Tratika Auto-Trader Exposed! Indisputable Review!!

Another rip off of the United Trading Network social trader has made an appearance in the binary options industry. Found at, this scam system looks quite familiar with the United Trading Network, however the feedback that we have received from our subscribers who have been scammed by the Tratika auto-trader is evidence enough to conclude we are dealing with yet again another scam. During this scam review, we will expose the Tratika auto trader, share our victimized subscribers feedback and provide you with a means that will allow you to report scams and check out legit online trading services.

Tratika is a SCAM!

To be honest, it is exceptionally annoying learning that the Tratika software was ripped off the first reliable social trader for binary options.  Many of you have read our United Trading Network Review and due to our review we have received positive feedback of winning percentages over 67% from over 3 dozen subscribers while only a few did not experience success. However, the feedback received about the Tratika system is a whole different story! Out of all the feedback that we have received the best reported success rate was 63% with the lowest winning percentage resulting in every investment loss! It is quite clear we are dealing with another get-rich-quick scheme which is why we urge traders to avoid this software!

Tratika Feedback

So how does this system work exactly? Well, since the scammers behind this system literally just copied the same website theme as the United Trading Network, it is quite evident that the functioning of this system is probably some algorithm that is meant to swindle you out of your money between a 24 to 72 hour period. At the scammers behind this system are trying to make a claim that this system also runs off “3 proven algorithms” which we know certainly isn’t the case. Just look at the image provided to you above and below, it is quite clear that we are dealing with another scam.

Tratika Feedback

The requirements to get started with this semi-automated software is just about the same as every other system that we have come across. In order to create a “Free Account,” you have to provide your first and last name, email along with your telephone number, then click on “Open Free Account.” Then you will automatically be redirected to the members page where you will be asked to sign up and make a deposit with one of their “recommended” brokers. Here is where things get questionable though, all of the brokers recommended are NOT regulated and most of them have horrifying reviews. Why put your faith with a system that requires you to get started with scam brokers that won’t honor your withdrawal requests?

Now, as mentioned above, the system claims to have three different investment algorithms that are used which are dictated by the option of trading you decide to invest with. If you prefer short-term options, for example, you will activate and use the “Rush Options algorithm.” The medium term option which ranges between 15 minutes to 4 hours uses the “Basers algorithm.” While the “Investo algorithm” is activated when doing long-term options between 1 to 3 days. Now, this is all great and all but all three of these varying options have proven to generate a success rate no higher than 63% on average which is why we are blacklisting the Tratika scam!

BinaryOptionsTradingSignals (BOTS)

The Tratika auto-trader for binary options is the evil step-brother of the United Trading Network software. Don’t be fooled by the rip-off theme of the Tratika software and the false testimonials that you will come across on the Internet, they are all FAKE! Do yourself a favor and avoid this fraudulent and corrupt trading operation! We can assure you the only result that you will achieve would be the loss of your hard-earned money!

Review Verdict: Tratika Software is a SCAM!

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TeraApp Scam Alert! Watch Out For New Scam!!

The Tera App for binary options fulfills of the perfect depiction of an auto trading scam that should be avoided at all costs. Found at, the TeraBit automated trading software is composed of nothing more than lies and empty promises. Claiming to be in existence since January 2016 although this website was founded a mere 5 days ago are just among a few of the deceptive claims made by this latest scam system! Read our honest and complete Terabit Trader scam review to learn more about all the lies and why you should avoid this system!

TeraApp is a scam!

The whole theme of the TeraApp money-making scheme can probably be best described as in your face and full of empty promises. Many of you know that the true danger with scams like the Terabit Trader lie with the promotional video and that is the case with this fraudulent operation. Richard Heffner, the so-called founder of, is a made up entity that serves as the scapegoat for this corrupt operation. As you can imagine, he is nothing more than another paid actor from a cheap online marketplace like Quite a sad and pathetic waste of oxygen if you ask us, having to make your living by telling lies on camera to get trick innocent people out of their money.

Within the first couple of minutes of the pitch video, Richard Heffner claims that he has made over 27 millionaires within the past 3 months. Better yet, he goes on to claim that you can become one too and all you have to do is hurry and sign up! You know what is quite amazing though? How Richard Heffner from TeraApp has achieved this miraculous accomplishment even though his site was founded on March 16th, 2017. Now, let’s just get the record straight early on, we are dealing with ANOTHER binary options auto-trading scam.

