ALIVE In 5 is a SCAM!! Detailed Review!

Due to many confirmed complaints, we decided that it’s time to expose Alive In 5 scam by the alleged Brandon Graham. In this particular case we waited a few days to see if will go viral and unfortunately it did. If you carefully research for reviews related to this offer, you will find that all the evidence and feedback by members lead to the same conclusion.

Earlier today one of our blog followers received an email invitation from Drexel Code, a scam we previously blacklisted and exposed. In the email they try to trick potential members into believing that Brandon Graham from Alive In 5 negotiated a deal with the “Cory” from the Drexel Code team, and if you deposit $1000, this guy “Robert” will double you deposit. Not only that we have a reason to believe that the scam sites are connected, but they are trying to trap people with a bonus that locks your trading account. The main condition for this lucrative $1000 bonus is that you’re not allowed to withdraw your money, until you generate a volume of trades that equals anywhere from 20 or 30 times your initial deposit! This means that if and when Alive In 5 scam fails you and you start losing money, there is practically no way for you to get your money back from the broker, definitely not without the help of a credit card dispute.


Let’s put aside all the fake and obvious scam tactics we noticed on the Alive In 5 pitch page, such as the limited numbers of memberships available, thousands of dollars within 5 minutes which is practically impossible and the lame narrative with the annoying looking punk “Brandon Graham” and the sleazy call-girl who follows him around as he enters the rented mansion, after a joy ride in his rented sport car. In reality everything that came out of this actor’s mouth, 100% pure and detectable lies. It’s possible that Brandom Graham, creator of, lied more times than Ted Cruz aka LyingTED. Here is an example for you, in the video he states that Alive In 5 software is only available in your country. Try browsing this website using a VPS or visit the website from another country’s IP address and you’ll notice that can be accessed globally without an issue, we are not at all surprised and so should you.

Prior to the release of this review we already received complaints from members who reside in Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States so obviously this is a straight lie. The idea is to get you to believe that this is an exclusive offer and you’re one of the lucky people who stumbled upon it, and if you don’t hurry up Alive In 5 will no longer be available. We didn’t really need to post this Alive In 5 Review due to the negative press you can easily find all over the Internet, but we do have many blog followers who might be targeted by the scam.


Based on a website age search ,we found that Alive In 5 and Drexel Code were both registered by the same company and in the same week, earlier in March 2016. This is a brand new website, Lying Brandon Graham didn’t make close to $18,000,000 with in one year obviously and his existence cannot be verified on any legitimate social media profile. Normally you can find people on LinkedIn, Facebook and other places assuming we’re dealing with legitimate individuals or company aka software app. Don’t let your curiosity get the best of you and stay away from this deceptive money-making scheme, and if you are interested to trade binary options you will found much better alternatives and profitable opportunities.

Review Verdict: Alive In 5 Software is a SCAM!

Please share your feedback below if you have signed up with the software or have any questions concerning Alive In 5. In case you lost money with any type of scams related to online trading, we’ll be more than happy to help you free of charge. Please email us directly at and we’ll be sure to guide you through any complaints or disputes. On a positive note, we are very excited about the release of the NEO² software! This true innovation has been tested by our team and confirmed using live trading accounts by real members, as you can find on YouTube and Facebook. All reviews we found are positive, as members who are reporting a high winning rate. You won’t stumble upon any complaints or negative reviews concerning this newly released Automated System.

For more information on NEO Squared, visit Watchdog’s NEO2 Review in details.


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NEO2 Software Review; Not Another Scam!

We are really happy to finally review the NEO2 Automated software! For years our team never encountered anything similar to what has to offer. The winning rate is outstanding and if you are looking for a legitimate binary options solution, and sick of misleading and scam services, you should continue and read this review carefully.

In a combined effort by 4 talented individuals, and over a period of months, the software has been carefully tested by the Watchdog team and other day-traders you might be familiar with. Dr. Jack Piers, PhD. the Founder of NEO2 and a Climate Forecasting Expert, an incredible individual who worked at NOAA and has a lot of experience in Climate changes and the impact it has on Earth and Commodities. the legendary Michael Freeman who’s been around in the online trading industry longer than binary options existed! Michael currently has the largest subscribers base on YouTube in the niche and owns a remarkable Facebook Signals Group which is offered free in exchange for a $25 donation to a charity organization of your choice, possibly the largest binary options community in 2016.

