Mirror Trader is a SCAM!! Review based on Facts!

The concept may be appealing to some, but the Mirror Trader is nothing but a SCAM. Read this review and we can guarantee that you will think twice about the lied you’ve been told by the unknown John Harrison, alleged CEO of this bogus software. This is an entirely new system that is currently being promoted by shady email spammers for the most part. Sadly we are already receiving complaints by members who lost money, therefore we highly recommend that you read our full Mirror Trader Review before entering your details on the Mirror-Trader.co website, as sadly results are not living up to the amounts promised in the presentation.

First of all let’s start off by proving that making $14k per day, or just under a million dollars per month with the exact same Mirror Trader software used by John is nothing but a lie. The Mirror-trader.co website was only officially registered on the 26th June 2016, making it a full 2 days old. Secondly John is claiming that his auto trader works with super-fast data servers between the markets and his system, and that mere milliseconds could determine whether you win or lose the trade. The idea is that any trades placed in John’s Mirror Trader scam master account, gets duplicated into your account, and this is not affected by the internet. Well this is where we call his bluff, it is up to each trader to switch on their own copy of the software and set the settings accordingly, if your internet connection is particularly slow, it will take time to send and receive data to the auto trader, allowing for more than milliseconds to get the trade wrong.

“John Harrison” is the same actor from the Push Money App we previously exposed!


John Harrison explains the Mirror Trader Scam working by basically mirroring whatever trade he places in his “master” account gets reflected in your “slave” account. This is all done by his supper advanced high tech network connections. That might all sound very couture actually if it wasn’t for John who actually talked himself out of this auto trader actually working. The story goes that he used to own his own company providing Computer Networks to big Banks and traders on Wall Street. It is at this point whilst analyzing their trades he realized that should the connection have been faster the profits would have been bigger. He then set out to improve his current OC3 optical carrier that he was supplying to his clients to a cutting edge OC192, basically upgrading from a crop duster to a F22 Raptor in his words. Whilst all of this might sound like it is basically all over the place, and you are unsure as to what you understand about the Mirror Trader software, or what is just too confusing to make any sense. This is where we step in, during this review we will be going over all of the above and set out why this is a scam, and why Mr Harrison actually has no idea what he is going himself.

Regrettably nothing is counting toward John in our review of his Mirror Trader Scam. If you listen carefully to the whole of the presentation regarding the auto trader, there is actually no surprise that none of it makes any sense. The way Mr. Harrison explains it has absolutely nothing to do with binary options trading at all. He is referring a lot to timing is crucial and closing trades on the exact point where it will profit the most. This to us sounds like he is pitching a Forex system, as there is no such thing as closing the trade at the most profitable point. In binary options you have to preselect your expiry time, and once this has been set there is no getting out, without selling your position at the loss of a few dollars.

Our thoughts are that whoever behind the Mirror Trader scam has purposely written the script in such a way to confuse potential traders in thinking they know what they are talking about, when all they actually did is just throw a few big words and explanations around. Here is one example that you are dealing with a scammer and noting more. When you scroll down to the so called traders that have already registered and profited with the Mirror Trader software, have a look at the gentleman by the name of Patrik Holub, notice this guy? Chances are most of you will notice him as the famous Tony Robinson, and we can guarantee you that he most certainly is not associated with some lame binary options auto traders claiming to make people millionaires in as little as three months. He is not the only one, you might also recognize some of the faces from other scam reviews we did not too long ago such as Insured Outcome and Profit Maker. The reasons mentioned above is exactly why it is important to know all the details regarding the particular system you are looking at before registering with your details.

Review Verdict: Mirror Trader is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – Mirror-Trader.co

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We can only hope that after looking into the facts presented in this review, you will think twice before wasting time and money with a worthless money stealing machine. If you’ve been victimized by an unlicensed brokers, corrupt signals providers or any company associated with online trading, feel free to email us directly at BinaryoptionsWatchdog@gmail.com, and we’ll gladly guide you free of charge. Our goal is to put scams such as Mirror Trader out of business, but we also work hard to evaluate reliable trading solutions.


Those who are interested to trade binary options safely, are encourage to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for a complete list of reliable services. We rely heavily on user feedback but we also test each software we endorse after proven consistency. CopyBuffett.com is currently our number one top Automated System for binary options in 2016! The software is widely endorsed with an overwhelming number of positive reviews and user feedback on online trading forums. Visit our Copy Buffett Review for more information on the winning software.

