XpressMoneyBot EXPOSED!! OptionRobot Impostor!

Another OptionRobot imposter has emerged within the confines of the binary options industry! Xpress Money Bot, found at xpressmoneybot.com, is the scam version of one of the few legitimate trading software known as the OptionRobot. Quite similar to Free Robot Signals, which we exposed as an OptionRobot rip-off, it is evident that more and more OptionRobot rip-offs can be expected to make their presence known. Due to this likely truth, we implore you to read our unbiased review in its entirety to learn how you can keep your hard-earned money safe while learning about legitimate and proven investment alternatives.


The perfect analogy to describe putting your faith with the Xpress Money Bot would be by spending your last dollar on a scratch off lottery ticket with the hopes of winning big. Feeling slightly hopeful but knowing that more likely than not you will never get your money back is essentially what you will get with Xpress Money Bot. Offering all the “perks” that the OptionRobot does such as a free demo account, same technical indicators along with similar customer support widgets it is no wonder we have received a large amount of complaints about the Xpress Money Bot scam!

Try not to be fooled by all of the incentives offered by Xpress Money Bot. They are nothing more than empty features and rip-offs from the OptionRobot. It is quite clear that the biggest difference between OptionRobot and Xpress Money Bot would be the performance results. While hundreds of our subscribers have reported earning between 3 to 5 figures PER month with over a 71% success rate with our OptionRobot Strategy Guide, the best reported winning percentage achieved by Xpress Money Bot is 54%!

Xpress Money Bot - Settings

As you can see in the image provided above, the scammers from Xpress Money Bot basically created a replica of the OptionRobot interface. Just another tell-tale sign that we are dealing with an impostor and a software that is not legitimate. Furthermore, the demo account offered at xpressmoneybot.com cannot be trusted. Rigged to win by executing fake signals to generate only a 100% success rate it is evident that Xpress Money Bot is not looking out for your best interests. Essentially, Xpress Money Bot is the aggressive scam version of the legitimate OptionRobot software.

At least with the OptionRobot we have company information available to us but with Xpress Money Bot that is not the case. The lack of effort from Xpress Money Bot for failing to provide company information leads up to believe that we are dealing with a fraudulent trading operation. As we have mentioned, the performance results with the Xpress Money Bot has been absolutely pathetic. Provided to you in the picture below is a screenshot of one of our subscribers who lost $165 in under 30 minutes while trying the auto-trading with Xpress Money Bot!

XpressMoneyBot - Results

Still not convinced? Go ahead and try out Xpress Money Bot yourself then you can File A Complaint with WatchDog to report your staggering trading loses! Now, obviously we would prefer if you avoided doing that but what you decide to do with your hard-earned money is solely up to you!  Moving forward, just be aware that if you do visit xpressmoneybot.com that you will be required to provide your first name, last name, email, phone number and create a password before you can even access the site.

However, if you do decide to provide your email and phone number, just understand that will receive A LOT of spam emails and phone calls from brokers trying to solicit you to deposit so you can use the Xpress Money Bot. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! We feel that it goes without question that the Xpress Money Bot is an OptionRobot imposter and a deceptive trading scam! Nothing about Xpress Money Bot is authentic, no company information is provided, success rates are below 60% and you can expect to get harassed via email or phone if you do decide to commit.

Review Verdict: Xpress Money Bot is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: xpressmoneybot.com

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There is only one legitimate OptionRobot software and it can be found by clicking on the free demo account banner above. Do your best not to fall victim to all of these other OptionRobot impostors because we can assure you only heart-ache and the lost of your money will result. To learn how many of our subscribers are generating between an extra 3 to 5 figures per month with the OptionRobot, make sure you read our instructive OptionRobot Strategy Guide!

2 comments on “XpressMoneyBot EXPOSED!! OptionRobot Impostor!
  1. Markus I says:

    From having success with the OptionRobot and seeing now that there are rip-offs is disheartening. Why do people have to try to ruin the reputation of softwares that are legitimate? There are only a few legitimate services for binary options and they are being tarnished due to rip off scams!!!! UGHHHHH!!!

  2. alberto says:

    all robots are fake i tried all approved by you and your collegues. ALL stole my money

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