Ice 9 Technology is a SCAM!! Honest Software Review!

It’s likely that you received emails from shady spammers, inviting you to join the Ice 9 Technology SCAM! In this review we gathered enough facts to debunk the fraud and our primary goal is to ensure that potential victims are fully aware of what’s truly behind the website before it’s too late. The Auto Trader was official released about 3 days ago, and sadly there are already a few fake and deceptive reviews out there promoting this system. Aaron Palmer and his Ice 9 Technology software is currently under question by us, during our review we will be exposing everything that you need to know about the software, and why your money will be much safer in your bank account than at the hands of online thieves.

One very big flaw that we found with the Ice 9 Technology software whilst gathering evidence and statements for our review, is the use of high profiled professionals in the presentation video. We would’ve actually applauded the Auto Trader and marketers if only we were able to find that the persona of the characters used were true. We had a little look into John Farraday, Gary Larson, and Scott Wittaker, and have found these to fake profiles. Due to the high credit and position given to them in the pitch video on the webpage we obviously assumed that they would somehow be traceable. We are yet to find any LinkedIn Facebook, Twitter or any type of social presence related to any of the above named individuals.


Especially looking at John Farraday, if it is true that he worked for Citi Group he would be the easiest to trade, especially with the role of Senior Executive. Even having a look at the blogger Shane Becker, we have been in this industry probably longer than anyone has, and we don’t even know who this guy is, and which blog he runs. Therefore we have to ask, if anyone reading this review on Ice 9 Technology that have by any chance come across personal profiles of any of the people mentioned, or know who Shane is, to please send us the link, as we would love to see this for ourselves.

Aaron Palmer is the alleged lead creator and designer of the Ice 9 Technology scam system. According to the fake narrative, “Growing up in Silicon Valley and having a keen interest in tech, he developed his first computer program at the age of 8”, However when watching the presentation video on the webpage, we had this strange feeling, and we are sure that most of you are probably feeling the same, and that is déjà vu. The software has an eerie similarity to, which in a way we get due the success, and believe this to be produced to mimic the production to get the same feel of reliability and trust. The second case is more of a global phenomenal regarding Steve Jobs and Apple. Anyone else feel that the story-line is almost exactly the same?

Listening to Aaron’s explanation of the Ice 9 Technology software for our review, we cannot help but get a bit confused. He explains that the auto trader has been designed to analyse financial data as it happens, but then he refers to google having a 45 min time delay to find new data, and to be honest we have no idea what that has to do with the price of eggs. Anyways, back to the financial data thing, so the idea is that it analyses financial data as it happens with super-fast computers and effectively trading the news so to speak. For one, we are yet to see a system trade the news correctly, yes software’s such as the Ice 9 Technology scam auto trader can analyse data and follow trends, but it most certainly cannot predict the immediate future with the accuracy mentioned.

The Ice 9 Technology scam is unfortunately one that has hit the binary options market by storm. We have received both messages of traders falling for this and losing their investments, as well as countless messages asking if this is legit. One question we also get asked and with good right is, what is the catch? Well we are trying to figure this one out ourselves as there is no such thing as free money, and someone such as John Farraday if was real would not be investing so much money and resources into something such as the Ice 9 Technology software just to give it away for free. Also, one more thing, don’t you just love how they throw in the emotional effect at the end, hoping that your heart will go out to Aaron and as a result believe him that all he is doing is helping others. This is a very clever tactic used by scam systems to soften the hearts of those watching the production, if this was truly a trusted and reliable service, there would be no need to bring personal affairs into it.

Review Verdict: Ice 9 Technology is a SCAM!

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Please share your feedback, questions and experiences below if you are a victim of the Ice 9 Technology counterfeit fraud site. Help us spread the message and save folks who might believe that you can trust a random email marketer who sends you an invitation, promising you to make loads of money in exchange for absolutely nothing. If it’s too good to be true, it’s far from it and you shouldn’t even take the risk if you’re curious. In case you are just starting out with binary options, it’s best to trade with a free demo account. Then once you are ready to trade with real money, you must verify that the broker and/or signals services you follow are regulated, licensed and have credible reviews and endorsements. You can tell that NEO2 is backed by live trades on YouTube, honest feedback by real day-traders and lot’s of great publicity, but it’s not the case with Ice 9 Technology.

