Banc De Binary – Bad Choice! (Post Removed)

This post was removed out of sensitivity to Banc De Binary. The golden rule here is ‘Do your research!’ Find yourself a reliable binary options broker and work your way from there.

The German Binary Robot SCAM! Exposed (Must Read!)

I want to apologize in advance for the dramatic title but unfortunately the new German Binary Robot, is a mockery to German reputation of quality delivered goods and services as it’s widely perceived worldwide. Have no doubt that this latest scam is absolutely not German engineered! After reading this post you are welcome to comment and share your experience with the German Binary Robot SCAM as others many traders are curious to find out if this is legit or is this a marketing hoax.

Checkout this snapshot taken from …and below the picture I will explain what I mean!


German Binary Robot Review by WatchDog!

As you can see at the bottom right corner there is a logo supposedly confirming that the German Binary Robot is a legitimate website and that the performance is verified! If you didn’t read the Binary Matrix Pro Review I posted a few weeks ago, I found that was registered on the same server at the same time as Binary Matrix Pro and concluded that these two websites are owned by the same individuals. The other conclusion, based on the feedback below the Binary Matrix Pro review, was that it’s evident, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the two websites are a scam!

The problem is that these scam artists don’t waste time and once again they published this new shiny looking and perfectly branded website, the German Binary Robot, and it was lunched about a week from today and it’s on “Full Hype Mode”. Since the lunch, I’ve been asked about this German Bot.. many many many times but after realizing that this website is connected to and Binary Matrix Pro, the obvious conclusion is that the 3 websites are scams operated by the same people.


These money starving lunatics are creative and I bet that in a few weeks, I will post another review for an “approved service” by and it’s a shame because they are taking away the faith day traders have in binary options, the truth is that there are reliable, hard-working traders and signals services in this industry and the good services have a goal to retain their traders vs getting them pissed off. Scams like the German Binary Robot are deterring day traders away from binary options entirely since not many day traders can afford to get back on their fit after getting slammed by a fake bot.

Please share your experience with the German Binary Robot, or Binary Matrix Pro and help warn other day traders from falling into this trap and if you have any questions you are welcome to post them below. For anyone interested to explore better alternatives, checkout the WatchDog’s recommended Binary Options Signals services for binary options.

BinaryProCloner Review – The Biased TRUTH by Watchdog

So a new service came out, same ole squeeze page looking scam. I titled this review biased and it’s true and who knows? maybe my biased opinions on BinaryProCloner might save you a buck or two or a $200-$500 deposit with AmberOption which you’ll never see again. Amberoption is a non regulated broker and a scam and they are partnered with this fake signals service..It’s a double ended scam. If a signals service or cloning service, whatever.., refers you to a scam broker, it kind of makes the signals quality secondary since you’re in much bigger trouble now trying to withdraw your money from a fake, unlicensed and unregulated, binary options “broker”, don’t you think? Amberoption is not a legitimate broker and just type the words Amberoption and Scam on Google and you’ll realize this very quickly.

binary pro cloner review

Anyway.. even if tomorrow BinaryProCloner decides to partner with a legitimate broker, it doesn’t change the fact that it still looks like the typical, squeeze page marketing scheme. Notice that on the main page you can only navigate to an email box, no additional pages are available and this is also referred to as a ‘squeeze page’ in the online marketing world. The Squeeze page is there to get your email and obviously to signup with the product or service. After you submit your email, expect to get tons of binary options promotional offers to your email every day because this is what a squeeze page is for. From a marketing standpoint, the squeeze page is there for two reasons:

1) convince you to signup with their service.

2) Get your email for future solicitation of related offers.

After doing some research I found that the website went viral in the last coupe of weeks, the stats are skyrocketing and this tells me that many traders are going to be wondering about them in the next weeks and since I strongly suspect it’s a scam, I find it necessary to warn traders. It’s important that this review is up because there are too many fake reviews promoting this new service and by posting this review hopefully we can get some real feedback. Help other traders know what they’re getting into by sharing your experience below!

