WikiTrader Review; 100% Scam-Free Software!

Is WikiTrader by Kelly Wallace a Good Software? The whole industry is crazy about this auto-trading system! Hello, everyone my name is Ventsislav Velev from YouTube and today I’ve been invited to post a guest post on the most famous industry blog – the BOWD. First I would like to thank for the opportunity and salute all BOWD subscribers/readers. Within this WikiTrader Review I’ll be giving my thoughts about this service, and I’ll be proving video with my first wiki-trading session!

What actually Software is?

How it performs and can we trust Kelly Wallace? This is just small portion of the questions we would like to answer in order to bring some transparency around this investing platform. As we respect the BOWD readers and we surly believe you deserve the best, we`ll try to answer all the question you might possibly have within this article. Quick Overview for those who have never heard about WikiTrader!

We talk about auto-trading and signals providing platform, which aims to provide even non-experienced traders an opportunity to benefit from the online markets! The platform itself contains few features and it’s extremely easy to use and understand. Currently the whole industry is really thrilled by the performance of this service and I’m here to give you my feedback as well, including a video with my first trading session.


How the WikiTrader Software Operates?

During the presentation video, we understand that, the platform is completely opens source. Using the day-trader’s opinion and experience actually is very smart! Why containing the think-tank only within few programmer minds, when you can use the whole trading society? Means that the creators are open to tweak and restructure the system according to the trader’s behavior. So, far this is the very first trading system, which actually listen and adjust its algorithms and the platform itself according to the trader’s needs. Furthermore, consistently updated algorithms usually perform better in the long run!

The algorithms are simple and based on proven and reliable strategy called “the market sentiment”. Basically, it means combination of few things: Trend following algorithm, which also takes in consideration the traders current behavior and the trading volume.  This type of algo-trading systems are vastly used by many big financial institutions and they are proven as reliable and consistent money generating method. Interface and Features!

The WikiTrader software is designed for new-traders but it is suitable for traders with all levels of experience. All investors have the option to choose from two main trading methods; a fully automated or signals service.

  • With the autopilot, you have to choose the amount you want to invest, the risk level and the assets you would like the robot to trade with. After you choose the options you need to start the application and leave it that way. All the behind work in terms of analysis will be done by the software. No human presence is required with this type of trading method.
  • The signal service of Wikitrader is also easy to use but here you must choose which assets to trade and which one to skip. The feature is also semi-automated and half of the work is already done by the algorithm but as the explanations suggests you need to stay on the computer and press the “trade” button.


My personal experience so far?

At first when I stumbled upon software for the first time I was little bit skeptical but after I received numerous emails from my subscribers convincing me to test the service I decided to sign up for the test drive!

Today I tested the auto-trading system for the first time and I managed to make $190 for 2 hours. The robot performed with 88% accuracy and based on my past trading experience I can conclude that this is an amazing achievement. I’m excited because you have to understand that with the massive number of scams out there, finding a trading solution, which delivers good results, is a rare view! Under this topic you can also, find recordings of my first trading session with the WikiTrader software.

Who is Kelly Wallace?

The brain behind WikiTrader Kelly Wallace, is already a well-known within the industry. The performance and approval of all the trading community really gained this “enigmatic” woman a decent reputation within the binary options public. Her goal to proof that online trading and investing are not only men job has been fulfilled. Therefore, she gained the trust of this industry!

The industry opinion about Wikitrader?

Due to the amazing performance, currently if you research the social media and the search engines you`ll be able to find only positive reviews and supportive feedback coming from the regular day-investors. That’s a fact and everyone who are interested in further details can do self-research.

In my opinion having the support of the day-traders is the most essential reputation building component, which every binary option service must have! There is nothing more honest than a testimonial coming from the regular joes. And at the end it’s simple, if the community supports this service than its definitely worth trying!

Wikitrader Review – The Summary.

Software registration Page:

Review Verdict: Wikitrader Software is a Profitable Automated System!

