Aussie Method is a SCAM!! Honest Review!

“Jake Pertu” is the fake name of the creator of the Aussie Method scam ( The picture obviously is fake as well. It was taken from and belongs to a rather handsome actor. We can assure you the real creator of this scam is not as fine-looking, judging by this ugly AussieMethod scam.  So right from the start of this review we see that the Aussie Method presents dishonest information. At least there’s no fake, backwards “Spots left” counter! These scammers must be reading the Binary Options WatchDog reviews.

The by “Jake Pertu” video starts with some false testimonials. The first of a “Howard Hope” who made $482,118, then an “Eddie Waltz” who made $538,617, a “Louis” who made $764,050, “Rosie Green” made $622,001. We have got a couple of problems with those fake testimonials. First, the dates of the fake account snapshots are long before this scam had been released. Second, nobody who makes such large amount of profits will ever leave them in their accounts. Once you make a few thousand dollars, you would normally withdraw some of the profits. No one, not even professional traders, ever reaches such large balances.


“I want you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in the next 30 days!” the Aussie Method video continues, “I’ll even help you do it.” The only thing he is going to help you do is to lose your hard-earned cash. He promises that he’ll “pay you $10,000 in cold hard cash right out of my own pocket” if you fail to make money with his software. Unfortunately, by the amount of questions we’ve been receiving about this software, we’re sure some of the readers of this article have already signed up with the Aussie Method scam, and therefore they have obviously failed to make the promised hundreds of thousands of dollars. So we’d really like to know if any of you guys received the $10,000 compensation OR did you never get any response from the allegedly “7 days per week – 24 hours a day” customer support team. So please leave a comment below this review so that everybody knows that the Aussie Method is a method to scam people and not to make money.

Next, we tried the live chat system. We asked them, “Are you a scam?” to which “Jake Pertu” answered: “The returns I presented here are 100% real and are verified by 3rd party traders and programmers. You can see countless of testimonials and reviews from people who have earned $400,000 and more on their first month of trying the system. I am so confident that I signed a legal contract where I compensate every person who doesn’t earn at least $100,000 with unconditional $10,000 payment.  Please note that available copies are running out so you should secure your spot now.” So even without a fake backward counter, they will still try this tactic of making you feel that you’re going to lose a precious opportunity if you don’t act fast. We then asked: “Why did you take a picture from and not use your real picture?” The answer: “Hey Did you register for my software?” So we tried again: “I want to, just wondering why you used a fake photo.” After a few minutes… “Hello?” To which an answer came: “What you mean? lol” “I mean, why is the picture of Jake Pertu taken from” “Hey its me:)” “No, it’s not :)” Okay, WatchDog, enough playing around with poor salesmen for today.

To sum up our Aussie Method scam review, you have two options before you. You can enter your email address on, start getting a lot more junk mail, sign up with a greedy broker which will convince you to deposit very large amounts of money which you will lose in a matter of hours or days, and then email WatchDog to help you recover your funds from the Aussie Method thieves. OR you can sign up with a fully regulated and licensed broker and practice with a Free Demo Account to learn how to trade on your own. We hope you make the right choice and please don’t forget to comment below this review and let us know what you think of the Aussie Method!

At we don’t just post warnings and reviews, our goal is also to help those who’ve been victimized  by the money making schemes and false promises advertised by shady email marketers and fancy producers.

For safe alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for Binary Options and Forex.

240 comments on “Aussie Method is a SCAM!! Honest Review!
  1. javed says:

    genuine binary trading to go with.? any suggestions.

  2. Linda says:

    I was just looking for an online job when I came across the Aussie method. It looked too good to be true. I’m glad I checked it out. Rotten rats prey on people

  3. Sasha says:

    I have traded Eminis etc a few years earlier and stopped while I was ahead, WIth the Aussie Method I joined just the other day and now am terribly worried because I couldn’t contact the broker on the third day and can’t seem to get any help. I’m stuck in a position advised by the broker which has shot down dramatically. WHO can I talk to to get some advice. I’m not really gulible, but thought that the ongoing support with the broker and 24/5 general support would be there. And will I actually get my money back?

    • WatchDog says:

      Who is the broker? With some brokers there is no way to get the money back. For now, I’d suggest sending an email to your broker asking to stop the auto trader and not place any trades on your account.

  4. Shez says:

    I do not believe I registered with the Aussie method however I do a lot of online surveys to earn a few extra dollars and I don’t remember which survey company it was that asked about finances and trading (completely unrelated to Aussie method). I don’t believe I have ever indicated I was interested in joining the Aussie method as I know nothing about trading let alone online trading. Somehow I apparently have a trading account with the Aussie method that says I have payable funds. The emails I get from them come in many different formats but when I check the sender details they are all coming back to Aussie method pages and links. They have my name and obviously my email address and I recieve emails from them multiple times a day telling me to withdraw my funds which are broken into three or four different amounts that all total nearly $14k. I’m too worried to even try to unsubscribe from them to stop the emails. After reading all this information from other people (excluding the rude, ever so smart know alls who really obviously have nothing better to do than try to add to the hurt and upset that vulnerable, desperate or unknowing people have already endured) I am now really quite concerned. I’m not sure if I should just keep deleting these emails from Aussie method or try to get my name and address off their contact list. I feel like I should close my bank accounts down for added security as I don’t know how they got all my details in the first place. I always feel stressed and anxious when I get their emails as I worry about my personal details and how they got them, then I worry how much more information they have about me, like my credit card info etc. Before I’m told in a rude way by some smarty pants that it will be from the surveys I do I will add that they are all reputable survey companies that adhere to privacy guidelines. Any information or help in regards to stopping the Aussie method emails and finding out if my personal information needs a security upgrade would be appreciated.

    • WatchDog says:

      Are they sending the emails via a commercial service? If you’re not sure, you’re welcome to forward an email you got from them to and we’ll tell you if it’s safe to unsubscribe.

      • Shez says:

        Thank you for the offer I really appreciate the help and will send through whatever you will look at. Can I also send a few other emails I have telling me I either have accounts (that I don’t know about) or withdrawal amounts to remove, the amounts offered would be great to recieve lol but I don’t believe that will be the case which is why I have ignored them for so long. I’m not very good with technology and I’m actually quite confused about where all these emails are coming from. I get an awful lot of what seem to be scam emails but it seems that the more I unsubscribe from the more I get from other places. Its so bad that every day I have to delete a minimum of 100 emails of varying types, they range from the online trading emails, gambling winnings (I have never gambled) and every type of crappy offer to lose weight, get a better erection, have longer, better sex and even offers of women who want to talk to me or do other things with me. One of the newest ones I have received is a Bitcoin email in which I apparently have funds. Any help or advice you can give me to stop these emails would be great. I am aware not all of them are binary code scams but other than sending them to scam watch I don’t know how to deal with them all.

  5. Mike says:

    If gullible greedy people wish to loose their money I wish the equally greedy scammers good luck. I work for my money and don’t expect money I have done nothing to earn to appear in my bank account on a regular basis. Remember that greed feeds on greed.

  6. Michelle says:

    I was completely scammed by aussie method they make you open a u.s account and get you to deposit via visa and once you have done the deposit it says something has gone wrong with cvv and I put the correct cvv number so a then a stark my so called broker took my details over the phone and it turns out I can’t pay my rent now it was meant to be only $251 but it was 351 plus 340 and they can’t trace where the $340 went and so I asked for my money back and they said they only had record of $215 coming out! And the Indian from fmfx got all fiesta with me when I confronted him anyway turns out because the American $ has gone down within a day I’m only getting back $334 of my money I’d like to know where the other $340 went!!!???

  7. trivis says:

    This is complete bullshit I lost my money!!

  8. Ayan says:

    From Australia just sing up with highlow binary trade and asked for my I’D and also prove of living Australia after I’ve done that it says your account unverified.
    Also says that they’ve received my I’D and also my account has been verified for our customers thank you for your patience.

    But when I try to deposit it and I can’t access why?
    Please kindly answer this question thanks Watch dog.

    • WatchDog says:

      You should probably contact the support. If you’re unable to get a response, feel free to email us for assistance.

  9. Maryann says:

    You are right about that Xyston. There are so many untrustworthy people in this world – it sucks!

  10. Tori says:

    Aussie method does not appear to be licenced and are not regulated by ASIC. Further more, Aussie method name is used by someone out of the Australian continent and is a fake.

  11. Mark says:

    Is there a way to get Facebook to stop running these ads on their site?

  12. Ken says:

    Just realised that the mail list that the email came from cannot be unsubscribe as the link does not exist. That’s illegal isn’t it?

  13. Ken says:

    Aussiemethod still trying to scam people. They have just got hold of my email address and so the promise of $1,000s per month profit. I would be interested to know if that was even possible with a legit business with a legit broker. Do I need to do anything to report this scam or am I the last one to learn about it.
    Thanks guys

  14. Ian says:

    I am a binary trader and have been for over two years. I make a reasonable income from binary trading and it is not easy. I study charts, currencies and use a reputable binary broker along with a reputable binary alert professional adviser. The Aussie Way is 100% a scam, they have mass telecallers trained up to take your money on a commission basis, please do not waste your hard earned money on them !!!!!

