Fast Cash Biz is NOT a SCAM? Honest Review!

The FastCash.BIZ “revolution” site seems like a scam to us, a well produced offer with nothing behind it or did we get it wrong this time? Yesterday we received an email from a trader who warned us not to post a negative review on the Fast Cash Biz opportunity, it wasn’t an actual threat, but he stated that we would be going after the wrong people and that this new opportunity by Fast Cash Biz is real and can produce steady revenues. We decided to post this review anyway because we have no plans to rely on the account snapshots and testimonial of a single trader!

Last update: December 12th, 2015

VERDICT: Fast Cash Biz is a SCAM!!! Avoid it! 

Many Forex and Binary Options traders are asking us to finally review this offer, as it is going completely viral, but we wanted to give it some time and wait for some feedback. Do you really believe Madison Clark and David Graham? We couldn’t find them on so we know that they are not cheap actors, tracing their real identity didn’t work this time and of course on every binary options site is a scam, and “the only thing that really works is the $10 Ebook they sell” which can be found for free on other sites. IveTriedThat are not a credible site and notice that when they negatively review a product, they never actually go into the details or identify the flaws. They literally never tried anything that they ever reviewed including FastCash.BIZ, and we’re not about to buy their $10 E-Book, which is allegedly better than all the industry combined.


We’ve seeing promotional and strange endorsements for Fast Cash Biz, but also a few credible sites are advertising them, it’s not going to remain a mystery for long because now that this software is going completely viral, we will surely get feedback that will help us determine if this is a profitable software, or another worthless, bogus scam! If we find that this highly produced offer is just another fraud, it will join the many previous offers we added to our Scam Services Blacklist!

It appears that unlike most sites we stumble upon, they at least placed a government disclaimer on the page as required by the law, while others maintain that it’s enough to place a generic looking risk warning if any, to warn their traders of potential losses. No sleazy “limited numbers of licensed” left tactic to rush new members, but we still doubt the legitimacy of FastCash.BIZ and we are definitely not convinced that it’s the next best software in the industry. Be sure to help us with this one, share this review and let’s see what the community thinks!

Most sites either conclude that all binary options are real and profitable and some sites completely eliminate it as an option in order to promote other products and services, as you can clearly see in the Google search results. Unless we get your feedback or identify the type of scam elements that exist with any type of service, we cannot reach a conclusion. At this point we will give the the benefit of the doubt but if we get any complaints we will immediately be sure to add them to our list of scams and we will invest time to write an additional warning to further damage their business as we do with misleading sites in the industry!

New to Binary Options? Be sure to sign-up with fully EU regulated brokers. Please help us determine if the FastCash Biz Opportunity is the real deal or is it just another fake offer by sharing your stats, experience, ITM trading results, opinions and overall experience. Let’s hope that it’s not another automated theft machine!

255 comments on “Fast Cash Biz is NOT a SCAM? Honest Review!
  1. Dan Costescu says:

    Ive just signed up

  2. Mercia says:

    There is a saying that goes ” If it’s sounds too good to be true, it probably IS too good to be true”. The promo video does sound good but who knows with scam artists. They are good with the marketing side of things. All three are just reading of cards and sounds a bit phoney. However, Watchdog hasn’t really giving us the heads down, so I think I may give it a go…..Cheers Mercia

  3. Robert says:

    This is a scam. I signed up with my $250. And then was contacted by some HBC brokers who straight away tried to get me to invest more money. They also didn’t explain the website o was first introduced to. But directed me to their website where they want to control all the trades. Not what I thought I was signing up for. I think it is a scam. Watch out peoples..
    Good luck

  4. richard says:

    Hi, anyone can update on ? Option FM ? Thanks

  5. Cori says:

    I clicked on a previous ad and was provided no software option, just several brokers calling me to talk me into binary options. Sadly I succumbed (yes, because of the video) and lost AU$4500 very quickly. The part in the video where they joke about nobody wants to log in and see their money gone… 🙁 I was told I could not lose and followed the brokers ‘advise’ exactly. Still lost. The broker kept asking for more and told me the trades he was making for me could not lose. Be very careful please. And do not take the double up of your deposit. You lose control to withdraw your money.

  6. Rosanna says:

    Rosanna: I think I was rip-off, why it look so amazing went they send a feed back on how to start to be come rich so I let them withdraw from my account of $250 and they ask for more money and the broker’s hang up the ph on me and still waiting nothing happens yet. Also I received email from Madison saying she had send the cash card in the mail and keep checking my mailbox 12-days now. So if I don’t received the cash card that means they are scammers. If they are so rich how cauld they rip off a poor person like me. Which I spend my last saving to them because I thought I was going to get rich LOL stupid me.

  7. brandi says:

    Okay, as far as I can tell these guys use the exact same format as all the other scam videos. The Cheesy music. They all say the same words, Buckle up its gonna be a fast Ride. Same B.s different day!.. come on I’ve been wanting to know if they do let you withdrawal money, I think it’s the same ppl. They are getting smarter, reading all your posts you post. So good luck with it. I do think they are coming here and posting . No screen shots, it’s all FAKE.

  8. Tina says:

    I just tries to sign up and they said that they would refund my 250$ I deposited. The reason for the refund was it was getting to complicated. They told me I was going to get a refund and I had to give all my information again. But I decided not to follow through. I was to afraid. So I will see if there me it in refunding my money back. If they do, I will go ahead and try again. Maybe with less complications. I will keep you informed

  9. Patricia Phillips says:

    Its a BS., don’t look after you at all in regards to support. I joined 3 different brokers to work with Over a period of 2-3 months, I gave up. I couldn’t get into their site. So I withdrew from the whole 3 of the brokers, they didn’t like that either wanted me to trade with them.

    I’ve learnt, that the brokers are a front door for them to prospect you even tho you joined up to utilize another 3rd party software that they entertain.

    I said to one Account Manager (they don’t like being called the word “Broker”) your prospecting me. No thanks but thank you for your time….they get all poo…pooos on ya, then the voice is raised. BYE.

  10. John says:

    unless they got new software Fast Cash Biz is a scam They had me sign up with PorterFinance I invested my $250 I didn’t get my match bonus the tradingbot was there trading even though I deactivated it and my money was gone within a couple days, I’ve wrote them both FCB keeps telling me to log into my account and begin trading with the $500 they deposited for me,but my account remains at $0.00
    I also tried Mockingbird Method and thats a scam also lost $500 to them, 3 wins, 15 losses, and they left $2.25 in my account

  11. TFA Commander says:

    @Josh I just saw your comment (few months late) saying to go to to learn more about multi time frame fibonacci analysis. Just wanted to give a shout out to thank you for the recommendation.


    TFA Commander

  12. Ioannis says:

    Guys , which robot finally makes money?

  13. Ioannis says:

    Guys I’m crazy from all different opinions! Which autotrading robot finally makes money and which not?

  14. Fred says:

    It’s now 3/2016 are there anymore updates on Fast cash?

  15. Jo's says:

    Fast cash biz and quantum income money both are same people having registered website in USA but it’s company formed in Panama and if legal law suit is done, it’s in Estonia

  16. Jay Lundquist says:

    Poor Fool fast cash is a fast way to loose your cash there trading platform sucks

  17. michael christison says:

    I have signed up with fast cash but having trouble with them getting my software hooked to my option king account I have been in touch with them so unless someone proves they are a scam I will assume they are legit. I hope I can start trading soon. I have notified f.c. and they say they are on it but ask the same questions over and over again.