Michael’s role in the development of NEO2, is directly associated with binary options technology development and day-trading solutions. William Van Loon NEO2 Chief Financial Officer / Investor who’s been one of the initial testers of NEO2, and most importantly, William is in charge of the near future launch on business platform.


Last but not least, Amit Gupta, Lead Programmer and the President of NEO2. Using his programming skills, design and previous experience working with start-ups, the software is not only generating profits but it’s also super-easy to use! It operates with close to zero latency, processing and crunching data within milliseconds.

The low latency is especially important when it comes to short-term trading and binary options in particular! Automated Systems must be fast enough and produce automated signals instantly, before the optimal price level can change. Learn more about Dr. Jack Piers, PhD, Michael Freeman, William Van Loon and Amit Gupta on the Introduction page.

What is NEO2 Squared and How to Does it Operate?

NEO2 Auto Trading aka NEO² Squared is based on the concept of integrating Solar Trading and Weather Forecasting with trading algorithms. By monitoring and Forecasting Solar, Weather and Environmental factors, it’s possible to identify trends of Underlying Commodities price fluctuations, weeks in advance. Jack Piers’s essential role was the introduction of the Solar Tracker, which Amit Gupta programmed into the Auto-Trader and user panel as illustrated in the video, activating this feature is as simple as it gets. NEO2 has 3 basic functions as opposed to most automated systems that rely purely on technical analysis, the type of indicators you get for free on Meta Trader 4, or in some cases if it’s a scam, there’s not even any technical analysis and users receive random and baseless signals. NEO² Squared 3 Basic Functions in the members control panel: NEO2 Squared Sync button which activates the Solar Tracker. Trade Algo Button which activates auto-pilot mode. Once Neo2 SYNC and Algo Trade are activate, just click on the large ‘START NOW’ button to enable the Auto-Pilot mode.


Here is what you’re not going get with the NEO2 Automated Software: scam actors pretending to be Beta Testers. There’s no limitation on the amount of members allowed to participate in the NEO2 project. No fake widgets and elements that you’ll find on literally every scam we expose. Brokers with negative reviews and reputation are not synced with insane claims, bonus traps and or other bogus manipulations. You can take all of the above and through it out of the window, and never register with any scam that has any type of shady elements associated with it. We go over this in every single review but it’s important we continue to remind day-traders of the potential risks that are out there and marketed to the public.

After 25 days of testing the NEO2, we can confidently recommend it to anyone who is looking for an automated system that can provide a steady ITM performance of 80%-86% and maintain in this range consistently, without any drops. Definitely without the excuses day-traders are given by scam sites such as we personally heard many times, “It was just a bad day, if you invest more you will probably do better” … Sure enough this is the type of cut-and-paste messages that scam service providers will use the minute you complain. At NEO2 there’s real support and you can also contact Michael Freeman directly at as he keeps direct communication with his followers on Facebook and YouTube.


This NEO2 Review can go on forever, especially since we are extremely fascinated by the concept and the completely new edge. Unfortunately it’s not free, for now it is but the idea behind NEO2 as we noted previously is to get NEO2 on and new ventures find can find it difficult to receive the necessary recognition, reviews and positive consensus to become a business. Once goes live on Kick Starter, and we’re expecting it to happen in the near future, members will pay an annual user fee of $7,900 to use the software. The fee will be charged upon activation without a free trial or even a demo unfortunately. If we get any information regarding the official date, we will update you in a follow-up review, but for the time being members can join free and granted free access indefinitely, without future annual fee. We’ve been told not to guarantee it because this may also change, but until noted otherwise on the website, we can confirm that it’s 100% free.

