BinaryMatrixPro SCAM! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

It came to my attention that a new scam just came out, under the name BinaryMatrixPro. On first glance it looked like a well designed website..but you have to ask yourself “If all the efforts are going to the marketing aspect of their service, perhaps this is all there is to it?” since we’ve seen this with so many binary options “get rich” schemes. Luckily the WatchDog receives many emails from traders who are testing these different software and services and the news gets around quickly, especially when traders are getting scammed left and right.


The Binary Matrix Pro works… but only in the Matrix”©  quote by WatchDog

Now let’s get serious about this review for a minute..but before I do, it doesn’t really matter what I write.. In a matter of days, you will see the comments below this review and get the inside story by traders who are using or have used this system. I don’t intend on using it because I do believe what traders report to me, I don’t see why in one week 10 different traders would be lying and suggesting that the Binary Matrix Pro is a scam if it wasn’t the case unless of course everyone decided to conspire against WatchDog and feed him with lies! That’s probably not the case. – So why am I absolutely confident they are a scam? 

Fake Performance: advertised a performance results that trail back to 2013 , are you kidding me? So why based on it clearly shows that this website was created less than a month ago? Is lying? The truth is that just came out a couple of weeks ago and they are spamming the internet with promos on Facebook groups, forums, email scam and any type of marketing to drive traffic to their website. The performance should be enough to call it off! Let’s be clear, Binary Matrix Pro didn’t exist before February of 2014. It’s a fact.

Duplicating existing scams: Here is something interesting, notice how Binary Matrix Pro looks very similar to Profit In 60 Seconds which is another big scam I reviewed before. They probably hate me and they should..Anyway, I suspected they are involved with each other and my suspicion was legitimate. A few traders reported that they received emails from the same addresses of the staff at Profitin60Seconds. They could at least change some of the emails when they lunch the next scam.


I almost forgot to mention the obvious bonus trap, where they get you “free money” by helping the broker lock your account and prevent you from being able to withdraw your funds until you meet the insane bonus restriction.

Let’s sum it up! You are not going to make money with this service and you are better off trading on your own instead of going through this ‘waste of time & money’ experience and don’t be fooled by the free trial because you will still be required to deposit money with one of their brokers only to be disappointed with the end results because the results on their site are beyond any reasonable doubt… FAKE!

I don’t mean to discourage you, binary options can be exciting and profitable and there are good signals services who will earn your trust and work to retain you as a long-term customer by providing you with a realistically good performance. I don’t intend to use this review to promote other services but if you are looking for one, checkout Watchdog’s approved binary options signals.

Please comment on this article and share your experience with BinaryMatrixPro because people are dying to know if it’s legit or now, I don’t expect everyone to take my word for it but if you’ve been scammed by this service or if the service failed to meet their advertised performance, let everyone know so they can avoid doing this mistake. For some traders, losing $200-$300 is more than they can afford to lose so remember those people and help spread the word around! Let’s put these shitheads out of business.

43 comments on “BinaryMatrixPro SCAM! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
  1. This Binary Matrix Pro scam sure died a quick death. Good on them! I guess they found out quickly that not all are the gullible idiots that they assumed

  2. Con says:

    I have noticed that Binary Matrix Pro has a partner in crime, namely, FX Profit Boom, which offers BMP as a bonus! As the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together! Be warned about the partner scammer: once you have paid them, you’ll never, ever get a cent back, despite their 100% money back guarantee. I suppose it would be just as hard to get anything back from this BMP.

  3. john von says:

    OOh……….many traders were undone! Binary matrix pro is one kind of bitch. The owner of this signal has taken all the money of many people over the world.When a binary software comes out it spreads over the internet and many new traders also mid level traders join in it without this signals examine.As a result they lost all their money.

    Specially thanks to binary options watchdog…. always they try to aware people about scam signal.If you want to do business with binary you can follow their recommended platform.

    In the beginning I also lost huge of money lack of experience.I have 5 years experience now .I can understand the right formula of how increase ROI of my investment.Now I work in making massive money online.I use such a platform in which last month I made $114124..ofcourse many traders use my formula.

    So thank you guys and also watch dog.If you have any question or need support you can knock me always..

