Matt’s Full Week Profits with SnapCash Binary Software!

Hi everyone, this is Agent Matt from Binary Options Agency with a Snap Cash Binary Week in Review. What an amazing week it has been for so many traders! Thumbs up to Binary Options Watchdog for his SnapCash Binary auto trading success as well! Be sure to follow his blog and ours for the latest binary options updates and news.

If you are using this software, you no doubt understand the excitement surrounding SnapCash Binary. If you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time. The best part is Snap Cash Binary is completely free! We will go over our results, show some unique features, and address some common questions people have sent us.

The SnapCash Software

Simply visit to register. You be assigned a recommended broker, As soon as you complete the deposit, you will have total access to the trading platform. Snapcash Binary has some really cool features and the profits we’ve seen are downright awesome!

We’ve experienced both the manual and auto trading features. Our preference is the auto trader. The reason is simple. It works on autopilot and profits are steady. Make sure you press the save button after turning the software on. Once this is done, a notice will appear telling you the auto trader is running. Trades will be placed only when the algorithm detects clear and solid winning opportunities.



Week One Profits

First and foremost, each day has been profitable. There are bound to be losing days, but not yet! At the beginning of the week, we deposited $500 into our SnapCash Binary account. At the conclusion of our first full week of trading our account balance is $1433.25. The auto trader placed a total of 42 trades, with an overall win rate of 81%. Imagine what this bank account will look like if we keep this up for a month? How about a year? It’s too good to sit on the sidelines folks! The best part is as your balance grows, so is the profit potential. For example, we increased our trading amount to $100 per trade for our Friday session. Total profits that day were $532.50!

SnapCash Binary FAQ

Followers email us with a variety of questions. Some of the most common and helpful tips are shared here:

Can you trade manually if the auto trader is on? The answer is no. We have tried to figure out a way to allow both trading options. No luck in our mission! When the auto trader is running, the manual trading screen disappears. Should you attempt to manual trade simultaneously, the auto trader switches off. This is most likely a safety feature. Our assumption is the SnapCash Binary developers want traders to focus on one aspect at a time.

If you are determined to utilize both methods, here is a tip. Upgrade your account. Opening an upgraded account allows investors to maximize trading. Additionally, you can operate manual trades with one broker, whilst auto trading with the other.

Question #2. Are you making $1200 per day? Not yet, but we see how easy that would be to do. There is never a guarantee with any investment. One promise we can make is overreaching will harm your profits. In other words, start slowly and use proper money management. Our trading has been mostly $25 trades. On average, we saw approximately $100 per day. Once our balance grew, the amount per position was increased. Profits also increased. Adding in our upgraded account with ST Binary, and we are inching closer to that amount. To make $1200 daily means larger than minimum trades. Eventually, our broker account will allow us to place higher trades comfortably. We are conservative by nature, but our last trading day we changed a bit. Never attempt huge investments. Binary options is profitable, but it takes discipline.

Confused on the risk levels?

What is the difference between 1, 3, and 5 trade option? It is the maximum number of trades SnapCash Binary will take at any one time. We strongly suggest using the one trade option, at least in the early stages. This allows the auto trader to take one trade at a time. Another position will be placed once that trade expires. Everyone says they see plenty of trades using this option. We’ve noticed that with the three or five trade option, multiple trades are almost always taken. It definitely increases your trading volume. Be careful increasing the risk, especially with a lower account balance. A $250 starting balance could potentially see half of that amount in open trades. This is unwise!


Having Trouble? – More FAQ

Why isn’t the auto trader working? This question is posed frequently. The answer every time has been you forgot to press the save button once you turned on the auto trader. Make sure you remember this step. Don’t overlook it!

I want to contact customer support. How can I accomplish this? It’s easy. You can click the gray envelope in the left hand toolbar. An email screen will pop up like the screenshot below.


Type in your message and hit send. You should receive a reply within 48 hours on weekends and up to 2 hours on week days. As an alternative,you can email the support folks directly at They are readily accessible to assist with any type of issue.

What is the SnapCash Upgrade?

This feature is only offered to a select few, but if you see a pop up video inviting you to upgrade your account, we recommend doing so. In a nutshell, SnapCash Binary CEO Austin Ford and his programming team have a newly automated algorithm that is crushing the competition. This opportunity makes a successful system better. We were excited to get the invitation. We took advantage of it and are reaping the rewards. The only negative we see is that you have to remember there are now two accounts to look after. If both profit, is it really anything to complain about? We didn’t think so!

