Code Fibo Tips & Live Trades; 3rd Software Update!

Hey traders, it’s Marili from YouTube and I am back with some further updates. Hope you are all well and making great money with the CodeFibo app. I would like to thank those of you who have gotten in touch with me via email and comments, some of you have been following my advice and made some great profits so far, and that truly is great to see! I also have to stress that if you have not traded with the software before and you are completely new to trading, that you take it easy follow my step by steps guides and play it safe. Only once you get the hang of it, then by all means, go for it, and make it big.

Today I would like to talk a bit more on the manual side of the things with CodeFibo and how exactly you can use the software to your advantage and increase the win / lose ratio of your trading account. For those of you that are not entirely sure what I am referring to, if you log in to the software, you will be able to see signals being provided on the platform, with an asset, trade direction and expiry time. These signals can be used by those wanting more of a hands on experience, or those feeling a bit greedy and want to increase their profits a bit for the day.

One of first things you have to be aware of when trading manually with CodeFibo is that you will have to make use of a trading chart to confirm the signal the software is giving you is going in the right direction. You will also have to ensure you know what is happening on the Economic Calendar, to ensure you avoid trading at times when the markets are volatile and when there could be possible spikes and drops that can affect the outcome of the trades taken. So by following charts and making sure there is no volatility, you have an excellent chance of trading the signals well. Below I have done a video explaining all of this, and showing a demonstration on how exactly to place the trades manually.

During the video you can see exactly how asses the market, what I take into account, and how I come to the decision on which trades to place and which ones to leave. The expiry time is probably the thing I get the most questions about, and with good reason, it can be quite tricky. However if you set your charts up as explained and you follow both the 5 min and 10 min time frame, you will be able to easily asses the best expiry time to use for your signals, as the indicators are guiding you on the direction of the market.

As you can see I have successfully made $53 in just 20 min of trading! Now imagine you trade 40 min or an hour, you will easily be able to make $150 to $200 just for that hour. I trade manually as well as auto trade on a regular basis because of the profit increase your account gets from the signals provided on the platform. The trick is to take the signal as close to the 10 min mark when it is issued on the platform as possible, assess the situation as quickly as you can, and make an advised decision on placing the trades, and most importantly use patients. When I trade CodeFibo manually you can observe that I am watching my candles and the market volatility to ensure I get the best possible strike rate, to ensure my signal has the best chance of winning.

I am also happy to report that my account now stands at just over $2k which is a great result for the CodeFibo auto trader, as the system has stuck to the consistency as I had hoped. If you watch the previous video I have done on my Guest Post 2, you will note that my settings have been increased since I last updated you, which has also contributed greatly to my results. Today will be my last day of trading with the CodeFibo before I will make my first withdrawal. I plan on submitting my withdrawal first thing on Monday for no less than $1,500 and will expect the funds to be cleared in my bank account in no more than 4 days.


Watchdog’s Official Code Fibo Review in Details

When it comes to making withdrawals from your broker, always ensure that your documentation is up to date as this will affect you withdrawal if not. The broker needs to ensure at all times that the money is going to the right trader, which is why they are so strict with the verification. Also please ensure you read the terms and conditions of your broker’s withdrawals procedure as every broker is different. Some brokers pay your money out to you in as little as two days, and some can take up to 5 days, please ensure you know what time frame to expect.

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Well people all I can say is that it has been fun, I had a great week trading, and by the feedback I am receiving I know most of you are as well! Today is Friday the last day trading before the weekend, so make the most of it!! If you are not yet registered with CodeFibo, I recommend that you get started, as believe me, you are losing out big time! Thank you again Watch Dog for allowing me to share my updates and tips regarding all the aspects of the CodeFibo software. It has been absolutely great getting the results and feedback I have been receiving, and I have no doubt that it will continue. I wish you all a very successful day in trading today, and a wonderful weekend. Until next time!

