Profit Hacker System SCAM!

Another example of a recent offer introduced to binary options traders, the Profit Hacker System, and let’s face it, at first we debated whether or not we should post this warning, in case they “hack our site” but then we decided to go for it and give it a shot. In other words, no hacking and no profits can be found anywhere near the website Let’s be very clear, this is another example of the typical scams we review on with the 70 spots left and time is always “running out” so you better sign up before it’s too late. Yes, we all heard these lines before and it’s getting ancient, not just old.

The voiceover was not really convincing but we must admit that dogs have a weakness for private jets, the video was professionally done and we absolutely loved it! However, we’re not about to jump on this plane knowing that as much as we would all love to buy a nice fleet of Ferraris and bugattis, it’s not going to happen over night and we are %100 confident that it won’t happen with the Profit Hacker System or any offer similar in its nature. This web-based application falls in the broad category of money-making schemes, therefore we don’t trust and we certainly don’t trust any of the unregulated brokers synced and partnered with this website. In most cases we found that scams like the Profit Hacker System, Binary Boom and Copy Trade Profit, all are synced with unregulated and licensed brokers, therefore an online trader gets screwed over twice. It’s not your ideal deal to say the least, and we don’t recommend anyone to make an irrational decision and sign up with this offer and deposit between $250-$500, and waste it using an unproven shady scam. We hate seeing so many online traders start their journey with these types of websites so if you receive any invitations associated with the Profit Hacker System you should think twice.

An alleged party organized by the Profit Hacker System team… “of course” they’re not just trying to tease you.


Of course, we always encourage actual traders who tried this system to comment and help us get a better understanding if the system is legitimate or not, in most cases our warnings are right on the dot but we’re open to any opinions, questions and comments and we welcome you to share your feedback below this review.

In reference to binary options brokers, our recommendations are very clear at and we don’t sell dreams to anyone who visits this website. If you are new to binary options, trade with a Free Demo, or with a Fully Regulated Broker. You can also try out one of our Recommended Signals services but there’s no better joy than making it with binary options on your own. Stay safe and avoid the Profit Hacker System scam. We encourage you to check out our complete list of binary options scams.

New Warning!! Stay away from Secure Trader Scam!

Just as we are on the verge of a new trading week, a new scam is about to come out and mostly likely will be heavily marketed to binary options traders. It appears that is another money-making scheme targeting anyone who is basically interested to make a living online. Unfortunately as much as we would love to believe that money grows on trees, we are confident that it doesn’t grow via the SecureTrader website. The promise to make between $600-$8,000 per day using some fishy looking automated software is a little bit hard to believe, considering the amount of similar scams we reviewed, websites that are now proven to be fraudulent based on all the feedback and complaints we get via Watchdog Complaint Center.

As much as we would love to give the Secure Trader website the benefit of the doubt, we don’t want to put our subscribers at stake. We recognized more than a few warning signs just via a quick observation. “20 spots left”, a pop-up that keeps appearing on the screen trying to squeeze you into giving out your email so they can obviously bombard you with fake offers, the fake testimonials by Fiverr actors and obviously the overstated claims made to manipulate you into believing that you can become a millionaire with a software. Again to remind you the scam is about to be launched to the public today. It’s not proven and it’s most likely another fake money-making scheme.

Notice that the entire video does not give you any actual solid evidence of the software’s success nor does it give you any background into how exactly this imaginary software works. The entire introduction video on SecureTrader is a brainwashing pitch page video that is concentrated purely into gaining your trust by using manipulative sales tactics. It’s simple as that and furthermore, after an additional investigation we found that the domain is connected with unregulated binary options brokers. None of the brokers in fact are regulated, leading us to the conclusion that even if this website is a true money printer, your money is surely not safe with the brokers they are synced with.


Anyway you look at it, this is not a safe way to enter the online trading world. These types of systems are, for the most part, scams and better alternatives are available for you if you seek a safe and legitimate direction in your pursuit to become a binary options trader. Instead of starting on the wrong foot and investing your money with you should do your research and only register with EU regulated brokers and well reviewed and WatchDog approved signals services and communities.