We should remind you that generally, only scam auto-traders and services will offer you money without anything in return. Money doesn’t go on trees but due to the nature of the business, and how the industry is set up, NEO2 has to compete heavily for good reviews and recognition on Kick Starter in order to justify charging day-traders thousands of dollars. You will not make $100,000 a month or a Million Dollars in 5 weeks, and you will not be able to withdraw the money and fly to Dubai by tomorrow night with NEO2. The good news is that we confirmed the average $3,500 a week that’s been reported by Michael Freeman, William Van Loon and other day-traders and investors who came in early. We know of other day-traders who are planning to post tutorials and live results on YouTube and other social medias and we will be sure to incorporate the progress in the next NEO2 reviews. Due to the great interest we will continue to post updates related to and if you need assistance we’re also here to help and you can email us at

Review Verdict: NEO2 is a Legitimate Trading Software, 100% Scam-Free!

neo2-button has fully tested, vetted and confirmed the reliability of the NEO2 Software. We’re officially inviting everyone who is looking for an easy to use, Auto-Trader with a stable ITM performance, to put aside everything you’ve seen or tried and get on the right path. We want to sincerely thank Michael Freeman, Amit Gupta, William Van Loon and Dr. Jack Piers, PhD, for their amazing contributions to the online-trading industry! The combination of the 4 and their educational knowledge and commitment exceeded our expectations

We invite everyone to share your questions, feedback and results below!

UnderDog Millionaire Pro is a Scam!! Honest Review!

We really hope you’re not planning to waste your money with the Underdog Millionaire Pro SCAM, this review is honest and will most likely change your mind. If you are under the impression that is a legitimate software by a “Very Talented German Mathematician”, the alleged Albert Friedemann, unfortunately you’re making a mistake and we’ll gladly prove it to you with the use of simple, undeniable facts.


Any reasonable person would expect the narrator or creator of the software to come up with hard-facts and evidence to back their statements, something that was terribly lacking in the presentation, in the story and practically anywhere on this fraudulent money-making scheme. Let’s debunk some Underdog Millionaire Pro Scam statements:

  1. We tried to find information related to Albert Friedemann and apparently he doesn’t exist. No information related to his Math credentials… You can use a search engine and try looking for his name and anything that relates to Math, Algorithms and Binary Options and you’ll find nothing.
  2. The Underdog Millionaire Pro is a brand new website, based on Who.Is it’s been around since the end of March, 2016! In other words, 3 weeks from the ‘posting date’ of this review. This discovery contradicts the narrative in which Albert Friedemann made over $1,000,000 in the last year using the Underdog Millionaire Pro software.
  3. Since we know that this website is entirely new and has no authority anywhere on planet earth, certainly not on any financial or binary options forums you can trust, you can be sure that Mr. Friedemann didn’t help many people around the world become millionaires.
  4. The creators of the Underdog Millionaire Pro want you to believe that it’s possible to generate a win rate of over 95% ITM with binary options, they go as far as guaranteeing it. They expect reasonable people to believe that out of 100 trades, only 5 are bound to land ‘OTM’ = losing trade?! Try selling this joke to anyone who has some experience with online trading and we wish you good luck! Promising crazy unrealistic returns, is the most common denominator of all the money-making scam sites we expose at
  5. No credible reviews, testimonials and feedback related to is available to justify testing it and funding a live trading account with your money, which is a requirement with any system, software or auto-trader associated with binary options. This requirement is nothing new and money doesn’t come out of thin air, irregardless it’s legitimate or not, a deposit with a broker is mandatory.


Imaginary performance exposed!

Furthermore, we found that the pitch-page video on the Underdog Millionaire Pro fraud site is actually hosted on YouTube and right now has nearly close to zero engagement, in terms of likes and views. Let’s make a long story short, you’d be a fool to trust this scam but if you made a mistake and decided to join, we’re here to help at and we’ll gladly assist you for free. You are also welcome to share your feedback, review and overall impression in regards to the shady website.

Review Verdict: Underdog Millionaire Pro is a SCAM!

Albert Friedemann is fictional and unconfirmable.

Other Viral Scams you should avoid:

Push Money App, Free Money Guaranteed and Aussie Method

Note that we also exposed other versions of the Aussie, such as the Brit Method and Malay Method which are both going viral unfortunately. You can find detailed information related to all the binary options scams on our Blacklist page. For alternatives to the Underdog Millionaire and other fake services associated with day-trading, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. is our top performing software and has a very good reputation, for more information visit our Copy Buffett Review. As always we encourage you to do some research and you’ll find that Copy Buffett Software is endorsed by many reputable blogs and YouTube channels.


