Signals365 is a SCAM!! Correct us if we’re wrong! is now listed as a recommended service on many online trading blogs, yet we have reasons to believe that it might be a SCAM! We are not ruling out the signals service at this point because we know that we can’t take the word of a few testimonials, and often it takes more than a few ‘burnt-out’ users to indicate if a service is a scam or not. On first look, Signals365 doesn’t look like the typical pitch page, money-making schemes that we often review & expose, however many of the statements on the websites are genuinely concerning. First before we get into any criticism we have to acknowledge that at least this is not an “over promising” website, as nowhere on their front page, Q&A and contact us page do they mention the word “millions” or phrases such as “becoming extremely wealthy by using this service!”…

We salute them for not being as misleading and devious as the typical services we expose on!

We suspect that owns this service but even if this is the case, it doesn’t necessarily make this signals platform a scam. is a blog and they are entitled to advertise signals or anything else. They also sell strategies which are offered free on many sites but this is up to their own policies and if they have some added value associated with the paid education, we don’t see any issues with their business conduct. Day-traders should know that binary options strategies can be found free in most cases and you shouldn’t be paying for this type of education while signals and webinars are a different story and naturally can come at a cost. After doing some research we found that is heavily promoted via a network of advertisers, they reach out to many blogs. We also received an email from them encouraging us to promote them and a few of our partners received emails as well.

Let’s get to the point, we do believe that 65%-70% ITM is reasonable but honestly it’s too low to generate income with binary options! In most cases this ITM rate will get you a break-even performance with binary options, of course it also depends on the trade amount invested each time. In reality with a 65 percent ITM rate you will be losing money over time. It’s a risky business and this is probably why we got a few complaints. Now, just to be fair, the complaints were reasonable and the members who decided to leave the service, did it without feeling ripped off and without a sense of wanting to revenge against them. No positive comments yet but it could be because we never posted an article on them yet.

In reality, and you can research this if you are new to binary options, you will need a consistent, minimum of 72-73% ITM on average, to make it with binary options and generate wealth over time! Anything below is not worth your time. Now really, what’s the deal with the 100+ signals every day?! This is a claim we’ve seen on a few blogs that advertise Signals 365 with positive reviews. Shouldn’t the focus be on quality over quantity? Another guy claims that Signals 365 generates 80% ITM, but he is also advertising them so it’s kind of hard to take his word for it… As for us, we don’t want to reach a conclusion without the help of our visitors! We also welcome Signals 365 staff to respond, members of the signals service or others who have anything to share.

signals365 If we find that this is a legitimate signals service we will consider to promote it but right now we need more feedback, honest testimonials and not just on websites that are directly connected with the service or get paid to advertise it. We’ve seen many binary option signals services become viral for all the wrong reasons so it’s time that we get an honest evaluation of the service. On the Signals365 website we found a few testimonials by people who seem to be real, definitely not actors. One of the testimonials is by the creator of, we welcome those members to comment a well. Adam Green (, David Goldstein, Ted Gorodetzky, Akpo Khan.

Visit WatchDog’s Blacklist and avoid Binary options SCAMS! If you are a new trader, we recommend that you start with a Free Demo Account before you test any strategy or service! Please don’t forget to share your feedback below!


Trend Trader App is a SCAM! by Jonathan Miller is marketed as the “single most powerful auto-trading algorithm.” Notice the message that pops-us when you try to exist the website: “Wait before you go! Click ‘stay on this page’ to get full access to the exact same system that makes at least $1,350 to $4,300 every single day!” Right there are two indications that the Trend Trader app is nothing but a scam. First of all, only scam websites try to prevent you from leaving. Second, don’t believe anyone who guarantees that you will make thousands of dollars every day. This review is kind of late, we must admit. The Trend Trader has been wreaking havoc in the trading community for a couple of weeks now and it’s difficult to assess how many victims it has claimed. However, it’s never too late to kill a raging monster and that’s what WatchDog is for. So read this review thoroughly and stay away from the Trend Trader scam!

