all costs. Trying to pass off stock photos as their team of investors while providing a phony physical address just goes to show that FX Investigo cannot be trusted!

FXInvestigo.com Review Conclusion

FX Investigo is a deceptive scam campaign pretending to be a legitimate investment venture.

Incorporating numerous fabricated elements into the framework on their site just does to show that the scammers behind this scheme care nothing about your well-being as long as they are further lining their pockets.

Do yourself, and others, a courtesy by sharing this review and avoiding this manipulative scam.

Verdict: FXInvestigo is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: FXInvestigo.com


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