247CashBot.com is a SCAM! Avoid Software!!

The 247 CashBot software scam for binary options is not worth your time and certainly not worth your hard-earned money! Targeted towards newbie trader demographics, this algorithmic-based trading software lacks accuracy and consistency. All of the “positive” reviews regarding this trading system are fake and just as phony as the scammers behind this system. To learn how you can save a minimum of $250 by avoiding this scam, make sure you read our indisputable scam review to learn the risks associated with 247CashBot.com.


The 247CashBot is a trading system that is synced with one of their “assigned” brokers. What that means would be that although the scammers behind this system claim that their system is “free” that is not the truth. The truth of the matter would be that you will be required to make a deposit of at least $250 with one of their so-called recommended brokers. As you can insinuate though, none of their assigned brokers are regulated, which means that you can not trust them. Make sure when you invest online that you only invest through investment brokers that are regulated! To learn more about reliable and regulated brokers, make sure to visit Watchdog’s Trusted Brokers.

The biggest discrepancy that we came across when investigating 247CashBot.com would be how the company that owns 247CashBot is not in good standing, meaning that the company status reflects a Dissolved Status. The company does not exist anymore. What does all this mean, you may be wondering? Well, simply it means that the “owner” behind 247CashBot company, known as Binary Options LTD, does not actually exist anymore! Now, let us ask you one question, why would you want to sign up with a system that lies about how they are actually owned and operated?

247 CashBot

Another inconsistency that we came across would be how the trading signals generated by the 247CashBot software should not be considered seriously. What we mean by that would be that the website and the disclaimer found at 247CashBot.com are contradicting one another while raising an alarming question. All over the site you will see all of the “advantages” and empty promises about how you should get started with 247CashBot. Don’t believe them and don’t let them brainwash you!

Now, the big question that came up when investigating 247CashBot would be if they are licensed to provide signals or not. As we already know, the company that supposedly owns the 247CashBot system is dissolved and does not exist anymore. Due to the disclaimer founded blatantly at the bottom right of their website saying, “None of the information on thees pages should be considered as financial advice,” we believe it is safe to say that the operators and owners of 247CashBot.com are not licensed to provide you signals. This means that they are breaking the law depending on where they reside, so let us ask you again, why put your faith with a bogus trading software?

Review Verdict: 247CashBot is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: 247CashBot.com

Every element that composes the 247CashBot is deceptive and fabricated. Don’t waste your hard-earned money by trying trading systems that don’t work and hide secrets from you that you should know. Which brings us to ask you whether or not you are tired of losing money to ridiculous trading scams? Start finally treating your investing like a business rather than some part-time gig by only investing with accurate and consistent signals services and trading software. If you visit Watchdog’s Tested Binary Option Service Providers, not only will you learn about the most effective and best software and services, but you can get started on a path that will help you profit between 3 to 5 figures per month!

As a friendly reminder, we are insisting that day-traders only invest with brokers that are regulated along with services that have been tested. Need a way to avoid all of these deceptive and conniving binary options and Forex trading scams? Subscribe to our blog to know all the latest scams to avoid along with trading software and services that are legitimate or not. By subscribing to our website you will join the largest binary options community composed of over 10,000 thriving day-traders!

One comment on “247CashBot.com is a SCAM! Avoid Software!!
  1. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    “When you start with 247CashBot, you only need 5 minutes to setup and start the magic”..LOL..i only worry after the setup,your account will begin to blow up.. this 247CashBot.com software completely scam guys!..never risk your valuable money..thanks watchdog for another important review!..

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