How do I withdraw my profits? It varies by broker, but the basic rules are similar. Login to your account, Click on the ‘My Account’ tab on the toolbar. Select Withdrawal from the drop-down menu. Enter the amount to be withdrawn.. Complete any remaining information as required then click Submit.


SnapCash Binary Week One Conclusion: is beyond amazing! Plain and simple. It is the easiest software we’ve ever utilized. Whether you trade automatically or use the manual feature, profits are a click away. Based on our emails, there are many happy investors. Steady profits are making this app viral. We recommend giving SnapCash Binary a try!

Thank you for reading this follow-up review, we encourage you to contact us or comment below if you have any questions or updates. We are also available 24/07 via to help with any type of inquiries related to binary options. For alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options and be sure to subscribe for all the latest updates and industry news.

Orion Code is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

Don’t fall for The Orion Code scam by Edward Robinson! Read this full review that exposes exactly why you should stay away from this bogus system that is purely out to empty your pockets. Here at the Watchdog we know that you rely on our honest reviews to keep you safe, and we won’t let you down! We have been receiving an increasing number of emails asking if the software is legit. We’re going to set the record straight and save you a couple hundred bucks before this review is done.

The very long and boring Orion Code presentation video claims that Edward Robinson is some super rich guy that has developed this amazing piece of software. It will make you between $10,000 and $100,000 in a single day he says. What a load of nonsense! In fact, the more we listened to what Edward Robinson had to say, the more it all sounded all too familiar. After doing a bit more digging, we found that the whole story of the Orion Code scam matches up perfectly to the Quantum Code system we debunked a while back.

Are these guys from the Orion Code software so dumb that they think people will not notice that? Or are they simply too cheap to come up with their own ideas, and rather steal someone else’s video script and simply regurgitate it with a new set of cheap actors. Clearly this system cannot be taken seriously! It is such a shame when good people that just want to make a bit of extra money fall for a scam like this, but that is why we are writing this Orion Code review. We want to make sure that you stay safe and get only the best binary options systems!

The Orion Code scam video starts off with Edward Robinson posing at a private jet, and his assistant to the one side. How pathetic! It’s practically an exact copy word for word of the Quantum Code. This guy this cannot stop talking about how Forbes has written about him and how much of a philanthropist he is. He says that people call him the “Wall Street Wizard” and the Millionaire Trader”. It’s sickening, because it’s all lies!


When it comes down to it, Orion Code system “has it all”… It ticks all of the scam system check-boxes, the fake counter to show how many “VIP spots” are supposedly left, a bogus “people on this page” counter and a system they claim has made numerous members instant millionaires. It is completely over the top and makes no sense at all.

Edward Robinson claims that they have “Orion Speed” technology, what a load of baloney! During the whole video we are bombarded with stupendous claims of people making hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are told that system has absolutely no losses and 100% wins all the the time. It really makes you cringe just listening to the video, it is that ludicrous! It did not take a long time to find out that no-one at Forbes has ever heard of Edward Robinson. There are no write-ups about him, no social media information that verifies any of his claims. The Orion Code scam supposedly has been making money trading binary options since 2006. They claim it has made over a Billion dollars, but it is all lies!

How can I be so adamant and certain that this Orion Code scam will clear out your account? Well, firstly because binary options only became available in 2008. So tell me, how could it be possible that they have been trading since 2006? It’s simply not possible, and that makes it very clear that the Orion System is all bogus! On top of that, if you take a look at the ‘Who Is’ domain information that tells us when was created, you will see that it was bought on 2016-09-12.


The conclusion is very clear. The Orion Code is a scam, that much has been proven unequivocally. This Orion Code review has exposed it for what it is, a fabricated piece of software developed by scum-of-the-earth scammers that purely want to steal money from you. This system is not worth wasting your time or money on. There are much better alternatives available, such as the very successful and proven Snap Cash software, for more information visit our Snap Cash Review, we encourage you to explore it as an alternative if you’re seeing a legitimate Auto-Trading system proven results and credible reviews.

Edward Robinson does not exist, he’s fake. There is no mention of him on Forbes as he claims. There is no “Orion speed” technology. The Orion Code company that he says he is the CEO of cannot be found anywhere, and I can guarantee you that a company that has supposedly made over a Billion dollars creates a lot of proof that it exists.

