18 minutes is a weird SCAM!

18 Minutes is a new automated trading software that just came out and the subject of today’s review. Is it a SCAM? As soon as we open the 18Minutes.co website, we read that with this software it is possible to make $2,500 in 18 minutes. It’s stated that this software is “Only available in United States…”, yet anyone who stumbles upon this page will notice the same message, the 18 Minutes Software is only available in your country! Why would they lie about this offer being available ONLY in one country? And if they lie about minor things, it makes you wonder what else is fraudulent or misrepresented on this pitch page.

Please read this review before signing up with 18 Minutes, it is a SCAM!

The whole production behind 18Minutes.co is sloppy. Right at the beginning of the video, it says: “See that countdown clock right there?” and an arrow points to the wrong direction. The fake countdown clock is somewhere else. “The clock is ticking…” and according to the 18 Minutes website, you only have 18 minutes to sign up with this binary options trading software. However, when we wait and the time runs out, the offer is still there and we can still open an account so obviously this is just a fake backward counter. When trying to leave the website, a pop up appears as is the case with most scam binary options offers we review, trying to prevent us from leaving.

Fake Review by a Fiverr.com actor ( 18Minutes.co )


Don’t be fooled by the testimonials shown on 18Minutes.co. They were made by actors bought from Fiverr.com, contrary to the claim that they are from real people who used the 18Minutes app. The voiceover actor featured in the pitch video says his name is Robert Carswell. He claims that for the past few years he has been developing and refining “a money making process that has yet to fail.” Pictures of fancy houses, luxurious cars, vacations, etc., which appear on the marketing video of almost every binary options scam that comes out, are not missing from the 18 Minutes one. Robert Carswell recounts that he used to be poor until he decided to check out trading. He started with small-scale trades, made some profits and “was quickly able to turn those into hundreds of dollars in real profit, fast.” However, he does not explain how he was able to make a few hundred bucks every few minutes and thousands of dollars every few hours, and we don’t really buy it. The people behind the 18 Minutes scam are not stupid.

They use clever psychological manipulation to convince people to join. If you know you have self-control issues, it might be wise not to even watch the video. Once you enter your email, you will be redirected to a registration page. Again a backward counter is used to hasten you. Finally, after giving out your personal information, you will reach the deposit page. “I will have to rush you on this one, as spots are running out fast” says the voiceover actor. He warns not to exit the website because there’s no guarantee that it will be possible for you to return.

WatchDog’s Top EU Regulated brokers

BS… They will not leave behind anyone willing to fall for their scam. He continues: “We currently have less than 10 spots still available.” Another obvious lie. Were there always only 10 spots available? If it was true then the software would be off the shelves within a couple of hours from the launch. The conclusion of this review is that you shouldn’t sign up with 18 Minutes binary options trading system. This is clearly a scam and you will probably lose your entire deposit in no more than 18 minutes.

VERDICT: 18Minutes.co is a FRAUD!

If you’re looking for real profitable software and signal services, please check out WatchDog’s Recommend Signals and Communities. We recommend that newbies start with a Free Demo Account. Thank you for taking the time to read our 18 Minutes Review. Please share your comments and testimonials below!

Global Profits is a SCAM!!!

This honest review on the Global Profits SCAM is really important! You must read this before they STEAL your money, as today we have some concrete evidence for you! The individuals who are behind Globalprofits.co are directly connected with NRGBinary.com aka TitanTrade, one of the worst, unregulated binary options scam operations on the globe! Did you notice how the voice actor brags about his account balance with NRG and Titan in this video? This is highly disturbing considering how many complaints we received against those crooks. Global Profits was created by the biggest crooks in the binary options industry! Withdrawing money from your trading account? Forget about it!

At this point, we don’t even need to get any feedback or try this bogus software. We have a reason to believe that Global Profits was created by this unregulated scam broker and not by a Mike Silver.. The narrative is unbelievable, the scare tactics on how the world’s economy is coming to an end and this is your chance to profit, as people are losing everything. This is not only a false statement, no proof was even provided related to ‘how you can make money while everyone else is losing’ and as countries around the world collapse, due to growing debt. Great tactic, to scare people into signing-up! It surely makes sense to us, from a SCAM point of view, since there’s nothing more to the Globalprofits.co website.


They just launched this c**p, and forget about the brokers for a moment, and how NRG’s owners should be sitting behind bars, and we’ll send them a nice letter when we figure out in which prison they are housed, the Global Profits software is such a fraud, a deceitful worthless piece of virtual nonsense! Please do continue reading as we’re not done yet, more LIES:

Where did the Global Profits scam-artists get the pictures from?