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The Quantum Code is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

Read this very important review regarding the Quantum Code SCAM, before you throw your money away! We are expecting this system to go viral due the amount of enquiries we have already received, and to make matter worse it has not yet been released to our knowledge. Michael Crawford claims to be some or other very well-known multi-millionaire that goes by one of the nicknames of “nicest rich guy in the world”. During our Quantum code software review we will be looking at how exactly this auto trader is supposed to work, and most importantly who the true face is behind the name.

Once you get over the very annoying pop-up that almost screams at you every time you move your cursor whilst you are on the TheQuantumCode.net website, you can start to piece the pieces together from everything you have seen and heard. Michael introduces himself as a supposed well known person from financial magazines and the Forbes website. He also claims to have a few nicknames, from which we have mentioned one already. Now he is claiming to be giving the Quantum Code scam away to 20 people who are looking become millionaires within a month. Disturbing facts in this review are a few sentences away, continue and you’ll understand.


The Quantum Code software is said to work by analyzing the market and scraping other people’s trades and beats them by buying or selling before them, leveraging the advantage of making the required calculations faster than them. Basically what this all comes down to is that the Quantum Code scam is a copy system that places trades based on other traders predictions. Truth be told, this is just some lame excuse to fool you into thinking that this is an actual trusting system. There are two very curtail issues with this explanation of how the auto trader operates, and they are , 1) For a system to copy another traders trades, would require that trader to actually place a trade in order to either beat them or get the exact same strike rate. 2) How can it be guaranteed that whoever it is that they are copying actually knows what they are doing? For example, if the system is just following any random person placing trades, and they are placing a losing trade, then the sure the Quantum Code auto trader would be placing a losing trade as well. Not at any time during presentation did they mention who or what they are actually analyzing and following, meaning your guess is as good as ours.

Let’s have a look at the few other claims made by Michael regarding himself and the Quantum Code Scam, and why exactly we are calling this auto trader a scam and nothing more than that. As previous mentioned Michael claimed to be some or other well-known person. We had a little look on the Forbes website he claims to be featured in, and the only thing we could find was a an article by Michael B. Crawford, and editor at the New York Times, which is obviously not the same person, because the Michael we are being shown clearly does not work. Additionally there is not mention of him in any financial magazines whatsoever, we were unable to find anything written and posted by him at all. This is not even to mention the so called Quantum Code Software Company he claims exists with the building address where the filming is taking place. We were unable to find any registration number for any company by that name, and nor were we able to find a building registered to that company. Making all of this one massive lie and again proving to us that this yet another scam.

We can’t seem to recognize you Michael Crawford, we have a feeling you’re a lousy actor…


If that is not enough to prove to you that the Quantum Code scam is nothing but a bogus system being advertised as a trusted trading system, here are a few more things to make you think twice. When you have a look at the widget in the bottom right corner on TheQuantumCode.net fraud site, notice how it counts down to one, and then jumps up again to a higher number. Surely if this was trusted those spots would have actually gone, and there wouldn’t be extra spots that miraculously appear again. Note how Michael mentions that there is no investment of any sort needed to start trading with the Quantum Code System aka Software, wrong again….In order to activate the auto trader requires a $250 minimum deposit, and to some that is not considered as a “no investment”. Thirdly he also claims that you will be making between $10k to $100k per day using the system, and for those of you who have been trading binary options even for a couple of weeks will know that is completely and utterly unrealistic. Even if you invested your whole account balance starting from $250 into each trade, you will still not even get close to the $10k per day. Good luck trying though, if you feel brave enough to give it a go. If this Quantum Code Review is not enough, use your common sense.

When you are considering to register with a system such as the Quantum Code Scam, you have to take one thing into account, and that is that 95% of the systems that get released are a scam and cannot be trusted as we expose review after another review. It is therefore in your own interest to ensure you do your research and know exactly what you are registering for. In the event that you come across a system and are unsure as to whether it can be trusted or not, you are most welcome to send us a quick email, and we will assess the system for you.

Review Verdict: Quantum Code is a SCAM!

Blacklist website – TheQuantumCode.net

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At BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com we don’t just post warnings and reviews, our goal is also to help those who’ve been victimized by the money making schemes and false promises advertised by shady email marketers and fancy producers. For help with complaints and disputes against TheQuantumCode.net and other scams, contact us at BinaryoptionsWatchdog@gmail.com and we’ll assist you at no charge. For safe alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for Binary Options and Forex.


