Cash Formula is a SCAM!! Review based on Facts!

Don’t be impressed by the production of the Cash Formula Scam when you view it for the first time. Unfortunately this review will debunk any positive impression and dreams you may have in relation to the website. Luckily for us and most of our subscribers we have vast experience in this field, and enough contact to assure us if a system such as the Cash Formula software is a scam or an auto trader that can be trusted. If you too have been one of the traders to consider registering with this system, be sure to read our full review as we will be exposing the important facts  we were able to gather during our investigation into Cash Formula.

Tim Stafford is the presenter of the Cash Formula scam and the one making all the bold claims and statements as to what the Cash Formula software is, how he came about having it in his possession and why he is can offer the system to you today for free. Actually the funny thing is that he never went into details on how exactly he came to obtain the system, he only informs us that he got it from his mentor, and that his mentor is the one who taught him exactly how to work the system in order to be in a very wealthy position today. Anyways, saying that, we of course dug a bit deeper into the persona of Tim Stafford in order to have all our facts correct for our review, and here is the thing, we found absolutely nothing. Which in all honesty we find quite surprising especially since he claims to have been a millionaire for quite some time now, sure there must be some information on him somewhere.

Tim Stafford, the new Morpheus or just a Lame Actor? 


So now for the story behind the Cash Formula Scam and exactly what makes it so special and why it is unlike something you have ever seen before. As previously mentioned the production is quite good and convincing, however that is all this scam has going for it, as the rest just don’t add up. Think about it for a second, Tim claims the Cash Formula Software consists of some or other top secret algorithm which started from a group of hackers that hacked a government agency that was later purchased by big banking corporations also known as the Cartel, who leaked some sensitive data regarding the Cash Formula auto trader, and now it is being offered to us. Now as we said if you think about it for a second, does it really make sense? Plus the idea is that they are now offering the system to you in order to register asap and share between your friends as the Feds are on their tail, and chances are if they get hold of it, there will be no more spaces available to new traders.

Now say you do not find the story behind the Cash Formula Scam so far-fetched and still think that this could be the system for you. Let’s have a look at more evidence proving that the software is nothing but a scam and most certainly cannot be trusted. When you listen carefully to Tim he informs you that the Cash Formula Software was downloaded from the memory stick he has in his book in his briefcase. If you also listen carefully to the so called students of his as well, he downloaded the system unto their selected pc’s / laptops. Yet the software he is offering to you today is not one that you can download, it is in the cloud and all that I needed is go on the internet and access your account. This is not all, he also states that if you enter your details into the spaces provided you will be receiving his details and phone number in order to get in touch with him. Well this is not true as we followed through and as expected we had a broker calling us asking us to deposit, no details of Tim anywhere. Furthermore, this will never be true simply because they are offering the auto trader to thousands of people, do you really think he is going to provide his details to so many strangers that he does not know to call him personally when they have any issues, of course not.

Don’t submit your email or they will spam you indefinitely! Unsubscribe if you did.


Our list can go on and on about what we found for our review on the Cash Formula Scam, like for example, if these students / beta testers of his truly made millions already with the exact same software we are receiving, how did they do so in less than 5 months when they are all claiming to have been using this system for some time. However clearly we are not receiving the same one, as theirs is a downloaded version, and ours is not. Another point is that Tim states that there is no limit of spaces available when registering with the auto trader, however he fails to inform you that there is a time limit to register, and if the timer counts down to 0 that is apparently it, you have lost your chance, eh wrong… refresh your page and you can register for a spot, making the widget completely useless.

The sad truth is that scammers are getting more and more clever by the day, like the ones who are behind the Cash Formula Software. They use actors that are not famous in order to fool you into thinking they can be trusted. They use big words and clever explanations to install false security that they know what they are talking about. They lead you into a short story of their personal lives to create some sense that you can relate to, again installing false security. The list goes on and on, on what they are prepared to do in order to get you to register with their scam auto trader. This is one of the reasons why we are taking the systems we review more serious and ensuring that we have our facts correct before landing the blow that people are registering for is yet another fraud!

Review Verdict: Cash Formula is a SCAM!!!

Blacklisted website –

Viral Scams promoted by similar Email Spammers:

Quantum Code, Push Money App, Cobalt Code & Compound Trader

We can only hope that after reading our factual review, you will think twice before wasting your money with what is clearly, a worthless money-making scheme! It is purely designed to deplete your account balance using psychological tricks and an expensive production. Cash Formula is expected to go viral and was already exposed in several reviews, however it’s important that we alert you of the Push Money App promoters who are now spamming 10,000’s of day-traders with email invitations to join the ‘dream selling’ pitch page.

If you already made a mistake and decided to join the alleged Tim Stafford, we will gladly assist you with complaints and disputes free of charge. Please help us spread awareness into this matter by sharing this review and commenting below, especially if you have an experience to share with the world. has the biggest world-wide reach in this field of work, therefore your testimonial can truly help save other potential victims.

For alternatives to this beautifully done SCAM production, we encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. We carefully vet signals providers after weeks and months of testing, accompanied by positive industry consensus, and most importantly, positive user feedback.

