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One of the most commonly pursued avenues to making money online from home would be through Forex trading. If you are new to online trading though you may quickly become overwhelmed by the vast number of Forex opportunities made available to you. At we are dedicated to provide you with accurate reviews for legitimate investment brokers along with tested and verified service providers. Throughout the past 4 years we have exposed over 400 fraudulent online trading operations and have had the back of over 10,000 subscribers and we aren’t stopping now.

The focus of this page is to provide you with an outlet to reliable Forex brokers along with accurate service providers that have been proven to help you make money online from home. Now, if you are new to Forex, the best recommendation that we can make for you would be to get started with a Forex Demo Account. Getting accustomed to the style of Forex trading by testing out your strategies, software and service providers before getting started in a live investment scenario is always encouraged and can help you quite a bit in the long run.

What are Forex brokers?

Forex brokers are firms that provide traders with the ability to access a trading platform, which allows them to buy and sell foreign currencies. A currency trading broker, also referred to as a Forex broker, handles a minuscule portion of the volume in the overall foreign exchange market. This allows investors the ability to execute investments online with the foreign exchange markets. When narrowing down which Forex broker is right for your investing endeavors, it is crucial you only sign up with one that is regulated and legal where you reside.  Below we have a list of regulated Forex brokers that are user-friendly and offer great trading tools!

How Do Forex (FX) Brokers Make Their Money?

Compared to binary option brokers that generate their revenue due to inaccurate predictions executed by their traders, Forex brokers make their money in a more systematic and ethical way. Forex brokers make their money by charging a transparent commission per trade or a spread. (A spread is the difference between the bid price and the ask price for a particular trade). So unlike binary options where you are trading against the broker, with Forex you are just being charged a very small fee while investing on the foreign exchange market.

What are Forex Service Providers?

Forex oriented investment opportunities that take the form of a trading software (can be semi-automated, an auto-trader or trade copier), a signal service or a downloadable charting solution with customized technical indicators and algorithms. The main function of these service providers would be to provide newbie and veteran online traders with an ability to accurately execute signals based upon the mechanics and method of signal creation generated. Due to the vulnerability of the online investment industry it has become a cesspool for online scammers who are determined to do nothing more than steal your money. Due to this reason we encourage you to only get started with accurate and verified service providers like the ones we have tested and provided to you below.

Can You Really Profit With Forex Service Providers?

As long as you get started with an accurate and proven service provider, you can effectively supplement your income between an additional couple hundred to a few thousand dollars per month. If you are unsure which Forex auto-traders, software or service providers are legitimate, we encourage you visit our complete list of the best and most accurate Forex service providers below. Each of these services have been vigorously tested and proven to help take your online trading to the next level!

At the moment our most recommended Forex signal service at the moment would be Michael Freeman’s FREE manual signals group on Facebook.

40 comments on “Forex Brokers and Service Providers
  1. Flora says:

    WD we really appreciate what you do, it is helping us not to fall in thectrap of scams. I want to trade with 10 Markets. What is your advise. I already opened the account but did not fund it yet.

  2. Ken says:

    I have an email from ForexCT (Australian and ASIC Registered). Do you know anything about it? Seems to have quite a bit on education. Are such sites worth learning from?

  3. Oben says:

    Good day WD, is reliable?

  4. Michael Henderson says:

    Hi WD , is there profit in using forex equinox?

    • WatchDog says:

      Probably not… but I haven’t tried it personally.

      • Michael Henderson says:

        Thanx anyway . i decided to go with you’re pick and got infinity scanner . I’ll fund my broker in the next day or so with maybe 2k ish and see what happens with it down here in Aus over the next month . cheers , I’ll let you know how I go , I’ve never traded forex before … So goes !!!

  5. Veronica Hilley says:

    I see all these good Forex brokers listed for other countries…aren’t there ANY decent brokers IN the US?

    • WatchDog says:

      For Forex, there are quite a few. Check out, which I believe is CFTC regulated.