Research is always the key! After months of testing and the simple fact that CopyBuffett.com is widely endorsed all over the Internet on online trading forums, we came to a conclusion that it’s our Top Pick and Most Accurate Trading System in 2016! We highly recommend that you visit our Copy Buffett Review for more information. It’s built on a realistic concept and a fair business model, it’s not free forever like most of the scams that you’ve seen and most of all, the ITM performance is stable and high enough to generate a consistent win rate.

Safe Guard Trader is a SCAM!! Honest Review!

This important review is concerning the newly released Safe Guard Trader SCAM, we gathered concerning facts we encourage you to read before you waste time and money. Once you have seen the presentation done by David Hefner on the SafeGuardTrader.co website, you will most probably be thinking, like we are now, why is the Safe Guard Trader software still up and available for registration. It is with the utmost importance that you read our full and unbiased Safe Guard Trader Review as chances are, believe it or not, that you have been scammed by the same scam before.

David Hefner the so called CEO and Founder of SafeGuardTrader.co is offering you the opportunity to make no less than $33k per day trading with this system. The auto trader is only available to 10 people looking to be millionaires by the end of the month. First of all, Mr Hefner is not the owner, CEO or whatever he would like to call himself. He is the presenter of this scam, and another scam that we exposed not too long ago called GPS Trader, note how his name in GPS Trader is Richard Hefner. We therefore have no doubt that we are dealing with the same scammer and marketers behind the Safe Guard Trader scam. Visit our GPS Trader Review, for more information about the twin fraud site.


Another point that will prove to you that the Safe Guard Trader Software is nothing but a scam, is the fact that they are only offering this system to ten people looking to register. To our knowledge the auto trader has now been on the market for about 3 days, and we have already received about 13 complaints from traders who have lost their deposits, yet the system is still up and running and being offered to more victims who are unaware that this is a scam.

David also offers anyone who registers with the SafeGuardTrader.co Scam, the chance of withdrawing their funds today, and it will be in their account by tomorrow at the latest. Apparently this is possible due to his EHPT (Express High Value Transfer) system. Allegedly every trader that earns their $33k a day can have it cleared in their accounts tomorrow. Before you even come as close to believing the story behind how transfers work ect, be sure to double check this with your broker, as no doubt they will first of all have no idea what you are talking about, and secondly their terms and conditions will clearly state that transfers can take up 10 working days to be cleared in your bank account.

Another clear fact that secured the proper title for the Safe Guard Trader Software to be labelled as a clear fraud, is obviously since it was created and put together by the same people behind GPS Trader which again proves that both these systems are bogus. Have a look at the screenshot where David Hefner kindly shows you his bank account, showing that he has a hundred and fifty two million dollars in the account. When you have a little look to the left of his account note that his name is not David, but actually Richard. Which means that this is the same screenshot used in both scam systems. It not the only mistake they have made with regards to the name and the Safe Guard Trader Scam. When you continue to watch the video and take note on the part where he shows you his trading account, again miraculously his he had a name change to Richard. O yea, and this not even to mention the fact that he shows you twice what the current balance is in his bank account, but notice how there is a discrepancy of over $200k.

We can go into how the Safe Guard Trader Software is supposed to work, but there is no point, since it doesn’t and everything you heard during the presentation on the SafeGuardTrader.co website is nothing more than a lie and a sales tactic to get you to register with their fraudulent system. The fact that we have already received more complaints than the spaces available on their site is one big reason for us to not trust this auto trader, and to make matters worse, the complaints are still pilling in even as we are trying this review.

Systems such as Safe Guard Trader Software and GPS Trader come around again and again, this is why it with the utmost importance that you stay vigilant and know who or what you are dealing with. Additionally if something looks really good and you are unsure if the auto trader is trusted or not, you are most welcome to get in touch for us to check out. We have been dealing with a lot of scam systems in our years of trying and testing auto traders, yet we are still surprised by the systems that get released to steal people’s money. If you are new to binary options trading all we can advise at this time is that you ensure you do your research and ask questions if you are unsure, it is better to be safe than sorry, and lose your money to the wrong system. We can only hope that this review and other honest reviews will change your mind!