Please help us warn other binary options traders to avoid the Underdog Millionaire scam by sharing this review on your Social Networks. We welcome all feedback, questions and responses so be sure to comment below this warning. To remind our readers, if you need help with disputes and complaints against scams, we’re here to help and at no cost. Those who are absolutely new, should first trade with a Free Demo Account, and get to know this form of trading before risking any money with brokers and signals providers.

Free Money Guaranteed is a Scam!! Unbiased Review!

Avoid the Free Money Guaranteed System SCAM by the alleged Robert Anderson. This review is one that will change your mind if you are considering to join aka Certified Free Money System. We’re dealing with the most despicable type of fraud that surfaced recently and it’s no wonder that our team is beginning to receive some concerning complaints. It’s time we put an end to the scam and expose some of the lies you’ve been fed.

The trickery and deception by the Free Money Guaranteed is clearly demonstrated on first look. The 7 spots available, time running out widget and the “Exclusive Invitation” we’ve seen used by many scam sites. Robert Anderson, or at least the actor who plays his role, goes as far as promising members $100,000 if they fail to generate over half a million dollars in 30 days, using the Free Money Guaranteed system scam.

Looks more like ‘Rent a Hoe for a Day’ type fraud…


How do we know that this is just a scam and not the real deal? Let’s put aside all the pressure tactics, the really lame production with the mansion and the call-girl, nothing really adds up when you try to make sense out of this crazy narrative. Here is just an example, the 3 Software Beta Testers: Casey McDaniel, Jordan Washington and Ben Leitzel are all liars, as much as they may sound convincing to you. Based on a quick investigation into their claims, we found that the dates of their accounts do not match with the domain age. Based on our favorite website Who.Is, we know that this domain was registered in April of 2016, exactly two weeks from the time this review is being written. If you look into the dates on the Beta Testers trading accounts, you’ll notice profits made weeks and months before the Free Money Guaranteed System came into existence.


At we posted warnings and reviews on hundreds of scam sites and we can reassure you that Free Money Guaranteed aka Free Money Guaranteed system is one of the worst ones we stumbled upon. It’s one thing to lie and get newbie day-traders to deposit $250, but to promise people $100,000 if they don’t generate this amount on a weekly basis, is absurd and disturbing. If you look into our Blacklist page, you’ll notice that many of the scams resemble in many ways and it’s no wonder that all the common elements and tricks are embedded into website. There’s not much to add to this review, if you honestly believe that you’re going to make this amount of money with the two weeks old system, good luck but remember that you read this warning and all the red flags are there for you to witness. Note that based on a deeper look into the way this money-making scheme is targeting members. We know that members from all over the world are getting spam emails and text messages. Blocking spammers with certain Cellphone Networks is difficult and in some cases you will need to cancel text messaging entirely on your phone, or change your number.

We would never post this Free Money Guaranteed System review if it wasn’t absolutely clear to us, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Robert Anderson and this entire deal is fake. If you are a member and feel like we wrongfully evaluated this system, you are free to comment below as we respect and welcome all thoughts and opinions.

Review Verdict: Free Money Guaranteed System is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website:

The self-proclaimed, Ultra-Millionaire Robert Anderson, cannot be confirmed.

Similar scams that are going viral: Drexel Code, Binary Interceptor and Lie Detector Millionaire

Note that we posted the review on Binary Interceptor back in 2014 and now they came out with a new version, new actors and lot’s of the same BS we’ve seen many times. If you are a victim of any of the above websites, please share your feedback and help us deter other potential members from falling into these money traps. Feel free to contact us directly at for help with disputes and complaints against the scams and the collaborating brokers, we’re here to help and gladly do it at no cost.

Another high-production scam we exposed in details: Quantum Income Machine, Stay away!!!

Trust that there are much better alternatives to the “Certified Free Money System” is you’re serious about getting into binary options. The key is to do an extensive research before you join any broker or signals provider and this is what we keep repeating in every review we post. We test and evaluate different offers and if you’re interested to look into offers that are getting great reviews and generate a winning performance, visit Watchdog’s Signals for binary options. This week we’re seeing a lot of success with BinaDroid, for more information on this automated software visit our BinaDroid Review. You will find many positive endorsements and real live results shares by members on YouTube. This automated system offers a $5 minimum trade and is available worldwide, we encourage you to check it out. Thank you for reading this warning, and please remember to share any feedback related to Free Money Guaranteed.