  15. Azza says:

    when i first saw the video after an advert with Supposably Jake Pertu acting as “i dont need your money its free” i thought ok lets try this.. i watched half way then say some of the actors making figures i thought immediately something was not right.. these people would have kept their money in their trading accounts at least they wernt so happy having so much money in their accounts but i still went to sign up anyway.. when i got to second part of processing after signing i saw that you need to deposit cash into the account.. then thought 100% this was a scam otherwise why would he say its FREE?? lol i searched watch dogs page and read up more info about this Auzzie method lol now im releived truth hurts but its a satisfaction knowing you havent been fooled into another scam.. you learn on your own with other reviews and searching the truth.. if you look for the truth you shall find the truth.. hope others out there dont get cought up being fooled into a scam .. hes a lier and a theif stealing from people.. a fake impersonator also… if someone knows of a decent demo account to learn on id be happy to sign up and learn on my own… cheers guys and thanks to Watch dog for the great research on the Auzzie method

  16. sahmed says:

    just signed up but didn’t make any deposit yet

  17. Ashley says:

    Full of crap typical American Jewish bullshit just like Hollywood the whole thing is just a waste of breath and the people are ugly they look very nice but there a fake

  18. Reggie Miller says:

    Did anyone get the 10,000 as promised after losing their money?????

  19. roy says:

    They keep calling me damn im so frustuated

  20. Tone says:

    Thank you had brokers Phoning me friday for my first payment I nearly. fell for it because it was on Facebook i thought if it was fake then Facebook would ban it, when i researched it and found The Brit Method, The Aussie Method, and The Can Method, all the same thing with the same person with different names i was speachless how the hell are they still running ??

  21. Darryl says:

    Look at Jake Pertu on the Aussie Method it is the same guy on the Canuck Method

  22. Phil S says:

    Made a deposit of £250.00 and went to site, Did not like the look of it so decided to ask for withdrawal of same amount. They can not do this without all the verification papers but i feel that sending all that information would just make me more vunerable to scammers like these. Apparently this was through a guy called Jake Jason but his picture is on another site with another name Jake Pertui or something tlike this .PLEASE BE WARNED ! ! !

  23. TARA says:

    I firmly believe that it is a limbo account, not a trade account, we are depositing our funds into the limbo, and bit by bit, they withdraw. perhaps the people with the high funded accounts are in the scam as well…all linked to our limbo money.

  24. Cindi says:

    I did registered but I didn’t put money into my account, because I still have doubt of it.
    And five minutes later I got a call from London and the person was asking me about the register of Aussie Method and he sounded like an foreign with strong accent.
    And till here I relized it’s a scam!!!!
    So I said to him you’re calling the wrong number, and he said oh, and then just cut me off.
    But I’m a bit freaking out am I in trouble because I did register for the website?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Cindi, Did you give them your credit card information? Otherwise your only problem is that they will most likely spam your email with invitation to join this or other scams. If this is the case, you can always click the ‘Unsubscribe’ button, located at the footer of the spam emails and this will prevent them from continued email harassment. If you gave them your CC information, it’s a different story and you will need to report this as a scam, block and dispute any transactions associated with it by filing a dispute.

    • Gladys says:

      I did the same, registered an account but wasn’t 100% ok with it, so I never funded the account. Now I receive countless emails telling me I have a balance of over $140,000 and because my account had not been active for over six months follow the link to withdraw the funds. Says I need to create a new account login and follow the links so I can withdraw. What crap….
      I never funded the first account so how can it have been trading. And if I’m to open a new account to access the first account for bulls#@T funds, wouldn’t that have a new account number. So how can funds be accessed by another account number.
      I’ve tried to get them to cancel my name from the subscription but that doesn’t work either

  25. Ria says:

    no words are enough to tell to the most evil scammer such Aussie Method Scammer very unforgiving people who ever are those who runs this scam hope your found your peaceful in life.Until ten generation of your families will suffer for what did you deed for the people who are now broke because of you.did you ever think that those people whom you take money are those who are most fortunate than you…your evil no conscience at all….son of SATAN, that are you are!

    Beware of Aussie Method and all behind it broker such skylinemarket trading beware they may sounds good but its life in hell they will bring for you.

  26. Custon Mutoti says:

    Thanks guys I wish this information could quickly get out there, they are pushy and they call from all over the globe.



  28. Donald Cay Mo says:

    couldn’t bring myself to part with the cash; All sounded to good to be true. Guess i’ll continue to play with my demo until I can find out how to do 4x profitably — Mo

  29. Olivia says:

    The only legitimate money you can make online is surveys, or having your own online business like selling on ebay or handmade stuff.
    End of the story anything else is fake.

    Be aware and research alot before you go through anything.

  30. Stuart Gray says:

    I’ve just had a look back through your comments which go well back into last year. How in hell have these guys got away with it for so long without being arrested and or shut down. I’m amazed it’s gone on so long.

  31. Stuart Gray says:

    If you are dumb enough to invest, like me, you will end up with the Hedgestone Group, brokers supposedly, they have a couple of thousand of mine. If they don’t return my money ASAP, I will get them shut down. And arrested if possible. This is a promise to all you other poor souls who’ve also been robbed.

  32. Mike Hunt says:

    There is no such thing as a “get rich quick” scheme. How can somebody fall for this will all the information available on the net.


  33. Peter File says:

    They are a bunch of fucking pedo cunts.

  34. Kim75 says:

    Thank you so much just like other I to was hooked registered was about to give my credit card details then I stopped and pause and thought about what he said about NOT a penny so I went to google and found watch dog thank you thank you thank you

  35. Donald Anderson says:

    Thank you for your warning. I suspected a con from the start, then I was put on to a guy who claimed to be operating fro Cyprus, but the number on my caller Id showed he was ringing from Wellington, New Zealand. That immediately rang alarm bells, he was very persistent and tries to get my credit card number. I cut him after and after viewing your website sent an abusive email. His reply protested innocence and wanted to know why I was being so aggressive. I thought that was the end of it but another guy. apparently from the Waikato area in NZ rang. Hopefully that is the end of it but feel I have had a lucky escape

  36. Jose Taylor says:

    Wow just starting my due diligence on this company and came across all this info – well I wont even give them my email address now. Thanks for sharing the real story everyone.

  37. connie says:

    I had a women who call me to my moble asked me to join at that I lost my bank card people have sick together to beat these people I don’t why these bank chase the money to the bank account where these fund are going to to catch these thevies anyway wish this lady would ring me back so I could how I feel

  38. daniel says:

    why would someone be so nice to help the world with never ending money for free.someone shut this down

  39. Adrian Rickards says:

    I watched the Aussie Method video myself, and my bullshit meter went through the roof! Of course this is nothing but a scam! Anything that sounds too good to be true usually is! Don’t believe a word of this clown!!

  40. Arnold Farrugia says:

    Yes I have been scammed by this system too. It’s definately a scam.

  41. Gary Palmer says:

    Sure glad I checked this out to see if it is a scam . Just think a second . If one could make that kind of money they say , should be your first clue that something is not right with this offer . That is BIG money . If this offer was true than the world would be using the system . Everyone would be in on it . This kind of money is just a pipe dream . People like to dream and people get your money because we want it to be true .

  42. Pete Gravelrat says:

    alarm bells ring soon as you hear everyone is making half a million plus in such a short time,the only way one would make such money is if you were a Colombian citizen and were involved in a certain business there LOL.

  43. louie says:

    good thing that i made a researched first before i hit the DN.

  44. alan says:

    Thanks for the kindly remind and share, let those malevolent liars go to the hell…

  45. henry njosh says:

    At least I had not deposited the cash

  46. Brian Mackerness says:

    So, at last I find myself not alone. Have tried several times to get in touch with them, to ask how long I would have to wait for my $10,000, after I had lost my $250us in 14 days. The silence was deafening. GOOD LUCK.

  47. mike says:

    Thank so there all a scam

  48. paul says:

    I signed up then found this web page. i haven’t given any money nor bank details and have asked them to delete my account and they are getting shitty cause apparently i have cost them money in setting up an account with whom ever they deal with.

  49. James Dong says:

    This article has saved many people…

  50. Philip says:

    Good that I saw this watchdog site. I am already registered but have not made my deposit. I will cancel my registration now. Thank you Watchdog.

  51. Dena says:

    So, if these scammers keep making these promises to pay you thousands of dollars if you fail to make all the money they promise you will, how come no one has ever taken them to court and sued?

  52. robert long says:

    i signed up for the method also but im in afghanistan on US military base and it failed -country blocked. that save me from losing also. my question is can the use my credit card info now . im sure they have it.

