MMATC is a SCAM!!!

Beware of the new MMATC scam, it’s a money trap! In this honest review we uncovered the lies and manipulative nature of this offer. Let’s start with a logical arguement, would you believe someone who lied to you more than once? A healthy dose of common sense and research might deter you from type websites.

First lie by the MMATC developers: It’s stated that “in less than 8 months the software generated their members over $1,000,000” yet the domain was purchased last month! It came to being in October of 2015 based on which doesn’t indicate plurality, therefore any claims made about this web-based software being around for more than a single month is false. In case you’re familiar with Profit Hacker System, Billions In Cash or Profit Trading Bot you might be shocked to find that we’re dealing with the same scam-artists again.

What is the most shady thing about the MMATC scam?

It’s the same exact website as:, &, featuring the two same testimonials by “Amanda Kelley” and “Jason Knipe” are they that lazy? This is a network of fraud sites!

EVIDENCE in case they take the other two fraud sites down:

Google Picture Search for the alleged “Amanda Kelley”


On the top right of MMATC aka Make Money Automatically, you will notice an “only 10 licenses Available” widget, which is somewhat disturbing, because it’s simply not true, refresh the page and you’ll see. It’s not a reputable site like which may really have a few spots left for a given destination. It’s obviously a rushing tactic to get you to quickly sign-up with before your brain has time to process this horrible mistake.

Let’s pause and think for a few moments, based on this review it’s clear and without any reasonable doubt that you are being lied to, misled and manipulated by a network of scam “automated systems”… If you still decide to invest your money with after reading this review, please go get yourself checked immediately, before you are allowed to use your money, while in the meantime have someone watch over it for you.

For information on related scams visit Watchdog’s Blacklist!

Our goal is to deter new day-traders from joining fraud sites such as MMATC but we do recognize that not all binary options services are misleading. This software in particular is not the average misleading type of offer, it’s a clear-cut case of an online theft operation and you should stay away from it. If you already invested money with the crooks, please share your honest feedback below this review and help us warn others to stay away from this bogus site. We’re glad to see that whoever is behind this domain is not very clever, making it easier for us to expose them without trying their software and certainly without the need for any feedback.

Verdict: MMATC is a SCAM!

AKA Profit Hacker System, Profit Trading Bot and others…

For better alternatives in the online trading world, visit our Trusted Brokers page where you’ll find Topoption, an EU regulated broker at the top of our list. You can also start with a Free Demo Account before you invest real money, and this is our general recommendation for newbies. Thank you for reading this important MMATC review!

Cash Crew is a SCAM!!!

Today we have evidence and hard facts for everyone who may consider to join the Cash Crew SCAM! Please read this review carefully before you let the alleged George Patterson, and his imaginary son Steve, convince you that anything they are telling you is true. Nothing adds up when it comes to and let’s put aside the complaints we already received via Watchdog’s Complaint Center, this is an important review if you seek to know the truth.

Here is a quick example of how Cash Crew is unwilling, and obviously unable, to provide potential software users with evidence. Jason O’Connel from Birmingham, the “happy member who made over a quarter million dollars” is actually Sam Muirhead, a German filmmaker who is not, in any way, related to the Cash Crew software and we have a reason to believe that his picture and identity was hijacked for the promotion of the website.


The unverifiable CEO George Patterson is nowhere to be found unless you research for specific reviews related to Cash Crew. One would expect a guy of such ‘status’ and insane claims to share some details about himself, perhaps a LinkedIn account with real information? The ‘big money talk’ surely requires a better verification.

The ‘Live Proof’ area is not at all convincing, no empirical evidence were found anywhere on the Cash Crew website. The silly widget with XY and no last names showing all winners, is this the type evidence they have? The verified scam is honestly pathetic and annoying too. again, Déjà vu…nope! The same ol’ tricks.

There is no way you didn’t notice the annoying pop-up that will never go away unless you finally ‘submit’ and give them your full name and email, for the purpose of future email solicitation of course. The question is, who is the guy in the picture? Is it the voice narrator or George Patterson? no, just a picture actor. Both are common denominators among scam sites; they love to use testimonials actors or Stock images and the aggressive pop-up is just away to capture your email for future spamming as you may logically guess.


