Profit with Cindy is a SCAM

“My name is Cindy and I am rich yet WatchDog is not convinced…” Before we go any further you should know that this is not another promotional review for Profit with Cindy. We are here to expose and warn everyone, IT’S A SCAM! This website is as real as Xenu, the Scientology intergalactic dictator…Both concepts are very similar, indoctrinating you to believe in an imaginary story in the process of stealing your money. Cindy Taylor is a real name, however, it belongs to a woman born in AsunciΓ³n, Paraguay, she is a fashion model, actress and television host who looks nothing like the fake and sleazy actress in the videos. If you know the real name of the scam artist in the following picture, inform us and comment below so we can expose her true identity and mock her forever.

Cindy Taylor

“In reality I was just hired to lie and keep a straight face in the name of money, yeah baby, in god we trust!!”

As we audited the Profit with Cindy website we noticed that they failed to include risk warnings or disclaimers which is a typical practice you’ll find on most websites, definitely on scam domains. In the disclaimers and warnings they will usually admit that anything they say or write might be complete nonsense and this is how they usually get a way with scamming so many online traders and other money-making seekers. It could be that the scam artists realize now that no one is actually doing anything to stop them as they get away with millions of dollars, so why even bother to write the disclaimers and warnings? We certainly agree and unfortunately besides and a few other websites, no one is doing anything remotely against scams like, it could be that the IC3.GOV is too busy chasing down Nigerian scams, while ignoring a much bigger problem facing the online worldwide community today, it’s a much bigger industry and requires immediate attention!

Let’s skip right to the conclusion as it feels awkward to write a review on such a silly, fraudulent offer. However, some men might have a weakness for ‘charming ladies’ and many folks are not familiar with the dangers associated with the Internet, therefore it’s a duty for us to post this warning. You should know that all the binary options brokers who are working with are not regulated and obviously are cooperating with a scam, you cannot trust the brokers ‘with or without’ the software. You have every right to file a credit card dispute against them and you have a strong case especially if the broker is not responsive and ignores your demands to process a money withdrawal request.

We encourage you to trade with an EU and CySEC regulated binary options broker instead of taking any risks with fishy brokers who are cooperating with scams. is a safe alternative and we recommend this EU regulated broker base on many positive testimonials, Topoption is a subsidiary of a leading Forex platform and a technology provider for many FX brokers. Topoption is one of the few brokers with a lower minimum deposit requirement of only $100 instead of $250-$500. If you are completely new to online trading, you should consider trading with a Free Demo Account and always do some research before you recklessly lose your money to scams like Profits with Cindy, and remember that if you have any comments or information about the girl in the picture above, please share it with us and other users.

MadMaxProfits is a SCAM! Read This Warning!! is a fishy website and we have all the evidence we need to conclude that it’s a scam. Max Taylor doesn’t exist in the binary options niche, no such a mentor or guru. Unfortunately this website targets everyone who is seeking to make money online, not only binary options traders, and due to the high compensation MadMaxProfits is offering to marketers, this fake software is now promoted heavily via email campaigns, blogs, YouTube and on Google Adsense. This is a bogus offer and we encourage everyone to share their experience below this post after reading our review.

First, IBN News is not a real news channel on TV or on YouTube, it’s a fake gig purchased on Fiverr, allowing marketers to present their commercial offer in a deceptive way, making the viewers believe that MadMaxProfits or the product in question, is widely publicised or recognized. Looking to promote a fake offer? Contact IBN News and for a small payment they’ll create a deceptive video for you, just like the one you’ll find on the homepage.

The second part of the video, the alleged death threats and the really dodgy voiceover are really hard to ignore, unfortunately some people fall victims to the psychological games and buy into the strange narrative. We notice that similar scams are coming out every day now, the only difference is the slight changes in the narrative. The MadMaxProfits story is really hard to believe and raises our suspicion that these marketers are running out of new ideas but are definitely still trying much to our disappointment.

Remember that your comments can save 100’s if not 1000’s of other online traders or money-making seekers who might be searching for reviews or some kind of validation for this imaginary MadMax software and by sharing your experience you can help us warn everyone who lands on this page, since most of the reviews are promotional and seek to persuade people to sign up and lose time and money. The minimum damage is the $250 initial deposit that you will waste in order to gain access to MadMaxProfits but unfortunately many online traders end up investing a lot more, only to find that the actual performance results are below the break-even line, therefore everyone is bound to lose their investment using this software sooner or later and we already received countless of complaints to conclude that this is a fraudulent offer.

