Binary Option Club Scam | What Other Reviews Won’t Tell You!

DON’T believe what all the other “authentic” binary option review sites are claiming about Binary Option Club! Let’s get straight to the point, Binary Option Club by “Paul Schafer” cannot be trusted. Make sure that you read our unbiased scam review to learn everything you may have missed by reading other bogus review sites lies. Just like most auto trading or trading software that we investigate they appear legitimate at first sight when in reality they are nothing more than a deceptive fabrication of falsehoods. Paul Shafer clearly doesn’t exist and all of the sites endorsing this binary options campaign are just as fake and phony as the scam marketers responsible for this scam.


Operated from, Binary Option Club appears as a legit trade copier service for binary options. However, as most of you know already know, looks can be deceiving. Spam emails along with being required to sign up with unregulated binary option brokers are the least of your worries with the Binary Option Club trade copier. Before we debunk this trade copier, we are urging all traders to avoid this system and if you have already fallen victim to this software then please reach out to us immediately.

Compared to most auto trading systems that we expose as scams, the Binary Option Club trade copier fits the bill as a system that is seemingly legitimate. On the site they claim that they prefer “human traders” opposed to automatized trading algorithms that are most commonly seen among online investment systems. Now, normally we would agree with that remark, however the question that still remains unanswered would be whether or not this system is a licensed business or if any of the traders are licensed to provide investment signals. If we had to guess, we would have to say that this system is indeed not licensed.

Among one of the main reasons we are warning traders to stay away from Binary Option Club would be because this week alone we have received an alarming number of complaints. Complaints about accuracy only being in the 30 to 50% range on a daily basis along with unauthorized charges being executed by the brokers that are assigned by Binary Option Club. One reminder we can’t mention enough would be to ONLY sign up with regulated brokers. That is why it is only logical to sign up with a proven system that offer regulated brokers.  To learn more about proven and tested systems visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals.

One question that we have directed towards Binary Option Club would be why the “professional traders” Jason Benneke, Sarah McCullough, Michael Jessop, Benny Carlyle, Chase Drexler and Alexa Montreau don’t have a picture? Is this because these entities don’t actually exist or are the scammers behind this system scared that we will find out the truth about the system and expose their images for stock images? If truth be told, this isn’t our first rodeo with exposing scams and we believe this to be a main contributing factor while no profile pictures are made evident.

We mean, let’s be honest, if this was a legit binary options trading corporation you would believe that these so-called professional traders would have profile pictures, actual identities that matched with with an online database and that Binary Option Club would be a certified business. As you can imagine though, none of these are evident with Binary Option Club which is why we urging all Forex and binary option traders to stay clear of this new and deceptive online trading scam!

Review Verdict:  Binary Option Club is a SCAM! 

Blacklisted Website:

Have you been scammed or do you you feel cheated? Reach out to WatchDog for free help and take back what is rightfully yours! To date we have settled over 1,500 online trading disputes and have exposed half a thousand online trading scams. We are urging everyone to avoid Binary Option Club!

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Best 2017 OptionRobot Guide & Strategies: Must Read!!

The is among one of the few legitimate trading software that we have come across for binary options. Many of you who are avid subscribers of ours or have read a good number of our reviews know by now that we have little tolerance for bullshit trading systems that do nothing more than further pollute the industry of binary options. After exposing over 400 scams throughout our time in this industry, it is quite clear the efforts of con-artists display no signs of slowing down or stopping which is why when a great system comes along with a great amount of positive feedback, it is crucial we take advantage of every one of the few legitimate opportunities presented to us.

Here at, we believe in practicality and tangible results which is exactly what the OptionRobot delivers to all investors who properly use their system. If you want a proven way to supplement your income an additional $300 to $5,000 per month while using a trading software then make sure you finish reading this OptionRobot guide. During this informative post we will share some of the most accurate settings that is demographic dependent along with more than enough verified and proven investment results provided from our own subscribers.

Due to the high demand for accurate OptionRobot trading settings, we reached out to many of our subscribers for the past month who were willing to share their trading results and settings. Their trading results, OptionRobot settings and tips will all be shared to you to help you also achieve success with the OptionRobot. So for those of you who haven’t given up on binary options yet and are hungry for a substantial taste of financial freedom then make sure you read carefully, take notes and heed the advice from some our most profitable subscribers.