If you plan to trade binary options you must signup with an honest, licensed and regulated broker! Visit the Watchdog Approved Binary Options Brokers and Binary Options Signals providers.

BinaryMatrixPro SCAM! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

It came to my attention that a new scam just came out, under the name BinaryMatrixPro. On first glance it looked like a well designed website..but you have to ask yourself “If all the efforts are going to the marketing aspect of their service, perhaps this is all there is to it?” since we’ve seen this with so many binary options “get rich” schemes. Luckily the WatchDog receives many emails from traders who are testing these different software and services and the news gets around quickly, especially when traders are getting scammed left and right.


The Binary Matrix Pro works… but only in the Matrix”Β© quote by WatchDog

Now let’s get serious about this review for a minute..but before I do, it doesn’t really matter what I write.. In a matter of days, you will see the comments below this review and get the inside story by traders who are using or have used this system. I don’t intend on using it because I do believe what traders report to me, I don’t see why in one week 10 different traders would be lying and suggesting that the Binary Matrix Pro is a scam if it wasn’t the case unless of course everyone decided to conspire against WatchDog and feed him with lies! That’s probably not the case. – So why am I absolutely confident they are a scam?

Fake Performance: advertised a performance results that trail back to 2013 , are you kidding me? So why based on it clearly shows that this website was created less than a month ago? Is lying? The truth is that just came out a couple of weeks ago and they are spamming the internet with promos on Facebook groups, forums, email scam and any type of marketing to drive traffic to their website. The performance should be enough to call it off! Let’s be clear, Binary Matrix Pro didn’t exist before February of 2014. It’s a fact.

Duplicating existing scams: Here is something interesting, notice how Binary Matrix Pro looks very similar to Profit In 60 Seconds which is another big scam I reviewed before. They probably hate me and they should..Anyway, I suspected they are involved with each other and my suspicion was legitimate. A few traders reported that they received emails from the same addresses of the staff at Profitin60Seconds. They could at least change some of the emails when they lunch the next scam.


I almost forgot to mention the obvious bonus trap, where they get you “free money” by helping the broker lock your account and prevent you from being able to withdraw your funds until you meet the insane bonus restriction.

Let’s sum it up! You are not going to make money with this service and you are better off trading on your own instead of going through this ‘waste of time & money’ experience and don’t be fooled by the free trial because you will still be required to deposit money with one of their brokers only to be disappointed with the end results because the results on their site are beyond any reasonable doubt… FAKE!

I don’t mean to discourage you, binary options can be exciting and profitable and there are good signals services who will earn your trust and work to retain you as a long-term customer by providing you with a realistically good performance. I don’t intend to use this review to promote other services but if you are looking for one, checkout Watchdog’s approved binary options signals.

Please comment on this article and share your experience with BinaryMatrixPro because people are dying to know if it’s legit or now, I don’t expect everyone to take my word for it but if you’ve been scammed by this service or if the service failed to meet their advertised performance, let everyone know so they can avoid doing this mistake. For some traders, losing $200-$300 is more than they can afford to lose so remember those people and help spread the word around! Let’s put these shitheads out of business.

iFollow Signals Review – Is it worth it? Must Read!


The iFollowsignals software seems to be getting a lot of attention lately and many traders are wondering if iFollow Signals is legit and is it worth your money and is it really free when you start! I want to give you guys my take on this binary options software and help you in the process of determining the validity of

So let’s start with their introductory video, it’s short and to the point. It was refreshing to find a service with a introductory video that doesn’t start with “Are you interested in financial freedom? how would you like to go on fancy vacations and buy a new yacht?” because honestly, most of these services are not worth your time. You have to wonder why they try to seduce you with absurd statements. I mean if the system is good, of course you will generate a lot of money with it but it seems like the fake systems always focus on “selling dreams” instead of staying with the facts and providing an insight to what the client is going to get like a legitimate company who is not necessarily chancing after new customers. After all, if it’s a good product or service, the clients will come to you without efforts that extend beyond what’s reasonable and the fake videos you are seeing on many of the services are not inline with what you would expect a reasonable company to showcase. So at least we got through this checkpoint with iFollow Signals, they passed it well! It’s a very informative website without all the fluff.

