Forex Alert System Scam Warning! Must Read!!

WARNING! Stay away from the Forex Alert System service for foreign exchange day-trading! The Forex Alert System is a dangerous and outdated service provider for foreign exchange day-trading. Found at, Forex Alert System is a Forex service provider that provides currency pair signals to their members. After receiving a few complaints from several of our Forex subscribers, we decided it was time to conduct an investigation, which as many of you can put together, led us here today to disclose the fate and reveal the truth about Forex Alert System. To learn more about the legitimacy of Forex Alert System and how to save some of your hard-earned money, make sure you read our in-depth scam review! is a SCAM!

There are three different membership offers made available at Forex Alert System, ranging from a period of 1 day, 30 days or 1 year. The more practical memberships like the month long based membership comes with a $99 fee, while the one year prepaid service requires a $500 downpayment. Throughout the past 2 weeks, we have been testing out their service with the 30-day membership where results have been less than optimal. In fact, our average success rate was near 54%, well below the percentage needed to break-even let alone generate a profit.

As we mentioned a few moments ago, our attention was first drawn to Forex Alert System due to the fact that many of our subscribers have lost money with their service. The worst winning percentage from our of complaints was 14% while the highest was 59%, which still results in losing capital and precious time. Furthermore, on the website they claim to have a 100% money back guarantee but that does not certainly seem to be correct. None of our subscribers nor have we received any compensation for the pathetic trading signals we have received, which is why we are warning traders to avoid this deceptive and inaccurate service provider.

One inconsistency that we couldn’t help but notice would be how at the bottom of their website they claim to be “As Seen On.”  This is a common characteristic that we have seen among countless binary options and Forex trading scams we have exposed over the past few years and should not be taken lightly. If you took the time to visit, you would notice how they claim to be seen on CNBC,,,, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities and ActiveTrader. However, when searching CNBC and, our search results for “Forex Alert System” came up as Error or Not Found.

In other words, the scam marketers who are responsible for this deceptive forex signal service are lying about Forex Alert System being supported and endorsed by those media and investment outlet, which brings up the question of why should you trust this forex service provider when they are lying to you about endorsements and a phony 100% money back guarantee? The answer is that you can’t trust them, which is why you should avoid this forex trading hoax at any costs necessary!

Review Verdict: Forex Alert System is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

Do not only yourself but others a considerable courtesy by sharing and avoiding Forex Alert System for online trading. After our most recent trading sessions with, it is evident that the performance needs to come up quite an impeccable sum in order for us to remove them from our extensive Blacklist. To learn more about other proven Forex trading alternatives make sure that you visit Watchdog’s FX Guide. Not only will you learn about the best performing and most accurate service providers, but you can learn which Forex brokers are regulated and safe for you to invest with.

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4 comments on “Forex Alert System Scam Warning! Must Read!!
  1. john jo. says:

    Good Day to you ALL,

    Do you have ANY IDEA what ıs WRONG wıth the Daweda ATS Robot,
    as ıt looks lıke ıts Sleepıng or Dead, or ıt just a SCAM.

    Its takıng trades, but NO-MATTER what SETTINGS you set ıt too,
    EVERY DAY the Money Amount ın a Account, stays about the
    SAME, gıve or take a FEW EUROSs.

    You are EXPERTS ın thıs fıeld, so you may well be able to
    HELP us Traders, to keep out BITS of MONEY etc, etc,.

    Thanks for your KIND HELP.

  2. Harry N says:

    wow i almost signed up with those scammers last month!
    thanks for exposing them watchdog

  3. Juan says:

    Prime FX Managment service co. Can you find out about this company

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