One of the most distinctive and beneficial features about the OptionRobot software for binary options (which also is the system’s biggest disadvantage) would be the customization options that are made available for their investors. As we learned throughout our OptionRobot Scam Review, there are over 130 customization options with this system that allows traders to exercise their freedom to test out which settings yield the best investment results. As many of you may have learned though that is easier said than done. With this evident truth known, we have decided to narrow down and find out which OptionRobot trading settings generate the best success rates while providing you with the most consistent investment results.

Now, unfortunately there isn’t one “master” setting combination that we know of that generates the best results no matter which investment hours you are able to trade. However, what we have learned would be that different settings during particular stock exchange hours due tend to yield more accurate investment results. So even if you are an inexperienced or veteran online trader, you can effectively and accurately use the OptionRobot as long as you are able to adapt and change your settings. Adapting your OR settings to work with current market conditions and hours of investing will allow you to take more control over the accuracy and effectiveness of the software.

Out of our 10,000+ subscriber base we have received a large amount of feedback from those who invest during the New York trading session. Now, what we noticed was the most common variable from all of the feedback received would be how the Eur/Usd and Usd/Cad were the most successful traded assets. Meaning that other currency pairs like the Usd/Jpy, Eur/Gbp and Eur/Jpy tended to yield less accurate investment results on a cumulative tally.

OptionRobot Feedback

Furthermore, the most commonly utilized OptionRobot trading settings from investors who have only achieved a success rate of 70% or higher would be using a 3 to 5 minute expiration times, a max investment quantity of 1, the Fibonacci method of trading (although classic also generated profitable results, the Fibonacci generated better accuracy) along with the Stoch, MACD and RSI indicators. It has been made known that using these reversal indicators tend to generate better success rates than using trend or volume measuring indicators like the Trend or  William %R.

The London Stock Exchange has proven to be some of the best market hours to use the OptionRobot software. Subscribers have shown us success rates ranging from 72% to 84% on a weekly average while using the following OptionRobot trading settings shared below.

OptionRobot Feedback

Most commonly traded assets would be the Usd/Chf and Gbp/Usd. A max trade of 2 with  classic method of investing and with 5 minute expirations are recommended when using the CCI, William %R and Trend indicators to help investors gauge market momentum and place trend continuing investments. These are the most commonly reported OptionRobot trading settings that have generated the best success across the board. Manual investing is used by most of our reported subscribers because the ability to achieve better entry rates is much more in your control and will greatly dictate you probability of success.

For the Sydney and Tokyo trading session we have received the least amount of feedback because most of our subscribers and viewers are from other nations. However, we have still received a conclusive and supportive amount of feedback and evidence to recommend the following OptionRobot trading settings for those of you who invest during these market hours.

OptionRobot Feedback

Now, depending on the market conditions, you will want determine which of the two settings are best for you to apply. The constant variables during these market hours would be a max trade of 1, manual or automated investing (although manual is much better), a 3 or 5 minute expiration and the classic method of OptionRobot trading. So always keep those settings unless you are applying a strategy to use as a confirmation measure, but otherwise our subscribers recommend using either the RSI and MACD indicators or the Trend, %R and Stoch indicators. If you notice the markets look a bit choppy (volatile) then make sure to use the Trend, William %R or Stoch but if they are smooth you can use the other settings.

Again, we would like to thank our subscribers for providing us with an abundant amount of feedback so that we could share all of your experiences and recommendations for thousands of online traders to benefit from. As we have mentioned numerous times, your feedback is greatly appreciated and always welcomed because not only do you help us out but you are also helping all of your other 10,000+ subscriber family members and other day-traders who first come across our site. So again thank you for all of your hard-work and efforts, this is just another reason why we LOVE to do what we do and all of you!

OptionRobot Feedback

Before we conclude our 2017 OptionRobot strategy guide, we would just like to include a few tips that were shared that we believe could help you out greatly down the road while using this system. Below are 5 OptionRobot trading tips that should be followed by anyone planning or currently using the OptionRobot trading software!