    • Patricia Phillips says:

      FC. My 1st reg. 24/12/2015, had problems getting access, being patient with the Support Team 21/1/2016 reg again with FC and again 22/2016. Guess what! I couldn’t get access to any of the 3 accounts. I spent days, hours communicating with ‘The FC Support Team’ same questions from various staff. 24/2/2016 I withdrew my deposits and requested that my accounts to be shut down with the 3 Brokers: Magnum Options, OptionsFM & Bloombex Options. I have received all my money back minus transaction fees through my bank. I hadn’t spoken to a live person from FC, all contact done on line. I would give them the “FLICK”. up to You!

  18. sally says:

    Titan trade hopped onto my fast cash biz site when I was signing up as I could not loggin andthey sent me notices that they were trying to phone me to give me instructions and to turn my phone on so I did and spoke to Titan Trade who I thought was affiliated with Fast Cash Biz and tjhey took my money the other night and I have not been given and account number but have been flooded with other brockers scamming me with emails. I have to wonder that given they now have myu details I think both Fast Cash and Titan are scamms

  19. Soon says:

    Hey guys , I just sign up last night . I had answer their call from the broker . After that, my account lost 7.8k suddenly . I never make any transfer. This how they took out money ?

  20. Laura says:

    First let me say “I am an IDIOT” I signed up, initial deposit $250. Two days after registering the software site would no longer recognize my login. Took the support team days to fix. My ride with their software since then has been up and down, but mostly down. The software they provide is pretty lame as well. They give you a list of open trades in the High Low market, you get to click the green button if they recommend it will go up (call) and click on the blue button if they recommend it will go down (put) that’s all the information you get from them. Whichever choice you selected is reflected in your broker account. The broker I was assigned OptionKing. I have no complaint with them. They dutifully keep track of what is happening during your trade.
    Of my $250 deposit I have $34.25 left. I made only the trade their software recommended.
    Contacting their support team is a joke, you get mostly canned responses that have little to do with the subject matter of your email. The support promised in the promotional videos does not exist. This is copied directly from an email in response to complaint that their software was not producing the results I was lead to believe it would.

    “Thanks for your email. Using our software involves a risk and you might win and lose money as well. It’s based on sophisticated algorithms but there is no 100% guarantee just like any other investment. The trades shown in the system are the trades that are the Bot’s recommendations for every open position. Our algorithm indicates the recommendations by analyzing the market’s movements, so in the long run, it will prove as around 80% success. Thanks!
    FastCash Support Team”

    Oh and today I got an email from Madison Clark

    “Subject: New Member ID Issued


    Please download your new commission statement below
    for your progress with your new account:

    Income Earned to Date: 2/19/16 (Click to Review)

    You can always stay up to date with recent system updates
    by accessing the Private Members Area using the link below.

    Click Here for Free Access to the Members Area

    Thank you,

    – Madison Clark”

    There are three links in this email, when clicked on send you to…wait for it

    PUSH MONEY and their promotional video for their algorithm software


    In a nut shell plan on losing the money you deposit and finding out their is no difference between and all the other GURU’s David Graham trashes in their videos

    • Josh says:

      When are people going to wake up and understand that there is no free ride? At some point people that are interested in forex are going to learn how to drive their own car instead of relying on a sales pitch and so called algorithms for them to make money. You need to treat forex trading as a business and not rely on anyone else to run your business. And speaking of business watchdog, While I commend your site on avoiding scams you still lack due diligence in signals you have recommended that have since disappeared from your recommendations page. People have lost money because of your lack of due diligence all the while your affiliate link is pulling in the real profits. The only one that I would even recommend on your site Michael Freeman because of proven history, real person and the education he provides. If you want to learn forex, go to and take their course for free. Go to or and learn how to trade forex on multi time frame Fibonacci levels. All of which are affiliate link free.

      Thank you

  21. Rosalind Reid says:

    i have deposited $250.00 but unable to get any answers from David Graham nor Madison Clark to contact me. pls assist

  22. Dom says:

    I signed up last week. I still don’t have the software. Got a call from the broker, Glenridge Capital. When I told him I went through Fastcash, he said ” I couldn’t help you. You can’t make money in the auto trade method” he ended the call. His name is William Nash. I have emailed FC support, they started to ask questions even asked for a pic of the screen after I login. They have not gotten back to me.
    My wife thought I did it incorrectly, so she signed up even got it funded. No broker has called her, She has the funds available and no matching funds as they say several times. Her screen says at 9:48 pst on Wed Feb 17 2016, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER NO OPEN TRADES AT THE MOMENT. It has said that all week. Then we see Glenridge capital took out $7.50 this morning from her account

  23. rick says:

    Thanks for this site, and for the real people who told their stories of this scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure and report your story to the authorities. I’ve done a bit of research on this, and found that there are many people who have been burned by this scam. They offer their stories on other sites, so look at various site before investing. Get past the websites that were created by them, and their cronies. A little due diligence is in order.

    I don’t want you all to think that there aren’t ways to make money part-time, from home. Find a reputable company. Do your research. Expect to work. Put in the time. Learn from the leadership. Be strong and courageous.

    We can do this!

  24. Greg Dixon says:

    I signed up yesterday but didnt deposit – three hours later I got a call from a broker in the UK asking me to make the deposit or I will lose my place in the queue. Tried to pressure me into making the deposit there and then. Pressure sales. Doesn’t sound right to me !!

  25. HelloU says:

    Don’t you people see DAVID is one of the Fastcash people to promote their business? If investment is so that easy, all bankers in the world will quit their jobs. There is no such thing in the world called easy money. They trick poor people who will be poorer by giving them money. I have been in direct marketing before. Yes, true that they are rich b/c naive people give them money, work for them for free and hope for big reward???

  26. Cathy says:

    Can’t get logged back in

  27. Ralffy says:

    Does this fast cash really work? So many mixed reviews!! Sarah back in October said total scam. But seems to me that the more ppl who join the portfolios get less n less therefore not as big return for those involved. I’m ignorant to this whole market. Just a fish looking for a free meal I guess. But I’d rather pay for a steak at a high end rest then a free meal that stinks. Please does someone have concrete info in this fastcash Bizz.

    • Paul Yoon says:

      The advertisement of minimum deposit of $250 with promise of a 100% matching deposit for the minimum deposit is not correct. I signed up with Fast Cash Biz last October and regret getting involved. The Broker that Fast Cash Biz assigned at the time of my registration was Bloombex and the minimum deposit was not $250. You may also get other Brokers such as Glendridge Capital or BinaryBook. All the brokers have different Entry Level Deposit amounts. You’re lucky if you get a broker that ask for $250 deposit. It’s not as easy as they make it sound to be. The FCB software only worked one day for me and had issues ever since. Couldn’t trade using the automated system and eventually lost all my deposit including. Too many Binary Trading Software out to prey on the desperate. This is not a get rich quick trading system. These traditional binary trading softwares only have historical data from previous 25 maybe even longer years but no binary trading system during the volatile UPS and DOWNS we’re seeing in the global markets will deliver the WIN trades the software is promising on FULL Automated trading. If you sign up for Fast Cash Biz you may not like the results.