We have found no mention online from any charities that credited the Orion Code scam with even a single donation. This is the one particular element of this fake software that has probably made me more angry than any of their other claims! Join me in exposing this system for the scam that it is, by posting comments below and sharing this article on social media to spread the word far and wide. Who knows, you might even save a friend or relative from losing their well-earned money. It’s your duty to warn others once you know the truth! The Watchdog team does not take this type of scam lightly, and we will not tolerate a fraud such as the subject of today’s warning!

Review Verdict: The Orion Code is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

Similar Scams that are currently going viral:

Push Money App, Quantum Code, Gemini 2 and Dubai LifeStyle

For help with disputes, complaints and other matters concerning potential scams, we invite you to contact us directly at and we’ll be happy to assist you free of charge. We also create a page, listing all the scam sites we exposed in the last years and, the Blacklist is located at the top menu of our site.

Watchdog’s Top Rated Auto-Trading System in 2016!


In a previous reviews, we teamed up with Matt from BO Agency and documented the live ITM results of the Snap Cash software. If you are interested to try the software, we recommend that you first take a look at Matt’s SnapCash Binary Guide, for all the important tips you should know before you start. Be sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s Blog for all the latest industry news and updates. Good luck with your online trading journey and stay safe!

Matt’s 3rd Review Follow-Up!

Greetings Day-Traders! This is Agent Matt again from The Binary Options Agency here to following up on my previous Review and Guide. The ITM Results as we’ve been documenting live, are Phenomenal but that is not all. Each day we are learning more about SnapCash Binary’s features. Working closely with Binary Options Watchdog, the Agency has put together some additional tips to help boost profits. Thank you Watchdog!

Where to Start with Snap Cash?

The first hurdle is registration. There is no opportunity to profit with SnapCash Binary until you take the first step and register at Don’t be shy! The minimum deposit is $250, and once you make this investment, the auto trader will sync. Instantly the software is prepared to place trades. Our advice is to control any urge to immediately start. Familiarize yourself with the platform. It’s incredibly easy to use, but there are few small items that may be overlooked.

There are two trading options with SnapCash Binary. People can choose the Auto-Trader or the manual trading option. The manual, or yes/no feature, is a very cool semi automated option. The auto trading feature is simple, efficient, and profitable. To begin Auto-Trading, the key elements will be seen on the upper left side of the trading platform Below is a visual for your reference.


There a few options from which to choose. Folks can adjust the risk level of Low, Medium, or High. Please start at the lower risk level. The auto trader will choose a certain number of traders based upon your risk selection. Low risk means one trade will be placed at a time, whereas high risk may place up to five trades. Our experience thus far has seen high numbers of trades placed at the higher risks. Unless your account balance is large, it is not wise to have multiple trades running. Invest smartly and slowly. Go low risk!

Don’t forget these highly important steps:

Regardless of the option chosen, the app will not actually turn on until the save button is pressed. Many binary options traders have emailed us claiming the system is not taking trades. It is imperative you check the right side of the platform and confirm there is a statement reading “Auto Trading is Running…”. This is how you know the software is searching for positions to place. To date, everyone who has contacted us replied confirming they forgot to hit the save button! It’s an easy mistake to make.


Secondly, you control the types of trades. The default setting on the right side of the platform is currency pairs but you can select commodities or stocks as well. Whatever your preference, a simple click of the button changes your desired trades.

Thirdly, trades regularly. The software does not have a limit of trades per day or per session. In other words, you must turn off the SnapCash Binary auto trader when you no longer want to take trades. Failure to do so may result in around the clock investing. Do not forget about your Auto Trader!

Last but certainly not least: news events do matter! It is critical to glance at an economic calendar prior to any trading. If you see major news events, halt trading. Stop about thirty minutes before to an hour afterwards. News volatility can wipe out an account in a matter of minutes. Upgrade?

Just when we thought SnapCash Binary couldn’t get any better, it does! We internally struggled with sharing this information, but we are transparent. We tell all and even though this is supposed to be confidential, it is too exciting to remain silent. Pay close attention to this amazing offer. It is not offered to everyone. Some account holders are being offered a unique upgrade. My personal account received such a pop up video explaining this opportunity.