Let’s go over the promises as explained on They promise “93% accuracy,” but we’re not buying it because even professional traders struggle to maintain an 80%+ success rates. So never trust anyone who promises you a consistent 93% accuracy rate, especially not using an automated system. The second promise the creators of Trend Trader make is that there will be “no risks.” If someone tells you that trading involves no risks, you can be sure he is a scammer who is after your money because binary options trading is highly risky! “Over 1,000 successful traders” is the third assurance being made. The funny thing is that this was written on the Trend Trader website since its launch when there were not yet any traders using the system.


Trend Trader is “integrated with multiple, very large financial databases throughout the world and have full access to financial records since 1959 with the ability to recognize patterns of Call or Put of leading assets.” That’s the reason Jonathan Miller claims on the video that the software works only with assets who have a long-record of at least 100 years, such as Gold, Crude Oil and Silver. If that is true, then why do we see only currency pairs on the “live trades” section of his website? Maybe because Trend Trader is a scam and Jonathan Miller is a liar and/or probably just an actor who was hired to lie to you!

The risks involved in binary options trading are not due so much to the trading itself but more because of all the scam systems that are constantly trying to allure you to sign up with them. Trading is a great way to make money but you need to know how to do it right. Start with a Free Demo Account and when you are ready to risk real money, choose an EU regulated company, such as or one of WatchDog’s Trusted Brokers. Consider joining a signal service or a community to help you with your trading. To get some ideas, visit WatchDog’s Recommended Signals Services and communities.

If you have tried Trend Trader or any other scam, please share your experience and write a comment below this review.

Is Dex Signals a SCAM?

It came to our attention that a new guy by the name of maxx Fairo came out with Dex Signals but we have a reason to believe that this service is misleading and potentially can turn out to be another useless scam! We don’t have enough feedback yet but we did receive one report from a trader who lost money with This is not enough for us to determine if Maxx Fairo is trying to mislead day-traders and that Dex Signals is a scam, but it does raise some concerns. We would love to receive some real feedback on the new Nadex signals service.

The maindown side is that you can only join this service with a Nadex account, and we found that many US traders perfer the Spotoption platforms, such as and other Spot US-friendly brokers vs Nadex, however we can’t ignore those who choose to trade with Nadex and we know that it’s a safe exchange. We have nothing against Nadex and in fact we are looking to offer a good service to our Nadex visitors but we are not familiar with many. This one seems to be one of the few services that are being heavily advertised right now.

Based on YouTube it seems like a brand new service, launched at the end of June, 2015.


Another concern is that it’s a new signals service, therefore it’s hard to evaluate if it’s any good. Members are not yet posting their feedback on forums and on industry blogs. We managed to find a few positive reviews endorsing but strangely those reviews were all posted right after the service was launched. They offer an advertisers program and pay websites to promote them which may explain why websites are posting positive reviews on Dex Signals, however if the service is in fact unique and profitable, we would love to recommend it to our readers as well. The only industry related site where we managed to find a positive review for Dex Signals is This website seems credible, they also recommend some of the offers we verified to be legitimate, however we are still not confident that this new Nadex signals service is legitimate. We need feedback from people who tried it because we’ve seen enough positive reviews on websites that are not even related to binary options, therefore it’s not satisfactory or enough for us to determine if this will be one of our future partners or another failed business on our Binary Options Scams list. It all depends on the feedback we get. As always we allow all comments positive or negative and we will be glad to get a comment posted from the service owner Maxx himself, if he is interested to share his feedback.

Maxx on YouTube introducing DexSignals – one of the few Nadex services in the market today.

We do trust one service in the industry that is compatible with Nadex and it’s a Facebook group: Mike’s Facebook Signals Group. They are now accepting members completely free if they have Nadex accounts, no fees or any type of payment requirements, you only need a Facebook account and follow the group rules, you can also register with CherryTrade instead if you prefer the Spotoption platform. The group is %100 free and with 5 trading admins and many top traders, they are becoming an amazing community of traders. Mike also works with other broker we recommend such as, and which are all fully EU regulated.

statsReasons why Mike believes that his Facebook group is the best online! (We get asked a lot about this group and here is the answer to the most common question: traders and members of Mike’s Auto Trader are not required to join with a new broker or pay any fee to join this Facebook community. On average they generate 30+ signals a day. Mike keeps his admins trading on a daily basis so unlike many FB signals group we found, this is not a ghost town. They also offer free educational sessions and paid LIVE trading webinars once a week). Please contact Mike directly at tradingbinaryonline@gmail.comm for more information.