  • Always invest on manual to achieve better entry rates!
  • Don’t invest during major political events or market reports; market conditions become choppy and the software in incapable to accurately read these sort of conditions.
  • Use same functioning indicators with one another, not versus each other. So with the OptionRobot you have a trend indicator, a couple reversal indicators and volume and momentum measuring indicators. An example provided by one of our most successful subscribers would be not to use a trend continuing indicator like the OptionRobot Trend indicator while using the RSI or MACD because those indicators function essentially opposite of one another.
  • We have received countless feedback from our subscribers who are posting results or emailing us results of them posting 10, 20, to even 40+ trades a DAY while using the OptionRobot system. Now, don’t get us wrong. We love seeing our subscribers earn good money with the OptionRobot, but you need to invest smart. Apply a money management strategy and try to limit yourself to 10 or less trades per day.
  • Never use the Martingale method of investing, 60 second expirations (unless you are doing really well or have some strategy to use with it) and don’t chase losing trades by doubling up. Just move on to the next one and the software will do the rest.

The OptionRobot software for binary options is one of the best trading software for binary options. This goes without question after the feedback we have received and how strongly this software is endorsed on a number of reliable binary option review sites. Finding the proper settings to fit with your style of trading is a more difficult task to accomplish though. The settings provided to you above are OptionRobot settings that have generated accurate and consistent results with many of our other subscribers so in theory they should work for you.  Remember, no one investment day is the same so even though some traders accomplished those results does not mean that you will.

For those of you who want to learn more about the OptionRobot, feel free to read our OptionRobot Scam Review.

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Maverick FX Review – Forex Education SCAM?

Today we received an email from one of our subscribers, asking our opinion on Maverick FX. So Bradford, this is for you, and for anyone out there who might be lured into this program after reading the many positive reviews of Maverick FX. The website, owned by Maverick Management, LLC, offers a sort of a career opportunity for Forex traders.

Note: Maverick FX should not be confused with the Forex Maverick scam we’ve previously blacklisted.

Let’s begin by explaining what exactly is this program. Maverick FX offers traders to improve their trading skills via a collection of strategy courses followed by tests and simulators. So you begin by learning how to become a Forex trader. Then, after you prove your trading success, you need to demonstrate that you can really make profits by implementing your trading plan. Finally, you will be trading for the company who runs the program. You will be trading with their money. The money you win is yours to keep, except for 20-30% of your earnings which go to Maverick Management, LLC.

Profit disbursements are made monthly to our traders and traders are encouraged on to “run their trading as a business and, thus, take advantage of all of the benefits of having a business for tax purposes.”

Maverick FX Contact Information

Maverick FX, 1910 East Fort Union Boulevard, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

Maverick FX



Is Maverick FX a SCAM or a legitimate opportunity?

The question is whether the education provided by Maverick FX and the leverage they can offer are worth the steep price of joining the program and the money you will be losing once you start trading. According to the email we received, the program costs $1,895 to join and you need to start by making a $2,000 to your trading account. Also, there’s a monthly payment of $199 for the education. At this point, you may be wondering, and so are we, what you do if you already have a trading account and are not interested or able to open a new one?

There are many positive reviews and it seems that some people are finding their education valuable. However, there are also people who claim that Forex Maverick is somewhat of a scam. “The education is not so great, yet you have to pay a lot for it,” says one reviewer. Indeed, we believe that you don’t have to pay a dime in order to learn. Everything you need to know is available online with no charge and with free groups such as Mike’s Forex Signals Group, you don’t even need to pay for signals and training. All you need in order to get started is an account (with a legitimate, regulated Forex broker), and you could even use a free demo while you’re learning.

Another reviewer described his experience with Maverick FX: “You have to prove yourself on the demo, which is fine, but after you do so, you basically just plop down your own 2 grand, and you trade it the same way you would do if you were trading on your own, in your own retail account outside of Maverick, except that you give away part of your profits to them! You take all the risks, you have to properly manage your risk based off the 2 grand account, they don’t offer additional capital or anything. From the Prop trading perspective it is a scam. If you talk to them about it, they will say they give you “leveraged capital,” which is laughable because when you are trading off a 2K account to start off with, you don’t need additional leverage assuming you are controlling your risk (percentage of your account per trade). Even if you aren’t controlling your risk, you still don’t need them–leverage in Forex is accessible to anyone who can open a retail account.”

