BTC Robot Scam Exposed! What Other Sites Won’t Say!!

The BTC Robot, otherwise known as the Bitcoin Robot, is without undeniable proof a binary options trading scam as you will see throughout this honest and insightful BTC Robot review! You will learn the truth about the relaunched version of the BTC Robot and why you should avoid without the slightest amount of remorse. Other review sites that claim to expose scams are currently reviewing the BTC Robot with a positive or “inconclusive” judgement when in fact they are pushing you towards “trying” the system out. Our advice to those of you suffering from these conflicting and incorrect readings would be to avoid unreliable review sites like those and only stick with WatchDog approved writings!

The BTC Robot, by the way, is becoming popular fast. Already it gets a significant amount of visitors from the US, Germany, India, Italy and Nigeria as well as other countries.

Furthermore, the redevelopment of the Bitcoin Robot should truly come as no shock to anyone if truth be told. We have had the signs for a long time like with the rise in the number of automated trading scams that have been employed by notorious scam entities. These increase campaign launches can only mean one thing which would be these scammers are fearful for the binary regulatory entities that are now breathing down their necks. Trying to squeeze in as many scams as possible before the time runs out for them. However, naturally, they have turned their energies to focusing on bitcoin related industries.

Bitcoins, otherwise known as a cryptocurrency, is a type of digital currency. Having drastically and exponentially increased in value the demand has risen exponentially for traders to have the ability to trade with bitcoins. Due to this increase many offshore binary option brokers have opened their door to serve as “synced brokers” with the BTC Robot scam software and offer a commission exchange for services done. Essentially what you end up with is a scummy binary options broker soliciting traders out of their money and a software that actually doesn’t generate winning results.

Now can you tell us how that is right for anyone to go through that. Because in our eyes an act as cruel as that is horrifying and down-right pitiful. Which reminds us that if you have been scammed, make sure you reach out to WatchDog for free help with your online trading matters!

Now, back to the matter on hand, what further evidence do we have at our disposal to debunk the legitimacy of the Bitcoin Robot? Well, how about the fact that the assigned brokers provided to you with Bitcoin Robot are all unregulated, meaning that you are with offshore brokers that are more than likely already breaking the law. Do you really want to be caught up in all of that?

Trust us, that is not worth your time! We’ve exposed hundreds of scams throughout our time here and one truth that has panned out more right than not would be that if you sign up with a system that appears legitimate but doesn’t offer any regulated brokers that more likely than not the system is not legit and you will lose your money. Not only do you have that risk, but you also now have the risk of having your personal and financial information being exposed, along with your email address and telephone number.

Bitcoin Robot Results

None of that sounds appealing which is why ultimately we just encourage you to avoid However, curious minds do tend to wonder, which is why if you do visit the site, we feel okay with saying that you shouldn’t provide your personal information unless you want to feel harassed. All-in-all, the Bitcoin Robot is just as pathetic and mediocre as it was when it was first launched in 2014. We have received 6 complaints from traders complaining about the performance aspect and how it automatically applies martingale techniques at times and wins only around a low 50%.

Review Verdict: BTC Robot (Bitcoin Robot) is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

Similar Scams: XpressMoneyBot & Fortune Bot

Looking to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency? Do so only through a legitimate exchange. To learn more from a trustworthy source, we recommend visiting, which is functioning much like we at BinaryOptionsWatchdog do, but they do so within the Bitcoin and crypto currency industry.

If you need more convincing that the Bitcoin Robot is indeed a scam then by all means go ahead and fall victim to this phony scam. Nothing about the Bitcoin Robot is legitimate, all the reviews are fake and deceptive and we assure you the only result will be the loss of your hard-earned money. For those of you who have already fallen victim to this scam, again Contact WatchDog, or leave your experience below to share!

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30 Day $30K Challenge is a SCAM! Unbiased Review!!

The 30 Day $30K Challenge, found at, is nothing more than another online trading scam. Founded by Joey Altair, the 30k Challenge appears to be a legitimate investing opportunity at first glance but let us warn you there is much more than what meets the eye with this scam. First and foremost would be how Joey Altair, the alleged founder of the $30k Challenge, is nothing more than a paid actor, along with their paid testimonial actors. To learn the facts about this ridiculous trading scam while learning about legitimate investment opportunities make sure to keep reading our brief scam review!