Quantum Income Machine is a Scam!! Honest Review!

Despite what you may want to believe, the Quantum Income Machine is a lousy SCAM. In this review we decided to finally uncover the truth behind the by the alleged Entrepreneur Julia Burke. It’s possible that after watching the 48 minutes introduction video, filmed at a beautiful rented mansion, you are honestly considering to invest your money and test this so-called Algorithmic binary options software. Before you continue further, please take a step back and read this review carefully as we found some alarming facts!

At we rely on real feedback before we post reviews but often we simply use common sense if the offer is relatively new. In this case we already received several complaints associated with the bonus and trading performance generated by Quantum Income Machine, ultimately no one reported success and members were left terribly disappointed. We’ll get to the bonus restriction and some of the shady tricks in just a moment, but first it’s important that we debunk certain claims and provide you with an insight into the fake snapshots we found while watching the talented presentation by Julia Burke on

About 35 minutes into this very long and manipulative speech, Julia Burke displayed her trading account’s balance growth using the Quantum Income Machine software but we noticed it dates back to 2013. Unfortunately based on Who.Is Domain Age Checker, we found that was actually created and registered in December of 2015. Remember that no matter how fancy the production is, you must always look into the tiniest details before you invest in any type of online money-making opportunity.

Here is just one of the many deceptive images we found: quantumincomemachine

Strangely less than a minute into the video, we noticed picture of a completely different woman. They clearly made a mistake with the name as it reads Jamie Burke but we can forgive them for the typo, however we can’t ignore the fact that they literally stole a picture from Jamie M. Rea! We have no doubt that she has no involvement with the scam. For more information on Jamie M. Rea and her real identity, visit the Jewish Theatre Collaborative organization website:


Binary options trading can be a great way to make money online, but you must stay far away from money-making schemes and the collaborating brokers. As with similar scam systems we previously reviewed and exposed, we keep finding similar elements, such as the “Spots Available” feature located at the bottom of the pitch page. When you land on for the first time, it starts with 7 spots and if you stay long enough it will drop down to 2 spots and stop. If you refresh the page, you’ll notice that it’s back to 7 spots again suspiciously. Honestly we really don’t understand how on one hand the scam-artists delivered an extraordinary Hollywood production, but on the other hand they are using the same common pressure tactics that we’re seeing over and over.


If you’ve been reading the reviews on Watchdog, you should know that Quantum Income Machine is certainly not the first one to use this method to rush newbies into joining quickly, before they have time to think or research for authentic reviews.

We’re not even going to get into the crazy narrative and how Julia Burke was almost raped by her crazy Wall Street Investor Boss and how she supposedly decided to extort him for information related to his secret Algorithm software that “follows the top 463 investors in the world”… It’s one of the silliest stories we’ve seen for a while, notice there’s an emphasis on her breasts all the way through this long introduction to the scam. It makes sense as most day-traders are men, we are not surprised they chose this type of story-line. We’ve seen these ‘female charm’ manipulative lies, featured clearly in the Quick Cash System scam by Sarah Markel. Read the Quick Cash System Review for more information, it’s very similar but we’re sure that everyone would agree that Sarah Markel is much hotter than Julia Burke.


Notice how both and offer the same $1,000 matching bonus, the type of production is very similar and we have a feeling that both are produced by the same scam-artists! It would surely make a lot of sense given the similarities, don’t you think?

Lastly before we finish with the review and let you comment and share your thoughts and experiences, it’s important that we warn you about the bonus trap! This trick by the Quantum Income Machine scam, is a deliberate attempt to encourage you to waste more money in exchange for a $1000 gift. Based on the complaints we received, we know that members are tricked into depositing more with this incentive. However this free bonus is accompanied by an account restriction, which prevents you from being able to withdraw your money from the broker, locking your money away! You won’t be able to gain access to your money until you generate a very high volume of trades, which in most cases would be nearly impossible to reach, and definitely with the type of fraud we’re dealing with. We won’t be surprised if many victims were pushed by account representatives to invest more, without disclosing the shady policy and catch behind the $1,000 matching bonus.