So regarding the education – you don’t need Maverick FX. Everything is available online. And regarding the leverage, well, that’s available anyway with most Forex brokers. Also, some traders report that Maverick FX “didn’t contribute any capital like they said they would.” Not clear if they even offer a full refund if you’re not happy. Old reviews indicate that they don’t.

Other reviewers point out that the training itself is rather disorganized and that questions which have not been explained during lessons are asked. We’ve also read complaints about their availability and support outside the formal lessons.

In short, we will not be recommending Maverick FX. However, we cannot say it’s a scam because there are many positive reviews as well so apparently some people do find the education offered on valuable. We will be interested to hear if any of our subscribers and visitors has first hand knowledge with MaverickFX. Do comment below if you can contribute to our knowledge of this offer.

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Is Epix Trader Software a SCAM? Unbiased Scam Review!!

Can you trust the Epix Trader auto trader for binary options and Forex? Before you put your money at risk, we urge you to read our unbiased Epix Trader scam review to learn more about the risks and rewards that can occur by signing up with this new online trading software. Found at and, the Epix Trader is the first dual binary options and Forex investment software we have encountered. Created by a married couple known as Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo who use to be competitive rivals at a Boston college, the backstory with Epix Trader is cunning, but does that mean you can trust them? Read our complete scam review to find out more.

(Note: If you’re in the US, you won’t be able to use the Epix Trader. Return to our binary options services page or to WatchDog’s new Forex signal services page.)

Epix Trader

So why are there two different websites? The website are for traders who are interested in trading binary options while the website are for those investors who would like to use synced Forex brokers. So ultimately it comes down to which style of investing you would prefer the auto trader to invest on your behalf. We have not tried either the binary options or Forex style of investing so whether or not one of these two styles of trading have an advantage over one another is still not clear.

What is clear though and what we learned throughout the almost 17 minute long pitch video would be that there is a large amount of information to filter out. Whether or not all of the information that is provided is legitimate or not we are unsure. What we can do though is try to make sense of the Epix Trader auto trader and help educate our viewers about this software.

So who are Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo? According to the promotional video, this married couple used to be rivals at some college in Boston where they both studied investing and finance. They met during their final doctoral year while specializing in finance and economics and respectively moved on with their lives after graduation. Mark Evans became the CFO of some automated programming trading company while Tina D’Angelo says she worked as a trader at a notable firm on Wall Street. It wasn’t until years later that these two lovebirds ended up rekindling an old flame during a reunion and partook in a seminar known as “The Alchemy of Finance.”

To be honest, that is quite the story and whether or not any truth of it can be verified is beyond us. We can’t compare their names to records at a university or investment firms because no mention of any of these has been made known. What we do know is that Epix Trader auto-trader is highly reviewed on a number of reputable binary option and Forex websites so whether or not the story behind these two individuals is true or not we aren’t entirely sure. We also know after countless hours researching that these two individuals don’t have any gigs or profiles with any cheap online marketplaces that we oftentimes come across where paid actors are hired to present lie after lie to you.

A little further on in the Epix Trader video, we come across the creation of the auto trader. Tina has the knowledge for investing and Mark possessed the knowledge for computer programming. Together after many trial and error sessions the two of them were able to successfully create an automated trading software (known as the Epix Trader) and perfected it to work for both binary options and Forex. Now, on the website the average reported success rate is 80% and higher but whether or not these claims hold true and are verified by a 3rd party organization we are unsure.

We do know however that the functionality of this system is based upon a theory created by George Soros known as the Theory of Reflexivity. Where a saying known as “The trend is your friend till the end,” is incorporated into the framework of the Epix Trader auto trader. So how does this system work? Well, Mark Evans, one of the creators behind this software, says that he always stayed ahead of the curve and so does the Epix Trader software. The algorithms powering the Epix Trader filter for the tell-tale signs of a trend becoming exhausted (indicating that a reversal may occur).

So the algorithms used to power the signals generated with the Epix Trader are supposedly able to filter out good reversal signals while also using a several scalping techniques that were created by George Soros. Whether or not the algorithms are actually programmed to effectively identify, plot and execute investments based upon those principles we are unsure. However, if they are true then we see no reason why the Epix Trader could not generate a success rate of 70% or higher. Now, there are 5 different indicators you can apply by using the Epix Trader and they are as followed: BP Trend Filter, Market Deviation, Price Pattern, Relative Price Impulse and Stat. Price Range.