Snapshot from, so strange…


Binary options involves high risk and most automated solutions are inaccurate, and unfortunately some are pure scams. We will continue and expose these offers for as long as they come out. It was brought to our attention that the MadMaxProfits promoters are sending emails to 1000’s of online traders and money-making seekers and it’s very concerning. We can only hope that this warning will reach the masses and as soon as possible, each and every comment can help. Positive or negative, on we approve all comments as long as the comments are related to the topic of the article or to binary options trading.

We also encourage you to share this warning with other online traders via Facebook, on Forums and on Google Plus. Remember that our goal is not only to expose scams but also help victims with disputes and essentially help you get your money back and we do it for free. Please comment below and file a complaint via WatchDog Complaint Center and we will walk you through the process of filing formal complaints with the IC3.GOV and we can also help you reverse the transaction by filing a credit card dispute. It’s not too late and since this is most definitely a scam, your chances to get your money back are higher than you might think.

If you are seeking a legitimate alternative to, we always encourage trading with a fully EU regulated broker such as our Top Rated broker , they also have a lower minimum deposit requirement of only $100 and you can rest assure that you will be in safe hands. Money making schemes like MadMax are usually synced with unregulated binary options brokers, no CySEC license or any type or regulations apply to these companies. We also encourage you to check out WatchDog’s recommended binary options signals services and communities for binary options if you are interested to trade binary options professionally. Another way to start is with a FREE Demo account, test the water before you dive in and good luck to everyone!

Is Copy Trade Profit a SCAM?

A new automated binary options trading software is going viral, this time it’s and some blogs are claiming that it’s a scam while other blogs are reporting profits. It’s becoming very confusing since at this point new traders who are interested in this offer will find a negative review on Michael Freeman’s website encouraging traders to avoid CopyTradeProfit claiming that it’s a scam, yet he admits to not have any interest in trying it, while Keith from OptionXE is reporting profits and showcasing a successful progress using the software.

At we still didn’t receive any feedback from anyone who is trading with the Copy Trade Profit application and we are curious to know if Michael Freeman was too quick to label as a scam and Keith lucked out by giving the software a chance or perhaps Mike’s intuition is right and the software is another fake scam created by marketers vs actual online traders.

Here is where it gets really confusing, Mike, Keith and our team all agree that the Option Bot 2 is a successful software yet when it comes to the Copy Trade Profit, it seems like there’s no clear consensus and besides promotional reviews and the one warning by Mike, you won’t find any objective information on the Copy Trade Profit software, therefore we will need to rely on your feedback as it’s very important for us and for the binary options community since this offer is becoming very popular at this point based on the website’s Alexa traffic report.

The contradictory information that’s out there is very confusing for new traders who might be considering to try the Copy Trade Profit system, nonetheless, you should always place every offer in doubt and as always, we are going to remain unbiased as we only blacklist signals services and brokers after we get multiple complaints by real traders, if we won’t get any complaints we will remain neutral in this case since we have a lot of respect both for Michael Freeman and for Keith from

In the case with Keith, based on his testimonial and experience, at first he felt like it was another scam but yet he still decided to give it a try with a $1000 deposit and eventually managed to pull €357.50 on the first day which is very impressive. Keith is a guy we know very well and he is a prominent figure in the industry. We sincerely hope that it wasn’t just luck and waiting for some more feedback. As you know, binary options is risky and you can make a lot of money but you can also lose a lot of money very fast so in order to really evaluate a software you need more than a few days of consistent, profitable results. As much as we’re impressed by the results reported by Keith we would like to get some additional reviews and testiomonials by active traders.


Note that we didn’t try the Copy Trade Profit and will not test it until we get some feedback from other online traders. You can’t lose much because it’s a free software so if you are not registered with a broker yet and you want to give it a shot, we are not going to stop you but we do encourage you to wait for some feedback and not rush and make any impulsive decisions. The comprehensive 1-on-1 training offered by Keith via is a great alternative and you can also join Mike’s Facebook group, we reviewed it previously on WatchDog, it’s a great community and he runs the group like a military camp, literally.

If you have any feedback you would like to share relating to OptionXE, Copy Trade Profit or Michael Freeman you are welcome to post a comment below this review. We are mostly interested in feedback related to the software in question but you are also welcome to post feedback on the individuals we mentioned in this article. Keith and Mike are both respected figures in the industry but even the best allies might have disagreements at times so let’s see who’s got it right this time. Is the software a scam or is it a legitimate auto trading software? Let us know what you think.

