Click Money is a SCAM!!!

The Click Money System is one of the newest entries in the already busy scam landscape. The fraudulent domain: is proof that scammers are evolving and they are trying new ways to be more convincing. Unfortunately, with Click Money, it’s safe to say their efforts have backfired spectacularly. The promotion video-marathon for this scam is a train-wreck in every way. It’ll steal more than an hour of your life and it will end up telling you absolutely nothing you haven’t already heard through other such scams. Indeed, the script of the Click Money System promotional videos would be worthy of some sort of prize for being outstandingly boring and repetitive, were it not absolutely unoriginal. Most parts of the script were probably rehashed from older scam videos. The parts that are original, are despicable in the way they try to appeal to emotion and to elicit trust in a pushy and extremely unconvincing manner.

We were never invited to join the Click Money System, yet when we gave them an email and a name to proceed to another one of their abominable videos, they ran a verification process to see whether we were indeed one of the lucky few who got invitations. Guess what: we checked out…not really surprising, considering that they also claimed whoever clicked away from their site would never be able to see the “content” again, and we had done that too, a few times. Now that we got the exclusivity and fake invitation tricks out of the way, let’s continue to review the rest of what’s truly behind the fake


The two protagonists of the video, Julia and Harold – who are also the founders of the Click Money operation  – are obviously two actors, as are the other people paraded through the video. The peculiar thing about the setup is that these are actually decent actors. Yes, there are a few moments when one could swear the actress playing the part of Julia is struggling not to burst into laughter, but other than that, everyone has their act together. The script is so atrocious though that there’s probably nobody on this planet who could make it sound convincing.

Over a little more than an hour, we’re introduced to a fake location, to fake status-symbols and to the usual selection of fake promises. We’re subjected to the classic urgency-inducing marketing tricks, and we’re fed teary stories of rags to riches. We also find out that the protagonists are devout Christians. That bit is probably employed to make us trust them…after all, what good Christian would ever devise a devious scheme such as this one? That’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel there


Through what essentially amounts to a video-marathon, the actors fail to reveal the simplest bit of information about how their system works. It would bore us to death we’re told…and then Harry tells us it predicts whether an asset-price will go up or down. It has obviously been decided that stories of hyper-velocity communication and secret algorithms are no longer trendy and convincing, so they completely did away with that part. That fact alone would actually have been a step in the right direction, but in its stead, a litany of stupid and most often downright disgusting blurb was added. Should we continue this Click Money review or you’re already getting it?

Apparently nothing is sacred to these people. They belittle the role of education in one’s life, stating that those who never go to college and thus avoid racking up mountains of student debt, are the ones making the right choice. After all, there’s the Click Money SCAM that one can make a lucrative career of…The irony here is that from the scammers’ perspective, people without any education (and common sense for that matter), are really more desirable and targetable.

Besides the fact that the whole setup seems to have a lot in common with the Onassis Alliance – another scam we’ve already reviewed, it is also full of weird twists. At one point someone calls in to verify the contents of their account, and we learn that the person making the call is “the most active” member of the Click Money System club. How pray tell can one be the most active, working a system which requires that one do nothing? Is this person the best at doing nothing? Probably so. The Click Money System only works with a hard-wired broker (now that’s a surprise…) and we think that it’s rather safe to assume that the said broker is an unlicensed crook with a mile-long record of fraud and unethical behavior. The bottom line: the British accents and the posh surroundings used for the video were obviously meant to polish up the scam for consumption. That may have been accomplished, but however polished, this you-know-what remains true to its nature. This is one club you don’t want to join, unless you love to waste money.

Review Verdict: Click Money System is a SCAM!

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6 comments on “Click Money is a SCAM!!!
  1. dave says:

    these type of people should b locked up bunch of wankers

  2. Sarah says:

    Click money is a scam, I don’t have time to waste on this! I can’t believe how these people don’t have feelings and scam others like this. It is so sad….

  3. WatchDog says:

    Dear Annia, What would you say in regards to some of the negative press Opteck received on various forums and online trading sites? Some people are complaining, on one hand you have a great platform but on the other hand some of your bonuses and features are kind of misleading, don’t you think?

  4. kelvin says:

    Dear Shenki Kelvin Zulu,

    Thank you for taking the time to register with Opteck. I wanted to take this moment to update you regarding our company information.

    Opteck was founded in 2011 by a team of highly motivated professionals, passionate about trading on the financial global markets and empowering others to follow their lead. On the platform you will find today’s current assets within all 4 major markets – currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. is a trading name of CST Financial Services Ltd, regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (“IFSC”), under authorization number IFSC/60/377/TS/15. The postal address of the office is:
    35 Barrack Road, Third Floor
    Belize City, Belize

    Please feel free to contact us at any time with further inquiries at In addition, we have excellent online support available to you via LiveChat.

    Annia Alexander
    Junior Associate

    International: +35722007264
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  5. Donna Miller says:

    Hi I had a call from Click Money and became irate and abusive calling me from every country possible for hours. he begin with saying they r going to explain the market wanting no money. After 1/2 an hour out pops the question “where’s the credit card? How much do u want to invest with me”. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had with brokers. Her name was Heidi.

    Beware guys.

  6. Freeman Ativor says:

    Anytime these scam systems pop up,the number 1 things i use to cacth them is the notice on the website that “ONLY 10 OR 2 SPOTS LEFT”
    This is is just a pure sign of scam.No true system will ever tell you the number of spots remaining and if you didnt get the chance to join then it means its over..hahaha
    This is a total lie and just to let u buy into the system.Morever these people are just hired artists.
    Pure scam.

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