  28. WatchDog says:

    Avoid we have a reason to believe that it was created by the same people who are behind the Fast Cash Biz!!!

  29. Scott says:

    I was going to sign up with fast and gave them my email and phone # and before I could sign up I got a phone call from option kings saying they bought and that I needed to sign up with them?? Anyone else had this happen and what’s the deal with Option Kings didn’t see any reviews in them

    • joanne salmon says:

      i signed up with fast cash and when i deposited $250 i got directed to optionrally then someone from glenridge rang me and said they were fast cash!!!!!!!!! what a joke i got my deposit back took 4 weeks!!!!

  30. Fuad Kamaldien says:

    signed up in January 2016 .. deposit $250 US D. the broker convince me to invest another $4,000. FastCash sent me links stating over $7,000 in my account and to claim it ASAP. another time I suppose to have over @19,000 in my account.. BUT BUT every time I try to click on the link they send me to access my account I get diverted to their start up video where I have to sign up again and deposit again.. Foolish me signed up three times thinking I might have made a mistake. all my replies to them are returned back to me “unable to sent email “

    • Nuala Lyons says:

      I have seen so many of these comments, I had the most horrendous experience with them. Watchdog, can we not get people together, I have a large amount of information on them, scam addresses, but a teck savy might even be able to find one or two of their domains, thats all it would take. There are 18/20 of them, put our heads together, get a group together on Facebook and we can plead for someone very experienced to find their domains and put them out of business. ACT, I will make my email available through Watchdog, if he will do that, Lets do something

  31. Fuad Kamaldien says:

    any reviews in January 2016

  32. teddy says:

    Hi I invested $250 on the 31 Desember 2015 and recived daily e mails on money that is been paid to me , but if I open the e mail the same video clip open , I open a pay pal acount still no money sent e mails no comment so I think it is a scam,

    • joanne says:

      I signed up with fastcash and when i deposited 250 i was directed to OPTOONRALLY now tell me how that happens buggars got my money ! There brokers suck no one wants o help you SCAM

  33. Francise says:

    I tried Fast Cash I deposited £141.then a day after I was asked to deposit $10,000 I received £134back as I told them to unsubscribe
    Me as I didn’t have that kind of money. My broker was David

  34. DANY says:

    Folks i urge you to stay away from this thing. i am an actual member and my account is almost zero. i have only 0.75c left from the initial deposit of $250. i have used their so called 100% winner robot. don’t fool yourself guys. once you are a member of the, you are on your own. they will get some percentage from the broker for making you signup and they are done. no guarantee, no help from them, no deposit bonus and nothing on your favor, it’s al for them. they are actors and nothing works. if you are going to do a binary option anyways , you better of open an account yourself with a broker and do market research and teach yourself rather than making this scam people making them getting payed for screwing you. i place 10 bids through the robot and i won only one and lost 9. is that what a 100% winning mean? stay away! they are connected to many brokers and that is a good strategy for them to have you sign up and collect their cut. if you sign up 2 times in one day for, you will be directing to two different brokers and you will never have you money working for you.

  35. Richard Hopper says:

    Is there a Hot LIne number a person can call to get legal action against Fast Cash Net, as well as Cash Code Robert Allan David Graham and Madison Clark for misapropiation of a afiliates money. Their Advertisement is False and untrue. Can they lose their license and be fined for cheating people. Anything or any information would be appreciated. Can Google Ban them from their site as well as all the other’s.

  36. Narcisa Popescu says:

    I canot believe how much fcbiz. spends on publicity and look for new ways to catch you.They promise big commissions to people who didnot deposit! How stupid one can be to swallow all this big sh.t, beautifully decorated with precise words like “your cash card has been sent to you. ” or: you have 18000 out of commissions by cliking here and here means going again and again to the main video. On 9 october, I really wanted to deposit, but you have to deposit FROM WITHIN the software. the software took me to option rally arabic page! I went out from that page and deposited to option rally en. Even if I specified that the trading was supposed to be through fastcash, option rally hided my deposit, until after 10 days of big dandrum, I got my 250 usd to be traded by fastcash biz. For another 3 weekks, no transaction available! Option rally is known for not allowing withdrawal, “missing” accounts… Then I saw Titan Trade as broker for fcb. Titan Trade was using a lame robot, everybody losed the money, Titan Trade was closr to bancruptcy, so, the offer from fcb was divine, even if Titan Trade got low commissions. fcb doesnot care who the broker is, doesnot care that the charts are manipulated from the beginning, but still spends a lot of money.I met a nice guy, working with another brokerage company who asked my id number at fcb. He discovered (because he was smart) that actually the Id was registered to Monaco Millionaire. Now we come to strange stuff…

  37. irehapeti says:

    Thanks Watchdog,
    didn’t have a clue about binary trading till 2 days ago deposited $250 with 3 platforms including fastcash. I’ve had lots of emails, phone calls but no success getting to platform or account as of today

    • Jay Lundquist says:

      Day 21 since I asked for my funds, hey say that I’m approved I don’t see any money yet Fast Cash says that your on your own No help with the site & account they set you up with a Scam of the worst kind fake actors

  38. Rick says:

    Wow how do people fall for this crap? I mean who actually believes they can make lots of money this quick?

    Visit my website get money fast, Billionaires HATE me!

    P.s. this is a joke. -_-

  39. Kjell says:

    I thought that playing on binary options was illegal in the U.S.

    • WatchDog says:

      Not true Kjell, Many brokers are now becoming regulated in the US and Nadex is already regulated by the SEC and CFTC.

  40. billywillis says:

    I’ve said it from the start dont go near Fast Cash its a con!

  41. Regin says:

    Thank you for posting a review on Citidel LTD I didn’t know about this autotrader, 4 days and mostly winners. I’ll have to continue and test it on Monday but it’s nothing like the Fast Cash SCAM! I wasted my entire account balance like the rest in a matter of less than 24 hours!!