Watchdog’s Top Recommended Software!


If you are searching for a better alternative, at we test services and rely on user feedback, currently our top performing software is and it’s not absolutely free for life like the scam sites would make you believe, besides the poor performance they generate, but it’s based on a fair model. It’s widely endorsed on credible online-trading forums and we posted several reviews and follow-ups with live trades. For more information visit Watchdog’s Copy Buffett Review and for other alternatives we encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. Thank you for taking a few moments to read this important warning and please don’t forget to share your feedback.

Greenwood Formula is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

Warning, read our fact-based review on the Greenwood Formula SCAM prior to even researching the software any further, as will without a doubt expose all the details that every trader needs to know before even considering investing money with the fraudulent site. The Greenwood Formula software is being widely advertised as being able to generate you hundreds of thousands of dollars in as little as a month! This is very clever tactic used to target newbie day-traders and those who are in desperate need for some quick cash, it’s not a reasonable income you can expect with any trading system, even the most legitimate ones. Rest assure that after reading some of the evidence we found concerning the webpage, you will not be inclined to waste your time and money.

While in the process of writing this review on the Greenwood Formula Software, we noticed several testimonials that at first glance can probably taken as trusted. However when listening to all of them, they all happily state that they have been trading for approximately 20 days, but after doing a bit of research and looking into the domain’s age, we found that webpage was only registered on the 09th May, 2016. Plus when you take into consideration a couple of days to a week to set everything up, it has been way less than thirty days. Therefore indirectly proving that the lovely faces who claim to be so rich are actually far from it, as they are clearly happen to be paid liars.

$10,000 for taking a bonus that will lock your account with the broker, read more below!


Again faced with a software that supposedly offers you a cash reward for not achieving what they have promised, or just for landing on the website, in the case of the Greenwood Formula scam. If you’ve been following our previous reviews, no doubt you have read a review or two from systems offering exactly the same bait-and-switch bonus that locks your money with the broker right after you accept this money, until you generate a very high trade volume. This for us is one clear way of immediately pointing out that the system in question is more likely to be a fraudulent auto trader rather than one to be taken seriously. We can however say without losing any sleep on this, that should you decide to enter your name and email address on their site to try the Greenwood Formula Software out, you will NOT receive that $10k, even if you lose the whole of your deposit. Don’t fall into this common trap, you will regret it.


Jake the alleged nice guy who’s “extraordinarily kind” enough to hand the Greenwood Formula software to us for free, claims the auto trader is available by invitation only. This we believe is untrue, as we are one hundred percent sure that each and every person landing on the website will be able to enter their details and be congratulated on the next page. Again we are faced with countless scam systems to review that make the same remarks over and over again, nothing is new to us anymore. Even the lines where Jake, whom by the way never introduced himself, informs you that he is not even a trader let alone one of those guru’s who claim to know all. Well we would rather follow one of those guru’s because chances are they have more than half an idea of what they are talking about, than this sad actor Jake who is unverifiable and makes no sense.

During our review of the Greenwood Formula scam we picked up on something that some people might rightfully miss either due to inexperience or they weren’t paying too much attention, and that is the daily amounts the software is able of generating, which actually proves that this auto trader is not as consistent as claimed. When Jake who again, did not even tell you his last name, or his name as a matter of fact, you had to hear it from the testimonials featured on the presentation video, shows you his trading account over 5 days’ time it does not make sense. Notice how he started with $250, and his account increased to over $19k in one day, then to $21k after day to, and so on, until he reached $41k in five days’ time. Sure if the software is able of generating nineteen thousand in one day from a small deposit of two hundred and fifty, why then is it not able to generate much more than that over the next few days, or at least match that with more money in the account to work with. Basically making no sense at all anyway you look at it, far from reality and too good to be true.

In cases such as with the Greenwood Formula scam, we were actually really annoyed by the presentation video as it is obviously really manipulative and shared the same common traits that previous fraud sites we exposed engage in when it comes to the narrative. We are told over and over again how much money we will be making with the system, how we will be able to afford all our wildest dreams, and how easy it is going to be. However not at one point were we actually informed how the software works, what makes it special, and what is behind it that makes is so successful. The lack of evidence and links to the system is very worrying, and we would advise that you take your money and run, as this is definitely not the scam to invest it in.

