Enigma Code SCAM warning!

“Congratulations, I am about to give you a million dollars in the next five days, yes you heard me right, you can make a million dollars on this secret page.” Enigmacode.co is the latest scam launched today just a few hours ago and some of you might receive an email in the days to come. This is far from anything we’ve encountered in the journey to expose binary options scams. In fact, this website is probably the most misleading and hilarious, low budget scam site targeting binary options traders and money-making opportunity seekers that we ever came by.

Enigma Code was just launched today so instead of waiting until we get complaints from traders we decided to ‘jump the gun’ and post this warning. We didn’t try the Enigma Code and do not plan to get anywhere near it, yet we do try some products and endorse a handful of reliable services but this one is most likely not going to make it to WatchDog’s recommended signals services.

All the warning signs are there, sketchy looking offer page, weird voice over and not convincing at all, million in 5 days you must be joking, a few spots left in your country. This entire Enigma Code is a joke. We find it hard to believe that any experienced binary options trader would fall for such a scheme yet it’s important that we alert new binary options traders in case they receive an email or encounter this offer in anyway. The website Enigmacode.co and all the review sites promoting it are scams, make no mistake!

Check out this silly video promoting the secret Enigma Code we found on YouTube.

This is just too unreal, misleading, hilarious and fraudulent. Give your wallet a break and avoid depositing your money with a broker in order to use this counterfeit “secret” software. It’s not worth a penny and you will surely distance yourself from ever making an actual million by signing up with money making schemes such as Enigmacode.co. (check it out…)
Some might argue that even if you won’t make a million yet you manage to pull a few hundreds every day it would still be a “GO”. True, however when we look back at similar websites, the conclusion is in %90 of the cases are the same, it’s a scam.
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If you plan to trade binary options with a service or a sofware you have to make sure that you’re signing up with a reputable service, a mentor or someone trusted in the industry. For example, trading with a reliable Facebook signals group vs with a fake automated trader will yield you a much higher success. Don’t look for the easiest ways and short-cuts to make money with binary options and most of all, avoid websites like Enigmacode.co it’s a pure scam and if you have any feedback or questions you may share it below this post.

OptionBot 2 – Updates and Recommendations

All regular readers of BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com will most likely realize that the Optionbot 2 by Gary Davis is probably the best Binary Options trading tool available. It is a Signals Trend Indicator and can be used with great success to track what the markets are doing and how they are moving. To put this simply it helps you determine when to place a trade to your advantage. It was the first software on the market that did this and many other software have tried to rival Optionbot without success. The guys at Optionbot are constantly improving things to retain their title as market leaders and seem to be one step ahead of all the other Trading tools.

This is one of the few signals software/indicator for binary options we decided to try first-hand after seeing many positive endorsments on websites we trust. We found it a bit of a lengthy process to get setup but as soon everything was set up, we found the software remarkably easy to use and the guys there at Optionbot walked us through and offered a free training session which ended up incredibly helpful. They also offered us the software for free when we first opened the account and our first ten trades were guaranteed based on the Option Bot’s terms and conditions which allows new traders to experience the Option Bot without any risk with the first 10 trades, a features that is currently not offered by any binary options software or signals service. It’s important to note that the OB2 has gained it’s reputation in 2011 when Gary Davis came out with the first version and now in 2015 it’s still one of the leading software in the market, an indicator/signals software used by 1000’s of Forex and Binary Options traders around the world.


Their unique technique for placing trades ensures high returns. They aren’t a broker so it is in their interest for all their clients to be as successful as possible. These guys are in it for the long run! With this in mind they have released an exciting new service that sets each client up with their own private tutor. They have called this Optionxe and we recommend checking it out. These guys know what they are doing when it comes to trading and to be given the opportunity to be on a training course is something that we would recommend every trader from novice to expert to check out. we tried it out for a couple of days and found out that there was a lot for us to still learn regarding binary options but we didn’t have the time to continue the course to the end but we thoroughly endorse the Option Bot 2 and recommend it to our blog followers.

Visit www.optionbot2.net by Gary Davis

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Please leave your feedback below. How are you doing with the Option Bot 2? Are you generating profit? Is the free training helpful. Please share your experience with other visitors.

Mike’s Binary Options Signals Group on Facebook

It’s not often that we encounter a transparent group of online traders who are dedicated to their members. In most of our reviews we warn traders against potential scams. Finding a reliable mentor or a signals service for binary options is extremely difficult and most of the systems out there are fake, they offer no transparency, communication between traders or a real track record. Instead, most binary options ‘Auto Traders’ and signals providers manipulate traders with false promises and are designed to make you fail.

