Nuvo Finance Trading System Review

(Guest Post by Andrew from Binary Options Army)

Hello all, my name is Andrew and I have been in the business of binary options for close to a decade now. Reviewing various trading systems is what I do, and I do it with a passion. I just hate to see people get ripped off by fraudulent automated trading platforms, which is why I make it my business to do in depth binary options scam reviews. We’re here to give you all of the info you need to make an informed investing decision and today we’re doing a Nuvo Finance software updated performance review.

The Nuvo Finance app is a relatively new automated binary options trading platform, and in fact is one of the very rare systems that really does work. It’s sad to say, but there are a whole lot of binary options scams with the express purpose of emptying your trading account. However that is not always the case, and Nuvo Finance Software is one of those few exceptions that can actually be profitable.

We have personally tested The Nuvo Finance app and the results greatly exceeded our expectations. It is actually a fairly good binary options automated trading tool that definitely has the ability to put money in your pocket. Let’s talk about all of the aspects that make The Nuvo Finance trading system a prime choice for anyone looking to be successful in the binary options world.

What Is Nuvo Finance?

Like we said, Nuvo Finance is a brand new binary trading autotrader and it is brought to us by Peter Millen. Just to sum up the little presentation video, Peter Millen introduces Nuvo Finance and makes a few pretty bold claims. We are told that Nuvo Finance is a revolutionary new binary options trading platform with very high profit capabilities, a high ITM rate, and a very advanced trading method.

Like all binary options autotrader presentation videos, it is up to us to decipher what is true and what is not. As you will soon find out, this is one of the very few systems in the world which actually deliver on the promises made. On a side note, unlike all of those useless scam programs out there, we were happy to see one that clearly put some effort into their presentation. Looks aren’t everything, but they sure do count for something.

The Nuvo Finance App – Proven Trading Methods

One of the things that really stood out to us about Nuvo Finance Software is the fact that it utilizes a solid trading method that is virtually guaranteed to generate fairly high profits for you. What we have gathered, both from personal experience with the program and from in depth research, is that Nuvo Finance uses a very sophisticated trading method, or to be exact, it uses a variety of methods that combine into one profit generating trading strategy.

To make a long story short, Nuvo Finance software employs a diverse range of trading strategies, each of which work to identify the best possible and most profitable trades that the program can potentially make. The Nuvo Finance program’s algorithm then calculates the results to see which signals were recommended the most times by the various strategies.

The signals which are chosen the most times by the various trading strategies are the ones which ultimately get executed, ones which end up being highly profitable. We don’t want to go further in depth in terms of the exact inner working of the algorithm, but the point is that the trading strategies and overall methods used by Nuvo Finance are shown to prove results. Let’s talk about the results now.

Nuvo Finance Software – Our Results

We would have honestly never believed that Nuvo Finance could be profitable, because let’s face it, there are an overwhelming amount of scams online today. However, we just had to try using the program for ourselves because we were not about to discredit it without first hand personal evidence of whether or not it works.

We were totally prepared to throw a few hundred bucks down the drain in the name of getting to the truth, but against all odds we were pleasantly surprised with the results. We made the minimum investment and sure enough by the end of the second day we had actually managed to double our money. No joke.

It’s not like Nuvo Finance didn’t make any losing trades, because we did lose a few, but the overwhelming majority of the trades that this program made for us were successful. Based on our calculations, the ITM rate for Nuvo Finance is somewhere around 85%, give or take depending on the current market volatility.

Overall we were very happy with the results. We barely had to do anything and managed to double our money. What’s not to like? It is also probably worth mentioning that the beta testers we saw in the Nuvo Finance presentation video also had very successful trading experiences.

Can We Trust Peter Millen

One of the things which we are always the most hesitant about when it comes to any of these binary trading platforms is who the people behind it are. The credibility of the people behind the trading program is a big determining factor in terms of how reliable and genuine the program itself is. Well, the fact that Peter Millen checks out as a genuine guy, not just some paid actor, is definitely a plus in our books.

Peter at first seems to be no different from all of the other slick talking salesmen out there, but we weren’t about to discredit him based on his appearance alone. We did a little bit of digging around and it did not take long to find a good number of web pages, biographical pieces, and social media profiles of Peter Millen, all things which go a long way in confirming his identity.