How the TeraBit Trader works is a mystery in itself as well. The closest thing we get to an explanation from the pitch video would be how this software uses “optimal data transmission technology,” to achieve a 93% success rate. Furthermore, you are guaranteed to make up to $850 per hour with this scam and up to $440,000 per month! Sounds a little bit too good to be true right? Hold on a second, it gets better…

You see, if you sign up within the first two minutes of viewing their video you can get started with the system completely “risk free.” You can also make up to $20,000 in less than 24 hours and get those funds sent overnight to your bank account. Yeah, we will start believing those claims once pigs can fly and when hell freezes.

One assertion in particular we can’t get over would be how Richard says “let me be completely transparent and honest with you and tell you why I’m giving this system to you.” He goes next to claim that he is giving the system free to you guys because he only makes money when you do. Now, let us be completely transparent and honest with you guys, this claim is a flat-out lie! The scammers operating in the shadows of this scam make a pretty handsome commission by getting you to register and deposit with their scam brokers. This is the sad and honest truth and is common with just about every online investment scam that has infected the online trading industry!

Let’s continue debunking this ridiculous auto-trading scam. If you took the time to visit, you may have noticed the “online results” that are streaming and popping up every couple of seconds. If you are an avid subscriber of ours and take our scam warnings and advice to heart, you may have spotted the “Spots Left” widget too. Well, here is the thing about these widgets and phony marketing tactics.  All you have to do is refresh the page and you will notice how all of the “live” online results and the total number of spots left go back to their originating value. Not totally convinced that you should avoid this scam yet?

Perhaps this will do the trick for you. As you can see in the image above, was created on March 16th, 2017 at 13:35:48. Which makes us wonder how Richard claims that his system has been around since January 2016 and how he has made 27 millionaires within the past 3 months. Complete and utter garbage if you ask us! Do yourself a favor and avoid pitiful and embarrassing online investment scams like the TeraApp auto-trader for binary options. Want to learn more phony trading scams affecting the online investment industries? Visit Watchdog’s Blacklist to learn which auto-traders, software and brokers to avoid to keep your hard-earned money safe!

Review Verdict: TeraApp is a SCAM!

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OptionBot Pro Review – Tested Trading Robot

Self-defined as a “binary options trend indicator”, OptionBot Pro is the latest incarnation of the OptionBot software, which is in essence an auto-trader of sorts, but which features an apparently useful manual trading function as well. The waters are rather murky around this product, given the fact that its reputation isn’t exactly spotless, and that the people behind it – though well-known in binary option circles – aren’t among the most reputable either. Deciding whether or not OptionBotPro is a scam, isn’t the easiest of tasks: some of the vibe out there concerning the product is downright toxic. Then again, there are a few who claim it actually works and that it’s capable of generating ITM rates northward of 88%. The problem is that all this community feedback is rather confusing. There are review portals out there for instance, which throw the book at OptionBot 3, the predecessor of OptionBot Pro, calling it an outright scam. The same websites feature reviews about XE Trader too though, in which they end up calling it an “unreliable service” while stating that it yielded 91% ITM rates in their own tests. Those who know their trading, know that XE Trader is in fact related to the OptionBot family. The only way to determine whether or not OptionBot Pro is legit is to actually take it for a test-spin.

OptionBot Pro

What exactly is this service though and how is it supposed to work? The OptionBot Pro platform is a web-based one, which can be accessed from PCs as well as from mobile devices. It seems to run smoothly and it places its trades without slippage. Signing up to the service is simple and quick enough, but to actually start trading, clients will have to open an account with one of the supported brokers of the operation, and to make a deposit of at least $250. There’s a demo option available too, but if you skip it, you won’t miss anything: its actual performance is quite dubious. It does give traders an opportunity to get acquainted with the user interface and the manual trading mode though. The Demo version comes with $1,000 in virtual funds.

OptionBot Pro has been developed by TrendExpert and Fibi FX, both companies pretty well-known in the realm of binary option trading. In fact, TrendExpert has effectively morphed into the currently available product, as it no longer exists under its original name. While the PC-based version of the OptionBot software can be accessed directly from the website, those interested in using the mobile version will have to download it from the Google Play Store, or from the Apple iTunes App Store. The people behind the software are well-known as stated above, and they most certainly exist, unlike the fictitious characters pushing some of the auto-trading scams. They are binary option educators, who host seminars and various courses to this day.