We know that the developers of the software will be reading this Cash Crew review, the truth is coming out and there is nothing they can do about it. We have enough evidence and complaints and what do you have filthy scam artists? Actors, stolen pictures, annoying widgets, unrealistic claims and a domain registered in July of 2015.

The overwhelming deceptive tactics and lies on the site are great in numbers and it would be awful for us to ignore. We can only hope that this warning, a real Cash Crew Review for once, will help save day-traders from a well-designed scam. There’s nothing more to it, let’s be rational for a minute, if they have real success stories than why on earth are they using all the fake snapshots, at least one stolen picture and a bunch of unverifiable claims?

Verdict: CashCrew is a SCAM!

Unfortunately the binary options industry is now flooded by scam services, just as we’ve seen it happen with Forex. Since a lot of money is involved, crooks are out there to take a bite from a growing cake. It’s only natural and in fact it’s an epidemic that plagued the Internet since it went public in the 90’s. The greediness of the Cash Crew scam developes is part of a much bigger problem and we’re hoping that one day it will all come to an end.

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Those who seek reliable online trading opportunities should refer to Watchdog’s EU regulated brokers and conduct some research before joining any signals service. Not ready for a real live account? You may want to consider a Free Demo Account! Many day-traders are trading the markets with the use of fundamental and technical analysis. If you need outside help, know that not all of the services are ‘Pure Rubbish’ like Cash Crew. If you have any feedback or questions don’t hesitate to comment below and thank you for reading this important warning.


Channel Ranger is a SCAM!

The Channel Ranger auto trader by Devin Miles is a malicious scam that is gaining a lot of undue attention. From poor testimonials to a “sharing is caring” sales tactic, the terrible Channel Ranger fraud is rich in lies and poor in quality. As many of you are new to binary options please be sure to read this review for the unbiased facts! Take note if you are thinking of signing up because this review will save you a substantial amount of money and time.

First lie exposed! Not a real trader, a well known actor instead.

Fake Review Star actor featured on!


Our first thought was that we had never heard of Devin Miles before, so we tried to find out about him. After searching on google, linkedin and even Facebook we couldn’t find a guy called “Devin Miles” associated with trading. Surely such a highly successful professional would at least have a linkedin profile for his potential clients? The only real time you will find this guy is whilst he’s presenting for Channel Ranger video. This tells us he clearly has no authority in the binary options industry and is likely to be a paid actor.

Next lets focus on the website. Though at first glance there appears to be some proof of trades at the bottom of the Channel Ranger scam. Look closer and you’ll see we’re not actually presented with any valuable information at all. has failed to give any details on any of the trades it has apparently executed. This means thats its not possible for anyone to ever verify any of the profits! Second of all there is very little content on the website. Good services always have a great deal of content and it will generally leave the user without any questions about the service. In this we are left with all sorts of questions. Even basic questions like “Whats the ITM percentage?” are left out, leaving the user unclear about how there investment will perform.

As we researched deeper we came across some frustrating conclusions. We couldn’t find proof of the software actually working anywhere online. All we found were reviews from untrusted websites that presented nothing that proved anything. We didn’t even find even a single screen capture video of anyone using the Channel Ranger software. Shocked, we continued to do some digging around to see if we could get a screenshot of what the software even looks like. Guess what? We found absolutely nothing! Our attention was then drew to the clearly faked testimonials. Each testimonial felt far too rehearsed so we tried to find some other video real testimonials anywhere else. Instead all we found was one video with a familiar paid fiverr actor. Joel was promoting the product for a poor quality youtube channel for $5. Welcome to the party Joel!

VERDICT: Channel Ranger software is a SCAM!

We had some other more technical red flags we weren’t happy about. The dreadful Channel Ranger scam places 60 second binary options trades. This is a big NO. 60 second Binary Options are virtually impossible to predict long term no matter what you’re using! Channel Ranger also claims to make an impractical amount of trades. Between 80-200 per day is a heck of a lot of trades you’d need thousands available in your account to even place that many trades if they overlapped. The earth shattering Channel Ranger scam uses a poor methodology for currency trading long term. Channel trading requires low volatility which is fairly uncommon to find in the highest volume market in the world (Currency pairs).