What we do find interesting would be how Tina D’Angelo claims that during the beta testing phase, the Epix Trader was able to accumulate an account gain of 12,000% which sounds absolutely incredible. However, just like with most of the systems that we come across, no third party verification or documented investment results were ever provided. Which leads us to wonder whether or not there is any truth to those claims or not. What we can verify as true though would be the alleged scalping principles claimed by Mark, where he says that scalping is more of a short-term trading strategy for volatile market trends that yield lower success rates but more volume of trades.

He claims that users can expect to average a success rate of 78% when scalping techniques are being applied with the Epix Trader and between a 80 to 95% when non-scalping trading strategies and algorithms are being executed by the Epix Trader. The scalping technique is supposed to generate between 2 to 3 times more investments with a small sacrifice in winning percentage. Although none of this has been verified, we were unable to find enough “dirt” on the Epix Trader auto trader to classify this software as a scam. The functionality and principles powering this software in theory make logical sense and under duress should perform consistent trading results.

Again, we wish we could have concluded this review with a more definitive answer but we are waiting for more information and feedback to be revealed on the Epix Trader auto trader before we decide to put our reputation on the line and endorse this system. As mentioned earlier the functionality of this system in theory seems legitimate but we are unable to confirm its proposed accuracy even though this software has been highly endorsed by a number of other popular binary option and Forex review sites.

With all this in mind we ask you to take all of what you have learned into consideration and tread lightly and carefully before getting started with the Epix Trader for both binary options or Forex. Although many other popular binary option and Forex review sites are receiving great feedback and have generated reported success rates between 68 to 77%, we don’t like to endorse any software, system or service that we haven’t personally tested out for ourselves. For those of you who have experience or decide to get started with this system, we urge you to please share your feedback below so that thousands of other readers can benefit from your experience.

Review Verdict: Our Epix Trader Review will remain inconclusive until more evidence is received!

Websites in Question: and

Although the fate of the Epix Trader auto trader lies in your hands and with your feedback, we would like to take this opportunity to alert anyone reading this review that if you have been scammed to Contact Watchdog. To date with have helped over 1,400 online traders get their stolen money back all free of charge! Need a way to recoup some of your losses? Check out Watchdog’s Verified Binary Options Service Providers or our new Forex Brokers and Signal Services page to learn which services are performing the best and can help you generate between an extra 3 to 4 figures per month!

Curious To Test Out The Epix Trader Auto Trader?

Epix Trader Signup

Using Epix Trader for binary options is pretty straightforward. Just click on the above link, sign up with the assigned broker and get started. In fact, if you intend on trying Epix Trader, I would strongly recommend that you use the Forex version and I will explain why below. For those of you who prefer to try the Forex version, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Head over to and sign up.
  2. Login to
  3. Download the software (MT4 and the EA file) onto your computer.
  4. Load the EA within the MT4 platform and set it up on a 15 minute chart.
  5. Click on the Auto Trading button to start!

The reason why I’d recommend using the Forex version is very simple. Binary options brokers make their money when traders lose. Therefore, there’s always a risk that the broker will manipulate your results to cause losses, especially if using a non-regulated broker. The Forex version on the other hand can work with any broker because it’s an EA (Expert Adviser) file which you can use with any MT4 Forex broker.

The Forex brokers currently on the list for the Epix Trader include Colmex Pro, Brokers Station, Capital Markets Banc, EuropeTradeFX, FirstCapitalUnion, FM-fx, FXP Markets (FXPM), HBC Broker, iTrader, Umarkets, UFX, StoxMarket, TradeFred, Ava Trade, ClicksFX, Kaya FX, CMTrading, RTC, Trade360 and ForexAds. You have to open an account with one of these brokers. Once you do, you can download the software.

Regardless of which broker you sign up with in order to get the EA, once you have the file you can load it with any FX broker that runs on MT4. We encourage you to only use this auto trader with a legitimate, regulated Forex broker. Trying it in demo mode is suggested as well, especially if you’re new to FX trading.

I was able to get some real Epix Trader results and was amazed. Take a look:

Epix Trader Forex Results

Amazing results! Please share YOUR results in a comment below this Epix Trader review.