Insured Trading is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

We encourage you to read this highly informative review regarding the new Insured Trading scam that has just been released. The software presented by Oliver Breitner truly offers you a rags to riches opportunity, with false claims, and manipulated documents in order to try and convince you to deposit with the Insured Trading Software. During our review we will be exposing the truth regarding the auto trader and Mr Breitner himself, we will also be evaluating the website, and will be leaving without a doubt in your mind that you might just have been considering to register with a scam.

The Insured Trading scam is being presented as a system that has been carefully put together by some of the top programmers, developers and designers, to create a system that will generate you profits of $18k per day. Exactly how this system is able to do that, we have no idea. So far the explanations have been very vague, and basically we have come to the conclusion that they do not want to share much, as it is a closely guarded secret. The reason they guarantee that you will be able to make no less than eighteen thousand dollars per day, is due to the fact that they will supposedly pump up your account to $18,000.01 if you make anything less.

The typical Fancy Cars and yachts Intro by scammers like


Here is the big reveal… Are you ready?? Mr Oliver Breitner is the same person who introduced us to another scam service not too long ago, as system by the name of Insured Outcome, and here is the funny thing, nothing has changed. If you listen to both presentations you can clearly hear they are almost identical, and offering you the exact results and profits for using the systems. We received complaints weeks after the launch of Insured outcome scam of people losing their money, which proved to us without a doubt that the system is a scam, and now we find he is at it again, however this time he just changed the name to Insured Trading scam.

This Review still didn’t convince you? Here are few more facts to prove that the Insured Trader software is nothing more than a lousy scam being yet again offered to unknowing traders. During the pitch video you can clearly hear Mr Breitner state that he and other traders have been trading with the Insured Trading scam since 2014, and in the last three months alone he made 17 people millionaires. However sadly if you double check his statement on, currently the most reliable domain data website, you will notice that the website is only just over a week old. Meaning there is no way that the so called traders have been able to become millionaires, using the Insured Trading Software.

Oliver also very boldly claims that he had a debut in none other than in the CNN Business website, stating that he was offered with the honour due to his part in successfully creating more than one millionaire in very short space of time. We of course did some research into this very daring claim, and have found the statement to be none other than one big fat lie. Nowhere on the website did we find any mention of Oliver or the Insured Trading scam anywhere. We did extensive searches on the website, and even tried looking for it through obvious articles it would most likely feature in, and nothing.

Statements are also made of the Insured Trading Software not being able to lose even 1 trade, and that you will be able to make $18k a day as previously mentioned. For traders that have been in the binary options industry will know that there is no such thing as either an auto trader or a person not losing one trade. It does not happen, and is impossible. Nothing is ever that accurate. Secondly making $18k is a laughing matter, really. We have been trying and testing trusted and well known binary options services for years now, and the highest he most reliable of them all goes is to between $800 and $900 a day, and if you are really lucky, you can get, just maybe $1k for that day, but that is like 1 in 1000 chance of happening. We can assure you, no matter how far and wide you search you will not find a trusted auto trader that will never lose a trade and make you a millionaire in a few months.

Oliver Breitner is an actor hired by the same scam artists for more than one scam launched now. This is a great example of why it is important to read each review you find on the system you are interested in, as little details such as these are usually the biggest give away that a certain software is a scam. In this case we were clearly able to link Insured Trading scam to Insured Outcome scam, and prove yet again without a doubt that neither of these systems can be trusted. Ask questions, do your research, follow well-known day traders on YouTube, as following these steps are the only way to ensure you do not get scammed for hopefully the first time, or if you have been scammed already, to prevent you from getting scammed for a second time.

Review verdict: Insured Trading is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – by the alleged Oliver Breitner

Current viral scams promoted by email spammers and other scam-artists:

Prizm Tech, Push Money App, Centument Project 2.0 and Cash Formula

After years in this business and countless of counter-attacks by the scam sites we expose, we are still here and more motivated than ever to take a positive role in this industry. We proudly assist those who encounter withdrawal issues with unlicensed brokers, and assist with the handling of disputes against fraud schemes that plagued the online trading world. For further assistance you may email us at and we’ll be there to help you without charging you a dime, no catch. Together we can decrease or finally put an end to those who put a dark stain on this industry. Your feedback is highly important to us and other visitors who may be wondering if Insured Trading is a credible way to make money online, rest assure that it’s not and your honest results and experiences can help us deter others from making the same mistake.

