Copy Buffett Software Review; Fully Tested!!!

Read our comprehensive review on the official Copy Buffett Software by Jeremy Fin! We’re proud to finally post a positive update versus another new scam warning. It’s really hard to come by a legitimate service and even the few auto-traders that do generate a good trading performance, are not synced with reliable brokers in many cases and much too often you’re not given real live support! might end up becoming, Watchdog’s Top-Rated Automated System for binary options in 2016 if the performance continues to remain above 80% ITM on a Daily-Basis. In this particular case, it didn’t take time to reach a firm conclusion, as the Copy Buffett Software is capable of generating up to 500 Automated Trades in 24 hours! We’ve never seen anything like this and statistically within 5 days of testing we already concluded that it’s far from a scam and it’s worth the 5% profit share after the first 30 Days Free Trial. In reality nothing in life is free and since the realistically delivers good ITM trading performance, the Programmer and Developer Jeremy Fin decided to shave 5% from each member, starting on your 31st day with the software and there’s no strings attached or a commitment on your part when you create an account.

Watchdog’s Copy Buffett Review Summery

  • 30 Days 100% Free Charges or Hidden Fees. (Absolutely no strings attached)
  • Revenue Share of Only 5% of your Profits after the Trial Period.
  • Tested and Confirmed by our Team, Statistically based on 100’s of Trades!
  • Full-Scale Support by Phone, Technical Live Chat Support.
  • Members Live Chat + Forum for members.
  • 400-500 Automated Signals daily!
  • CySEC Regulated Brokers Confirmed and Synced.
  • No shady testimonials or scam actors.
  • 100% Risk Free Binary Options Trading Software.
  • Available World-Wide including USA! (not available in: India, Nigeria & Uganda.)

The Copy Buffett Software includes real support via Live Chat, Phone and Email Support 24/07 unlike many of the scam sites that will provide you with a fake email and never respond to your calls if you have any technical or service related questions. As long time traders, it’s absolutely important that we get the best customer service because you never know when you’ll run into any questions along the way. We verified all the brokers and the Copy Buffett Software works with Regulated Brokers so you can rest assure that your money is with a trusted & fully documented company with authority. This is one of the few signals providers we can truly trust and recommend, we already have an arsenal of live stats and plans to provide our blog readers with more insight into the interface in the next follow-up review, scheduled for this upcoming Monday.

Warren Buffett’s Best Advice to Investors!

Warren Buffett is a well known investor and let’s face it, it’s most likely that we will never get to become Multi-Billionaires or even get close to it and this software is not trying to sell you a dream. Copy Buffett software is essentially an Algorithmic Auto-Trader that aims to emulate the same trading tactics and passive trading mentality of Warren Buffett himself and even though the software will never ever make you a Billionaire, it delivers an outstanding ITM win rate that may shock the most experienced binary options traders. The win rate is sufficient to generate profit with binary options short-term trading, which is ultimately what every day-trader is searching for and in this case we’re not dealing with a scam with a few licenses left or ridiculous promises so if you are searching for a legitimate way to trade, you just found it!


After the initial review and testing we realized that unlike many trading systems, first it’s not a re-make of an older software but most importantly, it gives binary options traders full flexibility with the trade amount and risk exposure. The automation is straight forward and simple to activate with one click. If you are currently trading with Copy Buffett, we encourage you to share your feedback below this review and keep us updated with your progress and we would love to take any questions for those who are interested to join.

Review Verdict: Copy Buffett is not a scam!

Visit the software –

We decided not to elaborate too much on the life story of the greatest investor and one of the few who managed to benefit from the last Financial Crisis in 2008, since we can go on forever; Instead we focused the review on the benefits associated with this innovation. We sincerely trust Jeremy Fin and the Copy Buffett after seeing it work in action and we’re proud to add this service to Watchdog’s Top Recommended Signals for binary options.

Push Money App is a SCAM!!! Unbiased Review!

The Push Money App is a dangerous SCAM, responsible for $1000’s of dollars in losses! In this review we will uncover the truth behind and the lies you’ve been spoon-fed by the alleged Dennis Moreland & Mike Callahan, who in reality are are the lowest of all actors. Prior to the release of this review we gathered solid evidence to support our conclusion versus the many claims and promises that are backed by absolutely nothing.

The high production cannot fool us and we can spot liars from miles away. Take for example the fake checks that “members” of the Push Money App Company allegedly received. The website didn’t exist in 2015 based on and in fact it was created last month which doesn’t match the date of the check below:


When was Push Money App Registered?