  42. John O says:

    I’ve registered with, or at least I thought I did. During the video David & Maddy say if you want to register to complete the fields below the video. On the video I watched those fields were not there. However a link had been added to the web page on the right side of the video for registration. Selected the link, completed the registration form and the 2nd part of the video did not play. Within 30 minutes I received a phone call from a broking firm in London. Spoke with the account manager for a while, asked some questions, got the answers. Received an email with wire transfer instructions as I no longer have a credit card. Next day went to the bank and wired the US $250.00 to fund the account. Received a phone call later that day from the broker to say I was given the wrong banking details. New banking details were emailed to me. I went to the bank and cancelled the original wire and sent a new wire to the revised bank details. Last evening my bank called me and advised that the wire had bounced back because the SWIFT code was invalid. My bank cancelled the wire. ALL MONEY RECOVERED INCLUDING FEES. In the meantime I was doing some due diligence on the broking firm. Turns out they were not registered with CySEC. So not dealing with them. I then went to the actual web page for, started to watch the video, and completed the fields under the video. Completely different result to original attempt to register. 2nd part of the video played. Upon completion of the video, completed the registration process. Received 3 emails from brokers plus 1 telephone call. Did a registration check on the brokers that emailed me. None of them were registered with CySEC. The broker that telephoned me, their firm was registered. So a positive there. I also received confirmation emails from on my registration, which I did not receive the first time. Lesson here is DO NOT register unless you are doing it directly from the web site. The original broker I was contacted by had somehow managed to hijack the video, remove the legit registration fields and substitute with their own. Have raised a few questions with the broker I am currently in contact with, and subject to the answers I receive will determine whether I proceed or not. Before fully committing be sure to read your brokers T & C’s very carefully. Also I’m not happy about the fact that they all seem to want you to fund your account either by credit card or debit card. Wire transfer is an option but you’re looking at around US $40.00 in transfer fees. Non of them offer Paypal as a funding method. If they did this then I would be 100% confident that they would have no access to my banking details. Also, all the brokers have said they offer the software, but they try to talk you into using their online app. Currently I’m sitting on the fence, but not because but because of questions that the broker needs to confirm. The only downside to the registration process is the short time limit given to complete the registration and fund the account to receive your bonus and even though fastcash say you can choose from their list of preferred brokers, there is no list to choose from. Apparently, when you register an automated notification is sent to the preferred brokers and they email or telephone you. If they email, take your time registering. Do at least check if they are registered with CySEC. If they are not, give them a big miss. At least with a registered broker you have some recourse if they do the wrong thing by you.

  43. Pat says:

    FCB is a SCAM!! I signed up last year early fall had to put up $500 not the $250 they said, I had to pick the investments it was never automatic!!! I would win 2 or 3 then lose 7 or 8 so after a month I never made a dime and I lost my $500 investment. I got the matching deposit from the Broker and lost half of that. I tried logging in yesterday and cannot login and no response from FCB!!! TOTAL SCAM!!!

  44. Marion says:

    NJ Palm – You are making a lot of accusations in your comment. Could you please back up your opinion with some examples, some proof. Thanks!

  45. Najah Palm says:

    Fast Cash Biz is one of the most deeply deceptive SCAMS ever. It is layers
    upon layers of lies, fog and mirrors. Every level
    of FCB contains deceit.
    They have intention to ever honor any of their
    many, many promises.
    All of thier communications
    lie. This is a complete

    -N. J. Palm

  46. Kevin says:

    still no hard evidence that this can actually make you money. and what do fastcash get? no such thing as a free lunch.

  47. Kevin says:

    I signed up and funded it hopefully I will be trading today. Does anyone know do they make the trades for you or do I.

  48. Constance says:

    Can someone tell if this is for real, really!!!

  49. Lyle says:

    I signed up about a week ago but never sent my deposit and everyday they send me email s to activate my account everyday gets bigger today they said it is up to 53,000.00 and I have not sent any money…To good to be true …Right?????

  50. Jo says:

    still waiting to see any posts as to the viability an operation of this program these comment posts are way to generated and not legit either I mean c’mon “DAVID” really? provide the proof

  51. Sandra Robinson says:

    I find fash cash pathetic, I joined up months ago and haven’t been able to make a cent nor get my money back. I try to call fast cash themselves but no number. I call the broker and they keep my tied up with red tape. I get emails to click into to correct some of these problems but it only directs me to joining up again which I don’t want to do. I desperately need fastcash to call me themselves but they won’t. I wish they would.

  52. Kaz says:

    Funny someone mentioned David ?
    I get a David from FCB
    All the time! They don’t leave you alone! I have lost a lot of money !
    Yet there still trying to set me up with different brokers ! It’s a joke !
    My email is so flooded with them emailing non stop!

  53. Jeewan says:

    I cant wait to get hook up on fast cash biz . Com

  54. Jeanie ADKINS-PEINE says:

    were the investors allowed to withdraw their money?

  55. michael says:

    Maddison Clark is an actress!

  56. KingLeo says:

    I just signed up, and so far I’m convinced, they advertise they will match your initial deposit up to $10,000, but that didn’t happen, I will update this as I learn more.

  57. Paul says:

    Be very wary of the brokers you are directed to by this software ! I got a broker called “Binary Book” who charge a levy if you don,t make $200 within a month and then charge $30 for any withdrawals . My trust went out of the window when many phone calls came to my mobile from so called expert traders , who would want me to make more deposit and do my trades for me ! I never answered one of those calls .
    It cost me $61 to get my deposit back which is disgusting as it was only $250 , a complete “rip off” i would say .

  58. globalaccessclub says:

    Yes almost 99.99% of these are designed to rip you off. FastCash.BIZ is no exception. Due your deligent.

  59. Nick says:

    I am in huge financial trouble and I am trying to support my 3 little children. I want to sign up to David and Madison fast cash biz company. I saw their video, it looked great but I’m scared. I’ve already lossed money and I can’t lose anymore. Can we meet David or Madison personally. What can I do to be reassured. I’m from Canada. Can they call us personally. I am praying the lord for some miracle to happen to me.

    • Patrick says:

      Stop wasting your time with fastcashbiz if we saw a lot of precious time and money they don’t have a good customer support it take forever to return back any emails so I have good research and the best software out there in the market so dow focus group it’s definitely the best out there in the market just be careful with the brokers that they recommend like all softwares you should check before you sign up wish you all the best and a Merry Christmas for you and your families.

    • Johana says:

      Forget about binary option software. I already lost my shirt with these crap!

  60. Don says:

    does any one have a phone number for Fast

  61. mlamli says:

    I signed up but I am afraid to deposit although I am interested

  62. alberto aguilar says: about the ‘optionbit’, the broker of profit magnet; is this legit and regulated.?

  63. Nuala Lyons says:

    As i previously stated , I was an affiliate ofFCB.they would show you large amounts of commission I earned , but then say-withdraw fund s you’re broker ( which I did 5 times- ) but due to ” technical problem ” I never got the service – did get refunds from my credit card provider under the consumer protection acts and the fact that both Visa and MasterCard are obliged ( currently, but will soon will not) to ensure your trades. Fastcash is a multibillionCompany and works both with regulated and unregulated brokers. Their software is actually Swiss Royal banks software. So I opened an account with an eager SRB acount manager. Shetold me fastcash had released my funds andI now have $70,000 balance. That was last Monday, I have not been able to find her since, by phone , Skype or email.

  64. masterroshi says:

    I signed up and I didn’t put money but I was making money defo scam

  65. Susan Jimenez says:

    Hi I agree with the reader who states that if it really is true that you earned money with the fast cash biz, then show us some proof so that we can verify whether or not what you are saying is true or not. If you do comply, then that means that you are telling us the truth, but if you don’t comply then why should we believe you? Have a nice day. Bye!

  66. tina norgaard says:

    Scammers fastcashbiz is.i can not get in touch with them after I did deposit my $250.Tina.

  67. Locrechia says:

    I also signed up but still doubting to make a deposit because why do they not show you how and when to withdraw.