Everyone can post fake account snapshots, testimonials and promise you thousands of dollars a day with automated systems and this is exactly what we’re seeing out there. As a newbie trader you have to be really careful with the services you decide to rely on with your deposit.

Mike's Signals Group

So what makes Mike’s Signals Group on FaceBook any different?

First and foremost, Michael Freeman is a well-known online trader and mentor. Mike’s Auto Trading Software and charity initiative is a great success as we receive a lot of great feedback from many traders. In the binary options niche, Michael Freeman has the largest subscribers base with about 200 videos on strategies, tips and warnings posted on YouTube and hundreds on articles on BinaryoptionsChannel.com.

Read our previous review on Michael Freeman’s Auto Trading Software

In Mike’s latest video he invited traders to join his new Facebook Signals Group. The main advantage of forming such a group is in it’s %100 transparency. Members can interact, share their feedback and learn from each other. The group is owned by Mike, Aditya Kumar and Lee Oshea and all 3 are currently generating signals for the group. On Monday the group consisted of around 40 traders but now they already have 200+ members indicating that the group is rapidly expending after Mike’s latest announcement on YouTube.

Lee Oshea and Aditya Kumar became Admins in Mike’s Signals Group after proving their success by sharing winning signals with the group. Michael Freeman announced that all traders are welcome to post signals and share their ideas with the group. It’s turning out to be a great move and a wonderful new community for binary options traders to share ideas and generate successful trades, riding trends together as a team.

Join Mike’s Facebook Signals Group

Mike’s YouTube Channel

The group is free of charge but you must create a broker account with one of Mike’s Regulated and Recommended brokers. After you’re in, it’s free for life with no additional fees. Signals are available between Monday and Friday at various hours as each Admin trades at different hours. If you are interested in Mike’s Auto Trading you can visit MikesAutoTrader.com. We encourage our subscribers and any of Michael Freeman’s subscribers to share your feedback and questions. Keep us updated with your performance results. Visit WatchDog’s Recommended Binary Options Signals if you are interested in an alternative to Mike’s Facebook Signals Group. Interested to join Mike’s Auto Trader+Facebook Group? New members can now join Mike’s Auto Trader with a broker registration and in addition, enjoy free access to his Facebook Signals Group.

Interested to File a Complaint on a Binary Options Broker or Signals Service? Contact us via WatchDog’s Complaint Center.


Larrys Cash Machine is a SCAM!

Another pathetic, new scam just hit the binary options markets, Larry’s Cash Machine and it’s going extremely viral. The website we are referring to is larryscashmachine.com and you should definitely avoid it. It starts with a very shady looking pitch page with fake snapshots of bank accounts, promises to turn $1,000 to $3,000 Dollars every day and even more. On the pitch page they obviously cancel out all other possible ways to make money online such as Selling, MLM, Recruiting.. which ironically is exactly what they are doing by selling you a fraud software.

Since the launch of Larrys Cash Machine we received countless emails and warnings from traders indicating that the software is just another scam and should be avoided. Traders are reporting an ITM rate of less than %50 which is not surprising at all. An ITM of %50 with binary options is exactly what you need in order to lose your entire account balance within a matter of hours.


Snapshot from larryscashmachine.com

After you enter your name and email and land in the second page, you’ll find a very deceptive video of a single mother who is allegedly in a financial mess after her husband took off. The actor playing the ‘single mother’ did a horrible job by the way, the entire video seemed like some type of a joke and it certainly explains the horrible feedback we received on larryscashmachine.com. It’s a well designed fraud but the video was just too bogus.

They claim that the software was developed by professional statisticians so we wonder, since when did statisticians start venturing into online trading and the developement of auto traders? It all sounds far-fetched.

So is Larry’s Cash Machine just another scam? Unfortunately it is and you’ll find many similar offers such as Insider John, a scam we recently reviewed. You will find feedback from real users on our Insider John Review who tried it at testified that Insider John is a big scam, even tough on first look it seems realistic. It was actually filmed in the headquarters of the fraud brokers who are cooperating with them.

Binary options is high risk as we state in every review. You are much better off trading on your own or with a real mentoring/signals program with good ratings. Avoid the same ole’ money making schemes that are launched almost every day! Do a careful research before you join any service associated with Forex or Binary Options. Make sure that the person who is offering you the system is legit and not just another made up “Larry” or “John”. There are many good traders out there and scams like Larry’s Cash Machine are really giving an aweful name to the entire industry.

Learn more about Regulated Binary Options Brokers and Reliable Signals Services, Approved an Tested by BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com

Please share your feedback on Larry’s Cash Machine – Is it another SCAM?

The Mediterranean Millionaire Scam!

