Did You Ever Make Money with SignalPush?

In the last 2 years we noticed many websites and videos on YouTube endorsing SignalPush.com as a reliable trade copier, allowing traders to follow other traders BUT of course with a broker registration and/or fees, this exchange in not free. The payment structure for the Signal Push scheme changed over the last months and may continue to change and we would certainly appreciate your feedback if you are an active member. One of the concerns we have with Signal Push besides a few complaints here and there, is their affiliation with Global Trader 365 and a few other scam brokers. It seems that Global Trader 365 and a few other scam sites are listed on SignalPush under “unverified brokers”, though traders may still sign up with these brokers and use SignalPush. If you break down the business model, the Signal Push brokers are paying affiliate commissions to SignalPush and we find that it’s the responsibility of the service to promote reliable brokers if and when a broker registration is a requirement. At least, we would expect them not to be affiliated with one of the worst scams in the industry, a broker accused of ID theft, Credit Card Fraud, Manipulation of Rates, Withdrawal refusal and the list goes on.

It’s important to note that even though they mainly promotes Markets World, StockPair and CToption, they still work with “unverified brokers” and half of the list includes scams or unregulated binary options trading sites including the Global Trader 365 Scam which as of 12/18/2014 they haven’t removed even with the overwhelming evidence in every corner of the Intenet that they are a pure scam. Markets World is not CySEC regulated and we do not recommend this broker due to many complaints over the years. Another important warning about Markets World, they also accept US traders without CFTC regulations which is against US Federal law. Why are you working with scam brokers SignalPush?


Signal Push is not WatchDog approved as we never received any positive feedback or any endorsements from actual traders who are members of this service. In our research we could only find affiliated reviews from websites who are partnered with the service, which means that the opinions on the service might be partial and aimed to drive visitors to the the service since they are paid by SignalPush.

Our question is: Why can’t we find actual traders who are proudly using SignalPush and have positive feedback on the service? A few complaints are not necessarily an indication that SignalPush is a scam, however, the lack of real testimonials and evidence of a winning performance over two years the service has been in operation, by any of the SignalPush members leads us to believe that this is not a real service unless proven otherwise. Searching for a real binary options signals service or software is like finding a needle in a haystack. You should be warned that many services try to deceive traders by creating fake “signals market places” in which traders can follow other traders, none of these services including SignalPush have demonstrated full transparency or an open non affiliated forum in which traders can discuss their actual results and winnings.

We would love to believe that SignalPush is a reliable service but after a few complaints we tend to believe that SignalPush is a scam. Please share your honest feedback and testimonials with us and our website’s visitors. Did you make money with SignalPush.com? Do you find the service a reliable mediator between traders? Are you happy with your experience with Signal Push? The more feedback, the better!

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7 Day Millionaire SCAM

Okay, this is beyond ridiculous. One of the weakest money making schemes we came across recently and it was just launched a few days ago. We already received several complaints as the claims of turning a $250 deposit into $1,000,000 in 7 days is by far, the most outrageous claim we came across while reviewing similar scams. Have no doubt that if an offer is too good to be true, is must be fake. 7 Day Millionaire is a clear example of how online marketers are using psychological tactics to make individuals feel discouraged about being poor, and then groom their members into believing that with the 7daymillionaire.co they will make an exit and retire young.

“One Million Dollars In One Week”…..Yeah right!


On a side note, the production was incredibly cheap, fake testimonials and a sleazy sounding voice over actor. Let’s face it, most binary options signals and offers are fake. It’s hard to come across a reliable system, created by real, honest traders while the internet is flooded by these fake offers. Many potential day traders may be lead to the conclusion that there’s no real hope in online trading, which unfortunately is the direct cause of scams like the 7 Day Millionaire and similar offers we reviewed such as Insider John (Binary App 810), Quick Cash System, Ataraxia 7, Binary Matrix Pro , Auto Binary Signals and many others… which are all by the way promoted on a scam blog site, a fake ScamWatchDog.org by a person who presents himself as Roy Tribble. The funny thing is that he claims to be an ex-cyber police agent and a true Christian on his website. In reality, the truth always comes out in the form of comments, real testimonials and complaints which you can file via our WatchDog Complaint Center and we will be glad to help you deal with any scam, including some of the fake binary options brokers.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback or questions concerning the 7 Day Millionaire SCAM, website: 7daymillionaire.co . Did you already become a millionaire or was it a big hoax?