If you see this screen when logging in to the SnapCash Binary, feel fortunate. The Agency doesn’t know how many invitations have been extended. What we do know is that there is a limited number of upgrades available. Don’t be upset or offended if an invitation is absent.

In a nutshell, CEO Austin Ford and his programming team found a loophole that is profitable. This crack in the armor, if you will, allows a highly secret Wall Street algorithm to connect with a SnapCash Binary supercomputer. To make a long story short, it makes a successful system better.

How you ask? Their team has been able to sync this new profitable algorithm with a select group of brokers. This app is very limited in numbers, which is why it’s offered to a select few. This is exciting and directed towards the serious traders. There is nothing complicated with the upgrade, but Mr. Ford wants to make the most of his software. If you get this VIP offer, and think you have what it takes, go for it! We did and our early results are pretty astounding! In our first upgraded trading day, we saw 100% wins. Four out of four winners with $121 profit. Those are incredible stats. A more detailed explanation can be found in this video.

A few key points to remember. Invited Investors should only take advantage of this offer if you have enough funds to open a second broker account. It is not worth risking your entire savings. Sure, it’s a really good chance to see additional profits, but be smart. If that means waiting until your account grows, that is ok. Withdraw some profits and reinvest in the upgraded version!

These brokers are different from those you have already been assigned. This new algorithm works specifically with the broker you will see in the member’s area. There are specific trading patterns that match the algorithm, so this upgrade is matched to certain brokers. A new account must be opened, allowing you twice the trading power as original SnapCash Binary subscribers see. From experience I can highly recommend it at this point.

SnapCash Binary Conclusion:

After one week of trading, SnapCash Binary lives up to the Hype. Some argue it exceeds expectations. We really can’t argue with this claim. Our account balance is over $400 stronger, but we have added another $100 in profits with the upgrade! To say we are encouraged is an understatement. This Binary Options System is a fantastic product. We’ve learned several things and attempted to highlight them for your consideration. Don’t trade on emotion. Check the charts, confirm your risk levels, and upgrade when you can.

For Alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for Binary Options!

snapcashbinary is currently Watchdog’s Top Rated Auto-Trader in 2016!

Additional resources for SnapCash Day-Traders:

SnapCash Review by Watchdog, SnapCash Live Results & Tips

Visit Matt at

Even though SnapCash Binary is still relatively new, it is solid. This consistent performer has already reached viral levels and for good reason. Steady profits are being reported and individuals are happy with the results. No one should mistake as a get rich quick scheme. It is no such software, nor does it claim to be. The software advertises modest gains. This genuine and legitimate app is certainly on the right track to an incredibly profitable and long term future. Feel free to post your comments below and we’ll be happy to assist you, the email for Watchdog is, and you can also visit my YouTube channel and I’ll be happy to provide you with any questions. Good luck to all new Day-Traders & I will keep you updated with my stats!

SnapCash Complete Guide; Tips and Live Results!

Hey Watchdog readers, This is Agent Matt from here to show you how easy it is to get started with the auto trader. Before we explain and demonstrate its ease of use, we want to give a huge shout out to Binary options Watchdog for the opportunity to showcase this exciting new binary options software. The Agency recommends SnapCashBinary app and we will back up our support by showing you some live trades and video proof below. Through two days of trading, our profits are over $300! This product is the real deal!

SnapCash Binary is a simple, yet complete system that provides steady profits. This is not a typical auto trader developed by some alleged Wall Street guru with inside information. We’ve all heard the stories of financial insiders who find the secret to riches, right? This software is much different from anything we’ve seen.

A Brief Background:

SnapCash Binary is developed by Austin Ford. Mr. Ford started working on an algorithm as a hobby for his own personal investment purposes. Through his research and development of SnapCash Binary, it became clear that simpler is better. The creator looked at trading through the eyes of an average trader. He took the complication out and created a simple “yes” or “no” philosophy. Imagine seeing several trading opportunities that only require you to click a “yes” or “no” button. That is essentially the manual trading feature of this new viral system. Trades are literally handed to investors, who decide whether or not to place a trade. Click “yes” and you are in the trade! This could be the easiest software ever designed.

Tips for Auto Trading Success:

The entire platform gets two thumbs up from the Agency. The auto trading feature itself is straightforward. There is one simple step to turn SnapCash Binary on. Click the red OFF button. It will turn green and say ON. Once the trader is switched to the on position, a few other features appear which must be considered carefully. It is imperative not to overlook these.