It is very reassuring that Peter is a real, genuine, flesh and blood person, not just a guy trying to pass off a faulty product. We really like this Peter Millen guy and that leads us to also really like the Nuvo Finance trading system.

Nuvo Finance – An Easy Trading Experience

Now, we know that not everybody is an expert when it comes to trading in the world of binary options, but that does not mean that you should not be able to at least give it a try. This is one of the biggest reasons why we like Nuvo Finance software so much, because it is simple, straight forward, and easy to use even for binary beginners.

We managed to sign up and open our account in a matter of minutes and the trading itself didn’t take much longer to begin. Moreover, all you really need to do is change the settings to your likings, set it to automated mode, and let it do its business.

We had not let Nuvo Finance run for more than a couple hours before we saw the profits start to roll in. Being easy to use is not always the most important thing when it comes to a binary trader, but it certainly does help make things a whole lot easier for us.

Nuvo Finance Review Conclusion

Overall we were very pleased, not to mention quite surprised, as to how effective the Nuvo Finance trading system is. As far as we can tell from all of our research and experience with testing Nuvo Finance, it really is a good binary options automated trading platform. Everything about it checks out, there are no absurd lies told to us, there are no paid actors, and best of all, we actually managed to make a profit with it. If you were to ask us whether or not Nuvo Finance software is worth investing your money with, our answer would be a resounding YES!

Open an account with Nuvo Finance

For more information about Nuvo Finance, please check out WatchDog’s original NuvoFinance Review and Agent Matt’s Guest Post.

We hope you enjoyed Andrew’s post about Nuvo Finance. Please feel free to leave your feedback as a comment below this Nuvo Finance review. We’d like to remind you that using auto traders is highly risky and there’s always the chance of losing money. We only recommend using auto traders if you’re an experienced trader and with regulated, trustworthy brokers. Keep in mind that Nuvo Finance is not available in the US. Even though there are auto traders which are available in the US, if you’re an American, you should only trade binary options with Nadex.

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Fintech Profits is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

Fintech Profits is another auto trading scam to infect and fester within the vast confines of the binary options industry. Every component of this ludicrous investment scam is fabricated and the incorporation of half-witted paid actors from cheap online marketplaces goes without question. The incorporation of luxurious sport vehicles, guaranteed falsehoods and promises that are too good to be true are the embodiment of the Fintech Profits scam. Throughout the duration of this honest and indisputable scam review we will completely debunk this scam from the roots up while recommending you a software that has been proven and is Watchdog Approved!

Fintech Profits

The alleged creator of this “flawless” auto trader goes by the name of George. Yes, that is correct, just George. We aren’t given any last names besides the one given to us from George introducing the paid actor pretending to be Brian Zain, who supposedly is a 3rd grade teacher. Now that we mention it, it is quite pathetic how close to home these scam marketers are trying to hit in order to gain your trust and deceive you out of your hard-earned money!  A quick social media and Google search will confirm your suspicions and reveal that neither George or Brain Zain are actual living entities but rather just fabricated entities created by some sick, low-life scam marketers imagination.

Now, just like with the majority of other scams that we have previously exposed here all of the promises are too good to be true. The dim-witted actor trying to pull of this pathetic promotional video claims that you are guaranteed to make a profit of $550 everyday with their software and that if you don’t make $550 on your first day with their software that he will send you a wire immediately for $1,100. As you can insinuate for yourself this is just among one of the many empty promises that they guarantee you throughout the duration of their pitch video.

Unlike the majority of other scams that we have had the pleasure of exposing to the world, the Fintech Profits scam does not incorporate any scam marketing widgets in the framework of their website. In addition, the claim that you can generate up to $550 isn’t too far-fetched but to claim that you can generate that amount of income everyday with losing a single investment is absolute bonkers. Not to mention that all the brokers that are synced and assigned by the software are among the worst in the industry!