What are the actual principles which form the basis of OptionBotPro’s claimed 88-90% success rate? The software trades on currency pairs exclusively, some 15 of them. It allows traders to set Time Frame and PIP parameters, to generate alerts for various trend-related opportunities, covering neutral-, upward- and downward trends. The centerpiece of it all is the Support and Resistance level-based module, which is – by the looks of things – a great 60-second sniping tool. Some will undoubtedly claim that such an approach is way too simplistic and lacking sophistication, but at the end of the day, there’s not a whole lot of strategizing one can accomplish on options with such short expiries. Support- and resistance level trading is an accepted way of trading such short-term options and in the case of OptionBot Pro, it seems to be working well. Suspicions in this regard are quite understandable though: the OptionBot Pro site does an outstandingly poor job at explaining support and resistance levels, in spite of their simplicity. It’s easy to see how such summary solutions may lead to distrust on the part of the users.

Anyway, support and resistance level trading does work if used properly and in OptionBot Pro’s case, it seems to be properly implemented.

Having browsed through scores of reviews, we were left with the impression that most people figured OptionBot Pro was advertised as a “golden bullet” type of solution, much like the run-of-the-mill auto trading scams. It’s not that. It is a mere trading tool, the efficiency of which depends quite a bit on how one actually uses it. That said, there aren’t advanced trading skills involved in the proper operation of the trend indicator. We have actually put the software to the test and we found that it did on fact work and that it was indeed capable of yielding ITM rates above the 80% mark.

Once started up, the software delivers an impressive amount of data right to your computer/mobile screen. Traders have access to news, there’s a special section for messages as well as a User Settings section, where the indicator can be fine-tuned. The Market tab offers information on various market opening and closing hours. The Calendar can indeed be an important tool, as the sort of short-term trading pushed by OptionBot Pro works best under high volatility circumstances. Whenever such market conditions occur, a whole range of weaker and stronger support and resistance levels develop. The OptionBot Pro philosophy is simple: whenever a resistance level is identified, a short-term PUT trade is placed. When there’s a support level taking shape, a short-term CALL trade is in order. While extremely simple indeed, the strategy seemed to work well for us. There are a number of videos on YouTube, showcasing people going on massive 100% ITM runs. While we weren’t able to replicate such feats, we did find the setup quite profitable.

We can’t help but conclude that despite our skepticism, OptionBotPro came through just fine. It handles its 60-second trading superbly when used for manual trading, and it gives trades ample options money management-wise. Overall, the tool is a nifty addition to one’s arsenal, especially when it comes to the delicate task of profitably trading short-term binaries.

Review Verdict: OptionBot Pro is legit and proven!

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FXSniper is a SCAM! Auto-trader Shot Down!!

Simon Reed from FXSniper is another falsified entity created by an auto trading scam website known as Everything about this auto trader is fabricated and created with the sole intention of deceiving inexperienced online traders out of their hard-earned money! To learn more about the corrupt marketing techniques and the fraudulent auto trading operation known as FXSniper, feel free to read our complete scam review. Not only will we expose all the illicit activities being pursued behind-the-scenes, but we will also provide you with free assistance to getting your hard-earned money back from scams that have previously wronged you!

FXSniper is a SCAM!

So who is Simon Reed from FXSniper? Simon Reed, as many of you already know by now, is nothing more than another paid actor purchased to serve as the face of the FXSniper auto trader. Perhaps the most stomach-curdling truth about these phony paid actors would be that they can be hired for as little as $5 to stand in front of a camera and recite lie after lie from cheap online marketplaces like  One interesting revelation that we stumbled upon as well would be how Simon Reed possesses no matching social media profiles and the only time his presence is seen anywhere online would be in association with this ridiculous Forex auto-trading scam.

So how does the FxSniper auto trader work? Well, we wish we could tell you but throughout the entire duration of their elementary pitch video, the closest thing to an answer that we got would be that the system runs on “complicated mathematical equations to pick out the best signal choice possible.” No mention of the technical components to this software, which leads us to believe that this system just operates on some BS algorithm that is designed to slowly lose your money over time.

We believe that if you can’t flat out say this is how your system, service or software creates high probability signals then you should just avoid the opportunity completely. Why should you put your trust with another Forex auto trader that can’t provide you with any concrete evidence on how their system works? It is just completely ludicrous, to be honest! At least tell us if the system runs with technical indicators and if so which ones. It truly isn’t that difficult. However, this is a rare characteristic to come across, and tends to be only available among systems, software and services that are legitimate.

