Brexit Bot is a SCAM!! Honest Software Review!

Rest assure that after reading this review, you will be 100% convinced that Brexit Bot is just a scam! Most of our subscribers will remember a launch that appeared not too long ago called the Brexit Money Machine, and at the time we were not at all surprised by the name and the claims of the auto trader. However saying that, the sad thing is, not only has someone made unrealistic claims once, they have only gone and done it twice. We encourage you to read our full review in order to understand why the Brexit Bot is a scam service that cannot be trusted, and why it will be beneficial to your bank account to not make any deposits on the website.

Paul Harrison the self-proclaimed expert forex trader aka talented actor has decided to create a binary options auto trading system that will take advantage of one of the biggest economic events ever to take place, the Brexit referendum. He supposedly realised that the event will create constant fluctuations in the GBP, proving great opportunities for trading, and profiting whilst trading all currency pairs connected to the Pound Sterling. This all might sound a little bit possible, as it is true currencies connected to the Pound have been volatile since the vote. However there are regrettably more than one fault with the Brexit Bot scam, which is exactly why we are writing this review.

As previously mentioned, this is not the release of its kind, not too long ago there was another such a release that claimed exactly the same things the Brexit Bot Software is stating, and they went by the name of Brexit Money Machine. Sadly the Brexit Money Machine have since removed the content on their website, which we actually find very convenient, and almost perfect timing. However for those of you that did look at the presentation and listen to the promises made, will immediately realise the similarity between that one and the Brexit Bot software pitch video. In both of them the person owning the software has the exact same story-line and experience…

When you think about the whole idea behind the Brexit Bot scam auto trader, think for yourself, does it make any sense? Well in our view, no it does not. In order to trade all GBP currency pairs as successfully as Paul claims, would mean that the software must have the ability to predict the future, as the thing is, no one knows where the whole Brexit thing is going to go, and how it is going to affect the market. Talks of the United Kingdom’s exit have not even begun, so how therefore do we know that the system will trade the releases as accurately as claimed. Now let’s examine the website’s fishy layout in a picture illustration.

The identical twin of the “Brexit Money Machine” SCAM!


Here are a few facts that prove without a doubt that the Brexit Bot Software is a scam, and cannot be trusted. First of all Mr. Harrison makes a big show about bagging himself a staggering profit of no less than $1.2 Million in 6 weeks, since the referendum decision was made. This is all a bogus claim, because if you go and have a look on you will see that the webpage was only registered on the 21st July 2016, making it less than one months old, meaning it is not even 4 weeks old yet, how can he then claim that it has been around for at least six weeks. Another very big lie that he so casually throws into the presentation is the fact that each trader will supposedly be able to generate no less than $180K per week. The sad thing is that new traders in the binary options industry will believe what is being said, and the truth is that there is no way the Brexit Bot scam or any other auto trader, even if they are trusted to reach those amounts of profits. To even be able to come close to that amount would mean you have to first of all, make a deposit of higher than $250, and secondly, be well aware that the system is going to invest the whole of your account on every trade it places. Should we continue with the review? It’s basically case closed!

So now that we have practically proven that everything being said during the Brexit Bot Software pitch is a lie and cannot be trusted. Here is just one more fact to bring home to what extend they have gone to get people to register. The so called reviews and testimonials seen on the website are all unfortunately paid actors that will say anything you want them to say for a very small fee. These actors can all be found on s site by the name of Do yourself and read through some of the proposals of the actors, and see to what extend they will go for you to hire them.

Scams such as the Brexit Bot auto trader are on the rise, and people are coming up with more and more ridiculous systems and offers to catch the newest members to binary options trading, and sadly it will not end until traders stop registering for the scam services out there. We encourage everyone to read reviews and do your research, as there truly are trusted systems out there, it is just a matter of going through the haystack to find the one that works. Our goal for running this site and doing what we do, is to make it easier for you not to fall for scam systems such as the Brexit Bot software. Therefore we ask if you know of anyone who has been looking at the Brexit Bot scam, or are about to register, to share this review with them, save them money.

Review Verdict: Brexit Bot is a SCAM!

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If you are searching for credible alternatives in the field, we highly recommend BinaBot V2, it has fully automated functions and it generates a stable, profitable ITM. For More information read our BinaBot Review (Live results and preview) or visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. Be sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s blog for all the latest industry updates.