As if the elementary acting wasn’t painful enough for us to watch, we almost couldn’t make it through the first few minutes of the promotional video due to the video script playing on a loop. Just reiterating to “sign up now to make $550” again and again is almost enough to drive any sane individual crazy with resentment. To make matters worse the scammers behind this pile of idiocy don’t even go on to elaborate how the Fintech Profits auto trader goes on to generate its “100%” success rate. No elaboration on the composition or components of this software are ever disclosed to us throughout the entire duration of this pitch video so we believe we should just take their word for it, right?  WRONG!

Another red flag that we came across would be how George goes on to claim how the Fintech Profits system created $22,778,000 last year alone for their partners yet they don’t provide any 3rd party verification or transparent trading results to back up their outlandish claims. Furthermore, George claims that in January 2015 that he allowed 100 people to sign up with their system with the promise of earning at least $200k that year. Well, what do you know, all 100 of his new members made an alleged average of $207,000 that year. Funny thing though, when we were researching further into the legitimacy of this trading system, we couldn’t help but notice how the website was created on November 12, 2016 (just a mere 4 months ago).

Do not only yourself a considerable courtesy but help others by sharing and avoiding the Fintech Profits scam for binary options. The crew of con-artists behind this ludicrous investment scam are dangerously dim-witted and will stop at nothing to deceive newbie day-traders out of their hard-earned money. None of the claims with this automated software are viable or ever proven and all the guarantees and empty-promises are illicit marketing attempts to earn your trust. Not to mention that every component of this auto trader is fabricated and twisted where the only result that will occur if you put your faith in this system would be the loss of our hard-earned money.

Review Verdict:  Fintech Profits is a scam!

Blacklisted website:

For free help with binary option disputes, complaints and other matters, feel free to contact us directly at To become more informed of other vile scams lurking within the shadows of the binary options industry, please visit our complete Binary Options Blacklist.

Looking for a trustworthy and user-empowering manual and auto trading software for binary options? Check out our comprehensive OptionRobot Scam Review and learn how you can generate a few hundred to a couple thousands of dollars per month with this proven trading system! Keep in mind that we do NOT recommend signing up with any auto trader if you’re not an experienced trader. Newbies should start with a FREE binary options demo and signal service. US traders should only use Nadex.

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Is OptionRobot a SCAM?? Read Our REAL Review!! is one of the best performing semi-automated and fully-automated trading software for binary options. Compared to the usual ridiculous software that we have grown accustomed to exposing on a week-to-week basis, the updated version of this surprisingly simple software is user-friendly and generates effective investment results. We have been back-testing this updated, user-empowering software for over 8 weeks now and have concluded that OptionRobot is NOT a scam, but a legitimate binary options trading robot.

Unlike the majority of the scams that we have had the pleasure of exposing, the OptionRobot is synced with pretty reliable brokers such as StockPair and 24Option, to name a couple. In addition, they offer a no-strings-attached Free Demo Account and are available in every demographic including the US. In fact, they are the only binary options auto trader that is currently available for US day-traders to take advantage of which is a huge incentive for online investors currently residing within the United States. With the OptionRobot being available and accepted in every demographic on the globe this also includes oftentimes secluded regions of the world such as Malaysia, South Africa, Japan and Australia.

So how does this innovative and unique trading software work? That was one of our main questions as well when we first got started with this lucrative investment system. According to the website and from the creators of the OptionRobot system, we know that the implementation of technical indicators are widely used and incorporated into the framework of this software. There are currently 6 different indicators that can be utilized at any one time while investing with the OptionRobot: CCI indicator, Stochastic indicator, MACD indicator, Williams indicator, RSI indicator and trend indicator.

Perhaps the most satisfying and encouraging discovery would be that these technical indicators are actually real indicators used by reputable charting solutions such as MetaTrader4 and ThinkorSwim. We have grown accustomed to systems creating their own and “amazing” indicators so it’s relief to know that this certainly is not one of those cases again. We have also learned that the trend indicator mentioned is actually a front-weighted moving average indicator and performs quite effectively when paired with the RSI (Relative Strength Index) indicator. This very well may be the only binary options trading system that doesn’t rely on the utilization of some “advanced” or magical trading algorithm.