We encourage you to share your feedback regarding your experience with Secure Trader. Is this offer legitimate? Did you end up a millionaire by trading with this website? Please let us and other online traders know what we’re up against and what type of ITM results is actually generating. By posting your comments you can help us provide a more accurate understanding of what exactly traders can expect when they sign up and deposit their money. Furthermore, we advice you to stay away from the bonus scheme in which they offer you “$3000 free”, yet what it really means is that if you will agree to deposit a big sum of money, they will add a bonus to your account that will restrict you from withdrawing your funds until you generate a very high volume of trades. Using SecureTrader you will surely never reach this volume or get to see this bonus, therefore this is another attempt to scam you and get you to lose more money. Stay safe and thank you for reading our warning.

The Oil Millionaire App – SCAM warning!

Can you really make a $1000/day with this new automated OIL trading app and potentially become a millionaire? Let’s explore this question in this post. This is one of the recent applications launched just recently yet we didn’t receive any feedback besides questions from traders asking for feedback on this offer The warning signs are there and it does seem like a scam based on our initial observation and considering that most auto trading software for binary options are useless. It turns out that the less technologically advanced Facebook and manual signals groups are often generating a higher ITM results for their traders, while auto traders are marketed with heavy promises yet most of the auto traders we reviewed fail/ed to deliver winning results such as the recent scam Binary Boom we reviewed and received lot’s of negative feedback almost immediately.

Oil is an interesting commodity and we would love to find out that our initial impression of the Oil Millionaire App was false, however in most cases and supported by folks who post comment on our warnings, these applications/systems or schemes are usually over rated, some are pure scams and we come to realize it fairly quickly.

So could it be that the creators of the Oil Millionaire App really know how to trade the Oil Option and truly managed to automate their strategies with this new application or is this another scam? We would love to get feedback from anyone who tried this software as we are curious to know but again, we are not very optimistic based on prior experience with similar offers.

We didn’t add the Oil Millionaire App on our scam list yet as we’re waiting for feedback and as a rule, we never add a service on our blacklist before we get at least 2 legitimate complaints and in most cases we wait for more complaints just to be sure that we’re not falsely accusing a service of scamming traders.


If you are a new binary options trader and looking for a safe way to trade without falling victim to any of the money-making schemes you should consider the following options as we always recommend to our new subscribers at

1) You can start trading with a FREE demo account by a technology company such as Spotoption which most brokers are using:

Spot Option Demo

2) You can trade on your own with a reliable EU regulated broker. Check out our Top Rated Broker Topoption.

Visit If you are trading in the US we recommend

3) Trade with a reliable service vs with a money-making scheme. Facebook groups are becoming very popular right now and Mike’s Facebook group is one that you should consider. Members who register with MikesAutoTrader can get free access to his FB group, otherwise if you are only interested to participate in his Facebook group you can join him via Mike’s Facebook Group registration page. In one of his latest articles he pointed out some of the reasons why members should consider joining his group. 10 Reasons why Mike’s FB group is the best group online!

4) If you fell victim to a scam, remember that you can always dispute any credit card transaction and you have a strong chance to win. If you believe that the Oil Millionaire App is a scam please do let us know.

Thank you for checking out this brief review on the new Oil Millionaire App. Please share your feedback, questions and results. Stay safe!

Binary Boom is a Dangerous SCAM! Stay away!!!

Is it just us or did you guys also receive tons of spam invitations by Unfortunately we couldn’t catch them on time and they already managed to convince hundreds, if not thousands of traders to join this obvious scam. Boom… and your money is gone, just like that. The fake Auto Traders that are coming out every week making it difficult to post a warning on time, AT’s such as Binary Boom are leaving a dark stain on the binary options industry. Online traders and ‘money-making’ opportunities seekers are being conned on a daily basis and we are here to put an end to it or at least prevent the lucky folks who will do a little bit of research on Binary Boom and realize that it’s a scam before it’s too late, from joining this fraudulent website.

Binary Boom is not only an incredibly misleading offer but it’s also hosted and sponsored by some of the worst brokers in the industry. was launched to the public just about two weeks ago and we already received over 20 complaints via WatchDog Complaint Center and we find it necessary to post this review and warn potential victims, we also encourage everyone who decided to invest with this fraud to share your feedback and help us alert others so they understand that it’s a fact now, this is an obvious scam to us but your testimonials will help us deter others from falling victims so please take a moment and after you finish reading this review, post a comment and let the world know what you think.

Just on a side note, how on earth can you make millions online with the help of a broomstick? We clearly didn’t buy into it, knowing that it’s just another fake auto trader introduced to binary options traders, designed to make people sign up with unregulated brokers and lose their investment in minutes, hours or if you’re lucky, you will lose your account balance in a matter of days.