The Binary Lab by Julian Wong VS Mike’s FB Group

Julian Wong and Michael Freeman are prominent figures in the binary options niche and particularly on YouTube, and we often get asked about the brokers and services they recommend as well as if the two are legitimate mentors. The number one question we get lately is in regards to the Facebook Binary Options Signals Groups both Julian and Mike created. Julian Wong is the owner of The Binary Lab and Michael Freeman is the owner of Mike’s Facebook Signals Group. The idea behind both Facebook communities is to allow members to interact, share ideas and receive daily signals in a transparent environment and we find it to be a great concept. Our goal today is to provide readers with an objective analysis of both groups and allow members to share their experience and ITM performance results with TheBinaryLab.Net and Mike’s Facebook Group.

Before we criticize both individuals we want to go over some of the benefits that you will find with these types of communities on Facebook. In general most of the services out there are not created by real traders, these are the binary options scams we warn traders to avoid such as BinaryBoom, Insured Profits and BinaryMatrixPro. Julian Wong and Michael Freeman are actual traders who spend time teaching binary options and do not hide behind a fake internet persona, a voiceover actor or a completely fake identity. We know that Michael Freeman is the guy’s real name as we met him in person and we tend to believe that Julian Wong is a real trader and not an actor, however we still didn’t verify Julian Wong but he does present himself on camera and he is welcome to confirm his identity with us if he wishes to do so, just email us a copy of an idea showing that Julian Wong is your real name and this is all we need.

You can’t take away the hard work and dedication that both mentors spent educating online traders, especially newbies, providing with valuable information on binary options strategies and tips. Mike with over 12,000 subscribers and Julian with over 5,000 subscribers on YouTube are definitely both very popular in the binary options community.

As for the actual performance generated by each of the Facebook groups established by Julian Wong and Mike’s FB Group, we can’t be absolutely fair because we’ve yet to receive any feedback on Julian’s performance but we do know that Mike’s Facebook Group is a successful project and for a number of reasons. He rewards his admins and top traders with money bonuses when they ITM several consecutive trades, encouraging them to generate a higher performance, the concept is great and creates a nice competition between the folks who are posting signals on the group’s wall. He also restricts traders who do not generate a good performance by sanctioning them and often even banning them, which is the main issue we have with Mike, the banning problem. Rules are great and obviously you created a nice community but you shouldn’t be so quick to ban members. We’re giving a major green light for all traders when it comes to Mike’s Group, he is a true leader in the industry and indeed a great person but at the same time we do think that he should seek some type of counseling, maybe a vacation.. and stop banning members for minor reasons. Give them a warning shot first just a suggestion and stay positive.

As for Julian Wong, we have a few issues with you young man. The idea to create a transparent binary options community on Facebook is great. We love it and salute you for that but you made several mistakes and your reputation is now at stake, especially by the time we’re done with this review. We find you guilty of, first and for most, not partnering with any reliable EU regulated brokers. Why are you sending traders over to CToption and GOptions? These brokers are confirmed scams, Mike and others worked with Goptions in the past but removed them completely after finding out how awful they are so why are you still partnered with them? Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Julian Wong finds it necessary that you folks register with, food for thought…you either don’t care or perhaps you are busy conducting a shady experiment in your laboratory on unsuspecting traders, just keep in mind that even if you are in fact a great trader and not just a ‘mentor’, these companies will steal your clients money so there’s no point in sending them signals. Is this your goal? Indeed, traders must register with a broker to join most services, especially with free services and we have no criticism towards the fact that you’re getting paid from brokers but why instead of referring traders who trust you to reliable brokers, at the top of your list we find CToption and GOptions?


Another factor that you should consider is that Mike is promoting and, as many of you know Topoption is WatchDog’s top EU regulated broker and they offer a fairly low minimum of $100. Julian is also promoting CherryTrade, besides all the scams he promotes via The Binary Lab so we’ll throw a point at him for that at least partnering with one legitimate company. Mike is encouraging members to start with the minimum while Julian is openly suggesting that traders should start with a $1000 deposit. One could argue that depositing more is a great way to diversify the risk, however, the reality is that brokers will pay their affiliates more money when traders deposit more… Again, food for thought. In the industry terms they call it a Tier plan in which if a trader deposits $1000+ the affiliate will get paid more than he would have if the trader only deposited the minimum or less than a grand. So is Julian innocent of all guilt and simply worried that you might risk your money if you deposit less, or perhaps he is in it for the bigger commissions?