So how is the OptionRobot more effective than competing trading systems? The OptionRobot is more effective and reliable in a number of different ways. Perhaps the most significant way though would be that this semi-automated and fully-automated system actually has a “power-off” button that you can click on at anytime to prohibit any further investments from being executed. To be honest, this is a rather rare find to discover among a system that can operate completely on auto-pilot when we know that most of the auto-trading systems that emerge in this industry are scams and lack this simple technological input which oftentimes leave your trading accounts bone-dry.

Furthermore, this software encourages and increases user-control whereas most other systems greatly limit or even prohibit any user-control. One piece of advice that we can offer you would be to avoid any software that doesn’t grant you a substantial amount of user-control. Too many times have we witnessed malicious and deceptive trading apps that promise you the ability to generate unrealistic profits while doing it on complete auto-pilot. What they fail to mention is that as soon as you sign up there is no way to turn the system off. Not only does OptionRobot grant this power but it also warrants the investor the ability to select over 130 custom setting variations that can be applied at any one moment. You get to decide your trade amounts, which indicators are used, what method of investing the software implements and much more!

OptionRobot Settings

One characteristic that we are quite fond of in regards to the OptionRobot would be how they don’t offer you any unrealistic guarantees or empty-promises. Nowhere on the site will you find any claims or fake testimonials that we are so accustomed to seeing. In addition, the doesn’t incorporate an elementary pitch video created by ludicrous con-artists who possess a half-witted intelligence level. The lack of notorious marketing widgets is also duly noted and greatly appreciated because we are beyond fed up with the “limited number of spots” marketing tactic pushed down upon us by unreliable trading systems.

The only assertion relative to the OptionRobot that we could find was how the average success rate of 83% is reflected on their website. Although we have not achieved that amount of success, many of our subscribers have reported average success rates ranging between the 70 to 85% which match up with our rigorous testing results while using this system. We have tested over 65 different permutations and custom setting variations and each perform within a 2 to 4% success rate variance with one another. By far our best success has been achieved when using the Fibonacci method of investing while using a 2 minute expiration (those two custom settings have worked out greatly throughout our live meticulous testing phase).

Why should a newbie or experienced day-trader consider OptionRobot? There are two excellent reasons a binary options investor of any experience level should consider this dynamic trading software. The first reason would be due to the innate nature and composition of how this trading system can be operated in a semi-automated investment mode. Since the OptionRobot can be used in a manual investing environment it gives newbie online investors that ability to gain investment experience with having to do little to relatively no work. All you have to do is select your desired settings, turn the auto-trading mode on and make adjustments as you go. The last reason would be because since this system can be used as an auto-trader, investors who lack the availability due to a time constraint can just turn the system on after selecting the desired settings.

Verdict: is LEGIT.

Endorsed and Recommended by

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Similar Systems Like OptionRobot To Avoid:

Binary-Option-Robot, Brexit Bot, The Millionaire Bot, Star Wars Binary Bot, & 100 Percent Profit Bot

Trading Everest Software is a SCAM! Avoid this Fraudulent Operation!!

The Trading Everest scam has resurfaced in the world of binary options and has successfully earned a spot on our ever-growing binary options blacklist! Every component of this ridiculous and out-dated binary options investing scam is fabricated just like every other scam that we expose here weekly and the promotional video showcased is nothing more than an elaborate and fancy compilation of empty-promises and falsehoods. Claiming that users can generate a profit of over $40,000 per week without lifting a finger is among one of the many lies they will feed you throughout the duration of their 15 minute long pitch video.

Jason Gaines, the alleged founder of this “miracle” trading system, claims that he use to work at the New York Stock Exchange at some prestigious hedge fund where he was says he was easily pulling over 6 figures a year. Of course the name of this “prestigious” hedge fund is never once disclosed to us but we suppose the con-artists behind this ludicrous investment scam didn’t want to make it too easy for us debunk their scam. Furthermore, he goes on to claim that the corporate life wasn’t for him and how much he hated the 9 to 5 job that most individuals are stuck with so he decided to meet with his friend Chris who just happened to be a computer programmer. Who would’ve guessed, right?

Trading Everest is a SCAM!

