OptiExpert Review

The main purpose of the BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com website is to post warnings against new ‘money making scams’ that are associated with binary options and providing free assistance too all traders seeking to retrieve their funds from fraudulent brokers and services via our WatchDog Complaint Center. It’s rarely that we come across a software with proven and well documented results provided by credible sources and this following review is a positive, yet a rare one on the BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com site due to the overwhelming number of scam services in the industry.

OptiExpert.com is an Auto Trading service for binary options and it’s getting a lot of positive attention lately due to its documented success and high ratings that the original French version of the software received before they went internationally with this new website. The Opti Expert was first launched under a different name and targeted mainly for French-speaking/reading clients only as the original website and software are in French. After seeing a lot of success and client retention in the French market, and growing into a full-scale company, the next obvious move was to gain international exposure by creating an English version for the software!


OptiExpert.com VS Auto Trading SCAMS!

1) OptiExpert.com is not advertised on the same online marketers network that all the other scams are working with which many of you might be familiar with such as Binary Matrix Pro, German Robot, Insured Profits, Daily Binary Profits. These services are often partnered with unregulated brokers and aggressively promote their products via email campaigns and a large network of affiliateswho can care less if they are promoting junk to the public as long as they earn a commission. After reviewing many auto traders belonging to the same network, it’s now more obvious than ever that none of these services can generate a profitable ITM rate. The warnings on some of the popular fake Auto Traders we posted, received endless of negative comments by traders who fell for this network of scammers which reaffirmed our conclusion and helped us deter potential victims from signing up with these, well-marketed but FAKE offers!

OptiExpert.com is not associated with the popular Binary Matrix Pro affiliate network of scams. Logically when a service is a great success, a large network of affiliates is not really needed, since the product/service has real value which enables it to stay profitable by retaining traders and getting a lot of ‘word to mouth’ business, which goes to show you that OptiExpert.com is different in all levels in comparison to the Auto Traders that disappointed so many of us.

2) In reference to regulations again, while most of the scam Auto Traders can care less which broker they refer their clients too, regulated or not, scam or not, the OptiExpert is working exclusively with EU regulated brokers and right now they are closely partnered with Interactiveoption.com which is a BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com approved broker! Remember that %90 of the binary options brokers are not regulated and even if an Auto Trader or any type of service might seem appealing to you, you must verify that the broker they connect you with is reliable and regulated!

3) On first look, you can tell that the OptiExpert.com was not created in the same format as most of the ‘pitch page scam services’ and in fact, the video introduction is very informative and you won’t be seeing any pictures of Ferraris or Yachts and you will not see any false advertising claims of %100 success rate %0 fail rate as advertised on the site in order to mislead traders such as on the Legal Insider Bot scam page which is a complete joke yet many traders fell for it. The OptiExpert.com is simple and to the point, no pushy tactics such as not letting you out of the page, or showing you a fake count down before the offer expires! Urging you to sign up before they run out of spots!! The offer is presented ethically and none of the common red flags can be seen on their offer page, it’s professional and to the point!


OptiExpert Trading Parameters and Features

  • No need to access your trading account, the broker account is completely synced with the Auto Trader.
  • Full Auto Pilot / Manual Trading Option, allowing you to take part in deciding which signals to trade.
  • Setting Trade Amount, no limitation and in accordance to the broker’s min/max trade amount.
  • Users can navigate to select > Auto Trading > choose the number of daily trades you’re willing to accept.
  • Users can limit the trade amount based on percentage of capital, for example %8 of the capital per trade.
  • Deactivate and reactivate the software at anytime.

To conclude, we are very happy to finally be in the position to confidently review a reliable binary options Auto Trader. Finding a reliable signals or software provider with a consistent, profitable ITM is challenging and similar to “finding a needle in a haystack.”

Try the OptiExperts.com for 60 days FREE!

and if you like the software, you can purchase it for a One Time €65/License Fee, no monthly fees or additional charges. The OptiExpert is a true opportunity for those of you who are seeking a reliable auto trader and cannot trade with an Email/SMS signals service due to time constraints or lack of professional day trading and technical analysis experience.

Please share your feedback, comments and questions relating to the OptiExpert.com and make sure to check out other WatchDog signals services by visiting the WatchDog approved Binary Options Signals Page on the BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com

Legal Insider Bot Warning!

BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com is receiving many inquiries via our WatchDog Complaint Center regarding a new auto trading robot, the Legal Insider Bot. Besides one comment on our WatchDog Scams Page posted by a trader who claims the Legal Insider Bot is a scam, we’ve yet to receive any elaborate feedback from enough software users. It didn’t take long before we decided to evaluate the website Legalinsiderbot.com, the journey started with an amusing video by a guy named “Greg Marks”, who claims that unlike other scams, the newly designed Trading Robot is more accurate than all the rest of binary options signals, software and everything that’s being currently offered in the market with a %100 In The Money Rate?!