Review Verdict: Greenwood Formula is a SCAM!

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NEW UPDATE: Avoid the Ice 9 Technology SCAM!

At we are not quick to recommend brokers and signals services, but fortunately there are reliable companies out there but you must always do some research before you register with any offer. For a much better alternative and a trusted system, we encourage you to checkout the NEO2 Software Review we posted after testing it for more than a few weeks. You can find credible evidence, live results and testimonials all over the Internet and it’s backed by trusted individuals. For other alternatives, we encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options.


Please share your feedback, questions and experiences with the Greenwood Formula below this review. Let us know what you think about this system and if you did in fact make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, in reality we find it hard to believe that anyone will be making a dollar. Keep us posted and if you need help with complaints or disputes against any type of scam, you can reach us always at and we’ll assist you free of charge and help you seek justice in case you’ve been conned.

Rapid Income Method is a SCAM!! Honest Review!

Be sure to read our full review on the Rapid Income Method SCAM, this is without a doubt a misleading and dangerous fraud application as mentioned by Dominic Taylor. We plan to go into the troubling facts we have found during our investigation of the Rapid Income Method software. Therefore ensure you stay away from the website until you know exactly what you truly need to be listening out for before registering with this useless money making scheme, not worthy of your time.

When entering the Rapid Income Method Scam site, it almost looks like it is an advertisement for the website. The first person you see, i.e Dominic Taylor is probably one of the most famous one of them all. He has been used by countless scam offers as a testimonial or spokesperson guy and many of you may already recognize him if you’ve been following our reviews. We can’t help but wonder why this guy keeps on getting fired from his top paying career paths he has worked for so many years for. This of course obviously points to the fact that not one of the testimonials seen in the Rapid Income Method Software prom video. Ironically as seen in the snapshot, the actor talks about how you’ve been scammed by actors.


So we have been told that the reason the Rapid Income Method scam is so successful, and why it is able to make you no less than at least $5k a day, is because the software has been programmed to be an “Application”. Yes we know, just listen to this theory!! The reason all other auto traders fail are because they are software’s, meaning they have been programmed in such a way that uses operation information by a computer (again, yes we know, this Dominic actually thinks he is talking sense!) Now moving on to how the Rapid Income Method software works, and that is by an application, meaning it implements the development into the software. So not only does it run the information programmed into the system, it also applies it. So the approach this time around was to design a system that actually trades according to what it has been designed to do. If anyone actually believes this BS, please go ahead and register, and kindly let us know of your results. The one thing Mr Taylor fails to realize is that no matter how much he sugar coats this, his system is still classified as a software, and in his own words, his software will sure lose you your investment.

Right so the offer on the table today is that each trader interested can register for free today as the marketers for the Rapid Income Method Scam need 7 more beta testers to test the auto trader before the license gets sold to a US bank in 2 months’ time. With the free software you also get an extra $250 added to your account to give you that helping hand in making a success of your trading experience with the system. However ladies and gentlemen, please do not fall for this sales pitch. No matter what Dominic says in the presentation video on the website, the money is not yours, you cannot withdraw it at any time! The money added to your deposit is a broker bonus and locks your investment with the broker, until you generate a very high volume of trades!

Just in case you are still wondering whether the Rapid Income Method truly as scam is or not. We of course do quite a bit of digging for our reviews, and notice how all the production testimonials claim they have all been trading for long enough to have made hundreds of thousands of dollars, and some even millions of dollars. Well sad to say that the webpage was only registered on the 18th April 2016, making it 2 days over a month old. Therefore proving that not even their timeline of events make sense, let alone anything else in this literally paid production.

One thing you should definitely not believe from Dominic Taylor is that if you are in debt or need money fast, that the Rapid Income Method scam is your only solution. A system that does not have one honest fact pointing towards their auto trader is definitely not your only solution. Dominic is fake, the timeline is made up, the testimonials are bought, and on top of that we have confirmation from at least 4 people that they have already lost their investments, and the list regrettably goes on. Therefore we have to again stress the fact that each and every time you are considering to submit your details with a software, be sure that you do your research, and always err on the side of caution, and go with what is currently the most trusted in the binary options industry.