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7 comments on “Cash Formula is a SCAM!! Review based on Facts!
  1. Tamoy Hutchinson says:

    i saw the cash formula add and decided to sign myself up and see where it leads me but the good thing i havent sent any cash to him ….. however ever since i’ll recieve up to 80 emails a day saying i’ve been selected as a lucky winner and i’ve been a loyal customer so click here to recieve my bonus blah blah blah but really and truly i’ve never done anything other than signed up and ignore his email but what i want to know is how to stop his emails because i reported his emails as spam but somehow it doesnt come up as spam anymore but as regular emails….. how can i deactivate this cash formula account?? his constant emails are annoying

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Tamoy, We appreciate your feedback concerning the Cash Formula. In order to deactivate the emails, you will need to unsubscribe from their email list. Typically at the bottom of those promotional style short emails that you are referring too, you will notice an unsubscribe option. Click to unsubscribe and remove yourself, otherwise they will spam you forever. In case they are using an illegal way to send emails, you will need to filter the Sender via your email provider. Gmail for example offers an option to just block a specific email and redirects them to your spam.

  2. Philip Irvine says:

    For the purposes of clarity I will refer to Tim Stafford as spokesman and co-owner of Cash Formula.
    The first thing you must understand about Tim is he’s very good at what he does. The second is that he is a psychopath. Most of you may associate the term with serial murderers and the like in both movie depictions and real serial murderers. However it’s a term applicable to many people, none of whom run around killing people. It refers to a condition common to many people in all walks of life. For our purposes it refers to an individual incapable of feeling empathy for other people. Someone without a conscience who will stop at nothing in their
    need to achieve their ends. Where Tim is concerned it is cheating people out of their money. Tim is the poster child for the Biblical Verse “The love of money is the
    root of all evil.”
    In nearing three hundred emails since the last cash formula until now, I can legitimately lay claim to knowing better than any of you the way his mind works. The
    results you’ll receive by joining Cash Formula, and the response you’ll receive when you’re money’s gone and you’ve made it clear you’re no longer willing to throw
    away more.
    Tim comes across as a very warm and caring person. Someone who has your well-being and best interests at heart. This is why he wants you to take advantage of an
    opportunity which will change your life and be totally free for you. Accept it’s not. You need to provide a minimum $250 funding to his broker, the broker who’s paid
    him millions and is the only one tied into the formula and guaranteed to make your deposits safe and your withdraws fast and easy. There is no licensed broker. When
    your money’s gone, don’t waste your time asking for it back. If you’re even able to reach him, which 99.9% chance you won’t, you can threaten, beg, pour out your
    heart concerning any circumstance your loss has left you in. You can tell him of lost college funds, your house being repossessed, a life or death operation needed,
    it will make no difference. It does not matter whether he reads them or not he is psychologically wired and incapable of even considering any outcome other than
    keeping your money. It doesn’t matter if you’re asking for $250 or $25,000. $250 is nothing to him and may be everything to you. It makes no difference. Accept what
    I’m telling you as gospel. He literally doesn’t give a shit.
    These companies exchange email addresses and you are in for a deluge of similar offers, all of which will make your money disappear as fast as you can send it. You
    may have already seen the short video where the homely actress says she was going to withdraw the $10,000 she’d won but had decided not to because Tim told her he
    thought it would double by tomorrow. This is unmitigated manipulation. If you take this advice you’ll lose the $10,000 and end up with nothing.
    Why a cap of $20,000 on daily profits? More manipulation. Cash Formula must be so profitable for its investors they’re afraid of too many people making extravagant
    profits! You may have a suffered a few setbacks but you’re guaranteed to make that $20,000 even if you have to send more money to cover that run of bad trades, after
    all, Tim never promised 100% successes, and you were bound to see some short-lived hiccups in your profit stream. So beg, borrow, or steal, you’ll get the funding
    needed to reach that $20,000.
    You have been manipulated since day one. I could continue on the inclination for you to place larger transactions once you think your bad luck has ended. Tim
    Stafford not only manipulates you, he manipulates the trades you win and the ones you’ll lose. A lot of money has gone into the presentation and implementation of
    Cash Formula. For you to win $20,000 80 people will have funded $250. That’s not an accurate count, it doesn’t include paying the people making commissions on
    having hooked you in the first place. The financial entity processing your funding and distributing your losses. The actors lying about profits they never made. The
    site costs, the programmers, the cold callers, and the owners who will walk away with tens of millions before the abrupt closure of the site occurs with no warning
    to you. Cash Formula went viral. This virus has no cure and will be the death of your savings.
    Get out now. Demand the return of whatever funds you have left. Be warned your request may very well not be honored. Do not wait to try and make up your losses.
    And do not blame yourself for your losses. You’ve been fleeced by an expert. So was I.

  3. Maegan says:

    Thank you watchdog for the very honest SCAM review! I hate to say this but I do tend to watch those things but never start them, and a good ex. is the Push Money App. After reading what you guys said, I’m done completely! It’s a waste of time to even bother listening to it! Thanks again and keep it up!!

  4. Lau keng wei says:

    Binarybrokerz is a scam. Giving u wrong investments when you ask for withdrawal. Making you lose all yours money.

  5. Miral says:

    Cash Formula clearly is a scam. Tim Stafford aka Morpheus . Like the connection. Thank you Watchdog for this comprehensive review

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