Zero Loss Formula is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

It is with the utmost importance that you read this full and unbiased review regarding the new Zero Loss Formula Scam that has just been released. Yes, we are calling this sad excuse of an auto trader a scam straight up, as they have already caused some of our subscribers to lose some of their money, and that is something we never take lightly, no matter what. If you have received any emails leading you to the website, we advise you to unsubscribe from that list at your earliest available time, and ensure you read this full review on the Zero Loss Formula Scam in order to understand why this system is not worth investing into.

Peter Morgan the so called owner of the Zero Loss Formula software is nothing but a paid actor who clearly has no conscious. As most of you know we are not entirely against systems using actors to present a software. However what we are against is the same actors being used in various scam systems that have already been exposed, leading us to believe that it is actually the same scammers behind each launch. The reason we are saying all of this, is purely because our actor Mr. Morgan can also be seen in our Hedge Formula Group scam review. Plus who wants to believe someone who even claims to be someone else in a private jet (i.e we are talking about the fact that there is a dude with hair getting into the jet, and as you can clearly see Peter Morgan does not have hair)

Deceptive Pop-up used to capture your email for near future spamming!


So you are probably thinking this is all good and well, the advertisers behind the Zero Loss Formula scam used an actor, and paid for a private jet to shoot the video, maybe just maybe they are still legit. The sad truth is that there will still be traders thinking along those lines, and we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this most certainly is not the case. There are quite a few more facts that proves without a doubt that the zero loss formula software is nothing put a thrown together low budget fraudulent system. To prove this we will exposing some more damning evidence that we have found.

We are sure you all noticed the so called lovely testimonials and reviews on how the software has made a few people some great sums of money. The heartbreakingly truth is that these performances are all paid for and can be found on a website called These actors are kind of becoming celebrities in the binary options industry, purely for the sheer amount of times they have been paid to lie for scam systems such as the Zero Loss Formula software. They will practically say anything you want them to say for a small amount of money.

Another couple of facts that we found also proves to us without a doubt that the Zero Loss Formula software is a scam and nothing else. Peter Morgan claims to be the CEO of a company by the name of Zero Loss Holdings, who are of course the owner of the auto trader. When you try to search for the company name or any type of registrations regarding the start-up of the establishment, there is no information available. There is no documentations anywhere, or a company registration number, nothing proving that such a company exists, which of course proves to us that they don’t, and it is all a lie. Which also leads us to our next point which is the age of the company / website. During the presentation for the Zero Loss Formula scam you can clearly hear Peter say that the system has not had any losing trades in the past two years, implying that they have been around for a little while at least. Well we already proved to you that the company does not exist, how about just the website then? We wish we had better news, but we don’t, going on the reliability of, which is the one of the most trusted and well known websites for checking domain details, we came to realise that the Zero Loss Formula scam was only registered on the 2nd July 2016, making it less than 2 months old. Therefore confirming once again that we are being lied to throughout the whole of the pitch video. Given all the facts in this review, is there really any need to continue?

Other factors of course also confirms that the Zero Loss Formula software is a scam, and that our review is spot on, and that are the following claims, that cannot be true no matter how you want to spin them, they are….Being able to profit between $200 to $800 on each trade (nope cannot be true, especially not on a deposit of $250), making $8k per day, trading taking place 24/7, last release before the system is transformed into a hedge fund, and being sold off for no less than $10 million.

Those that have been in the binary options industry for a little while will know that the above mentioned statements are nothing fabricated lies to make them sound like they know what they are talking about. Take the 24/7 trades for example, here is no trading on weekends, and so therefore trades being executed on weekends is impossible. All of this is very important when you get to the final decision to invest money into any signal service. It is becoming more crucial that you read as many reviews as possible before coming to any conclusions, as chances are you are dealing with a scam, as 95% of them are, and knowing which ones can be trusted will make the difference between you profiting or losing.

Review Verdict: Zero Loss Formula is a SCAM!!

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The above reviews are details and expose the fraud sites in details.

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After weeks of testing we found BinaBot V2 to generate a steady, winning ITM performance with a user friendly interface. Essentially it’s an Automated System that is synced with your binary options broker. The feedback up until now is very positive and we are happy to endorse it. Visit our BinaBot Review (V2) for more information on the software. For all the recent industry updates and news be sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s Blog and join over 9,000 subscribers. Please help us share the news regarding Zero Loss Formula in your social circles, especially if you are familiar with others who work in the field and might be tempted to try this bogus fraud.

