Binary Assassin is a SCAM!!

BinaryAssassin by “James Ruskin” and “Martin Nielsenis” is a relatively new binary options scam. It was quite easy to come to the conclusion that it’s a scam therefore at first we thought we would skip this review, but because we’re receiving a lot of inquiries about this software, we’ve decided to write a quick review so that it becomes official that Binary Assassin is not a legit software, but a scam.

On the main page of we have the usual fake names and dollar figures, forged results, and random images representing BinaryAssassin traders. They bought or stole 10 such images from various websites, but we’ll give example of just a couple.

“Stephen Castillo” who says “We’re going to Tokyo” is actually Iain Campbell ( The image of Karen Skeens who says “I double my money every trade” is used by many different websites, such as: . And so on, all of the images that the website claims to represent traders really belong to actors and models. This is a characteristic of many of the scams we review.

Scrolling down to the Frequently Asked Questions section, we find the Binary Assassin’s promise for how much money can be made with the software. It says: “I made almost $2.5 million in just 12 months from just one of my accounts with the software and you can do exactly the same.” Not! They love to exaggerate. On the question of “What if I don’t understand something or need help?” they answer that they “offer free lifetime customer support to ensure that you succeed.” The truth is that once you make a deposit, you will probably never hear from them again. “Can I think about it and come back to get a copy later? I cannot stress it enough that the copies are extremely limited and if you do not download your free copy now, then the chances are you will never get one.” The software will be available for many more days and suckers, trust us. It will probably stay on the shelves at least until the creators of BinaryAssassin scam are assassinated or put behind bars where they belong!

Binary Assassin1

We continue this review by checking out the Binary Assassin main video. Above the video it says: “You will make at least $500 within 5 minutes of watching this free video… guaranteed.” So let’s give it a shot! The video begins with a fake snapshot of James Ruskin’s bank account with a $2.4M balance. Then they go on talking about the economic crisis and how “there’s no doubt that you along with millions of others would be forced to lead a nightmarish life” and that your only solution is to sign up with the Binary Assassin software. Next, they show a demonstration of the BinaryAssassin software. At this point it’s quite obvious that the demonstration is not real because they lied so much until now. Binary Assassin is nothing but a scam.

If you’re looking for an automatic trading bot, there are a few that are not fake but those are not fully automated, but semi-automated. They give you signals based on technical analysis but they cannot perform the trade automatically because you still need a real person who is aware of what goes on in the market in fundamental terms, influences that can never be foreseen by a robot. Because of that it’s always a good idea to start trading using a free demo account. Check out WatchDog’s recommended services. It’s also important to sign up with a fully regulated and licensed broker. That is if you intend to ever withdraw your profits. Because with some of the brokers that are available with Binary Assassin scam, they will never let you withdraw.

Finally, we ask that you give us feedback & share your experience by commenting below this review. Happy and safe trading!

Elite Gold Profits is a SCAM!!

What on earth is going on with these marketers? The Elite Gold Profits is definitely a scam! Please don’t even have the slightest doubt about the alleged “Nigel Pearson” and his new make-money software. Again they seek to target new binary options traders or those who are seeking for opportunities to make money with online trading. Let’s go over some facts real quick to support our accusations.

1) Elite Gold Profits ( is not a registered company with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), they are not accredited or endorsed anywhere besides on a few generic sites and by online marketers who are busy sending you invitations.

2) Nigel Pearson is a well-known FootBall manager in his profession and we were unable to find any software owner or CEO by the same name who deals with software or online trading.

3) Why would a legitimate website put pictures of famous actors on their pitch page? without any consent, simply to create a good impression, you will find the pictures of Roger Federer, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey and of course all of them are using the software or agreed to be featured on this scam pitch page, we highly doubt it…

4) What’s with the pressure tactics? You have exactly 2 minutes to sign-up… well we tried to access Elite Gold Profit 30 minutes later and it seems like the offer is still available.

5) If 1-4 didn’t convince you, what will? By the way, Binary Options wasn’t around in 2004, food for thought…This offer is too good to be true, do not sign-up with, it’s a trap and if you are interested to trade binary options with legitimate companies, this is surely not the right way to start, unless you want to experience what it feels to be on the losing side!


The Elite Gold Profits is just one of many new scams that are associated with either FX or Binary Options and unfortunately their main targets are newbie traders or inexperienced folks who are interested to make a living online and/or heard that it can be done with online trading. Yes, it’s true but you must sign up with EU regulated brokers and make money with binary options or Forex but you must do a careful research before you sign up with offers that seem too good to be true. If you are absolutely new, why not start with a Free Demo Account? Test your skills or the signals service you decide to go with before you trade with real money.