To sum everything up we would strongly recommend that you stay clear of scam if you want to keep your money safe in your bank. There is no proof at all that the system works and the actors in the testimonials don’t give us anything useful. They are lying through their teeth and have given no solid evidence or any exact details of profits and losses. For Alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Recommended Signals for Binary Options or if you are a complete beginner, a Free Demo Accont is a great way to start! Thank you for taking a moment to read this review.

Share your feedback and questions below!

MockingBird Method is a SCAM!

WatchDog has decided to take a closer look at the Mockingbird Method scam. This review is aimed to uncover the lies and deception, that may ultimately lead you to lose your money with the software. This website is nothing but a mess and lacks a great deal of useful content. Today we have some facts for you, this is not another fake promotional review as you might find all over the internet. Let’s start with the first RED FLAG!

Beta Testers are all actors!


Daniel Marland, the spokesperson of this offer, isn’t sure if he is promoting the MockingBird Method in pounds or dollars, always pay attention to the small details. One minute he says “the Mockingbird Method Software is £1000 then he says $1000…” Sounds like Daniel Marland didn’t practice his script!

As per most Binary Options scams, our Mockingbird Method review uncovered just how bad the emotional sales tactics are. Queue the sob story! First of all he claims that he and his brother went into business together. After a while things were going great but his business associates came to him and told him that he’d ran up £300,000 worth of debt. Long story short his brother had been forging cheques. This is the worst fake sob story we’ve come across in a while. If something like that actually happened, you’d be straight up to fraud protection and have everything sorted out. No instead he gave up the failed business and got a job as a chef. The only person being mocked by the Mockingbird Method scam is anyone who signs up. Don’t fall into the trap! Besides the pounds and dollars issue we also came across some other inconsistencies in the presentation.

The shady elements appear all over the Mockingbird Method scam. The so-called live data feed that supposedly shows profits resets when you refresh it. We watched the counter go all the way up to over £400,000 but when you refresh it always comes down to around £187,000. This is the same with the spots left widget. We can also see a similar view counter widget that apparently has over 1,800-4000 viewers at any time, just like with all the widgets, a quick reload of the page resets the counters back to their original place. We don’t mind the use of countdowns if they are done in good taste, factual or as a standard sales tactic for genuine Binary Options services. The software does not do this and for this reason our Mockingbird Method review deserves a special place on Watchdog’s BlackList.

On the software’s pitch-page it states that it is only available in the UK and that you should leave the website right now, however later on during the presentation you’re being told that it’s suddenly available for UK residents and “your country”. Essentially anyone from any country can be scammed by this garbage. No “live Beta Testers Profits” were shown to us at any point and certainly no live trades were recorded. Our favourite, but very subtle mistake during video is the stock image of the car. Though the license plate is blurred out you can clearly see that the rear of the license plate is white. In the UK license plates are YELLOW at the rear of a car, not white.

Verdict: MockingBird Method is a SCAM!

For Alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Recommended Signals services for and if you are completely new, a Free Demo Account is a great way to start!Make sure to share your experiences below this Mockingbird Method review. Please don’t be fooled by misleading offers that are not realistic, but don’t let them frighten you away from binary options either. There are large profits available to successful Binary Options traders. Thank you for reading this important review!

First Class Profits is a SCAM!

Today the subject of our review is the new First Class Profits scam! Trust us when we say that there is nothing clean about this offer. The only thing the fraud site will do is wipe your account clean. These don’t skimp on the generic widgets “Make $3000 today in” followed by your geographic location, its dumb. It shouldn’t matter where we are, we should be able to make $3000 therefore this claim is not, in any way, logical.