The concerning facts which led us to assume that the Legal Insider Bot is a scam were astounding and with countless red flags it’s evident that this robot is not worth the time and money. The issue is not necessarily with the brokers they are promoting in the process of selling garbage to online traders, the main issue is with the fake claims and deceptive Insider Bot offer and below are some of the red flags we found after a brief evaluation.


Legal Insider Bot RED FLAGS!!!

1) They claim to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau yet they don’t point you to a BBB listing and a search for companies associated with the LegalInsiderBot.com on the BBB website, yielded no results.

2) Quote “The Insider Bot which is insured for up to $500,000 against any losses! Provided Free of charge for everyone!” It turns out that no such insurance exists and anyway, what on earth do they mean by “Insured Trades”?? no such concept even exists.

3) The claim to produce a %100 winning ITM rate! The problem is that statistically it’s impossible and was never accomplished by any investor, software, signals service at any point in history. It’s purely impossible! The questions we have for Greg Marks is “Why lie?”. The point is that even if the software/service performance yields a %70+ ITM rate, traders can still generate massive profits and going as far as claiming to generate a %100 ITM rate is very misleading.


The LegalInsiderBot.com is literally giving us no other choice but to assume the deal is either fake or extremely misleading and in both cases, a remarkably entertaining, time-wasting activity suitable for binary options traders, must be 18+ to join.

BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com Conclusion

Binary options trading is not a piece of cake so don’t expect to generate %100 ITM rate, it’s possible to reach a very high ITM rate with the right software, strategy or trading network but you’re definitely not going to achieve this goal by signing up with a fake robot.

BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com is here to post honest, real reviews and if there’s any reason for you to believe that this assessment is not accurate we will be glad to hear you out in the comment section below this video. If you already signed up with the Legal Insider Bot and have any type of feedback to share, feel free to post your comments below and help other traders assess the true value and potential of the Legal Insider Bot.

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Hercules Profit Pro SCAM

Now that Insured Profits Fraud is out of the picture, there is a new ‘get rich scheme’ promoted via friend invites and ironically from a marketing observation it’s clear that there’s an obvious desire to portray an image of exclusivity and importance since the “friends only” approach contradicts the Hercules Profit Pro massive email campaigning and promotions in the last weeks. Let’s cut straight to the point, the Hercules Profit Pro is a scam and a second generator of the ‘get rich scheme’, known as the 60K In 60 Seconds, which was previously launched a few months ago and advertised heavily, implementing similar ‘false advertising’ tactics.

The original software,the 60K In 60 Seconds is beyond any reasonable doubt, a proven scam as documented on many FX and Binary Options forums. To further crash their false image, in addition to all the documented testimonials and forum discussions, they also received over 40 complaints which were filed via the WD Complaints Center on the BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com

Due to a recent tip by one of our subscribers, we found that Hercules Profit Pro is solicited mainly using the 60K In 60 Seconds subscribers mailing list, which means that there’s an estimated 10,000+ of emails being sent out and possibly more, by affiliates of the Hercules Profit Pro, actively promoting this offer in multiple advertising channels including fake YouTube testimonials.

If you compare the design and website structure, you will find many resembling factors. BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com finds many good reasons to believe that the Hercules Profit Pro is another fake software launched by the creators of the 60kin60seconds.com website and if anyone thinks differently we would love to explore different opinions in an unbiased debate below the post.



Please Share Your Feedback below on your experience with Hercules Profit Pro!

Here is a ridiculous herculesprofitpro.com quote by “Charles Brocklehurst“,the alleged creator of the Hercules Profit software, check it out:

“you’ve been probably invited via email by a good friend of mine. My friend is worried about your financial situation and has asked me to help you make money”

How sleazy can it get? Which friend is he referring to? The unknown solicitor constantly bombarding my inbox with offers to join herculesprofitpro.com and other similar junk. Perhaps this is the “friend”.. Charles is referring to?! Go figure!

…and for god sake, who is Charles Brocklehurst?! (the alleged creator of Hercules Profit Pro)

Charles Brocklehurst

This dude by the name of Charles Brocklehurst in the picture died on 27 June 2013. RIP whoever you are..

The only three Charles Brocklehurst I managed to find via Google search: The dead guy, an Urban Designer and an MD at the Royal College of Physicians. None of the above matched the “Charles Brocklehurst” we were hoping to find.

The conclusion is that Hercules Profit Pro is a SCAM!