The Binary Pot of Gold aka Tanaka Cargill Group Review!

The trading software in question today is the Binary Pot of Gold, also known as the Tanaka Cargill Group. If you find yourself on the receiving end for the promotions regarding the auto trader, we advise that you read our full and informative review first, as most of you already know we do not have favourites, or do anyone any favours, we tell it is at is regardless of the outcome. Therefore if you want to know if the Software can be trusted or should be avoided as a scam, you have come to the right place.

One thing we were a little unimpressed with when watching the presentation for the software also known as the Binary Pot of Gold that is going to transform your life into something a lot more positive, there was almost little to no information regarding the software. As a general rule this usually ready indicates to us that we are dealing with a scam, but as most of you know, we never leave it there and look for further proof and information when publishing a review on each and every auto trader. The sad thing however in this case is, if you are not well established in the binary options industry, and have an extensive source of information or contacts, finding information on certain auto traders can be quite difficult, which definitely does not make the search for legitimacy with the Tanaka Cargill Group an easy task.


The info provided regarding the Binary Pot of Gold is that the unique and exclusive algorithm was created and developed by a guy with the name of James Tanaka. We regrettably do not know much about him, and we had to dig quite deep to find the little intelligence we were able to find on him. We believe the name he is using is some or other alias name in order to keep his true identity from the masses of people interested in his algorithm. We have however found out from a very reliable source that this is not the first algorithm that he has created, and that there is a current software out there that is already a big success and very profitable. Sadly though we were unable to find the name at this time, but rest assure we are not done digging yet.

It has also come to our attention that the was launched by a guy named as Russel Cargill. As we understand it, he is not exactly the owner of the Binary Pot of Gold Software, he is merely a silent (which is not so silent) investor into the system, and currently have shares in the Tanaka-Cargill Group Inc, as a result. This does not mean much to us as there is no reason to pursue a person that is merely an investor, and do not have a position in the creation / programming / development of the Tanaka Cargill Group software, and do not hold the CEO title as well, meaning he actually has no physical involvement than providing funds.


The question that is still probably in the forefront of everyone’s mind at this time is, can the Binary Pot of Gold be trusted, is a scam, is it legit, and most importantly, should they take the risk and register for the Tanaka Gargill Group software? Well in all honesty, the clue is in the previous sentence, and that is that this would be a risk. The surprising thing is that we have had a couple of success stories with the auto trader already, however this does not provide us with enough data yet to confirm if this systems works or not, but at the moment it does seem like it.

Our advice at this time to anyone looking to join the Binary Pot of Gold auto trader, should do so with extreme caution. We also ask those that have already opened an account to please report their finding as success rates so we can keep this review as up to date as possible. If you do decide to give the Tanaka Cargill Group system a try, we recommend only investing the minimum, and to play it safe by trading very conservatively until you are fully aware of what the software is truly capable of. At this time the does not look like a scam, however we are not fully convinced yet, and will be continuing to do our investigation and collecting results for the following couple of weeks.

When faced with a software such as the Binary Pot of Gold with little to no information available, we recommend doing your research this time around, and if you do not have the funds available to take the risk, to rather play it safe and go with a software that has ample amount of proof and information out there. If a system such as the Tanaka Cargill Group comes across your desk that looks the part but misses some other parts, it is best to find the intelligence and be sure you know the facts, before risking money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Review Verdict: Binary Pot of Gold is not a SCAM / Inconclusive.

Website in question: by James Tanaka

For questions and feedback related to Tanaka Cargill Group, we strongly encourage visitors to comment below this review and share your thoughts with us and others. Our goal at is to expose scam brokers and services, but every now and then we stumble a service that can generate a winning rate. Visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for a complete list of recommended binary options manual/auto service providers. You may also email us directly at with all other questions.


We’re seeing a lot of great feedback related to the 2nd version of BinaBot, and also published a BinaBot Review (V2) follow-up with live results! We encourage you to visit the software if you are searching for an alternative. Be sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s Blog and join over 9,000 subs for all the latest industry updates and news. Thank you for taking a few moments to read our thoughts on Binary Pot of Gold and good luck with any direction you choose to take.

BinaBot V2 Review Update; Live Results + Winning ITM!

