FinTech Limited is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

Important! It is paramount that you read our review regarding the FinTech SCAM to the very end, before even considering to think that this might be a genuine opportunity to make money online. It has come to our attention that the FinTech Limited software has been marketed by email spammers under the radar in an attempt to get as many people to register with the Auto Trader, before there are enough reviews on the system to warn traders against them. Therefore it is crucial that you do not pay any attention if you have received any calls or emails regarding the website, as you most definitely are looking at a scam system.

The Alleged owner and founder of FinTech Ltd, Daniel Roberts, claims to have had a light-bulb moment when he decided to instruct his team to start developing the FinTech software. The story goes, that he was apparently the boss of a Technology Company about 18 months ago. His employee Ben got into some difficulty trading the stock markets resulting in him faulting on his mortgage payments. Daniel back then had the clever idea to start using their data analyzing skills to analyse financial markets. With this data then they were able to create and develop the FinTech scam you will hear of today.

Linna Knight and other “members” are fake just to be clear, example:


This picture was brought to you by, not a real Beta Tester!

We had to laugh when we started watching the presentation video on the webpage. Notice the Ferrari’s driving past the mansion, have a look at their number plates “Red Travel” this is actually a hired car company. Anyone who has the dream to drive a sports car for a day can hire one from them. Yet here he is trying to sell you the dream that he FinTech Limited fraud is able to generate you over$441k in a week no a $20k investment. Where is his Ferrari then? This is not even to mention that this was also only their third attempt at the software, after managing to get the first one to profit instantly. Half of us is not sure if Daniel is actually trying to take everyone for a fool before removing the FinTech software from the web, or if he actually thinks people will believe his fib that it is so easy creating a binary options auto trader by doing some simple data analyzing.

Whilst doing our FinTech review we are actually taken back a little bit by the laid back attitude Daniel has. Ok yes, we get that he does not need to be aggressive or anything, but what we don’t get is the fact that he explains this whole thing as simple. We have been in the binary options industry for almost as long as it exists, and know enough people to know that creating a successful auto trader is not as simple as data analyzing and setting up a simple algorithm. If this was true then clearly some of the smartest people in binary options have been doing it all wrong and should go to Daniel Roberts for advice.

A few things you should be aware of before registering with the FinTech Limited scam, is that there is actually a trusted FinTech Ltd company that exists, and sad to say, they have no relation to Daniel Roberts or binary options trading. We fear that their good name is regrettably being dragged through the mud with the release of the Automated System. That was point number one, point number two are the “See what others say about us”, these are all pictures taken from the web, doing a simple search will show you all the websites they are related to. Point number 3, having a look at the website age on, notice that it was only registered in January 2016, yet Mr Roberts informs us that this operation has been up and running for at least 18 months. Point number 4, the claims are that the more people that trade with the FinTech software the more accurate it becomes. First of all for it to already generate $441k on a $20k deposit within a week is already pretty damn accurate, and chances are it is running at almost 100%, so the question becomes how much data do they then need to make it even more accurate, as we also have it on good authority that they are allowing more than 7 people into the system per day.


Finally, we have just done a quick crash course on the things you should be aware of before entering your details into the boxes provided for the FinTech Ltd software. One thing you should also be aware of, there’s absolutely no online trading system that’s able to generate more than 85% consistently, without proof, and it’s one thing that is lacking when it comes to the FinTech Scam. Not at one time did we see trades, actual figures, trusted beta testers, nothing. Yet, people are still expected to be gullible and register. We only have one piece of advice at this time, and that is not always believe everything you hear in the presentations, always check the facts with a reliable source first.

Review Verdict: FinTech Limited (LTD) is a SCAM!

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58 comments on “FinTech Limited is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!
  1. Archie says:

    I can’t believe they are using (and getting away with it) a respectable man like Martin Lewis to sell this shit. I wonder does he even know his name is being used to promote this obvious fraud?