Review Verdict: Safe Guard Trader is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – SafeGuardTrader.co

This and other similar scams are usually promoted by email marketers.

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For guidance with complaints and disputes related to any of the above sites we reviewed, including the SafeGuardTrader.co software, feel free to email us directly at BinaryoptionsWatchdog@gmail.com and we’ll gladly assist you free of charge. Those who are interested to trade binary options with a safe alternative should always remember that research is highly important before you invest with any broker or trading software. Visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options, for a list of our top performing binary options trading systems. We rely on testing and user feedback, and we included a review for every service we endorse, which can be found on Watchdog’s signals page.

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Visit Watchdog’s Copy Buffett Review for more information.

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Crunch Tech Review; 100% SCAM Free Software!

Is Crunch Tech a SCAM?? We deal with scam release after scam release so you can imagine our surprise when we were approached by Crunch Technologies offering us the chance to try and test their Crunch Tech software about a month before its official release to the public. Since the Crunch Tech Auto Trader was not available to the public or even listed we saw no harm in trying the software and giving our true and honest feedback, which is all Rick Paulson and David Avery were after really. Therefore we have to encourage you that you read our full Crunch Tech review before depositing on the Crunch-tech.co website, to ensure you have all the details you need to have a successful trading experience.

Rick Paulson CEO and Co-Founder of Crunch Tech Software who has a keen interest in weather used to work for Planet IQ, where he and a few others of his colleges worked on upgrading all their systems and creating the largest commercial data supplier called Pixus which is the only GPS row censor powerful enough to provide ten times the data available from other ordinary censors in orbit. David Avery, who is also the CEO and Co-Founder of the Crunch Tech Auto Trader, is a Stanford computer programming wizard. He has extensive financial background due to working in Futures, Options, and Algorithmic trading. His particular expertise lied in Algo-trading solutions for the mid-west.


Now that you know who the two people are behind the Crunch Tech Software, let’s move unto the why create the Crunch Tech auto trader? David mentioned to Rick that it is virtually impossible to keep up with all the data and systems being released in the Algo-trading industry, and together they thought, instead of trying to beat the system, why not join them and add a new dimension to this type of trading. Their aim was not to create something to become rich, but a system that would benefit your everyday ordinary person, whilst helping the environment as much as possible. This is where their Captain Crunch Theory was created, implemented, and now available to traders interested to trade binary options successfully.

The Crunch Tech software is presented as being able to generate profits of more or less $89 per hour and between $400 to $1000 per day. This of course also depends on the amount of capital you invest into your broker account. The overall win ratio of the Fully-Automated System is said to be 85%, meaning if the system took 10 trades, you would win more or less 8 or 9 trades. Crunch Tech software is currently available for a 90 day trial period after which you will be expected to pay a licence fee of $790 per month should you wish to continue trading with the system, which in our opinion regarding our results you most definitely would be.

One thing that we find very positive whilst taking notes for our review and taking our own experience into account, is that the profits expected from the Crunch Tech software is realistic and totally achievable. Note how they mention that you will not be winning each trade or become rich overnight, is because this is what true auto binary trading is like. Our own results with the Auto web-based App reflects their claims. During our month of trading we were able to generate about $83 per hour, most days we traded for about 6 hours and some 8 which saw us bringing in profits of between $500 and $650 per day. As you can see we are not expecting to become millionaires anytime soon, but it is more than enough to be able to afford the $790 licencing fee after our 90 day trial period, as well as continue trading profitably which is what is most important.

Another thing we would like to point out in our Crunch Tech Review which is something to take note off going forward. Notice how Rick and Daniel approached us about this software thirty days before releasing it to the public in order to get true and trusted testimonials from people who actually trade and are not swayed by fancy scam productions or claims made during presentations. They have no testimonials anywhere on the crunch-tech.net website because they are fully relying on word of mouth. Now we are not saying that all testimonials on other binary options Auto Traders are false and fake, we are purely saying this as a learning point for what to look at when you are looking for a trusted binary options signal service.

Truth be told, technology is progressing at a staggering rate, which can be seen on a day to day basis in the trading industry, it is no surprise that we are dealing today with not one but two auto traders such as Crunch Tech software that have taken it further and decided to use your everyday occurrences in the world’s climate to make a success out of the economy. We have no doubt that systems such as these will be becoming more and more readily available in the binary options market as Crunch Tech is definitely here to set a new strong trend of trading the financial markets.