Who are the successful Beta Testers?

On the 2nd page, after you submit your name and email, you will notice pictures of some “succesful traders” who managed to make a lot of money with this Global..Disaster website! But wait, all the pictures are fake, Justin Gomez, Maria Anderson, Jennifer Sterling, Sofia Pallettoo, Karen Harper, we verified all the pictures, and all are bogus. Don’t believe us? Check-out the following evidence we found:

Sofia Palletto is pretty, hot, looks like a nice businesswomen but it’s a fake picture from ShutterStock.com


Justin Gomez looks like a reliable guy, maybe he is real? Nope. Stock Photos again!




At this point you should be 100% convinced that you are dealing with a scam, Global Profits is not worth your time. Lies after lies, fake actors, terrible brokers. Do you really want to lose all your money with a fraudulent money-making scheme? This is definitely not the way to get started with online trading or specifically with binary options. This industry is now becoming more and more regulated, the days are numbered for scam brokers like NRG and for fake services such the new GlobalProfits.co scam. Creator and SEO, “Mike Silver”…Really?

Before you join any binary options broker or service, do some research, and don’t deposit your money if the offer seems too good to be true! Please check-out our complete Binary Options Blacklist for other warnings concerning scam companies in this industry. If you are interested to trade with a serious company, consider Topoption or Anyoption (links to the reviews), both are fully EU regulated and have a solid reputation!

For reliable signals service, check-out WatchDog’s Recommended Binary Options Signals and communities for binary options traders. Thank you for taking a few moment to read our Global Profits Review. STAY AWAY FROM IT!

We encourage you to post your feedback, questions and comments!

Push Button Salaries is a SCAM!

Let’s be very clear, the Push Button Salaries software is a SCAM and in this review we will provide you with real evidence! First, you should never rely on sites like IveTriedThat.com, or some of the promotional sites that deal with marketing the pushbuttonsalary.com website, as well as the email marketers that are sending you invitations. All of them are selling you dreams and false hope! We completely agree with the nerd from IveTriedThat.com this time, the Push Button Salaries is definitely a scam but this guy never tried it or literally anything that he ever reviewed and his only goal is to demonize all other services while he is a scam-artist himself. Steve Razinski has been exposed on so many sites, it’s unbelievable. Just look up “Steve Razinski SCAM” and you will find the worst type of concrete accusations.

www.ivetriedthat.com- The OWNER is Scam artist! – Scam.com

In this case, Steve Razinski was right but his intentions remain the same, to divert your attention and steal your money in other ways. His only goal is to deter you from online trading entirely and sell you other BS. Little does he know that Push Button Salaries and such scam operations are not treated seriously by educated online traders, but unfortunately many people do fall into such traps and attempts to discredit the binary options industry as a whole. Don’t trust the online bigots “Steve Razinski, Halina Zakowicz, Dean Robinson” because “they” are not really looking out for you. If they/he continues on this path, there’s a coalition of objective sites that will ensure that he is exposed further. Stop being an online bully.

Back to the Push Button Salaries BS!

everything about it is a complete fraud! Check-out some of the EVIDENCE we found:

The guy on the PushButtonSalary.com front page: (couldn’t they find a real person?)


How about the pictures of the Beta Testers from the first few moments into the Push Button Salaries video:

https://boarddirection.com.au/ oops this is just a copied picture? so they are not real traders and this is another lie by the “Push Button Salaries new scam? Most likely!

Same picture from the pushbuttonsalary.com intro!


This offer reminds us of a previous scam we exposed:

Push button Millionaire SCAM!

Not convinced yet? The voice actor from the Push Button Salary video claims that they are governed and regulated by the most important organization that oversees financial activities in the world, the alleged ISA. There is no such organization and no further information is given on the site, we even contacted live support and didn’t get an intelligent response, check out this ridiculous conversation with the chat rep:



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In reality after doing some research we couldn’t find any ISA organization that governs or audits such websites, unless they are referring to the Israel Securities Authority. ISA.gov.il obviously it’s not) “No higher international body to verify financial claims”! This Push Button Salary is a complete joke, fraud and highly misleading so do you really want to join them? The only broker we find that is offered with the software is unregulated and completely new, chances are they own this fake software and are trying to push it to the public. NEVER REGISTER WITH UNREGULATED BROKERS! In the Binary Options and Forex industries you must be careful before you join any company, verify the reputation and make sure that they are EU regulated by a real organization!!! The ISA obviously doesn’t exist, the pictures are all fake and this offer is really suspicious so please do not sign-up and do share your experience if you decided to give it a try. Thank you for taking a moment to read our Push Button Salaries Review!

VERDICT: PushButtonSalary.com is a SCAM!