  68. narcisa popescu says:

    I will tell you the whole story with Fast went to deposit page as requested by them . the broker was… Option Rally, you all know .Surprise: the deposit page was entirely in arabic. I went out and deposited to option rally english by 9 october, insisting that I deposit to fast cash.After 12 days of exchanging mails( is it clear that option rally hided the deposit all this time), everything was supposed to be ok. But, they were supposed to supply open winning after day, after day, no trades available.By end of november I withdraw my 250 usd. and I unsubscribed. Everytime when I wanted to complain, server rejected message. Their style was: in order to…..whatever would be , push here: when pushing, mainly to complain that they donot give me trades, the marketing started again and again,everytime, whatever I was asking.I put them in spam and unsubscribe, now they mumble jumble about some e-check to be deposited.I told them that they owed me money because it is not my fault, and they made some money using my account. I am sure that the terms and conditions mention the situation when the service is not delivered.
    . They are located in Florida. I told them that I will find the Florida government where to complain. They choose the worst brokers, like Titan Trade, that was close to bancruptcy due to a bad robot. they choosed it because TT would ask lower commissions to remain in place.

  69. Anna says:

    I have signed up not sure how its going to go i hope i can make some money i would be happy just making a little bit as long as i don’t loose all my money but i suppose you won’t know until you try i have never tried some thing like this before but not going to put all my eggs in one basket hope it works out

  70. S York says:

    I had so much difficulty signing up with Fast Cash Biz, after 3 weeks of trying I gave up and unsubscribed. Their sign up screen to deposit $250 popped up Porter Finance, so I thought that was the one they wanted, no so, Porter Finance knew nothng about it and I could not convince Fast Cash Biz that the money was there. Everytime they asked me to verify my funds their video would come up and I would have to go through the whole thing again. It was so frustrating I just gave up.

  71. deborah hobbs says:

    couldn’t be more of a scam my broker is in London..optionking and in 10days have still to reach him..What a headache !!

  72. Gixy says:

    Thank you all for your reviews I was planning to put my money and sign up with fastcashbiz??

  73. Jack says:

    Endless login problems, very slow “customer support”. And it’s not as “automatic” as they would have you believe. Meh.

  74. Patrick says:

    I signed up twice already and for some reason it never works so you gotta tell yourself is it a scam or try it and lose like I did which one is it going to be

  75. Antonio says:

    I signed up in November. They promised a match up deposit , which I am still waiting for. The funds I deposit goes up and down stays around the amount you deposit. I started with $250. They wanted me to make a deposit of $10,000 to really help me make real money as the guy told me. So far they owe me $250… Dont waste your money on this program. I will keep you guys posted on the out come…

    • Amechi says:

      Don’t bother accepting their bonus, they gave me bonus thru plus option broker and they said I can’t make any withdrawal until I trade to the volume of $10,000. I wish I didn’t accept the bonus I would have withdrawn my money immediately because after 1 month I made deposit I can’t sign into fast cash software. It keeps telling me invalid password. The broker has on their own placed trade for me for very long term up to march 2016

  76. Nuala Lyond says:

    i am telling you here and now , they are multimillionaires and as I have sent this coment to them, watch – you are going to be flooded with raving reviews as they ca afford to pay anyone to say anything. I worked as an affidavit 16 hours days, personally opened 6 broker sites and almost 4 months later. With hundreds of email telling me how much I had eRned this bonus and that bonus and funded money cards and huge commissions/. I have never seen a red cent whatsoever . I thought I was all set got Xmas with my 3 kids, but it’s a pipe dream, they are never going to pay me unless compelled. To do so by a court of law . Also, I always lost money with their software , lost €500.00 in a week on auto trade. STAY WELL AWAY.

  77. donny chau says:

    I deposit 250 on sat night , did about 20trades. My account now is 7$ by sunday night. Dont know what to say

  78. Cornelius Holl says:

    Hi binary watchdog can you advise me if I can invest with
    thank you

  79. Theanne Toni Pepper says:

    I forgot to say that you have to give them $5,000 for as a deposit NOT just $250 as they advertise!! NOT satisfied AT ALL!! They are not cooperative after they get the money.. Toni Pepper

  80. susan says:

    I want to get sign up on fast cash. Can i trust them?

  81. Jake says:

    Has anyone tried to withdraw money from their account with FastCash?

    • Nuala Lyons says:


  82. Scott says:

    So, David…. where are you at now?

  83. savanna says:

    I’m 14 and need to make money. How old does someone need to be.

  84. Noel says:

    What do you think about Topoption Watchdog?

  85. Dennis says:

    Is anyone using Glenridge Capital successfully as broker

  86. heinny71 says:

    @David….Have you tried to withdraw some of your profits? please let us know…Thanks.

  87. John Adams says:

    Thank you for the review on Trade Forecast! I was planning to join and waiting for some feedback.

  88. Edie says:

    Why does everything stop in sept.??

  89. Andrew says:

    Can’t wait to start the week, one more trading week for November and I am doing amazing! My account is up by almost 600%, took some risks but it paid off. I appreciate your guidance!

  90. Fernando Torres says:

    I am not very impressed with many services and brokers, they always require a big investment. Do you recommend a broker with a very low minimum for me? $20-$50 is the most I can deposit.

  91. Wayne says:

    They are very good responding to questions and concerns.

  92. shekhar says:

    Fast Cash Biz software is available for India. let me now

  93. Efraim says:

    9 winning trades in a row with VN today stats-wise it makes no sense that it’s a scam, try getting 9 ITM trades in a row and see if you can make it. Also calculate the stats and you’ll find that it’s less than 3% chance, so only a real trader or a system would be able to generate 9 trades all winners one after another!

  94. Kathy Smith says:

    I am desperate . Ive lost my job, and fixing to loose my home. I’ll borrow the $250 if this really works. Can someone help me please. Is this real ir not?

  95. Hayden Cotiangco says:

    Hi Watchdog how about Vertnext Investment Lmtd is a scam or not

  96. Zach says:

    Any thing new on

  97. Steve Schultz says:

    Another great week is coming to an end! God Bless You Watchdog!

  98. tien says:

    does anyone knows if copyop is scam??

  99. Jack Meoff says:

    Did justin Beiber make his money here or is he really a singer

    • WatchDog says:

      Jack what kind of strange comment is that? 🙂 It’s funny though… Justin made his money seducing young teenage girls but it has nothing to do with Fast Cash Biz.

  100. Laurance says:

    Are they still accepting new members? Is there a deadline to join Virtnext?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Laurance, It doesn’t seem like they have any type of deadline, this is something you will find with scam services. If a service is doing well, you got to ask yourself, why would they allow only a few members to join? It’s nothing but a preasure tactic.

  101. Nellie says:

    Please Fast Cash not working in my country 🙁

  102. k raja says:

    Is there a broker with min deposit of $50 , cant afford

  103. Azizi says:

    I wish this was also available in Kenya but no accessibility for me BullDog.

  104. Nate says:

    Thank you for the review!

  105. Valentino says:

    They really ruied the idea and concept of this website, causing many people to assume that is a scam and I don’t blame them.

    • WatchDog says:

      Good point Valentino! This may lead to many people assuming that it is a scam, the presentation is not one with reality, but at the same time we can’t ignore the reports indicating that people are generating money with the software.

  106. Li says:

    Has any one try XTP App? Hope to hear from member before jumping into it.

  107. Larry says:

    Stupid Radical!! Why you let him post a comment against Jews??? Unless you also have something against Jews Watchdog. Why don’t you tell us?