  4. Dr.Mo says:

    Dear Friends,
    any suggestion of NON SCAM pro or software can help us to do automatic ptofitable trading?

  5. Alan Kilduff says:

    Still have NOT received my deposit back.Zero trades and not received any reply from them.They have stolen my money.Stay away from these people,they are thieves.

  6. Revolted says:

    guys …
    I lost money on them … I felt in my SKIN


  7. John says:

    I signed up for Binary Matrix Pro. They gave me an email of brokers to sign up with but after I signed up with the broker I never received a reply. I sent about 6 emails in two days.

  8. declan says:

    Binary Matrix Pro sucks!!!!

  9. cansit says:

    You must be retarded to think if this is a scam or not… Of course it’s a scam..

    Welcome to internet…

  10. Richard Holevinski says:

    Big SCAM !! After signing in and watching the video on the next (SALES) page, If the signals cost 0.01 cents Raul signs in at 300.00, his first trade is at 299.95 then drops to 299.91 and the trade is at 1.39297, but when page flips to the END OF THE 60 Sec,? and his money is at 299.85 then shows his 2nd winner when his 300.00 credit account is now at 299.69. Show he’s trying to tell you he has 2 straight wins! What happened to the other 29 Trades there Folks!?? Did anyone else catch that? Oh, And that first trade shows his win at 1.39301 entry, The page flip is to a Complete Different Trade. SCAM! SCAM!! SCAM!!!

  11. lloyd says:

    Yes i also agree binary matrix pro is a scam i did try it i deposit 250 first day 25 trades won 8 trades lost 17 total £120 lost then i stoped i could lose anymore i would rather go and but £120 in a fruit machine i propply get better chance off wining do not go with them 😛

  12. Phil says:

    I have lost all but $4.50 of the $250 I had deposited. There is no way that is not a scam. And out of the 3 e-mails I’ve sent them, they’re not talking. I think you guys are absolutely correct.

    • WatchDog says:

      Phil..Unfortunately you are %100 correct. Theft is Theft = theft is the taking of another person’s property without that person’s permission or consent with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it… this is what they did and which is why we posted this warning on BinaryMartixPro. Unfortunately whereever there is money, there are lot’s of scams..

  13. Kevin says:

    Hi guys,I have to agree with all the comments above in just 2 hours I noticed on multiple occasions that on signals where you had prices going in the opposite direction of signal you still had around 90% winners so the social aspect is bs. As for the live trading account every trade that they took that mirrored my portfolio was about 1 minute behind my entry point… If I’m going to have a signal provided and then wait a minute or so waiting for 2 or 3 pips opposite of my trade I might as well guess on my own… And just in case any of you feel like idiots for being scammed don’t because this isn’t my first rodeo with these scams… I’ve had quite a run looking for something that I thought was possible,but apparently isn’t so look at this list and feel better about yourself… scam list-AUTOMATED INCOME APP, DOLLARS ON DEMAND, SMARTMONEYMAKERS, PROFITMETHOD, BITCOINMILLIONAIRE, GOLDENGOOSE, UNDERGROUNDBINARY, CLICKCLICKPROFIT, BINARYPOWERSYSTEM, WALLSTREETCONSPIRACY, PROFITIN60SECONDS, and a few more that I’ve forgotten because they went down too fast to remember…Now I didnt invest in new accounts with all of these but did use them all and yes flipping a coin is safer! Outside of the first signal provider I ever used this was the only disappointment-BMP Because the others were carbon copies of each other so didn’t really expect much anyway-How many broke divorced living on the streets found,stole,met some guy, next door neighbor that used to be a coder, programmer, wallstreet tycoon stories are out there lol. okay I’ll end now and if you read this to the end I’m sorry….ha

  14. Todd Gibbons says:


    What happened to the $300 credit with Binary Matrix Pro?

  15. Jeff Seagel says:

    I have been using this thing with my account at as I started with an account at $1,000 and am down to $648 after about 4 full days running just on this signal system
    Obviously, it’s not working 🙁

    Luckily, I have been working with the reps over at this broker and they’ve weened me off of this thing. It’s a complete mess. But I have only been working on a new strategy since with the reps at GO and I can say at least there are some honest folks over at the brokerage. I might end up losing it all due to this thing and may not be able to get back to break even 🙁 but I am going to give the guys at GOptions a chance to help me out. They have really been awesome so far and I can’t say enough about the time they spent helping me out.