  53. milan says:

    he say any country lm from serbia and it say cant for your country

  54. michael f munday says:

    I can*t believe the fools who have complained about losing to these theives in the first place ….they had the audacity to tell of people in my little neck of the woods who made mega bucks …all absoute BULLSHIT….they never existed….What is wrong with Interpol that these criminals have not been apprehended and while we are at it ,do NOT have anything to do with a company called METART. The front company who handle their account system got hold of my bankcard details and in the last four weeks STOLE 230 dollars from my account …the SAME company stole 90 dollars from me three months previously ….the bank repaid the first lot and after two months THREE new lots were stolen in 30 , 30 and 140 lots described as new contracts …I only discovered them when I went through my total accounts in detail .Normally I wouldn*t notice a withdrawal of thirty dolars …These thieving scum are doing this on a world scale…What is wrong with the banks to let them get away with it ….sure ,the bank pay you back after 40 days but having to get a new credit card is a real piss off…..Do not EVER give your credit card details to ANYONE overseas …the company you deal with may have a good rating but they MUST be onselling your details to theiving SCUM..!!

  55. P G says:

    I was directed to the Aussie Method page, was looking at something else totally unrelated.
    After registering my name and contact number, I stopped short of handing over my credit card details and a deposit. Within 30 seconds I received a call from London and a young female spoke with a very strong european accent (maybe even Baltic). She pushed for me to register and go through the sign up with her on the phone. When I told her I wasn’t interested in proceeding, she became all too friendly, even somewhat ‘seductive’….omg what a joke!
    I hung up three times to which she called back.
    Stay away from these people. If our own (Australia) Consumer Watchdog says it is a scam……IT IS A SCAM.
    C’mon, who earns that kind of money in a month….sound impossible?

  56. sony says:

    thanks very much everyone for the info. i will be save my money this time jajajaja

  57. Jon says:

    Probably one of Harry Omeros Friends
    He (Harry) is into property scamming now just shut down another saying its in maintenance mode

  58. Mike Burke says:

    I clicked on a Facebook article advert. I opened the site, and saw the fresh faced guy touting it and thought something looked suss. I watched a video and info about the supposed software and how they were not asking for ANY money, the software was free etc. I checked the page, filled in some information and a mobile number…and then was asked to do the final step of depositing $250.

    That’s when I exited the Page, including insisting on leaving when I had a pop up window ask if I really wanted to leave. I did.

    Then today, I’m online and thought I’d have a look at the website name…and up came a video of an older guy in a stock standard boardroom type office with straggly long grey-white hair and HE said he was Jake Pertu and would, once I was inside the programme, show me how I could have $1000 of his own cash as a bonus. And the YouTube address was on the screen…not

    And there’s all these Verified, and McAfee Secured logos on the bottom of the screen, so I did yet another fill in the blanks and the same mobile number which, yesterday, just after I exited the page my phone, which has a filter on it, blocked a call from an ostensible Australian number but the log warning was Suspected Fraud/Scam.

    Tonight though, it came through as another number was used and a woman announced that she was there to help me register, was sending me videos, and advised me to go slowly with minimum deposit (still $250) and that her name was Barbara Griffin and she would be my personal consultant.

    Except, she sounded either Chinese of Filipina, and no way was her name ‘Barbara Griffin.’ I told her there was a bad storm front and I couldn’t continue tonight. She said she handles Austra;ia and is herself in the UK and knows the time differences AND THAT IT’S A HOLIDAY HERE. I said no, it’s a storm. She tried to get me ‘set up’ by asking for my Visa Card over the phone and I said that I never give it over the phone and wouldn’t be able to do anything tonight.

    She said because I was so nice, she’d call back tomorrow, but advised me not to let the opportunity pass.

    I thanked her, hung up, and immediately started to check reviews and looking it up as a scam, and found heaps of sites, including this.

    I’m not well off and no way was I depositing $250 and THEN getting information. No way.

    This smacks of a scam, from the different organisational names, the different faces, the different man in the YouTube video all supposed to be Jake and the scam call centre woman with the fake name and heavy accent.

    DON’T touch this!

  59. randompersonwithreallylongpointlessnamewhyareyoureadingthis says:

    complete scam, also one called the irish method, same picture but name is jason flangan

  60. rita says:

    Why is it that all the reviews that’s say that the Aussie method is good none of them have pictures to prove they’ve won money. But the people saying bad stuff about the Aussie method have pictures??? That’s how you know this stupid Aussie method is a scam.

  61. Adam Vaughan says:

    i normally give all this shit a very wide berth,yet i gave this one a look,c’os i’m getting screwed over by my current employer & sick of my hard labour & good work ethic never being appreciated.
    Just today i filled out some personal details on the aussiemethod link,submitted pic of my drivers lic front & back & a pic of an online saver account statement with 60c in it!
    i got a call this afternoon from an (07) ph no with a bloke with what sounded like an english educated Indian bloke who said he was calling to help get started,straight up i told him i do not have the $250 deposit today,then the call was terminated,though an alarm i had set on my phone went off at the same time so i was not sure if he hung up when i told him i had no money or if the alarm on my ph interfered with the call,but i called straight back & nobody will answer,so i called a no for OFM Binary platform & no body answered option 1 or 2 but eventually a woman with a possible Arabic accent answered on option 3 which is listed on answering service as “afilliations”!
    it was hard work communicating with her,i asked her if aussiemethod was legittimate, she said she can not answer that question & i would have to contact aussiemethod directly & ask them!
    eventually she gave me an email address to which is a safe bet would never get a genuine line of communication with!
    also,while talking to her,when i mentioned to her that i had submitted personal details i heard her colleague in the back ground go oh ohhhh!
    the same colleague who gave her the email address she gave me.
    So will they use my details now to committ a fraudulent offence against me or somebody else?

  62. MMM says:

    I signed up, but did not give any moeny. So I would imagine I am relugated to getting tons of pushy emails going forward. Is there any way to get off the list? I will not give any money, so I won’t lose any that way.
    Thanks for all the great comments. I was suspicious, but sometimes before you know the “real” details, you have to surrender at least your contact info to get the whole picture. I did use an email that I have been contemplating getting rid of anyway, so it should not be a big deal.

  63. Michael Hobby says:

    They have told me they were not scanning any money from people, and now they’re lying to me.

    Another thing I have found out is, on their website they do not have the email or phone number or even address listed,

    Thank you for exposing this, I was nearly going to spend $356 out of my pension.

    I’m interested making a lot of money but do you have any ideas?.

    Well at least I got lucky this time and ran across this Watch Dog Whoever you are thanks a bunch, Please keep up the great job.

  64. Maureen Hemana says:

    Yeah wasted half an hour listening to false promises was actually trying to get into the application process …..
    Thankfully it SHUT down …….
    So I did a Google search and Walla here we are ……
    Saved by the bell ……
    Thanks Watchdog!!!
    Keep up the Great Job ??

  65. j prini says:

    this is the price of UNREGULATED ONLINE FREEDOM, NO NEED to look into a
    PERSONS EYES, HUMAN NATURE is our downfall, GREED, EASY way OUT, & wanting to BELEIVE – SANTA/GOD/ALIENS/TOOTH FAIRY/TRUMP. HUMANS can be so DUMB, these SCAMMRS are LOW DOWN SCUMBAGS – SCAMBAGS? DON’T BELEIVE online SPIN, *THANK YOU for THIS SITE, if people look before they leap they will SURVIVE OK without these F-CKERS. i do feel for all those who were decieved

  66. Not a dumbass says:

    I saw a link registered interest. No sooner did I register did I receive 4 phone calls in quick succession. Two from a woman who I politely told I don’t have time to speak. And then I received a call from a male from a different number who aggressively told me why did I register if I didn’t want to speak to the people providing the offer. I promptly told him to eff off with his obvious garbage scam,hung up and then blocked the numbers. Sneaky dodgy thieving lying scumbags.

  67. mohamed says:

    i have signed up in the site i transfer to them 250$ and when it come to my knowledge that they are scammers i contacted them many times to transfer back my money . the did not reply and received email from a whore asking me to activate my account . they will gain time until they swallow your money.

  68. Craig Richards says:

    I didn’t join but I must have registered my interest and I keep getting these SMS sent to my mobile about joining Aussie Method but I can’t unsubscribe from them. Does anyone know how. The website states and the details says the sender was MoneyBall with the number +61 6 6639 2255

  69. David Oluwadare says:

    they will sell your informations to other fake and scammy marketers online in categories of the informations you provided them.

  70. Maria says:

    Thank god I read this now and not later. Thank you Watch dog. I was just about to deposit money and get started in what I believed to be a life changing moment. I was NEARLY a total sucker!! Deep down you kind of know it couldn’t be this easy but out of desperation you want to believe it will help you out of your financial problems. Im about to learn the right way about trading and see how I go without the scammers? Thanks again.

  71. Ron says:

    4 calls within minutes of registering. But before I continued I wanted the terms and conditions. The web link for those does not work. Missed call messages .>. Hi Roland < wrong name supplied this is Ruth from South Cash .. OH what happened to Aussie method I wonder What a bunch of twits they are

  72. Khalid says:

    I am very cautious and learned about scams of all type but still the temptations were on high to create an account but before final step very hardly refrained my self. I can imagine how many thousands of people every minute and second will be beginning victim to such crooks as when for me it was very hard to hold my temptation. FBI and CIA rather wondering in Iraq and Iran and Syria should save first USA citizens……

  73. Nathan Woodrow says:

    If it’s THAT lucrative, and you can make 100s’ or 1000s’ of Dollars in a mere month, do you REALLY think he would share his secret???