      • Veronica Hilley says:

        Thank you for your response! I have checked them out but they don’t have very good reviews on FPA. I would like to find a US broker with at least 4 star review.
        But I appreciate all your hardwork and brutal honesty. (that’s a good thing! Even though it is sometimes difficult to swallow, especially when you feel you found the perfect broker/EA/signals and find out they are SCAMS!).

        • WatchDog says:

          How about Nadex? See: . Also, check out FastBrokers, ATCBrokers and GainScope.

          • Veronica Hilley says:

            Thank you again Watch Dog! Yes Nadex! I have done some trading with them, and like what others said they have a rather “unique” trading platform and process. HOWEVER! I saw they added a “platform” very similar to the offshore brokers. So I shall try that. I will check out the Forex Brokers you mentioned above.
            I wanted to also ask you about that “MyChargeBack? I have contacted them about my situation with BeeOptions (they closed down and ran away with my/everyone else involved money). A Nathan from MCB called me and I explained everything to him. He told me he will discuss my situation with his boss and will get back to me in two days. That was 5 weeks ago!! I called MCB twice and emailed them twice. No answer no nothing. So now I am suspicious about them. Do you know of any other issues with them?
            Thanks again.

          • WatchDog says:

            Never got any complaints about them… did you pay them?

          • Veronica Hilley says:

            Hello Watchdog…
            no I did not pay them. What I wrote and told you is what happened. Maybe they cannot help me, but it would have been nice and professional to tell me that, and not leave me hanging and have doubts about them.
            But I am also in the process of checking out your FX brokers recommendations.
            Thanks again for those.

  6. Gaurav says:

    Hiii WatchDog

    Is Top-option and IQ option are regulated in Australia.
    I am new in binary trading. This is the first time i am going to trade. will you help me please ??

  7. Wiseman says:

    hello Watchdog.

    can you do a review about Olymptrade,are they regulated or not/

    • WatchDog says:

      They are not to be trusted! If you’re in South Africa, I recommend trading with an FSB-regulated Forex broker, such as HotForex, or with a CySEC regulated binary options, such as IQ Option.

  8. Atupele Ntonya says:

    How do I go about getting support on getting back a deposit made to RTC Finance after trying to withdraw my funds with them and failing?

  9. Atupele Ntonya says:

    Please clarify on whether RTC Finance is a legitimate company?

  10. Cristian says:

    invest seems legitimate but I would like a clarification as to whether or not it is legitimate and profitable in general.


    • WatchDog says:

      Feel free to email us for personalized advice. Overall, Invest would be an excellent Forex broker for many people.

  11. Anton Lesbich says:

    I have registered with Epix Trader and their recommended Broker Stern Option.
    I deposited $250 and now everything is quiet. Only now I am reading the bad Reviews about Stern Option. Is there any good news from WatchDog on Stern Option ?

  12. Adetunji Amoo says:

    Is Nuvo Finance legitimate?

  13. Leuma Muliaga says:

    Hay WatchDog I want to trade with option im from Australia any advice by the way keep up the work your awesome man

  14. David Moore says:

    Is AEON OPTIONS legitimate?

  15. perfezou guy says:

    Dear Sir
    i received a mail from Top Option they informe me that ;(Lead Trade will cease all activities operations which incluse Top Option as of 1° May 2017) they informe ; (at the 1° May if y dont proceed at the 10 off May they will send the balance at the source off the account ) it is correct off theme You advice on ( New post ) off the Fev 6 abut Option Robot . com they accept South Africa tradeur i contact them but they reply (your country is not supported ) you advise a but (Nuvo Finance ) but they dont accept the passes woord or my 2 telephones n° watt must i du ????? this time best regarde kept doing your good work Guy

  16. Joseph says:

    I was looking to see if you know anything about traitor 24 they say they’re out of Switzerland Sweden somewhere in that area maybe you can give me something about them I traded with him but also a lot of money

  17. Lois aring says:

    I have been contacted by YFX Capital, a Forex broker in England or Spain. I can not find out any thing about them–If they are registered or not. I ma in Mexico. Do you have any information on them ?

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