The fake testimonials by the same actors we’re seeing on similar money-making schemes are once again hired to mislead the public and it doesn’t cost much to hire an actor these days who will say whatever you tell him/her to say for a few dollars. Let’s face it, the Internet is a dangerous place and in reality, the organizations and enforcement agencies around the world are not doing enough to protect us from such devious plans to steal our money. Is there anyone out there? At we don’t have enough power to stop these scams but we can surely hurt their business and this is one of our main goals. Let’s hurt by alerting others that this is in fact a fake offer and a well-marketed scam!! Help us and together we can help other binary options traders and victims from all walks of life who might receive this offer via email or possibly buy into all the fake Binary Boom Review/s endorsing this offer in exchange for money!

WatchDog’s Binary Options Scams Warnings!

If you decide to trade binary options, the safest way to trade is with fully EU regulated and licensed brokers, an example of a great broker we endorse is, WatchDog’s Top Rated Broker! They were never caught working with any of the fake Auto traders. They offer loss insurance and they are a trusted broker in the industry. Topoption is a binary options broker, it’s important to note that Markets has been a leader in the Forex industry for over 10 years. Many smaller Forex brands are using Markets FX platform technology, they are indeed one of the most influential companies in the Forex industry. We encourage all new online traders to think twice before you sign up with offers that are too good to be true and consider starting your journey with an EU regulated broker or with a demo account. Avoid and any fake blog that is falsely endorsing this offer and once again, please help us share the message and let’s make it very clear. Binary Boom Is a SCAM!

Binary Bank Breaker SCAM!! (another bogus offer)

Scams come in many shapes and forms but in the money-making industry, they all share common denominators. Binary Bank Breaker is a scam and we’re posting this review to warn binary options and FX traders of another “so-called” get rich quick, auto trading software, the domain in question is Oddly this new software is becoming viral in the last weeks and now one of the most solicited offers sent to tens of thousands, if not more, of potential victims via email campaigns and bogus review sites promoting Binary Bank Breaker.

The first lie.. They claim that “This System Has Been Ranked As The Most Profitable Trading System for 52 Months In a Row” and on we would surely like to know who gave them this award and how come the domain was registered on February 13, 2015? This is just one lie but it’s incomparable to the number of lies and deceptive elements that you’ll find on the Binary Bank Breaker website.

Here is a quote that we found suspicious and amusing “In the next few minutes you will learn all about the first ever software in the world powered by a legal spying algorithm” what on earth is a “Legal Spying Algorithm”? Sounds like an NSA approved product but certainly nothing to be taken seriously. This is nothing but another money-making scheme, a fake solution for online traders who are seeking a reliable signals service, group or mentoring service and get caught up in a web of deception. For every good signals service you will find an overwhelming number of fraudulent offers such as the new Binary Bank Breaker which was just launched a few weeks ago and already became one of the most viral scams in the online trading niche. How did they manage to pull this on the industry? They gather up lists with emails of potential money-making seekers and online traders, many times in illegal ways by ‘phishing’ for your information, then they spam you with email offers until your curiosity surrenders and you decided to sign up, only to lose your money within hours or days. It’s a simple business model, nothing these scammers should be proud of as they launch these offers again and again, each time with a different domain and a slightly different theme.

Snapshot from


Another promise we found to be on the ‘imaginary side’ is the “%500 returns daily”, sounds very promising but too good to be true! It’s not impossible to find reliable online trading services and we reviewed more than a few but in most cases when the promises are ‘up in the sky’ you can back down and cancel it out, click out and delete because these offers, plain and simple, are pure deception.

We strongly recommend that you avoid the Binary Bank Breaker and if you have any questions or feedback relating to this new offer, be sure to share it with us under this post. If you fell victim to this scam you are welcome to contact us via WatchDog’s Complaint Center. In case you are interested in a better alternative be sure to check out WatchDog’s recommended signals services for binary options and our list of recommended EU regulated brokers. Thank you for taking the time to read our quick evaluation concerning the Binary Bank Breaker and again, please share your feedback if you tried this software or if you have any other questions relating to binary options.

Pecunia Pact Review – Pointless Scam Software!!!

Walther Hardmann, the alleged CEO and head developer of the Pecunia Pact software, is nothing but a voice actor hired by the scammers who created let’s be clear before we continue with this review, this is not another promotional review for this money making scam. This web-based software was recently launched and mainly targets binary options and FX traders who are interested in a good signals software, yet again, this is another example of how online marketers are trying to take over the online trading industry with fake offers.