    • muruel says:

      I wonder why there is not yet a law that finds this type of individuals and punishes them with severe laws. Because you imagine taking the money from a citizen who worked hard or is unemployed and ends up trusting these lying falsities that only grows more and more each day. Google or government should impose a law for these people. Unfortunately, there are more dishonest than honest people. Only God Himself to pity these lying people. For I would not have.

  2. Isaac says:

    Which one is a real deal?

  3. Nombulelo says:

    Fintech used to call me and I was about to deposit money until watchdog told me they are a scam.After that i slashed them hell and back .Thank you watchdog

  4. Ram Babu says:

    Fintech ki ma ki chut main haathi ka lund, these crooks will loot you, their marketing strategy is all fake

  5. leckie1uk says:

    2/9 trades won? Thats only a 22% success rate. I don’t think so. FinTech sucks!

  6. tony says:

    so now which is the best scam free binary trading softwhere

  7. Loyiso Mseleni says:

    My situation is a bit different, i made a deposit, turned on the robot and it was not trading, i spoke to the lady at Fintech she said there were technical problems. i logged in the next day and saw my account balanced had gone down, the robot was off, no trades under history. On Opteck their preferred broker ‘s side i saw that there were trades open,trades i never opened, trades that were CFDs not binary options.
    No one is able to tell me who opened the trade on both Fintech and Opteck’s side. What are the steps are can in order to get satisfaction?…..the broker is regulated

  8. Tshepo says:

    Good day, please advise, which robot is safe?

  9. Mick says:

    DO NOT TOUCH THESE DOGS. These parasites stole my money and won’t return any emails or phone calls. They will promise you the world and then rip you hard. I was told that I would have constant support from these mutts on a daily basis. Once they have finished begging you for money I can guarantee you that all correspondence will cease immediately and they will drop you like a hot spud. This organisation is as dodgy as they can come. Don’t even think about going anywhere near these imposters it won’t end well for you. I would rather shit in my hands and clap than deal with these thieving, lying grubs. STEER CLEAR OF TRADE FINTECH.

  10. ashybang says:

    Like many others, I thank you on this site. I had been sucked into the promise of thousands profit per week and zGuaranteed too lol. I had entered all credit card details and a deposit amount of £250. I hesitated, looked and found your wonderful site and am very happy and grateful to you for saving me that money.
    Keep up the good work
    Love sent your way. ❤

  11. johan ernst says:

    I am from South Africa i nearly invested in Fintech with my last money, thinking this is good people to deal with. My son find this web side and i thank him for that, and most af all to binary options watch dog. Thank you and thank you again for exposing paople like this.

  12. Mark says:

    Absolutely in love with you guys – the ONLY “hones” review site on the net (for this purpose).

    I’d love to add a few more binary option trading software scammer to this one, including some “review” sites, which clearly push “their” suggestions (hm, wonder why? No, not really, all clear).

    People really need to wake up.

    This scammers had gotten very crafty. They know exactly how to use “emotional” context to soften you, melt in front of the screen, and jug your money at them.

    Wake up, folks and remember the good old saying:

    If it sounds too good and easy to be true – I is, indeed!

    Not sayin’ there aren’t any legitimate software providers out there, but you need to do your due diligence. And following “review” sites is your biggest mistake you can do in this process.

    99.9% of review sites are all biased and associated with the whom they refer you to. Think, They got to make money somehow!

    As for me I am still comparing and checking but no rush.

    Money is hard earned and fast burnt!

    Good luck to all of you and once again, thank you for this honest and “common sense” used review site. You’re The exception!

  13. sola says:

    more explanation on how to know scam brokers

    • WatchDog says:

      You can always ask us, or visit the broker’s website and their about us page to see if they claim to be regulated. If they claim to be regulated, go to the regulator’s website to verify.