The easy sign up procedure long with the supreme looking trading platform can satisfy even the most sophisticated trader’s needs! Moreover, the endorsements coming from the industry including the approval of the traders are turning this system as a wise choice for everybody. Based on my personal experience and everything we saw so far from this investing solution I can conclude that this binary options help-trading tool really deserves some attention!  

Also endorsed on – WikiTrader Review by BO Anonymous

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62 comments on “WikiTrader Review; 100% Scam-Free Software!
  1. James says:

    Thanks for the great post Ventsislav and Watchdog, I’ve been using WikiTrader for 3 days now and so far I have hit 79% ITM. I have also subscribed to your channel for future updates.

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks watchdog! Love your posts and and avid follower. Very detailed and saved me a lot of grief. I signed up this morning with Wikitrader and so far 3 wins out of 4. Taking it slow but very happy!!

  3. Miral says:

    Thank you watchdog for the review. My Experience shows Wiki Leaks as more than satisfactory. The Simple Design and Structure is so user friendly. Have been using this software for a few days and so far the results are pleasing.

  4. Alexej says:

    Very interesting, I might give this one a go, will update you on my own results after I register.

  5. paul c says:

    Thank you watchdog. Love your reviews, very detailed and informative. An avid follower and youve saved me from a lot of grief. I joined wikitrader this morning, 3 winning trades out of 4. Taking its slow but im very pleased!

  6. Alex Bronstein says:

    Testing WikiTrader for over 3 weeks now I can personally testify that the integrity level of the advertising matches the actual performance, something that many services lack. I can recommend this to anyone who is looking to get serious with binary options!

  7. Boris Dvoršak says:

    Hi Watchdog is the software available in Ukraine?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Boris, Earlier we did verify that is synced with EU regulated broker, indeed they are available in Ukraine and anywhere else in Europe.

  8. Charlie Rose says:

    I really appreciate the review and video. Im in th UK so i assume it should work

  9. Joseph Emmanuel says:

    Every time a software is recommended everywhere, it’s not available in my country. I tried to register with WikiTrader and I found my country is restricted. I’m giving up at this point but thanks for the warnings and all the work you do, it’s just a major disappointment that nothing works for me, and the only things I managed to access were not so good.

  10. Dario Nhapulo says:

    I am right now stationed in Germany and noticed the WikiTrader registration works and I am inside the software right now. Do markets not operate on weekends or what’s the deal? I am very excited to get started. Thanks in advance from a newbie in binary.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Dario, The Markets are closed on Saturday and Sunday but starting on Monday log back into the software and you will see activities as soon as the Australian and Asian markets open. Good luck, it’s a good choice for a first timer since there’s lot’s of garbage out there.

  11. Nicolaas Oosthuizen says:

    The WikiTrader software is working in Germany that’s fantastic! I tried to register with one of your other recommendations but now I see that this one is getting the best ratings. Great job with the review!

  12. Byron Hight says:

    I am debating between CopyBuffett and WikiTrader, which one should I go with? Anyone tried both with some feedback? Thanks! Bryon

  13. John says:

    Is software available in Guam?

  14. Jay says:

    I am going to try it now. I will post my results here after few days. Hopefully this platform is transparent enough for neutral parties like myself to post our updates.

  15. Bobby Lindsey says:

    In terms of accuracy the WikiTrader software is better than Copy Buffett from my own personal experience trading for 8 business days with Wiki but let’s see how it goes. I am not going to reach conclusions just yet.

  16. Tommy says:

    Is this available in the US?

  17. CARLOS GARCIA says:


  18. Edward Chan says:

    I read the follow-up review you posted Watchdog and Ventsislav. Great work and I am already making some money, the tips were very useful and I am super glad they synced me with a licensed broker, it really goes to show they are serious and not clowning with people’s money.

  19. Augustine says:

    Is wiki trader available in Nigeria?

  20. Pamela Mitchell says:

    At first it this Kelly really didn’t convince me I have to admit, but the software and accuracy speak louder than anything. Still new and a few days into my trading but I can tell you that there hasn’t been a day yet I lost money with the software or made less than $100. Based on my expectations I am very pleased.

