Certified Profits Review – A TOTAL RIP OFF!

Certified Profits software has to be one of the most ludicrous and ridiculous trading services that we have seen as of late. There is just no way everything the crooks behind Certified Profits scam software tell us can be true. Of course, binary options and Forex are both great avenues to take with big profit potential, but that is only true if you know what you are doing or have the right program on hand. Unfortunately for you, the Certified Profits app is not reliable, honest, or profitable.

As far as we can tell, it is all just one big money thieving scheme. Promises like being able to make $3,000 per day with a really high ITM rate and being totally free of charge are just some of the lies we are spoon fed. There’s a good reason why we are doing a Certified Profits scam review, and it is not to shower this horrible software with praise.

We discovered a great many fibs and lies, and where we did not discover any false promises, we realized that there was no info to work with at all. When it comes to dangerous and malicious pieces of binary options software, this one is undoubtedly at the top of the heap. When it comes to the biggest scams out there, Certified Profits software is the king of the hill.

certifiedprofits.co - Certified Profits


How Does Certified Profits Software Work?

One of the biggest problems that we have with Certified Profits trading software has to do with the way it works to generate a profit. Well, to be exact, we don’t really know how it works. This is one of the most important pieces of info that we need when talking about any trading program, a piece of info that we are missing here. We can’t possibly be expected to invest any amount of money in any trading service like Certified Profits software when we do not actually know what it does.

When it comes to any trading program, we want to know what trading strategies are in place, what tenants and methods are being followed, and what kind of underlying algorithms are at play. Those are thing factors which determine and dictate the profit potential of any given trading application. Without knowing those factors, we cannot judge the profit potential, not at all. The real issue may not even be not knowing how this software works, but the fact that not telling us this info is really suspicious.

The only reason to keep the trading strategies and methods of Certified Profits software a secret is because they probably don’t really exist at all. Keep in mind that this is a scam, so the point is not to make trades and generate money for you, but to make a profit at your expense. Technically speaking, there is no reason why this scam would even make trades. The crooks behind it all just have to make it look like trades are being made while they drain your trading account from the other end.

The Certified Profits Scapegoat – Phillip Diamond

During the presentation video, we are informally greeted by some funny looking guy who calls himself Phillip Diamond. He proceeds to spin us the same crappy narrative that countless others before him have tried to spoon feed us. Apparently he worked at Wells Fargo, one of the world’s largest investment banks, making millions and millions of dollars per year. He then up and quit his cushy job on a whim and created his own BO trading service.

He also claims that he created Certified Profits using an overarching company. Well, all of this seems like the classic fake background story that we have heard so many times before. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. It is all a giant load of manure, with not a single statement made by Phillip Diamond being even remotely true.

From what we were able to gather, or rather from what we were not able to find, nothing said by this guy is true. First of all, nobody at Wells Fargo has ever heard of Phil Diamond. He never worked there. Second, when Phil talks about the company he owns, he neglects to inform us of the company name, which is obviously extremely suspicious.

The real kicker here is that Phil is not a genuine person, rather a totally fabricated and fictitious personality. The only search results about Mr. Diamond that we could find were in relation to Certified Profits scam software. In other words, Phil is just a paid actor reading a script. He is a scapegoat meant to protect the anonymity of the real crooks behind this flagrant scam of a BO trading service.

Certified Profits Trading App – Fake Testimonials & Creation Date

There are even more red flags which popped up when we started doing some hardcore research on this clearly fraudulent trading system. When we saw the user testimonials, we instantly knew that something fishy was afoot. During the presentation video, we are greeted by a lady named Elizabeth Sanchez, and she claims that she has used Certified Profits software to make tens of thousands of dollars ever since she first joined the fold back in January of 2017.

Well, there are two giant deceptions going on here. One of those deceptions is the alleged creation date of the Certified Profits website and the software itself. We did a simple and quick domain registry check to confirm when the website was launched. Well, the site did not go active until June 14th, 2017. Therefore, there is no way that this Elizabeth character could have been using this program since January, because it would not actually exist for several more months.

WHOIS CertifiedProfits.co

And yes, we said “this Elizabeth character,” which is because she is the second deception we were talking about. She leaves us with a totally made up user testimonial. She is nothing more than a low grade paid actor, just like the guy who plays Phillip. We can actually prove this beyond all reasonable doubt be because we found Liz’s profile on Fiverr.com, where she goes by her real name. By the way, Fiverr is a website where you can hire actors for videos like the one for Certified Profits scam software, actors who are either washed up or never got anywhere to begin with.

Certified Profits Software – No Security

There are some other alarming aspects of this software that definitely need to be addressed. First of all, on the Certified Profits website, there is a form that you need to fill out in order to sign up for a real account. Well, that form asks for personal info, banking info, and credit card details. The issue here is that the website is not secure or encrypted in any way. In other words, this is just a way to steal your credit card info from you.

Moreover, when you sign up for this scam service, you are connected to a broker. It should not come as a surprise that all of the brokers associated with this bogus trading system are unlicensed and unregulated. These crooks have the power to steal your money once you deposit it into your trading account and there is nothing you can do about it. Certified Profits scam software is all about stealing your money, your personal details, and all of your banking info. They are clearly in this to rob you blind and make a big profit at your expense.

Certified Profits Review – THE VERDICT

The bottom line is that Certified Profits software is undoubtedly a giant money stealing scam. There are way too many unanswered questions here, and the questions we did get answers to, well, the answers were not the good kind. Everything about this software is negative, bad, and built to make your life a living hell. Stay away from this bogus trading system, because it will cost you whatever you invest with it.

Review Verdict: Certified Profits is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: certifiedprofits.co

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Binary Trading Experts Scam Review – IMPORTANT INFO!

Binary Trading Experts software is a relatively new binary options scam to hit the market. We usually would not even concern ourselves with such a horrible program. Trading systems such as this one, which are so ludicrously bad, tend to fizzle out and die within just a few days. However, for some reason, people have been falling for this load of utter nonsense time and time again. We have already received tons of complaints from people who have had issues with Binary Trading Experts scam software.



Simply put, people have been getting robbed and their money stolen by this highly fraudulent program. The presentation video for this cash grabbing scheme may start out in a good way, saying that there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme. Yet, as soon as that is done being said, the Binary Trading Experts app claims that it is the next best way to get rich quick.