Dex Signals will cost you money to join, but who knows? it might be a legitimate service after all! At this point and after going over the videos posted on Dex Signals including the reviews on Google, it’s really hard to indicate if this service is honest but we would love to know that there’s at least one good service out there for Nadex members besides Mike’s FB group because there is definitely demand out there. The conclusion will come from you guys, from actual members, so please share your feedback or personal experience if you have one.

Visit and let us know what you think!

The Monaco Millionaire SCAM!! Don’t waste your time!

What a surprise? All the generic, over-night blogs are already giving the Monaco Millionaire SCAM positive endorsements. The truth will come out very soon and those website are powerless as we plan to completely debunk this virtual fraud machine and warn as many people as we can to avoid spending a dollar on this fraud! The website in question:, and what do you know? There’s only 1 more spot left since we spent about 20 minutes on the website. Refresh your browser and it’s like a miracle, more spots are suddenly available.

Okay but we can do more than just debunk their scam widget, even though it’s very common and if you come across any websites with pushy methods and attempts to get you to sign-up as soon as possible, click out of there and run with your money while you can. The Monaco Millionaire is designed to steal your money, similar to another recent scam, the China Millionaire, unfortunately even though we posted a warning, we’re still getting complaints by members who deposited money with the “China Money Stealing System”. It’s almost as if they are picking random countries and re-branding fake products, trying to again and again, manipulate beginner day-traders, generally people who are interested in binary options trading. It’s really unfortunately because there are many reliable brokers and services in this field. The scams are doing a great deal of damage to the industry since losing $250 is not the best way to start this path!

The video on the pitch page is incredibly lame…


Here is a big red flag, the Monaco Millionaire is advertised on this website:, and we noticed that each time a new scam comes out they give them a positive review. Any person who believes this website, must also believe that every new money-making system online is genuine and profitable. This is a fake blog with an intention to provide authority to new scams before they come out in order to manipulate Google. However, we are confident that honest people will comment below this warning and together we can make sure that this warning will rank higher on Google and above fraud blogs like and Try looking for one negative review on those blogs and you won’t even find one! It’s as if the Internet is a big money-making tree based on their “objective” assessment.

Notice how on the Monaco Millionaire website they immediately attempt to get your email with the following statement “sign-up now to start making $6,000 every day!”, even on a lucky day talented day-traders find it hard to reach a few thousand dollars so this is a very misleading statement, obviously they want to get your email by all means necessary and once they have your email, you will continue to receive more invitations to other silly offers, so ask yourself, do you really want it? It’s also likely that you found the website via an email invitation and you should never trust unknown email solicitors, they shouldn’t be emailing you with this BS, un-subscribe!

Binary options trading is a great way to make money but it involves high risk. Start with a Free Demo Account and if you are ready to trade with a serious, EU regulated company you should consider signing up with or one of WatchDog’s Trusted Brokers. If you need help with signals or a community to help you with your trading, visit WatchDog’s Recommended Signals Services and communities.

If you have an experience with the Monaco Millionaire or any other scams, please post a comment below!

Moneta Method is a SCAM!!!

Many visitors asked us about the Moneta Method in the last few weeks, it looks like this is the new viral SCAM! This is not a positive review of any kind, this is a warning! Many advertisers are blasting the masses with annoying email swipes, convincing and manipulating you to join and become one of the “Lucky Beta Testers”, sure!! This sales tactic is very common and it does make sense to test your software with a few people, but not when you’re creative mass campaigns to solicit your fraud offer, such as what we’re seeing now with this new Moneta Method SCAM. This is nothing but a prank method to make money online by the alleged software SEO, Stanley Williams. By the way this name is very common but if this guy was anyone special, we would surely find him in a Google search or anything linked to him besides this worthless virtual junk.

