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Crypto Trading Farm Review- Scam Alert!

Crypto Trading Farm, located at, is a SCAM!

Brought into existence on March of 2018, Crypto Trading Farm promotes their platform as a legitimate investment platform when in reality they are nothing more than a deceptive deposit trap.

To learn more we encourage you to gather the facts laid out before you throughout the duration of our unbiased review!

Crypto Trading Farm Review

Crypto Trading Farm is allegedly a USA based investment company that was established in 2013, 5 years after the creation of their domain.

According to their About Us page, their platform started solely with cryptocurrency investments but since then have expanded their portfolio due to “huge success records from our businesses globally.”

The minimum deposit required to get started with an investment package would be $200 while withdrawals are allegedly conducted and received within 1 business day.

In addition to providing day trading plans, Crypto Trading Farm allegedly provides cryptocurrency mining packages, although no mention in regards to which mining hardware or the location of their datacenters are disclosed.

Who is Behind Crypto Trading Farm?

Crypto Trading Farm is allegedly a USA based investment company that was created in 2013.

However, when you search the Better Business Bureau there are no search results to suggest that “Crypto Trading Farm,” is an existing US corporation.

To add, in the FAQ section of their domain, Crypto Trading Farm goes on to claim that they are a UK based investment firm founded in the year 2013.

So which is it? Are they are USA or UK based company?

To help assist us in answering this question we visited their Contact page to backtrack their disclosed physical addresses.

Crypto Trading Farm (USA Office Address)

765 St, Los Angeles, California 90014, USA

Crypto Trading Farm (UK Office Address)

142 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8EQ, United Kingdom

Interesting enough, both of the locations disclosed above do not reflect locations that are able to be plotted according to Google Maps.

These discoveries prompted us to navigate through Crypto Trading Farm’s Terms & Conditions in the attempt to find verifiable information although it appears that they are acting as their sole entity.

No reference to a company entity can be found on their site.

Contact Methods

Service Plans

Trading Plans


Deposit: $200 to $4,999

# of Trades: 5x Daily

Weekly ROI: 12%

Referral Bonus: 2%

Contract Duration: 30 days


Deposit: $5,000 to $19,999

# of Trades: 5x Daily

Weekly ROI: 15%

Referral Bonus: 4%

Contract Duration: 60 days


Deposit: $20,000 to $49,999

# of Trades: Unlimited

Weekly ROI: 20%

Referral Bonus: 6%

Contract Duration: 90 days


Deposit: $50,000+

# of Trades: Unlimited Trades

Weekly ROI: 25%

Referral Bonus: 8%

Contract Duration: 150 days

Cryptocurrency Mining Plans


Deposit: $1,000 to $19,999

Weekly Profit: 10%

Hashing Power: 20GH/s

Referral Bonus: 5%

Contract Duration: 60 days


Deposit: $20,000+

Weekly Profit: 20%

Hashing Power: 50GH/s

Referral Bonus: 10%

Contract Duration: 120 days

Red Flags and Discrepancies

Crypto Trading Farm has an abundance of red flags that cannot be overlooked.

The first red flag being that their investment platform does not appear to be CFTC regulated, which is a requirement for investment companies operating on US soil.

Secondly, provides fake office addresses for their locations while claiming to have been in existence since 2013 yet their domain was created just earlier this year.

Lastly, Crypto Trading Farm does not provide any transparency regarding their investment history nor do they provide any verifiable ownership information.

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was created on March 1st, 2018 through the NameCheap Inc registrar.

According to market intelligence reports found at SimiliarWeb, is not a popular investment plan and reflects a global rank of 10,929,591 with a United Kingdom rank of 1,445,800 as of September 11th, 2018.

Approximately 11.92% of their traffic derives from social media based sources while the remainder originate from search queries conducted across a multitude of search engines.

Is Crypto Trading Farm a Scam?

Yes, is a scam.

Incorporating fictitious addresses for their alleged office locations while failing to provide any verifiable ownership information, past performance history while reflecting a variety of discrepancies across their site just goes to show how illegitimate of an investment opportunity Crypto Trading Farm is. Review Conclusion

Crypto Trading Farm is a deceptive investment scam that is targeting novice cryptocurrency investors from around the globe.

As you have learned, nothing is as it seems while essentially every component of their domain is fabricated and misleading.

Our advice would be to avoid the Crypto Trading Farm and share any experiences, insight or feedback you may have by sharing a comment below.

Verdict: Crypto Trading Farm is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:


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FX Investigo, hosted at, is a SCAM!

Launched only a couple months ago, FXInvestigo relies upon fabricated site elements to lure in prospecting investors into their deposit trap.

As you will learn throughout the duration of our unbiased review, nothing is genuine regarding FX Investigo.


FX Investigo Review

What is

FXInvestigo functions as an online investment platform that allegedly enables investors from varying demographics with the ability to earn fixed investment returns depending upon their deposit.

According to their homepage, FX Investigo employs what is referred to as PAMM (Proactive Asset Allocation Model) in order to reduce investor risk and generate lucrative returns. is promoted as a Forex Investment company, although when you visit their footer you’ll encounter a general risk warning that only mentions CFDs.

So does FX Investigo invest in the forex or the CFD arena?

That we are unable to narrow down for certain. supposedly is responsible for the information found at However, if you search “” you will notice how you are just redirected to the FX Investigo domain.

Who is Behind FX Investigo?

FX Investigo does not share any verifiable ownership information.

According to their domain, 3 separate investment platforms joined forces to provide an all-in-one investment opportunity.

Will Tomo

Allegedly a Joint Head Account Management Team based in Tokyo.

Sujana Kim

Supposedly the CEO at US Youth FXBit Team, a cryptocurrency oriented brokerage.

Aziz Yuhuji

Islamic Trading Founder based out of Dubai who oversees FX brokerages.

While these 3 alleged entities joined forces, it begs us to question who, in fact, are these entities? Right above the footer of their domain we see photos used to portray these entities, although research goes on to show that they are nothing more than stock photos.