One characteristic that we can’t get over would be how the man pretending to be Simon Reed goes on to say that “soon this free offer website will be taken down and the opportunity will be gone but the members who take action now will have a lifetime membership.” We have seen this pitiful marketing tactic time-and-time again with dozens of other scams that we have exposed and with the FXSniper scam, it is no different!

The only reason these scammers say that and incorporate the notorious Available Spots Widget (which is seen below the FXSniper video) would be to rush newbies traders on their site into hurrying up and getting started with their system. We can assure you that the site will still be there in the following weeks to come and everything they say is just meant to earn your trust to steal your money.

To make matters worse in regards to the case of the FXSniper auto trader, we couldn’t help but notice how this website was only created on March 9th, 2017, yet Simon Reed claims to have been profitably using this software for over 10 years. Seems to us that his calculations are a little bit off since the system was only created 11 days ago or else their was a script error overlooked by these moronic scam artists.

Picking apart illegitimate characteristics exhibited by online trading softwares is what we love to do but sometimes it gets old especially when we come across the same characteristics time-and-time again like with the FXSniper scam. For those of you who are devoted subscribers of ours, you know just how far these scammers are willing to go to deceive you out of your hard-earned money which is why we recommend always checking out our site or Contacting Us to find out if a binary options or Forex auto trader, software or service is legitimate prior to getting started.

Trust us, after exposing countless scams throughout the past four years nothing is worse than losing your hard-earned money along with your personal and financial information. We get it. You are excited to try something new and we can totally relate with that but binary options and Forex investing can carry quite a bit of risk as well, which is why we encourage you to tread with caution. Do your research, contact us if you need any help and we will be there every step of the way to help you out!

Review Verdict: FXSniper is a SCAM!

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Omnia App is a SCAM! Indisputable Review!!

Omnia App for binary options is a ridiculous binary options trading scam meant to target inexperienced Forex traders out of their hard-earned money! Not only is a pathetic scam but it is also created by the same network of con-artists who brought us the Market Filter App, 10k EveryDay App, LazyTrader App and the ProfitBall Software all of which we have previously exposed as online trading scams! It seems quite clear to us that this relentless network of scammers have successfully brought their scams into the Forex industry and are exhibiting no signs of stopping.

Omnia App is a SCAM!

Even though the image provided to you below is all the evidence that is required to link all of these scams and debunk any legitimacy that the Omnia App claims, let’s go ahead and analyze this scam to learn more about the Omnia App and how to avoid other binary option and Forex related scams. Matthew Hammersmith, the alleged CEO of Omnia Investments, as you may have guessed by now, actually doesn’t exist. In fact if you take the time to conduct a quick Google search and type, “Matthew Hammersmith Omnia App review,” into the search query, you will notice that the only relevant search results that appear would be in scam reviews, much like the one you are reading at this very moment.

Furthermore, the man portraying this fake entity is nothing more than a paid actor from a cheap online marketplace, if we had to guess we would probably have to say from Perhaps one of the more disturbing truths about these paid actors would be that they are willing to serve as the scapegoat and face of these scams starting as low as $5! To be completely honest, we full-heartedly believe that these paid actors are just as guilty as the group of con-artists running these ridiculous and deceptive trading scams. One discrepancy that we couldn’t overlook either would be how the company known as “Omnia Investments” doesn’t actually exist, well, at least they don’t exist according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which indicates to us that we are dealing with a scam.

Now, just like with all the other scams that this network of low-life scumbags have released into the online marketplace, they all revolve around the same marketing premise. As many of you know, the real dangers with these auto trading scams lie with the promotional video on their websites. Well, the Omnia App scam is no different, the true danger lies with their promotional video and, as you can imagine, they pull out all the bells-and-whistles in their sorry attempt to earn your trust and deceive you out of your hard-earned money.

In fact, these marketing tactics can be experienced within the first couple minutes of their pitch video, where they claim that this is the last day that this service will be available and that if you want an extra $5,700 in your bank account by the end of today, you better sign up now. Well, let’s get a couple of things straight here. We can assure you that if you take the time to visit the website tomorrow that it will still be there for you to get scammed, and secondly claiming that you will receive an extra $5,700 in your bank account by the end of the day is just pitiful marketing. It is quite clear that this scam is meant to target only the most novice of online day-traders which seems to us to be quite clear among of their recent scam launches.