These guys are obviously playing us for fools, lying to us, and are trying to deceive us into investing our money with this pile of junk trying to pass off as a legit trading service. Yeah, binary options and Forex can be very profitable and lucrative, but not when you use a bad trading service. This is a really bad trading service, which is why we are here doing a Binary Trading Experts scam review. This is a very dangerous program and you need to know all about it.

Who Is Behind The Binary Trading Experts App? – CRIMINALS!

The man whom we are led to believe is the mastermind genius behind this program goes by the name of Travis Cane, a suspiciously inconspicuous name if you ask our opinion. He starts out by telling us that he is a smart guy with big time common sense.

He claims that there is no real way to get rich quick with binary options and that the best approach to making a profit is by using common sense. Funny enough, right after he says this, he proceeds to show us his 10 million dollar home, his model wife, and his Lamborghini. For a guy who says that it is impossible to make millions with binary options, it sure is odd that he shows off his millions of dollars that he claims to have made through binary options trading!

He claims to be an overnight millionaire and he did it with Binary Trading Experts, both things that we simply cannot believe. Travis then goes on to introduce us to some guy named Michael, who is supposedly his business partner. Michael goes on to talk about his “students” who are even shown throughout the video. Anyway, the both of these clowns spend the next 15 minutes talking total crap, stuff that neither you nor us need or want to hear.

The most obvious sign that this Experts software is a total rip off is that we never actually get to see Travis Cane or Michael in person or on the screen. Both of these guys are just voice narrators. One rule of thumb when dealing with these BO presentation videos is that you should never trust one where the leader or head authority figure never shows him or herself. This is a really easy way to hire somebody, create a scapegoat, and have people like us never be able to confirm or deny their identities. Well, just to be clear, the fact that Michael does not have a last name is already more than enough to scare us away for good.

However the real kicker is that we did try to confirm the identity of Travis Cane, but of course, aside for relations to Binary Experts scam software, we could not find a single thing about him. Listen, both “Michael” and “Travis” are paid actors being compensated a couple of measly bucks to do a voice over narration with the world’s lamest script. They are not real people, they know nothing about binary options or Forex, and they certainly are not the people running the show here.

Binary Trading Experts App – Profits

On the home page, we are told that this program can easily generate $250 per day. Keep in mind that Trading Experts software most likely does not allow you to make a profit either way.

Binary Trading Experts Software – MORE PAID ACTORS!

Yet another clear indication that Trading Experts is a total rip off comes in the form of even more paid actors, you know, except for Travis and Michael. Anyway, during the presentation video, we are shown 4 “students” which Michael, the phony bologna actor, is teaching to use this piece of software. Their names are allegedly Paul, Amanda, Charlotte, and Peter. Don’t worry yourselves with their last names, because apparently they have none, you know, kind of like Cher or Madonna.

Like that is not already suspicious enough. To get to the point, we did some snooping around on websites like Fiverr.com, where you can hire all of these crappy actors for next to no cost, and we found something very interesting. More than one of these people has a profile on that same site. In other words, every single person you see in this video is a paid actor. TALK ABOUT BEING UNTRUSTWORTHY!

How Is Binary Trading Experts Scam Software Supposed To Work?

Another red flag that popped up is in relation to how this program actually works. We are told that Binary Trading Experts software only makes trades which it deems to have a 97% probability (or higher) of being winners. This by itself does not sound so bad, but the problem we have is that we are never told how this software makes that decision. How exactly does it determine which trades have what probability of winning?

We don’t know and we have the feeling that neither do the people who are running the show, whoever they might actually be. The point is that we are never informed of any underlying trading strategies, methods, or algorithms which determine the probability of a trade being won. More or less, a monkey has a better idea of how astrophysics works than we do about the inner workings of Binary Trading Experts scam software. If we are expected to invest any amount of money with this junk software, we need more reliable info.

Binary Trading Experts Trading App – Bad Brokers

The final thing that is worth mentioning about Binary Trading Experts scam software is that they clearly use scam brokers to handle funds. We know this for a fact because there have been several complaints from people who have “profited” using this system, but have been unable to withdraw money. This is a big tactic used by BO scams and scam brokers. They make it look like you are making a profit, but you never actually get to touch your money. These brokers are unregulated, unlicensed, and only in it to make a profit at your expense.

Who is Behind Binary Trading Experts?

Well, unfortunately, there’s no about us page. Their only contact information available on BinaryTradingExperts.com is an email address: support@binarytradingexperts.com.

A WHOIS query didn’t help us to figure out who the owners of the site are since they are making use of a privacy service to hide their identities.


Fortunately, the domain binarytradingexperts.com is currently not very popular. At the time of writing, its Alexa global rank was 4,488,267. However, it still seems to be getting a small amount of traffic from India, UK and Latvia.


Binary Trading Experts published the following excerpt about regulation on their homepage:

Binary options trading are regulated in a significant number of reputable jurisdictions. A very important thing to remember here is that the fact that if binary options aren’t regulated in a particular country it doesn’t mean that they are illegal. A lack of regulation means that the state is indifferent towards this practice (as in, you can trade because it’s no one’s business). But as I said above, binary trading is regulated and is legal in a number of jurisdictions and countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Cyprus, Japan, and Malta. These countries have special agencies such as the CFTC in the US, FCA in the UK and CySEC in Cyprus that oversee the financial trading market. In order for brokers to be able to operate in these countries, they’re obliged to apply for a trading license. A license will only be awarded to completely legitimate companies that exclusively offer safe and fair services. National regulators are extremely strict about supervising the online trading market because the state also generates taxes from this practice. The state can only levy taxes from legitimate businesses.

Don’t mistake this paragraph for a statement concerning Binary Trading Experts being regulated. In fact, it is not and the brokers they work with are not. Stay away from non-regulated brokers and services.

Binary Trading Experts Scam Review – THE VERDICT

There is really nothing else that can be said about this ridiculous trading program except that it is highly dangerous and very malicious. Binary Trading Experts software is nothing more than an epic scheme and monumental rip off aimed at your wallet. These crooks are in it to steal your money, and if you fall for their tricks, there will be nothing you can do to ever get that money back. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this scam for good.

Review Verdict: Binary Trading Experts is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: binarytradingexperts.com

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Bitcoin Millionaire Today Review – It’s a SCAM!