Furthermore, FXInvestigo provides their alleged location as 1328 Broadway, New York, NY 10001 yet when you search that address in Google Maps it comes up as a residential apartment building surrounded by the Courtyard Marriott and Hilton Garden Inn hotels.

Investment Plans

The fully automated investment plans set in stone at FX Investigo are absolutely outrageous. In addition, no transparent evidence regarding performance history is disclosed anywhere upon their site.

Plan IC 01

Deposit: $10.00

Duration: 5 Days

Guaranteed Payout: $12.00

Plan IC 02

Deposit: $105

Duration: 30 Days

Guaranteed Payout: $12,575.00

Plan IC 03

Deposit: $501.00

Duration: 2 Days

Guaranteed Payout: $2,400.00

Plan IC 04

Deposit: $1,005.00

Duration: 1 Day

Guaranteed Payout: $8,000.00

Plan IC 05

Deposit: $5,005.00

Duration: 10 Days

Guaranteed Payout: $42,575.00

Plan IC 06

Deposit: $10,005.00

Duration: 1 Days

Guaranteed Payout: $102,575.00.

Allegedly there is “no risk” associated with the FXInvestigo platform. According to their Investment Plan page, an investor who losses funds will be automatically compensated and receive a 10% daily interest to their capital.

This is absolute garbage, no investment related venture is risk-free let alone willing to compensate day traders for their losses with additional interest, it is not a viable or a sustainable business model.


Red Flags and Discrepancies

Where do we begin? First and foremost the most pressing discrepancies would be the ones we just went over relating to their absolutely untruthful investment plans.

It is clear that the creators behind this scam will promise and “guarantee” anything as long as you are more likely to deposit into their scam.

Let’s not forget how FX Investigo disclosed a fictitious address for their physical location while failing to provide any ownership information what-so-ever.

Furthermore, the alleged team of investors who manage and invest your hard-earned money for you don’t even exist! Each of their “investors” are nothing more than fabricated entities accompanied with stock photos.


Domain Insight was an openly registered domain that was created on July 10th, 2018. According to WHOIS, the registrar information disclosed reflect Yolonda Mathew of BITCOIN, 56 Tanglin Road, Singapore, SG-02, 247964 as the creator behind this domain.

The alleged telephone number of file is +1.4159496022 while their shared email address is [email protected].

A SimilarWeb market intelligence report will go on to reveal that is not a popular website. As of September 11th, 2018 FX Investigo reflects a global rank of 1,206,898 with an Afghanistan rank of 6,357.

Approximately 21.58% of their traffic derives from display advertisements while an additional 14.76% originate from referral based sources.

Is a Scam?

FX Investigo is a misleading investment scam that should be avoided at all costs. Trying to pass off stock photos as their team of investors while providing a phony physical address just goes to show that FX Investigo cannot be trusted! Review Conclusion

FX Investigo is a deceptive scam campaign pretending to be a legitimate investment venture.

Incorporating numerous fabricated elements into the framework on their site just does to show that the scammers behind this scheme care nothing about your well-being as long as they are further lining their pockets.

Do yourself, and others, a courtesy by sharing this review and avoiding this manipulative scam.

Verdict: FXInvestigo is a SCAM!

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Avoid the Scam!!

Hash Byte, located at, is a cryptocurrency cloud mining scam that should be avoided at all costs!

Recently launched in May of 2018, Hash Byte has been circulating the crypto arena unchecked and scamming an innumerable volume of unsuspecting investors.

To gather the facts regarding HashByte we invite you to continue reading our honest scam review.

hashbyte.io_website_image Review promotes their platform as an “environmentally-friendly” cloud mining service.

“HashByte – Renewable Energy Powered Cloud Mining.”

While Hash Byte masquerades their platform as such, there has been no conclusive evidence to support their claim of being an eco friendly cloud mining service.

According to their About Us page, their mining farm centers are established in Norway, Sweden and Estonia.

Claiming that all their mining farms are functioning as a byproduct of renewable energy, HashByte fails to disclose any information pertaining to their mining hardware and equipment let alone their alleged renewable energy farms.

The minimum investment amount required is $150 for 3,000GH/s for Bitcoin (SHA256), according to their FAQ page.

To add, their platform is supposedly capable of mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Monero with expectations to add more digital currencies in the future.

Who is Behind does not disclose any ownership anywhere upon their site.

Regrettably we were unable to uncover any identifying information in the sites Terms of Use page. To add, it appears that the creators behind Hash Byte are failing to accept any liability for any potential loss of funds.

The only identifying feature we found at would be the email address [email protected] although it really doesn’t provide any insight into who is responsible for this ridiculous cryptocurrency scam.

HashByte apparently has both a Twitter and Instagram account, although they don’t appear active with either social media outlet.

How does Work?

According to their site, mining farms rely upon solar and wind energy to power their mining hardware.

Since their platform is allegedly interested in “reducing carbon emissions and maximizing profits for investors,” they made their platform readily available to anyone over the age of 18. offers four separate mining packages for cryptocurrency investors who are interested in investing with their cloud mining service.

Depending upon which mining package an investor chooses will dictate the minimum deposit required, their hash power along with profit potential.

Mining Packages (Silver Package Base)

Plan 1

Asset Mined: Bitcoin

Hashing Power: 3,000GH/s – 14,999GH/s

Deposit Required: $150.00 to $749.00

Plan 2

Asset Mined: Ethereum

Hashing Power: 10 MH/s – 49MH/s

Deposit Required: $150.00 to $599.00

Plan 3

Asset Mined: Litecoin

Hashing Power: 10MH/s – 49MH/s

Deposit Required: $100.00 to $499.00

Plan 4

Asset Mined: Monero

Hashing Power: 120.1H/s

Deposit Required: $100.00 to $499.00 only accepts cryptocurrency deposits while all deposits conducted must match an investors desired mining package.