Review Verdict: Rapid Income Method is a SCAM!
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Binary options trading is risky as it is, as day-traders deal with short term trades and without proper technical analysis and prior investment knowledge you may lose a lot of money, especially if you decide to trade on your own. If you are new, you might want to start with a free demo account before you invest money with any system or broker. Besides the clear warning to avoid scam sites such as the Rapid Income Method, we always advise our readers to do a lot of research and make sure that the brokers and service providers you decide to register with are credible, and also have positive reviews and reliable endorsements. Please share your feedback below this review if you have any questions, feedback or information to share related to Our team is available via email to help with complaints and disputes free of charge, and you can reach us at

Not all services are a scam, and if you are searching for a reliable alternative with evidence, real people versus actors and documented evidence of consistent success, check out the NEO2 Review we posted a few weeks ago. Recently we also posted another review with live trades. The software received countless of positive reviews and many day-traders documented their ITM rate live on YouTube. Research is the key and you’ll find that NEO2 is a reliable automated system but unfortunately it’s not available in many countries including India, many parts of Africa and Asia.


If you are unable to access NEO2, we recommend that you look into the software, we posted a BinaDroid Review after doing some testing, it’s available globally and traders can choose their own broker along with a $5 trade minimum. For other alternatives and service providers, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. Thank you for reading this warning and make sure to avoid Rapid Income Method, research is always important and we are confident that you are not interested to look your money with a scam.

Hoffman Stein SCAM aka Nexus App Review

We advise that you read our full review exposing the Hoffman Stein SCAM (Nexus App), before you invest money with The Nexus App aka software has been around for a few days now, and we are aware that some of you have already fallen for the deceitful lies being told in the presentation by Anthony Henderson. Be sure to read to the end as we are about to expose everything that makes the Hoffman Stein software a scam.

This time we are going to jump straight into this to get this review out of the way and prove to you that the Hoffman Stein Nexus App is a scam. Let’s have a look at the two gentleman used for their testimonials in the presentation. Well there is nothing special about them or their testimonies, you are welcome to buy the same reviews on this software or anything product out there that you please, as they are no more than actors, who will lie and do quite a lot funnily for a measly $5 bill. It’s really shameful to see so many people who are willing to lie with a straight face and for a very small payment.

The usual Rushing tactics to get you to sign-up quickly!


Should we continue with the Nexus App Review?

It’s obviously a lame scam as you can clearly see…

That is one down, now unto the next point. Anthony Henderson claims to be the CEO and owner of the Hoffman Stein scam system, as well as the Hoffman Stein Capital Company. Regrettably despite all of our efforts, we were unable to find any information regarding Anthony or the company, which leads us to one conclusion, and that is that this is all made up. We even tried to find some of those news articles shown in the presentation to see if we can find some legitimate information to prove that just maybe this is not yet another scam. However we were unable to find anything, there is no Mr Henderson, nor is there a company by the name of Hoffman Stein Capital, and as we already pointed out, the reviews of the software are fake.

Why we are even looking further into the Hoffman Stein scam for our review, we have no idea, but just in case the above does not deter you from the system yet, here are a few more facts. The claim during the pitch video is that this system can make you just over $6k in 10 min (Yea, our thoughts exactly!!). This must be the best auto trader out there since it made the six thousand on $0 investment. When you have a look at the brand new account that Anthony set up for the purpose to show every, notice how he does not invest a penny into the system, yet it was able to throw out profits almost instantly. If we will all be treated to the same software where no investment is needed and we profit like that, where do we sign up?


In case you are still not sure what the Hoffman Stein software is, and how exactly it works, we are not surprised, as they have explained it in such a way, should you blink you will miss it. However saying that, the idea behind the auto trader is that it tracks all trades placed in the financial market, both winning and losing trades. It then places a trade to counter the losing trades, and places trades to mimic the winning trades, giving the Hoffman Stein scam a 100% ITM rate. Well for one, no binary options system is one hundred percent correct all the time, and neither do we believe that this software can pull it off either. For every trade placed in binary options, someone else somewhere has to place a trade in the opposite direction for the trade to be executed, and how does the system know that the trade placed was not placed by mistake? Furthermore since it is designed to scan the markets and track trades, it does not take into account human error, as it does not follow a chart algorithm making sure that the trades it is following was placed with careful calculations.

