Is Earning Expert a Scam? WatchDog’s WARNING!

A new auto trader for binary options is in the house people! The was JUST launched on January 26th so there’s a good chance you already received a promotional email for this service in a form of a “private” invitation. Earning Expert is allegedly owned by the CEO Simon Ellis, an unknown guy which we couldn’t verify anywhere online. First impression was sketchy as a pop-up stating that there are “5 Beta Test Spots” left urging us to register’s kind of shady when you think about it, don’t you think? This is a common practice in which they seek to preasure visitors into registering as soon as possible, giving you and others the impression that one might miss out on this “amazing” opportunity the registration is not made right there and then. It’s kind of silly watching them (*them – the online marketers behind these money making schemes’) do it over and over and repeat the same annoying sales tactics but we can’t ignore the fact that newbies might be preasured by these sales tactics and these are the folks we are here to protect by posting warnings on

We find it hard to believe that there are only 5 Beta Test Spots left and from experience we know that Earning Expert and similar websites are advertised and solicited to millions of online traders/money making seekers around the world via mass email campaigns. There’s a really good chance you know about from some email invite you received or you might have seen this offer advertised on one of the fake promotional blogs such as and Roy Tribble’s Scam blog in which he pretends to be a god fearing Christian and an EX-police officer in some imaginary cyber crime unite and ironically the guy openly promotes the worst of the scams on the Internet. The guy is either a calculated scam artist or a dellusional ex-cop reincarnated into the world as an evil online marketer. It’s either one of the other or possibly both but anyway, his endorsement for Earning Expert is extremely concerning.

Another warning sign is the claim that you’ll make €547 every day using EarningExpert autotrader, as stated on the pitch page “A system that quickly earns you up to €547 a day with verifiable and undeniable proof”


Where is the proof? In the fake snapshots showcasing an “undeniable performance”? the actors hired to post testimonials endorsing the service? Again and again we see the same actors used to promote these new offers, so how can we NOT jump to the conclusion that EarningExpert is a scam? It’s kind of hard not to assume it’s a scam given all the red flags! In simple words, this website just doesn’t look like an authentic offer!

Judge it for yourself and if you have doubts and feel like trying this new service, knock yourself out but remember that when signing up with the Earning Expert you will be required to deposit money with a binary options platform in order to gain access to this web-based software. No short-cuts or discounts, a broker registration is %100 mandatory with the software and you will not get a username and password before you deposit at least the minimum $200-$250 via one of the synced brokers so there’s nothing free about this offer in case you’re wondering. If you feel like taking a chance…just don’t get your hopes really high because it’s more than obvious that most of these services are nothing but ‘promotional money making schemes and scams’ as we reviewed 100’s of similar services on and you can view the feedback we received from disappointed traders reporting horrific performance results on many of our blog reviews and warnings. Not only that in most cases online traders do not generate a penny based on the reports we get, they actually lose the entire deposit within hours or days and if you’ve been scammed in this manner, be sure to alert us via WatchDog’s Complaint Center. It’s not the case with every binary options software but it’s definitely a known, common truth with most of the money making systems out there today and you can verify any claims we make via the comments we get by actual victims as we receive complaints on a daily basis, this information can also be verified on other scam alert websites. Our goal is not to demonize services and if you generate a good ITM with you are free to share it with us. Any feedback is accepted as long as it’s real and authentic.

If you have any feedback on, experience to share or questions relating to binary options signals and auto traders, you are welcome to comment below. If the EarningExpert softaware as profitable and unique as “Simon Ellis” claims it is? Let others know the truth it by sharing your feedback!

Binary options is a risky business but some are able to make it into a profitable side income. Finding a reliable service is like finding a needle in a haystack. Be sure to visit WatchDog’s approved binary options signals and regulated binary options brokers before you deposit your funds with any broker and definitely if you plan to register with one of the many shady offers that are out there. Stay safe by trading with regulated brokers. On WatchDog, we carefully review each and every service and give good ratings to services reputable services with a proven track record and true reputation. If you decide to trade without a signals service, be sure to register with a fully EU regulated broker such as the ones we endorse on

Is 30 Day Change a Scam?

Due to the amount of interest in this new software the 30 Day Change we decided to post this review. Based on our previous experience reviewing similar products with a horrible success rate and a very promising pitch page, we tend to believe that the 30 Day Change is a scam and/or very misleading. It would be nice to get some feedback from our subscribers and WatchDog visitors on the true ITM of the software, how successful are you guys using this new auto trader?