Another thing I liked about is their LIVE Support! Very similar to the Option Bot 2, traders are able to communicate directly with a Live agent with any questions which makes it a lot easier whenever you come up with any difficulties, questions, concerns and communicating by email is just not enough sometime when something urgent comes up.


The performance is very promising and the number of signals is very promising so I decided to try it and a few days ago I signed up. I am still testing it out but for the time being it’s very clear that the iFollow software works! The performance I got was around %78 last week, while the performance with the Option Bot was around %82. The Option Bot is more expensive for new traders because it requires opening multiple broker accounts, but on the other hand you are not required to pay anything else after you purchase the software license! As fro the iFollow software is more expensive but you can always get the 30 days free download trial when you register with an iFollow Signals broker, making it cheaper to start with. With that said, my top 3 services at the moment are iFollow Signals, Optionbot and SignalFeeds. If you already have a broker account, the cheapest one is as you can get a 7 days membership for $35.

I can strongly recommend iFollow signals due to their high performance, 20 plus daily signals and great support! If you are looking for a good alternative also checkout the WatchDog approved binary options signals services for more information on the Option Bot and Signal Feeds.

Push Button Millionaire – Not another FAKE review!

Let me just start by introducing myself again, in case you are not familiar with this website. I am the Binaryoptions WatchDog and I am here to “Say it like it is!”, most of all my goal is to put the scammers out of business! It could be that you already registered with scam or you just finished watching that silly video by Ivan Block, urging you to download the “Push Button Millionaire” software “free” before it’s too late and he decides to increase the price to $10,000. WTF?


Okay, so if I am such as a smart WatchDog, why are there so many positive testimonials promoting this service? Who are these people behind the testimonials and are they all just lying and I am telling the truth? Why should you take my word for it when you got about 10 positive video testimonials? The answer is simple. These testimonials are fake! Let me give you a little hint, in the seller/buyer online market place webmasters can now purchase these fake testimonials for as little as $5! Yes, there are lot’s of lowlife subhumans who are willing to lie and say whatever the F you ask them to on the open web for as little as $5. Being in the online scene I can actually recognize some of the paid actors from other similar products and services. I ask that you trust me on this one and you can research it yourself, just Google “Buy fake testimonials” and you’ll find plenty of solutions, wait … Don’t even go there if you are thinking to create on of these fake services yourself, remember that word ‘morality’.

β€œDon’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.” Confucius

Look, The Push Button Millionaire is a scam targeting people who are interested to become rich and quickly. Yes, it’s possible to do it with binary options and it’s a very convenient way to work from home. However, you need to understand that it’s not so easy, it’s no different from Forex and other online trading instruments where the approach and strategy plays a major part in your ability to profit. I can already tell you that the PushButtonMillionaire is as fake as it gets.

Try to look at it from a ‘scam artist’ point of view, let’s say you created this fake service and it’s getting you tons of business. Wouldn’t you create 10 other services with different names to maximize your profits? PushButtonMillionaire might seem like a professional looking pitch page, but there are 100′s of similar services following the same guidelines, the same promises and the same pushy manipulations to try to get you to register quickly before time runs out. Don’t you see the same pattern repeating itself over and over? Well, if you are reading this review, you are already doing some homework and it’s one step closer to actually making it with your online ventures, you must dig a little deeper to get the truth.

Back to how silly this service is, let’s start with the video introduction “Do you want a bank balance like this?” $3,474,101.91. “Cars like this?” Fancy car picture.. “Houses like this?” Picture of a mansion.. “Vacations like this?” Amazing white sand and baby blue water.. “Be the boss, call the shots and answer to no one?” well, “THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE!”