Furthermore, Jason had asked his good friend Chris if he would be able to create a software that could implement the same indicators and strategies that his “elite Wall Street hedge fund” friends were using to crush the financial markets. Of course, this imaginary friend of Jason’s was more than happy to help assist him with this endeavor and created a software that he quotes,”could reverse the polarity of trading for novice investors.” What does this mean you’re wondering? Yeah, we are still trying to determine the meaning of this claim but we believe it is safe to say that it is complete crap. In fact, everything associated with this ridiculous investment scam is absolute garbage!

Claiming that investors can turn their trading account balance from $200 to $40,490 in one week is not only completely unrealistic but perhaps serves as the most apt description of a binary options system that it too good to be true! Jason goes on to say that his software has allowed Chris to generate over $278,000 in three months while he was able to pull in a profit over $450,000. Of course no documentation or 3rd party verification results were ever disclosed or shown throughout the whole duration of this pitch video. We suppose we should just take his word for it, right?

Unlike the majority of other scams that we expose here, the lack of paid actors, luxurious sport vehicles and exotic mansions are duly noted. All you have to endure is one long and confusing spiel performed in a PowerPoint presentation but in all honesty we find that more dangerous than the scams that we have grown accustomed to exposing over the past few years. Many of our devoted subscribers have become acclimated to the style and marketing tactics utilized by many of these newer trading scams that are released in the industry but novice investors unfortunately do not know better. The prospect of generating an alleged 87% success rate and having the potential to supplement your income up to $40,000 per week is quite an alluring offer to a novice online day-trader who doesn’t know better.

Perhaps the most ludicrous part of this fraudulent trading scam would be how ridiculous the script created is. The last falsehood fed to us on a silver spoon would be how the Trading Everest software uses its “trade peak potential indicator” to generate you enough income to “leave you breathless and like you are on top of some huge money mountain.” Claiming that users can generate an average of $40,000 per week while generating a 87% success rate without any documentation or transparent verification is absolutely absurd and we will not let it slide!

Do not only yourself but others a considerable courtesy by sharing and avoiding this moronic binary options trading scam. Every component of this ridiculous scam is fabricated and created with the sole intention of stealing your hard-earned money!

Review Verdict:  Trading Everest is a scam!

Blacklisted Website:

For free assistance with binary option disputes, complaints and other matters, please feel free to reach out to us directly at To become more aware of other fraudulent and deceptive trading scams polluting the online marketplace please visit our organized Binary Options Blacklist.

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Nuvo Finance Results Update

Hey online traders, let’s talk about trading with Nuvo Finance! Agent Matt from the Binary Options Agency has been using this software, along with Binary Options Watchdog and many leaders in the industry. To date, the results are amazing! And here is the best part; Nuvo Finance is available on complete autopilot mode! That’s right, an auto trader unlike anything we’ve recently seen. Read this review complete with trading results, features, and updates. It is sure to get you pumped and ready to start trading today.

Nuvo Finance - Join Now!

Nuvo Finance Auto Trader

Firstly, let’s discuss the auto trading feature. There was a slight bit of confusion, but Nuvo Finance is definitely an auto trader. This is great news for those of us with little time or experience, right? Some folks signed up with this trading app but saw no such automatic trading option. When we signed up for this binary options system, auto trading was available. In fact, on Day 1, Nuvo system traded for us and one 7 out of 9 trades. Our results can be seen right here in our live trading video.

In a short trading session, we finished just under 80% win rates and a profit of $83.50. Imagine that increase to your account each day. Plus, once the balance grows from our initial investment to a comfortable level, we will increase each position. Currently, $25 trades are being taken. Soon those amounts will be larger and so will our profits. We use proper money management and so should you.

Nuvo Finance Settings

The above screenshot was the Nuvo Finance auto trading panel. Here, you control your trading plan so you can succeed. Choose the amount per trade, the maximum number of trades you’d like the software to place, and a new feature adds the choice of assets. You can select auto so trades come from all assets. Narrow your selection to something as simple as commodities only by selecting that category. It is a nice add on, which gives trader a little extra control.

Nuvo Finance Features Changed?