Next to the on/off button a risk level option will be displayed. Here you can select a low, medium, or high risk. This indicates the potential number of trades placed at any one time. In other words, the auto trader will take one trade at a time on low risk, but you may see five different asset positions running concurrently should you select the high risk option. We highly recommend starting slowly.

Trade smartly by choosing low risk. Always use proper money management with any investment. It makes no logical sense to start your first few SnapCashBinary sessions by investing as much as half of your account (five trades of $25). If you invested the $250 minimum, allow the system to place individual investments of $25. Take your time, be patient, and learn the software. Once your account balance grows and you feel comfortable, then consider other trading options.

The investment amount button to the right of the risk level provides four choices. Here you may pick anywhere from $25, $50, $75, or $100. Your selection is the dollar amount placed per trade. Upon completion of this step, do not forget to click the save button on the far right. Failure to click on this will prevent trading. The auto trader will only be activated when the save button is pressed.

The Agency’s Tutorial and Trading Session:

Before you can utilize this exciting software, a completed registration is required. The exciting part, however, is that the software is completely free to use. Investors will need to sign up with a properly synced broker for this auto trader to function however.

Our video tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know to begin using SnapCashBinary. If you are a subscriber to The Agency’s YouTube channel, then you may have seen our easy profits. If not, you can subscribe when you see the subscribe button displayed in our video. We opened a account two days ago with an initial deposit of $500. At the conclusion of our session shown here, our account balance has grown to $804.

The main objective of this educational demonstration was to show both ease of use and the options available, Obviously the main priority was profits. We definitely accomplished that with $155 increase to our account balance. Remember to start small. As we emphasize, trade at the low risk. Our adjustments to three and five were for illustrative purposes aimed to help you understand everything available on the platform. The higher the number of trades equates to a higher level of risk.

Our final stats today were impressive. 80% ITM for fifteen total trades. We had 12 winners. Profiting $155 is awesome, but remember tomorrow is a new day. Our results may be better or worse, but based on our first few sessions, SnapCash Binary has incredible potential!

Conclusion and Review:

As you can see, our account balance is over $300 in profit after a few short trading days. To achieve these statistics, our best advice is to be patient. We typically use the following settings:

  • Trading Risk (LOW = 1 Trade)
  • Trade Volume: $25

To confirm the software is active, the right side of your screen must look like this:


Each day we will provide updated trading statistics on The Agency’s YouTube Channel. Don’t be shy on this one. The early testing is promising and many positive reviews are making SnapCash an attention getter. Please take things slowly whether you are new to binary options or a veteran day-trader. Both groups of people need to become familiar and confident before taking additional risk. Agency’s traders have been analyzing the manual signals as well. Once you comfortably maneuver the autotrading side of SnapCash, consider this manual strategy video.

Visit Watchdog’s SnapCash Binary Review for more info & user feedback!

There are a few other strategies that we’ve experimented with and are eager to put to the test. Stay tuned for follow up posts and videos. Lastly, be sure to watch these videos for special offers! We want to thank Agent Matt for his help with providing our members with live results and an extensive guide for new software members. In case you run into any questions you are invited to email us at or comment below. For other alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. Good luck to all new SnapCash members!

SnapCash Binary Review!! 100% Scam-Free Software!

Does any Automated system actually work? The answer thankfully is YES! Austin Ford the owner and Founder of the Snapcash Binary software gave us an opportunity to join his Auto Trader this time around. Of course we are fully aware that some traders may doubt the credibility of this offer, simply because they are cautious and skeptical, as they rightly should be, that would at least mean that our review upon review that we launch regarding scam organisations are finally hitting home. However in the situation of Snapcash Binary, our hand was kind off forced to take a bit of a different approach to how we generally review systems, should you want know what we have found and our experience with the Automated solution, then we recommend you continue reading this review, and know the full details before scrapping it as an offer that is too good to be true aka a scam.

