Binary Options FinTecBot Scam EXPOSED!

Hosted at, the FinTecBot for binary options is a disastrous binary options scam that is wrecking havoc. Also refereed to as the AutoTradingRobot (ATR 1.0), the FinTecBot scam has gone viral on YouTube and has deceived many online traders out of their hard-earned money. They are offering a free demo account that can be used to “accurately” determine the success of their software. However, we can assure you the FinTecBot demo account is rigged to make you believe that you would earn good money with their system. Don’t believe the lies and especially not the hype about the FinTecBot auto trader for binary options!

At first sight, appears as a sleek and seemingly legitimate website that is offering what could be a reliable trading software. Appearing rather harmless, all you would have to do to sign up and try their demo account would be provide your first and last name, email address, phone number and create a password then click “Sign Up.” Although you may gain access to their free demo account, you may notice your email becoming spammed by corrupt emails while being called on a religious consistency from foreign numbers. These attempts at communication with you can be credited towards providing your information to or a similar scam site that was created by the same scammers in the preceding months.

What does this mean to you? It means to you that unless you unsubscribe and have those numbers blocked, that the brokers that are assigned for you to complete the full sign up process are trying to get you to deposit with their platform. Now, why are they doing that, you wonder? Well, because, according to, in order to use their software, you need to sign up with one of their “trusted” brokers. So even though you are only testing out the demo account, expect to get harassed by a foreign entity until they solicit you out of your hard-earned money!

What else should you know about the FinTecBot software? Well, besides the fact that the average reported success rate is below 60%, we figured you may want to know that the system is lying about being endorsed by highly visited outlets. Outlets such as Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, TheStreet, Seeking Alpha and have absolutely no correlation with the FinTecBot software. A quick search will confirm this truth on each of those websites by searching “fintecbot.”

FinTecBot - Results

The AutoTradingRobot, also referred to as the FinTecBot, claims to be a new style of auto trading robots that puts the trader in complete control. Using a “patent pending” trigger technology, the demented creators behind this scam are delusional and are literally spoon-feeding you absolute crap! Incorporating a conjured style of signal generation known as “Strike Rate Based Signals,” we can assure you this concept of trading does not exist! However, all of these discoveries still weren’t the most corrosive and damaging truth we unraveled while investigating the FinTecBot.

Perhaps the most damaging piece of evidence we found against the FinTecBot auto-trader would be how it was actually created by the same scammers behind the CFDSociety! Using the same exact testimonials from the CFDSociety website we couldn’t help but notice the similarity.  Not to mention that by using the same exact testimonials these half-witted scam marketers also forgot to change out CFDSociety from those testimonials making it much easier to debunk this ridiculous trading scam.

FinTecBot is a SCAM!

For those of you who took the time to read our FinTecBot scam review, we would just like you know that if you feel like you have been cheated or rip-offed by an online trading scam to file a complaint for free with WatchDog! To date we have settled over 1,700 online trading disputes and we can assure you that we’ll have your backs for the upcoming years to come. Do not only yourself but others a favor by sharing this exposure review and avoiding the FinTecBot scam for online trading. We can assure you the only outcome will be the loss of your hard-earned money and unnecessary stress!

Review Verdict: FinTecBot is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

Similar Scams: CFDSociety

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4 comments on “Binary Options FinTecBot Scam EXPOSED!
  1. Ellen Andrews says:

    Iam scam of 6750.pounds how can I get back my money I don’t have no more to spend I have to be paying back the bank and my credit card say they are investigating but iam not hearing from them what the best people to help to get my money back .

  2. Jerrt says:

    I am scam many times and never have time to recover

    • Calvin Knott says:

      Shoot WD a message Jerrt, I lost 2,000 to scams and I work full time
      I made back all my losses and over 3,300 back in 2 months time after WD helped me!
      Thank you very much WatchDog! 🙂

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