So what should you do now? Well, first and foremost if you read this entire review, you are already one step ahead of those who are completely novice and unable to detect scams. Not every signals service engages in false advertising and some can actually produce consistent, winning results. For credible alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. We rely 95% on our own testing, and 5% on the industry consensus but we take both into consideration as we receive lot’s of feedback, now with close to 10,000 blog subscribers.

At this time our Watchdog Team can highly recommend the, it’s synced with reliable brokers and it’s based on the Fibonacci Indicator. This is one of the most powerful indicators and combined with a short-term strategy, this automated system is accurate and based on real Technical Analysis.


No dream selling, no catch and the results are well documented. We invite you to visit the 3 reviews we already posted in reference to Code Fibo, here is a link to the latest one, documenting account growth by over $1,000 in 5 business days. Watch in Action!!! Get familiar with the software and get some extra tips from Marili, our guest blogger who owned a binary options channel on YouTube documenting her trading journey. Thank you for reading this warning concerning Insured Trading and please share your feedback below.

Dubai Lifestyle is a SCAM! Indisputable Review!

Read this highly important review regarding the release of the Dubai Lifestyle app by Scott Hathaway the so called CEO and Founder of the software. Once you land on the website there are some conflicting and downright dangerous information that can be found, especially to those that are new to binary options trading. We encourage you to read our full Dubai Lifestyle scam review as we will be exposing the details that you need to watch out for, and the facts that will prove that the software is nothing but a scam.

Let’s get straight into it, Scott Hathaway is sadly no more than a Stock Image being used to portray a person that does not exist. The producers behind the Dubai Lifestyle scam decided the go the absolute cheapest way to launch this thing as possible. By using a voice narrator, Stock Photo actor testimonials, the spots available claims, and the over exaggerated profit claims. All of these are the very first signs we look for when confirming a system as a scam, and all of the above including more can be found on the Dubai Lifestyle software webpage.

So we now know that Mr Hathaway is a stolen photo, but is there maybe a profile behind the name? Well we went on a search and find mission to see if just maybe the true person behind the Dubai Lifestyle software decided to stay a mystery. Regrettably though, we were unable to find anything, no information regarding the owner, the programmer, the developer, nothing. It is almost like the system has been created by ghosts, or in this like we know, but scam artist. When trusted auto traders are released, the producers generally make sure there are enough information going about to answer traders questions, which proves they are not a scam and trusted, but as you can see in this case they almost go about hiding everything they can possible.

The testimonials you see during the Dubai Lifestyle scam presentation is none other than actors, every single one of them. We are not against actors as a general rule, but Fiverr actors they chose to use confirms yet again that our review is about a scam service. Some of our subscribers will notice quite a few of the people featuring to give their reviews, and will be able to link them to previous scam reviews we have done not too long ago. We had to laugh when the first actor claimed that he found the Dubai Lifestyle software through a personal invite from a friend of his, and we of course know that friend came in the form of an order, and paid for delivery.

Try to leave and you’ll be met with this annoying pop-up. This is a common trick used by scam-artists to try to get you to stay on the site with their empty promises aka “$7,183.80 per day”…


Just in case the above facts have not convinced you that the Dubai Lifestyle software is a scam, here are a few more to put the cherry on the cake. The Mahmood brother that Scott claims to have met who so generously gave him the $430k for his venture, do not exist either. We were unable to find any identity to these two brothers anywhere. Additionally we need our readers to think logically here. Who in their right mind would give someone who has got nothing behind their name that amount of cash for just an idea, without even a prototype to prove what he is presenting actually works. We can assure you, most business men would not, so without knowing it, we reckon he met his fairy godmother instead.