Clearly the above check is fake and there’s also no such company located in 1500 SW Broadway, Portland, OR or anywhere else, Push Money APP is a fraud because you clearly can’t confirm their location, ownership, profits by members and everything they would like you to believe. Usually when you try to search for a business based on the address, you will find a match on Google but in this case you’ll find that it’s just a random address.

You can’t afford to fall for this one because based on many complaints we know that they managed to get members to deposit $10,000 in exchange for a matching bonus, which locks your money with the broker until you can generate an extremely large number of trades. This is an important piece of information that Push Money App is keeping from you. It’s not a free gift by Dennis Moreland, it’s a trap to get your money locked with the collaborating scam brokers!


Not a Bonus, just another trap to get you to deposit more money with shady brokers.

This is also not an “invitation only” app, as anyone can join and lose money.

After we couldn’t confirm that this fake App is an actual registered business and exposed some of the many lies, we decided to see if Dennis Moreland & Mike Callahan are real guys so naturally we looked them up on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google but the names never matched any of the many pictures we found and we are not surprised for a minute. You might find their names mentioned on fake review sites that are clearly endorsing Push Money App, but anywhere else you’ll run out of luck because they are simply just clever and conning actors, paid to lie on camera and sell you dreams. This offer is very similar to FastCash.Biz which we exposed last year and received 100’s of negative comments by members who were scammed in an almost identical way.

Based on reports by subscribers who contacted us via Watchdog Complaint Center, we know that traders are only losing money with the fake App and hopefully this review will prevent potential, future victims from falling for the lies because every single member who emailed us reported losing their account balance!

Review Verdict: Push Money App is a SCAM!

If you are not convinced that we’re dealing with a fraudulent money-making scheme after going through the facts we uncovered in this review, we encourage you to do your own research and you’ll reach the same verdict. We fear that this offer will continue and magnetize more victims and we encourage our readers to help share this warning on your Social Medias and in anyway you can so we can prevent them from stealing money from newbie day-traders who are looking for a serious day-trading opportunity. Please share your feedback below if you have any experiences, performance results or anything else to share with the binary options community.

For better alternatives to the Push Money App scam, we encourage readers to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals, we only list services that we test and confirm by the testimonials and feedback of other day-traders. For help with disputes, complaints you can comment below or email us and we’ll assist you free of charge.

Your Legacy Club is a SCAM, unless Proven otherwise!!!

We’re not buying into the lies of “Bill O’Doherty” from Your Legacy Club SCAM! Read this unbiased review and find out why we have a few reasons to believe that is not a trusted binary options service but even though we found evidence to support our assessment, we will leave this decision up to members who decided or plan to sign-up and “partner up” with the alleged Bill O’Doherty. The developers of this app assumed that it is within our nature to trust the elderly but you’ll be surprised to find that any person, of any age can LIE!

The real issue we have with Your Legacy Club is that this alleged millionaire cannot be verified. We looked into the News Releases associated with ‘Bill and Your Legacy Club’ on Sky News, Financial Time, CNN Money, Bloomberg Business and found no match! Absolutely no articles, reviews or endorsements on any of these major News Outlets as displayed on the website.

Possibly a Fake Photo-shopped News Release:


Do your own Google picture search, video and website search and you’ll be shocked to find no mentioning of Bill O’Doherty or his new APP literally anywhere. Of course, we did manage to trace a few individuals who go by this name, but not a multi-millionaire who’s handing out a free software that looks like the nice old guy on this offer page. They made him seem like a well-known individual who’s been mentioned on all the most important Financial News Sites and has a track-record that cannot simply be hidden online, so why can’t we find him anywhere? Our Team will give away a $500 cash prize to any website visitor who manages to find evidence that this guy is not just a fake actor and that we’re not dealing with another scam.

Help Watchdog find the Anonymous Millionaire!


Your Legacy Club seems highly misleading because you’re given an impression that this is some type of a partnership while in reality it’s just a binary options software and due to the lack of evidence we simply can’t conclude that is legitimate, but we can’t rule out completely that it’s a SCAM without your feedback.

We are not planning to invest a single penny and test it, especially after not seeing solid evidence or proof that Bill O’Doherty as described, is a real person! If he is not, than why should we trust anything else that is being offered or promised? The only reviews we found about Your Legacy Club and Bill were posted in the last couple of days, one was posted by another scam site so we can’t really trust their opinion. Take for example “Nautilus Method” which was proven to be a scam and now they are promoting Your Legacy Club on YouTube, it’s really strange.

Actor or a Kind Wealthy Man?