Now, many of you are familiar with how we like to use the old wise saying that if something seems too good to be true then it probably is and well, as you can imagine, the Omnia App scam for Forex serves as an apt description for that saying. Claiming that investors will make a minimum of at least $1,350 daily with their software while in their promotional video they claim that you will generate profits between $5,000 to $12,000 per day is just pure lunacy. The paid actor pretending to be Matthew Hammersmith also goes on to say that you can make $1,000,000 within 6 months with their system. Sounds a little bit too good to be true, if you ask us.

The image provided to you above is all that you need to see to know that this system is a scam. Sharing the same Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID and Names Servers with Market Filter App, 10k EveryDay App, LazyTrader App and the ProfitBall Software is evidence enough to verify that all of these systems are connected and aren’t in any way legitimate. Make sure to do not only yourself but others a favor by sharing and avoiding this fraudulent and deceptive auto-trading scam. Every component is fabricated and just as sick and twisted as the network of scam marketers relentlessly releasing all of these online trading scams.

Review Verdict: Omnia App is a SCAM!

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PumpTrades is a SCAM! Indisputable Review!!

The auto-trading software known as PumpTrades is the newest get rich quick money-making scheme to enter the binary options industry. Alex Stewart, the alleged CEO of PumpTrades, is nothing more than an alias to serve as the scapegoat for this absolutely pitiful and obvious auto-trading scam. Everything about the PumpTrades auto-trader screams scam and we can assure you that throughout the duration of this scam review, we will debunk all the manipulative and deceptive characteristics that compose this fraudulent binary options operation!

Pump Trades is a SCAM!

So what is the real danger with PumpTrades? The real danger without question in regards to the PumpTrades software would be through the promotional video that contains an overwhelming number of fabricated software results, paid testimonials and too good to be true guarantees. Within the first two minutes of their pitch video, Alex Stewart, the so-called creator of Pump Trades, graciously shows us his amazing investment results with the system and let’s us just say, they are quite staggering, claiming that he has accumulated a profit over $155,000 within 2 months time along with showcasing out of 7,289 total investments that 6,872 of them landed in-the-money allowing him to generate a 94.28% success rate. All of this as you know is without a shred of doubt fabricated and too good to be true.

The amount of fabricated screenshots in this investment scam is absolutely ludicrous if we are going to be completely honest here. What is even more absurd would be how the three testimonials provided throughout the duration of this scam each showcase profits of over $60,000 within a two months span. Now, if that wasn’t enough already to further add to the lunacy of PumpTrades all of the brokers assigned by the PumpTrades auto-trading scam are notorious scam brokers that have some of the most despicable and shady reputations in the binary options industry. So you can almost guarantee yourself that if you ever did deposit with them that more likely than not you will never see your hard-earned money again.

So how does the PumpTrades software work? Well, according to the man pretending to be Alex Stewart in the paid voice-over, PumpTrades works with super computers which allows their system to have an advantage over other competing systems. Furthermore, PumpTrades implements some sort of FGTX FX algorithm that enables their system to invest both currency pairs and stocks to generate an average success rate of 92.50%. What we can’t seem to understand though would be how a Forex (FX) algorithm is able to execute stock options when they are only associated with currency pairs. Perhaps this can be best answered by exposing the obvious and saying that it is not possible to begin with.


Not fully convinced yet? Okay, well, as you can see in the image provided to you above, PumpTrades claims to have publications on Forbes, CNBC News, New York Times, Business Inside, Yahoo and Bloomberg Business, but if you take the time to conduct a quick search query on each of these websites you will notice how zero search results are the only results that will appear. What does this mean you may be wondering? Well, it is quite simple. It means that PumpTrades and every component of this scam is fictitious!

We have seen countless times the extreme lengths scam marketers are willing to go to deceive innocent day-traders out of their hard-earned money and PumpTrades is without a doubt a shining example of these measures. How far this team of scam marketers were willing to go in order to make their software appear legitimate throughout their pitch video was in all honesty quite scary, especially if this team of con-artists stay together and work on future scam launches as we have seen witnessed countless times these past few months. Do yourself a favor and avoid the PumpTrades auto-trading scam for binary options. We can assure you the only result that will occur is the lose of your hard-earned money along with a great deal of regret.