Furthermore the claims they are making to traders of being able to make a staggering $7k per day with the Dubai Lifestyle scam is complete ludicrous. Trading Binary options does not come without it’s risk, and even after our extensive experience in all aspects of the industry, have we not come across a software able to generate profits that come close to the amounts promised by the Dubai Lifestyle software. Expecting to make more than $900 is shooting higher than any trusted auto trader can achieve, also claiming that traders would be able to generate those profits on a small deposit of just $250 are putting very false hopes in people’s heads of very quick rags to riches dreams.

Systems such as these are literally popping up left right and centre, and sadly due to the demand for traders to make a living from home, especially new traders are falling victim to these systems. We have to stress that the Dubai Lifestyle scam is just a bogus software that was released to get as many people to register before packing up and dropping everyone like a hot stone, and sadly so are most auto traders released these days. Doing your research and reading review after review is the only way to truly stay safe in the binary options industry, and to avoid falling for systems such as the Dubai Lifestyle software, that has been designed purely for the sake of draining your account before you can count to ten.

Review Verdict: Dubai Lifestyle App is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

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Prizm, Push Money, Quantum, Aussie Method & Centument Project

If you’ve been doing some research, you probably came across more than a few reviews, and on credible sites you will find that the conclusion is the same. is not a website you can trust with your money and we proved it beyond any reasonable doubt. We encourage you to share your feedback and questions below this review, especially if you have an experience to share concerning this App or other similar scams. We’re available to help with disputes and complaints against fraud sites, email us at and we’ll gladly assist you at no cost.

Those who are searching for better alternatives, should visit our Watchdog’s Tested Signals Page for Binary Options. We rely purely on first hand experience. We do take into consideration consistency over time, as well as the over all community feedback when we determine the credibility of a signals provider. Some services provide with fully automated signals and some offer manual signals, but the accurate rate is the determining factor.

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Right now we’re seeing great consistency with and we encourage you to give it a shot. It’s free without a $600 fee for new members at this point, and there’s no catch. It’s an Automated System that is based on real technical analysis, using the Fibonacci Indicator as a key component in the strategy. For the latest video update + Results using Fibo, visit Code Fibo Review number #3 (live results part 2) by Guest blogger Marili from YouTube. Be sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s blog for all the latest updates and industry news.

BitCoin Money Machine is a Misleading SCAM!

Bitcoin Money Machine is a new scam “Automated” Trading Site that is claiming victims due to its clever sales pitch. We recommend that you read our full Bitcoin Money Machine review before coming to any conclusions, or most importantly registering an account with the software. During our review we will be going over all the claims and statements made by Warren Young, and exposing why you cannot believe a word he is saying, or trust any information available to you on the website, as well as share some crucial feedback we have been receiving from our subscribers.

Warren Young introduces himself as an underground trader that ensure you will make no less than $264,300.75 in fourteen days due to his Bitcoin Money Machine software, which he has been using to exploit both the binary and Forex Markets. Well here is the thing, Mr Young does not exist, never have and never will. We were unable to find any information regarding his profile anywhere. Even after exhausting all our contacts within the industry, we still came up empty handed. This then of course puts into question every piece of info found regarding the Bitcoin Money Machine scam.


What is the secret of the Bitcoin Money Machine software? And this must be very deeply guarded secret, we are even considering to ask the Nasa if they know anything about this, as we were unable to find any inkling of info relating to the so called EMELI cloud that the auto trader uses. Even Apple is more transparent with their tech, and know that there truly is a cloud used by Apple to store all their data and run all their programmes. Yet this so called EMELI does not exist or can be found anywhere. The only actual EMELI that is out there is a signer, and all we can conclude is that he clearly caught the eye of whoever is behind the Bitcoin Money Machine Scam, as they felt appropriate to add to his fame during their presentation.

Now for a few facts that prove without a doubt that the Bitcoin Money Machine software cannot be trusted and is nothing more than a recent scam being released. Referring back to the so called $200k each trader will make in more or less two weeks, is an absolute ridiculous statement. Most binary options traders will know that reaching that amount of profits even with trading with a signal service, takes lots of patience and experience. Stating that each new trader without any experience can reach that in that short a time, is beyond ludicrous, especially since most traders will only be starting with a small deposit of $250. Reaching that will take you months of not a year.