Both signals groups are free, you can join with a broker registration. In Mike’s case if you already registered with his auto trader ( ) he will let you in completely free. Julian Wong is also not charging any money and you must only register with one broker, however on website we found the following statement “We are going to charge a membership price soon. It is still *FREE*. Join today”.

the winning team

To be fair, we do believe that Julian Wong might be a real trader and on YouTube he does provide with valuable information for online traders, however unlike with Mike’s Group, we’ve yet to receive any performance updates and feedback. Our conclusion is that you are safe with Mike’s Facebook Signals Group and it’s a better choice if you are seeking a transparent binary options community.

Please do share your feedback if you have any experience trading with Julian Wong or Michael Freeman and if you are interested to join the groups. Julian Wong’s Group can be found on this page: and Mike’s group’s registration page is on this page: Thank you for taking the time to read this comparison and again, we would love to get feedback.

An article with more information on Mike’s Binary Options Group on Facebook

Confirmed Profits is definitely a SCAM!

How devious can these scam artists be? The Confirmed Profits video starts with the following statement “you and I both know that false advertising is illegal” and the ironic reality is that the Confirmed Profits website is using risk warnings and disclaimers to avoid prosecution for false advertisement. These are the worst types of crooks you’ll find and this newly released software, is a confirmed scam. Who exactly confirmed this software? The pop-up with generic endorsement badges, not very convincing. They claim that the ITM trading results generated by the software is all %100 verified, audited and notarized by a 3rd party. We would love to find out who exactly notarized them, maybe they got notarized in an internet coffee shot in Nigeria, but definitely not by anyone we would trust at

At the top of their pitch page you’ll notice in large fonts the following title “How We Made $2,971,330 in 28 days!” come on seriously? This entire website is a joke and should not be taken seriously by anyone who is interested to trade binary options or Forex with an automated software or in any type of way, you are better off trading on your own instead of burning $250 with this fraudulent offer. This is a money-making scheme, furthermore we signed up on their email list and chatted with a rep and found that all the brokers they are synced with are not regulated or licensed anywhere. This entire operation is fraudulent and we would encourage you to stay away from this offer since you’re not only getting cheated by a fake software, even if you choose to deactivate the software your money will be still in the hands of an unrecognized and unregulated broker. It’s a major risk and you’re bound to lose your entire account balance sooner or later.


The entire voiceover was very deceptive and you’ll notice how they start off by intimidating you and oddly so sympathetic to the fact that there are so many scams out there and they are totally on your side and feel your pain, obviously knowing that it might be that they scammed you before with a different software. “This is not just another fraud” as they claim, yet all the previous scams seem to be using the same script, the only thing that’s different is the video and the voiceover actor. The actors hired to share testimonials are usually the same, not very clever and getting old.

Let’s cut to the chase, we are here to put Confirmed Profits out of business and we plan to do it quickly. There’s not time to waste since they are advertising this offer to the masses via email campaigns and based on their traffic stats they are getting a lot of interest, which means that too many people are being solicited by marketers who are now promoting this offer via email campaigns, fake blogs and make-money squeeze pages.

Unfortunately even on google you’ll find promotional Confirmed Profits Reviews which are there to confuse traders who might be skeptic and conduct a Google search, therefore our goal is to make sure that with your help we will make this review rank high on Google so everyone can see this warning very clearly and hopefully together we can save some potential victims. If you tried this software or currently trading with it, we encourage you to stop and immediately contact your credit card company and file a credit card dispute. Please also share your feedback below and let other visitors know what type of ITM results they can expect from the newly released Confirmed Profits. We encourage you to also check WatchDog’s complete list of Binary Options Scams and recommended EU regulated brokers if you are looking for a better alternative.

Profit Hacker System SCAM!

Another example of a recent offer introduced to binary options traders, the Profit Hacker System, and let’s face it, at first we debated whether or not we should post this warning, in case they “hack our site” but then we decided to go for it and give it a shot. In other words, no hacking and no profits can be found anywhere near the website Let’s be very clear, this is another example of the typical scams we review on with the 70 spots left and time is always “running out” so you better sign up before it’s too late. Yes, we all heard these lines before and it’s getting ancient, not just old.