We really don’t encourage anyone to fall into this trap and sign-up with Elite Gold Profits, we also looked up their list of synced brokers and it’s not a surprise that non of them are regulated. Reliable brokers will never work with scam sites. In our short research we also found that the Auto Profit Replicator, a previous software scam we exposed is hosted by the same individuals who are now behind Elite Gold Profits. The domains are hosted on the same server and owned by the same individuals, this is something you can check yourself, navigate directly to without an invitation and you will be redirected to Auto Profit Replicator (scam review), Chrissy’s Invite or other scams they are promoting, just try to click again and again on this domain and you’ll get redirected to all kinds of websites.

If you have any feedback or questions concerning the new Elite Gold Profits by the imaginary “Nigel Pearson” please share it with us and other new traders who might be considering to sign-up with this new fraud site.

Google Trader SCAM! Avoid!!

Excuse us but what do you mean by “Powered by Google”? Is the voice over actor trying to suggest that Google Inc. is behind the website? Wow! We find it extremely hard to believe considering this website is almost identical to many new binary options auto-trading scams. Honestly we only watched 10-15 seconds of the video on the “Google Trader” fraudulent pitch page. Why should we even waste our time? We usually dig a little bit deeper but this website is simply ridiculous.

At times, ‘Internet Trolls’ visit our reviews and ask “Why should we believe you if you didn’t even try the software?”, so we would like to use this opportunity and deliver an intelligent response to those who might wonder why, since we usually respond with “Okay go ahead and try the Google Trader software and come back in a week”…

1) If you go back and look at the 100’s of warnings we posted, you will find many comments from binary options traders who lost money and testified that our reviews were accurate and in many cases also saved many people.

2) If we actually tried every single offer that came out, and assuming we already know that 95% of the offers are scams, we would definitely need to declare bankruptcy. It doesn’t make much sense when you think about it but if it makes sense to you, go ahead and give the Google Trader software a shot and let us know how it went after you’re account balance is back to zero. On a side note, If you do come across websites with claims that they’ve been trying every new product they review, know that you’re most likely being deceived.

3) Just read our previous review on “Copy The Pro“, another new scam that just came out, and notice how we always find undeniable evidence to support our claims when we dig deep enough, such as: Actors from offering fake testimonials, pictures from, “spots left” and all kinds of fraudulent widgets as you’ll find on Google Trader, take for example the “Total Members Profit” which keeps going up every second even on weekends while markets are closed!! How on earth can you make money on weekends with binary options? This is a widget that is now used by other similar scams so why would we believe the website?

Google Trader by “Ben Williams” …. “Power by Google Inc” right! (hosted by Larry Page…lol)


No one is suggesting that binary options is a scam but we’ve been in this industry for far too long and we can easily identify offers. $100,000,000+ in members profits? come on!? The type of scams that you are seeing today with binary options are very similar to the old Forex scams, Ebay and other make-money schemes associated with any type of industry that involves a lot of money.

If you are a new binary options trader and have an interest to trade, start with a Free Demo Account before you trade with real money and if you are ready to trade, do it with a legitimate EU regulated broker, is WatchDog’s Top recommended broker.

Most importantly, you must stay away from all the email invitations by online marketers who will try to pitch every new scam that comes out. How do they get your email? If could be that you were interested to make money and gave away your email at some point, it’s too late now. Once you are on their list, they will sell your email to other spammers and you will always get those silly invitation. In fact, chances are you found the Google Trader software after receiving an email invitation.

Do you have any feedback relating to the new “Google Trader” software? Please share your comments or questions below.

Copy The Pro is a SCAM!! is a scam binary option auto trader that will officially be released tomorrow, July 27th, 2015. Their concept is that members of the service can follow professional traders using the CopyThePro software. A person called “Brad Christian” is their “top professional trader,” and they claim he already has 3729 followers. In addition to Brad Christian, they have six more top traders with between 691 to 2069 followers each. These figures are quite unbelievable considering the fact that this software hadn’t even been officially released yet. The producers of the CopyThePro scam put a lot of efforts in marketing this scam auto trader by creating a professional-looking marketing video, which they call “a documentary.” They claim that their “documentary” made headlines across the country. Scanning the internet we could not find any mention of the CopyThePro software in the major newspapers and online news sites. In this review, we will expose the truth about CopyThePro and show you that it is in fact just a scam.