By the way, this 30 Day Challenge is one of the most popular binary options trading scams we’ve seen in a while, especially in Germany, Norway, South Korea, Sweden and Saudi Arabia!

Within the first couple of minutes we are hit with a relentless wave of paid actors providing their “experience” with the 30k Challenge software in the promotional video. To be honest, most of the acting is elementary at best but we suppose that is what you get when you use cheap online marketplaces to buy freelancing actors. Perhaps the most disturbing mystery we unraveled would be how Joey Altair is actually not the creator behind the 30k Challenge but instead a paid actor known as Ian Walker. As you can see for yourself in the image below, Ian Walker is willing to lie to you in front of the camera for as little as $5!

Joey Altair - 30K Challenge

Now, typically when we conduct an investigation an online trading scam is much less obvious than the 30k Challenge. Meaning they create elaborate start-up stories and claim a multitude of empty promises but we haven’t seen a scam has sloppy as the 30k Challenge in awhile! Not only is it evident that Joey Altair is phony but when you start listening to the testimonials provided about how users claim they made between $6,000 to $10,000 in a few days without the slightest convincing look, you know things aren’t matching up. Not to mention that it claims to date to have over 9,300+ winners when their website was only founded on April 13th, 2017.

30 Days Challenge

So over just two months time, the site has had 9,300+ winners for their trading challenge? Sound like BS to you? Yeah, we thought so too! Not to mention that trader testimonials on their site claim that traders are making between $30,000 to $50,000 per month with the 30k Challenge are just flat out lying. Not to mention that the use of stock images are being portrayed at you so that you are more likely to being convinced and open-minded about signing up with their software.

30 Days $30K Challenge

Don’t do it and don’t fall for their trick! Not only will your email address start receiving a ridiculous amount of spam email but also your personal and financial information is put at risk! We wish we could say this jokingly but we can’t, your email and personal information will more than likely be sold off to the highest bidder if you provide contact information to this site. So simply it is just best to avoid this scam and the scam.

Review Verdict: 30 Day $30k Challenge is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

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Avoid the Binary Money Manager SCAM! 

Yet again we face another binary options trading scam, known as the Binary Money Manager. Headquartered from, this deceptive trading scam brought to us by “Jim Wallace” is nothing more than your typical run-the-mill online trading scam. Every component of this ludicrous money-making scheme is fabricated with the sole intention of manipulating you out of your hard-earned money. To learn more about this ridiculous trading scam while learning about legitimate investment opportunities, make sure you read our brief Binary Money Manager scam review in its entirety!

Debunking the Binary Money Manager is quite a simplistic task due to the similar characteristics it shares with most of the other scams we have exposed. Incorporating fake pressure widgets to encourage traders to hurry and sign up is evident in the image above with the amount of “Licenses Left.” Don’t be fooled by petty pressure marketing widgets or the empty promises of being able to earn at least over $1,000 per day. We can assure you that those claims are the furthest assertions from the truth and the only result that will outcome by putting your faith with this service is the loss of your money!

Jim Wallace, the so-called creator behind Binary Money Manager, doesn’t actually exist. Big surprise, right? Well, not really. We have seen countless times where elementary actors have been paid to serve as the spokespersons and “creators” behind these ridiculous scams. Most of these paid actors come from cheap online marketplaces such as and offer their services for as low as $5! Which means that these actors are willing to lie to you in front of camera for little pay and without a moral compass. Simply meaning, they don’t care who gets deceived or losses their money in the process as long as they get paid.

It is a rather vicious cycle to be honest, exposing binary option scams like the Binary Money Manager. It is evident that Jim Wallace is nothing more than a figment of some scam marketers imagination and is serving as the scapegoat for the Binary Money Manager. A quick Google search will confirm that his only relative presence is noted in scam reviews much like this one. The same could be said for one of their confirmed traders, Lucy Lu, who provides a testimonial saying, “It was as easy as stealing candy from a baby! Really! I mean it!”

Binary Money Manager is a SCAM!

As you can see for yourself, Lucy Lu doesn’t actually exist. “Lucy Lu” is nothing more than a stock image purchased online with the sole intention of earning your trust so that you are more likely to sign up with their system. Another common characteristic that we found between the Binary Money Manager and other scams we have exposed in the past would be how it claims to be featured on Fox News, CNN, BBC, NBC, ABC and Sky News but if you take the time to conduct searches on each of those news outlets you will notice how an “error” or “no results” will pop-up. Which simply means that this scam system has never been featured on any of those news portals.