Now to hit home once more that the Hoffman Stein scam no more than a deceitful system is, not only does Antony or one of those news articles exists. The website was created in February this year, and not 8 years ago as claimed by Mr Henderson. Additionally the amounts supposedly profited by this system is a laughing stock. No system is able to generate that big amount of profits in that short space of time, unless you have at least a couple of thousand in your account, and agree to the full capital being traded on one trade.

Review Verdict: Hoffman Stein aka Nexus App is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

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Binary options trading is risky as it is, and as we clearly demonstrated using facts in this review, the Hoffman Stein aka Nexus App is a fraudulent scam and you should definitely avoid it. Better alternatives are available, and research is always the key. We encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options, as we rely on personal experimentation, user feedback and overall consensus in the reviews on forums and binary options related websites.

If you have any feedback, results to share or any questions related to the Hoffman Stein Nexus App, please post your comment below this warning and help us deter others from making the mistake and handing over their money to the scam switch and bait operation. For additional help with complaints and disputes, you are welcome to contact us directly at and we will help you at no cost, 100% free.


BinaDroid vs Copy Buffett Review

At we’re often asked, what is the best binary options automated system? The answer depends on your location unfortunately because not all credible services that we endorse are available world-wide. If you reside in countries where trading is limited, visit our BinaDroid Review. This bot is available globally, including India and many countries that are normally restricted. is endorsed in many reviews and proven to work via live trades on YouTube. Our top recommended robot at the moment is, it’s based on a fair model and it’s free during the first 30 days.

Perpetual Formula is a SCAM!! Detailed Review!

Read this very important review regarding the Perpetual Formula SCAM by David Parker. The is supposed to be up for only one day, and once the spots are filled to be taken down. However as you all may have noticed this is not the case, and is generally the first clue that whichever software we are reviewing is a scam, as generally this is the first lie they tell. Nonetheless don’t take our word for it, we do recommend that you read our review before coming to a final decision on whether to deposit or not, as we will be providing you with indisputable evidence as to why the Perpetual Formula software cannot be trusted.

Some of our blog subscribers reading this review who have seen the Perpetual Formula scam presentation, might already have noticed exactly what we are pointing out when we say that this software is almost a copy of the TrianaSoft system that we exposed not too long ago in a review. For those of you that are not aware, when looking at both scam pitch videos notice the offices used, as well as the script. Yes there are some changes, but the offices look almost identical, and the acting script is practically the same, or at least if follows the same story-line. With this fact alone we already lost a lot of confidence in this system.

As we noted in previous reviews, annoying pop-ups are common with scams!

Now to show you exactly what we are referring to, let’s quickly run through a few facts regarding David Parker, and his fake Perpetual Formula scam auto trader. First of all David clearly does not know whether he is coming or going. Whilst listening to his marketing pitch for our review, you can hear him explain that he used to be a high frequency trader for a well-known company on Wall Street, however literally 2 min later, he informs you that he has no trading experience and have never traded in his live… which on is it? Furthermore, this Perpetual Formula Inc. company that he supposedly established does not exist. We tried google, as well as a few directories, and came up completely empty. The Company does not exist, nor is there a building listed with the establishment residing there anywhere in the US as claimed by Mr. Parker. Domain did not exist before May of 2016!
This information was validated based on Who.IS Lookup

Unfortunately the deceitful lies does not stop there. Lee, one of his head developers that you got to meet during his run through of the Perpetual Formula scam, tells us that the software has been around since 2002. Eh Wrong!! It was successfully registered on the 14th May 2016, making it a full 3 days old. Furthermore, if the auto trader is only 3 days old, how can it then be that all those fake testimonials were able to make those thousands of dollars? Not just that, have a look at David’s screen when he is making his generous donation to the children’s charity, the date is the 1st to 3rd of May, however we have already discovered that the system did not even exist back then.