  14. PAUL VAN DER MAAT says:

    so at the end of the day is binairy options then to good to be true..? and there simply does not exists such a thing which creates money so easily?

    one question i do have… if there is such a company that uses the BO system to generate, why don’t i never see any comments appearing from their side..? becaue if i was owner of a good serious business i simply would NOT allow cheap pirats and a bunch of misleading crooks to damage the reputation of the kind of business i am trying to make a living from..
    so the lack of companies commenting also about those frauduleus practises of their so called “colleages”leads me to believe that there is this money game which is taken place behind closed doors whereby those who seemingly invest money in getting good and liable results that they dont earn it either, no they just “bough it and for this reason no bad comments hae ever been raised against them.. fiction illusion or simply the sad facts i really don’t know but if anyone of the readers would have an answer on my question i am looking forward to hearing from you ..

  15. Damsel says:

    I was about to invest
    Thanks for the review
    Does anyone no any good one?

  16. Christian says:

    Do not use Fintech. FINTECH is a SCAM!
    Firstly, the Fintech autotrade robot does NOT work as advertised. So far it has a 100% failure rate on my investment. I’ve lost all my trust in Fintech.
    Secondly, it makes it look like the user has control over the software but it is just eye
    candy. It is a lie. The Autotrade feature can be turned OFF manually but it turns itself back ON again repeatedly several times an hour without my knowledge or permission. I set the risk level always to LOW. Yet each time I log in I find that the risk level has jumped to HIGH or MEDIUM without my knowlege or permission.
    Same with the trade amount. I always set it to the lowest, $25. But each time I log in it is randomly reset to various higher amounts.
    The Fintech software is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!
    Secondly, the customer service sucks. There is only one person working in the Help Desk. So the Live Chat feature is frequently offline. She’s frequently not there when I need her. And the “leave a message” feature is just a robot response acknowleging my message, nothing more. There is never any follow up to address the issues mentioned in the “leave a message” messages.
    I asked the one Help Desk lady if she’d read my messages I’d sent when she was
    offline. She said she hadn’t because they are overwhelmed with so many requests
    [COMPLAINTS. (imho)].
    And finally, what is most annoying. The Fintech
    software does not even allow me to choose my own broker. I am locked in with OPTECK.
    First, the nice guy at Opteck promised me that $250.00 USD was all I’d ever need to deposit, ever. Then, a different fast talking bastard tried to fast talk me into depositing more money. Vastly more money!
    He tricked me with smooth talk into giving my credit card information. He tried, not once but TWICE, to charge me another $10,000.00 USD to my credit card!
    Thankfully, Visa rejected the request because my card is already maxed out. It was really scary. My wife was screaming at me.
    So, I want to quit trading immediately. I want a refund. I asked for a refund. But they won’t give me a refund. They are finding every excuse why they can’t send what’s left of my $250.00 deposit back to me. They have an air of legality about them, they need compliance documents to be signed and sent. But it’s all just a ruse. They are just stalling for time until the deposit has all been drained by that shit autotrade robot that continues to turn itself back ON again without my permission. Then they’ll clain that the remainder is too little to send back.

  17. george says:

    was abt to invest in that bitch thnks guys for helping out ,fuck i would have lost my hard earned money for bullshit

  18. Eyeball says:

    Their disclaimer does state that the video is entirely fictitious and Daniel Roberts is an actor

  19. Danie says:

    Thank you for your services

  20. Motlalepule says:

    Now I’m more confused than ever because I am about to invest with fintech, please keep me updated, Meril can you please share?

  21. Zama says:

    Hi Meril Sanders,do you care sharing how you went about your trading to win this amount of money,will appreciate. Zama

  22. Robert booth says:

    Thanks for showing this to be a scam it saves me from being a fool and losing my money

  23. Prasad says:

    Fintech is a scam .. Daniel who says is a account manager is a shit.. who is forcing us to deposit in order to trade but once I deposited almost 1500$ he started to invest more to come around 10000$ .. n once I disagreed but still he was like hopelessly forcing but I never did.. n he. Told that will start to trade with what you have initially made 300$ profit n later I was uncomfortable so I decided to withdraw but Daniel shit was again forcing to continue to trade n took guarantee saying I will get what I had invested whatever it is but I should try this he told but on that day he made to loose all of my money.. n Daniel shit says that they will get it through recovery team. Since then it is stuck n recovery team man mike saying as manager insists me to invest more in order to recover my losses.. biggest scam people so please avoid fintech

  24. Danie Viljoen says:

    lost $3383.00. Never again until I read your advice. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!