To make matters worse, the scammers behind this system are claiming an outlandish success rate of 98% and over $1.7 million dollars in profits to date. Supposedly used by almost 2,000 “happy” clients we can assure you these claims are completely false. Claiming that their system generates a 98% success rate is like saying pigs can fly, it is just too good to be true! Besides, why would you want to put your faith with a system that relies on paid actors and purchased stock images to gain your trust? It goes without question that the Binary Money Manager is not looking out for your best interest and that something fishy is going on here!

Review Verdict:  Binary Money Manager is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

Other Similar Scams: Banker Profit System, JMB Profit Machine & Signal Samurai

Most Viral Scams: $1K Daily Profit, Nova Star & Dubai Lifestyle App

Do yourself and others a generous courtesy by sharing and avoiding the Binary Money Manager scam for binary options! Every element of this scam is fictitious and just as nasty as the scammers operating behind-the-scenes! For those of you who have been scammed by Binary Money Manager, we encourage you to file a complaint with WatchDog or share your experience below! To date we have exposed over 500 online trading scams while settling hundreds of online trading disputes! Let us help you free of charge to fight to get your money back and recoup your losses!

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

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Swiss Bot is a SCAM! Anne Monti EXPOSED!

If you are considering signing up with the Swiss Bot brought to you by Anne “Forex” Monti, then think again! The Swiss Forex Bot, found at, is nothing more than an outdated yet contagious forex trading scam! Not only have we received reports of extreme loss of trading funds, but we also have learned that malicious spam emails along with the exposure of your personal and financial information are among the hardships you will face if you sign up with this scam. Make sure you read our Swiss Bot scam review to learn just how dangerous this scam is and what to do if you have been cheated by similar scams!

Swiss Bot -

So who is Anne Monti? Anne “Forex” Monti is the alleged creator behind the “free” forex Swiss Bot. Varying slightly from other forex trading scams that we have exposed in the past, the Swiss Bot scam operates in the form of an EA (Expert Advisor) that you will need to incorporate into a charting solution like MetaTrader4. Founded back in 2014, the Swiss Forex is nothing but an outdated scam that has resurfaced through backchannels and phony review sites that operate solely out of the interest of deceiving newbie traders out of their money for a handsome commission.

One of the biggest misconceptions found at would be how the website claims a 100% money back guarantee. Well, let’s clear the air here, you are NOT guaranteed by Anne’s Swiss Bot and we can assure you that if you did lose money with their system that you would more likely than not never get those funds back. The disclaimer found at the bottom of makes it abundantly clear that they accept zero responsibility for your actions, trades and losses. The only reliable binary options service to offer a 100% money back guarantee at the moment would be the highly rated and tested Binary Option Trading Signals.

Anna Monti - Swiss Forex Bot

Now to further expose the Swiss Bot scam with concrete evidence, feel free to refer to the images provided to you above and below. As you can see, Anne “Forex” Monti, the so-called creator behind the Swiss Bot doesn’t actually exist! She is nothing more than a fictitious entity created by some low-life scam marketer to serve as the scapegoat of this scam. This isn’t an uncommon practice, in fact we see this same characteristic with just about every scam we expose. Now, why do scam marketers do this, you may be wondering?

Well, to answer that question, essentially these ghost entities are created with the sole purpose for scam marketers to relay the blame upon in the occasion that things turn to bad for them. To show you how the Swiss Bot forex scam has resurfaced all you need to do is refer to the image below. As we mentioned earlier, this forex trading scam has reappeared through many notorious review sites and phony YouTube channels. Take for instance “Gregory Rice” who plays the role of a trader who claims to be generating good income with the Swiss Bot.

Gregory Rice - SwissBot

As you can see for yourself “Gregory Rice” is nothing more than a paid actor from So not only does the alleged creator behind this scam not exist, but all the positive reviews and testimonials endorsing Anne’s Swiss Bot are fake! Now, let us ask you a question, why would you want to trust your money with a system that relies on paid actors and purchased stock images to gain your trust? The answer to that is obvious, you wouldn’t unless you are looking to lose a minimum of $250 along with some of your personal and financial information.

Review Verdict: Swiss Bot is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

Similar Scams To Avoid: Forex Alert System & Forex Maverick

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TNT Trading Software is a SCAM! Evidence Disclosed!!