Hello everyone, my name is Marili and some of you already know me from my YouTube channel. Today I will be doing a quick review regarding the release, features, in’s and outs of the newly released BinaBot V2 Software by Troy Everett. There are quite a lot of questions going around at this time, which I will answer during this review more. I will also be covering all the changes to the system, what they mean, and how to operate the software to get the results you wish to have. So if you have been considering investing into the, V2 software, or already have, I encourage you read review as you will find answers to a lot of your questions.

For those that are still not fully aware what is going on, however we believe most of you would have heard the rumours by now. Troy Everett used two different technology companies to launch each version of his software, and as a result the two are kind off going head to head. This however is not important to us as traders and does not affect the Binabot V2 software in anyway. The only changes you will notice is the name change from Binadroid 2 to Binabot V2, and some colours and graphics will change. Nevertheless be rest assured that none of the above mentioned affects the programming of the software, and you will not be affected in any way, accept for seeing the cosmetic changes.

Now unto the most important part and that is the function on the Binabot V2 as well it’s performance, consistency, and current profit rate. The software has been carefully put together with all the best functions of the first version, incorporated with new and improved functions added for the ease and benefit of everyone using the software. The current version of is easy to manage, and most importantly been redesigned to work for both the beginner and the experienced trader.

Listed below is a quick explanation of all the features and what function they play.

  • Auto Binabot – This is the purely to switch the auto trader on if you wish to trade on the automated function. This is generally for those to use who have either time constraints, or lack the experience needed when trading.
  • Low / Medium / High – These are your risk levels when trading on automated, low being the least amount of risk, where the auto trader only places a few trades a day. Moving unto Medium, meaning the software places shorter term trades as well as more trades. Finally High, where the system places short term trades and much more frequently.
  • Investment – This is of course where you select the amount you want to trade per trade. I advise that you start low and move up as your account increases.
  • Reverse – This one is kind off a biggie, and I actually advise that you do not use this function. This button is there for if you believe your Binabot auto trader is not performing as it should and you think it is reading the signals incorrectly. You then use this function to prompt the software to trade in the opposite direction. To date I have not had to use this function, and I doubt I ever would.
  • Manual Trading – This is for those who want to have a bit more of a hands on experience. The signals given are the trend of the asset or commodity for a certain period, and you can successfully place trades following this trend, however I do advise that you use the assistance of a chart when doing so.
  • Economic Calendar – this is one great added feature, this allows every trader to follow the economic calendar without having to open a second browser, allowing for much more ease of use.
  • Chart – This is there as only a guide for those who wish to trade the manual signals given.
  • Trade history – this one is self-explanatory.

Now that you know which features there are with BinaBot and what each one’s function is, the question now becomes, what do you do, just switch it on and go? Well practically yes, that is exactly what you do. The advised times to trade has always been between 9am and 7pm GMT, however some traders are reporting success during other open markets as well which proves to us that the Binabot is not restricted to one time specifically which is great.

As explained above the functions are pretty simple, and easy to follow. The success is all down to the auto trader, and so far it has not yet failed. Feel free to try different settings and getting the hang of what exactly the Binabot software is all about, and what it is capable of doing. Below you can see a quick video I have done explaining the change of name, as well as my progress so far with the auto trader, which has seen my account practically double in size in a matter of two days trading. To get to where I am today, I traded the system on Auto “ON”, set my risk to Medium, and traded $25 trades. I also traded mostly between 12pm and 6pm, giving me a good 6 hours of trading per day.

I hope the above explanations have given you a bit more of an insight into, what it is capable of, and most importantly which functions you have to use to get the desired results you wish to get. I would also like to take this moment to thank WatchDog and the amazing team behind running the site for giving me the opportunity to write a guest post of their site. It has been a great honour being featured on such an authoritative site. I wish you all the best with your trading ahead, and may you all be very successful and rake in great profits using this fantastic new and improved system.

Visit the BinaBot Software at


For more information on leading BO services, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for Binary Options. Please share your feedback below this review if you are already a member of V2 and we would love to answer any questions you may have. For all other questions we welcome you to email us at Be sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s Blog and join over 9,000 subscribers, for all the latest updates and industry news.

Opus Formula is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

It has come to our attention that there is a new scam currently being heavily advertised called the Opus Formula Software. However we encourage everyone to read this full and unbiased review regarding the Opus Formula Scam, as regrettably we are dealing yet again with a service that cannot be trusted. If you have already registered and deposited money into your account, we advise that you withdraw your money now, or risk losing your whole deposit within a matter of hours. For evidence on why exactly you cannot trust this scam, and why it is a danger to you and your bank account ensure you read our review till the end, and warn anyone you know who is considering to register for an account on the website, and do them a favour by showing them why their money would be safer spent elsewhere.