Many online traders are asking us for feedback via WatchDog Complaint Center but unlike some of the previous offers we reviewed, we didn’t receive any complaints on the 30 Day Change yet. It could be a strange coincidence or perhaps our assumptions are wrong and the software is unlike the rest of the scams. We conducted a thorough research on Google in hopes of finding some feedback from traders but besides a few websites who are promoting other products and claiming that the 30 Day Change is a scam, as well as websites promoting the 30DayChange we couldn’t find anything solid or any real proof of success.

The purpose of is to expose scams, alert online traders of potential misleading offers and with the help of our readers we managed to expose many scam sites. Due to the massive interest and the software’s high ranking on we feel like it’s important that we determine as quickly as possible if the 30 Day Change is a reliable software or just another scam.

Trading History we received from GetAResponse emails by


Binary options is extremely risky and you should never sign up with an offer you don’t feel comfortable with or if you notice any warning signs and bad reviews, forum testimonials are also a great way to determine if a broker or a signals service is legit or fake. Some of the warning signs include fake testimonials, snapshots of bank accounts, and offers that are simply too good to be true. We encourage you to never skip a good research, especially when your money is involved as with the 30 Day Change you are required to make a deposit with a broker, the minimum is between $200-$250 so take this review as a warning and if you have any opinion or experience we encourage you to comment below.

Trade binary options with WatchDog’s Recommended Binary Options Signals services and robots.

Warning: the 30 Day Change is promoted on a notorious scam promotional review site by Nancy Fox. This is not a good sign…As we have conclusive evidence that most of Nancy’s products are scams. Is Nancy Scamming us again or is she right this time?

Profit Maximizer Scam Alert!

Another new scam is becoming viral, with the help of fake review sites like as it appears to be heavily promoting every scam that comes out. You might be one of the unfortunate, misguided few who decided to join Surprisingly, Empireoption a trusted binary options company, is collaborating with Profit Maximizer, this might cause a backlash for Empireoption wish up until now is not suffering from negative reviews on their brand. Profit Maximizer might change the way traders view Empireoption in the future.

“Hey everyone, This is me, Nancy Fox and my cute (also naughty) parrot, peeko. I live in Santa Clara, California, USA”


Beware of Nancy Reviews Scam blog…

All the red flags are there and all the warning signs are written on the wall. You can expect to lose your entire account balance within days of trading with this money-making scheme. How do we know this is a scam? First of all, simply look at the website, just like any typical scam they are not backed by a real, verified trader. We already know that anyone can order a fake bank account snapshot from for $5, so is doesn’t impress us at all to see another lame video introduction using the same reassuring voice over, fake snapshots and testimonials (from Profit Minimizer is more like it to sum it up.

On a side note, the fact that Profit Maximizer is promoted on is already a big, red flag we simply can not ignore! Let’s go over some of the other products that “Nancy Fox” reviewed previously, products that were all proven to be SCAMS, just to give you a few examples: 30 Day Change, Insured Profits, Binary Matrix Pro, Insider John and the list goes on. Just Google these offers and you’ll find warnings and testimonials by traders who lost their money within a matter of hours or days using the same services that Nancy endorses on her blog. We highly doubt any service that Nancy Fox promotes.

Profit Maximizer Scam

The Profit Maximizer looks and feels like a scam and until proven otherwise this warning will be posted on We strongly encourage you to share your feedback and questions. Is Profit Maximizer a Scam? or can you really make thousands of dollars every day with the software? Please share your results, feedback and questions!

Binary Options and Forex involve high risk but with all the risk, you are much better off just trading by yourself or with a real mentor or signals service. It’s not an easy task to find a reliable service but thanks to our subscribers we managed to create an updated list of trusted signals for Binary Options and Forex trading. Either way, you should always register with a regulated broker. On you can find a complete list of our Regulated and Recommended Brokers and Trusted Binary Options Signals. Thank you for taking the time to read our warning on the new Profit Maximizer Scam.

Profit Legacy SCAM

So just before a new scam is about to go viral and take a toll on your wallets..we found it necessary to warn our readers and dedicated subscribers of this newly designed fraud, the Profit Legacy scam. The good news is that we finally managed to gain access to the marketplace in which these new scam offers are announced and tomorrow, Dec 31st, 2014 right about time for the new year, is going public. What does it mean? It means that you can expect to find many positive reviews endorsing this product, reviews written by paid online marketers. If you already made the mistake and gave your email to one of the associated scams: Elite Trader App Warning, Christmas Profits Warning, Truth About Cash Warning or any of the other money-making schemes, you will surely receive an email invitation from Profit Legacy since they all work together under the same ‘market place for scams’ umbrella, shielded by their terms and conditions, knowing that many victims including binary options traders, who are seeking a decent opportunity to make a living, will fall for the scam!