For more information about the Epix Trader for Forex, please visit this Epix Trader Review.

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Avoid the bogus Cash365 SCAM!! Honest Review!

The Cash365 software for binary options is a ludicrous get-rich-quick scheme! Every characteristic about is a scam and should be avoided at all costs unless you need to have a good laugh at just how stupid this scam truly is. Directed toward novice binary option traders, the real danger with the Cash365 scam would be the promotional video used to lure you in. The incorporation of paid actors along with stock and stolen images to serve as testimonials is irrefutable evidence that we are dealing with a scam built on lies. If you want to save a minimum of $250, make sure you read this review and we’ll debunk this money-making scheme down to the bones.


The promotional video for Cash365 was one of our biggest wastes of time if truth to be told. It goes without question that all of the testimonials provided are conducted by paid actors who use fake names created by the scam marketers promoting this absurd scam. Many of these paid actors can be hired from cheap online marketplaces like for as little as $5 to lie in front of a camera. James, one of the first people to provide his testimonial, claims that he made over $2 million in under 1 year with the Cash365 auto trader.

Of course no verified 3rd party or transparent trading results are even shown to us so we suppose the scam marketers just expect us to take their word for it. Below the promotional video and the fake stamps used to help build credibility, you will see a “members” section along with a quote from each one on their latest Cash365 results. According to Cash365, Aaron Harper has been a member since December 17th, 2015 and has made over $1 million. Every other member out of the 5 showcased have been members since 2016 and have each averaged investment profits over $3,400 last week alone. Sound a little too good to be true, right?

Cash365 is a SCAM!

So how does the system work? We truly wish we could tell you but throughout the entire 15 minute pitch video, no mention of how the system works is disclosed. If we were to insinuate the Cash365 trading software operates with an algorithm that has been programmed to slowly lose your money throughout a 24 to 72 hour period. Operating with notorious binary option brokers that are unregulated we wouldn’t recommend anyone to consider signing up with this ludicrous trading software.

“Cash 365 is TOTALLY FREE and has NO RISK!” This statement can be found further down at and just goes to show how ill-informing this site truly is. First off, the system is NOT FREE! You will be required to open and fund an account with an unregulated binary options broker which is not only illegal in most demographics but more likely than not will not work out well for you later on. Your personal and financial information will likely be sold off to the highest bidder and that may be after your payment method has endured fraudulent charges. Now, this isn’t a guarantee that this would happen to you but it is a common practice among unregulated brokers which is why we only recommend trading with regulated brokers.

No matter what form of investing that you take on, there is always risk involved. Cash365 is not risk-free nor is any other binary options signal service, trading software or auto trader! There is always risk involved and you can bet you are much more at risk with the Cash365 auto trader. Now, to eradicate all legitimate characteristics of Cash365 from existence. While they claim to have been in operation since 2015, the Cash365 website was only founded on March 9th, 2017! So this system is only just over a month old! Quite amazing how this system has been able to obtain millions of dollars in profits over the past 2 years when it was only founded a little over a month ago!

Review Verdict:  Cash365 is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

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One mental note you should always keep in the back of your mind would be to only invest with regulated brokers that are legal where you reside! If you need help finding a reliable broker make sure to visit our Trusted Brokers Guide to ensure you get started with the most user-friendly and top-rated investment brokers! Feel free to subscribe to our blog for the quickest scam alerts and industry news so you can stay ahead of the curve and constantly in-the-loop! By subscribing you join the most popular and largest binary options and Forex review site, made up of over 10,000 thriving day-traders!

Honest Forex Signals Scam Warning | Avoid Robbie Newton’s Service!

This is a scam warning for all online traders to avoid Honest Forex Signals by Robbie Newton. Operated from, the legitimacy of this Forex signal service is anything but honest. Claiming that traders who enroll in his service will reap the benefits of 30 to 80 pips per day, the Honest Forex Signal service has been significantly underachieving. Nothing about Honest Forex Signals is authentic as claimed on their Forex website and an association with a fraudulent Forex scam broker known as SmartTradeFX raises alarming questions about the honesty of Robbie Newton and Ken Dempsey. Make sure you read this review before you get started with Honest Forex Signals. It may save you a lot of money and heartache down the road!

