Calloway Software Update – $5,810 Profit (Tips Included!)

After much reported success with the Calloway Software from our subscribers we decided to take it one step further by sharing a Calloway Software update with tips!

Among many of these tips would be simple measures that can be employed by day traders to reduce investor risk while maximizing your probability of success.

To learn more about how you can begin supplementing your income online today, we openly invite you to continue reading our intuitive Calloway Software update guide!

Understanding the Calloway Software

Having a better understanding regarding the functionality of an investment software will always attribute to your success in the short and long run.

The Calloway Software is no different in this instance.

If you wish to increase your success rate while minimizing risk, it is imperative you understand a few key elements regarding the Calloway Software.

The first being that the Calloway Software is a technical analysis based trading solution, meaning that it relies upon price movements, trading approaches, technical indicators and investment algorithms to generate investment signals.

With this in mind you should be asking yourself, from an investor point-of-view, what is the Calloway Software lacking?

Well in this instance it would be the ability to incorporate fundamental analysis, which is the problem most oftentimes encountered when it comes to investment solutions.

Why is that you may wonder?

Well think about it like this, fundamental analysis is a form of analysis that revolves around evaluating a security in an attempt to assess its intrinsic value.

Intrinsic value is defined as the perceived or calculated value of a company, which includes tangible and intangible factors.

This oftentimes allots for the intrinsic value of a security to fluctuate from their current market value, which ANY technical analysis based software would be incapable of accessing.

The same could ALMOST be said for correlational analysis, which involves a statistical measure that indicates the extent to which two or more variables fluctuate in tangent with one another.

An example would be the Eur/Usd and the Usd/Chf.

These assets are considered to have a positive correlation with one another, meaning that they are likely to move in accordance with one another.

Now we said almost because the Calloway Software does execute hedging trading approaches which takes correlational analysis under due consideration, however we believe there are more optimal alternatives which we will discuss further below.

Fortunately for us, we have a solution to eradicate both fundamental and correlational analysis from the problem side to where we can apply both forms of analysis to our advantage.

Interested to learn more? Keep on reading!

Gearing Towards Success

One of the most beneficial advantages of the Calloway Software would be how the software autonomously analyzes market conditions to render specific trading approaches and technical indicators.

While signals are automatically generated for day traders, it is contingent upon the investor to execute said investments generated. In other words, the Calloway Software autonomously generates trading signals although it is up for the investors to execute those investments since it is structured as a semi-automated trading system.

This is a strong advantage in terms of reducing risk, staying in control of your investment portfolio and safeguarding your hard-earned money.

With these advantages under our belt we are able to more effectively conduct our day-to-day investing which ultimately propels us forward to obtaining more financial success.

Tips of the Trade

Money Management

Widely considered as one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to general investing, applying and more importantly abiding by a strict money management approach is essential.

Generally when it comes to online day trading, most experienced day traders tend to employ a passive style of account managing while oftentimes newbie investors are more prone to using an aggressive style of account management.

Our recommendation when it comes to online day trading would be to abide by the passive style of account management starting out and once you grow accustomed to the functionality and obtain a better understanding of how to manage your success with the Calloway Software then you can move onward to splitting the difference or employing an aggressive trading approach.

Fundamental Analysis

Perhaps the most simplistic ways to employ fundamental analysis while using the Calloway Software would be rely upon an Economic Calendar.

An economic calendar is defined as a calendar of dates which contain significant pre-scheduled events that may affect the movement of an individual security prices or the market as a part or whole.

The more bulls that are highlighted the more prone that particular currency pair is likely to be affected.

Correlational Analysis

There are two forms of correlation analysis that you should familiarize with, which would be positive and negative correlation.

A positive correlation in day trading would be when two variables are likely to move in price fluctuations with one another.

Referring back to our earlier example, if the price of the Eur/Usd was to rise then it is likely that the Usd/Chf would as well, and vice versa.

Negative correlation is essentially the opposite, where if the price of one particular security was to rise then its negatively correlated security would be likely to decrease in value.

Here is a nifty correlation coefficient calculator you can use to determine correlation.

The advantage of incorporating correlational analysis would be that you can make additional high-probability investments based upon a strong correlation between particular assets.

Low Volatility Currency Pairs

When it comes to day trading the financial markets online, we always encourage investors to invest with low volatility currency pairs such as the Eur/Usd, Usd/Chf, Usd/Cad, Nzd/Usd, Aud/Usd, etc.

Why is this?

Low volatility currency pairs are less likely to be affected due to minor fluctuations that may occur in the financial markets which ultimately optimizes your investment signals.

Weighing Market Conditions

Evaluating and gauging market conditions should become a habit that becomes engraved into your investment routine that happens prior to logging in and firing up the Calloway Software.

It only takes a few minutes to complete and can provide you with crucial information you would’ve been oblivious to otherwise.

Are the markets reflecting a neutral trend?

If so, delay investing until later.

Are the markets rather volatile?

If so, consider investing later unless your targeted assets are behaving less sporadically.

These are just simple measures you can employ that can have the most significant impact when investing online.

Portfolio History

September 24 & 25th, 2018 – 9/10


September 26 & 27th, 2018 – 8/10


Number of Winning Trades: 17

Cumulative Number of Investments: 20

Average Daily Profit: ~$1,452.50

Combined Weekly Profit: $5,810.00

Managing Expectations

Oftentimes when one encounters an exciting earning opportunity, they are overly eager to get started and frequently overextend themselves. It is important not to overextend yourself when it comes to any online investment-related opportunity.

You can better align your exceptions by formulating challenging yet achievable investment goals.

Consider creating short, medium and long-term goals to help you surpass your expectations while making other goals in the process.

The more you can continue to progress forward with the Calloway Software the closer you will be achieving further financial success and changing your life for the better.

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