Warren Young also claims that his impious Bitcoin Money Machine scam has been programmed and designed to exclusively trade the bitcoin, since that is after all where the speciality lies. Yet we have confirmed due to the amount of feedback we have been receiving, that the software most certainly does not even place a trade on bitcoin. The software once up and running seems to placing trades at random without any reason or guide to it, on various different assets and commodities. Calling the software Bitcoin Money Machine and advertising it as a bitcoin speciality system, is nothing but a misleading ploy to hook new traders to the binary options market

Even the so called certification so boldly placed on the website are all fake. For those of you that are not aware, if you truly have a licence to any of the secure systems, you have place a valid link on your site to their site to prove you truly are secure. Yet all the badges on the Bitcoin Money Machine scam site, none of them lead anywhere. To make matters worse, we even had some of our subscribers complaining about malware issues after visiting the site. Therefore we encourage you to not even enter the website if all your malware and security systems are not up to date on your computer.

Those of you who are new to day-trading and trying to find your way, the biggest piece of advice we have for you, is to do your research. Ensure you read as much reviews as you can about whichever broker / signal service / auto trader / software you are interested in. Follow trusted blogs, and honest traders on YouTube. By always making sure you have all the details and information available to you, is the only to ensure you do not fall for the amount of scams that are out there, and that you money is always safe with a secure and trusted trading entity. Learning how to trade will always be the safest, but in today’s world it is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with work and family demands, which is why some turn to auto traders. The good news is that there are a few out there that have been proven to work and have generated hundreds of traders great profits to date, it is just a matter of finding the needle in the haystack, which is why it is so important to do your research.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Money Machine is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

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Prizm Tech, Push Money App, Centument Project 2.0 and Lucrosa

After reading our review on the fraud and how it’s built to manipulate you, it should be more than obvious to you that is not even remotely close to being a legitimate way to generate an income online. Unfortunately many of the same BS exists in the online-trading world both if FX and binary options. The reviews in the above links are associated with scams that are really going viral and costing day-traders hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read into the facts and see that we’re definitely on your side, we also have a complete Blacklist with links to reviews on 100’s of fraudulent schemes we uncovered in the last years.

For help with disputes and complaints against Bitcoin Money Machine or the brokers who are associated with this website, you can contact us at and we’ll assist you free of charge. We have a lot of experience handling disputes and also with measuring the quality of various services based on experience, but also based on the massive user feedback we get on our blog. We now have over 9000 subscribers who follow our latest industry news releases and updates, we welcome you to join us and get the word on anything new that comes out.

True success can be accomplished with binary options but you must always do research and not rely on a single opinion, definitely not of an unknown email spammer or someone you have no reason to trust. Some automated systems can produce a winning rate, but unfortunately most of them do not. We listed our recommendations and we encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options, if you’re seeking credible alternatives.

CodeFibo is Fully Endorsed by


Right now we’re seeing tremendous success with the system, and we followed-up on it with some life trades. For the latest results and tips on how to use Code Fibo you should visit, Code Fibo Live in Action! This is the 2nd part of Marili from YouTube’s guest posts on her progress related to the software and we highly encourage you to watch her in action. Don’t just take the word of anyone without seeing real, solid proof of success and consistency.

CodeFibo Live Results part 2; $1155.50 in 5 Business Days!

Hey everyone, it is Marili from YouTube, and I am back as promised with further updates on how the Code Fibo software has been doing for me over just over a week of trading. As most of you know due to my previous update, I was able to generate a profit of $103.50 over just 3.5 hrs trading, which is not bad for a start. I have continued trading until now, and have found the software to perform more consistent and profitably than expected. For those interested in finding out how I got started and what my recommended starting settings are, I would advise that you read my previous guest post first.