Honest Forex Signals

If you took the time to conduct a quick Google search concerning Honest Forex Signals by Robbie Newton, you would come across a large amount of controversial reviews. Many negative and positive reviews mostly found at Forex Peace Army. It is impossible to determine which reviews may be fake or positive. There are just so many negative and positive reviews. We are essentially concluding Honest Forex signals to be an unreliable and unproven investment service.

One mystery that we are still trying to unravel would be how all of the investment results are 3rd party verified. It is made quite apparent at that all of these investment results are “verified” and “proven” but what we can’t crack would be how these results are actually verified. Especially since the SmartTradeFX Forex broker has not been in operation for just over a year now. Not to mention that the broker was never regulated so whether the results are actually verifiable is a whole different question in itself. Reviews concerning the legitimacy of SmartTradeFX also don’t seem to be that great. Complaints regarding a refusal to execute withdrawals, theft of funds and the disablement of traders’ investment accounts are among some of the nightmarish feedback we noticed.

Which brings us to question why Honest Forex Signals would put their “honest” reputation at stake by working with a fraudulent Forex broker. If Honest Forex Signals by Robbie Newton was actually legitimate, you would think they would work with a Forex broker that is regulated, still in existence and could actually provide 3rd party verified investment results. Contacting SmartTradeFX to verify the authenticity of is not a possible avenue for us to execute nor would we trust the word of a fraudulent trading broker that stole thousands of dollars from online day-traders.

Another minor discrepancy that we found but we aren’t fully holding against Robbie Newton would be how the Forex Peace Army rating on his website claims to almost have a 5 star rating. Even though they don’t have above a 4.0 rating on any of the threads created at Forex Peace Army, it still makes us wonder why they would claim to have a higher rating than they actually do. So false ratings, a large amount of uncontroversial reviews and association with an extinct Forex scam broker is what we have to judge the fate of Honest Forex Signals.

Avoid HonestForexSignals!

By definition our investigation didn’t yield enough results for us to indisputably classify Honest Forex Signals (HFS) as a Forex trading scam.  What we did find though would be enough evidence for us not to recommend this service to any online trader. Why would you want to put your faith with a service that has a track record with a fraudulent scam broker and an overwhelming amount of negative reviews? We can assure you there are much more reliable and proven systems out there for Forex that won’t put you at risk nearly as much as you would be risking with the Honest Forex Signals service.

Review Verdict:  Honest Forex Signals should be AVOIDED!  Don’t Trust This Service!

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Scams Exposed This Week

HBSwiss Forex Robot

A ridiculous investment scam created by the alleged “Hans Berger” meant to target novice online traders out of their hard-earned money. Directed toward the demographics of people searching for ways to make money online from home, everything about this system is fabricated and deceptive. “Hans Berger” and “Bastian Hermann,” the so-called masterminds behind this system, do not exist. Hans Berger tries to convince you by touching close to home by telling viewers how his family life and marriage was deteriorating drastically due the time he had to invest into creating this scam system. Claiming that his system generated over 15,000 euros profit in one night with a 87% success rate, this is one of the most idiotic scams we have exposed. For some good reading material, feel free to read our complete HBSwiss Scam Review.

Mambo Investments Service is a dangerous binary options trading scam linked with corrupt and unregulated binary option brokers that will do nothing more than steal your money. Created by some fake entity who goes by the name of Paulo, this is one deceptive and malicious investment scam. Claiming to have a success rate of 77% with no 3rd party verified investment results is just plain lunacy. Instead they include a section on what their “clients are saying.” In our Mambo Investments Scam Review, we expose all of the images used as stolen Internet images or stock images. Do yourself a favor and avoid this dangerous online trading scam. If you have been scammed by this service or by any other binary options/Forex service or broker, make sure you Contact Us immediately and we’ll everything in our power to get your money back!

Trending Binary Option News

Due to the affects of the NFP (non-farm payroll) announcement last Friday and with Easter taking place on Sunday, April 16th, the accuracy of many binary option software, signal services and other service providers have greatly been affected. Accuracy loss between 3 to 15% have been noted which is proof enough that all traders should postpone investments during holiday weekdays until more suitable market conditions. Other investors from other investment fields such as Forex has also claimed exceptionally volatile market conditions which have resulted in less than optimal investment results.

