Fortune Bot is a SCAM! Unbiased Review!!

The Fortune Bot, found at, is a binary options software scam! Don’t be fooled for a second! Although many binary option review sites are currently endorsing this system as a legitimate binary options auto trader, we can assure you that the only result that will occur by putting your faith with these thieves would be the loss of your hard-earned money! Relying on the use of stolen and purchased stock images to portray the embodiment of positive testimonials only scratches the surface with what their scammers are really hiding and intending to do with your money! Make sure you read our unbiased scam review to learn the truth about the Fortune Bot scam!

For those of you who took the time to visit Fortune Bot’s website, you will notice how it offers a minimalistic and attractive interface.  However, let’s get one thing straight here, there is more than what meets the eye. For example, below the promotional video, you may have noticed a common scam widget that we see among other scams known as the “profit generator” widget. What is interesting with these widgets would be that whenever you refresh the page, the widget will start back to its originating value. So basically what that is telling us is that the “Profit that is being generated by FortuneBot Members Now” is, in fact, not true at all.

Perhaps the most dangerous element with the Fortune Bot besides the sign up option would be the promotional video. Misleading and phony are perhaps the best adjectives that can be used to describe the Fortune Bot pitch video. Claiming that users will generate a success rate of 93.4% is not only a lie but without a doubt too good to be true. Not to mention that the alleged 93.4% success rate is quite a bit different than the reported average success of 53% from subscribers of ours. Now, if you really want to know why you should avoid this scam just refer to the image below and keep reading!

Fortune Bot is a scam!

Ethan Trembley, one of the Fortune Bot traders, provides a testimonial claiming that the Fortune Bot has generated over $32,000 for him.  What we found interesting though would be how “Ethan Trembley” doesn’t actually exist, in fact, he is nothing more than a stock image from some cheap online marketplace! Now, let us ask you question… why would you want to trust your money with a system that lies to you about their users and provides phony testimonials? The answer is quite simple, you obviously wouldn’t want to endure all that BS.

Now, if the Ethan Trembley reveal wasn’t enough to persuade you to avoid the Fortune Bot scam then perhaps the image provided below will do the trick. In the image below we have Nguyen Liu, who is also a “confirmed” trader with the FortuneBot. However, as you can clearly see in the image provided below, she is clearly a fictitious entity used to earn your trust and deceive you out of money. We believe that it is evident enough that the creators behind Fortune Bot aren’t looking out for your best interests and are just after your money.

FortuneBot Scam - additional evidence

The Fortune Bot auto trader for binary options should be avoided at all costs! Not only is the Fortune Bot the furthest thing from a legitimate system but it relies on falsehoods to earn your trust. Don’t waste your time on pitiful binary option trading scams like the Fortune Bot and refer to our recommendations below to learn how you can start generating substantial and consistent profits from home!

Review Verdict: Fortune Bot is a SCAM!

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3 comments on “Fortune Bot is a SCAM! Unbiased Review!!
  1. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    cheap & lazy scammer..pity them!.. very fortunate,we always have watchdog to warn us about these scammers..pls avoid from this Fortune Bot..your “fortune” not belong to this software..

  2. Nii says:

    What is GateWay options

  3. Abram Reimer says:

    😳😳 Watch out for Loyalty Insurance they are contacting investors they convince them to recover money which they lost with binary options brokers like Titantrade. And they require to sign a settlement agreement. Then he comes up with some excuses so he requires you to pay him some money before you get to recovery and don’t do that. Because I did send him money and I never received any recovery he’s just a scam. And he says his name is Peter Williams, and his agent is Robert Green 😳😳😳😳thanks.

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