The problem is that besides a few review sites that recently mentioned this “generous” guy who wants to partner with everyone out of nowhere, you will never find this individual on credible forums, financial portals or News Sites. If you end up finding out who this guy is, please let us know because we’ll be glad to pay anyone who can prove to us that Your Legacy Club App is not just a scam, OR figure out the true identity of the actor!

We can’t really trust this offer without any authentic feedback by real members who can testify that we’re not just dealing with a well-designed scam and a talented old man who can be paid to lie on camera. Honestly it really looks like a beautiful website and we would love for it to turn out to be legitimate but due to so many facts and statements that don’t match, including the lack of prior information regarding the famous “Giveaway Bill”, we will not test it and instead our team will be looking forward to your honest testimonials, insight and results. If you ask us for an opinion at this point, stay away from Your Legacy Club because we are almost 100% convinced that it’s a scam! Thank you for taking a few moments to read this review and if you know anyone else who’s trading binary options, please share this with the community so we can reach a final verdict as soon as possible.

Review Verdict: Your Legacy is a SCAM, unless proven otherwise!

Trading in the USA? Trade legally with

Don’t feel like risking your money with YourLegacy.Club? Visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for Binary Options, we rely on our own testing such as we disclose in our website disclaimer and the massive user feedback we get on a daily basis. Don’t sign-up with a software that promises you the world but can’t back the most fundamental aspects of their offer, which in this case is the ‘unknown’ and ‘nowhere to be found’, the one and only Mr. Bill.

It almost feel like the 3rd episode of ‘Kill Bill’.. now it’s your turn to find him!

Qbits Mega Profit is a SCAM!!! Honest Review!

Do not join the Qbits Mega Profit System by “CEO Jeremy Hart”, it’s a SCAM as we concluded in this review! Let’s go over the facts but if you ask for an opinion, this is just a ‘tight budget’ Hollywood production with nothing real behind it besides a few green screens and lame actors who never traded binary options in their life.

The website you should avoid is and for a number of reasons starting with the empty promises and lies. Notice how Jeremy Hart displays a Snapshot of Bank of America showing $58,285.23 in profits from August of last year while the domain has been around since November! A few months later which certainly doesn’t add up, this information is based on lookup. How did he make all this money, if Qbits Mega Profit didn’t exist, wasn’t mentioned anywhere in any shape or form?

97.5% Trading Accuracy?! It’s not even possible, especially with a low spelling accuracy!


FIX all the typos before you declare extraordinary capabilities.

We attempted to find more information concerning the owner of Qbits, starting with a broad Google search to a targeted search in the Seattle, Washington State area and couldn’t find anyone who fits the description. It’s a major concern when you can’t verify the owner of the product or service you’re signing-up with, and in this case since you’re investing $250 or more to try a software, the risk is big if it turns out to be a scam… All the red flags point to this conclusion but our job is to post this review, the final decision is up to your own judgment.

The Qbits Mega Profit is limited right now to 30 members, this is what Jeremy states in the exist page and it’s kind of suspicious. You got to ask yourself, why would they limit Qbits to such a small group, can we have an explanation at least? Nothing really makes sense and even though it looks good on the surface, it’s nothing but a cheap imitation to real binary options signals providers.

We also attempted to verify the names of the Qbits Mega Profit System members but couldn’t find a match which leads us to a firm conclusion that they are all actors, hired by the scam to lie on camera. What’s with the private Jet aka Green Screen and poor acting by “Kristi Andreson Rich Nerd Club Member” who allegedly made over $100,000 in 3 months? This is probably the worst acting in the history of binary options scam services. Congratulations to the actress “Kristi”, you are officially worst than the $5 actors on!


Review Verdict: Qbits Mega Profit is a SCAM!

Avoid by CEO & Rich Nerd Club Founder, Jeremy Hart.

Free Demo Account + $20 deposit, $1 Minimum Trade.

In the online trading world you will find many scams and unfortunately it’s hard to keep track of all the fake sites that are coming out. The new Qbits Mega Profit System is just one of endless fraud sites we reviewed and exposed on, but not all binary options services deliver lies and/or poor trading results. For alternatives to the Qbits scam we encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options, we rely on our own experience and feedback from other day-traders who post comments on our various forums. On a side note, don’t confuse qubits mega profit with Qbits when you look it up in the search results. Please share your experiences, thoughts or questions below this review and we remember to stay away from Qbits!

Quick Cash Plan is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

Avoid the new Quick Cash Plan SCAM as it will certainly drain your trading account! In this review we exposed the lies you’ve been told by the voice narrator and alleged software members who are nothing but lame actors, hired once again from the marketplace. The website has no credibility or real testimonials, take for example the actress with the British accent. Here is a link to her sales Gig:

Recognize this pretty liar from Quick Cash Plan?