  25. Sara says:

    Thank you guys, I about to invest my money in this scam , your comments safe my money

  26. Albert vale says:

    Other review sites have concluded that Fintech is not a scam. Who is right ?.

    • Christian says:

      Fintech makes their own advertising websites disguised as scam searching websites and review websites. Don’t trust anyone!

  27. Meril Sanders says:

    I am really sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the results of FinTech Ltd. I think Daniel Roberts did a great job and what I can share with you is my trading experience was very, very good. I really liked the broker that I joined and all I did was following the signals generated by Fintech. I was able to execute more than 35 winning trades and my deposit of $250 became $1,586. I requested withdrawal and 3 days after this the money were in my account.

    • Blair says:

      You are a bloody Liar. To start with when you request a withdrawal the fin tech appointed broker, tells you that it will take 5?to 10 days and you have to wait for a call from their finance department. Stop lying you evil cow. They now use brokers called Trader VC. They are criminals.

    • leckie1uk says:

      I’m 2/9 trades at the moment. Ive quit fintech as they are crap!

  28. michel khabbaz says:

    thank you guys for saving me from this scam

  29. Sanne says:

    Always do reverse image searches when these things are advertised. It immediately tells if you are dealing with a scam. At the site of FinTech Unlimited I even found a headshot picture of the now dead M. Lesin, a former aide to the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Sickening but true. Thank you watchdog for informing us all 🙂

  30. Grahame says:

    Don,t what ever you do use Fintech, after 6 days lost my $250 dollars, they use Stern as broker and they are also scanners.
    These people make me sick.

  31. Colin Pugh says:

    My name is Colin I’ve just been scared for £7,250 by Randy the head trader he calls himself and his side kick Amy Yang they are a bunch of crooks gtom GinYrvh Limiyrf, please don’t be fooled with all their clever lies and sales talk its a Mega scam

  32. Cheherezade KhanAbrahams says:

    I was about to start off with them. But gee Thank you for this. And I am really for the losses of everyone above

  33. Arun says:

    Just lost $250.00.
    Fintech is a scammer .
    Stay away

  34. Nathan says:

    F# I lost everything even my life lol Dam why was it so hard to get this website I checked every review their signals are shit I look at the graphs to trade and im still losing money.

  35. Shukhrat says:

    This is a scam, fintech LTD.
    Before making deposit, they will call you and offer you soo much, after sending momey, they will loose all tour money. So I lost 350$

  36. ashlee simone says:

    does anyone know of any good reputable ones

  37. andrew says:

    firstly kudos to you at watchdog really super work that you`re doing,these scammers are becoming more brazen with their filthy lies and bad actors,they are virtually vampires that walk by day and night,ryan jackson of traders revenge shows you a sreenshot of his supposedly bank account with money he claims he made with the software yet the screen shot shows another name Josh s. Harmel. NO WHERE does Ryan name appear on that account.

  38. Jamie says:

    Lots of laughs at the obvious use of stock photos. I mean for goodness sakes I least get a model on fiverr to do a business professional headshot for you which is at least exclusive. Reverse image searching makes picking out stock photos oh so easy. But when you’re making $875 an hour who cares right? ha!

  39. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    Please “limit” yourself by avoiding this FinTech Limited software!..all the good things they talking are liar!!..stay away from this,its definitely scam!!

  40. Roberto says:

    Lost all my money with this frinkin scam, over $1000 !!! I wish I saw this review before.. damn it!

    • Teuz says:

      These Dicks jacked my entire savings.$1500 in all. I wish I could find one of them just for sampling.

    • Rok says:

      It’s a real scam, …, i have a more than five calls every working day, asking why i don’t invest my money, why i don’t want to gain a lot sums of money, why,……, the calls are usualy from UK or Ireland,.., so i asked them to send some more details as a traders lincense number or some real traders results, or some graphics of trading with anything,…., then they stoped with anojing calls,…..

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