This product will be available to the public tomorrow and we encourage all of our subscribers to avoid this offer, share this review and if any of you readers decided to try Profit Legacy or is currently using it, be sure to post your experience and results below this review.


What gives us the right at to accuse Profit Legacy of being a scam?

Good question. We have no authority and we are as subjective as the websites who are promoting the Profit Legacy, however if there’s one thing we are very good at, it’s to sniff a scam from miles away and if you take the time and read our previous reviews and the comments shared by victims of the fraud websites we reviewed, you will notice that we are fairly accurate with each of our warnings. Being in this business for a while we are capable of identifying scams since they all use the same sales tactics and the same psychological manipulations. This product was not launched yet but the website is up and running, note that the major campaigning didn’t start yet if you are reading this review on Dec 30th or 2014. We encourage you to share this review with other binary options traders and/or on websites and videos where Profit Legacy might be promoted, the more feedback and comments we get, the easier it will be for everyone to determine if this is a scam and if this is the case, we should all help deter other traders by sharing this review, commenting and sharing results/feedback on on the service.

Fake testimonials on provided by actors from market place

So is there no hope? Not at all. Online trading is one of the fastest growing industries on the Internet, it started out with Forex and many traders are now migrating to binary options due to the innovative concept and reduced risk compared to the leverage and added risk associated with Forex and Spread Betting. On our goal is to expose scams and allow readers to share their feedback and warn other traders, our aim is also to point online traders to reliable, regulated brokers and signals services owned and operated by professional traders vs. online marketers without any trading knowledge, hiding behind creative looking and promising websites. These websites do not define Forex and they do not define the Binary Options industry.

On a side note, it’s clear to us that Roy Tribble, with his face blog, in which he promotes all the scams that we alert our visitors not to sign up with, will surely continues on the path of deception and give a positive review to Profit Legacy. Here is our full review on Roy Tribble Scam Reviews for anyone who is considering to have faith in the guy’s recommendations.

If you are interested to trade safe, visit WatchDog’s Accredited Binary Options Brokers and Binary Options Signals Providers and make sure to post your comments and feedback below this post. Thank you for taking the time to read our assessment on ProfitLegacy.

Elite Trader App is a SCAM!

The Elite Trader App was launched on December 27th based on our research. Two days later we already received a total of 9 complaints via WatchDog Complaint Center relating to the awful trading performance delivered by Elite Trader App amd it’s alarming. Binary options traders should be warned and avoid this offer. Based on all the reports, you are as far as it gets from making money, when you signup with this scam. In numbers, zero will be your new account balance within hours, or days if you’re lucky, from the moment you activate the sofware and sync it with a binary options account. This software is connected to unregulated binary sites and have no doubt that these websites are involved directly in this scheme and we encourage you to file a complaints. Please let us know which brokers are working with Elite Trader App and if you believe that you’ve been scammed we encourage you to share your comments below, but this is not keep reading!


Just to be clear, this is not another fake Elite Trader App Review as you will find many websites endorsing the scam, all paid reviews aimed to deceive and manipulate people with “fake authority” on the Internet. It was also brought to our attention that email solicitors are ‘In On It’ and part of this by sending out MASS email promotions such as the one below: (sent to us by a WatchDog subscriber)

Email subject: This FREE App is critical to your income!

Hi xxx,

Most people would do anything to access the app
that delivered $1200 profits to over 4600 people
for the past 4 years!

Luckily as our loyal member you don’t have to pay the
$2999 access price.

Enjoy your complimentary $1200 a day profits app NOW


I am an illegal email solicitor.

At we can smell a scam from miles away and we highly doubt that Elite Trader App delivered over $5,000,000 to it’s users. They launched it a few days ago and with all the complaints this offer is surely fake. It seems like another attempt to persuade and manipulate newbie traders into trading with fake applications and unregulated brokers. On the homepage you’ll find a %100 winning performance as always. This is a red flag, in fact if you ever visit a binary options signals or software site and you notice claims of %100 In The Money results, they are %100 fake! Avoid these types of offers, it’s too good to be true.

VERY IMPORTANT: This offer is relatively new and by posting your comment you will help this review rank higher in the search results you can help us save traders who might fall into this proven scam. In a matter of days we received more than a few complaints, indicating that 100’s, if not 1000’s of victims might signup with EliteTraderApp since not all victims pass through our website so please SHARE this review and COMMENT below. If you tried or currently trade with Elite Trader, please share your EXPERIENCE and RESULTS.