Our day 1 results are well documented and it was solely using the auto trader. Strangely, our second day had no such auto mode. The platform was semi automated. If you registered and only saw semi automatic, it is not a glitch. Nuvo Finance temporarily went to semi automatic and manual only. The good news is this experiment was short lived, and now there is full auto trading, along with semi and manual. Repeating an important point: if you did not have auto trading, it has been restored. This is very exciting for so many of us waiting to get our hands on a software that can trade directly for you.

Below you can see our trades through Thursday and how we fared. Traders will notice that we explain Nuvo Finance in terms of both automatic and semi auto trading. This is based upon the changes we discussed. In a few short trading days, our balance has grown significantly. We’ve profited about $400. Keep in mind, these are conservative numbers. Our goal, as stated in this video is to reach $1,000 by the close of trading Friday, but can we do it? The answer is yes! Our YouTube video showing it is being produced, so please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Our week 1 results will be posted later today. You will see it as soon as it is complete.

Nuvo Finance Brief History

A common question relates to how this software works. There are a few elements that created it’s success. The short explanation is it weathered the recession of 2008. However, greater detail explains amazing research and dedication by a professional team of traders.

Nuvo Finance software is created by Peter Millen. He’s the is the founder and CEO. His personal experience developed this system. It’s algorithm is focused on diversification. Seasoned investors hear their financial advisors preach diversification. Nothing is more important than to diversify your assets. Nuvo Finance does just that. Thinking back to the recession of 2008 and the birth of the Nuvo Finance concept, no one would’ve expected investment success. How then, could Nuvo Finance make it through these gloomy times?

Peter Millen kept working to improve his vision. He tweaked a few things until he got it just right. Testing is critical, but to perfect a software through terrible economic times certainly gets the attention of many. The final result was a new and improved version. Nuvo Trader is a powerhouse!



So what exactly is offering traders? This automated app uses various algorithms developed over years of testing. It was created with the novice in mind, but has tools for all level to succeed. Many beginning traders have contacted us with compliments on the ease of use. We agree, it is one of the easiest systems to navigate. All you do is click a few buttons and your work is finished. The trading process is very simple. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a detailed email at

We are impressed with the recession proof approach. Nuvo Finance offers a huge assortment of assets to trade. Diversification is key, and our videos document the various asset pairs, socks, commodities, and indices taken with the auto trader. We are seeing trades placed with assets never traded before in any software we have used. It is a cool change of pace. Doing so diversifies investments, spreading out the risk and increasing the likelihood of success.

Nuvo Finance Gets the Green Light!

Nuvo Finance is scam free. It features impressive win rates. So far, trading is smooth and profitable. There are no reported issues with setup or synchronization with brokers. We would not wait on this offer folks. offers everything traders have asked for. Plus, the development team has worked tirelessly to improve the platform and features.

As tweaks were made, feedback was gathered, and testing continued. Nuvo Finance testers increased profits. Nuvo Finance is being called a game changer! It has helped two hundred people achieve their financial goals and dreams. Why not become one of the next group of folks to earn extra cash? We can jump in now to the next beta testing group, but access is limited.

How Much Money Can You Really Make?

Stats don’t lie. This system has been consistently winning for us. It shows tremendous potential, but be realistic. Our results are close to one hundred dollar profit each day. The Agency always starts slowly; so should you. It only makes sense, as no one wants to lose money! Assuming the win rates remain constant, and we double or triple or investments, our balance will definitely see thousands per week. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though.

Nuvo Finance

Whether you hope to trade full time or just earn a little extra on the side, Nuvo Finance is a great choice. Found within is evidence of profitability. Top earners featured on the site are seeing incredible results. Remember, however, that these traders have been at it for quite some time and they are using balances higher than the $250 minimum required to open a broker account.

Final Nuvo Finance Thought

The creators are slated to go public once they complete a second testing phase. Spots are limited, so to get in while you can. A huge benefit of getting in early is free lifetime access to the Nuvo Finance trading system! Once made public, it will cost plenty. Why pay when you can get it for free now.

If you are unable to get access, contact us, but don’t wait. We have developed a very positive relationship with the support team thus far. We may be able to assist you in gaining access to a viral system. The online trading community is buzzing about this one. Our testing shows it lives up to the hype!