What is so special about the “Special Video Message”? we’ve seen the same voice actors literally reading from the same script, just change a few words and you got yourself another scam. Moneta and all the similar offers are damaging the reputation of our binary options industry. Our goal is to make sure that everyone stays away from MonetaMethod, it’s not worth it! You will lose everything! Help us warn others by sharing this review and by commenting and letting the world know that this is nothing but pure deception.

Notice that on the website they carefully word some statements “Recently Laura Knowles joined us as a beta-tester Below you can see the LIVE results Laura is making right NOW”, so does it mean that everyone get to generate a flawless ITM performance?

The “Miracle” performance but “Laura”, so does it mean that all of us will get 100% ITM?


The promises are reasonable this time unlike some of the other scams we previously reviews, on the website: they are not offering you a million in 27 days or anything that we consider completely ridiculous. However we still managed to identify fake actors in this presentation and with a few complaints, it’s safe to say that if you’ve been a positive Moneta Method Review, they are lying to you. Here is some examples of paid actors, “Nancy Meyer”, “Patrick Harper” & “Gerald Richards” . They also used a picture of a dead woman and they called her “Joyce Mitchell” which is purely disgusting. Why would you use a picture of a dead woman to promote your BS website? They seem to have done a great job with making sure that the first pictures of the beta testers are by Fiverr actors, but why post a picture of a deceased lady?

If you are absolutely new to online trading or to binary options you must do everything you can to avoid the email solicitation campaigns and the over-night blogs that are posting positive reviews for every new scam that comes out, such as the Moneta Method and you’ll notice a few websites advertising this worthless software, but no website with real authority in this industry will promote this type of scam and we find it hard to believe that any broker with dignity will ‘sync up’ with the folks who are behind this plan to steal money from traders! If they are synced with the bogus site, the brokers are also a scam and collaborators as any logical person can assume. Reputable brokers will never work with a software that might damage their reputation, especially if they are licensed and EU regulated.

You got to ‘play it safe’, especially if you are new to the binary options field. It’s rewarding and exciting to become a day-trader, but many advertisers take advantage of the enthusiasm and point you in all the wrong directions. Before you get ahead of yourself, maybe you can spend a day or two trading on a Free Demo Account. Then after you are ready to get serious, it’s time to join a fully EU regulated broker and you can also refer to WatchDog’s recommended brokers such as Topoption and Anyoption. If you are interested in alternatives to this useless software by a person who doesn’t exist, “Stanley Williams”, visit our Recommended Binary Options Signals, not may services make it there.

Finally, if you do have questions or anything to share with the world concerning the Moneta Method scam, we welcome you to post your comments below. This fraud is part of our Binary Options Scams list as of this point. Let’s put them out of business!

Mega Profix is a SCAM! They will Steal your Money!!! is a new autotrading scam which was not even released yet. Its official launch date is August 26th, 2015, but the Internet is already full of fake reviews claiming that Mega Profix is not a scam. They even set up a Facebook page to promote themselves. On August 4th they wrote on their Facebook page: “WOW we just broke the world record for onling earnings! 1.9 million in a single hour!” What an exaggeration! Do you believe it? We don’t…They also promise that you will be able to reach a 6 figure income in less than one month. Make sure to read this WatchDog review before signing up with MegaProfix.

The method, according to the creator of the MegaProfix scam, is “simple and stupid.” We would like to agree with that and to stress the stupidity part. Who would be stupid enough to believe that they can make you billions of dollars automatically with no trading experience? Who would buy that the banks’ money-making strategy will be offered to them on a silver platter, “deciphered, packed and easy?” In the rest of this review, we will try to prove that MegaProfix is a scam.

“Stupid.” We do agree with the ‘fraud voice actor’ on this one!

megaprofix is a “limited time offer.” How limited? On their website there is a backward timer that starts at 14 minutes. You have 14 minutes to sign up or you will lose your chance! Calm down. This is a fake timer. When it reaches 0 it will stay there, but you will still be able to sign up. They will never give up on any client who is ready to be scammed! And if you try to leave their website, even once the timer reaches 0, you will get a message saying: “Don’t miss out our limited time offer. Be a part of our ever growing Mega Profix community!” Not so limited, is it?