    I came across the site by accident, but was not fooled, even though I was tempted, alarm bells started ringing in my head.

    If it doesn’t work he claims to give you £10,000 out of his own pocked in cold hard cash………yeah right!!!!

    Truth is, you will not see Mr Jake Pertu for dust.

  74. rizvan says:

    jake pertu you are a real ************ son of a******** you want money from us then come and take it if you are very very hungry for money you are really a ***** hundreds of thousands of dollars just for you by betraying us you are really a pig thanks watchdog

  75. George says:

    My hackles went up as soon as they asked for credit card details when Jake had specifically said that they wouldn’t ask for ANYTHING, no money, no credit card details or checking accounts etc. Apparently they are on a kick-back from the brokers. By signing you up under their credentials, they get a percentage of everything that you gullible/desperate people deposit with the broker!! How many suckers dip their toe in the water and put in $200 to $500 thinking that they are “playing it safe”? Jake only needs to get back 10% (that’s just a guess) of everybody that puts in money and that is how he is really making his money. He’s actually just taking a small part of yours. If he finds 1,000 people from anywhere in the world each day, which is very conservative, who put in $200 each and Jake takes 10%, he is making $20,000 A DAY!!!! THERE’S THE SCAM!!!!

    • WatchDog says:

      Today we received many page views on this warning, looks like Aussie Method is stepping up their advertising.. The scam has been operating for so long, we are shocked to see that they are still in business and not locked in an isolated cage where they should be.

  76. Abdul gaffar says:

    Plain and simple ITS A SCAM! Stay away from aussie method
    The financial watch dog should investigate trading platforms that allow this scam to operate!my small deposit perished in no time even though I had not activated the system.

  77. Dionne says:

    Saw the AD lastnight and watched the whole video.
    Promised $250 to start with $10k if I didn’t make money after 30 days. All I had to do was provide a testimony after the 30 days as payment enough.
    Calls from various numbers using australian phone numbers but diverted from overseas I am sure, 4 calls today.
    The brokers wanted money from me and would give me a $250 starter.
    I said no and that I thought it was a scam after doing my research.
    He said that was disspointing and that was because of unlicensed brokers.
    I told him that I was not going to invest my money after being promised a no financial investment start up. He pushed harder.

    I told him that he should move on from me and that I hope the next person is as wise as me. his true colours came out…
    “well thank you m’am for wasting 5 minutes of my time”

    Jerk! Scam!

    Thanks watchdog and my sense to sift through the bull shit!

  78. Silly says:

    All you guys are very silly, Do you really believe that someone can get all that money in your bank account in one month. You should think about the government regulations of savings accounts. Of course you are going to have a lot of trouble explaining where the money came from and pay higher tax premiums. And that is if the government is satisfied with your explanation.

  79. samari says:

    a lady called me an told me to give her my visa card number,plz should i

  80. Yvonne Cartwright says:

    I got a text message telling me that my account had changed and that I should click on the link to find out more…so I did.…fill out this form it said…so I did..within seconds of filling out the form BUT not sending it I got a call from them.….I got angry when the woman tried to tell me I had just submitted a form and hung up on her.…i then checked the company online and found out that they are a scam…thank you for saving me money I don’t have

  81. Lucas says:

    Too bad I didn’t do the research. I lost USD 250 with these guys. Can’t believe I was so stupid!

  82. marrissa turnbull says:

    glad i got this info about this site will look for you guys to help for future scams etc brilliant keep up the good work for sites like this maybe fewer people will not be led into so much rubbish that they sign up to supposedly are going to benefit and make money from

  83. Ify says:

    Thanks watchdog. I’m actually surprised cos I even got a call from someone saying she’s from big option and I asked questions regarding this and she says I will need to have $250 before I can trade having taken my details

  84. Steve N says:

    I did the deposit and then stopped in my tracks when they asked for passport or drivers licence to verify I EXIST….also asked for bank account details which i did not send….lost $250 USD but no I will change my credit card details to further stop the ripoff……fucking cheek of them!!….stupid me huh?

  85. Mark says:

    Wow I should have read the review before signing up

  86. Lexeen Bowen says:

    Thanks for the look out watch dog you’re a champ keep up the good work.

  87. Chelsea says:

    How do you unsubscribe from AussieMethod’s txt messages to your phone? Have tried STOP, which won’t go through and there is no “unsubscribe” on their website. How do you get him to stop?

  88. Melanie says:

    Aussie Method and their broker Jeff stole $15,000 from me in a matter of a few days. I am going to report them! I wish I saw all the comments and this review, damn it! I am so angry I don’t know what to do. I am shaking right now in anger!

  89. Sereima Kalouniviti says:

    Thank you so much for this. I actually registered online, and the only step that was left for me to do was to make a deposit to activate the account, which i didn’t do right away, so i closed the browser without logging out. In just a few seconds my phone was ringing with someone on the other line trying to verify my details and in the end asking me how i want to make the first payment of US$200 – Visa card or Master card, to which i asked if there was any other option of payment because i didn’t want to give anymore details, the guy kept insisting about it so i asked to deactivate my account, before i even finished my sentence he hanged up on me …. such a cruel SCAMMM….. gottyaaa…he could get anything out of me so he hanged up, that just shows the bunch of lies and scam calls they do.

  90. Jean-Claude says:

    Just sign up and decided to check the company before putting any fund. Well-done, I am out before being in

  91. Ndo says:

    That man must be hanged.

  92. Beejoe says:

    Thank you watchdog. I almost went to this so called Jake P’s den.

  93. Adam says:

    I knew the Aussie methood was a scam the second I layed my eyes on it. One of the dead give-aways is Jake Pertu’s supposedly ‘true’, Constant Facebook feed from people who are supposedly making money from this “Aussie method” (of course you have to give them your email to view that page, I just gave them one of my worthless old emails, Anyway, I’m broke.) At any rate, His FaceBook feed is so fake, You even see the same messages posted over and over again from supposedly different, “real” people broadcasting on their FB pages how they are making money, and that this system is Sooo amazing!!! Give me a break!!!!!! What a Fu-king Scam!!!!!!

    Secondly, If it was real, How many people would be stupid enough to broadcast and post on their Face Book pages over and over again that they are making millions with this system? No one would be that dumb!!!!!!!!! Wouldn’t you be all hush hush about it telling no one but you close family?

    It goes against human nature to be that unselfish.

    If Someone had found a way to sit on Their ass and let a cheap program make them millions, They would shut their mouths and sit back smiling, all while browsing the web buying Lambos, yachts and Mansions for themselves and their families!

  94. Adam says:

    Almost fell into this one. Thanks Watchdog. as Mike said previously it seemed too good to be true……

  95. nigel wolff says:

    For a supposed Aussie Based Scheme (Scam) why does all the ppl on the member feedback video have american accents? not one Australian among them, that put me off for a start and the point of the american one cent coin that was the deal breaker for me it screamed scam thanks but ah no thanks!!!!!! luckily i didn’t invest any money.

  96. bongani says:

    aussie method is a scam, l registered with their system did not complete their form decided to logout and find out more about them because l was not going just part away my hard earned cash, minutes after l log out l got a call from them asking me why l did not make a deposit, then l asked the lady who phoned have you ever heard of a company call people to ask them why they do not deposit.

  97. Leo says:

    I would love to see some one scam the scamer and give the money back to those who were scamed.

  98. WatchDog says:

    WARNING EVERYONE, Aussie Method came out with a new version of this scam, they named it “The Sydney System” the scam-artists are not looking to quit anytime soon.

  99. William says:

    Thank you so much whoever you are at watchdog I was about to send him my $250 but I’m glad that you helped open my eyes to this Aussie scam

  100. FM says:

    But yes more power to sites like this who can help people. I do realise there are some out there that genuinely just want to make money and get sucked into this stuff. Sorry to be blunt above but just give things a second thought folks….this stuff does not just happen – there always something in it for them.

    • WatchDog says:

      We are still shocked to see the Aussie Method is still in business, it’s really troubling. Many months passed since we posted this warning and they’re still getting away with the scam. Countless of victims leaving us with no words, it’s a terrible reality!

  101. FM says:

    If you are stupid enough to believe crap like this or anything that is a ‘get rich quick’ promise from other people over the internet – then you deserve to lose your money.

  102. Eddie Williams says:

    Thank God I did a review first….thanks a lot, you saved me from this fuckers!