    • WatchDog says:

      Larry, are you serious? Okay from this point we reserve the right not to approve all comments thanks to Larry, Kareem and everyone who wants to turn this review into a political battle. This website is available for everyone and we will not even respond to this despicable accusation Larry! Are you out of your mind? We have your IP address and next time you refer to us as anti-semitic, we will not hesitate to sue you. You should move on. If anyone has anything to add related to the Fast Cash Biz, please do so…please don’t add flames to the last few ridiculous commets!

  108. Josh C says:

    So watchdog, let me get this straight. I have submitted three comments requesting support and feedback in three different forums and they never made it through moderation. This ass clown Kareem takes a racial jab and his comments are left on the board

    • WatchDog says:

      Josh, We agree that comments like Kareem’s are completely inappropriate and disturbing, we are not a political site and have no opinion on the matter! However.. we approve all comments, we are sorry to learn that other forums are not approving your comments, you should stop visiting those sites asap! Here you can always comment and we will let you express yourself in any manner you wish. If you need support email us or post a comment.

  109. Robert says:

    This is a Fastcashbiz review not a hate forum!!!!!! Get out of here Kareem, I also don’t like Israel so much but I didn’t come here to discuss the situation in the Middle East.. and would love for people like you to not comment here and waste our time with your hate. Watchdog you should delete this guy’s comment, it will offend many people.

  110. WatchDog says:

    This is really not a nice comment Kareem, the general statements on Jews are disturbing. Yes, Plus500 is owned by an Israeli but Facebook is also owned by a Jew, so should we all just stop using Facebook? This is not a political or hate site, you will find many forums and sites that call for hate against Jews but we are not one of them! We accept all members, the site is translated to Arabic and to many languages but we will not tolerate any more of this crazy talk! “Pigs of Zion” … Kareem who taught you this kind of stuff? Please apologize or don’t comment on this blog ever again!

  111. Misari lesw says:

    The FastCash.Biz System Signals really suck, the ITM rate is at best 52% my 3 year old child can get me a better performance than this!

  112. WatchDog says:

    Don’t believe anyone who posted positive comments on Fast Cash, it’s most likely fake people they hired. Obviously they have money to hire two great actors and a Jet, avoid this scam! We are hoping to save as many people as possible, help us by sharing this review because this is really going viral and many people are losing money!

  113. Tyneasha Nichols says:

    haha they used professional actors for Fast cash biz you can tell they never trader binary options in their life!

  114. Charlie says:

    Thank you for the feedback Andrei Alvarado and everyone else you saved me! I was just about to invest with FCB!

  115. k raja says:

    Fucking SCAM!

  116. Andrei Alvarado says:

    Bad results yesterday with Fast Cash, I see now why everyone is posting such negative comments!!! I was wondering what’s going on at first, some blogs trying to sell other robots saying this doesn’t work but I understand that thy are advertising other stuff so they are biased. This is a losing system folks!

  117. Efraim says:

    Not working through the Fast Cash Biz registration site, This is getting annoying. No software is accepting me.

  118. Jay says:

    Not even available in my country. Pointless..

  119. Julia says:

    watchdog, Malaysia is next to Singapore. Fastcashbiz is allow me to register & login, does it mean it work for those from Malaysia?

    • WatchDog says:

      Of course Julia, If you are able to pass through the registration and login to the software, it means that you qualify.

  120. Jeff says:

    It was said that “the registration form picks the most suitable broker for you based on your GEO location.:” But why I am prompted to Anyoption which FCB doesn’t sync with? What should I do? Please help.

  121. Valerie Martin says:

    Profits are not in the millions. If you want to get scammed for a few hundred dollars a day (MAX) Fast Cash Biz is a good solution.

  122. Julia says:

    Does it work for asian pacific country like singapore or malaysia?

    • WatchDog says:

      We are 100% sure about Singapore but Malaysia might be off limit, however you can easily check by trying to register. If your GEO location is not accepted, they will not let you get through the registration page.

  123. Jeremy says:

    Watchdog, I need your help!

    On October 20, 2015 around 12:30 I
    signed up with Easy Cash Biz and
    funded my broker…

    And I have yet, as of October 26,
    to have access to the Easy Cash

    We have had numerous email exchanges
    where they have admitted having a
    technical issue.

    Yet, regarding this issue nothing
    is getting resolved as they simply
    Well me to be patient…

    Well, I would imagine that 6 days
    is more than enough.

    In fact, Friday afternoon I told
    them that I would contact the most
    trusted binary reviewers and Easy
    Cash supporters regarding my ordeal.

    As you can imagine, I am upset as I
    simply want to make money online…
    and it seemed as though this was my
    best option… and it still does –
    except for the fact that I cannot
    use it.

    Will you please attempt to contact
    support on my behalf and see if you
    can get anywhere with them?

    if it matters,
    I live in the United States and my
    broker is Glenridge Capital.

    Thank you in advance,
    Jeremy Davis

    • WatchDog says:

      Jeremy, Easy Cash is a different system. It could be that you are confusing this software with something else, possibly an imitation of the real Fast Cash Biz website. Please email us all the information you have including snapshots and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.

  124. James says:

    I don’t see why it should be available everyone in Europe. From my understanding the issue is mainly with Nigeria an a few other developing countries.

  125. Jan Sørensen says:

    Lost over $5000 with Fast Cash Biz, do not join the crooks listen to Watchdog!

  126. noel says:

    DowJones software is called Equinox just tried it today. It has a better software looks.

  127. Merry Meares says:

    I don’t think that you can judge a software in one day, it takes time. For me the results are very accurate, yesterday wasn’t good as Sarah stated but if you look at the last 10 business days, the average is around 81% ITM which is enough to make money and a sign of consistency.

  128. degraft uzakah says:

    hello Adewale Ogunleye! i’m a Nigerian too. i have been reading review from this site since last year hoping there will be a system that will work for us in Nigeria. Please i will like you to contact me. i will need your help when you get to germany

  129. Sarah says:

    of course I stopped this is stupid, it’s a complete SCAM!!!!

  130. Phil says:

    Sarah are you still trading with Fast Cash Biz or did you stop?

  131. Adewale Ogunleye says:

    I live in Nigeria and can’t access the software this is very frustrating! I will need to wait until my flight to Germany in December to use any software. I hope it will still be available for me.

  132. Faysal Raad says:

    Please continue to post updates Sarah! I am really interested to join and also let me know more about the Dow Jones sotware please. Where I find it?

  133. Paulo Jordan Bien says:

    How is the results today Sarah or anyone? I want to register with Fast Cash Biz

  134. Sarah says:

    Hey Stephen and Bob, I am in Canada. The software is fully automated.

    • WatchDog says:

      Keep us updated with your results tomorrow Sarah! Based on the overwhelming feedback, the FCB software is one of the worst offers in the market right now!

  135. bob says:


    Is it fully automatic or do you have to trade it manually once you get the signal?

  136. Stephen says:

    Hi Sarah, which country are you trading from?

  137. Sarah says:

    It’s Sarah and I am back, all signals lost! I am staying away from Fast Cash Biz!

  138. WatchDog says:

    Hi Juniady, If you are getting an error it might be that is not available in Indonesia however you should confirm it with support.

  139. Sarah says:

    I just registered with Fastcash Biz an hour ago. Don’t know what to expect but I will post a comment later today after I get a few signals.

  140. Karl says:

    Hi Watchdog,
    is account doubling app a scam?

  141. Todd says:

    I don’t know if I should join Dow Jones Focus Group?