Misleading paid actors, fabricated trading results and a poor winning percentage are just among a few of the symptoms exhibited by the Bitcoin Millionaire SCAM! Claiming to have generated a profit of over $900 million dollars to date when the website bitcoinmillionaire.today was only created on June 30th, 2017 is not only outlandish but straight up ludicrous. Don’t believe a word that the alleged creator “Victor Gray” has to say and learn why you should avoid this ridiculous auto trading scam at all costs by reading our unbiased review!

Bitcoin Millionaire Today - bitcoinmillionaire.today


Without a doubt the most dangerous element associated with the Bitcoin Millionaire scam would be the promotional video that is used to lure gullible traders out of their finances. Right off the back, Victor Grey claims that this automated trading software is free of charge, however let us set the record straight here, the Bitcoin Millionaire is NOT free! In fact, investors will be required to depart with a minimum of $250 to $500 depending on the broker they are required to deposit with. Now as many of you know by now, it isn’t until after you sign up and fund your account that you are given access to this highly inaccurate trading platform.

Debunking the Bitcoin Millionaire Scam

Due to the outrageous claims asserted on bitcoinmillionaire.today, it is quite easy to debunk all legitimate appearing characteristics of this scam. The marketing approach is nothing we haven’t seen before with scams that we have previously exposed. Claiming that if you use their software you can make thousands of dollars per day, buy the dream home you’ve always wanted along with easily afford luxurious sport vehicles are among a few of the misleading claims made throughout the incredibly dull and absolute horse shit pitch video.

WHOIS bitcoinmillionaire.today

Relying on paid actors from fiverr.com, a cheap online marketplace, you can see for yourself that you are being lied to at bitcoinmillionaire.today. All of the testimonials provided are fake and were purchased with the sole intent of misleading newbie day-traders out of their hard-earned money. Don’t believe a word that comes spewing out of the mouths of these elementary paid actors, it is obvious that they don’t care for your well-being and are willing to say just about anything for a quick buck.

Bitcoin Millionaire Today is a SCAM!

How Does Bitcoin Millionaire Work?

That is the million dollar question that we are still trying to figure out. No explanation on the functionality of this auto trader is ever presented to us throughout the pitch video. Instead the only enlightenment that we receive about how this software functions would be how it only places trades when there is a 99% probability that your investment will be in-the-money. So whether or not this software operates solely upon an investment algorithm or technical trading indicators we are unsure. One thing we are sure about though would be that this software sounds too good to be true and community feedback suggests that statement falls in accordance with this scam.

Bitcoin Millionaire – Scam or Profitable?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we are dealing with another bitcoin trading scam. Embodying the form of a Bitcoin auto trader, Bitcoin Millionaire, is a malicious and deceptive auto trader. Why put your faith, time and money with an auto trader that lies to your face and claims some of the most unrealistic promises to date? Throughout our 4 years in this industry, we have yet to come across a trading software that can generate a consistent success rate of 75% let alone 99%. Don’t fall for this ridiculous get-rich-quick scheme!

BitcoinMillionaire Today is a SCAM!

Bitcoin Millionaire Verdict – Software Scam Exposed!

Empty promises and misleading paid actors are the backbone to this new online trading scam. Don’t believe any of the phony testimonials provided and make sure to avoid and report sources that are currently endorsing this auto trader as a legitimate trading system. It is obvious that those sources cannot be trusted and should be dealt with accordingly. When searching for an online trading software to test out, make sure you always conduct thorough research and trust your instincts.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Millionaire is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: bitcoinmillionaire.today

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Legal Profit Scam Exposed! Unbiased Review!!

Legal Profit, hosted at legal-profit.cc, is a binary options software SCAM! Having resurfaced after two years of discontinued silence, this malicious auto trading scam has been operating with unregulated brokers and has mislead many newbie day-traders out of their cold, hard cash. Operated by a technology services company known as Legal Profit LTD, this shady business resembles a business model closely related to get-rich-quick schemes. Claiming to use a “legal spying algorithm” that predicts price activities with 100% accuracy is not only outlandish but straight up demented! Learn more about this viral trading scam and what you can do if you have been scammed!

LegalProfit Review


Incorporating pressure inducing widgets into the framework of legal-profit.cc has resulted in both novice and experienced traders to be conned by this auto trader. However, as we have exposed countless time, these widgets are phony more often than not. The fastest way to tell if a trading software website is authentic or a scam would be by simply refreshing the page and seeing if the widgets start back to their originating values. In the case of Legal Profit, they do indeed reset to their originating values which means all of the “limited spots left” or the number of people “currently watching the video” are all fake!

Exposing the LegalProfit Scam

Thankfully due to the lazy efforts exerted by scam marketers debunking all legitimate appearing aspects on this fraudulent auto trader is quite simple. Relying on a unique marketing approach to lure investors in, the pitch video used to mislead investors out of their money starts off with a brief motivational video using bits and pieces of films that the famous actor Will Smith starred in. Pumping you up to make you feel hungry for change and how you yourself are a different breed of human looking to achieve something that very few or no one else has accomplished before sounds appealing to most.


To be honest, it is well done until you get to the part in the promotional video where they start to actually promote their own system. Within the first few minutes of the video, you will see how they claim that you can generate a profit of $1,200,000 or more within two months just by signing up with the software. How is this all possible you may ask? Well, apparently the Legal Profit auto trader only generates a 100% success rate. Sounds a little too good to be true, right? Yeah, we thought so as well which is why we decided to investigate further into the Legal Profit scam.

LegalProfit is a SCAM!

WHOIS legal-profit.cc

Recreated on July 12th, 2017, we are more than certain that the promotional video used with Legal Profit is the original pitch video from 2015 due to 2015 being present on their “users” testimonials. Claiming to generate profits of over $500 per hour without losing a single investment is not only unbelievable but ludicrous at best! Relying on photoshopped images to gain our trust to reflect “earnings” generated by the Legal Profit system just goes to show the extensive and disturbing lengths that scam marketers will go to in order to deceive traders for a quick buck.

LegalProfit – Scam or Fraud?

Let’s cut to the chase here, it is obvious that Legal Profit for binary options is a SCAM! Working solely with unregulated brokers that have some of the most notorious and shameful reputations in the industry is not a good sign and doesn’t add any brownie points to the pitiful Legal Profit software. Why waste your time, efforts and hard-earned money on a binary options software that relies on empty promises such as generating a 100% success rate and how investors can make over $1 million in two months? It is obviously a hoax and a get-rich-quick scheme targeted towards newbie online day-traders looking to earn additional income from home.

