AZFormula Review – Ridiculous Marketing Scam!

AZFormula, hosted at, is an automated affiliate scam that relies heavily upon deception to mislead innocent consumers out of their hard-earned cash.

Within the first few moments of landing their site, a poorly constructed pitch video starts playing where the voice over actor goes on to claim that 142 ordinary people made over $10,000 every single week by using their system.

Amazing, right?


As with every other element integrated into this mediocre scam operation, their claims are falsified just as are their so called creator behind this scam.

To learn more regarding this deceptive investment scheme we invite you to continue reading our unbiased review where we will debunk every facet of this pitiful scam Review

Since AZFormula’s inception in mid May of 2018 their platform has been exposed as a scam upon several review sites.

As a result, AZFormula shut their doors down and remained dormant for quite some time.

However, it wasn’t until recently that the operators behind this illusive affiliate program opened their doors again and started robbing innocent consumers out of their hard-earned money.

Available for only $37, AZFormula tries to promote their automated affiliate profit system as a once in a lifetime investment opportunity when in reality it is nothing more than bottled deception.


Steven Cook of AZFormula

Steven Cook is disclosed as the CEO and Founder behind the AZ Formula.

While no other information is revealed regarding Steven Cook at, what we found interesting would be how when you backtrace Steven Cook’s image that it comes out to be nothing more than a stock image used in many unrelated campaigns.


How Does AZFormula Work?

Allegedly AZ Formula is an automated affiliate marketing program that can generate consumers upwards to $2,000 per day with ease.

All prospective applicants, or victims in this case, have to do would be to register with their name and email in order to move onward to the last phase of the registration process.

After you have registered you will be redirected to a ClickBank payment page where you will be able to purchase the AZ Formula software for $37.00.

Once you have completed your purchase you will supposedly have immediate access to the AZ Formula software where you can begin earning money through affiliate marketing on auto-pilot, or so they say.

With AZ Formula being a ClickBank supported campaign, 60 day money back guarantees are offered but our advice would to be continue reading onward and avoid AZ Formula as a whole.

Exposing the Scam

Fake Founder

Steven Cook is disclosed as the CEO & Founder behind AZFormula when in reality this fictitious entity is nothing more than a stock photo taken from an online image bank.

As you can see, the creators behind this scam are willing to employ any measure deemed necessary as long as you are more likely to register and purchase their scam.

Paid Actors

If incorporating stock photos wasn’t enough deception, the scammers behind this operation take it one step further by incorporating paid actors to relay elementary testimonials. These testimonials portray unverifiable income assertions while most of the actors can be traced back to, a freelancing website.

Exaggerated Earnings most heavily relied upon marketing factor would be their unrealistic income assertions that they carelessly throw around.

Claiming that consumers who rely upon their system are able to easily make $2,000 per day is nothing more than an ill-founded assertion that makes even the most inexperienced consumers weary of this domain.

Alleged Press

Last but not least we have the common implications that AZFormula was allegedly acknowledged and reviewed by major news portals such as Business Insider, Mashable, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, CNBC and HuffPost.

Although when you conduct search queries across each of these news outlets no credible search results are generated.

Domain Insight was a privately acquired domain that was registered on May 19th, 2018. Due to the creators employing a privacy package upon registration we are unable to find any identifying information.

According to SimilarWeb, a market intelligence site, has suffered a great decrease in popularity over the past few months.

Reflecting a considerable incoming visitor drop off of nearly 68% from their previous month, it is obvious that consumers are catching on that AZFormula is a scam.

As of October 8th, 2018 reflects a global rank of 409,624 with a US rank of 180,134.

Is a Scam?

Given the information that we disclosed to you above we find it evident that AZFormula is a scam.

Relying upon photoshopped images and mediocre paid actors to falsely portray their platform as a credible solution while promoting unrealistic income assertions, AZFormula utilizes every trick in the book.

AZFormula Review Conclusion

AZFormula is a deceptive money-making scheme that is diseased and rotten.

As we have made apparent to you, nothing relating to AZFormula is genuine or authentic.

When it comes to online money making endeavors, exercise caution and research accordingly!

Verdict: AZFormula is a SCAM!

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