  142. Ravish Ranjan says:

    I tried endless times to get started with Fast Cash Biz in the last week and I am giving up. This is not available in my country and I tried to use an IP changer, but the broker disabled my account the minute they found out and gave me back my money, so I do not recommend trying to manipulate the system. If you cannot join it is better to just find something else instead.

  143. Brian says:

    Hi Watchdog have you seen Cash Camp any comments on this one please

  144. Derek says:

    I stayed away from Fast Cash and chose Virtnext insteed, 15 signals from the time I activated the software, first was OTM and I was sweating, my heart was beating like mad. I lost the signal by 20 pips!! The rest of the signals were ITM and 1 closed exacty at the same price so I didn’t lose or win just got back the $50 for that signal. Virtnext is rocking!! Bad start but I am glad I gave it an opportunity and didn’t freak out.

  145. Jeff says:

    Just to confirm I withdrew $800 from Glenwood Capital, the verification was easy. EZTrade gave me a nightmare, don’t register with them. I left a lot of money in my account and will increase my trade amount on Monday. I am measuring Googletrader and Fastcashbiz to see which one is better but I only started with Google yesterday. Fast Cash is losing everything and Google Trader is so far not bad.

  146. Катерина says:

    Broker is reguled in EU after I checked. It’s very good from 10 hours ago, 7 wins then 2 lost with eur/usd, after no signals for 70 minutes and after 2 signals again winners. $25 on all trades, I work slowly but after time pass I will increase the trade amount. It’s a good program, in my place this what you make in two months and just in one day!!! Sorry for Google tanslation

  147. Raad Saleh says:

    I tried to register but I got an error stating that is not supporting my country.

  148. Johanna says:

    Started yesterday trading with signals. Five trades and all losers. So far not good.
    Going to take it slow. I am starting to think this is a scam.

  149. Dina says:

    I just got in! I was afraid with all the comments that Fastcashbiz is not available in Turkey but they are! Dina

  150. Allan Mantaring says:

    Google Trader is working very well for me for 2 weeks, I never dropped below 76% in the worst days and I can really recommend it from experience. I am signing-up with FastCash.Biz I’ll let you know how it goes in a few days.

  151. Lester says:

    I think I’ll try the Google Trader because Fast Cash Biz is not available in my country.

  152. Tevon Coney says:

    I registered with FastCash Biz just a few hours ago. Not many signals but the results not bad. I was expecting more signals with the extreme promises on the site.. Im fine though, as long as I aint losin but imma try this Google trader. If Keith and you’ll recommend it I’ll give it a go.

  153. Joey says:

    How about this Dow Jones Focus Group? It looks very interesting but is it available in the UK?

  154. Thomas Cheng says:

    The support told me that you HAVE TO fund your account from within the Fast Cash Website. If you have a preexisting account with the recommended broker, you will have to create and fund a new account through the Fast Cash Website.

  155. Syed says:

    Where is a link to Google Trader? Keith from OptionXe is also recommending it. Is this recommended WatchDog? I can’t sign-up with FastCash anyway beacuse it’s not available in my country. I’ve seen videos by Keith on Google Trader with live results. Can you confirm that it’s real or not!?

  156. Russell N Z says:

    Hi i tried to fund broker account message comes up Login Failed has anyone had this problem

  157. Vicki says:

    If the software essentially generates a signal and not an automated trade, can you deposit to their recommended broker and then actually trade through a broker you’re confident will process withdrawals (e.g., Boss Capital, at least in my past experience).

  158. Steve Schultz says:

    This is such a stupid scam, why did they have to invest so much money on the Jets? I read so many bad reviews on Fast Cash Biz I am staying 100 ft away from it!

  159. Luc says:

    The minimum is set by the broker not by the software, some brokers require $200 and some up to $500. It’s a matter of luck but I think the standard is somewhere around $250.

  160. Tannia says:

    I’m tried to sign up with Fast Cash. I’m in the US. It says the minimum is $350 so I searched for reviews and found this, thank you so much Wathdog!

  161. Januar Sam says:

    Wow, finally I found the credible review about the Fast Cash Biz. I trust this review as long as it is the real review of the binary option watch dog. I know this review website and I trust the contents. Thanks for the review.

  162. Paul Brisbane QLD says:

    I am pleased I found your blog Watchdog, thank you. Great feed back from everyone. I received a call from FastCash in UK to activate my account with funds but refused until I did my back ground research. How difficult is it to get a proper review for something? everyones trying to convince that their opportunity is better to invest in & blah Blah Blah. Its taxing! thank God you’ve taken the initiative to create this blog and keep it real and direct! I found enough evidence to feel comfortable joining thanks to your blog. I’m not looking to be a millionaire at all, just survive comfortable to pay bills and set up for our future. It’s been a dream of mine to work from home & have the freedom & financial security. Im calling in UK back. Its time to activate my account with funds. I promise to share my results too. Thanks again.

    • John Moore says:

      Hi Paul…..I’m interested in knowing how you made out with
      Thanks or any recommendation you might have.

  163. Emil says:

    I want to warn everyone about the 5K Club! It’s the worst scam ever! Please warn everyone Watchdog!! I lost 6 trades in a row. It can’t be real!

  164. Emmanuel Ade says:

    Not available for me in my country Fast Cash Biz!

  165. Chris Aerfeldt says:

    I signed up on Saturday, finally I am starting to get signals, my first 4 trades are all winners!

  166. Bethenny says:

    I noticed Keith is recommending the software and I regard his website and yours as the most trusted in the industry. I am giving this one a shot. The overall consensus is very positive!!

  167. TENGKU says:

    Hi there ,

    I am from Malaysia and totally a new bi for binary option. Looking forward to read more about the comments

  168. Van says:

    I can’t wait to try this!? NOT!

  169. Guy says:

    Why did they give this software such a silly name? I was going to pass but I’m glad I didn’t. It works, of course I wasn’t and still not expecting to become a millionaire with Fastcash.Biz but it’s good enough. By the way, I am familiar with Fiverr very well Watchdog, I had 5 gigs but never make over $40 in one day. It’s lame, they also take 20% of all your profits so unless you are the most talented seller you can’t make good money with Fiverr. My full focus now is on Fast Cash, I’ve never seen anything close to this and I’ve been online looking for work for years, started with surveys, moved on to actual selling but nothing can beat a binary options software that works and delivered a good performance. Thank you so much for allowing this discussion! Guy

  170. Abiodun says:

    No software works in Nigeria, also Fast Cash Biz. I changed my IP using a sofware to show I am from UK. Now I can work with this. To all Nigerians you can do it, look how to change your IP.

  171. Lanny says:

    My account is up by $6,700 since September 25th thanks to this amazing software!! The part about the millions is misleading indeed but Virt is serious business!

  172. Emaz says:

    Which good bots work in Nigeria? It appears Fast Cash Biz is not available for Nigeria.

  173. Peter says:

    What brokers is everyone using?

  174. Jess says:

    Anybody from the Philippines who signed up with

  175. Jordan says:

    I am from Australia, just want to report back on FastCash.Biz. Starting on Monday and until now I counted 51 signals out of all the signals I won 10 of them. Very low performance I lost almost all of my account in a very short time. They are flying on private jets while scamming people basically.