Legal Profit Verdict – Auto Trading Scam Exposed

Community feedback and common sense confirms that we are dealing with a binary options scam that has come back to scam more innocent day-traders. Don’t believe the phony YouTube videos created in 2015 that are endorsing this fraudulent auto trader, none of them are authentic and most were created by low-life scam marketers. Trust your gut, use common use and always conduct research before committing your hard-earned money with any online trading endeavor.

Review Verdict: LegalProfit is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: legal-profit.cc

Need to report an online trading scam or a bad online trading experience? Reach out to WatchDog to report and settle any wrongdoings, loss of funds or broker solicitations.

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Profit Harvester System Exposed! Indisputable Review!!

Read this urgent review regarding the Profit Harvester System SCAM! Created by conniving scam marketers who have mastered the art of manipulation, as you will learn in our honest review nothing is what it appears at phssystem.com. Advertised as a self-learning trading system, the Profit Harvester System for binary options has gone on a viral rampage and has left a large wake of victims in it’s path. Believing in phony stock images that serve as fake testimonials is the least of your problems with the Profit Harvester System (PHS) scam.



Debunking the Profit Harvester System

Appearing as an authentic binary options trading system, phssystem.com most dangerous feature would be the website interface. Sleek and not overdone, the PHS auto trader has scammed hundreds of traders who thought they were signing up with a legitimate trading system for binary options. Operating under the capacity as an auto trader, PHS claims to have been in existence for a period of over 17 years. However, what we found interesting would be how the website was only founded last month on June 12th, 2017.

WHOIS phssystem.com

Furthermore, all the evidence you need to verify that Profit Harvester System is a scam would be by scrolling further down the webpage and viewing their so called “satisfied customers” testimonials. As you may have guessed, the Profit Harvester System relies on stolen and purchased stock images to generate fake testimonials of traders being satisfied with their service. Not only is this a major red flag but it also just goes to show the various lengths that scammers will go to in order to deceive traders for a quick buck.

PHS System - ProfitHarvesterSystem

Gaining access to the Profit Harvester System for binary options is accomplished by signing up and funding a trading account with one of their “recommended” brokers. Requiring a minimum deposit of $250 investors are required to deposit with brokers that are operating without licensing. Not only is this against the law but you are willingly and maybe even unknowingly putting yourself at more risk than just losing your initial start-up funds. Reports of overcharges, spam emails and computer viruses have all been reported with the PHS scam.

How Does Profit Harvester System Work?

According to phssystem.com, the Profit Harvester System works as an automated self-learning trading system. So in other words, this trading system claims to be an auto trader that develops trading signals using “artificial intelligence.” Relying on a rock-solid trading strategy, apparently the PHS auto trader utilizes short and medium term trends to generate signals while encompassing self-learning parameters. Claiming that users will start profiting in less then 60 minutes is not only an outlandish falsehood but nothing further from the truth. Community feedback suggests that traders who have put their faith and money with this scam have lost most if not all of their deposit in as little as 3 hours!

Profit Harvester System – Scam or Legit?

If losing your hard-earned money wasn’t bad enough already, you can couple that with receiving an outrageous number of spam emails. Most of these spam emails contain promises that you will generate a couple thousand of dollars per week with the system, but, as you may have presumed, that is complete and utter BS. In addition, if you did decide to register with this scam, you better make sure you use a payment method that has a stop limit incorporated. Reports of overcharges between $250 to as high as $2,500 has been reported with this malicious auto trader.

PHSSystem - Profit Harvester System

Profit Harvester System Verdict – SCAM Confirmed!

It is evident that Profit Harvester System does not care about the well-being of their investors because they are willing to lie to your face for a quick buck. Relying on phony testimonials to earn your trust just goes to show how misleading this binary options auto trading scam truly is. One recommendation we can make to our avid subscribers would be never to commit with an online auto trader without conducting thorough research beforehand. Countless traders could have been spared the misfortune of losing more than just their money to this scam if they took the time to conduct a little bit more research.

Review Verdict: Profit Harvester System is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: phssystem.com

If you have been scammed, make sure to visit our Free Charge Back and Refund Guide. You may also want to check out Watchdog’s Trusted Service Providers.


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BinRobot Lady is an OptionRobot Imposter!! 

BinRobot Lady, also referred to as Options Robot Abi, is another auto trading rip off of the OptionRobot! The Options Robot Abi system is just as misleading as any other scam we have exposed. Incorporating the same trading platform, technical indicators and customization options, BinRobot Lady is essentially a “female” clone of the original OptionRobot. Don’t believe the phony reviews endorsing this scam system and just know the demo account is rigged to win and does not reflect potential earnings with their system!



Most of the referral traffic of binrobot-lady.com comes from affiliate links found on YouTube channels. Scam marketers currently endorsing Options Robot Abi have access to free demo accounts which they then use to portray “earnings” generated with this system. Obviously, none of these videos are legitimate and are used solely to mislead traders out of their hard-earned money for a quick commission.

Currently, Options Robot Abi is quite popular in Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Latvia and South Africa. In addition to misleading reviews, BinRobot Lady also has paid for a Google Adwords position so their site ranks higher than reviews that are currently supporting and exposing this auto trading scam.

BinRobot Lady Broker Requirements

In order to gain “free” access to BinRobot Lady, traders are required to sign up and fund a trading account with one of software’s assigned brokers. As many of you can assume, most of these brokers are not regulated which means that you are putting yourself significantly at risk.  Among the majority of brokers recommended would be BinaryOnline, Binary Tilt, BDSwiss, PlusOption, Stern and Opteck.

Now, we know what some of you may be wondering. Why are broker sign ups required? Well, as some of you have undoubtedly pieced together already, binrobot-lady.com is essentially an affiliate site. Broker sign ups are required more as a safeguard for those endorsing this site. That way, refunds requested by traders who have lost money to this system become almost impossible to receive.

How Does BinRobot Lady Software Work?

After you have opened and funded an account with your assigned broker the software becomes available to use. Most traders report that a minimum deposit of $250 is required, although some traders have reported that some of the unregulated brokers are maliciously asking for a minimum deposit of at least $1,000 or more. Although most brokers will try to encourage investors to deposit more, we never recommend traders to deposit more than the minimum amount required or more than they can risk losing.