Regarding the “top professional traders” presented on the website, we have found that they those pictures are not real. They actually purchased the pictures from various websites. To give just three examples:

“Chris Ferguson” and “Robert Dunwell”‘s images were bought from, see: and

The picture of “Sarah Phillips” was bought from a different website:

Come on, guys, do we need to continue this review? Right from the start, you can tell that the information provided on the CopyThePro website is not honest. So when they claim that “Copy The Pro| is a once in a lifetime opportunity that “is making beginners with no experience thousands in profits each day,” we hope that you can all see it’s just another lie. We don’t have to tell you that it is almost impossible to make thousands in profits each day by trading binary options unless you make very large deposits and you follow the very best human traders or software, and even then, there will be days when you lose money.

In reality, CopyThePro is just your usual binary options auto trading scam, you will not even be following real traders. Remember, if you want to make money by trading binary options, the best way is to follow real professional traders, most of the automated solutions are fake. Here are a few simple guidelines you should follow if you want to be a successful binary options trader. First of all, choose a legit broker, preferably an EU regulated broker. Second, choose a signal service. You can check out WatchDog’s recommended Brokers and Binary options Signals Services. Thirdly, when you start out always use a Free Demo Account to try the signals before applying them to your real trading account.

Please comment below this review and provide us with feedback and of course you are welcome to ask us any questions you may have. Bottom line of this review: Do not sign up with the CopyThePro scam!

British Binary Traders Association is a SCAM! (BINARY META BOT)

The producers of scam binary options bots are getting better and better at what they’re doing. This time they have created a complete binary options blog, much like the WatchDog website itself. They call it the “British Binary Traders Association.” They have included broker reviews, scam warnings and even articles and market news. But don’t let that confuse you. The is a scam website designed with the one and only purpose of selling you a scam binary options software: the “Binary Meta Bot.”

The actor presenting this scam says his name is “Sir Roger Thorne” and that he has been a trader in London for over 3 decades. Eventually, binary options came along and he found that binary options trading is the fastest and easiest way to make money. He says he “quickly became recognized as the UK’s leading binary trader and authority on the subject.” Now, you would expect a leading authority in the UK to be mentioned quite a bit if you run a Google search on his name. So we googled “Sir Roger Thorne.” Not surprisingly, nothing came up except for websites trying to promote the Binary Meta Bot scam.

In the Binary Options Scam section of there is actually a very useful article that is titled: “Recognizing Binary Options Scams – 5 Simple Steps!” In the following review, we would like to implement these 5 steps in order to find out whether the British Binary Traders Association and the Binary Meta Bot are a scam.


  1. “Binary Options Scams… share a common denominator which is the pushy sales tactics. Trusted brokers will offer you a bonus one time and clarify the bonus conditions and account restrictions that will be placed on your account should you take the bonus! Scam brokers will try to push you to deposit more and constantly call you until they squeeze the life out of your bank account.” Indeed, most of the brokers that are available with the Binary Meta Bot scam are known to be VERY pushy and some of them will even give you a bonus without even asking, and when you try to get them to take it back, you will not be able to even get hold of them.
  2. “Negative Reviews can be a good indicator for a scam site… Just use your common sense and when you notice a company with more than a handful of terrible reviews, stay away.” Running a Google search for “Binary Meta Bot,” we found that the first result was a very negative review on the British Binary Traders Association (soon to be replaced by this current WatchDog review). The next four results were fake marketing websites trying to promote the Binary Meta Bot scam.
  3. “Fake sites generate less online traffic… You can compare this information on…” Okay, so went to Alexa and compared a positive review and the negative one and found that they had about the same global rank, but the positive one is becoming a lot less popular while the negative review is trending fast toward a better ranking.
  4. “Binary Options Forums are another great way to get an idea of which brokers are authentic and which ones are scams…” We went to one of those forums. It’s a new “auto trader”, therefore we didn’t except to find much information regarding the performance, but here is what we found:
  5. “Still not sure how to avoid scams? Contact our Scam Watch team” Thanks, I think we’ve got it.

New to binary options? Test your skills on a Free Demo Account!

Conclusion: Binary Meta Bot by The British Binary Traders Association is a scam! If you are looking for a reliable service please check out WatchDog’s Recommended EU regulated brokers and binary options signals services. We encourage you to start out by trading using a free demo account. As always, we ask you to write a comment below this review if you have any questions or if you want to share your experience with the Binary Meta Bot scam.

BinaryXTrader is another SCAM!! is an automated trading robot released a few days ago, Monday, July 20th, 2015. We believe that you are going to receive many marketing emails and to encounter banners and testimonials in various trading sites encouraging you to sign up with BinaryXTrader. We are writing this review so that if this turns out to be a scam, you will be able to dodge all those marketing campaigns and keep your money safe and your trust in binary options trading intact.

