Robbie Newton’s Forex SCAM Signals Review

This is a scam warning for all online traders to avoid Honest Forex Signals by Robbie Newton.  Operated from the legitimacy of this forex signal service is anything but honest.  Claiming that traders who enroll in his service will reap the benefits of 30 to 80 pips per day the Honest Forex Signal service has been significantly underachieving.  Nothing about Honest Forex Signals is authentic as claimed on their forex website and an association with a fraudulent forex scam broker known as SmartTradeFX raises alarming questions about the honesty of Robbie Newton and Ken Dempsey.  Make sure you read this review before you get started with Honest Forex Signals, it may save you a lot of money and heartache down the road!

If you took the time to conduct a quick Google search concerning Honest Forex Signals by Robbie Newton you would come across a large amount of controversial reviews.  Many negative and positive reviews mostly found at Forex Peace Army.  It is impossible to determine which reviews may be fake or positive, there are just so many negative and positive reviews we are essentially concluding Honest Forex signals to be an unreliable and unproven investment service.

One mystery that we are still trying to unravel would be how all of the investment results are 3rd party verified.  It is made quite apparent at that all of these investment results are “verified” and “proven” but what we can’t crack would be how these results are actually verified.  Especially since the SmartTradeFX forex broker has not been in operation for just over a year now.  Not to mention that the broker was never regulated so whether the results are actually verifiable is a whole different question in itself.

Reviews concerning the legitimacy of SmartTradeFX also don’t seem to be that great.  Complaints regarding a refusal to execute withdrawals, theft of funds and the disablement of traders’ investment accounts are among some of the nightmarish feedback we noticed.

Which brings us to question why Honest Forex Signals would put their “honest” reputation at stake by working with a fraudulent forex broker.  If Honest Forex Signals by Robbie Newton was actually legitimate you would think they would work with a forex broker that is regulated, still in existence and could actually provide 3rd party verified investment results.  Claiming that we can contact SmartTradeFX to verify the authenticity of is not a possible avenue for us execute nor would we trust the word of a fraudulent trading broker that stole thousands of dollars from online day-traders.

Another minor discrepancy that we found but we aren’t fully holding against Robbie Newton would be how the Forex Peace Army rating on his website claims to almost have a 5 star rating. Even though they don’t have above a 4.0 rating on any of the threads created at Forex Peace Army it still makes us wonder why they would claim to have a higher rating than they actually do.  So false ratings, a large amount of uncontroversial reviews and association with an extinct forex scam broker is what we have to judge the fate of Honest Forex Signals.

By definition our investigation didn’t yield enough results for us to indisputably classify Honest Forex Signals (HFS) as a forex trading scam.   What we did find though would be enough evidence for us not to recommend this service to any online trader.  Why would you want to put your faith with a service that has a track record with a fraudulent scam broker and an overwhelming amount of negative reviews?  We can assure you there are much more reliable and proven systems out there for forex that won’t put you at risk nearly as much as you would be risking with the Honest Forex Signals service.

Review Verdict:  Honest Forex Signals should be AVOIDED!  Don’t Trust This Service!

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