5 Alternatives to Binary Options!

Feel like it’s time to move on and find an alternative to binary options? Today we will explore other ways to make money online! As you might already know, our website is dedicated to debunking binary options scams and this is what we specialize in. In more than 3 years we managed to save traders Millions of dollars via disputes and help with complaints and we plan to continue and fight every new fraud that comes out! Today we want to offer our readers with some alternatives, if you don’t see yourself as an online trader, there are other opportunities to make money from home! Please read the following carefully if you seek a non-risky way to make money online!

Top Five Alternatives, verified & legit! No risk involved!


Alternative #1 to Binary Options: (Translation)

Know English + a different language? Did you know that there is an INSANE DEMAND for translation jobs? Forget about surveys and all the BS that’s out there, this is a real job that you can get paid a lot of money for instantly. Check if there is demand in your country. Translators can make up to $500/day depending on how fast you can type. Check out RealTranslatorJobs.com and check if you qualify. This job involves no risk and everyone who knows two or more languages can get hired, literally on a daily basis, especially for demanded languages! Real Translator Jobs offers up to $100 to translate text documents and up to $35 to translate emails, you can also translate subtitles and simple blog posts.

Alternative#2 to Binary Options: (Writing)

Translation doesn’t really require outstanding writing skills but if you do know how to write pretty well, you can potentially make more money by accepting writing gigs, demand for guest bloggers is BIG and many blogs rely purely on the work on guest writers! Top story and article writers can make up to $1000 a day but this requires a little bit of talent. If you think you are up for the challenge, be sure to check-out the following website LegitWritingJobs.com. This website will not only connect you with the jobs, but will provide you with excellent writing tips.

Alternative #3 to Binary Options: (Clickbank)

Clickbank.com is one of the biggest network of affiliates in the world today. Literally every product and service you can think of from Zombie attack kit to ‘how to get your loved one back’ secrets, cooking books, gardening, you name it and it’s on Clickbank.com. Top affiliates on Clickbank generate thousands of dollars every day. CBPirate (Clickbank Pirate) educational system will help you tap into this world of affiliation without any background in online marketing or webmastering. Everyone can become a top affiliate with Clickbank! CBPirate.com will give you a detailed strategy of how you can make money online without a product or website of your own! It’s the only approved system by Clickbank.com that teaches you how to make money as an affiliate using their marketplace, it’s also ranked as a top product on many IM sites and forums.

Alternative #4 to Binary Options: (YouTube Marketing)

There’s really not much to say about the 2nd biggest website in the world YouTube.com, channels of all types are making INSANE profits from advertising, selling products and affiliation. VideoTrafficAcademy.com will teach you how to become a top earning YouTube channel owner! The Video Traffic Academy is a comprehensive program that will teach you, from A to Z, everything you need to know before you establish a new commercial channel on YouTube! MUST WATCH!!!

Alternative #5 to Binary Options: (Fiverr)

Fiverr.com is a place for the good and bad! It’s a place where you can sell fake testimonial services, but it’s also a place where you can set up a store and sell a legitimate skill that you might have. From simple gigs such as holding up a sign to skilled SEO jobs, there’s a demand for sellers and buyers on Fiverr.com. Top sellers make a few hundred dollars a day but as a small time seller you might only collect $5 gigs and they take 20% from your profits too. The one thing we really don’t like about Fiverr.com is how they allow their sellers to offer fake testimonials to the binary options scams we expose so if you ever decide to go with Fiverr.com hopefully we will never see you spreading lies for a few dollars, it’s not worth it and some sellers on Fiverr make money without having to lie!


WatchDog’s Recommended Binary Options Brokers

Let’s sum it up, binary options is not for everyone and some of the visitors of this website are burnt out, they reached us after getting scammed by unregulated brokers or shady signals services, but we must remind you that there are many EU regulated and legitimate services in this industry and you can find them listed and recommended on this site. However, if you are burnt out and feel like it’s time for change, something new in your life and a risk-free way to make money online, check out one of the 5 alternatives above and don’t forget to give us your feedback!

Fast Cash Biz is NOT a SCAM?

The FastCash.BIZ “revolution” site seems like a scam to us, a well produced offer with nothing behind it or did we get it wrong this time? Yesterday we received an email from a trader who warned us not to post a negative review on the Fast Cash Biz opportunity, it wasn’t an actual threat, but he stated that we would be going after the wrong people and that this new opportunity by Fast Cash Biz is real and can produce steady revenues. We decided to post this review anyway because we have no plans to rely on the account snapshots and testimonial of a single trader!