  103. Angel says:

    I can’t thank you enough watchdog for saving me losing money again. This morning, just when I woke up, I saw my email Aussie Method, I watch the video so I becoming curious, it says Guaranteed to get $10,000 if I dont make the money, that’s the promise, when it open a page to register, I’m lucky because I’m included on the 20 people that they can only guaranteed. this what happened, as soon as i sign up, just 1 minute after I received a phone call from UK broker TITAN TRADE apparently, I spoke for atleast 30min. then, I was ask to give my credit card details, I said no way. that it was suggest that I can do it myself online while she was watching, I said no. then, was told that if I don’t and leave I will loss my spot as one lucky person on the scammed list victim, so I said, so be it. then I realize to google this company and I come to your website watchdog. OMG, lucky, I have a guardian angel this morning, otherwise I could lose $1000 USD if I give my credit details. This bastard always gets those people that trying to get ahead in life by looking for extra income.
    Watchdog, Thank you so much for helping like me, with this scammers. More power to you and your organization. Keep up the good work.

  104. olek000 says:

    How Many Time…

  105. Joel says:

    G’day hate to say it but after seeing one bloke make the comment about trying to make an honest dollar couldn’t help but think theirs no such thing honest about something for nothing e.g. no physical & no mental aspect required to make free money. you get what you deserve when you do a job you don’t know what your doing & rely on blind faith(ignorance).
    p.s. just an Aussie worker.
    my browser has been hacked hence the googlesearch to delete it.

    Whatever you do.
    Do your bloody research imagine if sky scrapers were designed by a scammer that had no knowledge of engineering

  106. will says:

    I lost only 250 but I new in my heart it wasn’t true but because I seen Aussie there was 1% that it might be ok Yes I tried 250 into Aussiemethod then the next day a broker from binarybook phoned me trying to get thousands of dollars out of me I new it was a scam
    After I put the money in I emailed Aussiemethod and got a undelivered email.
    Then I emailed binarybook they said don’t trade until I here from the broker and then said don’t use Aussienethod there third party turn off the auto trade so I did.
    I decided to give the trade ago myself and I won the first trade but then lost reason for the loss was its like putting your money on red or black might as well gone to the casino and then binarybook I realized they are refusing people to withdraw so I thought well I lost The money I can’t withdraw it I trade it and guess what happens in front all the way until the last min then steady for the 30 min then turned big last min be carful of binarybook to they not regulated and I think being investigated in London the broker wanted thousands of dollars and even said he do the trade for me anyone offering money thousands of dollars its a con no a good trader will offer you a steady income to invest your money I glad I only lost $250 I haven’t tokd my wife because imbarrest

  107. joan says:

    Yep it is a scam emails always coming back undelivered and no real answer to any questions stay away. My question is why cant the watchdog close them down if they are aware of this

    • WatchDog says:

      How are we suppose to close down Aussie Method? We would love to do it, the most we can do is help day-traders with disputes and warn potential members but we have no legal authority to close down companies, even if they are a complete fraud. We would love to have this power and close down 95% of the signals services.

  108. mickfix says:

    I have been scammed by a site called Amissio formula so avoid it like the plague they promise you the world, and then say sorry your shares lost although they told me that their robot only stays on the ones that win and drops the loses , Unfortunatley I am the loser and then the mongrels had the hide to ring me and ask me to put up another $250 which is in US dollars =$350.50 aust. I can only warn others do not get involved with these crooks.

  109. Denise says:

    They actually rang me to deposit the $250 to get the software. After telling them that my credit card was overdrawn they asked when could I pay. Then explained my card was overdrawn and I wouldn’t be able to use it and they hung up. I asked where they were calling from, they said France but the number was in Sydney. NSW.

  110. Minsha says:

    Aussie Method is a SCAM !! be aware and help urself

  111. WatchDog says:

    It looks like Aussie Method, Brit Method and the Swedish Method all got hacked today, we posted a new update for those who are interested to check it out:

  112. Flow2528 says:

    So what’s a choice of places that can help me do this liget.i got a text message from auzzie method but didn’t sign up. I’ve been looking into binary options and wondered what methods do work and who could help as I’m a beginner

  113. Wilfred says:

    Phone 0061391115776 this is the scamers fone number. Whis i looked here first. My dad also fell for this ages ago. Hope it helps to shut it down.

  114. Wilfred says:

    Hey this scam poped up on my fone signed up and now im geting fone calls to deposit. I fell for it and i hate getting call randomly. I not depositing money for a scam and don’t want to be called anymore.

  115. Gerry says:

    After many attempts to ask for my payout. No Boby has contacted me

  116. Tnb says:

    Thank you! I didn’t deposit but I was on the way to put money on Their account. You just save me. Thank you once again.

  117. Michael Smith says:

    Yes this Aussie method thing does not work. I lost most of the trades. All my money is now gone. Their so called algorithm doesn’t work and must be a scam. The broker (Titan Trade – provided they honor withdrawals WHEN I have a balance) I was forced to join seems OK. But the broker called and called and called until after 5 days I picked up. All he wanted me to do was deposit more money. He was too pushy, so I said no, of course. It seems that brokers use these scam things as advertising methods to get people “in”…

  118. Tina says:

    I truly believed I would make money with this and was fool enough to start trading with a £250 buy in, all was going good to start and I made money as well, my account went up to £350+ in as little as a couple of hours and I was hooked – what an easy way to make money!
    Then it all went wrong and for the little icon that gave me clues as to how I should be trading I followed like a lamb to the slaughter – loosing everything, I had one long term trade on the account and I was hoping and praying it might just revert to being a winner – but after a few days away, I have come back to check and I can no longer access the website – so how stupid do I feel now!

  119. Anne says:

    I have enter my email, phone number and within 5 mins had a guy ring me who was extremely pushy wanting me to deposit money. I haven’t deposited any money at all. Something wasn’t adding up thank god I googled it and found this.

  120. Paul says:

    Same thing I tested it out with a $250 deposit only to have it go down strait away then rise a little then drop. I did get some of my back not much though .He will not ans a single email once he knows your waking up , & the BIG OPTION brokers in London he used are just as guilty !! They know & yet they do noting about it . How does our GOVT. LET THESE THINGS GO ON . AND TO USE OUR COUNTRIES NAME AS WELL the govt should be headhunting this scum & deporting them they have revoked their rite to live in our country . Why should we care if their stateless . After all how many people are homeless because of thieves like this !

  121. Mike says:

    What I am pissed off about this Aussie Method is, where did this thief Jake Pertu get my name from, let alone my email address. Who gave it to him. In fact where is the supposedly privacy protection these days, especially naming a person by the real name. Where di he get the full name and email address to send me an email with my name? I could sue the bastard if I ever find out where he is actually working. His days are numbered. Under no circumstances a person is to use an email without the owner’s consent to email him/her an email and start with their proper name. That’s an invasion of privacy. I hope the Government will shut down this scam and the guy jailed for false pretence and stealing from unsuspecting people brainwashed to believe they will make money, just like Reader’s Digest where they keep telling it’s customers to buy products and books to win the supposedly $400,000 and cars and all that fakery.

  122. Not being the victim. says:

    When i get an 1/2 rrst unsolicited email from someone i don’t know, my scam radar turns red, thanks for the confimation n explination, great wor guys!!!!

  123. Alan Tunbridge says:

    I’m with Mike. I got the ‘Aussie Method Offer’ and checked it out on Google. I was surprised to find a number of sites ENDORSING this company as honest. I kept digging, and found this WatchDog growling over another SCAMbone. Good boy WatchDog!!

  124. WatchDog says:

    The scammers who created the Aussie Method just came out with a new site, “Binary Secret”:

  125. PARTIRUNJOUR says:

    Jake PERTU ?? PERTU = perd tout ! ahahaha = PERTU = Lose all !

  126. rauska says:

    @Gary Harden “What doesn’t figure is whats in for them” are you serious? is a 85% $500 loss nothing to you? 😀

  127. JF says:

    Yeah no shit it’s a scam. I really don’t know who falls for countless things like this.

    • kbauer1971 says:

      People, you have to think about this, if these things really worked then EVERYBODY would be doing it. There’d be nobody stuck at dead-end jobs, and many stores/restaurants would close because they would all quit their jobs to do this.

  128. james says:

    great to know thanks. fansy using th word “Aussie” when clearly its not . Thats not being australian. My question is what is the most trustworthy binnery trading for Aussies in australia ?????????

  129. Ken says:

    Hi guys both methods are absolute scams as I found out . With soo many medical,bills to pay I was looking for a way to help pay I mean 10,000 a day awesome but I felt the scam went further with the trader demanding more money for other investment from the trading desk they where rude and condisending and talk about pressure . If there is a class action please let me know as I want them to feel the pain of losing your last $ on a cash credit card . My stupid fault now I am in a worse position as I was before.

  130. Charlie says:

    I signed up with the minimum and believed in “aussie method” winning 90% of its trade and now when i checked my balance, they lost all their trades…Thanks Watchdog I’ll just withdraw the remainder of my bal. F****ed up bastards

  131. leslie fisher says:

    just like every body hear i my self fell for it to the only thing they only got was a small amount off money off me in witch i will get back in my pocket it seems that around about this time off the year the come out off there hole and start we need to stop these scabs in there tracks i feel sorry for these people that lost large large amounts off money with this by by

  132. OMONDI says:


  133. Liv says:

    Thank you WATCHDOG as I was getting the same spam emails.

