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FinTech Mining, hosted at, is a cryptocurrency cloud mining service that provides everyday people with the ability to accrue a passive income through mining contracts.

Offering up to 4 different mining contracts, individuals are able to invest with a crypto mining plan that supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash digital coins. Contracts range between 6 months to 5 years in duration while the investment process itself is minimally invasive and conducted through a straightforward process.

The aim of this FinTech Mining publication would be to provide tips on how to maximize your earning power through FinTech Mining while addressing some of the most pondered questions relating to FinTech Mining.

Advantages of Passive Income

When it comes to cloud mining particular cryptocurrencies it is important to understand that your earning power early on is not significant. While day trading forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs do present a higher earning capability, the significance of accruing a passive income cannot be overlooked for the long-term dividends it renders.

Take for example how investing with a cryptocurrency cloud mining service tends to only require a one-time investment, possess a significant decrease in risk while inadvertently augmenting income due to market inflation. These are all advantages that are not supported through a traditional day trading avenue.


What is cryptocurrency cloud mining?

Cryptocurrency cloud mining involves the process of mining supported digital currencies by utilizing a remote datacenter with oftentimes shared processing power. Cloud mining enables users to mine cryptocurrencies without having to purchase, maintain or own any of the required hardware.

Which mining contracts yields the highest ROI?

FinTech Mining offers 4 separate mining contracts, ranging between beginner power size to large power size. The mining contracts that renders the largest hashing power capability would be their Expert mining contract, which expectedly requires the highest minimum deposit requirement, but also delivers more Bitcoin and dash cryptocurrencies to be mined on your behalf.

What is the approximate beginner contract ROI?

According to our findings, the average reported ROI ranged between 1.75 to 4.65 times the value of the initial deposit. So for instance, the Beginner mining contract requires a minimum deposit of $299.

  • $299 x 1.75 = $523.25 return
  • $299 x 4.65 = $1,390.35 return

What is hashing power?

Hashing power is your designated processing power which is responsible for the ability to create an additional crypto coin. The higher your hash rate, the faster you are able to mine and obtain additional cryptocurrency units.

Is FinTech Mining overseen by a corporate entity?

FinTech Mining is owned and operated by a transparent corporation known as Aorta Digital Ltd. To learn more about FinTech Mining and their corporate entity, read our FinTech Mining Honest Review – Earn Passive Income!

How often can you withdrawal FinTech Mining earnings?

FinTech Mining initiates and begins mining on your behalf within 24 hours of investing with one of their mining contracts. After that period, an investor can manage, reinvest or withdrawal their funds whenever they deem necessary.

Are cryptocurrency gains accrued through FinTech Mining subject to taxable income?

Any supplemental income you accrue is subject to taxable income, which is why we encourage you to conduct research regarding cryptocurrency based tax income for your residing jurisdiction.

Maximize Your Earnings

If you apply market research you will be torn between two options on how to maximize your earning potential with FinTech Mining. As market research will suggest, Bitcoin has been the most liquidated and valuable cryptocurrency for the past half decade. If you invest with the Beginner contract, which only supports Bitcoin mining, then you are likely to inadvertently accrue value just by possessing crypto units of Bitcoin.

However, if you invest with their Expert plan, you receive the highest hashing power capability which in the long run will amass for more significant long-term profits. Speaking in relative terms of their price points though, for those who are new to cryptocurrency cloud mining it is perhaps most recommended that you invest with their beginner contract.

FinTech Mining Review Conclusion

FinTech Mining renders a verified and transparent solution to accruing a form of residual income with minimum effort on your behalf. Selecting a hashing power that will render you more long-term returns is quite simplistic and can be maximized through our assistance if you so desire.

As previously stated, the average reported ROI tends to fluctuate between a value of 1.75 to 4.65, depending upon market conditions, will the cryptocurrencies mined will inadvertently accrue value further liquidating and augmenting value to returns. To learn more we encourage you to visit FinTech Mining through the banner below and learn about the options available to you.

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