Review Verdict: is a legitimate software!

You might be interested to read Binary Options WatchDog’s original Nuvo Finance Review. Please feel free to visit other Tested Binary Options Signals by BO Watchdog! Don’t forget to share your feedback, questions and all other matters regarding the software or any other binary options related topic. For help with disputes and complaints we welcome you to email us at Subscribe to Watchdog’s blog for all the latest industry news and scam warnings and join over 10,000 blog subscribers!


Unfortunately Nuvo Finance is not available in the United States, as the software is only synced with EU regulated brokers that cater to traders around the world, excluding the US and possibly a few other countries with restrictions. If you are trading from the USA, you can either join Nadex (US-regulated binary options exchange) directly, or try one of Watchdog’s Tested Binary Options Systems as an alternative as most of them are available worldwide. OptionRobot is a great example of an excellent auto trader that’s available everywhere. (OptionRobot Review.)

Lazy Trader App is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

The Lazy Trader App, also known as the Profit Repeater, is among the newest string auto-trading scams to infect and fester within the confines of the binary options industry. The promotional video includes the usual paid actors, photoshopped bank account images, mansions and of course fancy sport cars.  The promise of earning $15,000 per day is quite an alluring offer but a wise man once said that if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is. That is exactly the case with the Lazy Trader App!

Perhaps the most disturbing and eye-opening discovery we unraveled would be how the Lazy Trader App was created by the same group of con-artists who brought you the Market Filter App and the 10k Every Day App which we exposed here last week as deceitful binary option trading scams!  The connection between these binary option investing scams along with other scams that we have linked throughout the past two weeks indicate to us that we have a serious pandemic of viral investment scams on our hands. The online marketplace is already saturated enough with online trading scams which is why we are encouraging you to exercise extreme caution prior to signing up with any system, software or service! If a service, software or broker is not Watchdog Approved then your best bet is to avoid the opportunity unless you enjoy tempting faith.

Lazy Trader App is a SCAM!

Rick Daniels, the alleged creator of the Profit Repeater, is nothing more than the figment of some scam marketers sick, twisted imagination.  He possesses no virtual presence anywhere on any social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram and the only relevant appearance of him anywhere on the net would be from scam reviews much like this one. He claims to have generated over $17,000,000 in 7 months from using his system yet the only documentation he provides us in his pitch video would be a photoshopped bank account image. No transparent record of verified investments from 3rd parties are ever showcased nor will they ever be because the results are just more empty-promises that are not true!

Throughout the duration of the deceptive and insufferable pitch video the paid actor pretending to be the non-existent entity known as Rick Daniels claims that users who get started with their system will generate a profit of $150,000 in their first 10 days. Sound a little too good to be true? Yeah, we thought so too. If that wasn’t enough he goes on to feed us more BS about how his system “only trades when you are guaranteed to win,” (as if we haven’t heard this one before already).

One contradicting aspect that we couldn’t overlook would be how Rick Daniels claims that his software also generates an average success rate of 99.997%. Well if the software only executes investments that you are “guaranteed” to win wouldn’t that reflect a 100% success rate? This contradicting claim made by the forged Rick Daniels debunks and goes against how his software never generates a losing investment. As if we would believe that ridiculous claim to begin with, heck you are considered lucky if you can find an auto-trader now-a-days that generates a success rate over 70% like the OptionRobot Software.

To further debunk and dismantle this ridiculous investment opportunity the payout returns in the pitch video while Rick Daniels is showing us “how amazing his software works” are nowhere near accurate reflections of what an investor can expect to generate in regards to return rates. On average an investor can expect to receive a return rate ranging from 65 to 85% so if you win a $100 investment you can expect to see a profit of $65 to $85. However, in the pitch video we see their reflected payouts ranging from 378 to 387% by showcasing a $100 investment with a return profit of $387 and another photoshopped payout of $500 with a return payout of $1,893.75.