Red Flags and Question Marks

Unrealistic ROIs does not openly promise any outrageous returns-on-investments to their potential cliental although they do incorporate a ROI calculator on their site which reflects highly unrealistic ROIs.

Lack of Transparency

Hash Byte does not provide a shred of information that can used to support their credibility.

They claim to have renewable energy farms set up in Norway, Sweden and Estonia yet they don’t provide any proof, pictures or documentation.

Let’s not forget how also fails to provide any verifiable ownership information, meaning they are operating as an anonymous entity, which is the LAST thing you want to deal with when it comes to the online investment arena.

Last but not least, Hash Byte does not provide any proof that investors who use their platform actually generate profits, nor do they provide any traceable cryptocurrency transactions for us to verify that they are a paying cloud mining entity.

Community Consensus does not reflect any positive community feedback according to our investigation. In fact, some review sites have even gone on to expose as a scam.

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was created on May 2nd, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar.

According to market intelligence reports found at SimiliarWeb, HashByte does not appear to be that reputable of a cloud mining platform and reflects a global rank of 936,996 with a Spain rank of 106,242 as of September 10th, 2018.

To further add to the deceptive nature of Hash Byte, appears to be relying heavily upon shady traffic exchange sites such as, and to secure inorganic site traffic with the deliberate attempt to appear more popular than they actually are.

Approximately 96.76% of their referral traffic originates from unethical traffic exchange sites.

Is a Scam?

Given the deceptive nature and the number of red flags relating to Hash Byte it is obvious that is a scam. Review Conclusion is nothing more than another cryptocurrency cloud mining scam that preys upon newbie cryptocurrency investors.

Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly more common to encounter cryptocurrency cloud mining scams which is why we urge you to exercise caution prior to handing over your money.

If you have a scam to report or have any questions relating to any cryptocurrency or online investment-related opportunity we urge you to reach out to us!

Verdict: is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Have you been scammed by Please share any feedback you may have by sharing a comment below!

Is ZTrader a Scam? Honest Review!

ZTrader is promoted as the most profitable cryptocurrency trading bot.

Hosted at, ZTrader is an automated trading robot for bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Recently created a little over a month ago, the aim of this unbiased review is to help you determine whether ZTrader is a scam or a profitable trading solution.

ZTrader Review is structured as an online trading platform that supports an automated trading solution capable of investing the cryptocurrency markets.

According to their site, ZTrader employs algorithms in addition to various technical indicators to generate day trading signals.

The minimum starting trading capital required is 0.03 BTC while their minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 BTC.

Only deposits made via bitcoin are accepted by ZTrader operators while their platform implies that their daily profit return is 4% while their winning rate is approximately 86%.

How does ZTrader Work?

Cryptocurrency investors who have an account with BitFinex, Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex or KuCoin are able to register with the ZTrader, or vice versa.

When registering with the platform, prospective investors can choose from the following investment plans:

Demo Account

  • Free for 7 days
  • Trial demo of 0.1 BTC
  • Allegedly real-time prices

Starter Plan

  • 0.75% fee per trade
  • 10% bonus on first deposit
  • Does not exchange API account info
  • Deposits, withdrawals and 365 support

License Plan

  • .025 BTC deposit
  • 12 month active plan
  • No trading fees for 12 months
  • Exchanges API for increase security

Depending upon which investment plan an investor enrolls with will dictate the structure of their account with ZTrader. Regardless, investors who deposit with either the Starter or License plan must deposit a minimum of 0.03 BTC to ZTrader through one of their supported exchanges.

Once your account is activated, an investor can set their trading parameters while the software allegedly performs the rest of the work through the application of algorithms and technical indicators.

Which sort of trading algorithms or investment approaches are employed by ZTrader we are uncertain since no definitive explanation is shared on their site.

ZTrader Features

ZTrader is an online auto trading software that is compatible with a few notorious cryptocurrency exchanges.

As with most cryptocurrency trading solutions, day traders are able to invest on a 24 hours a day basis since many trading platforms support over-the-counter options.

The features integrated into the software would be a support tab which can be used to connect with ZTrader operators, although we are uncertain of how reliable it is.

ZTrader Indicators

ZTrader supposedly employs an algorithm used in combination with the following technical analysis based indicators:

  • Aroon
  • Momentum
  • Awesome Oscillator
  • Money Flow Index
  • Bollinger Bands
  • MACD
  • Candle Patterns
  • On Balance Volume
  • Commodity Channel Index
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Detrended Price Oscillator
  • Rate of Change
  • Directional Movement Index
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • Simply Moving Average
  • Fast Stochastic Oscillator
  • Slow Stochastic Oscillator
  • Fibonacci Lvels
  • Weighted Moving Average
  • Ichimoki Clouds
  • Williams Percent Range

Whether or not ZTrader waits for certain market conditions to employ specific technical indicators we are uncertain since no signal functionality is disclosed on their domain.

ZTrader Pricing

ZTrader requires a minimum deposit of 0.03 Bitcoin in order to participate with their platform and use their automated trading bot.

In order to request a withdrawal day traders must have a minimum balance of 0.01 BTC, although no history of investors withdrawing funds have been successfully reported.

The demo account featured at ZTrader is free of charge to use for 7 business days although after your access to their demo account will be discontinued.

According to consumer reports, the demo account is not the most accurate and tends to conflicting market entry rates.

Is ZTrader a Scam?

Given the lack of ownership and operational information pertaining to ZTrader we feel inclined to believe that their platform is not legitimate and is likely a scam.

Providing zero transparency regarding their ownership information, the site discloses zero corporate details while their Terms & Conditions imply that is acting on its own accord.

Furthermore, does not appear to be registered with any regulatory agencies which means their investment platform is unregulated and likely unlicensed, both of which are red flags in the day trading industry.

Another discrepancy we found relating to their platform would be how they provide minimum contact details. No reference to a support telephone number, email address, physical office address or even a live chat is offered on their site.