You can be confident that Rick from the USA is also not an authentic, credible member who decided to endorse in a video review. This is a common denominator with many of the counterfeit binary options sites and unfortunately there are far too many in 2016, plaguing the industry and giving it a terrible reputation.

Here is the same woman who is obviously paid, featured on

“Today I already made $2,900 for FREE” She claims…


Earlier today we posted a follow-up review on a software that can deliver a steady performance and we don’t rule out all signals providers, but when the warning signs are all over the pitch page, and no real evidence is provided to potential app users, we always come to the same conclusion; and that is that we’re dealing with a scam! Quick Cash Plan is not to be trusted for many reasons and even if you ignore the fact that we managed to expose some of the lies, this ‘money making scheme’ is NOT endorsed on any credible binary options forum, financial portal or blog. Do some research and you’ll find that it’s a brand new site without real authority and on their silly pitch page they wrote:

“Quick, Easy, Intuitive… This is a Game Changer” –

We were unaware of the fact that CNN Money endorsed the Quick Cash Plan scam, and we actually follow this channel daily. If you don’t believe us, you can go on the CNN Money website and search for any mentioning of this fraud. In reality it’s another poor attempt to gain authority and trap newbie day-traders into signing-up, depositing money and losing it all with a fake software. This is the worst way you can start an online trading career and binary options is risky as it is. We are very confident that this website is a scam and would love to get your feedback, if you are a an actual member of it would be interesting and important to get your feedback regarding the real performance versus the fake actors results. Did you end up profiting from this experience?

Don’t fall for all the fake reviews on this app!

Review Verdict: Quick Cash Plan is a SCAM!


Visit our Tauribot Review – Real and Tested Trading Bot!

(Available Worldwide including US and Canada)

We hope that day-traders will do some research and land on this review before a potential, reckless financial mistake! Not all services are misleading and for alternatives to this questionable scheme, we encourage you to visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for Binary Options. We never rely on empty promises and instead, we determine which service providers and automated systems we can truly trust based on testing and real user feedback! If everything is absolutely new to you at this point, consider trading with a Free Demo Account before you deposit money with a live account. In case you lost your deposit with Quick Cash Plan and need help disputing this fraud, we will gladly assist you and you can contact us by email 7 days a week. Don’t forget to share your experiences below and help us alert other Day-Traders! Be sure to also subscribe to our blog for all the latest warnings.

Tauribot Review; Performance UPDATE!

Since posting the last Tauribot versus Citidel Ltd review a few days ago, the feedback has been overwhelming so to speak. Our inbox has been flooded with messages and performance updates from our traders, which has prompted Watchdog Team to conduct a thorough Performance Review concerning the software and update subscribers and readers who may be searching for the most recent update on how the auto trader is performing and whether it is still worth registering with the software.

Read BO Watchdog’s 1st Tauribot Review!

Since registering with the system and activating the trading license, the ITM performance ratio has been nothing less than OUTSTANDING! The first thing our Team and other day-traders noticed is that the platform interface is designed with a similar setup of Citidel LTD. Visit Watchdog’s Citidel Review for more info.

This is a good sign since we already know that the design works and very simple for traders to understand, the Automated Trading Feature is not hidden and unlike some of the bogus services, you are not required to pay anything extra to gain access to 100% full automation. Additionally knowing the background of Tauribot and what type of programming and development went into, we had faith that the auto trader was going to blow our mind!

The statistical analysis of the Tauribot software on both the manual and ‘Auto-Pilot’ settings was important for us to test in order to make sure we know how exactly how the bot operates, and find when it is at its most profitable for this updated review. Currently we found that both settings work almost equally well, but on different times of the day. Trading manually is at its most profitable when trading when the markets are at its most volatile. In general you are safe trading with the 100% automated feature, quality over quantity is the key. Auto Versus Semi ITM Performance

We have no idea how the bot really does it, but the expiry times it chooses at random is spot on and we have found that it consistently generates a success rate of just above 81%, very unusual and much higher than many services we tested or still use. Trading the system on auto trader, based on the general consensus the reports indicate that setting Tauribot on full Auto is probably the safest way to trade as the signals generated by this feature are the most accurate. Again our winning ratio was just above 80% ‘In The Money’ and the semi-signals are included in this overall calculation, while members who strictly trade with the Auto-Pilot Feature are getting a slightly higher performance but less signals on a daily basis.