BinRobotLady is a SCAM!

Claiming to generate a success rate of 87% is nothing further from the truth. As we have discussed time and time again, no binary options software that we have reviewed over the past 4 years has been able to generate a consistent success rate of 75% or higher for any reasonable amount of time. However, there is a loophole associated with this claim which becomes relevant when reviewing the trading platform exhibited by BinRobot Lady.

Investable Assets: Aud/Usd, Eur/Usd, Gbp/Usd, Eur/Jpy, Usd/Jpy, Usd/Chf, Usd/Cad & Eur/Gbp.

Trading Styles Available: Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci.

Expiration Periods Available: 60 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 1 hour.

Technical Indicators Available: Trend, RSI, Williams, MACD, Stoch and CCI.

When confronting the live chat support team to report any losses with this auto trader the most common reply one can expect to receive would be that you used a bad combination of trading settings. There in itself lies the loophole associated with the BinRobot Lady and other similar OptionRobot rip-off scams we have encountered. Claiming to be easy to use for traders, it is evident that Option Robot Abi is not as simplistic to use as advertised.

Another OptionRobot White Label?

It is quite obvious that BinRobot Lady is a white labeled trading software. Incorporating the same technical indicators, assets, trading methods and customization options as the OptionRobot confirms this without a shred of doubt. The free demo account provided is rigged to win and doesn’t offer real-time market values when tested and there are far too many similarities between the Option Robot Abi and other OptionRobot imposters that we have exposed to be overlooked.

BinRobot Lady Review Verdict

BinRobot-Lady.com seems to be a scam referral site for binary option brokers. Let it be known though that this auto trader cannot be trusted and is exceptionally misleading! Unfortunately the creators behind this scam worked hard at covering their tracks making this deceptive auto trader to appear as legitimate as possible.

Review Verdict:  BinRobot Lady is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website: binrobot-lady.com

Similar Scams: Simple Auto Trading, iRobot, XpressMoneyBotFree Robot Signals

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RYZE.Ai Review

RYZE.Ai claims to be our “Automated Investment Future,” used by “thousands of people around the world.” Really? Or perhaps it’s a SCAM? Stick around for this quick review if you’d like to hear our answer!


What is RYZE.Ai?

RYZE.Ai, available in several languages, including English, Français, Nederlands, Español, Malay, Chinese and Thai, is supposedly promoting an algorithm which executes trading in the currency and commodities markets, specifically it trades the following currencies:

  • GBP and USD
  • EUR and USD
  • USD and CHF
  • XAG and USD
  • AUD and CHF

In short, RYZE.Ai seems to be a Forex auto trader. Unlike other auto traders, the creators of this one actually try to explain how their system works. “The algorithm operates under a unique and proprietary trade strategy positioning trades as a bridge liquidity provider. Becoming a bridge liquidity provider removes speculation and makes the system a safe and sound investment tool.”

Now, this explanation sounds good, we know, and legit as well, but as a matter of fact, it’s a whole lot of bullshit. There’s no algorithm in existence which can “remove the speculation” out of trading. Trading is speculative. And anyone claiming otherwise is just trying to scam you!

The Ryze.Ai platform is supposed to help you maintain control of your account while it executes trades on your behalf based on… AI. That’s Artificial Intelligence. Yes. The creators of this potential fraudulent website are claiming they have developed a trading robot based on Artificial Intelligence… They go on explaining how their platform features “QuantIQ,” a Quantum wave superposition algorithm written for the MT4 platform using MQL4 language.

If that seems too much, the creators of Ryze.Ai has a lot more technical mumbo jumbo for you:

The Ryze.Ai platform is hosted in undisclosed clouds location around the world for added safety and is redundant. (dedicated parallel servers). Clouds are linked to the brokerage firm servers using AES encryption algorithms (Advanced encryption systems).  Its execution is measured in (Milliseconds) making this proprietary QuantIQ the most unique and the top performer in today’s marketplace. The proprietary program realizes profit on a daily basis!

It goes on and on… Don’t feel stupid. You’re not the only who doesn’t understand this. It was written to seem sophisticated and to make you believe you’re reading about a legit system. If you can’t understand it, it must be something good… right? No!

The Risk of Forex

You need to understand that Ryze.Ai is a Foreign exchange trading system, which carries a very high level of risk. You could lose all of your initial investment and should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. We would never trust our money with robots. Not even ones with “AI.” If you’re looking for trading signals, seek them from professional human traders, not robots.

Who is Behind RYZE.Ai?

On some places the company behind Ryze.Ai is referred to as Capital City Markets. In other places on the same site, such as the Terms and Conditions page, Capital City Markets is not mentioned. Instead, the company is referred to as Ryze.Ai. In other places, it seems that the site belongs to Hodo Global (more on this later.)

The site ryzeai.com was created on December 2016.

Contact Information

US Telephone: 14692073075

Email: support@ryzeai.com

They also have a contact form.

Address: 1750 W. University Dr #126 Mckinney, TX 75069

Now, regarding this address, we were able to find that a travel agency called TripSpin is based in that address. TripSpin is mentioned on Hodo.biz, and Hodo.biz is referred to from RYZE.Ai. What’s the connection between those 3 entities? We’ll get to that later.

We also found another address on the website:

1750 E. Stacy Rd #126, Mckinney, TX 75069.

Again, we couldn’t verify the business exists in that address. And it looks strangely similar to the previous address.


Nowhere on the ryzeai.com site did we find a mention of regulation. If this is a Forex trading site, shouldn’t we at least get some information regarding which brokers they work with and whether they are regulated? In the US, Forex brokers need to be regulated by the CFTC in order to be allowed to accept American traders.

Account Types

Two account types are available with RYZE.Ai.

The first is the Long Term Growth account: Your funds are invested for 24 months or longer. During this time, your daily profits are supposed to accumulate, creating a compounding effect.

Cash Flow Strategy is used if you’d like to withdraw your profits on a monthly or quarterly basis to supplement cash flow. It supposedly works best if profits are accumulated and left in account for 90 days prior to first profit.

Obviously, the guys in RYZE.Ai would like you to say “Goodbye” to your money for as long as possible, if not for GOOD!

How Much Does it Cost?

