Dubai Lifestyle is a SCAM! Indisputable Review!

Read this highly important review regarding the release of the Dubai Lifestyle app by Scott Hathaway the so called CEO and Founder of the software. Once you land on the website there are some conflicting and downright dangerous information that can be found, especially to those that are new to binary options trading. We encourage you to read our full Dubai Lifestyle scam review as we will be exposing the details that you need to watch out for, and the facts that will prove that the software is nothing but a scam.

Let’s get straight into it, Scott Hathaway is sadly no more than a Stock Image being used to portray a person that does not exist. The producers behind the Dubai Lifestyle scam decided the go the absolute cheapest way to launch this thing as possible. By using a voice narrator, Stock Photo actor testimonials, the spots available claims, and the over exaggerated profit claims. All of these are the very first signs we look for when confirming a system as a scam, and all of the above including more can be found on the Dubai Lifestyle software webpage.

So we now know that Mr Hathaway is a stolen photo, but is there maybe a profile behind the name? Well we went on a search and find mission to see if just maybe the true person behind the Dubai Lifestyle software decided to stay a mystery. Regrettably though, we were unable to find anything, no information regarding the owner, the programmer, the developer, nothing. It is almost like the system has been created by ghosts, or in this like we know, but scam artist. When trusted auto traders are released, the producers generally make sure there are enough information going about to answer traders questions, which proves they are not a scam and trusted, but as you can see in this case they almost go about hiding everything they can possible.

The testimonials you see during the Dubai Lifestyle scam presentation is none other than actors, every single one of them. We are not against actors as a general rule, but Fiverr actors they chose to use confirms yet again that our review is about a scam service. Some of our subscribers will notice quite a few of the people featuring to give their reviews, and will be able to link them to previous scam reviews we have done not too long ago. We had to laugh when the first actor claimed that he found the Dubai Lifestyle software through a personal invite from a friend of his, and we of course know that friend came in the form of an order, and paid for delivery.

Try to leave and you’ll be met with this annoying pop-up. This is a common trick used by scam-artists to try to get you to stay on the site with their empty promises aka “$7,183.80 per day”…


Just in case the above facts have not convinced you that the Dubai Lifestyle software is a scam, here are a few more to put the cherry on the cake. The Mahmood brother that Scott claims to have met who so generously gave him the $430k for his venture, do not exist either. We were unable to find any identity to these two brothers anywhere. Additionally we need our readers to think logically here. Who in their right mind would give someone who has got nothing behind their name that amount of cash for just an idea, without even a prototype to prove what he is presenting actually works. We can assure you, most business men would not, so without knowing it, we reckon he met his fairy godmother instead.

Furthermore the claims they are making to traders of being able to make a staggering $7k per day with the Dubai Lifestyle scam is complete ludicrous. Trading Binary options does not come without it’s risk, and even after our extensive experience in all aspects of the industry, have we not come across a software able to generate profits that come close to the amounts promised by the Dubai Lifestyle software. Expecting to make more than $900 is shooting higher than any trusted auto trader can achieve, also claiming that traders would be able to generate those profits on a small deposit of just $250 are putting very false hopes in people’s heads of very quick rags to riches dreams.

Systems such as these are literally popping up left right and centre, and sadly due to the demand for traders to make a living from home, especially new traders are falling victim to these systems. We have to stress that the Dubai Lifestyle scam is just a bogus software that was released to get as many people to register before packing up and dropping everyone like a hot stone, and sadly so are most auto traders released these days. Doing your research and reading review after review is the only way to truly stay safe in the binary options industry, and to avoid falling for systems such as the Dubai Lifestyle software, that has been designed purely for the sake of draining your account before you can count to ten.

Review Verdict: Dubai Lifestyle App is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

If you’ve been doing some research, you probably came across more than a few reviews, and on credible sites you will find that the conclusion is the same. is not a website you can trust with your money and we proved it beyond any reasonable doubt. We encourage you to share your feedback and questions below this review, especially if you have an experience to share concerning this App or other similar scams.

Those who are searching for better alternatives, should visit our Watchdog’s Tested Signals Page for Binary Options. We do take into consideration consistency over time, as well as the over all community feedback when we determine the credibility of a signals provider. Some services provide with fully automated signals and some offer manual signals, but the accurate rate is the determining factor.

9 comments on “Dubai Lifestyle is a SCAM! Indisputable Review!
  1. José Salgado says:

    Gracias. Muchas gracias por su ayuda. Esta oferta de Dubai Lifestyle es demasiado buenas para ser cierto. No cabe duda, es una estafa.

  2. Mario says:

    Grazie x Info

  3. Daniel Herrera Catala says:

    What about Ashton Kutcher promoting the app on Faccebook?
    Did they steal his image copyright or he is in to it?
    Thanks for the research sharing

  4. Yolanda Yancel says:

    Gracias por compartir esta información y evitar que personas caigamos en esas estafas.Saludos.

  5. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    better hurry,time remaining offer expires in 10 minutes!.LOL..yes indeed,this scammer really looks annoying!..they’re so desperate and hunger to swallow people money..please be careful guys!..I wanted to say Dubai is amazing city but this Dubai lifestyle App will make u suffers definitely!..thanks watchdog for this review

  6. Alexander says:

    Bloombex Auto trader is a con. The first three months it goes really well with 65% gain and when you don’t take their offers for bigger investments through their traders, it then takes all your money.
    I invested $300.00 at start and was up to $583.00 at July and now I have only $20.00 in my account.

  7. Freeman Ativor says:

    Anytime i visit certain some websites and i then decided to close the web page and then it goes like…..Wait dont leave this page else you will loose soo many amounts of money….lol. Are they kidding me.I run away as fast as i can bcos its an obvious scam.If they said they can make lots of money for you why dont they themselves put funds in the app and make tones of dollars?
    Be careful of the so called dubai-lifestyle =D =D
    Am very sure they intentionally choose the name dubai-lifestyle so that they can easily get people to scam bcos of how people have been living luxurious lives in Dubai
    Stay away from this and thanks binaryoptionswatchdog for always been on the look out to prevent people from been scammed

    • Binary wolf says:

      i don’t think you know about binary option trading .If you know the terms how it works and behaves then no one will say that it’s a scam.And you said “why don’t they themselves put funds in the app and make tones of dollars? ”
      if you studied a little bit about the founder then you already informed that how much wealth he has .
      Don’t try to fool people .

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