After countless of negative feedback and complaints via our WatchDog’s Complaint Center, we reached a very conclusive decision to post a Pecunia Pact review and warn fellow traders not to ‘pay a ticket for this “free ride”, because it’s surely not a free ride and you are guaranteed to lose your entire account balance if you sync this fake software with any broker that Pecunia Pact is working with! This is a scam! Keep in mind that the binary options broker is not responsible for your decision to sign up with Pecunia Pact in order to trader with their fake auto trading solution. It was your decision and you signed up for this ride if you decided to buy into this scheme. Hopefully we can reach out to as many traders as we can before they sign up and waste a $200-$500 on this foolish deal.


The testimonials posted by Walther Hardmann and all the review sites promoting were all created to manipulate day traders to sign up with the software. These testimonials and reviews were written before the software was launched in case anyone tries to, later down the line, conduct a Google search for reviews, they already spammed Google with fake reviews. These online marketers are only getting smarter but we’re keeping up with them and hopefully you can help us by commenting on this post and sharing it in order for potential victims to see our warning on Google, let’s save as many people as we can.

Fake endorsement badges from

Mr. “Walther Hardmann” claims to be behind numerous successful software launches, yet we couldn’t find any indication of such claims on Google. We tried digging really deep but the person simply doesn’t exist. The profits promised by Mr. Walther are also completely imaginary. Think logically and ask your self? Do you really want to waste $200-$500 on this piece of junk software? If you are interested to trade binary options professionally, do it with indicators/strategy, with a mentor or with a reputable signals service or community. Many options are available for you even though most of the services we review are scams, we managed to find reliable EU regulated brokers as well as reliable signals services for binary options. Check out WatchDog’s Recommendations and don’t forget to share your feedback below or any questions, especially if you tried Pecunia Pact or if you are currently trading with the software. If you’ve been scammed? Please visit out WatchDog’s Complaint Center and file a complaint.

Live Profits is a SCAM – Watch Out!!!

The website we are reviewing today is It was just launched a few days ago. We are %100 confident that this website is a scam and might be targetting binary options traders or other folks looking to make money online. Unfortunately this is a bogus deal, one of many we reviewed and warned our blog subscribers not to sign up with. If it’s too good to be true, it’s simply aint’ true.

Let’s quote some of the bogus and akeward satetements made by the actor on the Live Profits Scam front page “live here in front of every body, you’re all going to be paid as much as $10,000 just for being here.. some of you might get $20,000 immediately, not when the bank opens, right now!” This guy is a really bad actor… then he goes and states”ohh looks like we’re live.. my web cam shows we are live.” acting all surprised. Then he goes and pretends it’s his first time doing it yet he is a”well known multi millionare” which will get to in just a moment.

Fake Snapshot from – a trading account with $10,000,000

fake-snapshot-from-the-livepofits-scam is extremely manipulative and has nothing to do with the markets, with making money or with anything that can yield you any profit or benefit your life in any way. It’s simply a money making scam, not a binary options signals service or anything remotely similar to any reliable service we encountered in this journey to expose scams and endorse leading services. It’s not easy since there are many online marketers who know nothing about online trading and they keep coming out with these bogus products. Please avoid Live Profits and share your feedback to warn other traders from making this mistake. On a side note, this fake product is again promoted of a fake site developed to promote all the scams we warn our day traders to avoid! Do not sign up with any product endorsed by Nancy Fox. It’s an absolute rubbish site.

Every time ‘they’ say “I am actually going to be paying you money in a few minutes” run away! Free Events, Bonus Webinars and lot’s of promises. All quotes from the video on the introduction page Again, “I am only giving 20 people access..” a common tactic to get you to join as fast as possible, inflicting pressure tactics.

Finally, Robert Wilson rants and talks about being famous, yet we couldn’t find any information on the actor appearing in the video. It was just pathetic to watch, especially for those who already experience these types of scams and for us after getting so many complaints and reviewing so many similar products.

Do your self a major favor and avoid these types of scams. If you are interested to trade binary options you have to be careful and research every service or broker before you sign up and deposit funds. We concluded that Live Profits is a scam and we would love to get you feedback if you tried or currenctly using this product. Visit WatchDog’s regulated brokers and reliable binary options signals services for binary options. Thank you for reading this review.