We were approached by Austin Ford a few weeks ago due to our reputation and consistent battle against fraud and scam sites in the industry. Wanting to ensure we have the right end of the stick before he officially releases the SnapCash Binary software, he got in touch with us via email personally. In all honesty, when we watched the presentation already knowing full well what this auto trader is capable of, we had to laugh. We are aware of a couple of scam systems that used this approach as well to apparently find complete strangers to try their system, however because of how he formally got in touch with us, and what he offered us, we can actually truly picture him doing something like this for real, and not using actors like many other scam auto traders who tried to get you to believe their bluff. We mention this to provide you with the background as to why exactly we gave the Snapcash Binary auto trader the benefit of a doubt. When Austin Ford got in touch, he kind off made us an offer we could not resist. We had to register and account with Snapcash Binary software, fund the account (however he did deposit $250 into our PayPal account before this), then of course trade. The deal then was, should we profit, we got to keep the profits and our account to continue trading. Furthermore, should we lose and have a bad experience trading, he gave us full permission to write a scam review of the Snapcash Binary and tell everyone how the system truly works, and he even gave us full approval to disclose everything we knew to our hearts content.

Learn more by visiting: ; The most highly endorsed AT this year!


Now that you are aware of why we tried the Snapcash binary software in the first place, let’s continue our review with all our findings and results regarding how the auto trader works. Since we are already using the auto trader, with two accounts actually as we since activated a second account for another one of our team members, we have access to the members area, and by having entry to this, we are informed of just how exactly the system works. We won’t go into full details now, but we will give you a hint of what makes this system as successful as it is. Austin Ford being a coder and computer geek himself, along with a couple of other geeks, managed to secure a way to have one of the most used algorithms used today on wall street, feed data through to their supercomputer in a certain format, which allows them to accurately implement this algorithm into their own software, which is the driving force behind the trades being placed.

We do know that it does sound a little like gibberish, however for those of you who have friends in banking corporations or technology companies, will fully well know that things like this do exist, and happens on a daily basis. This now of course brings us to our results whilst trading with the Snapcash Binary software, which we are greatly happy with, to say the least. The system seems to know with a staggering accuracy what is about to happen in the markets, and acts upon it as if it had a sixth sense guiding it in the right direction. This is the only way we can think to explain how it feels whilst trading with the Snapcash Binary auto trader, as other words don’t seem to get our meaning across as much.

Whilst we started with the initial two hundred and fifty dollars given to us by Anton, as he really did put his money where his mouth was, our account soon began to grow and profit. We traded for a few days straight, and found our account to grow consistently and profitably over all days, and was able to make just over a thousand dollars per day. This we are aware is a lot of money to a lot of people, including us, and definitely a result we are happy with, and our team members will definitely continue to test, try and profit with the software in order to give our updates and performance results as we progress with the Snapcash Binary system.

Since we are aware of the fact that some might still think it is a scam, and we get it really, but just looking at it, and being aware of the amount of scam systems in the market, we are not surprised that every system launched now get put under the microscope. Nonetheless here are a couple of points to prove this review and the systems is not like your everyday released scam systems. The photos seen on the pitch page does not consist of any fake images of supposed traders. If you try to find the images, you will see none of them can be found on google. The traders in the video are real, and you will also get further details about them when you are through to the member’s area once you have activated your account. There are no fake times, dates or timelines given, as there is nothing to lie about. These are just a few points to prove that even though there are a lot of scam systems in the market, if you really look for the needle in the haystack, you will find it, or it might find you, like the Snapcash Binary software has done with us. We will always say this in every review, and we will stick with it no matter what, and that is to always advise to do your research, find the facts, and most importantly stay safe in the binary options market.

Review Verdict: is 100% Scam-Free!

Endorsed and Recommended by


We are really proud to deliver this message to our blog followers, new readers and all other day-traders who are sick and tired of the huge promises to make a fortune over night. In reality the systems that truly work are ones that deliver, provide with real evidence and endorsed by credible sources. SnapCash Binary passed the test with a 100% score. It’s user friendly and we encourage both newbie and experienced day-traders to give it a try. We will continue and post follow-up reviews with results this week so stay tuned for much more.

Contact our Watchdog Team for help with all binary related questions.

For software inquiries, please contact

For other alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested signals for binary options. Please remember to share your feedback below this review, if you have an experience to share regarding the software or any other Automated system you’d like to comment on. Thank you for taking a few moments to read this important update and good luck if you decide to move forward and test this great offer, we trust it and have full faith that it will not disappoint our subscribers and stand fully behind it with this endorsement.

Shepard SDP is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

We highly recommend that you read this very important review regarding the Shepard SDP Scam which has been released, and no doubt most of you already have a “special invite” in your inboxes. Before taking any steps and opening the email or registering for the Shepard SDP software, we believe that you need to know the truth, and be fully aware of exactly what you are agreeing to, and what you can expect when you make that all important investment into website. Therefore ensure to read this review until the end, as we truly have some very interesting points which we will be revealing, ensuring we stop as many traders as possible from making a very big mistake with this auto trader.