Before even watching the Binary X Trader video, we already have a few doubts about this system, making us believe that the creators of this robot don’t know a lot about trading binary options. Even if we ignore the fact that you cannot be a successful trader if you use a fully automated autotrader because it can never take into account fundamental factors when generating signals, BinaryXTrader claims that their automated trading robot works 24/7! How is that possible when markets are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and no trading takes place on these days? A clue that this is just a scam or a typo? Let’s go ahead and review the BinaryXTrader video to find out.


We learn that the creator of this system is called “Jeff Foxworth.” Funny because in the account snapshots the name is “Jeff Gold.” Does this guy have several family names? He claims that the software will be absolutely free for 60 days, but from our experience, he will never charge you for using the software, the reason being that he makes money when you sign up with the broker – a fact that they always fail to mention. These scam autotrading bots are never really free, because they require a broker registration which is usually $250 minimum. They always mention that they will not need your credit card number. They don’t, but the broker you will have to sign up with will expect nothing but your credit card details. The video explains that the software is a fully automated application that was developed by professional financial analysts to generate signals through technical analysis. Unfortunately, as we mentioned in the beginning of this review, technical analysis is not enough to make right predictions in binary options. Markets are influenced by fundamental aspects as well, such as news reports, and thus a computer program will always be lacking critical information.


After entering our name and email at the BinaryXTrader landing page, we are led to the broker registration page, where we find several “client” testimonials. They turned out to be fake. For example, “Alfred Thompson” is an actor who was also hired by a famous hypnotherapist ( and also by a Spanish energy company ( We found it funny that he is wearing the same suit in all three appearances. Man, don’t you have other suits? At least he changed his tie. In our opinion, even a small lie like hiring fake actors to represent real clients can make this whole production utterly untrustworthy. We would like to sum up this review by concluding that BinaryXTrader is a scam.

Moreover, the brokers that are available with Binary X Traders are not to be trusted based on hundreds of scam complaints we’ve been receiving about them. Instead, we recommend that you sign up with fully EU regulated and licensed broker such as, with which your money will be safe. We also do not recommend to try trading on your own, but if you do so, always use a Free Demo Account. A better idea would be to follow manual signals generated by professional human traders. Check out our recommended services. As always we welcome you to comment below this review with any question you may have.

Lucky Rich Kid is a SCAM!

The SCAM features a person who calls himself “Jacob Harris.” Jacob Harris claims that he is making over $15,350.71 per day using his secret app and that he’s going to show you how you can do it too. Without even checking up on this Jacob Harris, we can tell that something stinks about the LuckyRichKid website because no one can promise you to make so much money on one day….


Jacob Harris, the creator..of “secret app” is really just an actor hired through!

This “Lucky Rich Kid” looks a little bit too familiar to us…112 reviews, he will lie for as low as $5, definitely a kid.


Another funny thing about the LuckyRichKid scam by “Jacob Harris” is the number of licenses left. They claim to only give 10 licenses, and once the number has reached, you will lose your chance of signing up with them. After a few minutes on the website, it said that there is only 1 free license left.


Don’t panic!!! Simply, refresh the page and the number of licenses goes back to 9!


As with all similar scams, you will be allured with endless promises that you are going to become a millionaire if you sign up with LuckyRichKid, and of course the usual round of fake bank accounts, fancy cars, houses and vacations is not missing with this scam. However, the most appalling thing about this scam, in our opinion, is the use of children for the purpose of advertising a scam. The LuckyRichKid website uses two such fake testimonials. One by a father and his two children, and the other by a mother and her baby! These innocent children cannot even imagine or understand how many people are going to lose their hard-earned cash by falling into the scam that they advertise! We don’t know if these kids are rich (probably not if their parents are using them for $5 advertisements), but they are definitely unlucky! Maybe they should change the name of this software to “UnluckyPoorKid.”



If you want to deposit money and try this bogus software then go ahead, be our guests. But remember, even if you do make money with the LuckyRichKid software, which is highly improbable, you will not be able to withdraw your money so easily or get any support from the broker. We know that because we get many complaints about some of the brokers that are available with LuckyRichKid. On the other hand, if you go with a broker like, which is fully EU regulated and licensed, you can be certain that when you need support, you will get it and when you want to withdraw money, you will get your money no questions asked. One important rule to keep in mind if you are a newbie with binary options: first find a good broker and only then look for a great signal service. You can have a look at WatchDog’s recommended services to get some ideas. And always start out by using a Free Demo Account whether you are trading on your own or following any signal service before risking your real money. Thanks for reading this and keep safe! We would appreciate if you send us your feedback by writing a comment below this review and if you share this review with people you know who might be at risk of signing up with LuckyRichKid.