Bitcoins Wealth is a SCAM! – REAL Review!!

Bitcoins Wealth is the clone of the Bitcoin Code scam!

Yes, you’ve read that correctly!

Bitcoins Wealth, also hosted at, is a variation of the Bitcoin Code software, which we exposed as a scam!

Don’t believe all the hype circulating Bitcoins Wealth, as you will shortly learn EVERY element of Bitcoins Wealth is not only misleading but fabricated!

With these simple truths in mind, we invite you to keep reading to learn about the illicit nature behind the Bitcoins Wealth scam.

Bitcoins Wealth Review

So what exactly is Bitcoins Wealth?

According to their domain, “Bitcoins Wealth is a group reserved exclusively to people who jumped on the insane returns that Bitcoin offers and have quietly amassed a fortune in doing so.”

Upon further analysis though it appears that Bitcoins Wealth is nothing more than cryptocurrency trading software that promotes unbelievable high income assertions.

So how much can one really make with Bitcoins Wealth?

Well according to their site, their software can generate profits upwards to $13,000 per day. As you may have guessed though, no record of trading history is disclosed anywhere upon their site so we are unable to verify this bold claim.

Steve Robinson – Bitcoins Wealth

Steve Robinson is disclosed as the genius behind Bitcoins Wealth.

Claiming to be an ex-software developer, turned investor turned millionaire-creator, the resume of Steve Robison appears rich when in reality it is nothing short of deception.

Claiming to have earned over $18.4 million dollars in profits within the past 6 months alone should be evidence enough for you that “Steve Robison” and Bitcoins Wealth are NOT legitimate.

If you need more convincing though you could always refer to the image below, which shows conclusive evidence of the same biography used for Bitcoin Code minus the alleged creator.

Red Flags and Question Marks

Affiliation with Bitcoin Code

Let’s start with the most obvious red flag, which would be that Bitcoins Wealth has a direct affiliation with the Bitcoin Code, which is well-known as an investment scam. Given the fact that Bitcoins Wealth is affiliated with a scam, naturally the operation itself cannot be trusted.

Phony User-Testimonials

Just with the Bitcoin Code, the employed user-testimonials are nothing more than stock photos used to mislead day traders into believing that investors are actually generating a profit with their software. As you can see for yourself in the image below, these testimonials are fake.

High Income Assertions

Where do we begin in this segment?

First, Steve Robinson claims to have accrued over $18.4 million dollars in 6 months alone with Bitcoins Wealth.

Second, the domain states that users can generate upwards to $13,000 per day by using their system.

Then of course we see fake user-testimonials on their site where “traders” are claiming to generate no less than $13,000 per day or upwards to $384,000 on an annual basis.

No matter how you look at it, there is absolutely ZERO proof or evidence to suggest that Bitcoins Wealth is a profitable trading solution.

Community Feedback

Most of the community feedback relating to Bitcoins Wealth is negative. In fact, if you searched “Bitcoins Wealth scam,” into a search engine you’ll likely receive a large compilation of review sites claiming Bitcoins Wealth to be a scam.

How is Bitcoins Wealth Promoted?

Bitcoins Wealth appears to be promoted by a network of scam marketers that rely heavily upon YouTube promotional videos.

While may review sites have gone forward to label Bitcoins Wealth as a scam, there appears to be a considerable gap between the blogging and video blogging sphere regarding the authenticity of Bitcoins Wealth.

Is Bitcoins Wealth a Scam?

Without question! Bitcoins Wealth is a scam iteration of The Bitcoin Code!

As you can obviously tell, the creators behind the Bitcoin Code were not only lazy but tried to keep their scam profits to themselves by saving on hosting and using the same domain for their Bitcoins Wealth campaign.

Incorporating phony user-testimonials while reflecting all the untrustworthy characteristics we discussed in our Bitcoin Code review, it is clear that Bitcoins Wealth should be avoided!

Bitcoins Wealth Review Conclusion

Bitcoins Wealth is a deceptive cryptocurrency scam targeting novice Bitcoin traders.

As we have made explicitly clear, Bitcoins Wealth is not trustworthy and is nearly an identical clone to the Bitcoin Code scam.

As with any investment-related opportunity, make sure to only invest your hard-earned money with proven trading systems that reflect verifiable ownership information and share a transparent portfolio history.

Verdict: Bitcoins Wealth is a SCAM!

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