We have been happy with our trading experience and results during the past thirty days of trading with the Crunch Tech Auto Trader, and plan to continue trading well past the 90 day trial period. We will be doing follow up reviews to ensure that you always have the most up to date news and events on the system, and should there be any big changes you will be the first to know. Therefore ensure you check back from time to time as we will be providing you with our hints, tips, and results as we continue trading over the months to come.

Review Verdict: Crunch Tech is a Legitimate, 100% SCAM Free Software!

Official website: Crunch-tech.co Test the software at no cost for 90 days.

At BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com we fully test and confirm the performance of services we trust over time, and we are proud to have found this new system. It’s not easy and if you’ve been following our reviews, you know that for the most part, we are very disappointed by the majority of binary options services. Feel free to share your feedback, questions and experience below this review and we welcome you to contact us at BinaryoptionsWatchdog@gmail.com for further assistance. For other alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for Binary Options and Forex. Thank you for taking a few moments to read our clear verdict as it relates to Crunch-tech.co and we wish you the best of luck if you decide to join. Stay tuned for the next reviews we plan to post, with live trades and new updates related to the software.

Terran Capitals is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

After gathering some disturbing facts, as it relates to the Terran Capitals SCAM, we decided to post a critical review and warn the community of the fake software. Unfortunately the TerranCapital.co website is either a terrible hoax or a highly misleading fraud, but one thing we know is that it’s not a serious binary options Auto-Trader. If you are one of the unlucky thousands of people who have received an invitation from the email spammers who are behind the Terran Capitals Software, make sure to unsubscribe or they will bother you until your curiosity or wishful thoughts get the best of you.

When you land on the TerranCapital.co pitch page, you are faced with some ‘random dude; telling you how good the Terran Capitals software is, and why it is the best in the world. He does not introduce himself in anyway or reveal his link to the Terran Capital company or software. The only person that was introduced was Susan Carter, she is apparently the CEO for the past 11 years, and we were lucky enough to be shown a picture of her. Our only guess with regards to the presenter is that he is from a marketing company with the name of IDEOS as apparently they were commissioned to advertise the software. All we can say is that we hope he enjoys it in India as that is where the company is based. Further details on both him and Susan is unfortunately unavailable, and all we are left with is what is being said in the pitch video.

We couldn’t find any references to the scam on CNN Money Reuters, China Daily or CNBC.


Right now that we know who (well not exactly, but sort off) is behind the Terran Capitals Software, and how it operates, let’s have a look at a few facts which will without a doubt prove to you why this is a scam review and you need to stay away from the system. Our no name presenter claims that Terran Capital has been around for 11 years. Two things we found wrong with that statement, 1) The company does not exist. We were unable to find any link to any established organisation that even remotely carries the name. 2) The domain has most definitely not been around for 11 years as claimed. A simple search on who.is revealed that it was only registered on the 2nd May 2016, making this entire narrative a big lie.

The Terran Capitals scam allegedly works by following a mathematical algorithm that specializes in high frequency trading, which execute short positions at rate of 30 transactions per second. All we have to say with regards to that is, good luck if you do decide to register with this scam after reading this review, as your account will surely be wiped out the instant you switch it on, because at a rate of 30 transactions, your whole account will be placed on trades within seconds, and should things go wrong (which it will!!) you are done trading that account.

Generic “trust” badges we found on the TerranCapital.co website…


We found one particular statement mentioned by John Doe (for the purpose of this review he is now called John) quite interesting, and that is when he said, and we quote, “Algo-trading players represents only 2% of global market operations, but are responsible for 85% of transactions in the world, with Terran Capitals being responsible for 49% of that 85%. Now if you can also remember what he said, and why he is offering the Terran Capitals scam system to you for free today, is because some or other big bank is interested in airing the software, and they have to prove that the system is able of generating between 78% and 92% profits consistently.

Well see here is where we are getting quite confused, and anyone who listened carefully no doubt would be as well. If the Terran Capitals software is already the highest performance auto trader in the industry, by generating more than half of all automated transactions in the world, what more is there to prove to the bank? Surely if they are the best the bank would know this due to their stats, and no further proof would be needed. Plus if their statement of the Terran Capitals scam being around for 11 years is true, then surely there should be 11 years’ worth of data to refer to when presenting the system to the bank. Again we are faced with why give it to 500 strangers to prove that something that has been performing for over a decade still is.