Lex Simmons Jr is probably the worst actor we have seen to date, the whole dry humour whilst still trying to be funny is definitely not working. As most of you know as a general rule we are not against using actors completely, however that is if we can track the real identity of the true person behind the software. We are sad to say, after tapping into every source we have in the binary options industry we came up empty handed regarding anyone behind the Opus Formula scam auto trader. There is no trusting profile or proof of identity on Lex or anyone who might have been involved in the programming or creation of this software.

Scam-Artists always try to make you feel exclusive and special. You got to wonder why?


The extremely manipulative actor, Lex Simmons Jr make no secret of the fact that the Opus Formula software does not work on a glitch, loophole, some heavily guarded secret, anomaly or anything like that. Regrettably though, he does not give any explanation or evidence as to how the Opus Formula auto trader works, the only information he provides is that it works with small increments. In all honesty that could mean anything. He is taking the approach by showing you faked bank accounts and trading accounts in the hope that the money will go to your head, and hide the fact that we are not being told how the software supposedly generates these profits.

Even the story behind the how the Opus Formula scam was created does not make any sense whatsoever. The alleged Lex Simmons claims to be an expert at reading markets and making advised decisions when it comes to taking a position in the market. Apparently he used to work for a bank called Wells Fargo, however due to the fact that he was just a desk clerk, he left and started his own advisory firm taking with him some of the clients he had at the bank. First of all if he was so clued in and advising clients on positions to take in the market he would have been on a commission based contract, meaning the more his clients earned the more he eared, proving that his story of being broker is either a lie, or he does not know how to deal with his own money. Secondly there is no way on earth that the Wells Fargo bank would have allowed him to take his clients with him when he left without a fight, there would have been lawsuits involved, meaning he went bankrupt even before he started.

Dangerous Pop-up designed to get you to deposit more in exchange for a bonus. Unfortunately the bonuses are often associated with a strict requirement that will prevent you from withdrawing your funds until you reach a very high number of trades. This is something they fail to let me know, making it seem like you’re getting free money without strings attached.


Now that we have gone over all the holes in the sales pitch being given on the webpage, here are a couple of pieces proving to you without a doubt that the Opus Formula software is nothing but a cheap production put together purely for scamming people. During the video you are able to see some supposedly honest and trusted reviews on how the systems works. Sadly though these are all actors, and as most of you know by now, they will pretty much say anything you want them to say for peanuts basically. Secondly is the five to ten thousand each trader would be able to generate per day trading with the Opus Formula auto trader. Speaking from experience, we can assure you that reaching that without having at least thousands of dollars in your account to start off with is impossible, even with a trusted auto trader. You might get there, but it is going to take you weeks if not months of trading high amounts. Lastly but not least of all, Lex Simmons claims that his company and the software has made no less than $14m over the course of the last year, in the hopes of proving profitability of the software. Sadly though, we had a quick look at the domain age only to realise that it was registered on the 20th June 1016, making it almost 2 months old. By now after reading this Opus Formula review you should be getting the picture.

The sad truth is that this is not even the first time we are hearing the script that you just heard, we have heard it plenty of times, and they all claim that it is unlike anything you have seen before, and that they have nothing to sell. All the scams are blending into one as none of them can come up with original content anymore. This for us is good as it is easier for us to point them out in our reviews, however they usually aim for people who know very little to nothing about binary options in the hopes of hooking them before they know any better. We encourage everyone to do their own research about each and every auto trader like the Opus Formula scam being released before registering, and most importantly stick to what is proven to work.

Review Verdict: Opus Formula is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

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If you are interested to trade binary options with legitimate companies you must always verify that the signal providers are synced with Regulated and Licensed brokers, another form of a verification would be to actively search for user feedback related to the offer you are considering to join. Not every trading system is fraudulent such as Opus Formula and the many offers we exposed on our Watchdog’s Blacklist page. For alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. We test many services and actively endorse manual and automated systems with a proven track record and stable winning ITM rate.