  21. Alexis Miller says:

    I like how it’s fully automated and there’s an option to just take manual trades using the interface.

  22. Jake says:

    Too bad they are not synced with Nadex, I’d like to work with the software but I am most comfortable trading with Nadex. Thanks for the recommendation though, I might still consider it due to all the positive feedback I am seeing everywhere.

  23. Ruth López Pérez says:

    God Bless You Watchdog and your Team! WOW, 43 trades today and only 5 landed OTM for me. This is extraordinary, I really hope that WikiTrader will continue performing like this! <3 Much Love!

  24. francis martins says:

    B O watchdog thank you for the good work you are doing in this industry.all the wonderful system you recommended to the industry are available in Nigeria .I beg you to see how you can help the west african traders have access with some of this systems.We will be grateful. Thanks.

  25. Wikitrader says:

    Its awesome in detailed review, keep it up.

  26. Dmutro Kateruna says:

    Hello dear! … I want to say that this software … for me has been one of the best on Friday LAST WEEK! …. At the moment I’m looking for money for it!

  27. Leslie Nakatsu says:

    Is Wikitrader available in Canada?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Leslie, From what we know the software is synced with 1 broker that offers access in Canada and they have limitation on the number of traders they can accept daily. If you’re unable to register, try periodically every few hours and within a few hours usually you should be able to gain access. If you’re having trouble please email us at and we’ll contact the broker directly for you.

  28. Is this available in nigeria

  29. Ferdy says:

    Is this available in indonesia?

  30. Anna Burton says:

    This is my third day and never lost yet, total profits $530!! I should’ve invested more on each trade, but it’s better to stay safe for now.

  31. Victoire says:

    your review of Wikitrader is the best out there. Really make me want to give it a try and glad I did now after 3 successful days!!

  32. Kehinde says:

    Please is copy buffett software available in Nigeria?


    No Available Broker For Traders From Region(FRENCH)WikiTrader?

  34. Peter Williams says:

    I am testing 3 binary systems and WikiTrader is the only one I plan to continue with starting next week! Thanks for the recommendation and honest review!

  35. Pam says:

    Do they accept the Canadians

  36. Sun Hawut says:

    Swarm Intelligence is no longer available for new members I noticed so I am going with WikiTrader, thanks for the recommendation Watchdog!

  37. Hello. Are Canadians still out of the picture for Wikitrader?

    • WatchDog says:

      It’s very unfortunate but as of this point, there’s still not a broker available that caters to Canadians and synced with the Wikitrader software.

  38. Thanuyan says:

    If your country is banned, try using a VPN. It works for me when I can’t certain content only available to US. I recommend switcing to an European country like Germany, France or UK.

  39. Suneel Quadras says:

    Not available in India but managed to gain access with VPN, it’s a bit slow but I am getting great trades. The slow loading time is probably due to the VPN anyway it’s working and I am glad with Wikitrader.

  40. Alan Stevens says:

    All week was great besides Tuesday when I broke even.. Wikitrader is no doubt one of the top producers in the field.

  41. Charlie Garcia says:

    Very disappointing that I wasn’t able to register with Lexington Code and also with WikiTrader, must not be available in my country or not sure what..

  42. Tracy says:

    I live in the U.S., when I click on the website link it says “Your country is not allowed to access, sorry”

  43. Isa says:

    Is the software allow South African to use it

  44. Wallace says:

    Hi, Vena system is a scam? Because i receive and email from the wikitrader email about this softwear

  45. rafa says:

    alguien sabe el correo de contacto de wikitrader?

  46. Darren Wood says:

    It is a scam and im owed $375.000 plus they have ruined me. No contact from Aaron Smight or wikitrader support since my deposit was made. I am seeking answers and looking for my money. I lost my family and home and possessions becayse of these scumbags

  47. Alan Kilduff says:

    Stay away from Wikitrader,It is a big scam!!!

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