  176. Terese says:

    Hello Watchdog, my name is Terese and I am from Sweden. I found this software “18 Minutes” they state that it’s only available in my country, is this claim true? They speak English and not Swedish, this is what made me wonder.

  177. Justin says:

    Why so many services are not available in the USA? Luckily the FastcashBiz accepted me. I am very optimistic with all the good results and testimonials I am seeing. Let’s do it!

  178. Lorenzo says:

    Thank you for the review Watchdog, you saved me from I almost fell for this!

  179. Sarah says:

    I have an account with Anyoption. Can I use it with FastcashBiz? I really want to give it a try!

  180. David says:

    Hey Peter! I’m in California, USA. Where are you from?

  181. Selma says:

    Forget about FastCashApp, Virt is the most serious software right now. I looked up a few but this one is really easy to use, the automation also makes it easier. The Option Bot 2 is semi automated and I had trouble using it. Today out of 17 trades I only lost 2 trades. Trust is developed in time but everything feels good about this software. I want to recommend it to everyone! Most systems are not working, this one is real!

  182. Noel says:

    Is FastCashBiz software does the Auto Trade for you? Thanks.

  183. Joske says:

    Signed up too, shitty performance with Fast Cash it’s a nightmare!

  184. Trevor says:

    I stumbled across the Fastcash.his website by accident last night 2nd October 2015, it looks too good to be true but reading some of the comments here, maybe not?

    I have lost a lot of money through various scams in the the past, so I am now very, very wary, however that attitude could mean missing out on a great opportunity!

    Most ordinary people just want to see a little success and at least move forward and promises of making millions easily, frightens them off, me included!

    I have worked hard all of my life and always tried to do the right thing, at 61-years old it would be great to find something that could provide a comfortable retirement in a few years!

    I will watch these reports with interest, thank you for the resource!

  185. Carl says:

    WOOT WOOT! I Also didn’t really buy into the stories but the performance is outstanding! They outsmarted all the other services I tried, it’s factual at this point. Luckily didn’t go with my gut feeling after losing some money. I know a few people who gave up on binary options completely. After 2 withdrawal requests I can sincerely recommend the Fast Cash application for everyone who is dying for something real in this industry! Carl

  186. Thando says:

    Im also so excited!! I signed up with them. I cant wait for Monday!!!

  187. Wayne says:

    Is there a broker with a $20 minimum?

  188. Steven says:

    GlenRidge Capital has a very good reputation but FastCash is a software I will stay away from!

  189. Robert says:

    I got through the sign up with glenridge capital but i will wait for
    a few more reports before i get carried away. Must go very cautious
    in this business or it can be quite expensive.

  190. Keith says:

    Robert, I just signed up with Fast Cash biz today. I am also in the U.S. and was also assigned to Glenridge Capital as broker. Registration with them was not a problem. I haven’t yet made my initial deposit though.

    I do have a question. So far the brokers mentioned above are easy to work with and have fast payouts. I’d like to know if anyone here has experience with Glenridge Capital that is located in the U.S.. And if their whole experience with Fast Cash biz and broker are as good as the comments above.

  191. Robert says:

    I have signed with fastcash but as of now i get an error message broker
    not supported.
    Broker is glenridge capital anyone familiar with this broker i am in
    the USA.

  192. eric says:

    hello David. is there a way for us to communicate? i would love to know your journey leading to your signing up with fast cash biz. i want to earn too.

  193. David says:

    My ITM is still 84-86% and I already successfully processed a $400 withdrawal with InteractiveOption in order to test it. If this continues, next month my pay check will be at least $4,000! I’m very happy with InteractiveOption. The Fast Cash Biz support said they only work with regulated brokers. I checked and InteractiveOption are indeed regulated.

  194. Jacqueline says:

    Hello to all of you guys. I would love to hear positive results from all of you about the fastcashbiz. I am interested but I want to know more about your positive inputs and results. Keep me posted please. Thanks

  195. Jag says:

    I signed up and my broker was optionrally but i didnt deposit yet

  196. Martha says:

    5 Trades ITM 2 trades OTM in the morning. Later in the afternoon I got 3 more ITM’s so I am happy with the software as of now. I still don’t see how I will make millions from FastCash.Biz I am not sure yet, it may be a scam!

  197. wilfred says:

    Ve seen all the feedback on FASTCASHBIZ it looks amazing but has anyone made a withdraw,which broker are they connected to,THX.

  198. Peter says:

    I would like to find out from those claiming they are earning from the FastCash.Biz that have they able to withdraw from their broker?

    If any one had made a withdrawal from their brokers please let me know.

  199. nadia maryam says:

    lets hope this one works

  200. Stav Cohen says:

    Fast Cash Biz is not available in Israel and I am leaving the States tomorrow. It’s useless for me. Thanks anyway!

  201. Robert says:

    What brokers are fastcash connected with that means a lot when you go to withdraw.

  202. Mike says:

    Thanks for all the feedback on FastCashBiz

  203. Sam says:

    You’re making lots of very valid points Watchdog! I’m tired of review sites that simply trash everything, and then try to sell you some cheapo eBook or something stupid like IveTriedThat.

  204. David says:

    After two days of using this software, I’m still making money! AMAZING! I’ve raised my trade amount to $50 and 30 signals later, my balance is now $1,310!!! I started with $250… meaning that the ITM rate is 86% 🙂 Thanks Madison and David! And thanks WatchDog for recommending Fast Cash BIZ

    • WatchDog says:

      You don’t seem so credible honestly David, you never sent us any solid evidence to back your claims! Are you sure you are not working for Fast Cash?

  205. Noel says:

    Fast Cash Biz is the worst scam ever, I don’t believe this David for a minute! I lost $2500 it can’t be legit! Noel

  206. Dee says:

    Looking forward to more info on this system…

  207. WatchDog says:

    This is the way their system works, it’s a major downside but most automated services such as the Fast Cash Biz only require one broker registration. By the way, where is David? So did you lose all your money? You seemed pretty excited, hopefully it wasn’t just a thrill of the moment. Let us know if we’re dealing with a legitimate softawre or if it’s a scam. Please also email us actual snapshots from your account if you plan to post a comment here and update us with your results.

  208. Enrique says:

    Hi watchDog, I am not very happy with the Option Bot 2, why do I need to open 5 different accounts? Are they crazy? even if they have good results why should I have to open so many accounts? I just want to open one trading account and really out of all the offers I noticed, the Fast Cash Biz looks the most serious to me! David can you share more results please? I will sign up because honetly if this one is not real, I don’t think that anything is.

  209. Peter says:

    I’ve never seen a video to fancy like the I wonder if they didn’t have money, so how can they be on a private jet and film like that? I am an actor and I can smell people who are lying. Those people are not actors, they are rich.

  210. Chad Franklin says:

    Watch Dog.. Have you guys seen this one yet?

    I started getting flooded with today with this one. Sounds to good to be true so I will wait for reviews.

  211. David says:

    Wow It looks amazing! I can’t wait to be on that private jet on my way to the Fast Cash Biz mansion! Definitely going to sign up and will update on my performance in a few hours 🙂

  212. WatchDog says:

    The feedback of a single person is not enough for us. Time will tell, hopefully this review will rank high on Google so any actual members of the software will post comments.

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