    They helped me pull out 500 as a withdrawal (asked for it this past Monday and it’s why I am writing this – cause I see it on my card statement as of about 1 hour ago – faster than I’ve seen at any broker so far).

    So overall rating: GOptions A+
    BPM: F-

    GL to all of you


  16. Trading Proof says:

    At the mensioned that “ advertised a performance results that trail back to 2013”, may be a closed alpha test before it goes to public, so it may trade as test prior to existence of websites.

    My little thought or comment.

  17. Gav says:

    @ Hal…..are you unable to withdraw your funds from the broker you deposited in ?

  18. Hal says:

    Wow! THANKS much for all the comments above! I really fell for Raul’s video – thought everything sounded so promising – got excited – thinking finally I found a ‘home business’ that will actually bring me some good money and I can pay off a few debts. My wife and I are retired and we thought ‘lets try it’. I signed up with UNITED OPTIONS . . MINIMUM deposit was $500.00 – thought that I would match this after a few days of trading. However, after I deposited my $$$ – there WAS NO ‘AUTOMATIC’email giving me the so-called ACCESS PAGE . . . I have written them SEVERAL EMAILS explaining my situation – NEVER HAVE HEARD FROM ANY ONE – NOT EVEN ‘RAUL’! I signed up on the Monday, March 17th – and today is Saturday, March 22nd . . .ABSOLUTELY ‘NO’ SUPPORT. I also selected a ‘personal support’ person who I NEVER heard from!
    A COMPLETE ‘SCAM’ . . . AND I LOST $500 to a bunch of CROOKS! The whole bunch need to serve some prison time for scamming trusting seniors who are not wealthy – just looking for alittle more $$$ to add to their social security check. It really HURTS!!!



  20. charlie says:

    Thought the same as some of you guys here. Could only find positive reviews on google until I started checking out binary verify and then came across your site. Glad I did. I have not found a reputable signals platform yet after about a month of researching. will be bookmarking this site from now on. thanks

  21. William says:

    Thanks Guys,
    I have been raising some money to do this scam, but thank God I found this website. I am saved. Thanks to you all. Lets all keep vigilante to make these scammers non profitable

  22. John says:

    Hi Guys, Thank you for the information from every one above. I was send a link a few days ago and thought why not try it. Raul on the video sounds a nice guy and the video looks not to bad. I did notice an address in the Netherlands and the brokers in Cyprus and elsewhere. Thought looks a bit dodgy in these countries. I then thought lets have a look about it being a scam. Not much there just now until i came across your site. Well done for posting the info. I received a call from them but i was busy and said call back which they have done about 6 times. I will NOT be getting involved any further thanks to all the information above. Thanks again, John

  23. Ann says:

    I don’t think so Bo because it appears that all the software does is randomly generate signals so you’d be just as successful tossing a coin. This is the most sophisticated scam so far but the bottom line is it’s all about the brokerage affiliate commissions – the signals are worthless.

  24. Bo Van Vincent says:

    I accidently entered a Put signal on the USD/JPY pair, when the BMP software had posted a Call signal and ended up winning the Trade. Maybe there’s something here? Just start trading opposite of what the signal given is? Something to think about?

  25. Jon says:

    Hi Everyone.
    BinaryMatrixPro is not to be trusted.Do your research before investing.

  26. Bo Van Vincent says:

    At first the Software seemed to work, I actually made a profit my first day. But that all changed on the second Day. Down $50 dollars. The brokers server seems to go down a lot, and I noticed one pair USD/CAD always puts you 5 to 6 pips below or ahead of where you enter depending on whether it’s a Put or a Call. The Broker is Platinum Trader. A lot of the time the position will be going my way, only to Magically drop below my Strike Price for a loss. I have written BMP twice now and have had no Response. Do Your self a favor and stay away from these Guys.

  27. Vincent Glenn: Tankersley says:

    Thank you to everyone here who has helped me save my money than getting hooked by Binary Matrix Pro – and a special thanks to Watchdog for looking into these guys and figuring out the real deal!

