24Option Review

The starting capital required to initiate a new account is $250 or €250, £250. Minimum Trade is $24 or the equivalent in other currencies set on the account. 24Options offers an online trading interface and no software download is required to start trading. Must be 18+ to trade binary options based on a global standard. An account manager is not mandatory and access to live trading is available as soon as the registration and funding of the account is finished.

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24Option Quick Specs

  • Special Features: Boundary Trading + High Yield, 60 Seconds Trading, High/Low, One Touch, Pairs.
  • Mobile Platform: 24Option is available on your mobile phone! Download the free iPhone or Android trading app.
  • Payout Max: Up to %88.
  • Available Markets: Stocks, Commodities, Currencies, Indices.
  • Supported Languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Romanian.
  • 130+ Available Assets: 34 Currencies, 11 Commodities, 24 Indices, 58 Stocks.
  • Customer Service: International Toll Free, Live Chat, Email (2407!)
  • Expiry Intervals: Early Closure | 60 Seconds | 2 Minutes | 5 Minutes | 10 Minutes | 15 Minutes | 20 Minutes | 25 Minutes | 30 Minutes | 1 Hour | 2 Hours | 12 Hours | 4 Days | End of the Month | End of following Month.
  • Withdrawal: Free monthly withdrawal for all accounts levels.

Key Benefits with 24Option.com   

  1. One of the pioneers of the industry, 24Option remains a leader and most of all, one of the safest EU regulated brokers in the industry.
  2. Professional Mobile Platform: If you are looking to trade binary on your Iphone or Android, 24Option offers a free, multi-functional interface for Ipad, iPhone and Android.
  3. Are you a high-roller? How about$50,000 on a single trade? That’s right! Don’t let it scare you if you are working with a $250 budget, the minimum trade is only $24.
  4. Highest number of currency pairs on the asset list! Best choice for Forex Options Trading.
  5. 24Option operates a 24/07 support center in 10 different language and site skin is easily inter-changeable in 16 different languages.

10 comments on “24Option Review
  1. Ruud van Bunnik says:

    hello watchdog i am ruud .Ihave an acccount with GTPcapitol. Can jou tell me are the safe. my account is now EURO 10600. but there is een ML .Before i can withdrawal imust pay the loan,t cant frome the account. I won t pay i dont be sure of this is a way to get more money frome me. Please tell me of this company is a goed one.

  2. Tish says:

    Hi Everyone

    Be very careful of Primebrokerz a,k,a GBO Capital. Thet are a lot of smooth talkers and do not deliver, I have lost 700 pounds and my emails are totally ignored. They guarantee that there so called expert traders will make you money but i only received 1 good trade. They refused to approve my withdrawal request and the so called expert trader cancelled my withdrawal and placed losing trades on my account until all my money was gone.,…

  3. Hans says:

    Hello Investors,

    Beware of Lbinary Option and companies affiliated (under other names)
    promoting a new sure money making system. At the beginning your investment
    will make you money with the system, but as you will be asked for more money
    to invest. At some point they tell you that your trade is insured and can not loose
    anymore(scam!) Bull…., when you want to withdraw from your account,
    say for yourself (good bye), because it will not happen. Your account will quickly
    disappear to “Zero” and a loss of all your invested money!!! A great scam!!!
    Hoping you think twice about it, because I have been there,

    Broken Writer

    • Nalini says:

      Hello Hans. Which Binary Option were you registered with? Will this happen with the long-standing regulated companies as well?

  4. WatchDog says:

    I’ll be glad to help you. Please email us at binaryoptionswatchdog@gmail.com

  5. edwin nab says:

    I played by 24 option
    first I started on a demo account everything going well
    i made from my 5000,- in 4 weeks 18000,-
    i had contact with a manager every week a friendly guy
    then I want too play for real money
    the promised me tickets for lottery when I deposit before 01-01-17
    i deposit 3000,- on 30-12
    and the keep pending my deposit till 02-01-17
    so I got no tickets for the lottery
    I thought alright shit happens
    then I started to play and I could make any money I only loose
    then I started metatrade 5 and compare it with 24option
    I saw that the numbers where all the time 15 points higher then metatrade
    I called 24option to talk about it but the told me thats normal
    after the call the within 15 min the numbers where only 6 points different with metatrader 5 ??? weird or not

    i also get there new platform because I asked for it and all of them
    my demo/my real account /my new account did not have the same value of the forexmaybe you watchdog can check this out

    mvg edwin nab

  6. Glen soloway , canada. says:

    What do you think of optionstarsglobal , I been trading with them for 9 months now and not making much , lost money too much and not much help from them to get safe trades. and trying to withdraw having problems . Said I took bonus but I did not . any ideas ??

    • WatchDog says:

      Can you please email us with the details so we can investigate?

      • shafiq sabir says:

        please check . i concerned.
        i checked for scam.
        24options.com does not come up clean
        j want report easymarket.com suppose t be regulated and in uk. i think they scams. they cheated me. rew years ago had mony of me. to oepn acc. not worke diwth me. now refuse to give myu my mney bankc. and changed theri name t fool people llke me know i am visual impaired. anfd poor health..
        shaf sabi.r

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