So what’s RYZE.Ai’s (stated) business model? The initial first month subscription RYZE.Ai is $199 regardless of your deposit amount or the monthly tier you choose when going through ordering process. The monthly subscription tier fee will begin the following month on the anniversary date of your initial order. For deposits of $500-1,500, your fee would be $12.50, and this number grows up to $7,500 for deposits between $500K to $1M.

Ryze.Ai Prices


RYZE.Ai has some strict rules regarding sharing your results with others. While it’s allowed to show people your own personal account results and to talk about past profits in your own personal account only, it’s not allowed to post results or projected future results based on past performance. You also are required to state that past performance does not guarantee future results, anytime you show or discuss results of your personal account.

Presumably, these are instructions for would be promoters/recruiters of this system.


Partial withdrawals from RYZE.Ai accounts are allowed only for clients having a minimum balance of $2,000 in their account. You must have a balance of $500 in order for trading to continue. Capital City Markets (CCM) encourages all of their clients to make withdrawals only during the distribution cycle, which is when the “Open P/L” positions are 10% or less of your balance. Now, if you’re trying to withdraw $2,000 from a $10,000 account, you should expect to receive just $1,775 after deducting fees for “Open P/L” positions which must be closed as well as any bank processing fees.

What about full withdrawals, we’re wondering… do they allow those?

Because if they don’t, you’re going to have a lot of trouble getting your money back due to this sentence in their Terms of Use document: “You agree to pay for any and all purchases and services using your name and credit card through this Site, not to challenge any such charges and to pay for all collections and/or attorneys fees resulting from any non-payment.”


Ryze.Ai says they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all initial subscription fees paid to the company. Subsequent fees are nonrefundable. If you live in Puerto Rico, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts or Wyoming you have the right to cancel at any time, regardless of reason. If you live in Montana, you may cancel your subscription within 15 days from the date of purchase and get a full refund.


According to Alexa.com, ryzeai.com is not so popular with a global rank of 933,213 at the time of writing. Many of the visitors to the site appear to be from the US, Canada, Switzerland and Singapore.

We were able to determine that they are promoted mainly on Facebook and YouTube.


Apparently, RYZE.Ai has an affiliate program through a site called Hodo. It’s explained on RYZE.Ai with the following words: “With you introducing the technology to others, you can be compensated. Yes, YOU can benefit from referring other consumers to incredible technologies that create the type of lifestyle that people truly desire.” Basically, spread the scam; we’ll pay you!

In a different place on the site, they explain that Hodo has secured the right to license the technology to its members. Hodo members can open an account with only $500 (normal minimum $250,000).

It seems there are different blogs that are promoting the system, which is why they found it important to explicitly state that “Capital City Markets provides references and links to selected blogs and other sources of economic and market information as an educational service to its clients and prospects but does not endorse the opinions or recommendations of the blogs or other sources of information.”

So what’s Hodo exactly? We were wondering the same thing!

HODO Global, LLC is a company based in 1750 W. University Dr #126 Mckinney, TX 75069. This address again?! So RYZE.Ai is Hodo? Because they sure seem to have the same address. Their phone number is 14692073075. They also have a UK office. Their website, hodo.biz, is slightly popular in the US, Canada and Singapore.

What Hodo does is to teach people how to market their site, which offers several products in the online investing and travel industries. When you sign up as a Hodo affiliate, you get a subdomain. For example, travelglobal.hodo.biz and binaryoptionswatchdog.hodo.biz (j/k, this last one doesn’t exist… yet). When you bring to Hodo.biz clients through your sub domain, they compensate you, whether by giving you a fixed fee per sale (CPA) or a percentage of the revenue (Rev Share.)

According to Hodo.biz, “the average annual gross revenue for Business Associates is projected to be anywhere between $500 and $2,000.” But they remind you that these numbers do not reflect the expenses associated with building a Hodo business, which could exceed the commissions received and that success with Hodo results only from hard work, dedication, and leadership.

So… you can expect to make $1,000-2,000 per year as an Hodo partner? That’s not too promising to be honest. We could probably come up with better affiliate programs for those of you who are interested.


As a Hodo partner, you have two main products to sell. The Ryze.Ai Auto Trader and TripSpin, a site that allows you to find the best travel deals.

RYZE.Ai Review Conclusion

After spending a lot more time than we intended with this Ryze.Ai and Hodo Review, we are finally starting to see the big picture. TripSpin had a great idea to create a partner network to promote their travel product. Personally, we prefer the fremium pricing strategy, but that’s OK… Wanting to expand into other niches, they seem to have chosen the online investing niche. Unfortunately, Ryze.Ai tries to do the impossible, namely to trade the forex markets profitably on complete autopilot without regards to fundamental news. Without any information about the brokers available with Ryze.Ai and proof that it really works, we’re unfortunately unable to currently believe this software is anything but a scam.

Review Verdict: Ryze.Ai seems to be a SCAM!

Reviewed Website: ryzeai.com

For now, we’d suggest looking for Forex signals elsewhere.

Granted, we haven’t tested the software. Therefore, we’re asking for your feedback. Did you try the Ryze.Ai auto trader? Please leave a message below and let us know about your experience. If you have proof that Ryze.Ai works, please email it to us at BinaryOptionsWatchdog@gmail.com.

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Cloud Track Trader is a SCAM! Honest Review!

It has come to our attention that Cloud Track Trader by James Christian has recently changed their domain name, and are currently still advertising their scam system via the internet. If you are considering this as your preferred trading software then it is imperative that you read this Cloud Track Trader review carefully before you go ahead and invest in what is now known as a reinvented scam. This review will expose everything below.

Cloud Track Trader or Cloud Trader App?

Unfortunately, for most traders, this is not the first time the now famous “Cloud” trading scam systems have reared their ugly heads. We have witnessed the lame & repeated attempts at pushing this particular recycled scam software time and again. Their relentless perusal of stealing from innocent and newbie traders is the main inspiration behind finally publishing this Cloud Track Trader review, to put these scammers out of business for good. We do not take kindly to con artists, especially aggressive ones that do not stop.


First, we saw the release of Cloud Trader App back in early 2016, there is no point in explaining what the software is all about because it is almost an exact replica of Cloud Track Trader. The only difference being that the name of the supposed CEO was Matthew Shepard. Everything else from the website to their video presentation and even the false testimonials are the same as Cloud Track Trader software. Nothing new here at all.

How Does it Work?