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Your feedback is very important in order to help us deter other potential victims who might consider to take a chance and sign up with the 7 Day Millionaire. Please warn others if you know of anyone who is considering to use this system by sharing our reviews on other forums and related websites including your social media.

Quick Cash System is a SCAM

Really? at least now we’re seeing where the trend is heading. High quality HD production videos are now the new way money making scams are being promoted, evidently with the release of the new Quick Cash System. Nice car and a successful Milf with cute kids running into the house while Mommy (paid actor) wants to share a few words with us, the viewers, great sound track by the way.. She starts off with “They say behind every successful man, there’s a successful woman. Hi, I am Sarah Markel and I believe you just found that woman.”

Is this even real? It surely sounds very convincing lets face it and for this reason we find it necessary to post this review on the much viral Quick Cash System, we want to get to the bottom of this and learn from real binary options traders who or went with this offer or currently in the process. For a WatchDog with experience this website screams “I am a SCAM!! ta da!!” but it could be also a well produced, holy grail money making system…umm.. We just highly doubt it.

Sarah, paid actor, does kind of sound reassuring, she wants to stand behind you until you make it, displaying fake bank account statements that are available for $5 on Fiverr.com Anyone can put their name of a $20,000,000 bank account, go on Fiverr and test it, however please, please, please don’t use it to scam people!!! This is a red flag, the snap shots, the fake testimonials, the email squeeze pop-up, the same actors we’re seeing again and again, promoting different products, using similar psychology. The entire website looks and feels bogus.


We must admit that this time QuickCashSystem.com deserves a big round of applause for the amazing production! This level of production cannot be obtained alone using the Fiverr market place. Quick Cash System is a well designed and heavily funded scam, designed by the same folks who came out with products we blacklisted before, since they’re all being promoted on the same affiliate market places. It’s a no brainer.

We hope that this review will serve as a warning to everyone who is considering to take on this offer. It’s highly unlikely that there’s any profit in it for you and we encourage anyone who thinks otherwise, as well as anyone else who tried or plans to try Quick Cash System to share your thoughts. If you have a reason to believe that our skepticism should be doubted in this case, we would love to be corrected, however based on our experience of posting many warnings, the truth comes out in the form of honest responses by actual users of the products we review. Share, comment and like this post if you agree with us.

Let’s face it! There are plenty of scams out there in the Forex and Binary Options industry and our mission at BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com is to expose them, while providing honest resources for traders who are interested to do it in the right way, with regulated brokers and trusted signals services. We encourage you to visit the WatchDog approved lists and if you have any complaints concerning any service, broker or website we reviewed you are welcome to submit the form on our WatchDog Complaint Center.

At this point in time our verdict it that Quick Cash System is a SCAM until proven otherwise!!

Roy Tribble – ScamWatchDog.org is a SCAM!!

Roy it’s about time we get to you and your fraudulent blog. You hide behind the facade of a Christian believer, yet you are as far as a man can be from any God. Your entire blog is dedicated to positively reviewing scams! The worst scams in the binary options industry. Lets break it down Roy, so you are basically promoting: Insured Profits, Binary Matrix Pro, %100 Profit Bot, Crisis Killer and all the fake junk that’s coming out left and right. In the last 2 years WatchDog Complaint Center received 1000’s of complaints on the same junk tht Roy Tribble is promoting on his blog!!!


