Binary Diploma Review – Worthy Education or SCAM?

Knowledge Is Profits,” or at least that is what the creators behind would like you to believe. Very seldom do we come across educational opportunities for binary options but when we do we are always interested in seeing what exactly they have to offer! Unfortunately for those of you who are reading this scam review hoping that Binary Diploma will be the offer for you then we advice you to keep reading. At first sight, appears as a legitimate learning opportunity but is there more than what meets the eye?

What makes Binary Diploma fly under the radar compared to traditional trading scams that we are accustomed to reviewing would be how no outlandish guarantees or empty promises are claimed on their site. Instead what we face would be a minimalistic and simple website interface that is composed of a promotional video, phony testimonials (which we’ll talk about later) along with being misleading about Binary Diploma as a legitimate binary options opportunity. One question that we have for Binary Diploma would be whether it was created by “professional” traders that are licensed by a governing or federal authority to provide financial trading tips, like the site claims.

If we had to guess, the answer would be no. Just like how we were provided with zero information when we were making inquiries about the company, owners and history of site to date. Now, if Binary Diploma was a legitimate opportunity for binary option traders then you could probably rely upon the fact that they would probably be more than willing to share their company history for you along with other pertinent information. Debunking Binary Diploma is almost effortless when you take a look at their testimonial section.

Binary Diploma

As you may have guessed, Binary Diploma “testimonials” are all fake and phony. In the image above you can see “Frank Schneider” from Germany is nothing more than a purchased stock image! Now, why would an educational outlet like Binary Diploma rely on the incorporation of stock images into the marketing aspect of their website? Well, that is quite simple when you add the fact that the only way to become enrolled with Binary Diploma would be by signing up and funding an account with one of their so-called “reliable” brokers.

Now, why do you have to sign up with a broker in order to get started with Binary Diploma? Well, that would be because that way you can’t request a refund that would directly affect the scammers behind this system. Besides, why would you want to put your money into a system that relies on fake testimonials to try to earn your trust? Not to mention that the brokers that are assigned to you by Binary Diploma are among some of the worst in the industry! Non-regulated, harassment and neglect is the treatment you will receive by the broker you deposit with if you do decide to put your faith with this system.

Looking for a traumatic trading experience with garbage trading strategies? Then Binary Diploma is the right option for you! Otherwise we advise all binary option traders to avoid the fake education they believe they would receive form Binary Diploma. If you have been scammed by Binary Diploma or other fraudulent trading operations, we encourage you to File A Complaint with WatchDog! To date we have helped settle over 1,500 trading disputes and we aren’t stopping there!

Review Verdict: Binary Diploma is a SCAM!

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3 comments on “Binary Diploma Review – Worthy Education or SCAM?
  1. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    yes,knowledge is profits..agreed..but with “diploma” with this scammer Binary Diploma ,u won’t get nothing even knowledge ..they only love ur money..that’s,be careful..

  2. Blessings says:

    Hello beloved WATCHDOG… is a safe company to trade with??

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