Facebook Auto Trader Review – FRAUDULENT!

Facebook Auto Trader software is yet another binary options scam meant to steal every single penny that you have. John Thompson is the alleged owner and creator of this BO trading service, a man who is very mysterious indeed. It is said that you can earn thousands and thousands of dollars every single day using the Facebook Auto Trader app. However, from the evidence we have gathered, plus from the complaints of many ripped off users, we definitely do not have anything good to say about this blockbuster of a scheme.

When things look too good to be true, they usually always are, and this is exactly what is going on with Facebook Auto Trader software. We’re here doing a Facebook Auto Trader scam review and it isn’t to clear their good name. We’re here to warn you about the very real dangers that Facebook Auto Trader scam software pose to you. While it may seem like a good investment opportunity to you now, after you read what we have to say about it, you will undoubtedly change your mind.

Facebook Auto Trader App – John Thompson

Perhaps the most glaringly obvious sign that this whole thing is a total rip off has to do with the person whom we are led to believe is the owner and creator of it all, John Thompson. We are very highly suspicious of this John person, mainly because we don’t we know for a fact that he is a paid actor. If you listen to this guy talk, you will quickly notice that he is totally clueless in terms of binary options trading. Listening to this clown explain Facebook Auto Trader or binary options in general, is like listening to a kindergartner explain advanced physics. It just doesn’t work. Listen to him for a minute and you will know exactly what we mean.

Of course we could not just leave it at that, so we did some more digging around. Well, we quickly discovered that Mr. Thompson has no search results online other than those associated with this crappy money thieving enterprise. There is absolutely no mention of this guy, except for in relation to scams. Even better is that we even managed to locate him in various other videos and presentations, none of which have anything to do with binary options. This guy is just a cheap scapegoat hired to hide the real identities of the crooks running the show. It is always nice to have an actor in the way of your prison sentence!

Facebook Auto Trader App – The Fake Team

Another big red flag that came to our attention has to do with the whole Facebook Auto Trader team. On the website, we are shown pictures of various so called team members with varying jobs. Each of these people has a picture, job title, and some really flattering descriptions. Obviously this is an effort to gain our trust by trying to make us feel more familiar and comfortable with the team.

However, something really suspicious is that we are never provided with the names of any of these people, only images and job titles. This is more than enough to scare us away for good. There is no good reason to do that except for if the people are fictitious. Ok, so the images are real, but their personas are definitely not. If you copy and paste the image into any database, you will quickly see that they are nothing more than stock images of models. The same images used for the Facebook Auto Trader team members have already been used for countless other scams, sales pitches, and commercials. They are nothing more than tricks!

Facebook Auto Trader App – Relation To Facebook?

Another intriguing aspect about this bogus trading service has to do with the name itself, specifically the Facebook part. The name of this trading program might make it seem like it is run by the same people who own Facebook, or at least that it operates using Facebook for one purpose or another. During the presentation video, we are even shown posts on Facebook concerning Facebook Auto Trader, mainly about winning trades.

However, if you do just a minimal bit of research, you will quickly find out that this software has absolutely no relation to this popular social media platform at all. If you go to Facebook and look up this particular service, there is no mention of it, not even a single post, especially not about any winning trades. These are just doctored and Photo shopped images meant to trick you. Make no mistake about it. This fraudulent and highly dangerous program bears zero relation to the social media platform which it is trying to link up with. It is all just one giant scam!

Facebook Auto Trader Software – A Rip Off of Rip Offs

Yet another thing that very quickly came to our attention about this completely nonsensical trading app has to do with previous scams. You see, we bust a lot of scams. After all, that is our job, to help people around the world keep their money safe and stay away from thieves. This means that we run into pretty much every BO, Forex, and crypto currency scam in existence. Or in other words, we know what they all look like. Well, we became highly suspicious of Facebook Auto Trader software when we started noticing similarities between it and various other scams that we already busted a long time ago.

Facebook Auto Trader scam software bears a striking resemblance to the Omnia App, Crypto Trader, and Lazy Trader. All 3 of those programs are undoubtedly scams, ones that we already chopped down to size in previous reviews. All of those apps were more or less rip offs of one another, and this one is no different. It’s nothing more than a slightly different reboot of older scams that went belly up. The creators figured that they had a good thing going with those other scams, so they just slapped a new name and some new packaging onto them, called it Facebook Auto Trader, and hoped that nobody would notice. This is our job, so we definitely noticed!

Facebook Auto Trader Software & Scam Brokers

Of course these crooks have a specific intention, which is to steal your money as quick as they can. Well, the way they do this is by utilizing scam brokers. The really funny part about this whole thing is that your Facebook Auto Trader account does not get activated and you don’t get told who your broker is until you have already deposited a sum of money. This is obviously a ploy to get you to hand over your hard earned cash to the criminals behind Facebook Auto Trader scam software.

All of the brokers in use here are totally unlicensed and unregulated. This means that they have no legal authority to be doing what they are. Even worse is that because their locations are unknown, and because there is no regulation for them, when they do steal your money, there is not a single thing that you will be able to do about it. Forget about ever making a withdrawal and surely forget about taking any legal action against these guys. Once they steal your money, it’s all over.

Facebook Auto Trader Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that Facebook Auto Trader software is a scam, a rip off, and nothing more than an easy way to steal the money of unsuspecting traders. Please people, watch out for scams like this one because they are all very dangerous. If you do deposit money into a trading account with these crooks, you can be sure that it will all disappear in the blink of an eye. Facebook Auto Trader scam software is malicious and it is out to get you!

Review Verdict: Facebook Auto Trader is a SCAM! 

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