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Think you are safe with just about any investment service? Then THINK AGAIN!

As many of you can likely relate to from experience, most auto traders available for the option, forex, CFD and cryptocurrency domains inhibit user-control and only enable investors to trade with investment quantities that equate to 10% of their account balance, sometimes even more.

We refer to these systems as “pump-and-dump” trading solutions because they essentially take the investors funds that we pumped into the account then loss it within a 48 hour period.

At you will not find any “pump-and-dump” trading software nor will you find a solution that doesn’t possess transparent evidence of consistent investment returns.

In addition, we take special care to ensure that each software doesn’t limit user-control while thoroughly investigating each system to make sure it is not only dependable but will help supplement your income for a respectable duration of time.

Below you will find a list of the best performing trading software currently available for the forex, contracts-for-difference, and cryptocurrency markets.

The Calloway Software – Earn Up To $5,000/Day!


Employing technical indicators such as Stochastics, Moving Averages and Relative Strength Index with trading approachs like Hedging, Risk Reversal, Price Action and Triangle Trading Strategy, the Calloway Software generates profits upwards to $5,000 per day. 


Calloway Software Review – $5,000 Per Day?

Maximus Crypto Bot – Earn Up To $10,000/Week!

Re-engineered and relaunched to provide day traders with an entirely new investment experience. Signal generation has been tweaked and perfected to maximize ROIs while investors possess complete user-control over this automated trading software, learn more in our reviews!

Join Maximus Crypto Bot

In-Depth Maximus Crypto Bot Review

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Maximus Crypto Bot – $1,720 One Day Profit

Maximus Crypto Bot – $4,520 Profit in 4 Days 

Maximus Crypto Bot – $9,040 Profit in 4 Days 

FinTech Mining – Earn Up To $900/Week!

Owned and operated by Aorta Digital Ltd., FinTech Mining provides a great opportunity for individuals of all walks of life with the ability to generate a passive source of income off of a one-time investment through cloud mining. 

Fintech Mining

FinTech Mining – $760 Profit

FinTech Mining – Earn Significant Returns

FinTech Mining Review – 175% to 425% Returns?

FinTech Mining Honest Review – Earn Passive Income!

FinTech Mining- Best $500/Week Passive Income Opportunity?

Interested in a Signal Service?

Investing with a profitable and consistent signal service can work wonders for your investment portfolio while adding an educational aspect to your delivered signals.

Unlike most automated trading robots where you have limited information pertaining to how the software functions with signal services oftentimes the head investors running their services are more than open to share how they read the markets and generate trading signals.

Oftentimes trading approaches are covered throughout the course of your signal service subscription but if not then at least you are gaining capital through your online day-trading, which is what all investors tend to strive for.

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