The only way to touch base with ZTrader operators would be through their Contact Us submission form, where we believe you will find it unlikely that you’ll receive a reply.

ZTrader Review Conclusion

ZTrader is not a licensed or regulated cryptocurrency investment platform which significantly lacks creditability.

Failing to provide transparent ownership information along with a thorough explanation in regards to how their automated trading bot actually generates trading signals are discrepancies we cannot overlook.

When it comes to day trading online, make sure to only invest with verified and vetted trading solutions such as the Calloway Software – $3,000 Per Week.

Review Verdict: ZTrader cannot be Trusted!

Blacklisted Site:

We encourage you to share any feedback or insight you may have by sharing a comment below!

Is The Calloway Software a Scam? Unbiased Review!!

The Calloway Software, hosted at, is an online trading software capable of day trading the cryptocurrency, foreign exchange and contracts-for-difference markets.

Having been backtested since the start of the 2018 New Year, Brett Calloway has finally released his rendered edition of the Calloway Software which can reportedly earn day traders of all experience levels upwards to $3,000 per week.

To learn whether The Calloway Software is a scam or a legitimate trading software we invite you to continue reading our impartial scam review.

The Calloway Software Review

When it comes to accurately investing the financial markets online every resource you can add to your arsenal will likely assist you in the process of obtaining your investment goals.

Technical indicators, strategic trading approaches and reputable online trading softwares such as the Calloway Software can not only increase your accuracy but perhaps more importantly can enable you to start supplementing your income substantially through day trading.

So what is The Calloway Software?

The Calloway Software is perhaps the most technically-backed trading solution to enter the online investment arena.

Functioning as a proprietary software, the Calloway Software was engineered to employ specific trading approaches and a variety of technical indicators, both of which are controlled and employed by an investor.

While the Calloway Software filters real-time market volatility under an autonomous capacity, the execution of investments are entirely determined by the investor since trade entries are semi-automated to provide day traders with absolute control over their investment accounts.

Who is Brett Calloway?

Brett Calloway is the Founder behind The Calloway Software.

Having first constructed a mock-up version of the Calloway Software in late 2017, since the start of the 2018 New Year Brett Calloway has been optimizing the functionality of his trading solution.

Originally the Calloway Software was unable to accurately reduce market noise which accounted for a variety of conflicting trading signals.

Since then though Brett Calloway has perfected his trading solution, which is fortunate for the hundreds of thousands of consumers looking to supplement their income online from home.

How does The Calloway Software Work?

One of the most common traits we encounter when reviewing the legitimacy of online investment opportunities would be the blatant lack of information regarding the functionality of such opportunities.

This is perhaps most common amongst online signal services, auto traders and even semi-automated trading solutions.

Fortunately for us, we didn’t have to go digging far to learn that the Calloway Software functions as a technical analysis based trading software.

Meaning that the Calloway Software relies upon integrated fundamental factors such as technical indicators and specific day trading approaches such as Price Action, Hedging, Risk Reversal, resistance AND support level along with the Triangle trading approach to generate trading signals.

So what are the steps to how the Calloway Software works?

  1. The software autonomously analyzes market conditions
  2. Next, it employs specific trading approaches and technical indicators
  3. Signals are automatically generated granted that markets are favorable
  4. Investors select which investments they would like to invest then execute trades

Trading Features

The Calloway Software does not shy away from offering a generous supply of trading features, which is a substantial advantage to day traders who decide to use their software.

Apart from offering in-depth tutorials on how to use the Calloway Software, how to reach out to them and how to withdrawal, the Calloway Software also has an invaluable economic calendar integrated into the framework of their site.

Even more impressive would be how Brett Calloway incorporated a chat room so that other investors are able to interact with one another, this platform feature in itself cannot have a value placed upon it.

Being able to bounce strategic investment entries and external trading approaches with other existing Calloway Software day traders is unparalleled within the investment community.

Now as we briefly touched upon, the Calloway Software relies upon technical indicators and strategic trading approaches used in combination to generate high probability investment signals.

With this in mind, we believe firmly in understanding the fundamental functionality of technical analysis indicators which is why below we prepared some functionality insight for you.

Technical Indicators

Stochastics: A momentum based indicator created by Dr. George Lane that is used to accurately gauge support and resistance levels.

Moving Averages: Both exponential and front-weighted moving averages are employed with the Calloway Software which enables the software to generate more accurate trend-oriented investments.

Relative Strength Index: Abbreviated and well-known as the RSI indicator, the Relative Strength Index is a momentum oscillator that helps the Calloway Software determine whether or not an underlying asset is exhibiting signs of being overbought or oversold.

Trading Approaches

Hedging: The Calloway Software employs what is known as correlational analysis, which is used to gauge and measure the relative relationship between correlated trading assets. Due to the integration of correlational analysis the Calloway Software is capable of hedging correlated assets against one another.

Risk Reversal: Also referred to as a synthetic long, the Risk Reversal approach helps safeguard Calloway Software day traders from unfavorable price movements and drastic market spikes.

Price Action (Support): Generates powerful sell signals and best used in conjunction with the Stochastics indicator.

Price Action (Resistance): Best employed with the Stochastics indicator, resistance level price action trading generates powerful buy signals.

Triangle Trading Approach: A powerful breakout technical analysis trading approach that generates exceptionally powerful trading signals.

Is The Calloway Software a Scam?

Let’s swiftly put an end to the debate, the Calloway Software is not a scam. Unlike other trading softwares that have entered the day trading arena, the Calloway Software employs not only technical but also correlational analysis, generates accurate trading signals and offers invaluable trading features within the interface of their software.

Can You Really Earn $3,000 Per Week?

As long as you employ a passive (5% of account balance per trade) or aggressive (7% to 10% account balance per trade) style of account management there is no reason why you cannot work your way up to generating profits between $4,000 to $6,000 per month.