The TNT Trading Software for binary options is a viral and deceptive trading scam! Hosted from, the TNT Trading Software is the latest get-rich-quick scheme to circulate and further pollute the binary options industry with empty promises and malicious spam emails. Created only a few months ago this new binary options scam works with paid actors and shady brokers to earn your trust and deceive traders out of a minimum of $250. Not only is this new auto trading scam misleading but it was also created by the same low-life scammers who brought us the Nova Star App, which we exposed as a scam just a few days ago!

The alleged mastermind behind the TNT Trading Software goes by the alias of Timothy Tibbits. As most of you can insinuate for yourself though, Timothy Tibbits is nothing more than a fictitious entity conjured by some twisted scam marketers imagination. In other words, “Timothy Tibbets” doesn’t actually exist nor does his “attorney” Greg Morris along with Collin Broadwell, who is allegedly on the TNT Trading Software Legal Counsel. How do we know all this you may be wondering? Well first and foremost, the alleged company known as Morris Law Firm (which is where Greg Morris works at) does not exist!

A search query with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) along with a quick Google search will confirm that notion for you. Secondly, if the company that Greg Morris supposedly works for does not exist then you can imagine that each of these characters in turn do not actually exist either. In the Risk Disclaimer, found in the image below, you can see how the creators behind TNT Trading Software are not backing up any of their claims and it explicitly states “In some cases actors have been used.” Hmmmm…. can you think of who they may be referring too?

TNT Trading Risk Disclaimer

So how does the TNT Trading Software work? Well, fortunately, “Timothy Tibbits” was able to shed some light on the functionality of the TNT auto trader although we aren’t convinced of its legitimacy. Sticking with a rather vague software set up, Timothy Tibbits explains how his software originally started out by trading support and resistance levels. However, after much trial and error he was able to spawn an algorithm that was able to act as an additional vetting process to increase the average success rate of his software to 81%.

Not an outlandish claim like we have grown accustomed to seeing which makes us think that these scumbags are reading our reviews and learning a thing or two. However, a claim that we did find questionable would be how Timothy Tibbits claims to have generated $3 million in profits to date. As you can see for yourself the website was only founded on March 28th, 2017 which means that Timothy Tibbits is claiming to have earned about $1 million per month since the launch of his software. Sounds a little too good to be true, right?

TNT Trading Domain

To further exploit and debunk the TNT Trading Software, all you have to do is refer to the image above. As you can see, the Nova Star App and TNT Trading Software share the same IANA ID along with the same Name Servers, which in other words mean they were created by the same individuals. In our Nova Star Scam Review, where we completely destroyed all the fabricated aspects of their auto trader, you will notice how nothing was authentic with their site. Which brings up the question of why would you want to trust your hard-earned money with the TNT Trading Software when they lie to your face and were created by the same scammers who brought us the Nova Star scam?

Now, obviously that was a rhetorical question so we will close out our scam review by saying that if you feel like you have been cheated or scammed, we encourage you to reach out to WatchDog for free help! To date we have settled over 1,700 online trading disputes and we aren’t stopping until we put every scam out of business! To learn about other scams you should avoid, make sure you visit our ever-growing binary options and Forex blacklist comprised of dangerous and viral online trading scams!

Review Verdict: TNT Trading Software is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

Similar Scams: Nova Star App & Public Millionaire

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FXGlobe Review – Regulated Forex Broker

Hello everyone and welcome to this FX Globe review. In this post we would like to cover one of our favorite Forex brokers which we have been dealing with for a few years. FXGlobe stands out of the crowd when it comes to the foreign exchange market place. As you probably know already, establishing a good relationship with a reliable broker might be the most critical component of your trading success.

You can have the most profitable strategy in the world, and perfect money management system. But if you do it with the wrong broker you will simply lose. No matter how precise and disciplined you are. For that reason we’d like to review FXglobe, which is a broker that in our eyes provide an ultimate platform that answers all traders need.

We rarely publish such positive reviews. As a leading currencies trading site, we have the responsibility for our followers. Every service and broker is being thoroughly tested and covered by real experience and proofs. However, the case with FXglobe is easy. Despite of the fact that this platform offers all type of trading solutions, this is also one of the most secured ones. FXglobe brokerage firm is being regulated all over the world and offers protected accounts.