In previous months the BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com reviewed many different scams and helped traders save literally tens of thousands of dollars by helping with disputes, posting warnings and advising traders on how to recover lost funds after contracting with scams. At times our website is discouraging but a reality check is better than a missing check. BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com is dedicated to expose scammers and help our fellow day traders! If you are a victim of any type of online trading fraud, you can contact us directly at the WD Complaints Center

Visit the BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com Recommended Brokers and Recommended Signals an Software for binary options!

Please share your experience or feedback on Hercules PRofit Pro, to remind you the domain is herculesprofitpro.com. Your comments can help save other traders from falling victim! Do the right thing and share your experience with us!


Insured Profits SCAM goes viral!

How come all the worst ‘virtual junk’ gets viral on the internet? Insured Profits is the most recent joke orchestrated by the same folks who are behind Binary Matrix Pro and BinaryVerify.om which they created in order to provide a 3rd party fake verification site to legitimize their franchised scams. In the last weeks, the BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com received endless complaints concerning InsuredProfits.com via our Watchog complaint Center , on a side note, WatchDog helps 100′s traders win back thousands of dollars via credit card disputes against fraud brokers and signals providers and we offer this assistance absolutely free to all WatchDog blog subscribers! We are here to help and provide our subscribers with unbiased binary options reviews and warnings so if you are new to this website, don’t forget to subscribe!

Insured Profits is not getting the best publicity on different forums and based on YouTube testimonials. Just like any scam website, you will find endless promotional reviews and fake testimonials but if you’re careful enough and look deeper when performing a Google search, chances are you will get closer to the truth. In the Binary Options and FX industry you can make a lot of money but you can easily fall victim to fraudulent offers. Don’t fall victim to the get rich schemes, if you are interested in a reliable signals service or a trading room, search for honest reviews and once you narrow it down to a few services, keep your eyes open for any signs of deception in the way the product or service is presented. Ask yourself: Is the service constantly bombarding me with email promotions? Is the service promising unrealistic results? Is the service promising millions of dollars?


Knowing that the internet is full of amazing opportunities to make money and with the ‘internet gold rush’ phenomenon, many rational people fall into a “wishful thinking” mindset and ignore all the warning signs in the process. www.insuredprofits.com looks and feels professional which is why many people decide to give it a try. However, actions speak louder than words.. and no matter how professional and convincing the actor appears to be in the video, for all you know he can be a great sales person promoting junk.. which is exactly what you’re witnessing in this case. Ironically there are similar websites that are actually performing well and resemble Insured Profits but in this case, there’s no real value behind this beautifully marketed website.

BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com is here to serve the online trading community and our existence and relevance is determined by you, the visitors and subscribers. If you have an experience or an opinion relating to Insured Profits, please share with us by commenting below this post. Any feedback is valuable and since this is one of the most viral binary options offers right now, this feedback is important in order to inform and deter other traders from falling victims to the Insured Profit Scam.

WatchDog Advice – Register with a fully EU regulated & licensed broker! Don’t take the risk when it comes to your money! Instead of signing up with a non-regulated broker for the purpose of receiving a free application, you can register a trading account independently with a reliable broker and spend some time practicing strategies and improving your trading skills. If you are seeking additional guidance and signals services with prove results, checkout the WatchDog Recommended Signals Providers and ride the trends with true professionals!

The Covert Society SCAM – What kind of a joke is this?!

The first impression I got from The Covert Society can be summed up in one word ‘Unbelievable’.. in a bad way. Just when The Millionaire Society finally disappeared from the mainstream, a new scam ‘society’ fake app is being hustled all over the internet to ‘less informed traders’ who are looking for an easy way to generate money with binary options. Thecovertsociety.co seems to be very popular right now and pushed via email campaigns which is why a lot of you guys are probably receiving email invitation to try this new application. If you are tired of all the email offers you can always unsubscribe from their mailing list, many times they share your email with other marketers and spam your inbox.

The Covert Society is definitely a SCAM, but some of you might ask, why? I suggest you first ask yourself if you find it logical that a stranger would be willing to give you and many others $12,000 just to try a software? If it seems logical to you, then you should look up the term “logic” on Wikipedia and study it carefully.. In fact, here is a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logic


There’s nothing free in life unless there’s an obvious win-win situation. In some cases, the software/service is willing to provide you with a free trial in exchange for a broker registration. This is a clear example of a win win situation, you get a free trial and the service gets a referral fee from the broker you decided to signup with. It makes sense for many traders who are interested to register a new account and are curious to test a signals service or a software. Unfortunately in many cases, such as with The Covert Society, you are getting a bogus application that will not yield a winning performance. Based on multiple complaints by WatchDog subscribers, we decide to post this warning against The Covert Society.