Review Verdict:  PumpTrades is a SCAM!

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Our top priority here at is to ensure the safety of our subscribers and thousands of other online day-traders within the Forex and binary options industry. As many of you know, the binary options and Forex industry carry a great amount of lucrative opportunities but due to this truth, it has also become a cesspool for scam marketers and low-life con-artists who have nothing better to do with their lives than to target and deceive inexperienced day-traders out of their cold, hard cash.

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ProfitBall is a SCAM! Avoid this Fraudulent Auto-Trader!!

The ProfitBall sports analysis auto-trader is nothing more than another fraudulent and fabricated binary options software scam. Created by the same network of con-artists who brought you the LazyTrader App, 10K EveryDay App and Market Filter App scams it is quite evident that this faction of low-life scumbags will stop at nothing to deceive inexperienced and newbie binary option day-traders out of their hard-earned money. Quite a disheartening truth if we are going to be completely honest but you can rest assured knowing that Watchdog has your back! Throughout the duration of this scam review, we will destroy every element of the ProfitBall scam and eradicate any legitimacy it may claim for all to know.

Profit Ball Scam

Although all the evidence that we need to completely debunk the ProfitBall auto-trading scam is provided to you below, let’s go ahead and continue with what we are known for, which would be executing our due-diligence. So what is the ProfitBall auto-trader for binary options? Well, according to Terry Mason, one of the alleged Co-Founders, it is the first ever binary options auto trader that incorporates sports analysis to predict the future direction of stocks with 100% accuracy. Yes, that is right, everyone, the ProfitBall is alleged to have a 100% success rate and they even guarantee you a minimum profit of $7,000 per week!

But wait… there’s more! This spot is only available for the first 7 people who sign up so you better hurry up and sign up with them as soon as possible! Pshhh… yeah okay. Even if you aren’t an avid subscriber of ours, you should know that there is no such thing as a 100% performing binary options auto-trader and if you are foolish enough to believe that then by all means go ahead and put your faith with that system. However, we at believe in more practical and proven investment approaches, and of course systems that share no correlation between other scams that we have exposed here previously.

Now, don’t get us wrong, the whole part about where you are guaranteed at least $7,000 per week is quite enticing but let’s be honest, we’ve seen this a hundred times by now and as most of you know, there is no one ever backing up these absurd and ludicrous investment claims. Scam marketers only include this little rhetoric to earn your trust and make you feel that you really don’t have anything to lose with their system when in all actuality you will lose much more than that if you get started with their system. Not only will you lose your starting deposit with their fraudulent assigned binary options broker but your personal and financial information will also be out in deep space for everyone to know and you can bet you will become a victim of malicious spam attacks and fraudulent phone callings.

So who are the founders behind the “amazing” ProfitBall auto-trader? Well, according to the promotional video, two fake entities known as Terry Mason and Joseph Ethan are the founders and developers behind this sports analysis driven software. As you already know though, Terry Mason and Joseph Ethan are nothing more than actors from an online marketplace paid to serve as the face of this scam. We’ve already seen this rehearsal before with the other investment scams that this network of scammers have released into the binary options industry so it is quite obvious that these two individuals do not exist.

Perhaps the most unique aspect about the ProfitBall scam would be how this system is marketed throughout the duration of their promotional video. For once we finally have come across a system that claims to incorporate sport analysis into a trading algorithm that can predict the best moments to execute binary option stock related options with 100% accuracy. In fact, this amazing trading conception that they have been relying on the past four years has allowed them to generate a profit over $6.4 million. However, what we guess they forgot to mention was that their website was only created last month on February 6th, 2017. Now, we aren’t mathematicians here but the time span between 1 month to 4 years is quite a bit, so it pretty much goes without saying that we are dealing with yet again another auto trading scam.


Now, as you can see provided in the image above the Sponsoring Registrar IANA ID and the Names Servers are exactly the same as the ones we displayed and showcased in our LazyTrader App, 10k EveryDay App and Market Filter App scam reviews leading to the only logical conclusion that these systems were created, in fact, by the same half-witted scammers. Do not only yourself but countless others a considerable courtesy by sharing and avoiding this moronic and deceptive trading scam. Every element is just a twisted and rotten to the core as the group of con-artists releasing these innumerable auto-trading scams.

Review Verdict: ProfitBall is a SCAM!

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