As for the trading part, it allows you to trade fairly in the highly rewarding trading markets. They even help you to gain profits. Being an ECN STP Broker, FXGlobe app operates in the real market. It means that in oppose to Market Makers, they do not hold positions against their clients. Their profits derived from volume commissions. The more you trade, the more commissions you create. The longer you continue winning, the better it is for all sides. As a results, their interest is in your success. When you win they win, when you lose, they lose. Simple as that.

In order to help you achieve the required success, the company provides high quality trading tools and services. It’s worth mentioning their free signals service and education materials. In addition, you can use copy trade software, and auto trading expert advisers which can be easily integrated within their trading platform. But before we go on, let’s learn some basic information about this company.

FXglobe Review – Background

FXGlobe was founded in 2008 however has been active online since 2010. Like a few other regulated Forex brokers, they chose Cyprus as the location for their main offices. The official company, FXglobe limited, is registered as a licensed brokerage firm with all important regulation authorities. In addition to CySEC, you can find big supervising institutes such as MiFID, FCA and more.

These type of regulations require very certain conditions and ensure the reliability, integrity and financial abilities of the broker. It protects potential clients from different scenarios and enable safe and fair trading activity.

Conditions Of Trading

In this part of the review, we’d like to go over the most important trading conditions you should know about before opening an account.

Minimum Deposit

Firstly, know that just like many other serious Forex brokers, there is a minimum deposit of $250 to start trading with FXGlobe. So make sure it’s something you can allow. If you can’t, you should look for another solution.

However, it is important to note that if your intentions with trading are serious, 250 dollar are not much. It’s the minimal amount and very reasonable condition for being able to participate in some real investments. When you apply one of their unique trading tools in your platform, you must have some margins. If you want for example to maximize your ability to generate great profits with the signals service, you must hold some capital to play with. It will not be serious to start trading with less than that.

There are no extra fees for money transfers. Deposits and withdrawals can be made by a credit card and bank wire transfers. You can also use Electronic Wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.


The maximum leverage allowed to be used with FXGlobe is 1:300.

At this point, we’d like to explain something. You can see all kind of tempting purposes out there. By offering huge leverages of even 1:5000 brokers try to convince you to trade with them. They use it very well for their marketing needs.

However, in reality a leverage of 1:300 is way more than you actually need to risk. It provides you with flexibility as for your risk management strategies, but it also protect you from being too hasty. Using more than that meaning losing your entire capital in 1-5 trades in most cases. Not to mention that only unregulated and non trusted brokers offer such deals.


The spreads with FXGlobe, such as with other ECN brokers are not fixed. They change according to market liquidity but usually stay around the same rate. The spreads are also depend on the account type that you open.

In the regular account you have NO commissions to pay for trades. The spreads themselves are very competitive and match the average ones in the market. For the Euro/Usd for example it will be 1.5 pips and up to a maximum of 2 pips in rare conditions of low liquidity. There is also another type of trading account where the spreads are much lower. But in this case you will have to pay an outside commission for each trade.

Trading Platform

Trading with FXGlobe means using the Meta Trader platform. This is the most popular and convenient one to trade Forex. Despite the fact that some brokers try to develop their own technologies and unique platforms, none of them proved to works better than the classic MT4. This is the ultimate platform and it allows you to use all the possible features and tools.

A demo account is available.

Special Signals Service

One of the interesting features of FXGlobe online broker is their high quality signals account. When opening a FX signals account you’ll have the advantage of getting free trading signal notifications from the analysts of FXglobe, straight from the trading room. The trades history is all transparent and you can see the results in their site. The amount of signals is not so large, but as you can see, only by using their signal trades, you are likely to receive more than 1000 pips per year, and you get it for free. This can be translated to some serious gain if used in a leveraged account. For instance, if you trade 1 lot per trade, you’ll make more than $10,000 without any effort.

Auto Trading with FXGlobe

Another advantage of trading with FXGlobe is the ability to use auto trading. By opening an account with MQL5 you can use copy trade software to automatically trade exactly as your favorable signals provider. You can choose any pro trader from the signals tab in your meta trader platform and simply copy his trades. Another auto trading feature is using an Expert Advisor (EA) which is an automated trading algorithm designed to trade on your behalf within the MT4. there are plenty of good EA’s. You just need to find and choose a proper one for you.

We will further discuss the auto trader features in another article. But if you have any questions or need our assistance with choosing the right service for you, please let us know and we’ll be happy to guide you.