Thanks for enlightening me Mr. Ivan Block, I must be so lucky for the opportunity to come across your pitch page and silly video, little did I realize that this would be my only chance to become rich in this life time. I must be the luckiest Dog on this planet, considering this amazing opportunity.

Now let’s be serious here, if you think I am just being sarcastic and annoying about things and you’re disappointed that I am trying to snap you out of the BS, be my guest and try it out and if you make it, I encourage you to post a review on how stupid WatchDog is for doubting this money scheme. Register with the Push Button Millionaire but be honest enough to share your experience after you try it. Please be kind enough to also wire me a million dollars, imagine just how much dog food I can buy with this money.


Not all services are fake, there are reliable signals and WatchDog approved binary options brokers you can trade with! Visit the list of regulated brokers on WatchDog!

If you have your thoughts, experience, opinions or you feel like this article is wrongfully bashing an amazing money making system, you are more than welcome to leave a comment.

AutoBinarySignals Scam – ABS Bullshit System

Welcome to one of the few honest reviews you will ever find on the website! The ABS system is a classic example of how the “make money without moving a finger” niche is well integrated into binary options. This type of online marketing was first introduced in the late 90′s. The ClickBank affiliate network created a market place between vendors and affiliates who are interested to cash-in on a wide verity of digital products, offered on a ClickBank single pitch page! The Pitch usually includes an introductory video with a professionally done ‘voice over’ and a list of benefits and it goes forever… until somewhere at the bottom of the page you will find a squeeze page where you can fill out your email or checkout, exposing yourself to endless future spam and this is probably your last concern. is no different from other similar systems marketed in the same exact way where again, you’ll find a video with cars, women, promises and a load of crap trying to persuade you to subscribe to their products and services. Opted out, log out and click out!

ABS Signals.. A Bullshit System?

YES! Wake up! I’ll give it to ClickBank for forcing vendors to offer a 60 days money back guarantee, HOWEVER the catch is that in order to qualify to Auto Binary Signals you will be required to deposit money with one of the AutoBinarySignals brokers besides the ClickBank refundable subscription fee. On the pitch page they lie and mention that $50 is the minimum required to get started with one of their brokers however the real minimum is $200 with GOptions, Optimarkets and TraderXP and the affiliated brokers.

Another Problem is that TraderXP is considered one of the biggest scams of the binary options industry! Blacklisted on WatchDog, Forex Peace Army, ScamBook, BBB and many other sites so why on earth would they want to send their traders over to a scam broker? Could it be that AutoBinarySignals are only interested in the affiliate commission from the brokers?


Slowly you will begin to see the big picture if you open your mind

“In order to properly understand the big picture, everyone should fear becoming mentally clouded and obsessed with one small section of truth.” Xun Zi

Auto Binary Signals is a SCAM!

There is really no other way to put it, ABS is not a legitimate binary options service. It’s not because they are affiliated with binary options brokers because many signals services do the same! Some are legit and some are fake! It doesn’t take an expert to understand their marketing tactics and understand who is behind this system, I encourage you to take my word for it, this is not a legitimate binary options service! The ClickBank money making scams come in all shapes and forms but they all have common denominators and easy to detect. Don’t fall for the 60 days money back guarantee trap because by the time you’re done registering you will already spend $200+ so it’s not worth it. If you see pictures of beautiful girls, yachts and beautiful beaches you should highly doubt their offer. Binary options is a day trading instrument and there’s no room for sleazy marketing tactics among serious traders, don’t be a fool for these promises, demand that the brokers and services you’re dealing with..keep it real!

I get it! You want to make it fast with Binary Options, but don’t look for short-cuts, you are much better off trading on your own with real strategies and real indicators, instead of paying to some ClickBank scam which can only push you a few steps back and possibly even destroy your experience and discourage you from continuing on a better path. AutoBinarySignals doesn’t work but if you want to test it out I won’t stop you!

Snapshot from Auto Binary Signals – I mean REALLY? This is just stupid.