Review Verdict: Quantum Income Machine is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website:

Other Viral scams you should avoid:

Lie Detector Millionaire, Push Money App and Triana Soft

In case you are a victim of this fraud, we encourage you to file a credit card dispute against the collaborating broker or email us at and we would love to help you at no cost. Please share our important Quantum Income Machine review and comment below to help us warn and deter others from making the mistake and buying into this extremely misleading fraud. Another way to help is by posting your own reviews on forums or sharing a link to this post so others can get a second opinion, especially if you are part of the online-trading community. We have a duty to help those who are new to binary options and don’t have enough experience to vet brokers and signals providers. If you can’t find positive reviews and real evidence to back the performance of any software, you should walk off and avoid the risk as in all cases you are required to fund an account and risk your money.

Industry’s Top Recommended Automated System!


For alternatives to the Quantum Income Machine scam, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options, we carefully test every signals service and broker we endorse. Remember to always do some research in order to locate honest reviews before you join any industry site, brokers should be fully regulated and licensed and unfortunately many of them are not. Those who are interested to trade with regulated brokers directly, without the assistance of a trading software, should refer to Watchdog’s Trusted Brokers page. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for all the latest updates and warnings concerning the binary options industry. Thank you for taking a few moments to read this important warning and remember to comment below if you have any feedback or an experience to share.

10 Day Social Profits is a Scam; Detailed review!

Don’t waste your time with the 10 Day Social Profits scam by Charles Peterson as you are bound to lose your money. Based on credible facts, we decided to post a review and warn those who may consider to We’re not going to waste your time, but we do have information that you’ll find useful in helping you determine what you are up against.

Critical Info we found while conducting this 10 Day Social Profits Review

  • The only way to verify the authenticity of Charles Peterson is via an email: but he offers no information to back his day-trading or binary options related credentials.
  • Stock Images are used on the scam site, giving new members the impression that those are pictures of real members who tested this new software by Charges Peterson.
  • actors are used to provide the 10 Day Social Profits with positive video reviews, as clearly demonstrated on the pitch page. After you submit your email you’ll find a very familiar face that we’ll expose in an image below.
  • The performance results of 93.7% as guaranteed on the website, is beyond a reasonable win rate. We are not familiar with any service that can actually generate 93-94 winning trades out of 100 trades!
  • Charles Peterson and his spokesperson on the 2nd page mentioned that if you do some research, you will find that 10 Day Social Profits was verified by “major financial institutions. So far we’ve seen plenty of negative reviews associated with this new offer, and we would certainly be happy to find which financial institutions are endorsing this bogus scam, because we’re struggling to find a single one.
  • The software is synced with unregulated, scam brokers such as TitanTrade.

This was just warm-up, now it’s time to go over some of the evidence we gathered to back our conclusion regarding the 10 Day Social Profits. Labeling any service or product as a scam, without providing with any real facts to back your claims is absolutely wrong. Let’s move on to the actors or in this particular case, a very well-known testimonial actor featured on many fraud systems and applications we previously exposed. You may recognize the following guy from the registration page, his gig name is Dezza123 and he specializes in testimonials:


To remind those who’ve been following our blog and any newcomers, using actors is very common with scam sites, and you can’t trust any automated system or signals provider that is paying people to read words from a script. It doesn’t end with when it comes to the deception we encountered while browsing Stock Images are also used as we mentioned previously, and we would love to show you some of what we found.

Take Stephen Francis for example, based on the introduction video, he made $52,603 in August of 2015. It’s a lie for two reasons. 1) 10 Day Social Profits domain was registered in December of 2015, so it’s impossible that this Beta Testers made all this money without the software being available. 2) This Asian guy is a stock picture model, we found an entire gallery of his pictures on, need some evidence?


This is not the only fake member, let’s give you another example just in case you might think it’s a coincidence and Stephen Francis is a model and a day-trader… How about the guy featured in the following image?

Research led us to find that he’s not a Beta Tester of the 10 Day Social Profits:


Lies, deceptive business tactics and an imaginary ITM performance is apparently what you’ll get if you join 10 Days Social Profit system by Charles Peterson. Considering the facts we went over in this review, only a fool would move forward and invest money with this fake app, software or whatever they decided to name this bogus virtual BS. Considering all the negative reviews we’ve already seen posted on 10 Days Social Profits, we are very happy to know that if day-traders will do some research, they’ll figure out the truth with or without us. However we do feel like it’s a duty to post this important warning, as is the biggest blog in the binary options industry and we have many followers who might get tempted to try this fraudulent offer. We can reassure you that nothing good will come out of this experience, we also noticed promoted by the software and it’s concerning to us, especially due to all the negative feedback we’ve seen posted on our TitanTrade Review.