Since my last update I have been able to further generate a profit of $420, which might not sound like much over a few days. However the reason for this is that we had quite a lot of power cuts which have affected my trading immensely over a couple of days. The software none the less has still been able to ensure I make money over the few hours I had available to trade, and considering that I have made more or less $100 a day in a couple of hours trading, I am quite happy with the results. In the video below you can see me running through how I reached my profits of $420 as well as answering a couple of questions I have received.

One question I have been receiving quite a lot is with regards to the trades being shown on the Code Fibo platform with the countdown timer, and traders thinking these are the potential trades the software is going to take. The trades shown on the platform are not there for the system to trade on its auto setting, the signals are there for traders with a bit more experience trading to trade manually should they wish to do so. If you are unsure on how to take the signals and trade them manually in your broker account I would advise that you wait for further updates as I will be doing a tutorial video on how to take the signals manually and pump up your account with a higher win ratio.

So it has been five days now, and after trading for most of the day the past couple of days I have been able to increase my Code Fibo account to a very healthy $1655.50 which gives me a total profit of $1155.50 in a week. I have to admit, due to losing some trading time over a couple of days, the past couple of days that I did do trading, I allowed my software to run for at the very least six hours a day. Which yet again proves, the longer hours you trade, the higher potential you have on gaining a bigger profit. Below I have done a quick updated video going over the trade’s places by the Code Fibo app, and how I got to where I am so far in my trading.

As you can clearly see in the video above that my trading strategy has slightly changed. This is obviously down to me being able to afford a bit more risk, and making bigger profits as a result. I have increased my trade volume to $50 per trade, which gives me almost ninety dollars payout per signal. As well as increased my risk level to 8, meaning I am allowing the Code Fibo app to take up to eight traders per trading session Again, you have to remember, once your software has traded the amounts specified by your risk level it will stop trading, unless you switch off, logout and log back in again resetting your settings.


Can’t register with Visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for Alternatives.

My personal experience with the Code Fibo app has so far proven to be very profitable. The Fibonacci strategy integrated alongside the Golden Ratio into the platform has allowed the auto trader to one of the most accurate I have seen over quite some time. Even going over the analyses of the trades placed, they are not borderline wins, they are well within the money, which has given me quite a lot of confidence in the software so far, and I have no doubt the system will continue to perform at this rate going forward.

Free Version of, approved by

600$ doesn’t apply to Watchdog visitor, all qualify for a free trial w/full access.

Mareli’s previous Tips and Live Trading with Code Fibo article follow-up!

We would like to thank Marili for continuing to share her experience with the Code Fibo app, and the tips she provided Watchdog subscribers. If you’d like to get our opinion of this Fibonacci innovation, one that Meta Trader users have been praying and longing for in the last years, visit Watchdog’s Code Fibo Review in details. For all the latest news and industry updates, be sure to join our 9000+ subscribers.

Furthermore if you are struggling with scams, we’re here to help, we are fully aware that many brokers operate without a license and many signals services are misleading. In fact, we were the first blog to start blacklisting these services back in 2013. Need help fighting back? We are available at and we’ll assist you at no cost.

Centument Project 2.0 is a SCAM! Fraud Review!

The Centument Project 2.0 SCAM has just been released by Gerald Reed, the owner and brains behind the software. As most of our subscribers know, about nine months ago there was a launch for the first version of Centument, which we among others have tested out. It is therefore imperative that you read our full Centument Project 2.0 Review before registering and investing in this system, based on the stories you are being told. During our review we will be going into details regarding the both the first version and the second version of the software, and why it is best staying well clear of both.

So here is the story. When you listen to the presentation given to you by Gerald Reed on it all sounds actually believable, and like something like this could be true. However sadly traders are falling victim to the Centument Project 2.0 software because of this. The explanation given for the first version of this system failing, is because brokers got involved, hacked their algorithm, and manipulated it so that it would only place losing trades. Gerald has now come out with the second version, designed to counter the exact same thing happening again. He commissioned mathematicians, programmers, engineers, and hackers to design an algorithm so advanced, that it can automatically change when brokers or anyone else tries to tamper with the programming.