As we mentioned above earlier in our review, the response from our traders have been overwhelming, and extremely positive. Most traders have reported profits of between 80% and 86% percent based on their deposit amount. It was found that profits were a little bit higher on those that deposited five hundred dollars and above, with profits being a little lower with deposits of two hundred and fifty, but still a good profit; Therefore the Tauri Bot comes highly recommended since it caters for every initial deposit including the absolute, required minimum.


It’s possible that skeptics will find this offer too good to be true, however it may surprise some of you to find that the only negative feedback we have received are from traders who never even signed up or tried the Tauribot software themselves. In case you plan on sending us your views and feedback, please make sure that it’s fact-based.

3rd Tauribot Review Verdict: Highly consistent & Profitable!

Recommended by

Got any technical questions?

Fastest response at:

Tauribot WORKS, Profitable and FREE with a broker registration! They offer great email support on week days and also on weekends with a few hours delay on Saturday or Sunday. Tauribot is still fairly new to the binary options industry but it has taken the market by storm and has taken its rightful place among trusted auto traders. The performance and results of the bot speak for itself.

Please share your feedback below our 3rd Tauribot review!

Binary Freedom Formula SCAM!! Impartial Review!

The Binary Freedom Formula is not only a SCAM, but they also spread infectious Malware! This review will save you money and possibly more. When the came out, they used a different domain but their hosting suspected it due to their misconduct. The domain ended with a .CO extension but they had to migrate to a different hosting that may tolerate scam sites better. The facts you are about to read in this review may disturb you, especially if you deposited money with the fraud in question.

Alleged CEO and Creator: Glenn Hascall (Nowhere to be found)


It’s really ironic how you’ll find “As seen on Google” statement on the Binary Freedom Formula scam site when you scroll down. All we’ve seen until now are plenty of negative reviews pointing to one conclusion, we’re dealing with a scam! Unfortunately some sites pretend to expose when in fact they are clearly in the business of promoting it, knowing that potential members will never make $1,300/daily as promised by the fake software members. Take for example the alleged “Jason Williams” a “Proud Trader” of the Binary Freedom Formula while in reality he is just another actor. He will literally say just about anything, for $5 or more:


Nothing about the Binary Freedom Formula is real and you simply can’t trust this website to help you generate money with binary options! Real signals services don’t need to hire liars and certainly hold a reasonable reputation, assuming they can really provide you with good results. In this case, the consensus is very clear regarding the Binary Freedom Formula and many respected blogs and forums already exposed it as soon as it came out. Today we’re putting this scam out of business with a final knock-out review on as we have the largest number of subscribers in the industry. We keep every review we post unbiased and we remain loyal to facts. No real evidence to support any of this “money-making scheme” are listed anywhere and due to their initial experience with getting suspended, this warning is absolutely critical and we can only hope that many day-traders will do the proper research, find this review and refrain from this ‘time & money wasting’ activity.

Furthermore, if you look deeper into the Binary Freedom Formula domain age, you will be shocked to find that it’s only about 2 weeks old based on Who.Is Lookup, contradicting a number of statements and promises made by the voice narrator, actors and everything on their absurd front page. If you still feel like giving this software a try, do it at your own risk but think twice because you can find much better services with a reasonable ITM performance, real reviews and testimonials but you must be very careful and never overlook a simple Google search. In this case it might save you at least $250 so it’s definitely worth about a minute of research.

Review Verdict: Binary Freedom Formula is a SCAM!

Is The Tauribot Worth it? Tauribot Reviewed


Online Trading and especially Binary Options involves high risk but it’s also a great opportunity to generate profit within a short period of time and from the comfort of your home. For alternatives to the Binary Freedom Formula scam, you may visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals; we verify, test services and rely on user feedback. If you’ve been scammed or have any experience to share in relation to the counterfeit site in question, please share.

Important Risk Note: Trading binary options can generate significant benefits but also involves a risk of partial or full funds loss and should be considered by initial investors. we strongly advise that you read our terms & conditions and disclaimer page before making any investment. customers must be aware of their individual capital gain tax liability in their country of residence. USA REGULATION NOTICE: Most Binary Options Companies are not regulated within the United States. These companies are not supervised, connected or affiliated with any of the regulatory agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Risk Disclosure: does not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information contained within this website; this includes education material, price quotes and charts, and analysis. Please be aware of the risks associated with trading the financial markets; never invest more money than you can risk losing. The risks involved in trading binary options are high and may not be suitable for all investors. doesn’t retain responsibility for any trading losses you might face as a result of using the data hosted on this site. The data and quotes contained in this website are not provided by exchanges but rather by market makers. So prices may be different from exchange prices and may not be accurate to real time trading prices. They are supplied as a guide to trading rather than for trading purposes. The FTC Required Affiliate Disclosure: is a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.