Combine those achievable sums with the fact that the Calloway Software is recruiting new employees with a strong pay stub, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to us if day traders pulled upwards of $15,000 per month.

Calloway Software FAQ

How accurate of The Calloway Software?

According to the domain, the Calloway Software is capable of generating success rates up to 93%. For day traders who are just starting out with the Calloway Software the average weekly success rate tends to fluctuate between 72% to 79%.

How much can I realistically earn with The Calloway Software?

An investors earning potential is determined by the quantity of funds allocated in their investment accounts along with their money management skills. Realistically speaking, it would not be uncommon to generate between $250 to $2,500 per day with the Calloway Software.

What is required to use The Calloway Software?

You can register with the Calloway Software for free as long as it is available where you reside. Once you complete the registration process you simply need to deposit with one of their synced investment brokerages where you can start day trading and interacting with other successful investors from around the globe.

Is The Calloway Software capable of trading cryptocurrencies?

Yes! In addition to cryptocurrencies, the Calloway Software is capable of investing currency pairs, pair options, indices, stocks and commodities.

Is The Calloway Software Legit?

The Calloway Software is not only legit but it has much more to offer than other competing trading solutions that lack their abundance of trading and platform features.

Who is Brett Calloway of The Calloway Software?

Brett Calloway is the Founder behind the Calloway Software.

Is The Calloway Software an Auto-Trader?

The Calloway Software does function under the capacity as an automated trading software, however, when it comes to signal execution the investor has complete control over which signaled underlying assets are invested, their trade sizes along with which features they would like to the software to employ.

Can anyone use The Calloway Software?

Yes! The Calloway Software is available in many demographics across the world and as long as you are of age or older to legally invest where you reside then you are capable of using this trading system.

What is the average payout for winning trades?

Day traders whose investments land in-the-money will receive payouts ranging between 75% to 97%.

$100 Investment, 85% Return
You execute an $100 investment that landed in-the-money with a 85% return. 85% of $100 is $85, therefore you just generated a profit of $85 in a single investment.

How To Profit with The Calloway Software

Generating income with the Calloway Software is not as difficult as most day traders may believe.

While the software has been shown to generate profits without any external filters or trading parameters, one simple way you can boost your accuracy with any software would be to analyze an Economic Calendar to determine whether any potential underlying assets you may invest are more prone to be volatile due to upcoming press releases.

Lucky for us an economic calendar is integrated right into the framework of the Calloway Software!

Getting Started with The Calloway Software

If you are seeking for a legitimate opportunity to supplement your income between a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars per week then it goes without question that the Calloway Software is capable of helping you reach your goals.

Starting augmenting your income today and become part of the vastly growing family of investors who are already profiting with the Calloway Software!

Free Calloway Software Registration:

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Best Maximus Crypto Bot Trading Guide

Welcome to the Best Trading Guide for the Maximus Crypto Bot.

Throughout the course of this concise guide we plan to share with you the best applicable trading parameters to use with the Maximus Crypto Bot while providing insight from research regarding invaluable trading tips to employ with this semi-automated software.

To learn how others have started augmenting them income upwards to $850 per day we encourage you to continue reading onward.

Best Maximus Crypto Bot Guide

So what is the Maximus Crypto Bot?

For those who are unfamiliar with the Maximus Crypto Bot, the Maximus Crypto Bot is one of the few legitimate semi-automated trading softwares available for day trading today.

First launched in late 2017, the Maximus Crypto Bot was originally constructed to only be compatible with the options market but since then they have reconfigured their platform to support foreign exchange currency pairs, pair options, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and indices.

Due to the improved innovations of the Maximus Crypto Bot, the software become more readily available on a global scale and actively supports over a few thousand investors per day.

Among some of the most sought after features of the Maximus Crypto Bot would be their over-the-counter investment contracts, their lucrative payouts upwards to 95% along with their quick and hassle-free withdrawals.

Trading Features

Maximus Crypto Bot offers a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate for even the most inexperienced day traders.

Apart from offering an abundance of underlying assets to invest with, Maximus Crypto Bot also incorporates an Economic Calendar, Financial News section along with a helpful Support tab.

Currently the Maximus Crypto Bot supports 3 styles of trading ranging from short, medium to long-term options. Underlying assets are able to be filtered according to market category while signaled investments are accompanied by a Confidence Factor, which can be used to accurately measure the strength of a signal.


Implement Trading Approaches

As we’ve discussed on a few different occasions, the Maximus Crypto Bot is best used when used in combination with an effective trading approach. With this in mind, below you will find a relevant assortment of Maximus Crypto Bot reviews that come with verified trading approaches that can help you help significant income with the Maximus Crypto Bot.

Maximus Crypto Bot – $9,040 in 4 Days

  • Plan ahead for the future
  • Learn to set up trading parameters
  • Manage expectations through goal planning

Maximus Crypto Bot – $1,720 One Day Profit

  • Reflects 85% success rate
  • Learn how to improve success
  • Cultivate an investment plan-of-attack

Maximus Crypto Bot – $4,520 Profit in 4 Days

  • Learn to filter market noise
  • Determine which trading style fits you
  • View documented transactions with daily growth

Leveraging Currency Pairs

Research will support that there has been a considerable increase in demand and reputability when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry.

As a result, the demand to invest in the surging cryptocurrency market has taken root. Apart from exchanges where investors can exchange a multitude of digital currencies there weren’t and still aren’t to this day many legitimate cryptocurrency investment options.

Most legitimate cryptocurrency investment solutions embody the form of fully-automated trading systems that only promote cryptocurrency friendliness through contract-for-difference options.

One such prominent system would be the Maximus Crypto Bot, although their system is semi-automated.

Why is semi-automated better than fully-automated trading you may ask?

Well for starters it reduces an investors overall underlying risk when it comes to proper account management. Unlike with automated trading systems that generate and execute investments on their own, semi-automated requires a simple confirmation from the investor prior to execution.

Now although this may seem like a hassle, it truly isn’t.