Best Auto Trader in 2016!!! Join


For help with disputes and complaints against scam sites, you may contact us directly at and we’ll assist you at no charge. If you are a current member of or any of the offers we exposed, please share your feedback below or contact us for additional help. This review is very important and we encourage visitors to share it via your social circles, especially if you are in touch with other day-traders. Be sure to subscribe to Watchdog’s Blog for all the latest scam alerts and industry news.

Fast Cash Club is a SCAM!! Real & Accurate Review!

Read this very important warning review regarding the Fast Cash Club Scam before making any rash decisions and believing one word that Aaron Martin says during his presentation of the system. The Fast Cash Club Software is being presented as the once in a lifetime opportunity to grab one of the last 20 spots there is to change your life forever, however we might have thought there could maybe be some truth to this if it wasn’t for the fact that we have heard this all before. Should you be one of those considering to join the Fast Cash Club auto trader, we recommend reading this review first, as things may not be as it seems when you listen to the pitch on the website.

We would love to say we know what it took to make the fast cash club software work, however sadly there were not much of an explanation or demonstration. The approach taken by the advertisers and marketers behind this one, was to purely focus on showing their potential clients a massive load of fabricated trading accounts pumped with cash, as well as fake bank accounts showing big amounts of money in the hope to get people to purely believe the system works due to the showcase of doctrine documents. This already should be sending sirens going off in your head to pack your stuff and leave.

There are a couple of things we were able to find on Aaron Martin the so called owner and developer of the fast cash club scam. Whilst doing our research for our review we came to realize that Aaron literally has no identity, forgetting about the picture you saw in the video, as everyone knows that is fake. There is no Facebook page, twitter account, Instagram account, nothing. He does not belong to any trading groups, and neither has anyone heard of him in binary options, except for one place, and that is in the presentation for Profit Magnet, a scam auto trader we reviewed not too long ago. So either it is the same idiots behind either launches, or a really lazy scammer who couldn’t bother to come up with his own story and fake profile.

Can’t she lie better at least? Or is this the new acting standard? Strange…


Now for the piece of evidence that will prove to you without a doubt that the fast cash club software is a scam and nothing more. Above we already mentioned that Aaron is the same profile used in another scam, however when you go and actually listen to the presentation given on the Profit Magnet you soon realise that you are practically watching the same video again. Yes they have changed a few pictures and graphics, but the sales pitch and idea is the same. They both start with the story that they are only handing this opportunity to 100 traders over 5 days’ time, and today is the last day they are taking 20 people, the other 80 spots have already been filled. Not to mention the fact that you are viewing the video means that there is at least 1 space left to register. Last time we pointed this out, and we will again this time, the Fast Cash Club Scam has been running for a few days now, surely if they were limited to twenty spaces the video would have been taken down by now. However not only that, they both claim to be making money by getting the equivalent of 1% from the brokers for all your earnings. The 1% is not much and even understandable, sadly though the fact that two scams sound and present exactly the same should make everyone proceed with extreme caution when looking at any auto trader. Other Reviews on this fraud will confirm the same obvious conclusion we’re getting too.

If the above mentioned points don’t already convince you that the Fast Cash Club Software is a scam, here are a couple of other facts that will sway your mind. During the presentation given by Aaron on the website, notice how he states that he has been making traders millionaires over the past 3 months. Regrettably when we had a quick look into this, we came to realize that the software has only been around for 2 weeks today, meaning you are being lied to. The second thing is the amounts he claims the Fast Cash Club Scam is able of generating. For those of you who have been in the binary options industry for a while know will know that making a few hundred a day is whether trading by yourself or a trusted auto trader is completely achievable, however going over the $1k mark is extremely difficult, especially on a small budget. Therefore there is no way you will be able to make over $3k per day from a deposit of $250, it is selling a dream that cannot in anyway be true.

The longer you are in the binary options industry like we have been, the more you realise that scam systems such as the Fast Cash Club software are becoming the norm really. It is nothing new that traders are being scammed every day, which is one very important reason we will continue to review these systems in the hopes of saving as many people as we can from depositing with these bogus auto trader. We encourage everyone to do their research, find the facts, and most importantly share what you have found in order to avoid others succumbing to same fate. Our work can only go so far, but the more people share these scam services and warn other, the further we can get to bring an end to these scammers.

Review Verdict: Fast Cash Club is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website –

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For help with disputes and complaints against the above scams, you may contact us directly at and we’ll gladly assist you at no cost. Those who are seeking a reliable automated system or a manual signals provider with a good reputation, should refer to Watchdog’s Tested Signals page. We frequently test new systems and even though we find most to be highly misleading, every now and then we stumble upon a service with a winning ITM performance.