James Christian tell us that his Cloud Track Trader Scam is a binary options trading software with an ITM accuracy of 100%. Meaning there are no losses and therefore zero risk In utilizing the app. He also claims that his software is exceedingly faster than all the rest because it is hosted in the cloud. This is absolute nonsense if ever we have heard it. Most normal websites are hosted in the cloud. Cloud hosting is nothing new these days.

Cloud Track Trader

Cloud Track Trader supposedly removes the last 7% of uncertainty in placing trades, by possessing Super Conductor Ping Speeds alongside a special IP address and DNS settings. These explanations are laughable to say the least. Ask anyone who owns a simple blog or website and they will tell you the same thing. It is painfully clear that these scam artists are targeting not only new and inexperienced traders, but also the general public with no basic understanding of computers or the internet. It is a desperate and shameful tactic to employ.

Evidence of a Scam

Here is where our cloud Track Trader review becomes interesting. We did not have to spend hours on research to find all the alarming evidence available, proving this software to be a scam. Just a quick Google search was enough to make our hair stand on end. For starters, Matthew Shepard from Cloud Trader App & James Christian from Cloud Track Trader are the same person. Not only does this prove the connection between the two fake apps as being the same but also the person portraying the two fabricated CEO’s in in fact a paid actor.


We then have the issue of the fake testimonials. It certainly does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that these are completely fabricated accounts. On their bogus website we are shown a supposed world map pinpointing members from different locations around the world and the profits they have made using Cloud Track Trader scam software. The problem here is that all the amounts shown are identical. How is it possible that members from different countries, trading independently with the system, each make the exact same amount of profit? To further insult our intelligence, all the supposed members have the same name. Could this be a coincidence? Afraid not… it is meant to try and fool you.

Further to the above, the scam specialists behind this system have clearly made use of stock images. Again, this is not hard not to prove. All one has to do is a quick google image search and the truth will be revealed. What this means is that there are no actual members or credible proof of real testimonies from people using the Cloud Track Trader software.

Cloud Track Trader

Another red flag to take note of is the bogus claim by James Christian, stating that all members will make a guaranteed profit of $1250 a day. Every binary options trader knows this is extremely hard to achieve, especially off a meager $250 deposit. No software or expert trader can guarantee a certain amount of profit daily because nothing is guaranteed in trading the markets. There is always risk involved. If it were that easy, everyone would be trading. This also disproves their 100% win rate claim as being false.

Cloud Track Trader

It is important to note the change in domain name. When they first came out, they did so under the domain of cloudtracktrader.com. Numerous blogs and trading experts on YouTube consequently blacklisted that site. They have now purchased a new domain, cloudtt.co and are once again back in the business of advertising their scam software.

Review Verdict: Cloud Track Trader is a Scam

Blacklisted Websites: cloudtracktrader.com & Cloudtt.co

Looking back on all the evidence we have provided in our Cloud Track Trader review, it is more than obvious that there is nothing genuine or legit about this software. Although some may recognize it as an old scam, it is unfortunately still circling the online world looking for innocent traders who have not seen it before or know of its blacklisted history. It’s in a case such as this one, when our age old advice of ‘always do your research first’ comes in handy.

Looking for a trustworthy signal service? Head over to our Recommended Signals page to learn about Watchdog-approved services.

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SimpleAutoTrading Scam Alert

Simple Auto Trading is a new binary options auto trading site. How new? The domain SimpleAutoTrading.com was created in April, 2017. Four months ago. Unfortunately, we only discovered it now when one of our subscribers brought it to our attention. Please keep alerting us about new scams so we can issue timely warnings and help protect online day traders and the general public as well from falling into investing scams.



SimpleAutoTrading is apparently already quite popular, especially in Yemen, South Africa, Bangladesh, India, UK and Vietnam. At the time of writing, it seems most traffic arrives at SimpleAutoTrading.com via affiliate links promoted on YouTube.

If you found SimpleAutoTrading while watching a YouTube video or reading a blog post claiming you can make money with this software, then it’s important that you read this warning and understand it carefully.


SimpleAutoTrading is a binary options trading software. Binary options are traded through OTC online brokers, most of which are non-regulated and fraudulent. You can read about the specific brokers currently available with Simple Auto Trading: BinaryTilt, BDSwiss, BinaryOnline, PlusOption, Stern and Opteck.

The whole purpose of this site is to generate sign ups with the affiliated brokers. It’s an affiliate site. You cannot actually make money with this robot because this means that the brokers will lose money. In binary options, when traders win, the broker pays. So imagine everyone just trading using SimpleAutoTrading and winning millions? Who’s going to pay for that? It’s not going to happen.

Who is Behind SimpleAutoTrading?

Besides, if SimpleAutoTrading was a legitimate service, why would they not include information about the company providing the service? In Conact Us page, the only information is the email address – contact@simpleautotrading.com. There’s also a contact form, but no telephone number, address or even the name of the company. We couldn’t even find a Terms of Service page. Moreover, a privacy service is used in order to hide the identity of the owners of the site as can be seen in the below image.

WHOIS Simple Auto Trading

How Does Simple Auto Trading Works?

You open an account with one of the brokers synchronized with the software and fund it, usually with a minimum of $250. (But $500-$1,000 is the recommended deposit amount…) According to SimpleAutoTrading.com, “Our software has 83% winning rate!” This is a false statement. No software can consistently generate such a high success rate when used by non experienced traders. To understand why we say that it’s a false statement, you need to understand how the software works.

Simple Auto Trading is supposed to be an automated trading tool that generates trading signals and executes trades automatically to the user’s broker account. They claim that trading binary options has never been easier with this “free of charge and very simple to use” trading platform. However, this platform is not at all simple to use. It has several settings.

Available Expiry Times: 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 60 minutes.


Money Management

First, you need to choose which money management strategy to follow. The software allows you to choose the Classic System, allegedly the safest system and best for beginners. Those who want faster profits are instructed to choose the Martingale System, a highly risky mode of trading. Finally, the Fibonacci System is supposed to be “very accurate.”

Technical Analysis Indicators

Once you choose a money management strategy, you have to select according to which trading indicators the software will generate signals. The options here include the Trend Indicator, RSI, Williams, MACD, CCI and Stochastics. These are technical analysis tools used by experienced traders in order to analyze data. The indicators by themselves are not helpful though. They can only help you generate winning trades if used in the context of a complete binary options trading strategy.