  134. mike says:

    Hello, Thanks guys. I was just reading the ausieemethod, but thought to check them out first on google, when I came across WATCHDOG review. This was timely. Thanks again. from Nigeria

  135. eli says:

    Please see: In his name is JAKE PERTU and his name is JASON TAYLOR.

  136. Ali Ghasemi says:

    I received a few emails from Aussie Method over the last few months and for the first time decided to actually read it. Had a bit of a chuckle at the claims this little prick ‘Jake’ has made. Then out of interest, I googled it and came across this watchdog. Reading these comments, with no offence intended, the people who actually fall for these scammers are both stupid and greedy at the same time. Just ask yourself, if you are a trader and come up with a system, where you invest a few hundred bucks and then press a button and it suddenly starts making you hundreds of thousand a week, would you start begging other people around the world to join in for free? And worse still, would you promise to pay them $10k if they don’t like it?!!!!! Come on for God’s sake. Warren Buffet doesn’t even have a system like that. Please use your brain…..think about things a little

  137. Bev says:

    Yesterday I paid a deposit of $250au. That amount is sitting in my Big Option Account. I have been receiving so many phone calls from Financial Advisors or Brokers because I signed up with The Aussie Method software. The one I thought was okay is Don’t tell me they are scammers too. I reckon I can withdraw the money and forget all about this scammy thing, before I start trading which I haven’t done yet. I guess if it sound too good to be true then it most likely is. Thank you for the warning!

  138. Peter Miller says:

    I am pleased that I found your site before considering ‘The Aussie Method Obviously it has nothing remotely to do with anything ‘Aussie’ it would appear to have origins in some overseas scam haven eg.Cyprus

  139. wisdomfaithaction says:

    A good one

  140. Imran says:

    They just withdraw $250, how can I get it back? thanks, do I have to call them? much appreciated

  141. Imran says:

    I just signed up and give them my CC info. ><" and they asked for the documents ID..

    Thanks guys for the comments and thanks for the Article Bro. You saved me much appreciated.

    I will ask them to cancel my account.

  142. KB says:

    This email popped up in my inbox, from out of the blue. I could tell right away it was a scam (the dead giveaway is this being an unsolicited email). Just for laughs and giggles, I read it. Yeah right. If these worked then wouldn’t EVERYBODY be doing it?

  143. ck says:

    Cheers Watchdog was going to sign up as the video was really enticing , i did a quick google search and found this site. I live in the UK and over here it is called the Brit Method, Glad i did not deposit any cash.

  144. She She says:

    I figured it was a scam… something told me to do a little research BEFORE I went all in…

  145. Rema says:

    Thank you watchdog for the great review. When I saw the video, I too was a bit tempted but when “hundreds of thousands of dollars” are promised, it was too good to be true, so I became alert.

    I always ‘google’ the program to find out if it is a scam or not before getting into it first and regretting later. There are so many such programs out there. This only proves that as long as there are gullible people, there are people to take advantage of the situation too.

    It is in our own interest to do a bit of research before jumping into any and every money-making opportunity advertised. Also be warned that we cannot make millions in weeks with ‘just a click of the mouse’. Let’s be aware that the internet has its advantages and disadvantages and be careful while dealing with such scammy websites.

  146. zainol says:

    I watched their video presentation and the impression I got was that it was 100% free. I registered and surprise surprise.. I need t deposit at least $250 into a broker account they allocated for me. I then logged out. A welcome email from Jake Petru arrived. I replied:
    Hi Jake,
    Thank you for your email.
    In your video you said it’s free and will not cause me a single cent. It’s 100% free. All you need is for me to make video at the end of 30 days and your challenge is that if I don’t make hundreds of thousand of dollars this time next month you’ll pay me $10,000. You made a lot of money and had 100% success rate.
    Now when I tried to register, I need to pay a minimum of $250 to a broker, to start which is contrary to your video.
    I tell you what if all you said in the video is credible, here’s a challenge for you. Deposit $1000 in my broker account and if by this time next month I made hundreds of thousands of dollars and continue to do so thereafter, I’ll refund your $1000 and pay you $20,000 AND make a hell of a video for you.
    This video is worth 10 times more than those ‘My account balance is $859,678.46 ……’ videos on your website.
    Have you the guts to accept my challenge Mr Jake Petru?

    Jake replied quote unquote:
    yesterday you requested the access to my Aussie Method trading system but for some reason I don’t see you among new members.
    Here’s the link to join…

    Listen, I’m not going to push you here, it’s your life and you can do whatever you want.
    It’s not like I’m going to make money by sharing my software with you.
    But please don’t complain in a week from now when you hear all the success stories and doors to Aussie Method is closed.
    Your choice.
    You’re in or out?

    Join here…

    Have a good day,
    Jake ‘
    I concluded that it is a SCAM.

  147. james says:

    So then , what is the very best (low initial deposit low $ per trade) that actually works well for beginners easy to understand and use in Australia for Australians. where you can get support from someone in Australia. working with Australian currency only

  148. vishal says:

    oh phew

    I was about to enter that but u guys savved my life of bussiness

  149. Carlos says:

    I just got the email and wow 1st thing was research surely a SCAM NO 10,000 Or nothing.

  150. Amir says:

    I’ve seen AussieMethod review guys here and there! Here is one sample:

    Thumbs Up Watch Dog! We’ll Back you Up!


  151. Shaun says:

    Ok I would just like to say I know a bit about binary options and I do day trading. I to go sucked in by a scam about two years ago which I thought I would keep and eye on myself as I knew I could better what they were saying to do and loose no money. Here’s where they suck you in. I singed up through Bank De Binary trading platform which is a french backed and I’m sure from other places as well. They promise to give your money back after the first month what every your losses are. Two weeks after I signed up with these people there was a big write up from the USA saying their citizens have been banned from using Bank De Binary. So after my month was up and I wanted to take my money out they said in order for my to take my money out as I had signed up on a special that was running I would have to do an E signature sent to my email and write my name and send it back to them to start the process going. I did that and then they said you can not have your money now as you have to have made 20 times the amount in profit that you placed in your account when you started and you just signed the agreement saying you would do that. They are so sick. I talked to a lawyer and they said you are dealing with an over seas company and would cost you more than $50 to even just get them angry let a lone in court. So there you have it do not touch these internet scams. I now use the account to just trade and try out new strategies, once my account reaches $5000, I do silly trades to use it up and get it back to around $500. then go again. There is no way I can get my money back from these people. Funny thing about it they still ring me up trying to get me to place more cash in my account that’s how much of scum they are. Hope that helps people understand how you can get taken my these scams.

  152. Santhosh says:

    Yes indeed its a scam, as I have also lost money. but I tried with minimal amount and as their promise / commitment, after loosing money I have not been refunded with $10000.
    Guys beware

  153. Syd says:

    Hi guys, Aussie Method is a scam hands down. But you can earn good reasonable profits if you do it properly with a legit Binary Options Trader. I’ve done my own research and the best way to make reasonable money is to use a legit Trader like Banc De Binary follow their educational tools and strategies. Take care out there and remember failure and losses are due to greed if you lay it conservative and keep your investments low you’ll be fine.

  154. CeCe says:

    Thanks,I knew it sound to good to be true.What a scam!!!

  155. kobby says:

    i signed up but refused to insert my credit card details. that evening jake called me,what i noticed was that when he was speaking his voice sounded differently as compared to that of his video. then i relised it was a scam,my pals dont lose anymore money

  156. Tea says:

    These these thieves should be locked up for life or give to the isil

  157. Garretsen says:

    Wow, these earnings are surely not possible with this scam! The worst part about it is that they released tons of new scams. But instead of aussie they use other things like canuck and so!

    Thanks for exposing this scam!

  158. aussie guy says:

    you guys are fucked

  159. hamish says:

    Well shit I nearly put some money in but did a google seach and came accross this website.i am struggling myself at the moment and jt had surgery on my abdominal area to remove cancer so I cant work for four months and with no insurance money is tight as I am a builder cant do my job for ages so thank you and if there is a trusted website please let me kmow


    • Maryann says:

      Hamish, look up “The Top Ten Binary Options Brokers” or “The Top Ten Binary Options Robot” on the internet. Sorry to hear of your bad luck. I hope life looks better for you soon. You don’t have to give up your idea of trying to earn some more money by trading, just do some research and pick a reputable one the second time around. I have been doing just that and have chosen a very good company called HBSwiss to trade with again using their Robot software.

  160. Steve Eagle says:

    Yowww! Signed up and ALMOST made a deposit but decided to google “aussie method reviews” and found your site. Thanx for the Christmas present ?. Steve

  161. Louis says:

    You only have to look at their live trading results to see that it is a scam. They were showing live trades on Sunday when everyone knows that markets are closed. So obvious.

  162. Unknown says:

    I almost do the stupid things..I already signed up my email and my phone number..almost give my money but i found it strange, so i browse about this aussie method and found this article. Thanks God my feeling was true

  163. dennis bray says:

    Realised after a few days that I had lost £250, believing in the Aussie Method. Made the deposit with their recommended broker, aaoption, seemed quite legit as they gave numbers and addresses round the world. Didn’t do any trading until 3/4 days after submitting my deposit, when I did go onto to trade, my balance stood at £4.25. Well and truly HAD!!! Stay away from this BASTARD Jake Petru.