Peter Shepard is the presenter of the automated software he is so kindly offering to only fifty new traders today. It is funny though, notice the countdown timer just above the video, how it states that should the time run down the Shepard SDP software will no longer be available, yet if you do actually let it run down….nothing happens. So much for a bit of excitement and wanting to see the site crash. Anyways back to Mr Shepard, this might come as no surprise to some of you, but he does not actually exist. There are no trusted social media profiles or ID’s available regarding his true identity, which should be really weird since he claims to be the owner of a company, however we have learned in this industry and with all the scam systems floating around, that nothing is beyond extraordinary these days.

This of course leads our review to further expose that the so called company which is also called Shepard SDP has not been called into existence, as it quite literally has no information / documentation / registration details regarding this successful business that has been making traders hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. Which puts into questions absolutely everything offered by Peter and the Shepard SDP scam auto trader which we are expected to just trust and open an account with.

This invitation will never expire. Here is a common pop-up used by scam sites.


How just how is this Shepard SDP software supposed to work? We truly wish we knew the details, as sadly even though we wasted a full 45 minutes of our time, listening to Peter’s sales pitch, we are still none the wiser on the mechanisms that makes the auto trader tick. Yes we are aware that there is some or other explanation regarding an algorithm that has been integrated into the programme which is effectively the secret behind what makes it so successful. Our question now is, where did they come across this phenomenon that is making people rich, and where exactly did the light bulb go on that this could actually work. At this point we do not actually believe anything said about the Shepard SDP scam, as there are too many holes in their explanations that needs explaining, which leaves a lot of doubt in our and other traders’ minds.

Of course most traders will realise the Shepard SDP software for a scam when they hear the claims of the system generating a 100% win ratio. However we dread that not many traders will know this, due to being new to the binary options industry. Which is also why it is important that should you know anyone looking at the Shepard SDP scam to share this review with them, to prevent anyone you know from losing money with this scam. As a first point, never believe any system or software claiming to generate only winning trades, and having zero losses, as there is no such thing as anything ever being one hundred percent guaranteed, if it was, then we would have so many accident babies in the world…..just saying.

We have also started to notice that some scam advertisers have started to use some very subtle and effective sales tactics during their scripts for the presentations. The sentences carefully integrated into Peter Shepard’s speech subtly leads you to believe that should you not act now, and register an account you will be missing out on the opportunity of a life time. By stating things like, if you get in on time, if you are accepted, if you pass the criteria, makes people believe that they might not actually even be accepted, let alone miss out. This then spurs them on to register for an account before doing the much needed research into the legitimacy of the Shepard SDP scam software & avoiding falling for this fraud system all together.


Lastly, but not least of all, we would like to point out in this review that the timeline being presented to us in the presentation which can be seen on the website does not make any sense. When listening to Joel, the first beta tester giving his review of how the Shepard SDP software works, you can clearly hear him state that he has successfully been using the auto trader for at least six months now. Nonetheless if you do a quick search on the website, you will see that the system was only registered on the 7th June 2016, and during the pitch, Peter has gave us the “actual” date of the filming which was the 27th June 2016. This makes the software twenty days old at the time of filming, yet Joel claimed to be using the software for 6 months. Either he is lying, or he has been using a system which is actually on offer to us today. We would put our money on the fact that he is just lying.

The Shepard SDP software is a scam, and we hope this review has opened your eyes to know what to look out for when considering whether to register with a software of not. If you do find that you are of the many who have a special invite in their inboxes, we advise that you unsubscribe from their mailing list, as we have no doubt they will continue to send you scam offers as long as you stay on their mailing list. This review about the Shepard SDP scam just yet again proves why it is so important to do your research, and to be fully in the know for what exactly you are getting yourself into when investing into an auto trader, and if at any time you are unsure or questioning whether it truly could be legit, ask for a second opinion, before making the fatal decision and depositing into a system that is only going to drain your account.

Review Verdict: Shepard SDP is a SCAM!

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Viral scams currently promoted by devious email spammers:

Push Money App, Quantum Code, Gemini 2 and Polygraph Millionaire

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Polygraph Millionaire is a SCAM!! Honest Review!