The idea going forward is that the Centument Project 2.0 scam software will basically have it’s very own integrated fail safe system, that will prevent the auto trader from ever placing a losing trade. This however as most binary options traders know today cannot be true, even if they keep repeating the same thing until they are blue in the face. No auto trader or signal service in the binary options industry is 100% correct all the time, it does not happen. Plus this does not even take into account the few emails we have already been receiving from our subscribers about trying this system, and losing more than half their accounts already. Which proves to us, that not only did they lie regarding the profitability of this system, it also wipes your account quite quickly after switching the Centument Project 2.0 software on.

There are further claims of the Centument Project 2.0 scam achieving unreasonable results during the pitch given by Gerald Reed. He claims that should you decide to register on website, you will be making a guaranteed profit of no less than twenty thousand dollars per week. Most traders will know that the profits promised are impossible to reach, unless you have an account with tens of thousands available to you, and placing trades of at least a couple of thousand at a time. Therefore making these promises preposterous.

The whole of the idea of the Centument Project 2.0 software in a way does not make any sense. They are going on the emotion of traders that might have tried the first version of the auto trader, or those who thought about trying the system but never took the risk, that this is the answer to all their prayers. By giving an illogical explanation as to why his creation failed the first time is giving new traders to binary options, who are unaware of scam systems doing their rounds, a false sense of how things operate in the binary options industry.

One very big giveaway to the fact that the Centument Project 2.0 scam cannot be trusted is the blatant mistakes made on website. The biggest one is the losing trades that have marked as winning trades. If you pause the presentation video you will notice some trades clearly losing by looking at their strike rate and expiry price, yet the end results says win. Another sign of the Centument Project 2.0 software being a scam is the shameless use of stock photos claimed to be actual traders of the auto trader. Lastly but not least of all, which proves without a doubt that the system is a scam is of the video testimonial of the old lady at the bottom of the webpage. The very same lady were previously shown as an owner of a previous binary options scam, one by the name of Terran Capital. Making us wonder why she would need to be a trader of software, if she owns a company that is supposedly already so successful. This is just one of many question marks in this fake narrative.

Now as previously mentioned we ourselves have used the first release of the Centument trading software, and this might raise the question as to why we are calling the second version a scam. We actually stopped trading with our version of the Centument software, which is also why you will not see updated results from us, and this is due to the fact that the auto trader was not generating profits on a constant basis. We were only able of generating about 73% win rate after a couple of months of trading, which is ok, if you are looking to make slow and steady progress, but for us it was not worth our time. We instead started trading with a better alternative software that is giving us the results we expect from a trusted auto trader. As you can already gather by now based on this review, CP 2.0 is BS.

This is yet again another example as to why it is with the utmost importance that traders do their research as some scammers will even launch a second version of a successful auto trader, when in fact they have no relation to the first version released. Things in the binary options are never straight forward, which is really a shame as it truly is a very good option for people to enhance their living standards. With all of that in mind, we will continue to review system upon system in order to weed out all the scams that gets launched and have already been launched. Our aim is to ensure traders do not fall for systems such as the Centument Project 2.0 scam which will without a doubt claim your funds as their own.

Review Verdict: Centument Project 2.0 is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

Viral Scams pushed in various medias, mainly via spam campaigns:

Push Money App, Quantum Software, Lucrosa and Prizm Tech

We are always available for those who are struggling, and if you’d like our free assistance with the handling of disputes and complaints against the subject of this review or other similar scams, contact us at We offer our help entirely free, and in return we would like you to share your experiences and help us deter others from making the same mistake. On our Blacklist page you can find reviews on practically every online trading scam that is actively promoted.

For alternatives to Centument Project 2.0 or other BS, we encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. We carefully screen services after weeks of testing and we also rely on user feedback, mainly to ensure that all the brokers that are synced with the system are legitimate and regulated as well.

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Fibo Code is based on the Fibonacci Indicator and is 100% automated.

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CodeFibo Live Results & Tips!