  164. bibiyome says:

    For me, these things that are too good to be true are always scams, so stay away people. Read reviews before joining any online businesses. Thank u watchdog.

  165. kamaldarwish says:

    Thanks guys for the SCAM warning. I was about to get scammed until I googled it and found out the truth about this SCAM service.

  166. yowsa halfwit says:

    golden golden fuckerds

  167. Pam says:

    I’ve just finished reading all these testimonials of the problems they have had with The Aussie Method.
    Well right now I feel the biggest, gullible fool that ever walked. I took the bait, hook, line and sinker.
    I’m very ill with a lot of medical bills and need the services of community services to assist my husband with my care. I can’t work and when I saw this link and watched it
    I thought this can’t be real. After watching it a couple of times and watching the “unsuspecting people eating in a restaurant”, looking so surprised. I thought this is doable. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!

    I made my deposit and then I was contacted by a broker who asked for verification papers before the software could be activated. I thought something didn’t seem right then but decided to give it a go. I deposited my money and even though I watched it for several minutes, there was no payout. I thought how can that be. The video said that once the deposit was made to just sit back and watch your money come rolling in.

    I even spoke to the chat room staff about no trading and was told that not all the documentation they required was there. Then they e mailed me and said they’d found it and activation had begun, As I watched my pc showing my account, I saw nothing changing even after twenty minutes. In the end I waited two hours before I gave up as I think I knew then, I’d been scammed.

    The next twenty four hours went by and I had another look. However, instead of seeing an increase in my account, which you would have assumed would be there by now, I found a nil balance. Then I checked my e mails and I saw that ‘your position has expired’. Total payout balance had nothing just a big fat zero.

    My heart sunk as I realised that I’D BEEN SCAMMED’
    I just wish I’d seen your warning before I did what I did They were so convincing and I was very vulnerable and I was so desperate at the time to make some money, I guess I
    didn’t see it as a scam/.

    I’d just wish I’d see this before I got involved.

    Thank you

    • Maryann says:

      Don’t beat yourself up about making a mistake. Unfortunately a lot of us normal folks are gullible and we all want a situation that can help us out of a financial crisis and sometimes do not do enough research about who we are giving our trust and our money too. Take comfort in knowing that you are not the only one who was scammed. I was scammed 3 times using 3 different binary options brokers before I realised that I didn’t really know what I was doing, but rather than give up my idea of trading and earning a bit more money because I kept getting stung by b——s, I just had to do more research until I found a legitimate one. Look for “Top Ten Binary Options” or “Top Ten Robot Binary Options” on the internet. Reputable brokers do exist. You just have to find them. Our own banks should be able to help us retrieve money that has been lost to scammers. My bank, NAB, got all of the money back that I had initially lost, and it was such a relief because I couldn’t believe how stupid I had been falling for all the tricks that unscrupulous traders use, but I had to be prepared to be persistent when the broker challenged me. Put what happened to you down to experience and be wiser in the future.

  168. Tim says:

    I fell for this scam as well. It looked good but as they say “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is”. I was romanced by the thought of waking up in the morning to find an extra 10, 20, thousand dollars in my account. Reality check! Absolutely no reply from the AussieMethod support email. I guess my 10k check won’t find me either? Why doesn’t this constitute mail fraud and be prosecuted and shut down. It’s hard to have faith in anything on the Internet anymore.
    Scam, Scam, Scam!

  169. ella says:

    Wow I have sign up with then and with visa card number I hope they will collect my money from my account please answer me

    • Maryann says:

      Contact your bank and get that card cancelled straight away, and request another one with a new number. This should work. I do this when ever I think someone is going to unlawfully use my card details that I might have given them. I bank with NAB who are very patient and tolerant with us ordinary people who make these types of mistakes.

  170. Doc Ice says:

    Aussie Method, Brit Method, all those stupid methods are the same exact program. What a stupid scam!

  171. Katrina says:

    Im an “Aussie”, a single mother who was thinking of pushing my financial limits and considering taking a leap of faith. Thank goodness for sites like yours. I typed in “Is aussie method a scam” and a heap of web site options appeared. I tried to look for one that wasn’t connected to the actual “aussie method” web site, which itself was quite a task. Im really gratefull for those of you out there who take the time to post your findings on a site like this and to the people who have taken the time to start and maintain the site. I am dyslexic when it comes to numbers which makes any form of mathematics a nightmare for me, thus I am petrified of trying to learn the binary system for myself and I guess I was looking for an easy way out. In life, there is never an easy way, and Im glad that I atleast had the foresite to try to check out its legitimacy before I invested what little cash I really didn’t have to spare. I was honestly thinking of investing the money I had put aside for Christmas. Thankyou to everyone who just saved my kids Christmas.

  172. Nicko says:

    I think this guy needs to stop giving the aussie dollar a bad name. Worthless scam.

  173. Brenda Casanova says:

    Your article was quite informative, and I thank you for pointing out several vital and glaring inconsistencies that one might not catch at first sight, like the outdated nature of the testimonials and the unrealistic amount in each account given in the testimonials. The chat you had with the guy just goes to give more proof that the scammer is desperate and will try to even outright deny a very apparent truth (when you pointed out that the “Jake Pertu”is fake and you gave a link to another picture).
    These scam artists try to be as persuasive as possible using pressure tactics (like trying to imply or directly state that there are limited spots available or stating that you will get an enormous amount of money in recompense if the software does not work out ), so any new “method” using these same tactics should indicate an overwhelming likelihood of a scam. When someone promises to pay you $10,000 if you don’t make money with the software, this should immediately send up a huge red flag in your mind that something is not right. Think about it, who would legitimately offer such an amount of money? The scammer is trying to affect people psychologically, knowing that the average person who comes across these scams is desperately looking for ways to legitimately earn more money and wants to have a safety net in case the venture does not work out. The only way to truly be safe with these kinds of scams is to be discerning and do your research; however, it has to be the right kind of research. For a scam like this there can be many sites that have fake glowing reviews, so look into legitimate sites like BinaryoptionsWatchdog!

  174. Pinaki says:

    LOL they always say Hurry..its gonna run out soon, Limited members blah blah… Seems it never runs out though. Its a SCAMMMMM. Stay away. Do your research throughly before putting your hard earn money any where guys. Binaryoptionswatchdog thanks for help people all the time.

  175. Leonardo Andres says:

    Have less than 40% ITM is definitely something awful

  176. Nancy Smith says:

    They copy and recycle the same scam over and over. Thanks watchdog for saving us from these nasty scammers. I’ll continue to stay glued to your site. Your advice is always spot on.

  177. Wayne Chin says:

    Those con artists are working really hard to come out with so many scam products because they knows someone will fall for their scam.

  178. KVnation says:

    Thanks a lot guys!! I almost signed up but decided to check for scams first!! Thanks for the heads-up, i almost invested an amount of $1000, all which i would’ve just shipped out to these scammers!

  179. bradmadu says:

    That’s not Jake Pertu, that’s Jake Mason!

    Ooops, wait, it’s Jason Taylor on

    A friend asked my business opinion on this. It needed no research to know that it smelled bad, but I looked anyway and needless to say the evidence keeps getting worse the longer you look.

    Be smart and avoid these sites.

  180. Jose says:

    Hi there, thanks for all you guys. Your comments were helpful, more like a life saver.. I was just about to join Aussie Method. Good thing i found this sit.. Thank you Watch Dog.

  181. Samuaelson says:

    thats what happens.. they just take your $250 and you don’t hear from them again. See this

  182. Roy Gough says:

    I have recently been down on my luck so bad that I contemplated ending it, I got an email that I opened and it seemed genuine enough so that I deposited £250 that I could not really afford it says I have 250 in my trading account, how can I get this back please. I’m desperate.

    • Maryann says:

      Try getting your bank to do it for you. I tried trading with a broker who took my $250 and kept on giving me excuse after excuse as to why I had to keep on waiting. I bank with NAB and they got my money back by raising a dispute with the s— broker. It is worth a try.

  183. Coreen says:

    I just tried signing up and before I could finish someone called me and tried to convince me. He was trying too hard to convince me, so I thought something was fishy. I decided to research them. Thank you Watch dog for confirming my suspicion.

    • WatchDog says:

      We are glad you found this review on time! It’s a shady scam and it’s still being heavily promoted by email marketers and on fake binary options blogs.

  184. sam says:

    Thank you watch dog, cos I almost completed the registration process. I just thought i should check it out on Google first and you guys really saved my ass

  185. shamrockinflEmmet says:

    I was a sucker for this SCAM but at least I was wise enough to know when to get out. When they asked for a deposit I gave $10 and no more, they said it wasn’t enough so I said thats all I am willing to spend at the moment. Within hours my balance “appeared” to be $285.00 so I went to withdrawl but only to receive a message from my bank stating i “owed” that amount of money. the bank cancelled the transaction and I closed me account. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS CRAP! NO ONE IN THE WORLD DOESN’T CHARGE A FEE FOR OTHERS MAKING MONEY LET ALONE OFFER FREE SOFTWARE …. BEWARE!