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Maximus Profits is a SCAM!! Review based on Facts!

Ensure you read our full warning review on the Maximus Profits Scam. We have already received some emails that saddens us regarding this software, which also prompted us to get our review out as soon as possible before more traders fall victim to this merciless auto trader. If you have been looking at the website thinking that this is the way to make good profits trading binary options, regrettably you cannot be further from the truth, we encourage you read this important review and see for yourself why this system should be avoided at all costs. The facts in the review below will surely deter you, even if may assume we’re biased!

George Maximus the face, presenter, fake owner, behind the Maximus Profits scam, and he’s also the one urging everyone to register and deposit money. We really wish that we could have believed him, however the moment the video started playing and we saw who he was, we instantly knew we were dealing with a scam. The actor used in this auto trader is the exact same on that was used in Navstar Trader. As a general rule we are not against using actors, as we understand that some developers wish to stay anonymous. We are however against software’s using the same actor for more than one scam, as this generally proves without a doubt that the system is a fraudulent one, due to scammers not worrying about an actor being outed for two separate scam services.

George Maximus aka the actor for the Navstar Trader SCAM! You’re not BS’ing anyone!


The story behind the Maximus Profits software does not even make sense, let alone has any truth to it. We listened carefully to the presentation for our review, only to realise that the longer we listen the more confused we become. George claims that he used work as a trader for a hedge Fund company called Bridge Water Associates in Wall Street. He was fired from his job in the crash of 2008 for being the best highest paid trader they have. Surely if he was the top best trader, they would have kept him knowing of his success and gotten rid of the lower paid less profitable traders. If he really was as good as he claims, and if he truly made the biggest profits, then he would have been their biggest asset, making him the biggest loss if he left, therefore it does not make sense.

If you thought the above mentioned story does not make sense, then wait until you hear what we have to say about how exactly the Maximus Profits scam works. We have extensive experience trading and in the industry, and it took us some thinking to get our head around this. With our understanding what happens is, the software places a trade, it then swaps the trade out with another client of theirs trade, allowing for both your trades to win. If that does not make any sense whatsoever, do not worry, because clearly the idiot behind writing the script does not know what they are talking about, and neither does George Maximus. For those who have a little knowledge on how binary options works will know that in order for you successfully place a trade, means that someone else has to place a trade in the opposite direction. Therefore swapping your trade out with another client is ridiculous, how do you know that your winning trade is not being swopped out for a losing one, and there is most certainly no way that both trades can win.

Here are a couple of facts that proves the site is a thrown together scam, along with the fabricated fantasy behind the Maximus Profits software. First of all, it is impossible to generate even close to $8k per day with any software. If you do a little research you will see that traders who are using some of the considered the best auto traders in the industry are not even able to achieve that. Secondly when you here the lines being used in a presentation that states, “this is unlike you have seen before, there is nothing to sell you here”, chances are you are on a scam website, as they are classic scam lines being used over and over again. Thirdly but not least of all, is the fact that they used not only an actor that was already exposed in a previous scam, they went as far as to pay for cheat testimonials and reviews from a site called fiverr, the biggest place you will find people that will say anything for small amounts of cash.

We are half not surprised by the appearance of the Maximus Profits scam that popped up. We expect the same traders are behind this one that also created the Navstar Trader, as it is normal for scammers to make the same mistakes over and over again. Another thing that should prove to you that the system is bogus and will only steal your money, is the fact that George Maximus claims the software has made no less than 14 traders millionaires over the past few months, but when you search on you soon realise that the domain was only registered on the 4th july 2016, making it only 1 month old. The moment you see similarities is systems you should already be taking causing and seeking further advice, rather than risk it and losing your full deposit. We hope this review has been informative and able to help other to not make the same mistakes as some traders already have. Do your research and most of all be sure of something before taking that step.

Review Verdict: Maximus Profits is a SCAM!

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Please inform us and other traders if you’ve been victimized by this fraud, you can post a comment below this review or contact us directly at for further assistance. We can also help you with complaints and disputes at no cost, it would be our pleasure to assist those who’ve been trapped by websites such as! You might be disappointed after looking into all the facts above, however binary options can be profitable and there are good guys out there. Visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for better alternatives and Automated Systems in the field.

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