Further more, your website is full of fake testimonials by actors that you hire from Fiverr.com these actors are the same actors that appear on the scam services that you promote. Not so clever for an obvious scam artist. Roy, you’re exposed now. Your entire website was created to leach off the visitors who are looking for a true WatchDog website, one that is dedicated to protect traders and exposing scammers. Your reverse psychology can only fool the weakest and the most vulnerable who are out there looking for a reliable way to make money online. Using your online marketing skills you systematically work to deceive people, yet all over your site we are seeing the cross and indications of your god fearing nature. What kind of a slime bag are you to be honest with you? It’s obvious that you are a scam artist and now you are exposed, further more, we encourage all the victims of Roy Tribble to post your feedback and share your experience with any of the systems that the guy promotes. Just look up Roy Tribble Scam WatchDog.org and you’ll find the guy.

We are extremely disgusted by the level of deception that is illustrated very well in his website. Everything is paid, pure affiliate with no regards to anyone but his own pocket. We’re hoping that this review will reach the masses and soon enough you will be exposed and everyone will know not to visit your site. The truth goes around quickly Roy, your days of scamming innocent victims are coming to an end.


Please post your feedback on Roy Terrible below.. in his face, the guy needs a wake up call or a real visit to a church, not the one with the Anti-Christ though, an actual real Church Roy, may god save you.

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Is Insider John, Binary-App 810 a SCAM??

In the last days we’ve been asked a lot about the new Binary-App 810 by Insider John and after doing a thorough investigation we remain inconclusive. No indication of any proven track record and on the other hand, we couldn’t find any negative reviews. On first look it seems like another money-making scam, however the level of the video and the fact that an actual award was given to the ‘so-called’ John by one of the pioneers, and now regulated Banc De Binary, it seems like it could be an authentic offer.


Our skepticism is the foundation of this website and we have to doubt as to the credibility of this website, however, up until now we haven’t received any negative feedback on Binary-App 810 or Insider John, which are basically the same, hosted on http://www.insiderjohn.com In most cases we are able to easily identify warning signs and in %99 of the cases our conclusions are right, especially after receiving many complaints. For those of us, old-school traders, it’s already obvious that most of the auto trading solutions and signals services for binary options are misleading and eventually ‘under-performance’, leaving us stranded with depleted trading accounts.

Luckily for us at BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com we have the help of our subscribers and readers who in many times are victims of the scams we review, which helps deter others from falling victim to these offers.

Watch the complete Insider John award ceremony at the Banc De Binary building:

In the case of the new Binary-App 810 by Insider John, we are very inconclusive, who knows? It might be a reliable software but we do need your help. Only honest feedback by readers can help us determine the validity of the claims that Insider John came out with a holy grail binary options solutions for us traders. If we find that this software is indeed, what the claims suggest, we will try it ourself. In most cases we are disappointed but in some cases as with Mike’s Auto Trader, Optiions.com and ProBinaryRobot we determined that real auto traders are in fact available and not all systems are built for traders to lose their money. Hopefully we can soon add the Binary-App 810 to our list of recommended signals providers, so please, if you have any feedback or an experience to share relating to the BinaryApp 810 by Insider John, we would love to hear from you.

To learn more about this offer, you can click on this banner below:

In case you have a complaint regarding any broker or signals service, you are also welcome to visit our WatchDog Complaint Center and don’t forget to visit our list of recommended and tested signals services by WatchDog.

Cheat The Odds 4.0 SCAM – 2cheattheodds.com WARNING!!

Cheat The Odds 4.0 is one of the recent scams launched in November of 2014. The “free confidential gift” is just a big hoax, a lie and a scam tactic to make you feel as if you’re on to a real money-making opportunity, some kind of a top secret money tree… when in reality you’re being fed lies by an actor hired on Fiverr.com just like with the rest of the money-making scams that are coming out lately. Cheat The Odds is just a newer version of the Insured Profits scam, both services are directing binary options traders to unregulated brokers and produce a very low ITM results, or in other words, they are systematically wiping out traders accounts while feeding them with false hopes of making unrealistic gains on their investment. Avoid the Cheat The Odds 4.0 Scam unless you are interested to lose a $250, you are much better off trading on your own than have 2cheattheodds.com hooked to your trading account.