In Clickbank’s defense I would say that there are good signals services and Option Bot 2 is one of them, %99 of the services are BS and that goes for ABS as well, so spare yourself the unpleasant experience and forget about the yachts because you’ll be lucky if you can pay for your next dinner after trading with with the rate at which you will lose money. If they get you to deposit money with an unregulated scam brokers, you can forget about the $200 deposit because you probably will never see it again. Do yourself a favor and signup with a reliable binary options broker with a CIF license! CySEC regulateds and positive reviews! Don’t invest with a broker simply because you found them promoted by a sleazy get rich service. Please share your questions or experience if you decided to trade with Auto Binary Signals!

Keith Jones Scam Strategy Exposed

I have concluded after extensive research that the popular 60 second binary options trading strategy composed by Keith Jones is not reliable. Not only does this strategy rely on unreliable trading characteristics but has cost many people their hard-earned money due to a poorly constructed strategy with little chance of hope. Keith Jones is a self-proclaimed ex-trader who supposedly worked 7 years within a financial sector and 1 year for Wall Street. Now that seems like a very promising background to have but is Keith Jones really the person he claims to be?

After analyzing the steps provided by Keith Jones for his β€œamazing” binary options strategy I have concluded that Keith Jones is a scammer. His binary options strategy relies solely on fundamental analysis and false statements promising a 100% win rate during the last martingale portion of his 60 second trading strategy. The trading strategy is composed of three steps that will be discussed and scrutinized below.

Keith Jones “Strategy” Step 1

The implementation of this strategy requires the sole use of the Eur/Usd currency asset along with only trading with 60 second options. The first step of this fraud strategy is to check the popularity column of the Eur/Usd asset and place an investment position of $25 in the direction of the popular vote. In the picture below you can see an example of what the popular column may look like and in this instance we would have placed a call trade. Now the only way you advance to the next two steps is if you lose your trade, however if you don’t you just continue with step one of this strategy. Let me be perfectly clear here though, trading in direction with popularity columns does not mean you will always win trades although it may be portrayed to make you believe that.

Keith Jones “Strategy” Step 2

The second step of this strategy is only to be done if we ended up losing the first trade. So we lost our first investment, so according to Keith Jones we are supposed to open a trade immediately after our losing trade in the same direction but instead this time for $50. This style of trading is often known as martingale trading, an unreliable style of trading that takes luck to play if your favor in order to win your trades. So if one ended up winning this martingale trade by luck then they can be considered safe however if they ended up losing you move onto the last step.

Keith Jones “Strategy” Step 3

The last step of this strategy is where Keith Jones provides traders with the biggest lie anyone can tell you. He claims that on this second martingale you are guaranteed to win this trade, meaning that you have a 100% chance of winning. This is completely false, nothing is ever 100% guaranteed to you in the binary options industry, EVER! So he tells you to place a trade for $100 here and you will win back all the money you lost and make a profit on top of it.


This binary options trading strategy is a complete scam along with Keith Jones. Sometimes martingales can be implemented into trading strategies but should be exercised with caution. Nothing is 100% guaranteed in the online trading industry so make sure you do your research before you plan on trying any trading strategy. If you have any questions or comment please feel free to leave a comment below. For legitimate Signals for Binary Options checkout WatchDog Approved Services!

OptionMint and BinaryPilot Scheme!

Once again Banc54 is finding ways to scam traders from all angles and from every direction, double ending and triple ending unsuspecting traders with the most absurd promises, lies and with a %100 deceptive accuracy rate! I am here to expose three of their most recent scams, this time by hiding behind fake signals services, BinaryPilot and the GoldenGooseMethod which are both owned and operated by Banc54 AKA OptionMint, but don’t get confused because they are all owned and operated by the same scam artists who pretend to offer a legitimate trading platform for binary options traders. It all started when WatchDog received horrible complaints about Banc54, in recent days the ‘daily complaint toll’ is on an increase and most likely due to the recent lunch of OptionMint which is a “cleaner” BDA for Banc54, until of course people will wake up and expose OptionMint for what they are.