In fact, it is an extreme advantage when compared to other trading systems since you have the final say over which investments are placed, which style of trading you want to invest along with complete control over trade volume and withdrawal procedures.

Not only does this keep the investor in control but it enables day traders to conduct more effective trading approaches depending upon market conditions.

Trading Results

August 20th, 2018 – 7/10 ITM


August 21st, 2018 – 7/10 ITM


August 22nd, 2018 – 6/10 ITM


August 23rd, 2018 – 10/10 ITM


Maximus Crypto Bot – $3,200 Profit

How to Trade with Maximus Crypto Bot

Day trading the Maximus Crypto Bot in combination with strategic trading parameters employed can greatly increase your probability of success within the online investment industry.

By simply incorporating fundamental and technical analysis based filters you can improve the success rate of the Maximus Crypto Bot upwards from 7% to 11%.

One such fundamental filter you could easily employ would be to analyze an Economic Calendar prior to investing.

You are preparing to invest the Eur/Usd with the Maximus Crypto Bot. However, you notice that the Eur/Usd has a strong predicted volatility measure according to the Economic Calendar. Postpone day trading the Eur/Usd if a high level of volatility is predicted within the upcoming hour along with a few hours after.

A dependable technical analysis trading approach you can utilize with the Maximus Crypto Bot would be the investment concept we covered in our Maximus Crypto Bot – $2,250 Profit One Week Profit Review.

By employing an easy-to-follow Price Action trading approach, we were able to filter out unnecessary market noise and generate over a $2,200 profit in 5 days.

Research has also indicated that utilizing the Support Level style opposed to the Resistance Level style of Price Action tended to generate an overall higher success rate.

You can gather the notion of the strategy through the pictures enclosed and if you have any questions we encourage you to reach out to us at [email protected]!

Getting Started with Maximus Crypto Bot

Getting started with the Maximus Crypto Bot requires only a few steps before you can start utilizing the software in an everyday investment scenario.

Due to their increase in popularity amongst the day trading industry, Maximus Crypto Bot is available in most demographics and when used in combination with strong trading approaches can significantly start supplementing your income within a few short weeks.

Free Maximus Crypto Bot Registration:

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Not available where you reside? Learn about FinTech Mining – Best $500/Week Passive Income Opportunity! Review – Scam Exposed!!

PrTo, hosted at, is an interesting online earning opportunity that is structured as a passive and semi-active stream of income. Overall the transparency of PrTO is questionable and made us suspicious as to whether or not this online earning opportunity was legitimate. As you will learn through the course of our factual review, PrTO is NOT legit and is a scam!

What is

PrTO is defined as a first integrated partner program for operations with the foreign exchange market, exchange platforms and option investing. While there are multiple references on the site that they will fund your account with $100 automatically, there are contingencies set forth by the operators of this brokerage that must be met prior to being able to withdrawal those funds.

Conditions such as placing a minimum of 20 investments while generating an “x” amount of trade volume. Ultimately what happens is that investors who wish to have access to those funds must deposit their own money into the platform on top of fulfilling their bonus policy contingencies that range from trader to trader.

Whether or not investors have much control over their day trading activities we are uncertain due to no active trading platform being integrated on their site. Furthermore, does not appear to be regulated or licensed by any regulatory agency which is a detrimental disadvantage for investors.

Who is Behind PrTo?

The credibility of is severely wounded when it comes to failing to disclose any ownership or active operator information behind their operation. No reference to a corporate or sole proprietary entity was found in their FAQ, Terms, About Us or Privacy pages. Search queries conducted on search engines failed to churn up any identifying information while WHOIS domain reports were equally as unhelpful.

Deposits & Withdrawals

According to their FAQ, day traders who invest with PrTO have no control over when they are able to conduct withdrawals since automatically appears to bill them once a month. To add to the shadiness of PrTO they only accept mostly anonymous forms of payment such as Skrill, Visa Electron, PayPal, Amazon, Payza, Bitcoin, WebMoney and OKPay.

Referral Program

How an investors funds are managed and invested are beyond us since PrTO fails to provide any insight into those crucial business elements. Whether they invest short-term options, stock or currency pair options, indices or commodities we are unsure. Which leaves the only verifiable source of income from those who deposit into

According to their FAQ, if you want to maximize your earning potential you can use their referral system to receive up to 30% of a referrals income as well as $0.50 for each new participant. While 30% rev share income for new referrals is quite competitive it goes to show that more emphasis is based upon recruiting new members opposed to solidifying their own operations and making their platform more legitimate.

Domain Insight is a privately registered domain that was recently created on July 3rd, 2018 through the Private Person organization. The alleged entity on file for the domain is Nikolaj Kutnyak, which we cannot verify as existing.

As of August 10th, 2018, reflects a SimiliarWeb global rank of 76,980 with a US rank of 30,713. Approximately 39.69% of their traffic is derived from US residing visitors while nearly 18% of their traffic originates from referral and social media based sources.

Question Mark & Red Flags


PrTO World Analytic Program does not appear to be owned or operated by a verifiable corporate entity. According to their Terms and Conditions, implies that their operate as their sole entity while they fail to accept any financial responsibility for any losses you may incur while utilizing their platform.

Shady Business Model

PrTO does not disclose a verifiable source of income anywhere on their site. This leaves the only verifiable stream of income from new members who decide to commit with their program. While their site goes on to mention “binary options” and “trading platforms” no verifiable evidence or answer to how PrTO is allegedly going to make you money is ever shared.

Community Consensus

If you take the time to conduct some external investigations into you may be shocked by how the community consensus regarding this online earning opportunity is mostly negative and classified as an online scam.

Is PrTo Legit or a Scam?

When it comes to gathering an accurate read regarding the legitimacy of online earning opportunities it is imperative that you answer 3 major questions prior to committing. First and foremost would be does the site disclose verifiable ownership information with a transparent history?