Binary options is risky so refrain from adding additional risk to it by registering with fake money making schemes and unregulated brokers. If you are interested to get into the world of online trading, know that honest opportunities are available but you have to carefully research and verify offers before you commit to any offer. Don’t forget to visit our WatchDog’s Trusted Brokers Page and for signals and software you can visit our Reliable Signals Page. Our mission is to outroot the scams and endorse reliable offers and regulated brokers. Thank you for reading our Eliter Trader App review and don’t forget to share your comments below this post!

The Christmas Profits SCAM! Season Fraud!

It’s becoming absurd reviewing these fake systems. Here is a new one, Christmas Profits, a season scam designed to basically steal your Christmas shopping money. We should have posted this warning before Christmas but this offer seemed to ridiculous it wasn’t clear if it’s even worth reviewing. Be warned! If this scam is still being promoted around, avoid the following website: we encourage you to visit this website and witness how binary options trading is being tossed around and treated like a safe haven for fraud money making services.

Binary options, just like any other online trading instrument, can be a profitable venue and it can also be a great way to lose a lot of money fast. If you want to lose your money faster, simply sign up with Christmas Profits or any of the similar scams that are coming out left and right. It’s extremely difficult to find reliable signals services for binary options and you surely won’t find them via email solicitation campaigns which is how you most likely landed on the Christmas Profits offer page. If you are a binary options trader or anyone who is looking to profit from binary options, as a first step you should register with a regulated broker. Many of these scams are working with unregulated brokers and are designed to make you lose your money.

Take a look at the Christmas Profits website, it’s absolutely rabish! %100 performance…as always!


As always these online marketers who are behind these fake offers keep advertising an outstanding, flawless performance, in this case as you can see in the picture, with Christmas Profits it appears that you can make $4,120,747.22 Imagine how many gifts you can buy people for Christmas with $4 million dollars?

If you are interested in something more serious, make sure to visit the WatchDog Approved Signals and Regulated Brokers list!

Lets cut a long story short, this is just too funny to review but if you or anyone you know has fallen victim to this fraud offer, please share your feedback below so others can be warned. Any feedback, questions and comments are appereciated on

Share your Feedback on Christmas Profits below!

Truth About Cash is a SCAM!

Another deceptive offer was launched recently on December 15th. Right about time to manipulate innocent money-making seekers to spend their Christmas shopping money on a get rich scam. Here is the truth… Truth About Cash is a SCAM. It’s not the first and not the last time we review these type of services. They are like a plague, the marketers behind these fake binary options money machines keep launching these offers, same psychology but a different name and theme. As usual when we expose these scammers on WatchDog, we receive feedback from online traders and visitors who tried these type of systems and the conclusion is almost always the same. Finding a reliable binary options service or software is very challenging when online marketers have an edge over real and honest traders, as they know exactly how to present their service in a way that looks very appealing, while real traders often don’t come from a website design and online marketing background and are “not as good” at manipulating people with fake photo-shopped performance results and all the methods used by scam artists, such as the ones behind the Truth About Cash. The website we are reviewing today is check it out for yourself and if you think it’s legit, give it a try, but don’t say we didn’t warn you! It’s a %100 scam and everyone should be alerted.

We actually signed up with the service to investigate more into it and the first email we got from “Jeff Morris” was titled “Baby we are waiting for you” WTH? … in the email they send us a fake photo-shoped performance results indicating a flawless %100 ITM performance! Is this some kind of a Christmas miracle? or just a fake snapshot? You can be the judge and we encourage you to post your feedback on the service if you tried it or considering to give it a try. Here is the %100 flawless performance snapshot we got from Mr. Morris from Truth About Cash.

best performance ever

Our response to Jeff is “Baby, keep waiting..” Did any of you ever receive an email from a professional organization or a company titled “Baby we are waiting for you”? It’s not the type of email you would expect to receive from anyone who is serious about their offer. For all you know “Jeff” can be a very smart 17 years old online marketer with an edge over you when it comes to the online world. These types of scams are extremely dangerous and you should refrain from signing up with any offer that is just too good to be true. The best traders don’t get near a %100 ITM, good traders can generate profit with around %70-%75 ITM with binary options but even this performance is very hard to achieve. Please share your feedback and comments relating to The Truth About Cash or any other type of similar offer. Help us deter others from falling victims by sharing your honest testimonials. If you are interested to get into the binary options field, you should consider trading ONLY with reputable, EU Regulated Binary Options Brokers and you can also check out the WatchDog’s Approved Signals Services if you are interested in serious mentoring and honest signals from actual traders.

VERDICT: TruthAboutCash.NET is a SCAM!!!


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