Avoid the Binary Money Manager SCAM! 

Yet again we face another binary options trading scam, known as the Binary Money Manager. Headquartered from binarymoneymanager.com, this deceptive trading scam brought to us by “Jim Wallace” is nothing more than your typical run-the-mill online trading scam. Every component of this ludicrous money-making scheme is fabricated with the sole intention of manipulating you out of your hard-earned money. To learn more about this ridiculous trading scam while learning about legitimate investment opportunities, make sure you read our brief Binary Money Manager scam review in its entirety!


Debunking the Binary Money Manager is quite a simplistic task due to the similar characteristics it shares with most of the other scams we have exposed. Incorporating fake pressure widgets to encourage traders to hurry and sign up is evident in the image above with the amount of “Licenses Left.” Don’t be fooled by petty pressure marketing widgets or the empty promises of being able to earn at least over $1,000 per day. We can assure you that those claims are the furthest assertions from the truth and the only result that will outcome by putting your faith with this service is the loss of your money!

Jim Wallace, the so-called creator behind Binary Money Manager, doesn’t actually exist. Big surprise, right? Well, not really. We have seen countless times where elementary actors have been paid to serve as the spokespersons and “creators” behind these ridiculous scams. Most of these paid actors come from cheap online marketplaces such as fiverr.com and offer their services for as low as $5! Which means that these actors are willing to lie to you in front of camera for little pay and without a moral compass. Simply meaning, they don’t care who gets deceived or losses their money in the process as long as they get paid.

It is a rather vicious cycle to be honest, exposing binary option scams like the Binary Money Manager. It is evident that Jim Wallace is nothing more than a figment of some scam marketers imagination and is serving as the scapegoat for the Binary Money Manager. A quick Google search will confirm that his only relative presence is noted in scam reviews much like this one. The same could be said for one of their confirmed traders, Lucy Lu, who provides a testimonial saying, “It was as easy as stealing candy from a baby! Really! I mean it!”

Binary Money Manager is a SCAM!

As you can see for yourself, Lucy Lu doesn’t actually exist. “Lucy Lu” is nothing more than a stock image purchased online with the sole intention of earning your trust so that you are more likely to sign up with their system. Another common characteristic that we found between the Binary Money Manager and other scams we have exposed in the past would be how it claims to be featured on Fox News, CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC and Sky News but if you take the time to conduct searches on each of those news outlets you will notice how an “error” or “no results” will pop-up. Which simply means that this scam system has never been featured on any of those news portals.

To make matters worse, the scammers behind this system are claiming an outlandish success rate of 98% and over $1.7 million dollars in profits to date. Supposedly used by almost 2,000 “happy” clients we can assure you these claims are completely false. Claiming that their system generates a 98% success rate is like saying pigs can fly, it is just too good to be true! Besides, why would you want to put your faith with a system that relies on paid actors and purchased stock images to gain your trust? It goes without question that the Binary Money Manager is not looking out for your best interest and that something fishy is going on here!

Review Verdict:  Binary Money Manager is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:  binarymoneymanager.com

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Do yourself and others a generous courtesy by sharing and avoiding the Binary Money Manager scam for binary options! Every element of this scam is fictitious and just as nasty as the scammers operating behind-the-scenes! For those of you who have been scammed by Binary Money Manager, we encourage you to file a complaint with WatchDog or share your experience below! To date we have exposed over 500 online trading scams while settling hundreds of online trading disputes! Let us help you free of charge to fight to get your money back and recoup your losses!

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    how about 72option.com

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    always same Modus Operandi,always exclusive!..yeah..only 5 licences left!!…so,better hurry up right??..LOL…i don’t want to say further,because it was completely scam from every angle..please avoid this Binary Money Manager software!..

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