  28. Got conned :( says:

    I always did a background check on these sites to verify their authenticity but somehow I failed to do so this time, maybe because it came from a mail I got from FAPtrubo (I only tested this software for some time, but I’m thinking they are fakes themselves to be so eager to list scam sites).

    So here is the deal, I signed up with them, made a deposit with Banc De Binary and went right into trading. End of day result:

    Total trades: 160 ($5 trades)
    Total wins: 81
    Total losers: 73
    Total ties: 6
    % wins: 50.62
    % losers: 45.63
    % ties: 3.75
    Net loss: USD 85.25

    I also notice that the social reports are very hard to believe most of the time. Some trades did not even move 0.00002 for over a minute after a trade signal is issued but still reports over 80% wins? And even trade signals issued and the whole direction changes without pause which in my opinion will result in 100% losers still reports over 80% wins. I conclude that the social report is fake and programmed to do so. I even had a winning trade which I believe should have displayed close to 100% success but showed over 80% lost the trade.

    I can only hope Banc De Binary holds up to its end of the bargain by depositing any losses incurred on the 8th day as stated in BMP website video.

    It is 100% scam so don’t waste your time and money on it.

  29. Gerry says:

    This Binary Matrix Pro scam sure died a quick death. Good on them! I guess they found out quickly that not all are the gullible idiots that they assumed.

  30. Lisa says:

    Yes, it is a scam. I have it.

  31. Gavin says:

    They seem to have stopped all customer responses now since Friday so I don’t think any of us will ever be getting a reply back to our questions and as far as their “contact reps” go…..I think we can safely say that they do not exist !

  32. says:

    Same thing happen to us that happened to Gavin.

    Here are our results:

    Glad I could help, and I will make an effort to keep you all updated either way it goes.

    I don’t know if this was some big misunderstanding, or if I did indeed get suckered. Either way I don’t have a good feeling about whats happening.


    I continue to try to log in to the platform with my email address, password, and funded broker. No success. I have provided a screen shot.

    Web client login fail (image1):

    Standalone client fail (image2)

    I was able to get in to the “Binary Matrix Pro Account” by choosing ‘Teaser’ instead of my Broker Beeoptions, with whom I have no problem logging in with. Whats going to happen to my funds there, or if I’ll be able to get them back as quickly as it’s claimed is another story/concern.

    Here I am logged in, blank platform (image3):

    Now that I’m in the Binary Matrix Pro account, it says that my account has not be ‘activated’. it’s DOA – sterile. And this was BEFORE the market closed. There is/was no feed.

    Here it shows that my license is not activated (image4)

    Another thing, there is no LOG OUT/OFF button or link. Hmmmm…

    So, I’m thinking about inviting Binary Matrix Pro Support or a Rep here to offer an explanation :, since they’re slow with or not answering my support messages now.


    P.S. In the upper right corner of image3 you see “Contact Rep”. Well, thats a drop down with about 4-5 “Rep” names. I sent my complaint/Message to all of them requesting help. No Reply thus far.

  33. Darryn says:

    Hi guys,

    I got the software as well. I wasnt sure if they were legit, I did have dout when I saw the brokers and for some reason I couldnt sign up with a reputable broker.

    anyway I tried the software and it was only doing about 50itm, certainly not 80%.

    Some other things I notice was wen I was watching the signals, say it says to call, so I did and broker signal was going down, so theres no way 90% of people could win that signal. I saw this a couple of times, so I kind of gatherd this service might be a joke.

    well I tried it and now I know. I really want to try ifollow signals but they dont have a mobile app.

    anyway binary matrix pro dose not work.

  34. Edgar Allen says:

    Kudos Ron – I missed that. Great catch!!

  35. RON says:

    If you compare the name server settings of to those of you will see they use the same name servers. So this 3rd party unrelated company just happens to be hosted with the same hosting company and both domains were registered within 30 days or so of each other. Give me a break.

  36. Gavin says:

    No problem at all ! Glad to be of some help.

    I only signed up with them to demo out the service as I knew there was something dodgey about it all.