Second and thirdly would be whether or not PrTO shares evidence of relevant income generated and what is the overall verdict reflected by community feedback? If proof of income could be verified along with much better community feedback then PrTO may be able to pass by as legit but unfortunately they are not a trustworthy platform and are likely a scam. Review Conclusion

We’ve investigated and reviewed the legitimacy of hundreds of online earning opportunities throughout our 5 years in the day trading industry. Given the majority of online earning opportunities are nothing more than misleading scams, it does pay off knowing where to learn about legitimate earning opportunities. To learn how to substantially augment your income online we invite you to read our Maximus Crypto Bot – $9,040 Profit in 4 Days!

Verdict: is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any experiences or insight you may have regarding in a comment below!

CloseOption Review – Scam Brokerage Exposed!

CloseOption is an unregulated option investment brokerage that has illegally been accepting United States based day traders. Incepted on November 26th, 2015, has been miraculously able to avoid detection as a shady investment brokerage and has been slowly fleecing investors out of their hard-earned cash. To learn more regarding this illicitly operating trading platform we encourage you to continue reading onward.

CloseOption Broker

Close Option is structured as an online trading platform specializing in option based investing. Supporting a wide variety of underlying assets, Close Option supports currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks and commodities. Payouts are allegedly as high as 95% for in-the-money investments while a number of trading contests are held on a reoccurring basis to increase investor engagement.

At first glance, CloseOption appears like it would be a legitimate trading brokerage with an intuitive appearing platform. Apart from their platform lacking regulation and them illegally accepting traders from restricted demographics Close Option overall looks like a genuine brokerage for online investors.

However, it isn’t until one investigates further into CloseOption that they realize that their platform is unregulated and that their personal and financial information are at risk.

Organic Tech LLC

According to the CloseOption About Us page, and all its related items belong to the Organic Tech LLC company in Georgia and was allegedly registered on August 8th, 2013 under number B13080768. To add, allegedly CloseOption’s forex and option trading activities are permitted by the license with number B 2-08/3647, dated August 18th, 2017 and issued by the National Bank of Georgia.

However, when you go to search “Organic Tech” in the Georgia Corporations Division business directory, no relevant search results are generated. The only results we encounter would be two dissolved corporate entities known as Applied Organic Technologies, LLC and Organic Technologies, Inc, both of which have no relation to CloseOption.

Furthermore, CloseOption reflects the following addresses in relation to their fictitious entity Organic Tech LLC:

Headquarters Address
Avsallar, Admet Erdogan Sk,
P .K 07410
Alanya, Antayla, Turkey

Legal Office Address
Vake-saburtalo district, Al Kazvegi ave.
Tbilisi, Georgia

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was created on November 26th, 2015 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar. According to SimiliarWeb, reflects a global rank of 242,489 with a US rank of 52,249. Their latest market intelligence report suggests a 15.42% decrease in incoming visitor traffic while approximately 73.23% of their traffic originates from US-based day traders.

Trading Platform


Close Option has many the same trading features that we encounter when investigating into forex brokerages. Common trading features such as stop loss, take profit, different trading styles with different expirations along with integrated charting solutions. Other features included would be a mediocre trading academy, a minimum deposit of only $5 along with the incorporation of cryptocurrencies into their platform via pair options.

Deposits & Withdrawals

CloseOption accepts a wide assortment of payment methods when it comes to registering and depositing with their brokerage. Among the supported payment methods would be PayPal, Wire Transfer, Perfect Money, WebMoney along with the following cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, dash, ethereum, litecoin, monero, ripple and ZCash.

Investors are required to verify their account prior to executing a withdrawal with one of their preferred banking methods. Once an account has been verified, withdrawals allegedly take up to 3 business days to be processed then another 2 to 7 business days to be received.

Contact Support

Close Option operators can be reached through live chat, their email [email protected] or their telephone number +44 203-290-2097. While it should be noted that their customer staff are not quite prompt or helpful, CloseOption can also be reached through their following social media outlets Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.

Is CloseOption a Scam?

Close Option does not come across as a dependable investment brokerage due to their lack of regulation and licensing. To add to the untrustworthiness, CloseOption evasively portrays their corporate information with a business entity that does not appear to be active while their disclosed corporate addresses are unplottable. One last indication to verify that CloseOption is not legitimate would be how they incorporate stock images as phony testimonials.

CloseOption Review Conclusion

CloseOption is not a trustworthy or regulated brokerage that should be considered by investors wishing to day trade with a legitimate and proven platform. Misleading day traders into believing they are overseen by an active corporation, lacking regulation while using stock images to serve as fictitious user-testimonials is dishonest and just goes to show that CloseOption cannot be trusted.

Verdict: CloseOption is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

We invite you to share any insight or experiences you may have with CloseOption in a comment below!

Maximus Crypto Bot – $1,720 One Day Profit!

Read our full Maximus Crypto Bot writeup to learn how you can begin augmenting your income through day trading with the Maximus Crypto Bot. While most of the day trading community is at odds ends in regards to the Maximus Crypto Bot we believe in consistent and profitable trading results to organically answer the question at hand.

Gather the intel laid before you throughout this publication to learn how to employ the Maximus Crypto Bot effectively for day-to-day investment scenarios and how you can start boosting your income today!

Getting Started

Quite a few trading systems are trying to mimic the success of the Maximus Crypto Bot which is why you need to make sure you only visit their official webpage Once you are on the site, simply just register with the system and select which brokerage you’d like to invest with. Since Maximus Crypto Bot is one of the few legitimate trading softwares available, their supported demographics are limited.

After you deposit with your assigned brokerage you will be able to log in and access the software. Employing a Know-Your-Client policy, the brokerages synced to work with the Maximus Crypto Bot are required to verify your identity prior to executing a withdrawal. Within 24 hours of submitting your KYC documents to your brokerage you will be able to log in, set up your trading parameters while having your withdrawal restrictions lifted.