After receiving many questions and complaints on Cheat The Odds 4.0 via our WatchDog complaint center we reached a very solid conclusion that this money-making system is a fraud.


In reality, the well-designed signals services for binary options are created by online marketers and not by actual traders who have any interest in your profits and often they will refer you to non regulated scam brokers.

Also consider that when you provide your email to Cheat The Odds 4.0, your email will most definitely be used for future offers these marketers are pushing. The best way to avoid their emails is to unsubscribe from their email list next time they email you.

Either way, the actor was really not convincing, he definitely had the ‘con man’ vibe.. or maybe he projected this vibe knowing he is just an actor promoting a silly scam. At BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com we are dedicated to put an end to scams of this type or at least deter as many traders as we can from falling victims before it’s too late.

If you already decided to give the Cheat The Odds 4.0 a try and you have feedback to share we would surely appreciate it, otherwise if you are considering to use the software, you should really take our warning seriously. If you look back at WatchDog previous reviews on similar binary options scams you will notice many traders posting negative feedback, reaffirming our reviews. It’s very unfortunate news if you already invested your money with this website, however it’s never too late to get on track and either make a decision to trade on your own with a reliable broker and/or trade with a reliable signals service for binary options. Based on user feedback we decided to endorse a few services on top signals page and you can also visit WatchDog reviews on regulated binary options brokers.


Please share your feedback, questions and comments on Cheat The Odds 4.0 —> 2cheattheodds.com

Interstellar Profits SCAM Warning!

“Congratulations, you’ve been personally selected to watch…” CUT, come on now. Please be original with your new scams. The Interstellar Profits Fraud seems to be going more viral than expected considering it screams ‘scam’ just by looking at it. It’s easy for a WatchDog to recognize a scam, especially after reviewing 100’s of similar offers but for unsuspecting traders, this offer might seem genuine. If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably fake. In reality the Interstellar Profits is another money making scam designed to make you lose your money.

It’s hard to come by a reliable auto trading service for binary options and Forex. For the most part the high performance results are fake and are well protected by a risk disclaimers. There is really nothing new under the sun… these systems are designed exactly the same! All are using actors, fake testimonials, reassuring voice over scripts mixed with a lot of reverse psychology. It’s getting oldddd….. Stop it!


How come the Interstellarprofits.com is “private and confidential” while it’s being advertised via mass email campaigns?!? The website is full of deception! 3 licences left?!? Give WatchDog a break…will you? Try clicking out of the website and they will try to force you to stay with a $1000 bonus trap! It’s getting old and for those of us who are more familiar with how these internet marketing tactics work, it’s obvious on first look that InterstellarProfits is a scam.

Conclusion: Interstellar Profits is a %100 SCAM! Have no doubt.

Interstellarprofits.com was launched on November 02, 2014 and since the launch date, BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com received numerous complaints. We strongly recommend that you avoid this offer. As for the $1,000 bonus offer, it’s a trap and we couldn’t find a single statement regarding the bonus restriction and conditions on the website. Binary options bonuses often require traders to generate a very high volume of trades before qualifying for a withdrawal. This service is not only designed to make you lose your money, but it’s also designed to lock your money with one of the brokers they are working with so be sure to avoid the bonus if you are still inclined to join this ridiculous website after reading this review.

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Please help us protect the community by sharing your feedback! Help deter other traders from falling victims to the Interstellarprofits.com scam. Binary options is very risky and most signals services and auto traders do not deliver winning ITM results. Remember to verify the broker you register with for the purpose of joining a signals service, do a background check and make sure that the signals service and the synced broker/s are not blacklisted on any website. For information on scam signals services and brokers visit WatchDog’s Binary Options SCAMS List!

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