Many Forex and Binary Options traders are asking us to finally review this offer, as it is going completely viral, but we wanted to give it some time and wait for some feedback. Do you really believe Madison Clark and David Graham? We couldn’t find them on Fiverr.com so we know that they are not cheap actors, tracing their real identity didn’t work this time and of course on IveTriedThat.com every binary options site is a scam, and “the only thing that really works is the $10 Ebook they sell” which can be found for free on other sites. IveTriedThat are not a credible site and notice that when they negatively review a product, they never actually go into the details or identify the flaws. They literally never tried anything that they ever reviewed including FastCash.BIZ, and we’re not about to buy their $10 E-Book, which is allegedly better than all the industry combined.


We’ve seeing promotional and strange endorsements for Fast Cash Biz, but also a few credible sites are advertising them, it’s not going to remain a mystery for long because now that this software is going completely viral, we will surely get feedback that will help us determine if this is a profitable software, or another worthless, bogus scam! If we find that this highly produced offer is just another fraud, it will join the many previous offers we added to our Scam Services Blacklist!

It appears that unlike most sites we stumble upon, they at least placed a government disclaimer on the page as required by the law, while others maintain that it’s enough to place a generic looking risk warning if any, to warn their traders of potential losses. No sleazy “limited numbers of licensed” left tactic to rush new members, but we still doubt the legitimacy of FastCash.BIZ and we are definitely not convinced that it’s the next best software in the industry. Be sure to help us with this one, share this review and let’s see what the community thinks!

Very Impressive Review on the Fast Cash Biz website

Most sites either conclude that all binary options are real and profitable and some sites completely eliminate it as an option in order to promote other products and services, as you can clearly see in the Google search results. Unless we get your feedback or identify the type of scam elements that exist with any type of service, we cannot reach a conclusion. At this point we will give the FastCash.biz the benefit of the doubt but if we get any complaints we will immediately be sure to add them to our list of scams and we will invest time to write an additional warning to further damage their business as we do with misleading sites in the industry!

New to Binary Options? Be sure to sign-up with fully EU regulated brokers and you can always start with a Free Demo Account before you jump in the water. Please help us determine if the FastCash Biz Opportunity is the real deal or is it just another fake offer by sharing your stats, experience, ITM trading results, opinions and overall experience. Let’s hope that it’s not another automated theft machine!

Is Sports Cash System a SCAM? Honest Review! (Sports Betting)

Th Sports Cash System is not the typical product or service we review, but lately we’re seeing many site visitors posting questions relating to the Sports Betting alternative, Sportscashsystemsoftware.com by Tommy Krieg. Is this just another scam targeting those who are interested to make money online? Even though our main focus is to expose Binary Options Scams and to provide day-traders with reliable investment opportunities, we decided to branch out today and set the record straight and determine if we’re dealing with ‘pure hype’ or with a reliable money-making opportunity. This offer seems to be going viral lately and it could be that you received an email invitation to give the Sports Cash System a try. Research is always important and before you sign-up with any offer that might seem too good to be true, you should always Google it first.

Is Sportscashsystemsoftware.com a SCAM?

Since Sports Betting is not our field of expertise, we rely on testimonials and comment by users on forums in the field, Tommy seems to have a many followers on Facebook and YouTube based on research so we know that we’re dealing with a real person. The Sports Cash System is refreshing in a way, especially for those of us who are sports fans! The software will cost you a total of $49.00 after a $70 discount which is currently available for new members, less than the minimum deposit required by most binary options brokers. Now, before we continue, it’s important to note that even though we didn’t find any testimonials or comments by software members that might alarm us or indicate that it’s a scam, the Sportscashsystemsoftware.com website does kind of look like a scam on first impression.

However it’s not a fair statement, as members are guaranteed a 60 days 100% money back guaranteed, so if you are not satisfied with the Tommy Krieg’s performance and prediction accuracy, you can always continue and move on without losing much besides your time. We also really didn’t like how Tommy pitches sports betting as a miracle as ‘by far more superior’ to online trading, advertising and other ways to make money, and this kind of attitude might come across as cheap marketing tactics for some folks who will visit the site. The “100 memberships” available concept is also getting old, but let’s ‘write it off’ as a white lie because we’ve seen legitimate offers use similar tactics, however we think that it’s an unnecessary pressure tactic, the software is not expensive so it’s completely useless and might deter some from joining.


Let’s be a bit positive though, at least you are not guaranteed to make millions or hundreds of dollars within minutes as some of the fraud operations out there will manipulate you to believe. The Spots Cash System software is not a “dream selling machine”, the estimated profits seem quite reasonable, at around $4,750 to $7,500 /month. This is surely not a way to get rich but since it’s becoming viral and many site visitors and online traders are considering this software, we found it necessary to post this review on the Sports Cash System.