Employing Parameters

One of the advantages and disadvantages with the Maximus Crypto Bot would be how the system lacks a fixated amount user-controls for the investor. An advantage in the sense that investors aren’t limited to the presets available with most trading softwares but also a disadvantage because an investor cannot choose which strategic algorithms are employed.

A few of the trading features offered with the Maximus Crypto Bot that are somewhat unknown would be how their platform also functions as a charting solution. Access to a real-time charting solution, an economic calendar and trending financial news while also supporting Hyper, Regular and Long-term trading styles.

If you are primarily a currency pair investor and you know which time frame you wish to select then you can select your desired trading style then further filter the Maximus Crypto Bot to only generate signals for a specific asset category. Among the different categories would be currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and indices.

Trading Results

July 31st, 2018 – 8/10 ITM

Managing Your Expectations

There is a fine art when it comes to managing your expectations in relevance to the volume of work you conduct. If you are consistently putting in the work to reach your goals then there is no reason why you should not see investment results relative to your goal come into fruition. However, if you are kind of using the Maximus Crypto Bot aimlessly, with no relative goals in mind, then you are severely hindering your potential with their system.

Planning Ahead

When it comes to effective goal planning, those goals are oftentimes best optimized if you focus on a multitude of different growth sectors. So for example, let’s say you are setting a short-term goal based upon a 3 month duration. Among one of those interwoven goals would be to accrue a financial investment profit of $5,000.

Well instead of stopping solely upon the financial goal, strive for growth in different sectors that can help increase your value and knowledge as an investor for later down the road. So in addition to your financial goal you could make learning goals such as learning a couple trading strategies, learning about market volume and movement, price action, economics, etc.

By incorporating educational based goals with financial goals you are proactively propelling yourself closer to the fruition of your short-term goals while adding significant value to yourself and your future day trading. Summate your short-term goals in addition to a 6 month, 9 month and 12 month goals and you are well on your way to reaching a new level of success.

How to Get Started

Apart from exposing online trading scams that fester within the day trading community, one of our goals would be to supply our readers with the knowledge and the how-to to execute and capitalize of their investment endeavors. Start bringing your day trading goals into fruition by enrolling and investing with the Maximus Crypto Bot today!

Official Site:

Join Maximus Crypto Bot

Not available where you reside? Learn how to generate $500/Week with FinTech Mining!

ForexSky.Biz Review – Ponzi Scheme Exposed!

If you’ve been wondering the legitimacy of Forex Sky you’ve come to the right place. Hosted at, Forex Sky has been able to stay relatively unknown within the cryptocurrency community although recently investor reports such as theft of funds and inappropriate use of personal information has been become the subject of discussion across the web.

To learn the facts behind we invite you to continue reading our detailed review where we will disclose all of our investigative findings for you below.

What is Forex Sky? is a minimalistic online investment platform actively targeting the forex and cryptocurrency domains. Contrary to other online investment opportunities, Forex Sky is not structured as an investment broker or a trading software but rather as a residual income investment opportunity.

Investors who are looking to invest their hard-earned money are allegedly able to invest with one of Forex Sky’s investment plans where after their plan expires they will receive a predetermined ROI equivalent to their plan. How an investors funds are managed or invested by Forex Sky is still unknown. Disclosed below is the following textual statement disclosed by Forex Sky on their FAQ page.

Where do you invest?

“Our investment portfolio is created taking into account the most promising areas in terms of profitability, while we prefer investments in business projects related to Forex Sky Ltd, because our successful experience proved the correctness of the chosen strategy.”

In other words, Forex Sky does not wish to disclose any verifiable information regarding their platform besides their shady UK-based corporate set up which we will get to momentarily.

ForexSky.Biz Company Intel

Forex Sky is one of those shady investments that is affiliated with a UK based corporation. While it has become common practice for the creators behind unlicensed and unregulated brokerages to form UK based corporations due to their easy-to-bypass unrestrictive requirements, we have seen countless day trading scams pop up reflecting their UK based company as if it makes their investment opportunity more legitimate when it reality it is just an illusion. is owned and operated by Forex Sky Ltd, a UK based corporation with a company number 11352714. Incorporated on May 9th, 2018 this Private Limited Company is recently created by an alleged shady entity known as Steven Parrish. Steve Parrish’s correspondence address is the same as their registered office address of 218 Grange Rd, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B6 6PA.

Exposing the HYIP Scam

Forex Sky is clearly an unsafe investment opportunity when you break it down. Forex Sky Ltd’s lack of regulation significantly hurts the credibility of their brokerage while they try to cover up that lack of credibility loss by creating an easy-to-deceive UK based company. Below is the most recent we found regarding Forex Sky that was submitted to the web on July 23rd, 2018:

“Kofi Atakorah

I opened an account and transferred $20 into my account. The money never reflected in my forex sky account. I have tried contacting them but I’m not getting any response from them. These guys are scammers.”

The facts disclosed above speak for themselves, it is evident that Forex Sky is a deceptive HYIP scam.

Domain Insight was a privately registered domain that was incepted on April 19th, 2018 through the NameCheap, Inc registrar. According to SimiliarWeb, Forex Sky reflects inorganic signs of site growth through the employment of traffic exchange sites. The usage of traffic exchange sites is a common trait we encounter when exposing online day trading scams, so it comes to no surprise that Forex Sky is actively employing these shady SEO measures.

Is a Scam or Legit?

Given the facts provided above we believe it is abundantly clear that Forex Sky is a scam.

Forex Sky Review – The Ruling

Forex Sky is not a legitimate investment opportunity for those looking for a dependable brokerage. When it comes to day trading the financial markets, you need to only register and deposit with a brokerage that is regulated and complaint with your residing jurisdiction. Forex Sky is not regulated so they simply are not a viable option.

Official Verdict: Forex Sky is a Ponzi Scheme!

Blacklisted Site:

Have you been fleeced by an online investment company or auto trader? We invite you to share your experiences by leaving a comment below!

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