    The sooner real reviews like this and others start to surface on Google the better and the quicker this crowd of scum are exposed for the complete idiots they are !

  37. Gerry says:

    FYI: I spent 2 days demo trading the BMP signals and my results were very disappointing to say the least. BMP support has been little help in explaining my results, and I entered trades within 5 to 10 seconds of their signal posting. Here is the copy n paste response I got from BMP support:
    “People are not trading all the identical signals at any given time it is possible to have a bad day due to volatility and other circumstances that is out of our control. However, keep at it and we are certain your success rate will increase very soon. ”

    This is just another scam job as far as I can tell, just fabricated to get people to sign up to brokerage accounts so they can get their commissions. Don’t support these scamming vermin and let them earn a real living, not through theft and subterfuge!

    50 k demo trading account opened at BancDeBinary…results below of trading 84 BMP signals:

    41 wins
    41 losses
    2 ties

    50k demo account drawn “down” approx. $7000.00

  38. Gavin says:

    Oh I forgot to say luckily I did not sign up to the broker via their website ! so I was not locked in with any bonus etc

  39. Gavin says:


    I registered for this software on launch day,deposited in one of their recommended brokers as they say to do and I never received any log in details.
    I contacted their supposed great support to be told they were having “technical” difficulties as for the reason that I was unable to log in.
    The next day I contacted them asking for an update and I was told the same thing.
    Thursday morning they contact me after I had to mail them again-they said they couldn’t find me in their data base and to send them on proof of deposit with the broker.
    I sent them on the deposit receipt and they wrote back acknowledging my proof of depost and that they would verify my account and then get back to me.
    Later on Thursday evening I get a mail back off them saying please bare with them while they verify my account.
    I write back saying no problem and then about 2 hours later I get another mail off them saying “we cannot see you on our database please send us proof of deposit”

    I couldn’t believe it ! it was starting all over again,I replied to them stating I had already sent my proof and that they acknowledged it and that they have the worst customer service I have ever come across.

    They replied with the exact same message “we cannot find you in our database please send on proof of deposit”

    I was so annoyed at this so I sent on the proof again and so far I have heard nothing back so this “software” is nothing more than a scam to get people to deposit into binary brokers so buyers be ware of this shady crowd as if their customer service is anything to go by then I can only imagine what the software is like !

    Stay away !

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you for sharing your honest experience with Binary Matrix Pro. I knew that something was really fishy with this website and this testimonial proves it. I also noticed that they cluttered the search engine with press releases and affiliate reviews to prevent reviews like this from gaining exposure on Google. What they fail to understand is that honestly ranks higher higher than fake affiliated reviews. Soon they will find out that no matter how many press releases they buy..this review will be noticed by potential buyers before they make the mistake of trusting!

  40. Edgar Allen says:

    Hi WD,
    I got so many emails about this service, for once in my life I decided to do a little digging. Here’s what I found (as reported on another forum):
    I’ve been getting emails for this software – Binary Matrix Pro – for a little while now and the “sell” job is very professional.

    Today I decided to try to check it out a little deeper than the sales hype. Here’s what I found out so far.

    The website is just a sales letter. All the alleged review sites that I checked are simply parroting the BMP propaganda to get an affiliate commission. The Whois data is hidden. The address on the emails in Netherlands shows up in Google Maps as the home of another company and is also the address of the famous Anne Frank home in Amsterdam.

    At this point what would you think? Yeah, me, too.

    Just a heads up WARNING for Binary Matrix Pro.

    Further —

    it seems like it gets worse. The company is touting that their results are “verified” by Again, this is a private registration. However, if I’m reading the data right, the domain was just registered the first of this year (1-3-14) with a Scottsdale AZ city/state listing.

    Here’s the TECH contact address: Tech Street: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309. OK. Not a real physical address.

    Are these people all ghosts?

    You can draw your own conclusions. Thanks for having a place to report these findings. Watch your back! – E

    • WatchDog says:

      Great work at exposing this website! People listen up! Don’t trust it’s a clever scam owned by the same signals services who are being verified by this website.

      I can’t believe is using Anna Franks home address in the their corporate office lol I wonder if they’re playing a stupid joke on their traders or what? This is absurd..

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