Free Trading Education

Whether you are a new trader or an experienced one, you can get an additional value in the education center. FXGlobe offer a Forex trading Academy where you can find high quality information. The videos and written materials cover different important aspects of trading profitably. Learning with them might save you a lot of time in the future, and obviously money. Take advantage of this free education section as much as you can.

Clients Support

Good customer support is surely one of the most important elements to consider when choosing a broker. FXGlobe do not fail to provide excellent service. The availability is in six different languages for twenty four hours a day, five days a week. Options for contact are through an online chat, phone and mail. Call back request is also possible from the website itself. In addition, FXGlobe are active and responsive all over the major social media channels.

FXGlobe Review Conclusion

Not hard to observe that our overall opinion of FXGlobe is positive. FXGlobe Forex broker is secured and fully regulated. In addition to the great trading conditions, they provide all you wish to get as a trader. Now, that doesn’t mean that you can’t face some challenges or issues here and there. But at least you know you have someone to talk with for solving things.

If you open an account with FXGlobe, you’ll enjoy Large variety of traded assets, high quality signals, auto trading options and educational center.

Open an account on

In case you have any questions and need our assistance do not hesitate. Comment here below or send us an email.

Fortune Bot is a SCAM! Unbiased Review!!

The Fortune Bot, found at, is a binary options software scam! Don’t be fooled for a second! Although many binary option review sites are currently endorsing this system as a legitimate binary options auto trader, we can assure you that the only result that will occur by putting your faith with these thieves would be the loss of your hard-earned money! Relying on the use of stolen and purchased stock images to portray the embodiment of positive testimonials only scratches the surface with what their scammers are really hiding and intending to do with your money! Make sure you read our unbiased scam review to learn the truth about the Fortune Bot scam!

For those of you who took the time to visit Fortune Bot’s website, you will notice how it offers a minimalistic and attractive interface.  However, let’s get one thing straight here, there is more than what meets the eye. For example, below the promotional video, you may have noticed a common scam widget that we see among other scams known as the “profit generator” widget. What is interesting with these widgets would be that whenever you refresh the page, the widget will start back to its originating value. So basically what that is telling us is that the “Profit that is being generated by FortuneBot Members Now” is, in fact, not true at all.

Perhaps the most dangerous element with the Fortune Bot besides the sign up option would be the promotional video. Misleading and phony are perhaps the best adjectives that can be used to describe the Fortune Bot pitch video. Claiming that users will generate a success rate of 93.4% is not only a lie but without a doubt too good to be true. Not to mention that the alleged 93.4% success rate is quite a bit different than the reported average success of 53% from subscribers of ours. Now, if you really want to know why you should avoid this scam just refer to the image below and keep reading!

Fortune Bot is a scam!

Ethan Trembley, one of the Fortune Bot traders, provides a testimonial claiming that the Fortune Bot has generated over $32,000 for him.  What we found interesting though would be how “Ethan Trembley” doesn’t actually exist, in fact, he is nothing more than a stock image from some cheap online marketplace! Now, let us ask you question… why would you want to trust your money with a system that lies to you about their users and provides phony testimonials? The answer is quite simple, you obviously wouldn’t want to endure all that BS.

Now, if the Ethan Trembley reveal wasn’t enough to persuade you to avoid the Fortune Bot scam then perhaps the image provided below will do the trick. In the image below we have Nguyen Liu, who is also a “confirmed” trader with the FortuneBot. However, as you can clearly see in the image provided below, she is clearly a fictitious entity used to earn your trust and deceive you out of money. We believe that it is evident enough that the creators behind Fortune Bot aren’t looking out for your best interests and are just after your money.

FortuneBot Scam - additional evidence

The Fortune Bot auto trader for binary options should be avoided at all costs! Not only is the Fortune Bot the furthest thing from a legitimate system but it relies on falsehoods to earn your trust. Don’t waste your time on pitiful binary option trading scams like the Fortune Bot and refer to our recommendations below to learn how you can start generating substantial and consistent profits from home!

Review Verdict: Fortune Bot is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

Tired of relentless searching for trying to find a proven and trusted binary options trading software? Visit WatchDog’s Recommended Binary Option Signal Services to learn about the best performing and highest rated online trading systems for binary options. For those of you who need a break from binary options or are interested in learning more about the advantages of Forex trading make sure you visit our Forex Guide to learn how to make money online from home through Forex!

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