We suspect that this $12,000 gift is used to extract emails from website visitors, notice the email squeeze pop-up when you watch the video appearing several times. Due to our curious nature, we decided to give them an email and see what happens. Hours after we submitted an email on The Covert Society they started sending us all kinds of offers but we never received the $12,000 for watching the video or for submitting an email. What a “disappointment”!

Don’t let the cheap psychology and sleazy marketing tactics convince you to signup with The Covert Society. If you have a personal experience with The Covert Society please share it below, your comments are very important to us.

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Tokyo Bot Review – Avoid this new SCAM!

Here is another fake binary options software – The Tokyo Bot by Hiro Katsumi, an Americanized Japanese trader who found a “day trading enlightenment” at the Tokyo Exchange after realizing that Westerners are just too impulsive and emotional when it comes to day trading. After finding true peace at the Tokyo Exchange, Hiro Katsumi mastered binary options and apparently decided to create the Tokyo Bot Scam. If it sounds like complete garbage, it probably is! Don’t be mistaken, the Tokyo Bot is definitely a scam and it kind of reminds us of the Ex German Banker Robot.

The sad reality is that %90 of the Forex and Binary Options can be categorized under the definition of ‘get rich schemes’ and it leaves a very bad taste for traders who are looking for a reliable software or mentoring and fall victim in the process.

Based on the feedback from BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com subscribers we found that Tokyo Bot is a SCAM! While they promise traders $1000′s in monthly profits, in reality the software delivers less than %50 ITM which is not sufficient in order to generate profit with binary options.

Based on feedback we found that Auto Binary Signals (ABS) staff and promoters are involved with the promotion of TokyoBot.com It appears that the two services are owned by the same people, unless ABS is selling your email addresses to other promoters. It would probably be best to avoid any offers by ABS or Tokyo Bot.


Based on a Google search we found many fake promotions for the Tokyo Bot such as the promotional review on Roy Tribble’s website which presents himself as a “man of god”. Ironically he is promoting all the biggest scams in the industry: Binary Matrix Pro, Auto Binary Signals and the Tokyo Bot. Here is a funny quote we found on his profile “Roy Tribble is a Christian man of faith dedicated to exposing frauds, fakes and liars who pervert the truth and prey on the weak and vulnerable. Mr. Tribble runs the very popular ScamWatchdog website as hobby, and as a way to help the public find out which work from home products are effective and which ones are scams.”

BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com has no reason to believe that the Tokyo Bot is nothing but a typical scam. In the case you decided to give it a try please share your feedback below this post. Remember that if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. If you are looking for a reliable trading buddy/service/software visit the WatchDog recommended signals for binary options.

The 100K Club is Definitely a SCAM!

I find it troubling that even on the Warrior Forum, one of the largest forums on the internet, The 100K Club ( The100kclub.co ) is being aggressively promoted. For unsuspecting newbies who are in a search for an automated trading system for binary options the offer might seem ideal. After all, can anyone honestly refuse a $100K every month? Unfortunately the 100K Club is a scam just like other similar scam sites: Binary Matrix Pro, The Wealthy Trader and The 1 Percent Club. Based on endless testimonials we found that all the above sites are scams! If you compare these websites side by side you will notice many similarities and deceptive practices aimed to mislead traders into believing that they just landed on the “one and only” opportunity to get rich. In fact, about %90 of the signals services and software for Forex and Binary Options are worthless virtual junk! It seems like a lot of these services are getting away with blatant false advertising promising traders hundreds of thousands of dollars and delivering zero results!


Take this post as a warning!! Do not trade with The 100K Club and here is why:

1) Due to the high number of complaints filed with BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com is became necessary to warn newbie traders and deter them from wasting time and money! Based on real testimonials we found that The 100K Club generates a %40-%50 ITM which is below the necessary break-even ITM required in order to take profit with binary options.

2) Extreme False Advertising: Claiming that traders are making over a $100,000/month while in reality they’re lucky if they don’t lose the entire deposit within a few hours or days..this is a clear case of ‘False Advertising!’ It turns out that posting a risk disclaimer gives scammers a false impression that they can go around and “legally” lie in order to get more business!

3) Deposit Trap: As a newbie trader you want to stay away from bonus offers. The 100K Club is offering %100 matching bonus when you deposit with one of their brokers, however they don’t tell you about the risks involved with taking a bonus. In most cases the bonus restricts your ability to withdraw money from your account until you’re able to reach a wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is also referred to as ‘trade volume’ that a trader must generate before qualifying for a withdrawal. The best way to avoid problems with future withdrawals is to avoid these offers from the brokers and signals providers.

The 100K Club is a scam! You can find a lot of information on similar scams on the BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com blog so make sure to subscribe. If you have your own experience with 100KClub.co or with similar products please share it below the post! If you are interested in quality signals be sure to visit WatchDog recommended signals for binary options!

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