But even when used with a strategy, or trading pattern, as we like to refer to strategies, fundamental factors must be taken into consideration. For example, let’s say you’re using Trend Breakout Trading Pattern, which uses Stochastics to generate signals for low volatility currency pairs such as the EUR/USD. You would need to be aware of the fundamental factors that influence this currency pairs. If there’s a news release that can cause higher volatility than usual, then the strategy will most likely fail.

So not only do you need to be familiar with money management methods and with technical indicators and how they work, you also need to be well-versed in strategy and fundamental analysis if you want a chance to use auto traders profitably.

OptionRobot White Label?

Analyzing how this software works leads us to believe that the Simple Auto Trading system is an OptionRobot white label. It’s seems like exactly the same software. Both of them work with the same technical indicators and money management options. Both of them guarantee a 83% winning rate. Both of them offer a free demo that is rigged to win. Both work with the same brokers.

Simple Auto Trading Review Conclusion

SimpleAutoTrading.com may not be a scam because it’s simply a referral page leading to signing up with brokers. However, it is definitely misleading by claiming that the software is suitable even for beginners and that it generates an 83% win rate.

If you’re a beginner, don’t even think about signing up with auto traders!

If you’re an experienced trader who is dying to try one of the OptionRobot based trading systems and can afford to lose your $250 deposit, then by all means, sign up and let us know how long it took you to lose your deposit, or surprise us and tell us how you were able to use the software profitably!

Review Verdict: SimpleAutoTrading is Misleading!

Blacklisted Website: simpleautotrading.com

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To equip yourself with trustworthy and effective trading solutions, visit our signals discussion forum.

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BinaryRobo-X Review – Is BinaryRobox a SCAM?

We just learned of a new BinBot Pro funnel called BinaryRobo X. Now, there is bound to be a confusion about this website, found at binaryrobox.com, the reason being that it leads to BinBotPro. So here’s a short review to explain what Binary Robo X and whether it and BinBot Pro are scams or legit trading opportunities.



What is Binary Robo X

First of all, Binary Robo X is not a software. It’s just a webpage, leading to the BinBotPro website. When you sign up with BinBotPro via binaryrobox.com, the creator of this site gets a commission. Unfortunately, not even in the Disclaimer, and not even with small letters, nowhere could we find the required FTC disclaimer where the clients are informed of the fact that this is an affiliate website.

There’s no information on the Contact page and they use a privacy service to hide their identity from the public. Therefore, there’s no way to find out who is behind this site.

BinaryRobox Contant Information

It’s empty…. the social icons lead nowhere.

Can You Make Money With This Software?

To make things worse, Binary Robo X claims to allow you to “GET FULL ACCESS TO THE SOFTWARE THAT MAKES $2,300 EVERY SINGLE DAY.” Can it really? No. Not at all. Bin Bot Pro is a binary options trading system which allows you to create your own trading robots based on selected assets and indicators. It’s an advanced tool to be used only be experienced day traders. Even though there are preset robots to allow even beginners to use the system, we wouldn’t recommend that for the simple reason that a robot that’s based solely on technical analysis cannot make money. There are always fundamental factors to be taken into consideration. An experienced trader would be aware of such factors and conduct proper fundamental analysis before trading specific assets.

But even when used by experienced traders, you will not make $2,300 every single day. Not even $1,000. Probably not even $500 a day. Why? Well, since BinBot Pro works on a binary options trading platform, when you make money, the broker has to pay it. When you lose money, the money you lose goes to your broker. So obviously a broker cannot allow their traders to make more money than other people lose. Let’s say that 90% of their clients lose $1,000 per day. The 10% remaining profitable clients will not be allowed to make more than this same amount, otherwise the broker loses money.

So is it not possible to make money with the software? Is it really true, like another review site claims, that “it is a scam made to lose your cash?” No. The truth is somewhere in the middle. If you’re an experienced trader who knows how to set up a profitable robot and are capable of conducting proper fundamental analysis, then you can aim to earn $100-300 per day. Once you do, quit for the day. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting your account closed.

Non-Relevant Information!

Most of the information available on BinaryRobox.com is outdated and refers to a different software. For example, check out their FAQ in the below image. Apparently, they used to advertise Binary Option Robot.

BinaryRobo-X FAQ page

They didn’t even take the time to modify the information about the previous scam they were promoting…

The only place we found some truth and real warnings were on the BinaryRoboX disclaimer and terms of service. Make sure to read them carefully if you’re going to sign up.

Some Interesting Facts Regarding BinaryRoboX.com

  • The website was first registered on April 2016.
  • The owner of the site chose to hide their identity by using a Privacy Service.
  • At the time of writing, the domain’s Alexa.com Global Rank was 5,271,792, meaning it was barely getting any traffic.
  • According to SimilarWeb.com, almost 50% of their traffic comes from Italy. Other significant sources of visitors include Brazil (20%), Slovakia, Peru and the United States.
  • The website is mainly promoted via YouTube and Facebook.
  • It’s possible that BinaryRoboX was an affiliate of a different software in the past, probably BinaryOptionRobot. They didn’t even take the time to make adjustments to their website and they refer to BinBotPro as Binary Option Robot.
  • The attached video from BinBotPro.com showing how the software is used is fake.

WHOIS BinaryRoboX

To Sum Up this Review… is Binary Robo X a SCAM?

Not sure I’d call it a scam because there’s not an actual product sold by them. It’s just one page with an ad. A very misleading and illegal ad. If you are an experienced trader and you’d like to try BinBot Pro, then go ahead. You can do so directly on binbotpro.com or sign up through one of their affiliates, keeping in mind that it won’t work well if you’re not an experienced trader and that it’s illegal in the US and Canada.

If you do sign up via an affiliate website, make sure you’re getting something in return. With Michael Freeman’s BinBotPro campaign, for example, you will be getting FREE access to his amazing signals group so that seems to be a much better deal. When the software fails on you, at least you will be a member of the best binary options signal service and will be able to recoup your losses.

Review Verdict: BinaryRobo-X is MISLEADING! 

Blacklisted Website: binaryrobox.com

Were you scammed? Leave a comment below, letting us know, and consult with our free refund and charge-back guide.

To learn about other scams we’ve exposed as fraudulent, check out our binary options, Forex and cryptocurrency blacklist.

Looking for legitimate online investing opportunities? Visit our signals discussion forum.

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