Next to the backward counter, they have set up a false “Live feed,” reporting what goes on with their members. First of all, they already show “live feeds” even though the software has not even been released yet, but more seriously, the same “live feeds” keep repeating themselves over and over again. When you enter the website it says: “Matthew J. just started auto-trading.” The next one is “Sara earned $4895.44.” Then, “Matthew K. just joined the trading robot.” “Robert earned $9,22.93″ (the mistake is their own.) Etc. Refresh the website and see how it keep repeating itself. We believe that just this is enough proof that MegaProfix is a scam. But this review is not over yet.

At the bottom of their landing page, you will find the logos of CNN, BBC and CBA Television. The creators of MegaProfix seem to believe or rather try to make you believe that their scam has been featured on these TV networks. We’ve searched their websites and could not find even a mention of MegaProfix. Maybe we should send them our review so they will have material for an interesting story: “How MegaProfix tried to scam thousands of people!”

If you are serious about trading binary options, please don’t sign up with the MegaProfix Mega-scam. Instead, choose a legit binary options trading software. For ideas, check out WatchDog’s trusted signal services. Never sign up with any service without going over our new blacklist. If you rather trade on your own, we recommend starting out with a Free Demo Account while you learn the basics and then going with a fully EU regulated broker such as

Please leave a comment below this review if you were scammed by MegaProfix or with any questions.

3 Week Millionaire is a SCAM!!!

3 Week Millionaire is a new binary options service which was launched just a couple of days ago. They promise that in 3 weeks you will make $1,000,000 by using their system, although there’s actually no limit to the money you can make with their software. The more money you fund your account with, the more profits you can make. They say that most users invest the minimum amount possible which is $250-$300 and then make $800-$1000 daily. If you fund your account with $1,000, you can make $2,500 per day. Still not enough to become a millionaire in three weeks! If you make $2,500 per day, you will make only $52,500 in three weeks.

According to the same type of calculation the creators of the 3 Week Millionaire use, in order to make just one million dollars in 3 weeks, you will need to deposit around $20,000-$25,000. Please don’t deposit even the minimum $250 with this scam, because whatever you deposit you will definitely lose. Too good to be true promises such as these are a sure sign that we’re dealing with a scam here. But our review is not over yet, we can point out countless more indications that the 3 Week Millionaire is a scam.

On you will find a backward Spots Left counter that starts at 10 and then quickly comes down to “1 Spots Left”, where it stays in order to give you a chance to go through all the videos and materials the marketers of this scam have prepared for you. Take your time, you will not lose your spot, and even if you do, you can always refresh the page to start again from 10 spots left. This is another indication we’re dealing with a scam. When trying to leave this site, a pop-up jumps at you urging you to enter your name and email or at least close this message and continue watching the video. If you try to close the window, another pop-up comes up to try to stop you from leaving. This annoying feature exists in almost every scam we review.

snapshot from the website


The creator of this scam will beg you to try his software. He will show you pictures of people receiving $10,000 checks from him “for no other reason rather than the fact that I like to help people in need…” Yeah, right! He likes to help people to lose their money is more accurate! He says that if you follow the news, you probably have seen him give money to organizations that help the blind and kids with cancer and who give a shelter to the homeless. We love to watch the news, but maybe we have missed the time they showed how the 3 Week Millionaire’s producer is handing $10,000 checks to these charities. We ran a Google search and could find no evidence that money was ever given to the poor or even that there was any mention of the 3 Week Millionaire in any news edition around the world.

Why do they give out $10,000 checks? Because that’s what they say they make with every click of a button while using their software. Please don’t fall for this. It’s absolutely impossible to make so much money consistently with a software that runs on autopilot. And if you did make a lot of money with this software, the brokers that are available with the 3 Week Millionaire are so bad, that you would probably never be able to withdraw any profits or even get customer support. Don’t sign up with such brokers. Always go with a fully EU-regulated broker, such as, and choose a trusted signal service, like the ones available on WatchDog’s trusted signal services. To sum up this review, 3 Week Millionaire is a scam!

Please leave a comment below our 3 Week Millionaire review with any questions or feedback.