Remember when we said in the beginning of our Terran Capitals review that the date you received your email is your first clue as to why this system is a scam? Well see here is the thing, John clearly state at the end of the presentation that this auto trader is available for one day only. Guess what it has been way more than one day, and the date you received your email will prove that as well, since the TerranCapital.co website is still up, and no doubt your email is data about 3 to 4 days ago, makes that one big lie. Which is also one thing we see with scams over and over again, as they use this very sentence as a tactic to hook you and get you to register asap in the fear of maybe losing out. Our view on the Terran Capitals scam this time around is that you are one of the lucky ones, of you have missed out on this offer.

Review Verdict: Terran Capitals is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – TerranCapital.co

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In case you registered with Terran Capitals, it’s never too late to file a dispute and a formal complaint. We’ll gladly guide you through this process free of charge, we welcome you to email us directly at BinaryoptionsWatchdog@gmail.com for further assistance. Please share your feedback if you have any questions or an experience to share with the community. For all the latest warnings and industry updates, we encourage you to subscribe to Watchdog’s Blog.

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Neo2 is heavily endorsed and considered to be the Best Auto Trader in 2016!


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Click Trade App is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

Unfortunately the Click Trade App SCAM is going viral, therefore it’s important that we write this review, using facts and common sense, aimed to deter potential victims. Honestly if you can actually watch the whole presentation on the ClicktradeApp.com website with a straight face without bursting into laughter then don’t know what is becoming of the industry anymore. The Click Trade App software seems to be hitting new traders to binary options who have never traded before, as those that have been in the industry for a while see what we see, and struggle to take this John Cross guy even remotely seriously.

The alleged John Cross claims that the Click Trade App works by some or other Algobitex algorithm which is the biggest and most powerful data analyses “thing / system” in the world. The problem is that, not only have never heard of such and algorithm, but neither has google or any dictionary you might have to hand. The word quite literally does not exist, which is probably the first clue that this is one of the lamest scam systems ever, if they have to invent their own words to sound legit.

Should we continue this review? We promised some facts so let’s proceed.

We could have actually stopped there, but in order to ensure we do a thorough job for our review of the Click Trade App software we of course took our investigation further. Mr John Cross, turns out to be none other than… drum roll please… Fiverr.com actor by the nickname of ‘Activerog’. To be quite frank, we have no idea why on earth they have selected him for their spokesperson. If you knew you were going to pay someone $5 for every 50 words, they could have at least chosen someone who has good English, this guy does not even know how to pronounce half the words he is speaking.

Here is a snapshot of the lame actor’s gig, just in case you think we’re making this up:


The uneducated remarks during the pitch video of the Click Trade App scam does unfortunately not stop there. You really have to think for yourself who is behind an auto trader such as this if they cannot even get the basics right. John talks about the trades of the system and what you are able to achieve whilst trading on complete autopilot, and here is the thing, you can apparently earn between 100% and 250% payouts on each trade. Well for one, we have never come across a broker that offers more than 85% maximum, and second who in their right mind will give you more than double what you have invested in the first place, it would be suicide for the broker.

Regrettably the lying and conceiving does not stop there. The Click Trade App scam is being marketed as being able to generate each trader a staggering thousand five hundred dollars to five thousand three hundred dollars per day. Truth be told, this is not even remotely possible for one of the trusted auto traders that we and many other day traders are currently using, how then can it be possible for a system that has just been released into the binary options market. This is not even to mention that their claims being made without any backup proof whatsoever. Yes we know that they have the testimonials, however they are also from Fiverr, which makes them just as reliable as John Cross, which is exactly 0%.

All of this is for a system that is supposedly over 2 years old, for the reason being that Mr Cross has been trading with the ClicktradeApp.com software since then. Despite all his claims, we of course double checked into this fact that he is making, only to find that this as well is a lie, and that the auto trader was only successfully registered on the 2nd Feb 2016, which makes it no more than 4 months old. Therefore the testimonials and his own true account is not real and cannot be trusted.

Scam systems such as the Click Trade App scam are popping up at a pace of almost 2 a day that we are aware off, and we are finding the more that pop up the more ridiculous they become. The time has never been so important as it has been now to know exactly what you are registering for, and to be on the safe side and ensure you follow the trusted traders in the industry, because chances are, if the system works, they will know about it, if not, then you are out of luck with whichever system you are currently considering.

