Cash 365 is a SCAM; Evidence based Review!

The Cash 365 scam is one of the latest attempt to steal money from unsuspecting day-traders. Pay close attention as we detail all the reasons why you should avoid this fake app in our factual review. This supposed software is not licensed or regulated and the claim of making you $1,857, 93 per day is beyond ludicrous. Investing in this automated fraud will not earn you any of the profits promised to you.

Yet again, we are faced with a phony binary options software the likes of which we have seen and exposed plenty of times before over the last couple of years. However, it is still of the utmost importance that we continue to try and raise awareness of each and every single scam to hit the market in order to help the trading community. The Cash 365 software money making scheme and similar services are designed purely to take your money without any returns. Do not fall for the dream of earning boatloads of cash for free.

It was abundantly clear right from the start of our investigation that the Cash 365 scam is targeted at newbie traders. By now most experienced traders would be able to pick up on some of the scammers tactics. Cash 365 is supposedly an automated binary options robot which will literally make you rich overnight by earning millions of dollars while you sleep. The voice narrator in the pitch video that can be found at claims that this is a bullet proof system and was developed by mathematical mastermind and master Wall Street trader. What they don’t tell us is who these masters are. He also states that Cash 365 was kept under lock and key for 10 years, after which, on the 15th March 2015 it was put in the hands of normal everyday people turning them into millionaires. We wonder how this was possible though because according to the information on WhoIs, the website was only registered on the 2nd February 2016. Something clearly does not add up here. We also saw on the WhoIs results that the site was registered by David Signori, who listed his contact information as Ricardo Aranda 165, Surco, Lima, Peru. His phone number and email address can also be seen on the image below. Maybe David Signori needs to explain himself to a few people.

We began the research for our Cash 365 review by examining the pitch video on the produced website, which starts off with a man saying that the software has pulled in over 9 million dollars for him so far and that he paid absolutely nothing for it. We can assure you this man has never traded with the fishy website or even seen the platform. He is just a hired actor. Additionally, we are told to listen to other success stories of people who have traded with Cash 365 app. Make no mistake, all these wonderful so called success stories you are hearing are fake. None of the people you see in the video have ever executed one single trade with the lousy excuse for a day trading app. Everything you hear they have been told to say and are paid for it. These are actors from We could easily end this Cash 365 review here but there is more that potential victims need to be made aware of.

In addition to the fake members of Cash 365 software, there are also false testimonials on the domain This is all proven by conducting a quick Google image search. Just look at the image below for evidence of this. Now lets look at the cash 365 scam from a logical standpoint. If this software was really making 475 people $1,857,93 per day, 365 days a year, don’t you think it would of made news headlines by now? Moreover, why would a powerful software, made by Wall Street master traders and mathematicians, which is proven as functional and consistently profitable, be given away for free? None of it makes sense does it? That is simply because cash 365 is a scam. This is without mentioning the fact that aside from the name of the person who registered the site, there is no information on the founders, developers or employees found on the site. They do not even list an office address. No legitimate investment based company would present any of these kind of tactics. Do not fll for the fake badges displayed at the bottom of their home page either, these are not clickable and don’t exist. They are put there to instil a false sense of security. Even the Social Media buttons are fake. You can click on them but nothing happens.

Review Verdict: Cash 365 is a Scam!
Blacklisted Site:

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We would honestly love to know how they achieve this considering that the markets are closed over weekends. This combined with the rest of the evidence presented in our Cash 365 analysis leaves us with no choice but to blacklist this software as a dangerous scam. We urge all traders to avoid this app and its dreadful website. Please share your feedback or questions below if you have any experience with any of the above scams, or with one of the brokers involved. For those who lost money, we highly encourage you to visit our My Charge Back Review and learn how you can recover your funds!

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