Azure Method is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

Be sure to read our extensive review exposing the Azure Method SCAM by the alleged Antony Azure! First before you make any decisions about depositing in to the newly releases binary options auto trader please read all the facts we gathered and don’t fall for any fake reviews or shady offers by email marketers who might be sending you invitations to join As hard as you might find it to believe, but based on evidence we found that this domain was registered a few days ago! It’s brand new and the first red flag we encountered, you can easily verify this on the Who.Is domain checker.

Based on Anthony’s presentation you’d expect Azure Method and the ridiculous narrative to be a bit older and reputable, certainly more than a few days old. It’s obvious that Anthony is selling you the dream by telling you what you will own and how much you will potentially do with the very unrealistic amounts of profits you will unlikely generate. This however makes us wonder if there is anything hide, for all we know they are hacking Wall Street illegally.

“Ann Morris” didn’t make $387,733 by April of 2016 since Azure Method didn’t exist back then!


In the process of gathering up some facts for this review, we noticed a common feature with scam sites, the very annoying popup that informs you that there are only two spaces available. This is a lie and a Psychological Trick used to get you to feel as if time is running out and you might miss the “opportunity to register with the toddler website: Strangely we took one of those spaces, and yet when we were ushered through to the second page, we were told that hundreds of other people have just lost out. If that were true, none of you would be able to see the presentation as all spaces would have gladly been taken by now, but yet you are still able to see the exact presentation on the same Azure Method scam, and still you are being told there are only 2 spots left.

The Azure Method will not make you at least $8,750 per hour, and nor will any other Automated System for binary options trading available to the public. Probably more importantly, it most definitely will not make you that or more on a deposit of $250 to $500. First of all, do not, and we repeat, do not accept the broker bonus! This will lock your money in with the broker meaning you will not be able to withdraw any funds until you have placed a certain volume of trades. Secondly, do the maths, even if you were to place the full deposit amount on the trade, and keep investing your full account balance, you will not be able to reach that amount of profits. This is of course unless the Azure Method Software has been programmed in such a way that it places the full balance on trades every single minute, which we highly doubt. If this was the case, then good luck to all those registering, as your account will be wiped in a matter of minutes, all it takes is one losing trade.


“No losses ever, flawless, free and a few thousands of dollars an hour”… SURE?!?!

Antony Azure actually uses quite a direct way of selling the Azure Method scam to you, even though he is promising to give it to you for free. When listening carefully, he keeps on repeating the word “if”, saying, if there are any more spaces, if you are accepted, ect ect, installing fear of missing out. This is a very clever tactic used by a lot of scam marketers as they know how to push buttons. However if you look over that to a few more things, you will soon begin to realize that the Azure Method software is being portrayed in a deceitful and misleading manner. For example, if you do decide to enter your name and email address and gets taken through to the second page, notice the fake testimonial pictures, some of you might even recognize some of those faces. Also notice the live chat option in the bottom right corner, there is no one on the other end, so it is not even with trying out. Then of course if we go back to the actors in the video presentation, they could not have made the amounts they did in one month, as we already pointed out, this auto trader was only registered today. And if they did truly generate those amounts of profit, the that would lead to Antony lying to you, as you will most definitely not receive the same software the previous beta testers have to make them rich, so to speak.

Review Verdict: Azure Method is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

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Better and credible alternatives to the many scam sites that you’re being invited to join by email spammers, are certainly available and you must always do research and vet the brokers and services that you decide to invest your money with as a lot of risk is involved. Beyond the risk of day-trading, there’s the unfortunate risk of getting scammed, which is why you must always verify the quality of an offer by seeking for real feedback, results in action and authority on online trading forums. Visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for services we tested and verified.

If you have any feedback to share related to the Azure Method or any of the above scams, please comment below. For more info on how to recognize warning sites and safe practices that will help you avoid falling into various scams in the online trading world, be sure to visit Watchdog’s Official Blacklist. Please share our Azure Method review with others who might be targeted by the scam-artists on your social networks and make sure to subscribe for the latest warnings and industry updates.