It turns out that 10 Day Social Profits is a double-ended scam, if it was just a misleading software that’s synced with great brokers, the losses wouldn’t be critical. However since is synced with proven fraud brokers, you might want to go as far as filing a credit card dispute against the crooks and cancel your credit card if you notice any suspicious activities. Based on all the feedback we’ve seen, in reference to the 10 Days Social Profits brokers, we know that you’re dealing with a very dangerous fraud and is one of the worst possible firms in the entire industry. Do some research and you’ll be shocked to find how ruthless they are with their traders, but don’t panic because we can surely help!

How can you fight the 10 Day Social Profits?

At we’re here to help and we have years of experience dealing with all kinds of scams, and you can find many of them listed on our Blacklist page. If you’ve been scammed by or any of their shady brokers, please contact us via and we’ll gladly assist you free of charge. It will be our pleasure to see you get your money back from the crooks. The only thing we can ask in return is that you share your experience below this review and help us deter other potential victims from losing their money.

Review Verdict: 10 Day Social Profits is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website: and (Clones)

Other scams that are currently going viral:

Drexel Code, Aussie Method, Dream Profits and Push Money App

Fortunately if you remain vigilant and conduct a thorough research before you register with a broker or signals services, you can find some reputable companies to work with. The industry is regulated for the most part, and some automated services are able to produce a sufficient winning rate for their members. For alternatives we welcome you to visit Watchdog’s Trusted Signals for binary options, we fully test any service or broker we endorse. is currently Watchdog’s top recommended auto-pilot system for binary options, the service has been fully confirmed and tested by many members. You can find live results and feedback posted on YouTube by real day-traders and many solid reviews, all pointing to the same conclusion. It’s one of the best services we had a chance to test and we highly recommend it if you’re seeking a way to trade automatically without using technical analysis.

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iFollow Club is a SCAM!!! Unbiased Review!

Do not join the iFollow Club SCAM by the fake David Reed, in this review we managed to gather plenty of evidence leading us to a firm and undisputed conclusion. The website brought to you by Option Rally and other scam brokers, is a misleading money-making scheme. Everything about the iFollow Club is fake so let’s get straight to the facts.

This bogus offer is presented to binary options traders as a Social Trading Platform, with many great reviews and testimonials by alleged members. When you first navigate to the iFollow Club website you may be impressed but what if we told you that David Reed is not a real software developer or a day-trader with a net-worth of over $8,000,000? The picture you’ve seen on the of David and his golfing friend is a stock image, purchased from Visit the link and you’ll quickly realize that David Reed doesn’t exist, using fake images is a common practice by scam services and we can easily detect them via a simple picture search.


In reality, everything about iFollow Club is a big scam, including all the members in the testimonial section. We recognized half of them, basically they were hired from, which is a marketplace where developers can purchase fake testimonials from people who are willing to lie for a few dollars. John from Toronto is not a real member of the iFollow Club, let’s see if you can recognize the following guy?


This fake member wanted to thank iFollow.Club for helping him with a down-payment for his new house. We’ve seen this guy on so many scam sites, hired to provide scammers with fake reviews. He is one of the biggest actors on and you may run into him again in the future, in case you’re not already familiar with this scammer. The only nice gig he offers is the one with the Banjo, BanjoMan is talented but other than that he is know to work for anyone who will hire him!

You will also notice that the Twits, Social Shares and everything else displayed on iFollow Club is bogus. There’s nothing to click, all the users and everything is absolutely fake and deceptive. It’s no wonder since Option Rally, an unregulated scam broker, is behind this scam! They are now creating new scams frequently as a way to get inexperienced binary options traders to join them. If you search for Option Rally Reviews, you’ll find that they are a scam as reported by many day-traders on plenty of binary options forums and blogs. We can’t really expect anything they come up with to be legitimate, and as we clearly demonstrated, there’s nothing real about the iFollow.Club social trading fraud.

Review Verdict: iFollow Club is a SCAM!

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