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Finding a profitable let alone consistent automated trading software is much easier said than done. As many of you can likely relate to from experience, most auto traders available for the option, forex, CFD and cryptocurrency domains inhibit user-control and only enable investors to trade with investment quantities that equate to 10% of their account balance, sometimes even more. We refer to these systems as “pump-and-dump” trading solutions because they essentially take the investors funds that we pumped into the account then loss it within a 48 hour period.

At you will not find any “pump-and-dump” trading softwares nor will you find a solution that doesn’t possess transparent evidence of consistent investment returns. In addition, we take special care to ensure that each software doesn’t limit user-control while thoroughly investigating each system to make sure it is not only dependable but will help supplement your income for a respectable duration of time.

Below you will find a list of the best performing trading softwares currently available for the forex, contracts-for-difference, and cryptocurrency markets.

FXMasterBot – Forex

Our most recommended automated forex trading software would be the FXMasterBot. Generating exceptional ROIs coupled with full user-control, the FXMasterBot is in a class entirely in its own. Learn more in our FXMasterBot Review.

The Ripple Code – Crypto

An intuitive and technical based trading software that delivers automated trading signals under the parameters set forth by the investor. Supplement your income through investing with the booming cryptocurrency industry and minimize your daily trading hours with the Ripple Code. Learn more in our in-depth Ripple Code Review.

The Ethereum Machine – CFD/Crypto

Reputable, consistent and user-friendly are the best adjectives to paint the average investor experience with The Ethereum Machine. Learn the ins-and-outs regarding this investment software and how you can generate an additional source of passive income in our Ethereum Machine Review.

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