Like most Binary Options hoaxes, the First Class Profits scam uses all the standard manipulative sales tactics to appeal to people’s greed. Don’t get suckered-in folks, it’s worth it. They make visitors feel unique to the website by saying that the user is one of 38 people who will only ever see the video. What? It’s a YouTube video! It can be clicked through and shared to anyone via the link. It also currently has 98 views which if our calculations are correct, is notably more than 38. When researching for our First Class Profits review we found another laughable widget. According to the scam-artists, 329 people in every single location are waiting to make $3000. Surf the site from the US and 329 people are waiting in the United States. If you use the site from a British location, then 329 people would also be waiting here too! How peculiar that the number is exactly the same… This entire website just screams Binary Options SCAM ALERT to us!

Snapshot from the shady video


The presentation on the First Class Profits scam suggests that they offer training from professional traders. Why would the video waste time using dumb sales tactics and not just show a live training session in progress with real people or even a screenshot of the system? It would make more sense right? No, instead we’re given a load of absolute BS about how some guy named Mike Taylor made $1.7 million in about 8 months. It’s a big misleading load of garbage, just look at his house, wife, car and holiday home. They are obviously stock photos.

The First Class Profit team probably paid $5 for the photos from Furthermore, the sales pitch offers no back story, no information on trading tactics and overall no unique selling points. On the app you’ll find another red-flag, as they imply that their software wins 98.9% of trades, which is just impossible. The best traders in the world cannot trade at 98.9% accuracy so don’t fall for anyone who tells you otherwise.

About 4 minutes into the video we are presented with a familiar paid Fiverr actor. Banjoman! This guy has really sold his soul to the devil with 100’s of binary options testimonials. The notorious fake review guy Banjoman15 (has he is named on claims to have increased his investment 30 fold! If this guy really can make this sort of money then why is he still doing crappy fake testimonials for $5 a piece. This gives a special place on our Extensive Scams Blacklist! It’s possible to make some really nice profits when trading Binary Options. We encourage users to read reviews on services before they sign up.

Do your research to avoid disappointment, keep your head above the water and try not to give in to emotional sales tactics. The sad truth is that Binary Options auto traders rarely live up to expectations but as we mentioned earlier we recently reviewed a service named We encourage users to check out the VirtNext review we posted if you are interested to learn more about a reliable trading software!

As always, if you’re new to Binary Options then please only sign up to regulated brokers and we highly recommend that you trade with a Free Demo Account before you actually make an investment. You can find a list of regulated brokers on our WatchDog’s Trusted Brokers. Please share your experience with if you are a member. Your comments will help us show others the light and ensure they do not get sucked into a dumb binary options scams like the First Class Profits scam.

Crazy ATM is a SCAM!

Read this important review on the new Crazy ATM scam by a fake SEO “Gordon”! The new software is going insanely viral with the help of shady email marketers. We gathered evidence leading us to a strong conclusion that it’s a losing system. There are many reasons why we believe that will not make you any money, in fact it will wipe your account clean so please read this review carefully if you are considering this offer or binary options in general.

First of all, their video presentation didn’t convince us for one second. As they state “This software continuously monitors economic news and is able to automatically adapt to the market conditions at all times”, again we are being fed with an illusion that a trading software can be synced with imaginary ‘artificial intelligence’, they are literally underestimating the intelligence of anyone who is bound to land on with such statements. This Gordon SEO, who doesn’t have a last name or a verified identity, must really think we were all born yesterday.


We managed to identify major flaws and misleading information without even doing major research about Crazy ATM aka ‘Pro Money Maker Robot’. If you pay close attention, towards the end of their 2 minutes pitch page video you will notice that one of their ‘shown positions’ had 1 second expiry. Unbelievable! This clearly means that either the creators of the Crazy ATM software are really stupid or they simply never traded binary options in their life. Marketing a new scam system seems more like their main expertise, based on our observation after exposing many scams. Furthermore you will also notice that their webpage is full of grammatical errors. How on Earth they want to convince people with this fishy offer if they can’t ever write correctly?

Crazy ATM Review on YouTube exposing the scam!

In case you’ve been reading our previous reviews on, you should know that 60 second trades are risky and not recommended on Auto Pilot, as its considered to be complete gambling. Unfortunately there is no technology that can generate successful 60 seconds trades consistently, surely not without any human intervention, as they falsely claim is achievable.