It is the start of the week and the scam systems do not stop, and over the weekend was the release of the Polygraph Millionaire scam. This time around we did not have to do much investigating work for our review, and we will be telling you about why not as we go over all the details. The Polygraph Millionaire software just once again proves to everyone why they should not trust everything they find, as sadly there are many scammers promoting this system. Therefore before you enter your details on the website, we encourage you to read this eye opening review on the Polygraph Millionaire auto trader, and know the truth before losing all your money.

Daniel Wilkinson is a sales and marketing guy who is offering the Polygraph Millionaire software to you today, however according to him, he is not here to sell you anything today, except of course selling you the so called profitability of this scam. Of course he also bases all of this on a Lie Detector and claims that the test will prove his honesty and sincerity in what he is trying to do by offering 50 inexperienced traders a copy of the Polygraph Millionaire scam. Sadly all of the above and more is exactly what we are going to prove to you during this review, that those are the exact points that you cannot believe.

Déjà vu Scam, read our Lie Detector Millionaire review and you’ll find out why!


Half a million every month? The definition of “If it’s too good to be true, it must be fake”…The Polygraph Millionaire software supposedly works by analysing billions bites of data and then place trades based on the information received by the algorithm. This is the only explanation that Daniel kindly offers us, which in our view is not even close to enough to want to make us believe anything he is saying is true, regardless of the so called lie detector test he took. Also claiming that the system has not lost even one trade in the past few months is absolutely ridiculous. There is no such thing as a binary options auto trader not losing a trade, anyone with the least experience will know this, which is probably why their target market, and requirement to join the software are those with no previous trading experience whatsoever.

This is where everything starts to get interesting, and why we are advising that you do not believe anything you hear or see on the website, and why this review is going to save you more than you think. The Polygraph Millionaire scam is sadly not a new software being released, actually very far from that, it is scam that was released in April this year, meaning it took them only six months to relaunch the same system with a different name. This is where we present the review we did previously that will prove this, and the first time it was launched it was called the Lie Detector Millionaire. Convenient isn’t it…

When you carefully read through our Lie Detector review you will realise that the Polygraph Millionaire software is the exact same scam, and therefore we almost feel like we are doing one review twice. The practically took the same video used in Lie detector and added it to Polygraph Millionaire, meaning they were so lazy, that the only think they actually changed was the name of the software to a new one. The rest is all exactly the same. The same speech, same offer, same people, and the list goes on.

On top of all of that, we have received countless of emails from traders who have fallen for this scam the first time it came around, and can confirm that more people lost their money than we would like to admit, due to the fact of not doing their research and reading our review. We fear that the same thing will happen again with the Polygraph Millionaire scam, as one of their strict requirements for joining is that you have no prior experience in the industry, meaning they are targeting complete new traders in the industry, who are unaware of the amount of scam systems there are available on the market.

We can continue and point out the exact same information we have already pointed out since the Polygraph Millionaire software is a complete relaunch. Meaning Trader X is fake, just like they were the first time around. The traders also claiming to make between $7k to $28k per day, is complete and utter rubbish. With trusted and reliable services you are only able to make a consistent profit of around $800 per day, which is the expected value each trader should be looking for when registering for a software. Plus the so called independent regulatory bodies how supposedly double checked anything and everything of the Polygraph Millionaire scam. Again we ask, who this independent body is, as there is no way for us to verify that anyone actually checked anything, if we are not given the names and details of the people we are supposed to trust to confirm what is being sold to us on the website.

If you know anyone who might be interested in joining the Polygraph Millionaire scam, be sure to share this review with them, and save them the money they will surely be losing when registering. When considering to enter the binary options industry and making an additional income trading online, it is always advised that each trader do their research regarding signal services and brokers, as registering with the wrong one can regrettably cost you dearly, and truth is, as you can see in this review, that such things can be avoided. The best steps to take is to follow trusted day traders and blogs, as you cannot go wrong with reputable information.

Review Verdict: Polygraph Millionaire is a SCAM!

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Gemini 2, Push Money App, Quantum Code and Instant Cash Club

We’re always here to help and if you feel as if you’ve been scammed by Polygraph Millionaire, their associated brokers or any other fake system we uncovered, we encourage you to post your feedback below this review. At we offer 100% free assistance with anything that relates to disputes and complaints, feel free to contact us directly at!

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