Well we suppose anyone looking at the Perpetual Formula software as a potential answer to their future have to take into consideration that David almost immediately goes against what is telling you and leaving everyone in a situation where you don’t know what to believe. Moreover we decided to look into this Boudine and the South African Children’s Charity. Not only have they not received the donation so kindly given by Mr Parker, they do not have someone working or representing them the name of Boudine. They have also assured us that they will be launching a full investigation into this allegation.

Just in case you are still wondering how the Perpetual Formula Software works since it was never very clear during the marketing video. The auto trader works by using machine readable news technology, meaning it “accurately” reads the news and predicts the direction the market is going to go in. That is about as much information you are going to get about the scam system as believe me, we have watched both video’s twice, and are none the wiser how this auto trader truly works, and it is not like we do not know a thing or two. If you still feel like this is the system for you, please keep us updated on your progress.

Review Verdict: Perpetual Formula Software is a SCAM!
Blacklisted website:

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At our goal is to warn day-traders against binary options scam sites, but we are always on the look for reliable systems. Our team conducts daily testings and we rely on user feedback. One of our top recommended automated systems is the BinaDroid, it’s widely endorsed in many reviews and it’s available world-wide. The minimum trade is only $5 in comparison to the $25 requirement with most auto-traders which makes it risky if you plan to deposit the minimum. It’s a great solution and we encourage you to give it a try.


For other safe alternatives to the Perpetual Formula, which is a confirmed scam beyond any reasonable doubt, you should visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. Please share your feedback below this review if you have an experience, results or questions related to or any other binary options related topic. Completely new to the industry? Start with a Free Demo Account before you put your investment at risk.

For help with disputes and complaints against fraud sites and money-making schemes, we offer 100% free assistance and you can email us directly at Thank you for taking a few moments to read our warning and please share it if you know others who might be targeted by those who promote it.

98 Success is a SCAM!! Review based on Facts!

It was obvious that 98 Success by Henry D’Souza is a pure SCAM from the moment we decided to review this so-called binary options winning software. The first thing we noticed was a popup window which claimed that 96 spots are taken and 4 spots are currently available. This is a serious red flag since the software is due to be launched tomorrow! Are they really going to go through all the trouble of launching this software just to fill up those 4 spots, or perhaps we are on to yet another SCAM? Make sure to read this review to learn why you should definitely close that popup and the aka 98% Success software page on your browser.

To demonstrate that this software, which was allegedly created by Henry D’Souza, is a fraudulent offer, let us point out some elements who made this fact quite clear to us. Let’s start with the name of this software: “98% Success.” Actually, the success rate is 98.4%! Yeah, right! There has never been and nor will there ever be a binary options software that can win 98 trades out of every 100 trades it takes. Even professional traders who spend their entire time studying technical and fundamental factors which influence the markets, who analyze charts and graphs and have years of experience cannot attain such a high win rate consistently.

Pressure tactics, and shady a shady sales team in the background.


The logos of USA Today, MSNBC, ABC News, BBC, CNN and Wikipedia on the page are clearly only there to generate trust and authority. In reality, there’s no connection whatsoever between this scam and those companies. The video below the logos depicting computer glitches which hit the NYSE and United Airlines were published on July 2015 and have nothing to do with the 98% Success scam software which, as mentioned, is due to be released tomorrow, May 16, 2016. They are clearly busted based on facts, so let’s proceed.

Moving on to the testimonials by traders who allegedly have been trading on A quick check we ran revealed that the pictures of Lena Bailey, Carloyn Barber and the other “traders” were taken from other websites and are not authentic. Some of these photos were also used on another scam exposed here on WatchDog called Dream Profits (, which is an indication that the same group of people are responsible for both scams. Below the testimonials on the %98 Success scam video, you will find a “results” section. When you click to view either John Darnell and Rebecca Layman’s results, the same window opens which shows a Gmail account with a PayPal screenshot showing a balance of almost $13K. The only problem is that the name of the person is “John Darnell,” but in the PayPal image the name is “John Smith.” “Henry D’Souza” should really fire the guy that creates those fake images for him! Also, the brokers which are available with 98success do not allow deposits and withdrawals via PayPal.