Canadian citizens are fighting to lift the ban which would make the investment of binary options legal within Canada. Currently, Canadian citizens are only able to partake in binary options trading by pursuing off-shore broker accounts with the hope they won’t be taken advantage of and having their money stolen. Due to binary option scams targeting a large portion of the Canadian demographics, Canada has been less than friendly towards the binary options industry. This can be well-understood due to how many citizens have become victimized and due to the suicide of at least one man. Nevertheless, the persistence of anti-binary options movements from entities like the IIAC (Investment Industry Association of Canada) request that binary options should be offered legally through only regulated brokers. We will continue to update you as soon as we learn more about this binary options development. Currently, the only binary options broker we would recommend for Canadians is Here’s a HighLow Review by Michael Freeman. HighLow is also the best choice for binary options traders in Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China.

Earlier this week we reviewed an alternative investment broker for Forex and CFDs (contracts-for-difference). In our Review, we revealed that not only is this broker CySEC regulated but operates in full compliance with a dozen regulatory entities. Offering a user-friendly trading platform with high payouts and stop-loss capability, you know the risk and profit potential prior to executing any investments. Quickly becoming known as one of the best online investment brokers, Invest also offers a Free Demo Account which will allow you to become acquainted with their platform prior to fulfilling any obligations. Unlike binary options where you are investing against the broker and other investors, you don’t have to worry about that with this broker since you invest directly with the financial markets. Hands down, this is the safest and most reliable online Forex broker for 2017. However, trading with Invest is limited to EU and UK clients, so if you’re not in Europe or the UK, please visit our new Forex section to learn more about this trading industry.

WatchDog Trading Tip of the Week!

Do your best to avoid Hedging (Fencing Strategies) for binary options. Due to the nature and composition of how binary option contracts function when traders execute investments against one another, it decreases the statistical probability of generating more profits instead of increasing your probability of generating profits. You believe you are applying a risk-reduction trading approach when in reality you are just decreasing your probability of success. If you are looking for risk-reduction measures to pursue in order to become a better investor then make sure not to over-trade and apply proper money management techniques. If you need assistance with this, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll help you out always free of charge.

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Tired of trying to find an accurate and consistent signal service or auto trader? Visit Watchdog’s Tested Service Providers for binary options or our Forex page to learn about the best performing auto traders, signal service and service providers in the binary options and Forex industry. Each of these services and trading software have been vigorously tested and proven to help you supplement your income between 3 to 4 figures per month.

Q: How can I report auto traders, trading software or signal services that I think are scams?

If you believe you have been cheated, know of a potential online trading scam or have been scammed then we urge you to file a complaint and reach out to us for free help in settling your binary option disputes, complaints and other investment matters. To date we have settled over 1,500 online trading disputes and we aren’t taking any free time off so if you feel like you need some assistance don’t hesitate to Contact WatchDog.

Q: What are regulated binary option and Forex brokers?

Regulated investment brokers are licensed brokers that are registered with a regulatory entity pertaining to a certain country or market. Due to the wide report of binary option and Forex scams embodying the shape of unregulated investment brokers, many regulatory agencies and federal authorities have pooled together their resources to put an end to the corruption taking place in binary options, Forex and other investment industries. When you engage in online investing, make sure you only trade with regulated brokers that are legal where you reside. To learn more about the best brokers then make sure to visit Watchdog’s Trusted Brokers and Forex Guide.

Q: Can I really make money with binary options or Forex trading?

Absolutely! We have helped thousands of online traders get started on profitable and effective online trading paths. Make sure you only trade with regulated brokers and invest with trading software and signal services that have been proven to help you generate a substantial and consistent amount of profits. Using proper money management techniques and profitable investment strategies will also contribute to your success when investing with binary options, Forex and CFDs.

Q: What are Binary Options?

Binary options (also known as Digital Options)  is an investment contract for an asset with a fixed price return. Trading online with binary options allows investors to generate profits by correctly predicting the future price movement of your targeted asset. In most cases, this is predicting whether the price of the asset will increase or decrease in value. Sometimes referred as an all-or-nothing proposition, binary option contracts allow traders to know the risk and rewards prior to executing an investment. Binary options are highly liquidated, offer great payouts and when used with regulated brokers can significantly improve your financial situation.

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