For those of me who don’t know me yet, I am Marili from YouTube and I am here to introduce you to CodeFibo and show you my live results along with vital tips. I use both strategies and auto traders to get to where I am today, and today I would like to fill you in on CodeFibo the new software that has become available, and my experience trading with the software. I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding the CodeFibo system, and would like to thank Binary options Watchdog for the opportunity to answer all he questions, and getting the word out with regards to what the system is truly capable of.

Some quick background for those that have still not heard of CodeFibo. The software was created by Prof Matthew Lewis, who discovered that two natural phenomenon’s used in our everyday lives is the answer to ensuring the software generates the success he was hoping for. The two particles incorporated into the system today are widely known as the Fibonacci strategy, and the Golden Ratio. By using these two mathematical occurrences, he was able to programme a software that works on true trading strategies and mathematical workings.

I have personally been trading with the CodeFibo Software for a little while now, I opened a brand new account, and starting trading the auto trader for everyone to follow my settings. For those of you that are following me already would have seen my update regarding the software so far. However for those unaware, I started the system on Tue 30th Aug, and was able to generate a profit of $103.50 in just 3.5hrs trading. In the video below you can see me going over some of the settings and what I have done to achieve the results thus far. Review Update, Tips and Results by Marili on YouTube.

As you can see I started my trading account with CodeFibo off with $500, and by the end of day 1 my account grew to $603.50. The system took a total of 12 trades during this time, and have won 10 out of the twelve trades. The settings I have used are quite conservative due to the size of my account. If you are starting your account with less, I would recommend that you are even more conservative than I have been, until you have grown your account to a healthy amount to take more risk. So to make it easy, below are the settings I have used to get started.

My personal recommendation as for the trade amount and setting:

  • Trade Volume: $25
  • Signal Strength: 85%
  • Risk Level: 5

I have continued trading with these very settings for the next couple of days, and I can now gladly say my account has grown to a healthy $920 during this time, ensure you keep an eye on my Youtube channel, as I will be posting my updates there more regularly. I did not trade on Friday the 2nd September as it was NFP news day. I recommend anyone trading with an auto trader or signal service take it easy on NFP news days, as sadly you might experience results that you do not wish due to the volatility in the market. Saying that, below are a few hints that you should be aware of whilst trading with the Codefibo software.

  • Your risk level is the amount of trades your software will take during that trading session. If your software has traded the amount you set your risk level to within a couple of hours, you will have to logout, and log back in to start a new trading session for the software to continue placing trades.
  • The higher you set your Signal Strength the less trades you will receive as the software has certain hit points before placing trades, and may not reach that amount before the day is over. The lower you set your signal strength the more trades will be placed by the software.
  • There is no need to constantly check the economic calendar, or to really switch it off whilst trading or one session of say five or eight signals. However if you are trading throughout the whole day, it is advised to check the calendar, and whenever possible switch off during high volatility news releases.
  • The trading recommended times are between 9am and 7pm GMT.
  • Once you have registered for the CodeFibo software, you have to first verify your account with your assigned broker, this takes anything between 24 to 48hrs. You will not be able to trade before this has been done.

The CodeFibo software is the first of its kind being programmed and developed with a clever strategy used by millions of traders today, as well as Wall Street traders, alongside one of the most natural mathematical occurrences, the Golden Ratio. Since it has been proven time and time again that Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio is all around us, and the best solutions to use in trading and mathematical workings, it comes as no surprise that the software is working as well as it does.

I plan on trading with the auto trader going forward, and will log my progress as I go along, so ensure you do not miss it. For those just getting started with the system, please ensure you follow my guidelines and my settings, until you are confident enough on what he software is capable of, and how to manage the system on a day to day basis. For those with a bit more experience, why not give the manual signals a go? They are quite accurate and can pump up your account even further. I hope you have all found this review informative, and now have the confidence to give the system a try. I would like to thank watchdog again for this opportunity, and leave you all in the safe hands of the industry leaders.

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Visit our Watchdog’s CodeFibo Review for an introduction to the software.

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