The voiceover was not really convincing but we must admit that dogs have a weakness for private jets, the video was professionally done and we absolutely loved it! However, we’re not about to jump on this plane knowing that as much as we would all love to buy a nice fleet of Ferraris and bugattis, it’s not going to happen over night and we are %100 confident that it won’t happen with the Profit Hacker System or any offer similar in its nature. This web-based application falls in the broad category of money-making schemes, therefore we don’t trust and we certainly don’t trust any of the unregulated brokers synced and partnered with this website. In most cases we found that scams like the Profit Hacker System, Binary Boom and Copy Trade Profit, all are synced with unregulated and licensed brokers, therefore an online trader gets screwed over twice. It’s not your ideal deal to say the least, and we don’t recommend anyone to make an irrational decision and sign up with this offer and deposit between $250-$500, and waste it using an unproven shady scam. We hate seeing so many online traders start their journey with these types of websites so if you receive any invitations associated with the Profit Hacker System you should think twice.

An alleged party organized by the Profit Hacker System team… “of course” they’re not just trying to tease you.


Of course, we always encourage actual traders who tried this system to comment and help us get a better understanding if the system is legitimate or not, in most cases our warnings are right on the dot but we’re open to any opinions, questions and comments and we welcome you to share your feedback below this review.

In reference to binary options brokers, our recommendations are very clear at and we don’t sell dreams to anyone who visits this website. If you are new to binary options, trade with a Free Demo, or with a Fully Regulated Broker. You can also try out one of our Recommended Signals services but there’s no better joy than making it with binary options on your own. Stay safe and avoid the Profit Hacker System scam. We encourage you to check out our complete list of binary options scams.

New Warning!! Stay away from Secure Trader Scam!

Just as we are on the verge of a new trading week, a new scam is about to come out and mostly likely will be heavily marketed to binary options traders. It appears that is another money-making scheme targeting anyone who is basically interested to make a living online. Unfortunately as much as we would love to believe that money grows on trees, we are confident that it doesn’t grow via the SecureTrader website. The promise to make between $600-$8,000 per day using some fishy looking automated software is a little bit hard to believe, considering the amount of similar scams we reviewed, websites that are now proven to be fraudulent based on all the feedback and complaints we get via Watchdog Complaint Center.

As much as we would love to give the Secure Trader website the benefit of the doubt, we don’t want to put our subscribers at stake. We recognized more than a few warning signs just via a quick observation. “20 spots left”, a pop-up that keeps appearing on the screen trying to squeeze you into giving out your email so they can obviously bombard you with fake offers, the fake testimonials by Fiverr actors and obviously the overstated claims made to manipulate you into believing that you can become a millionaire with a software. Again to remind you the scam is about to be launched to the public today. It’s not proven and it’s most likely another fake money-making scheme.

Notice that the entire video does not give you any actual solid evidence of the software’s success nor does it give you any background into how exactly this imaginary software works. The entire introduction video on SecureTrader is a brainwashing pitch page video that is concentrated purely into gaining your trust by using manipulative sales tactics. It’s simple as that and furthermore, after an additional investigation we found that the domain is connected with unregulated binary options brokers. None of the brokers in fact are regulated, leading us to the conclusion that even if this website is a true money printer, your money is surely not safe with the brokers they are synced with.


Anyway you look at it, this is not a safe way to enter the online trading world. These types of systems are, for the most part, scams and better alternatives are available for you if you seek a safe and legitimate direction in your pursuit to become a binary options trader. Instead of starting on the wrong foot and investing your money with you should do your research and only register with EU regulated brokers and well reviewed and WatchDog approved signals services and communities.

We encourage you to share your feedback regarding your experience with Secure Trader. Is this offer legitimate? Did you end up a millionaire by trading with this website? Please let us and other online traders know what we’re up against and what type of ITM results is actually generating. By posting your comments you can help us provide a more accurate understanding of what exactly traders can expect when they sign up and deposit their money. Furthermore, we advice you to stay away from the bonus scheme in which they offer you “$3000 free”, yet what it really means is that if you will agree to deposit a big sum of money, they will add a bonus to your account that will restrict you from withdrawing your funds until you generate a very high volume of trades. Using SecureTrader you will surely never reach this volume or get to see this bonus, therefore this is another attempt to scam you and get you to lose more money. Stay safe and thank you for reading our warning.