Banc54 Signals Scam

Many of you probably received an email from BinaryPilot or from the GoldenGooseMethod offering you high ITM signals absolutely free of charge, but only if you signup with Banc54 or OptionMint. So are the signals really free? If you carefully research Banc54 which is the entity that stands behind the BinaryPilot and GoldenGooseMethod by their own admission, you will notice that the common issue that all traders were having concerns withdrawals and the disappearance and account termination that follows any complaint or criticism towards their horrible practices. Before you deposit money with them, they will be your best friends but as soon as you ask for your money back, they will disappear and this is if you are lucky and I will be happy to explain why. After posting the first Banc54 review, I was shocked to find that these scam-bags not only refuse withdrawals, they also charge credit cards without consent. They won’t stop until they get a decline message or if you are lucky enough and your credit card company/bank blocks your card. If you get a decline message consider it as a warning sign and move on before you get burnt!


Please share your experience with, Golden Goose Method or Banc54 and let others know about how these scammers operate. These companies are very damaging to the binary options industry and if CySEC is not going to find a way to weed them out, we shall take matters to our own hands with Doggy Vigilante Justice because that’s what’s up!

Avoid these scams before it’s too late! Signup with CySEC Regulated and CIF licensed Brokers Only!

TitanTrade Scam – Read this Review!

TitanTrade Scam – Is there anything to it?

In previous broker reviews I addressed many parameters by which I determine the reliability of a broker and in the past few weeks, I’ve been asked a lot about TitanTrade. Questions such as: “Do you plan to write a positive or negative TitanTrade Review?” or “TitanTrade Scam or a Reliable broker?” As with every binary options broker that I review, I went undercover and tested out the TitanTrade support team, features and responsiveness to inquiries. I conducted an extensive Google search for this broker using the most appropriate keyword “TitanTrade Scam, TitanTrade Scams and Real TitanTrade Review” and could not find anything negative on Binary Options Daily, Forex Peace Army or any of the leading online trading forums and websites.

TitanTrade Withdrawals – Slow or Fast?

I tested out the TitanTrade withdrawal and just like with all brokers, they required identification to ensure that the person withdrawing the funds is the same person who funded the account, this is a very basic security measure that all financial institutions who are dealing with private investors, require from all clients. The TitanTrade withdrawal approval took about 4 hours for verification and another 2 business days for the money to show in my account. Keep in mind that bank wires can take up to 5-7 business days. Other 3rd party depositing/withdrawal methods are available but the easiest and fastest way to withdraw your money from TitanTrade is via credit card or international debit card. After testing out the withdrawals, I am convinced that TitanTrade is safe and far from being a scam, fraud or problematic with withdrawals. No hassle or questions on withdrawals and no % or extra fees. Minimum withdrawal is equivalent to $100. Minimum Deposit is $250. Visit TitanTrade – Available in the US!

TitanTrade around the globe!

Luckily TitanTrade is a US Friendly Binary Options Broker, available in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. The support team is responsive 24/07 and traders can communicate with the customer service team via live chat, phone and email. Users can trade commodities, stocks, currencies and indices from various markets including European, Asian, Australian Markets and US Market.

TitanTrade VS Scam Brokers

The power of a the search engine in itself is an extraordinary phenomenon, giving us a lot more power than we use have in the past. In the context of binary options, you can easily detect a scam binary options broker by performing a thorough research on the search engines to find out if there are negative reviews on the broker by searching for keywords associated with fraud, scam and negative review. In this case you would want to search for ‘Titan Trade Scam’ and not to my surprise there’s nothing that comes up because TitanTrade is very transparent and ‘what you see is what you get’, this broker is in it for the “long haul” and quickly gaining authority in the industry as one of the top brokers in terms of payout, reliability and accessibility for traders around the world. Scam brokers on the other hand, tend to “piss off” a good number of traders and eventually karma catches up with them in the form of negative testimonials, reviews and feedback on forums as they quickly lose all credibility. is fully endorsed and a recommend broker by the