  186. ifeanyi anozie says:

    Pls, how can I retrieve my $250, I made this payment on the 28th of October 2015. How do I get my money back. Pls I need your help

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Ifeanyi, You should contact the broker you were synced with when you joined the Aussie Method and request your money back. If they fail to comply, we recommend that you contact the number on the back of your credit card and report them to the CC fraud department. In many cases we’re seeing traders get their money back but you have to fight back and not give up. File a credit card dispute against them, justice is with you! Good luck!

  187. Tomas says:

    It’s a SCAM!!! I lost 250€ in 3 weeks – the winning/loosing rate is 50/50, so the better idea will be to try to guess or throw a coin!

  188. Trish says:

    Thanks Watchdog, was seriously thinking of it and did enter my email address but then thought to Google it and you saved my bacon…..

  189. Dan J says:

    Yikes! I almost got fooled into joining this particular scam as well! Thanks for the informative post!

  190. David says:

    Do not under any circumstances have anything to do with ‘Aussie Method’
    which will lead you to OptionFM=Total Disaster

  191. Kusa says:

    Great reporting again guys thanks – can always rely on you for the real info
    Great site

  192. Mike says:

    Thanks guys! A good heads-up info. I had a sneaky suspicion something was to good to be true, as is always the case.

  193. Gary Harden says:

    I joined the ranks of the dumb and innocent by testing a $500.00 deposit with their automated Aussie Method traders only to see an immediate loss of half then a small gain and overall an 85% loss in three days. My loss comes at the same time of their announcing great gains by others using their automated system.

    The only gain I have seen is the number of new emails received daily from other geniuses touting the same scam. What doesn’t figure is whats in for them, selling your name? Whatever save your money or send it my way if you’ve got it give away.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks for this,
      I have been deleting this for some time but it just keeps coming back and I’ve tried to unsubscribe but no luck.

  194. Doug Boyer says:

    Wow I was just getting ready to drop the cash I even went as far as to get my visa card registered to make it 3d it’s called verified by visa, any way if it wasn’t for having to do that I would be amongst the bitching and moaning about yet another scam!!! it totally sucks it’s like is there nothing for real on the damn internet and why so many people rip off and get away with it?!?! It really sucks cuz I’m struggling big time and you read this crap and start to believe hey their might be a way out then wham NOT! Well at least I got lucky this time and ran across this Watch Dog… Whoever you are thanks a bunch n please keep up the great job… 🙂

  195. Ginny says:

    Wow!!! How people can be so self centered & not care about others, is really beyond me…OK, I know they’re out there scamming for their own greed, so, please, if you wan to live a decent, happy, life, go for the hones programs, there are some who are really there to help others, but check it all out & please be careful…Last but not least, Stay away from ‘The Aussie Method’ PERIOD….THANK YOU WATCHDOG…

  196. Cres says:

    Thank you so very much! Truly I’m in a great financial fall right now and I’m looking for something to ease my situation when I opened an e-mail from The Aussie Method. I thought to give it a try, until I reached the point that they asked for a deposit. These is where I stop and look for their Company in Google. Thank you so much for saving me from jumping to my trap.

  197. Adriano Lemos says:

    I fell in this scam system too… Like you did on the chat, I contacted them from email support saying their system is a scam, because just on first two trades won and all the others lost, they replied telling me that depends on market fluctuation , I replied them back again saying that’s impossible win $1000 a day because the method opens a position on beginning of the day to finish end of day and it loss everything, no reply from their side anymore… Be aware that, the broker they recommend are really the worst, I signed into Imperial Option, they don’t at least haven’t replied my email on which documents are necessary to be sent to verify the account. They are really fake. Stay away this fuckers!!!

  198. Louis says:

    OMW !!1 Thank you guys for warning.
    It sounded like the real thing. I was on my way to give it a try and thank God I came upon your site to read about this being just another Scam. Question is , ” who is left in the Industry?”? It seems each and every one of the 100’s of invites we get per email is all a lot of scammers. How can our World be so crooked and full of scammers and thieves. Who do we believe and who not? What is happening to the World. Who can be trusted these days. It is absolute terrible how cruel these people are out there to steal our hard earned money. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN FOR WARNING and your site . You are Blessing to all of us . Kindest regards from South Africa

  199. Darwin Heffner says:

    After many, many, enticing emails received from AussieMethodSystems, I decided to open an account with minimal deposit. To this point this does not appear to be very promising. Attempts to communicate Aussie Support Team have gone unanswered. I have not yet determined to hang the SCAM title around this activity however but their scheme seems to be super suspect as CROOKED.

  200. Roger Neumann says:

    I had a similar problem and lost half of $800 deposit because the auto trading bot lost more than half the trades.The auto bot kept trading for 8 days after I supposely turned it off per their screen. It finally took multiple emails to BeeOptions and they withdrew the remaining balance and credited my credit card. I have asked the BeeOptions rep for info on Aussie Method . An email to Aussie Support came back undelivered. I will stay away from this like the plague. Thanks.

  201. George Rosalino says:

    I tried the Aussie Method this week and now my account balance went down from $400 to $60 I am going to disable this software. Why so many websites giving this shit a good review?!?! I really wish I found your weebsite earlier on.

  202. toby m says:

    I kept getting the same email. and then I decided to send an question back and they gave an answer that said that you can make a lot of money if you sign up with us. so then I sent an email saying that if you send one more email trying to get me to sign up with your scam I will get the FBI after them. so they sent the same answer back . so then I sent them an email saying that I warned you not to send me a email trying to sign me up and now I will send the FBI after you. they never sent an email to me again. I guess that scared them away for now.

  203. WatchDog says:

    We fear that many online traders will receive an email invitation from The Aussie Method marketers in the next days, we are getting many complaints via our WatchDog Complaint center. Things are not looking good. Traders are reporting less than %40 ITM !! Unregulated brokers!! This software is one of the worst scam operations we’ve seen.

  204. Heidi Thoresen says:

    Scams popping up every day in multiple huh.. This site is awesome, such a bright light in the industry! I hope people read the Watchdog before signing up with anything related to Binary Option to be honest. I wish the AussieBot wore true, everybody wants to make money the easy way.. Of course it is a scam. And Jake Pertu or whom ever is behind this will have to suffer for it for sure. They think they can make money by stealing from others but thats not the way the universe works. Just wait and see.

  205. Constance Nkomo says:

    Thank you Watchdog for alerting us with these scams, AussieMethod is one of them, scams are released each and everyday so people don’t be tempted to join cause you’ll loose your money, those people are getting rich by stealing your money from you so let’s stop them before they scam many people. How can anyone be able to give so many people $10 000 if they loose money it’s just pure lies after another, they also use fake actors in every scam, they are trying many ways to attract anyone to them, it’s very heartbroking to loose money like this but if you are reading this you are lucky cause you’ll make a good decision about your money, if you want to succeed in binary options trading find legit brokers and signal services then you’ll profit so stay away from AussieMethod.

  206. G. Uhlman says:

    Everyone makes half a million in 6 months. Wow, this is great.
    These SCAMS make me sick. Everyday a new one comes out looking to prey on people trying to earn an honest dollar. Please, do not fall for this scam. Trading Binary Options takes some time and efforts. Thank you Watchdog for the Aussie warning and for exposing crap each day, and saving people from falling for this nonsense.

  207. Faysal Rahman says:

    there were Tokyo Bot,China millionaire and now AussieBot! they are not only cheating but using country name also.even this scam used the picture of a fake artistt who even was in another scam software.u wont find their customer service after months or they will not respond.thanks to Watchdog for removing these scammers mask one after another.people are more cautious and will not fall for any scams so easily.

  208. Ania Tabor says:

    Wow, awesome, if you won’t earn 100.000$ you will get at least 10.000$, who wouldn’t like that? Come on people, do you really believe that, really stay away from this SCAM, Aussie Method can only promise you, you will lose all the money you invest in it. The only winner here is “Jake Pertu”, unless we will stop them, and show the world what kind of person is “Jake Pertu”, whoever he is.

    • WatchDog says:

      “Jake Pertu” or whoever is behind the Aussie Method Scam is definitely the only one who’s making money with the software! Let’s hope that many people will see this warning.

  209. Luc Luc says:

    Another great article, on another SCAM thieving service. People don’t loose money!! I’ve already lost few hundred’s of bucks – watch my testimony on Michael Freemans youtube chanell. Don’t trust theese fake actors. If someone promises you earn few hundred thousands of $ / week, why does he need to share this knowledge with anybody? Would you do it on his place? The only way to trade binary, is to learn – for this I strongly reccomend Michael Freeman. For me, it was the best decision I could ever make regarding binary options. No more loosing money now 🙂

  210. Lovekesh Rathore says:

    Aussie Method is a SCAM !! be aware and help urself 🙂

    • John Beveridge says:

      Love the way they call it the Aussie Method and then try to sell it with an actor with an American accent’

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