Tommy Krieg Review on YouTube

The good news is that right now you will not find any alarming criticism on any forums or sites by members of the software and it’s been around for a few years, the question is, if it’s because members are able to really profit and make a decent side income with the Sports Cash System or if it’s due to the guaranteed refund policy?

You will be the judge and as we welcome your questions and honest feedback!

At this point we have no reason to believe that we’re dealing with a fraud, scam or a highly misleading offer but if you don’t like Tommy Krieg from Sportscashsystemsoftware.com, it’s not the end of the world! Interested in alternatives to sports betting? We do recommend that you try binary options but you must be really careful with the brokers and services you join. If you are completely new and interested in the field, start with a Free Demo Account. After you are ready to invest real money, be sure to register with an EU regulated broker with a good reputation, payout and responsive customer service. Thank you for reading our Sports Cash System review.

Magic Money Machine is a SCAM by Identity Thieves!

This is an important warning concerning the Magic Money Machine SCAM, a new software that just came out! After investigating the website Magicmoneymachine.co thoroughly, we discovered some alarming facts. This review is really important and you should definitely read it if you received an invitation to join this software! Let’s put aside all the contradictions in the narrative for a moment and get to the main issue we have this offer. The pictures on the 2nd page, of the alleged “success stories” of the software are either purchased or stolen as we found via a reserve Google picture search. Jeff Winkleman is a picture model, anyone can buy this picture on GettyImages.com


It turns out that since 2014 they didn’t manage to find anyone real to testify that this software can actually generate “$800 every 7 minutes” as they claim. This is not all though, whoever created the Magic Money Machine scam went too far this time because they didn’t only purchase pictures for illustrations, they also stole a face picture from a woman by the name of Dr. Cynthia A. Bioteau, named her Samantha Jones, quote “I pulled in $9,531.96 Profit in my first WEEK! I’m still in shock at how awesome Magic Money Machine is!” We are not sure that Cynthia is going to like that her picture is being used by a clear fraud. It turns out that this is a College President at Florida State College at Jacksonville (http://www.fscj.edu/discover-fscj/gov-admin/college-president) and her name is most definitely not Samantha Jones as it appears on the MagicMoneyMachine.co scam site. This type of business practice is considered theft and we hope that Dr. Bioteau will read this review, and report this fraud site to the hosting provider!

The picture of the alleged “Tina Curtis” can be found on the following page: http://imgarcade.com/1/professional-business-women-headshots/

Here is a snapshot to prove that Magic Money Machine are nothing but liars and scam-artists!


Ask yourself if you rather believe a fake review with no concrete evidence of any real success, or a real review exposing how they are clearly willing to lie to get your business. Consider that if a software could realistically generate online traders, $800 or even $500 every 17 minutes, the developers of the “MagicMoneyMachine” would most likely have someone to testify that it truly works. Buying pictures or stealing pictures is the same in the eyes of potential victims, in both cases this is a deceptive way to convince people to take on a new “opportunity” to make fast money online instead of using rational arguments, real testimonials and/or any reliable evidence.

We really hope that people will read this review before they fall for this ridiculous scam and instead do some research before getting into binary options. No legitimate binary options service or broker would use a “clock down”, as seen on the 2nd page, rushing you to deposit money within a few minutes, or else you might lose the chance to get access. Excuse us but this MAgic Money Machine software is complete BS!

Everything about Magicmoneymachine.co is deceptive and misleading, from the first moment the voice actor opens his mouth. If you are serious about online trading you should definitely avoid this scam, but if you already signed-up and deposited your money, please share your feedback and let us know if you managed to get $800 every 17 minutes… Another thing, don’t be wishful thinkers and ask yourself: “maybe I can still make a little bit of money”, you won’t! This is a pure fraud and after posting 100+ of warnings we can easily detect all the red flags.

Honestly there’s really nothing else to write about this besides a funny contradiction we found, and you only need to know how to multiply in order to uncover this. The voice actor claims that “this is not another one of those ‘make millions’ in a few weeks bogus offer”, yet he states that members can make hundreds of dollars every few minutes. Does anyone have a calculator because this guy is either mentally disabled or a scam-artist, we will leave it up for you to decide!

Verdict: Magic Money Machine is a SCAM!

If you are completely new to binary options we recommend that you start with a Free Demo Account, but if you are ready to trade with a serious binary options broker, you should first check-out our blacklist and make sure to sign-up with reputable, EU Regulated Brokers. Thank you for taking the time to read our Magic Money Machine software review and please share your feedback, questions and thoughts.


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