98 Success is after your email for future spamming! The annoying scam pop-up:


Henry D’Souza is a fake name because 98Success is a fraud and the people are really behind it would never risk revealing their real identities. As we already mentioned, the 98% Success software will be launching today, but this is actually a relaunch as the domain was created back in August, 2015. based on Who.Is lookup. We will end this review with providing you with the MyWOT (web of trust) ratings for for all three factors – trustworthiness, vendor reliability and privacy – the score is 15 (very poor!) So please learn from the mistake of other people who had an unpleasant experience with this fraudulent binary robot and take your business elsewhere. Otherwise, you will end up with less $250 in your pocket in best case scenario or with thousands of dollars invested with scam brokers in the worst case. Let’s end this review with the common truth, if it’s too good to be true, it’s ain’t!

Watchdog’s Review Verdict: 98 Success is a SCAM!

Viral Scam warnings and important reviews:

Push Money App, GPS Trader and Lie Detector Millionaire

Besides this clear warning in association with 98 Success, all it takes is a quick research on YouTube and in the search engines to find many reviews and negative testimonials. If you are a victim of this scam, please share your feedback below and help us warn the community. For further assistance with disputes and complaints, you may also reach out and email us at and we’ll assist you at no cost. Our goal is to put an end to the fake software and scams that are like a horrible plague and a dark stain on the entire industry. We can only hope that you were fortunate enough to read this 98 Success Review before you invested your money with the crooks.

For alternatives, we really recommend the Software, it’s been widely endorsed and tested by our team. Most of all, it’s available world-wide, unlike some of the other services we recommend. You can search for reviews and live trade on YouTube and you’ll find credible evidence to support the success of this automated robot. It’s a great alternative and we also encourage you to visit our Top Recommended Signals for binary options for other options.


Watchdog’s BinaDroid Review in details

Remember to share your thoughts and experience with the 98 Success Software!

NEO² Squared Live Results and Trading Tips – Part 2

Hey Watchdog readers and NEO² Squared members, it’s Paul here again with my latest live results and tips. I’ve been getting many questions that I would like to address today. If you missed my first NEO2 results update where I walk through my first week using the full Auto-Trading Software and the settings I have been using then you can check it out in the link below:

As a quick recap in case you didn’t read the above articles, I signed up for the NEO2 trading Software on Wednesday 25th April with the min $250 and started trading on full auto the next day after verifying my broker account. Since my last article things are still looking very bright with NEO2 and results have stayed consistent. I’m not making $20,000 a day like some of the crazy recent scams such as GPS Trader or The Money Glitch (links to reviews) promise, but I am making nice consistent profit which I will take any day over crazy promises and wild claims.

As results and hard proof always speak louder than words make sure you check out my videos below which walk through both the manual trading side of things and also my latest video which is an update on how my full auto account is growing.

NEO2 Software Manual Trading

Since the last post I done here I have also opened a second account with NEO2 so I could use it to take some of the manual signals. Yes I could have used the same account for both but then I wouldn’t be able to keep full track of what profits were from the Auto Trader or what were from me taking the signals myself. The broker I got with my second account was UKoptions and again I started with the min deposit of $250. The Video Below walks through my results using the manual signals and also gives you an update on how the AutoTtrader was performing.

Each recommended signal that flashes up is valid for 10 min and as you seen in the video my strategy for the manual signals is trying to get as close as possible to the expiry of the signals. This meant that most of my trades were turbo trades ie 1,2, 5 min trades. This is the technique that has been working well for me but I have seen others doing well taking these signals for 15 min and 20 min expiries and this is something I am testing at the minute. I will report back in future videos with my findings. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is to always pay attention to trading news and never trade 20 min before or after medium and high impact news events. It saved me with several trades already, you must be really diligent.

My Latest NEO2 Software Update

The video below gives you an insight into my latest results generated using the manual signals account and also from my account that I am letting run fully on 100% Auto-Pilot.

To summarize in case you didn’t watch the full video, my balance is growing in both accounts which is great. My UKoptions account which is my account for manual signals is now at $955.25 and my full auto account stands at $939.35. As I mentioned once I reach $1200 on my full auto account I will up my trade size to $50 per trade and I will also be getting more aggressive with the manual signals next week as well. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel Here to make sure you get all my future updates on NEO2 and also warning you about all the scams in the industry. Once again thanks very much to the Watchdog team for giving me the opportunity to come back on and give everyone an update on my NEO2 journey. is highly endorsed by


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