A new scam was launched this week, the Mediterraneanmillionaire.com by Nikos Stamoulis, the guy with the Greek accent. Unfortunately this is another attempt to scam online traders with a ‘promising’ offer, $250 free and $16,000/day with binary options trading. The first time we visited the Mediterranean Millionaire website it seemed like some kind of a joke. Everything about this website screams “SCAM”! It’s really unfortunate to find that many people are signing up with this money making scam, we’re not exactly sure why?!? but for the ‘less seasoned’ Internet users, it’s a definite money trap. Same old story of a guy who became a multi-millionaire and is willing to provide you with a “proven” money making system. It really gives binary options a bad name as every week we’re seeing at least 2-3 new scams and they all look the same. A picture of a guy standing next to a Ferrari, beautiful houses and yachts. Watching these videos makes you feel kind of guilty for not being super wealthy and this is the psychology behind it.


He says “but don’t come crying with regret once you realize you lost your spot!”

Furthermore, the fact that the Mediterranean Millionaire is mainly promoted via email solicitation campaigns and not on any credible binary options website, is a red flag and red light indicating that you should click out and exit before you mistakenly get tempted to deposit funds with one of the unregulated scam brokers the Mediterraneanmillionaire.com fraud app is affiliated with. We find a common pattern with the fake binary options systems as they are affiliated with unregulated brokers so by signing up with the Mediterranean Millionaire you are making two horrible investment mistakes. In reality there’s not a real trader behind this system and it’s clear based on the way it’s designed.

Example of a fake, promotional Mediterranean Millionaire Review

The “$250 free money” you get refers to the bonus offer from the broker after you join the Mediterraneanmillionaire.com let’s be clear. You are not getting any free money as there are no money trees in Greece last time we checked. The bonus is another mistake as it locks your funds with the broker until you generate a very high trading volume. This is a common tactic to get you stuck with a software designed for you to lose while locking your funds with a bonus in case you decide to withdraw your funds once you realize you’ve been scammed by the sofware provider.

Besides the fact that this is a clear fraud offer, the Greek accent voiceover guy sounds incredibly suspicious!!! Hopefully you found this review before it’s too late. Our goal it to help warn newbie binary options traders of potential scams and this is definitely one of them. We encourage you to share your feedback if you tried working with the Mediterranean Millionaire! are you getting thousands of dollars every day? or even a hundred dollars a day? If you have a reason to believe we are wrong, please correct us and if we get good feedback we will consider to try it out. Save your money and visit WatchDog’s Recommended Signals for Binary Options and Forex by actual traders and real technical analysis experts and be sure to trade with EU regulated brokers if you register with a signals service.

Lose Your Deposit with the Auto Profit Replicator Scam

This is a warning to all online traders and WatchDog’s subscribers, the new offer -> Auto Profit Replicator is a scam! Pure Fraud! Based on solid evidence provided by many traders via our WatchDog Complaint Center we are %100 convinced that the Auto Profit Replicator is nothing but another “get rich quick scam”. All the warning signs are there and the reported ITM is around %30-%45 which is below the ‘flipping a coin’ success rate, indicating that the software is programmed for you to lose your entire account balance. In order to generate profit with binary options, traders must reach ‘In The Money’ rate of above %70+ and with AutoProfitReplicator.com you will surely lose your money faster than the brainwashing video on their front page.

“You are one of only 375 people will ever get the chance to see this video.” Really? It seems like thousands of online traders are receiving promotional emails for the Auto Profit Replicator. This is a complete joke but unfortunately it’s not a funny one since people are losing a lot of money. At least $200-$250 per victim, multiplied by 1000 victims, we are looking at $200,000-$250,000 of invested money by unsuspecting visitors all gone down the drain by a misleading scam.


The reason why the Auto Profit Replicator deserves this awful review is due to the nature of this offer. We hardly come across an offer that is so misleading and deceptive and it’s very unfortunate to receive complaints from many people from all over the world. For people who live and work in the US, UK or a countries where the average income is higher, losing $200 is not a big deal but unfortunately for some folks who live in countries like India, Ukraine, Bulgaria and other ‘low-income’ countries, losing $200 is equivalent to a full month of hard work!

The Auto Profit Replicator is extremely viral and at the top of the agenda of the notorious email marketers who promote this type of virtual junk. On average, we now receive about 5-8 complaints every day, which is a clear indication that many people are signing up with the Auto Profit Replicator and losing their entire account balance within a matter of hours. Please share this review if you know anyone who plans to sign-up with this fraud and hopefully this review will go viral and many traders will read it before it’s too late.

WARNING: Simon Saunders is a scammer, the inexistent person behind the AutoProfitReplicator!