16 comments on “Azure Method is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!
  1. Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson says:

    Its called to day Quntum Code same makers as Drexelcode its all the same.

  2. Irf says:

    One of my friends share about azure method on fb. When I saw for the first time I was impressed then I made an account .just before I about to activate my profile. Something stops me and that is wake-up call for me.
    Even I received a phone calls from UK and swetzerland.
    Thanks for review which proved me correct.
    That azure method is a big scam.100% bogus.

  3. Jenna says:

    Thanks for having a good job done again Watchdog, I am following your posts! Though the video is so inviting to show the luxury ship party lifestyle; at the same time it’s so funny to know that they are exposing their scam via the testimonials itself- the date and the familiar faces like you mentioned. I would instead check out the your Watchdog Tested Signals page for more LEGIT information.

  4. Jamie says:

    In their disclaimer at the bottom of the page it says “No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown.” So basically this is how companies get away with these scams. By throwing in a disclaimer that states that its risky busy and you acknowledge that you might loose everything.

  5. Ruben Lentini says:

    hi guys, can you please suggest a good software for trading? I want to invest my money, but I’m scared with these kind of companies . . . Does anybody know where is good to invest? Thanks ahead. . .

  6. K says:

    When you see any claim of receiving that amount of money on the internet, you really got to pay attention. If it doesn’t sit well with you all the way, it’s probably a scam. This article leaves no doubt in my mind that this is a SCAM! Another scammer exposed

  7. joe clements stratford new zealand says:

    thanks for all the reviews i was about to put my deposit in but i thought i would check this Azure method out before i pay, i have been scamed on another robot binary trading before, lost all my deposit of 250$ in half an hour , so thanks for the info i will be putting my money back where it belongs we certainly need these reviews today there is a lot of scams around on the net, so anybody reading this KEEP YOUR MONEY unless you find a reputable broker that will not scam you

  8. Richard Humphrey says:

    My e-mail has been blowing up….drexel (another scam)…keeps telling me I have commission checks waiting…when you click on the azure site comes up……sometimes I get twenty or thirty e mails a day…..the same scam…..deposit money with their brokerage they will match it…..etc…Huge scam…..

  9. brandi says:

    You can see that in every video they try and use the same actors over and over, it’s actually become a game for me to spot the fake actors, the one skinny guy with big red glasses became a coder in this video . So dumb these jackets are, yet they keep making new ones daily. These videos are lame and like I said funny to spot the same actors/players in each video. Really !! Funny how they must be desperately in need for bad guys to help with their lame F rated videos. So frigging lame. Beware of them.

  10. Tayo Papahiu says:

    This Mother F*ers never stop, it seems that for every single one watchdog manage to annihilate a 100 more appear.

    The saddest is that people are so desperate that they fall for this ridiculous, stupid scams.

    Please read Watchdog’s recommend signal services, there’s a Facebook group that will rock your world.

    Thanks Watchdog.

  11. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    WOW!..NO LOSS software!!..very impressive..LOL..and the best part,they’re claiming this software so exclusive to people in your country only!..please don’t waste your time with this azure method software guys!..this for sure 100% scam,please avoid it!

  12. Sarah says:

    It’s always fun for me to read these reviews Watchdog! How can someone make money with system that didn’t exist at that time? lol… how stupid they get? This is one of the most imaginary offers yet.

  13. WatchDog says:

    Today several traders contacted us so we had to post this warning ASAP, already one member reported losing his entire deposit so it’s not a good sign at all.

  14. Ricardo says:

    I got an email invitation also to join this Azure Method system. I started digging to know more about this and found this article. Thank God, it saved me from signing up with a Scam!

  15. Valerie Clark says:

    I received an email invite from Azure Method today. I knew it was a scam but thanks for clarifying it. If they are marketing this heavily I am sure that some people are going to buy into the Azure Method story.

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