Another discrepancy that we found would be how Rick Daniels claims that he made over $17,000,000 in 7 months with the software yet when we looked further into when the website was created we discovered that it was founded on January 30th, 2017. Coincidentally this is also where we found the linkage between this scam in accordance with the Market Filter and 10k Every Day scam. The discovery of matching IP Location, Sponsoring Registrar IANA IDs and name servers were evidence enough to conclude the linkage and conclude that these scams are all created and ran by the same group of scam marketers. Domain Info

Do not only yourself but others a considerable courtesy by sharing and avoiding this moronic binary options trading scam.  Every component of this ridiculous scam is fabricated and the linkage discovery allows us to expose that there is a relentless team of con-artists creating several scams that are just as rotten to the core as they are!

Review Verdict:  Lazy Trader App is a scam!

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Hexa Trader App is a SCAM!! Indisputable Review!

The Hexa Trader App is one of the newest auto trading scams to infect the binary options industry with fictitious and deceitful guarantees and empty-promises. Just like usual the pitch video implements an excessive amount of photoshopped bank account images, marvelous mansions and luxurious sport vehicles. (You would think these scammers would learn a thing or two and change up their routine once in a while.) The incorporation of paid actors to provide phony testimonials is evident and the alleged CEO and founder of this system is never once shown in there deceptive promotional video. is a SCAM!

Perhaps the most significant discovery that we unraveled would be how the Hexa Trader App was created by the same scammers who brought you the Cognitrade App and Leaked Profits App which we exposed as viral and linked scams just last week. With this truth in mind, it becomes quite obvious that everything about the Hexa Trader App is fabricated and meant to deceive newbie online day-traders out of their hard-earned money. Nonetheless, since our duty here at Binary Options Watch Dog is to put scammers out of business we will continue to do our due-diligence and step-by-step debunk this ludicrous investment scam.

Professor Rubert Connor, the alleged CEO and founder of the Hexa Trader App, claims to be an Ex-MIT Computational Science professor at a prestigious university (which is not disclosed of course). He goes on to claim that he was able to create a hexadecimal system that could compute the coded rates of the binary options industry into hexadecimals which could then be interpreted by his software that generated signals with an astounding 94.7% success rate. Does that sound a little bit too good to be true? Yeah, we thought so also.

Another revelation that we encountered would be Professor Rubert Connor possesses no virtual presence anywhere on the web except for being the alleged creator of this ridiculous binary options investing scam. There are no search results of him being a professor at any university except for those found in scam reviews much like this one. Furthermore, one statement that we couldn’t ignore would be how he claims that since 2013 his team of experts and himself have been able to generate millions of dollars through his magical Hexadecimal Number software that he developed. Funny thing though, the Hexa Trader App website was founded on August 26th, 2016 and not in 2013. This just goes to show that these con-artists will feed us whatever lies they deem worthy as long as we are more inclined to sign up and lose our hard-earned money with their scams!

To further debunk the Hexa Trader App one of the claims made by the paid actor pretending to be Rubert Connor would be how he claims that the software receives return rates between 240 to 460%. Now, for those of you who have been industry for over a months time or our avid subscribers of ours you will know that the average return rates for in-the-money investments range between 69 to 85%. Furthermore, he claims that all of the investments are executed within a fraction of a second and that the software only chooses to invest with the best possible trades which results in their success rate being an astounding 94.7%. No transparent documentation or proof of these investments are ever showcased throughout the pitch video or on the website so we suppose we should just trust the word of an non-existent entity.

The correlation between the Cognitrade App, the Leaked Profits App and the Hexa Trader App is uncontroversial. All three of these systems share the same IP Location, Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID and name servers. In addition, the website designs are virtually identical except for a few variations and all three of the systems claim to generate you a profit between $1,100 to $1,700 per day. All three of the websites showcase three fake testimonials half-way down the page and each share the same disclaimer which can be found at the bottom of the page. Coincidence you may ask? Not a chance, we know better.

The Hexa Trader is a SCAM!

Do not only yourself a considerable courtesy but help others by sharing and avoiding the Hexa Trader App scam for binary options. The team of scam marketers behind these string of scams need to be put behind bars and the more public we make our scam reviews the less likely innocent and newbie online day-traders will become scammed. Every component of this auto trading scam is fictitious and twisted where the only result that will occur if you put your faith in this system would be the loss of your hard-earned money.

Review Verdict: Hexa Trader App is a scam!

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