Review Verdict: Click Trade App is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – ClicktradeApp.com

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Those who made a mistake and registered with this fraud before stumbling upon this review, know that it’s never too late and we’ll gladly assist you with any complaints and disputes at no charge, email us directly at BinaryoptionsWatchdog@gmail.com. Please share your feedback below and if possible, help us deter others from joining this scam, be sharing this warning on your Social Networks.

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Convergence Sniper is a SCAM!! Trusted Review!

Be sure to read this very important review regarding the Convergence Sniper SCAM! The system is currently going viral and we have already received some very worrying feedback from some of our subscribers. Frank Norton the presenter of the Convergence Sniper software is not the brains behind this one, but merely someone who got handed the software, and now have the permission to give it away for free. Don’t let the ConvergenceSniper.com website deceive you, as unfortunately not all is as it seems. If you want to know exactly what you are agreeing to when registering for the Convergence Sniper auto trader then make sure you read our scam review to the end.

Those lovely live testimonials that you are able to see on the Convergence Sniper scam website and during the pitch, are all Fiverr actors. These guys will quite literally say anything you want them to for as little as $5 for 50 words, therefore debunking their reviews immediately. Also you can clearly see Mr Vladimir’s CITI statement where he had over a million dollars in his account in 09/2014, but on the website is another picture in 03/2015 showing only $87k. Now we are aware that you can withdraw your money, but should the system not continue to work so should his account not always be on a steady up stream. Oh and yea, just to throw a further curve ball, the system was only registered in Aug 2015, which is after both the dates previously mentioned.


Honest testimonials and reviews are obviously not available…

Frank Norton had it all, the job, the benefits, the family live, everything. However he was very unhappy as an English Teacher. One day at a teacher’s conference he met Mr Vladimir, an ex-soviet physicist, mathematician and day trader, basically the guy who changed his life forever by handing him the Convergence Sniper scam auto trader. Regrettably you will not find any information on Mr Vladimir as he is a quiet man, and conveniently does not have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn account, or any information on google.

The Convergence Sniper software has been developed to work by following currencies that follow the same correlation. A good example of this is EUR/USD and GBP/USD, if one of them moves up there is about an 85% chance that the other one will move up as well. The same happens in the opposite direction, if one moves down, then chances are the other one will as well. This is actually an excellent strategy to trade if you are trading manually and you know what you are doing. However saying that, Frank claims that the Convergence Sniper auto trader spots these trading opportunities and places the trade on your behalf, because these anomalies apparently happen within seconds, and the human eye and reactions cannot get the trade placed in time. Ignore the warning signs in this review and everything else still makes no sense.

Having said that, there is one big issue that cause great concern when trading with the Convergence Sniper software. Following correlating currency pairs is possible, and as mentioned a great strategy to trade. The problem with the Auto trader or even the presentation whichever one you want blame, is that these events do not happen within milliseconds, they can take up to a couple of hours to follow suit, and we have it under very good authority that the convergence sniper auto trader places trades of 60 seconds exclusively, meaning the system is placing trades way before the event has taken place, and resulting in losing the trades. This has also been the biggest reason for all the complaints we have thus far received.


So now that we have the very thing that is allegedly allowing the Convergence Sniper scam to operate, let’s go into a few more details as to why you should not trust this fraud, and why this review is about to save you your hard earned cash. During the presentation and reading the ConvergenceSniper.com website thoroughly we came across a few anomalies ourselves, up until now we are still not sure what our potential profits is with the system. On one hand Mr Norton is telling us we are able to earn between $500 to $700 a day, which can also be seen just above the presentation video. However on the hand if you look below the video notice how it now states that you can make up to $975 in 5 minutes?

Systems such as the Convergence Sniper scam are becoming more frequent and traders of today have to be even more careful before they register with a software. This is actually one of the very few we have found to be a scam that actually has a good idea behind it. It is just a shame they had to go and ruin it by telling traders that things work the way they most definitely do not in real live, which leads us to believe they are aiming at novice traders who are not familiar with trading and strategies yet. Doing research is becoming more important, and if you are even in doubt, you are most welcome to comment below this review or send us an email, and we will double check the facts for you.

Review Verdict: Convergence Sniper is a SCAM

Blacklisted website – ConvergenceSniper.com

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