Arab Money Machine is a Guilty SCAM!

Avoid the Arab Money Machine for binary options brought to us by Daryll Graham. Every component of this new binary options auto trading scam is fabricated with the sole intention of deceiving you out of your money! Claiming to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for their beta testers and current users this claim is ill-founded and falls ridiculously short of their promises. Empty promises along with a maximum winning percentage of 53% have been proven by the Arab Money Machine, so what are you waiting for?

All jokes aside, moving forward, throughout this brief review we will debunk this ludicrous trading scam while sharing with you tested and proven investment alternatives that can help you generate day-trading income from home. Hosted from, the Arab Money Machine is a binary options auto-trader that delivers inaccurate trading signals along with excessive SPAM emails. In fact, on average, we have been receiving close to 13 emails per DAY from the Arab Money Machine! So unless you enjoy losing money and receiving an excessive amount of SPAM mail, we encourage you to avoid this scam!

The real danger with auto trading scams like the Arab Money Machine would be the promotional videos that are created to manipulate and deceive innocent people out of their money. We have seen this numerous times throughout our time in the industry and the case is the same with the Arab Money Machine scam. Claiming to generate success rates of 99.8%, the Arab Money Machine is full of empty promises that are too good to be true. No transparent or 3rd party verified trading results are ever showcased to us on their website or throughout their promotional video so how they are boasting about almost having a 100% success rate is just complete crap.

For those of you who were brave enough to venture to, you may notice how long and dull their promotional video is (almost 15 minutes). Before you put yourself through that traumatizing experience and lose time that you will never get back, we will just give you the shorter version of their promotional video. Fancy cars, luxury yachts and beautiful mansions are just among a few of the clips thrown in to the Arab Money Machine pitch video. False insinuation of drastic income gains along with elementary acting skills are the most you will get from

The main demographics targeted by the Arab Money Machine would be investors who have previously experienced losses in binary options along with those individuals who could be considered “dreamers.” Dreamers in the sense that they have vast and difficult goals to achieve like generating millions of dollars to buy everything they could imagine. Unfortunately and oftentimes, individuals within those demographics do fall victim to scams much like the Arab Money Machine because they lack experience and perspective. One way to stay ahead of the curve in this instance if you a newbie trader would be to subscribe to Watchdog’s Blog! Receive alerts about the latest trading scams to avoid along with imperative industry news that should be known on a wide scale basis.

Arab Money Machine is a SCAM!

As we mentioned a few moments ago, the acting throughout the Arab Money Machine pitch video is elementary and just flat-out pathetic. We could have taken a chorus of 4th graders who spoke an entirely different language and generated a better production than what we had to go through at Perhaps the acting is so bad due to the fact that these paid actors knew that they would be lying in front of camera for a few bucks. Take Daryll Graham, for example, the alleged founder of Arab Money Machine, we found his stock image from shutterstock!

Putting your faith and money into the Arab Money Machine is almost the equivalent of paying child support. You don’t expect to get your money back and we can assure you that your experience with the Arab Money Machine will be worse than just losing your hard-earned money. So why should you avoid the Arab Money Machine auto trader? Well, besides the fact that their alleged founder doesn’t exist, perhaps the biggest reason would be because these scammers are the same con-artists who brought you the CogniTrade App, Leaked Profits App and HexaTrader scams! domain information

If you want to make a positive change in the binary options industry then do yourself and others a considerable courtesy by sharing and avoiding the Arab Money Machine scam for binary options! Brought to you by the same con-artists of other scams that we have exposed on our binary options and Forex blacklist, the Arab Money Machine is a pathetic and ridiculous auto-trading scam. If you have any experience with this system or any questions, we encourage you to share your feedback below for thousands of our other readers to benefit from.

Review Verdict: Arab Money Machine is a SCAM!

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2 comments on “Arab Money Machine is a Guilty SCAM!
  1. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    Cheap Cheap scam!!..they said “A NEW MILLIONAIRE IS MADE EVERY DAY”..perhaps but definitely it wouldn’t happen with this BS Arab Money Machine software!..

  2. J.t.s says:

    How is it legal for these moe-foes to even be on the Internet .? I mean it’s out in out illegal fraudulent to rip people off for their money why is this not being policed charges should be laid

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