We encourage you to share your feedback and help us alert and deter others from making a big mistake, please post your comments. You may also post your questions and feedback relating to other offers. Always remember! Before you sign up with a binary options software or signals service, make sure to visit WatchDog’s Scams page. Don’t trade binary options with unregulated brands and fake money-making schemes. For information on reliable, EU regulated brokers, visit WatchDog’s Approved Brokers page. Thank you for taking the time to read this warning.

Is Earning Expert a Scam? WatchDog’s WARNING!

A new auto trader for binary options is in the house people! The EarningExpert.com was JUST launched on January 26th so there’s a good chance you already received a promotional email for this service in a form of a “private” invitation. Earning Expert is allegedly owned by the CEO Simon Ellis, an unknown guy which we couldn’t verify anywhere online. First impression was sketchy as a pop-up stating that there are “5 Beta Test Spots” left urging us to register ASAP..it’s kind of shady when you think about it, don’t you think? This is a common practice in which they seek to preasure visitors into registering as soon as possible, giving you and others the impression that one might miss out on this “amazing” opportunity the registration is not made right there and then. It’s kind of silly watching them (*them – the online marketers behind these money making schemes’) do it over and over and repeat the same annoying sales tactics but we can’t ignore the fact that newbies might be preasured by these sales tactics and these are the folks we are here to protect by posting warnings on BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com

We find it hard to believe that there are only 5 Beta Test Spots left and from experience we know that Earning Expert and similar websites are advertised and solicited to millions of online traders/money making seekers around the world via mass email campaigns. There’s a really good chance you know about EarningExpert.com from some email invite you received or you might have seen this offer advertised on one of the fake promotional blogs such as NancyReviews.com and Roy Tribble’s Scam blog in which he pretends to be a god fearing Christian and an EX-police officer in some imaginary cyber crime unite and ironically the guy openly promotes the worst of the scams on the Internet. The guy is either a calculated scam artist or a dellusional ex-cop reincarnated into the world as an evil online marketer. It’s either one of the other or possibly both but anyway, his endorsement for Earning Expert is extremely concerning.

Another warning sign is the claim that you’ll make €547 every day using EarningExpert autotrader, as stated on the pitch page “A system that quickly earns you up to €547 a day with verifiable and undeniable proof”


Where is the proof? In the fake snapshots showcasing an “undeniable performance”? the Fiverr.com actors hired to post testimonials endorsing the service? Again and again we see the same actors used to promote these new offers, so how can we NOT jump to the conclusion that EarningExpert is a scam? It’s kind of hard not to assume it’s a scam given all the red flags! In simple words, this website just doesn’t look like an authentic offer!

Judge it for yourself and if you have doubts and feel like trying this new service, knock yourself out but remember that when signing up with the Earning Expert you will be required to deposit money with a binary options platform in order to gain access to this web-based software. No short-cuts or discounts, a broker registration is %100 mandatory with the EarningExpert.com software and you will not get a username and password before you deposit at least the minimum $200-$250 via one of the synced brokers so there’s nothing free about this offer in case you’re wondering. If you feel like taking a chance…just don’t get your hopes really high because it’s more than obvious that most of these services are nothing but ‘promotional money making schemes and scams’ as we reviewed 100’s of similar services on BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com and you can view the feedback we received from disappointed traders reporting horrific performance results on many of our blog reviews and warnings. Not only that in most cases online traders do not generate a penny based on the reports we get, they actually lose the entire deposit within hours or days and if you’ve been scammed in this manner, be sure to alert us via WatchDog’s Complaint Center. It’s not the case with every binary options software but it’s definitely a known, common truth with most of the money making systems out there today and you can verify any claims we make via the comments we get by actual victims as we receive complaints on a daily basis, this information can also be verified on other scam alert websites. Our goal is not to demonize services and if you generate a good ITM with EarningExpert.com you are free to share it with us. Any feedback is accepted as long as it’s real and authentic.

If you have any feedback on EarningExpert.com, experience to share or questions relating to binary options signals and auto traders, you are welcome to comment below. If the EarningExpert softaware as profitable and unique as “Simon Ellis” claims it is? Let others know the truth it by sharing your feedback!

Binary options is a risky business but some are able to make it into a profitable side income. Finding a reliable service is like finding a needle in a haystack. Be sure to visit WatchDog’s approved binary options signals and regulated binary options brokers before you deposit your funds with any broker and definitely if you plan to register with one of the many shady offers that are out there. Stay safe by trading with regulated brokers. On WatchDog, we carefully review each and every service and give good ratings to services reputable services with a proven track record and true reputation. If you decide to trade without a signals service, be sure to register with a fully EU regulated broker such as the ones we endorse on BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com.