After you’re done with the introduction video, another video pop-up up with a female trader who is obviously playing along with the scam, this is when all the fun starts. Voice actor placed a total of three trades, one of which was a losing one, but wait..When she placed these trades there is absolutely no info about those position what so ever (Call or Put, Asset price?) nothing. The creators of the Crazy ATM scam are obviously not clever but they may target beginners who may not be familiar with basic online-trading definitions.

After carefully reviewing the website: we came to a conclusion that it’s nothing but a very poor online casino slot machine, money-making scheme. Does it even look like it’s related to Forex or BO in any way?

We really hope that potential users will read this review before wasting their money, research is important before you sign-up with any binary service or broker. There is really nothing more we can say about the “Crazy Atm…” apart from the fact that it’s a big joke!

When choosing the right trading tools and brokers you can generate nice profits with binary options. There are many automated services available, but unfortunately many of them are just made to steal your money and are not created by experienced day-traders. We encourage you to visit our Complete Blacklist to find out more on offers you should avoid, CrazyATM will be listed on the page unless proven otherwise and we find it hard to believe.

Verdict: Crazy ATM is a SCAM!

aka Pro Money Maker Robot by Gordon…

If you are new to binary options, make sure to strictly register with fully regulated brokers. Visit our Top Trusted Brokers page and if you are completely new, you may want to start with a Free Demo Account. Please share your feedback below if you are a member of Crazy ATM or traded with them in the past, as well as any other feedback you may have. Looking for an alternative? All industry authority blogs and YouTube channels are pointing traders to the VirtNext software (Watchdog’s review), if you do some research you will find that it’s endorsed by everyone.


VirtNext Software Review! Proven and Tested!!

VirtNext Investment LTD is a real company, behind one of the few successful auto-traders we stumbled upon! This review is very important, as you will find many scam offers in this industry. In the last 3 years we uncovered many fake offers which you will find on our BO Blacklist, the software is not one of them. In fact, after testing the software for 40 days we reached a solid conclusion that it’s not only just accurate, Virtnext is one of the most profitable services in the binary options industry.

On the VirtNext website you will find an endorsement badge by our website. If you are not familiar with us, is the top site dedicated to expose binary options scams and based on the number of warnings we posted, we are the biggest in the business of alerting the day-traders regarding misleading offers. In an industry where “bells and whistles” are necessary to get attention, had no choice but to incorporate some elements on their site and if it was up to us, would be removed. You do not need to act fast, the software will remain available for new members, it’s not a pressure money-making-scheme of any kind with annoying pop-ups.

Vincent Bollore is the CEO behind, he is a real person that you can verify. Scams often use images instead of real evidence, the creators love to hide behind fake identities.


Vincet Bollore resides in France and is a person you can verify:

In our upcoming, follow-up review on Virt Next we plan to upload live results trading with the software. The interface is completely different from what you’ve ever seen, if you’ve been testing or currently trading with a semi or fully automated service. Just to be clear, does offer full automation but you can also set a parameter which will allow you to set limitation on which trades you decide to take.

The VirtNext software is Recommended & Tested by, and It’s really one of a kind and we encourage you to test it!


Once you navigate to the second page on’s front page you will notice real news stories, and we are not referring to unknown news release sites, the VirtNext software was covered on some of the biggest media outlets in the world. The CEO is a real guy you can confirm, not a “Fiverr-made” identity. VirtNext didn’t hire a single liar from to lie on camera, instead they did what any legitimate service would do by showcasing real testimonials.

Verdict: VirtNext is a Trusted Software!

It’s not often that we post a positive review on a binary options service, as many of them are misleading but after 40 days of trading, and not seeing a drop below 76% ITM, we can empirically and beyond any reasonable doubt, break the news to the online trading community, that we’re dealing with a reliable software! This is why we strongly encourage our readers to test it out if you have plans to join a binary options signals service. VirtNext will not disappoint you, in terms of performance and the quantity of daily signals. We encourage members of the VirtNext software to share your testimonials, feedback below this review. For alternatives to VirtNext, visit Watchdog’s Recommended Signals. New to the industry? Trade with a Free Demo Account before you invest real money!

Cheers to your success and stay tuned for our follow-up VirtNext Review!


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