VirtNext Software Review! Proven and Tested!!

VirtNext Investment LTD is a real company, behind one of the few successful auto-traders we stumbled upon! This review is very important, as you will find many scam offers in this industry. In the last 3 years we uncovered many fake offers which you will find on our BO Blacklist, the software is not one of them. In fact, after testing the software for 40 days we reached a solid conclusion that it’s not only just accurate, Virtnext is one of the most profitable services in the binary options industry.

On the VirtNext website you will find an endorsement badge by our website. If you are not familiar with us, is the top site dedicated to expose binary options scams and based on the number of warnings we posted, we are the biggest in the business of alerting the day-traders regarding misleading offers. In an industry where “bells and whistles” are necessary to get attention, had no choice but to incorporate some elements on their site and if it was up to us, would be removed. You do not need to act fast, the software will remain available for new members, it’s not a pressure money-making-scheme of any kind with annoying pop-ups.

Vincent Bollore is the CEO behind, he is a real person that you can verify. Scams often use images instead of real evidence, the creators love to hide behind fake identities.


Vincet Bollore resides in France and is a person you can verify:

In our upcoming, follow-up review on Virt Next we plan to upload live results trading with the software. The interface is completely different from what you’ve ever seen, if you’ve been testing or currently trading with a semi or fully automated service. Just to be clear, does offer full automation but you can also set a parameter which will allow you to set limitation on which trades you decide to take.

The VirtNext software is Recommended & Tested by, and  It’s really one of a kind and we encourage you to test it!


Once you navigate to the second page on’s front page you will notice real news stories, and we are not referring to unknown news release sites, the VirtNext software was covered on some of the biggest media outlets in the world. The CEO is a real guy you can confirm, not a “Fiverr-made” identity. VirtNext didn’t hire a single liar from to lie on camera, instead they did what any legitimate service would do by showcasing real testimonials.

Verdict: VirtNext is a Trusted Software! 

It’s not often that we post a positive review on a binary options service, as many of them are misleading but after 40 days of trading, and not seeing a drop below 76% ITM, we can empirically and beyond any reasonable doubt, break the news to the online trading community, that we’re dealing with a reliable software! This is why we strongly encourage our readers to test it out if you have plans to join a binary options signals service. VirtNext will not disappoint you, in terms of performance and the quantity of daily signals. We encourage members of the VirtNext software to share your testimonials, feedback below this review. For alternatives to VirtNext, visit Watchdog’s Recommended Signals. New to the industry? Trade with a Free Demo Account before you invest real money!

Cheers to your success and stay tuned for our follow-up VirtNext Review!

294 comments on “VirtNext Software Review! Proven and Tested!!
  1. Joshua says:

    Wow this sounds great! A rare find, a good auto-trader! Virtnext will be the next autotrader I try! Fully automated and tested? Can’t wait, I’m signing up right now!

  2. Dan Berkowitz says:

    Great work Watchdog! I am so happy about this review. I’ve been searching for a real binary options software and was going to email you today. Everything is looking good with VirtNext I will be signing up tomorrrow morning.

  3. What a fantastic new system! I truly can’t wait to share my success with it to others. This is the real deal. I’m sure the Virtnext system will change and enrich many peoples lives. Many people like me will be able to profit! Bless Binary Options Watchdog! Thank you so much!

  4. Omri says:

    Thank you Watchdog for letting us know about this new wonderful Auto Trader!
    VirtNext is a great Software with a lot of reputation in the financial market!
    Thanks again!

  5. Sam says:

    Virtnext looks awesome!!! Oh my goodness! The CEO is real, the software looks very professional and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  6. Andis Andrew says:

    Virtnext really looks impressive. There seems to be a huge potential for this autotrader. I signed up already!!!

    • WatchDog says:

      You guys are making a smart decision! We will also post a follow-up review with live trades. Please return to report your performance.

  7. David says:

    Hi watch dog, thank you for your timeless energy in reviewing softwares and auto traders.
    Honestly I’ve been trading BO for over 2 years and have used many auto traders, few of them were good, however it’s only after I signed up I used to read your review.. It’s so awesome to finally read a review on virt next by you, before I signup.
    Apart from your credibility, virt next seems legit, welcome page is simple and honest and Vincent Bollore is definitely real after my research.
    Again thank you , I’m signing up right away will keep you posted on my progress.

  8. johnson says:

    i m having trouble with applying for all these brokers,jux tried virtnext wouldnt work

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Johnson, Which country are you trading from? It could be that VirtNext is not available in your country. We also recommend using the Chrome browser.

  9. Sarah says:

    This is something that deserve attention. I am gonna sign up an try it tomorrow! Thanks for the review Watchdog

  10. Ricardo says:

    Finally a legit system released in the Binary industry! cant wait to join. Thanks WatchDog

  11. Marili says:

    Very excited about this software!! Have signed up. Will let you know how I get on.

  12. degraft uzakah says:

    I really hope this one will be available to people in Nigeria. We read other people’s comments but we just cant join

  13. miketadex says:

    Hi, I’m trying to register but it’s not working. Is it possible problem of Chrome? I am from Slovakia. Registration is limited to the country? well thank you

  14. Murray says:

    If I am using the auto trader, do I leave it on 24/7 or should it be turned off at night?
    When you did your testing, did you use the auto-trader, or did you trade manually?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Murray, VirtNext allows you to choose between semi or complete automated trading. Please refer to the features and the instruction video in the members area, otherwise please let us know if you need any help.

  15. Grace says:

    First 12 trades 9 winners!!!!! I will leave it on Auto, hoping this is not luck!

  16. Raymond says:

    Hey watchdog just wanna ask you or anyone that tried a system called. AutoTrading Master if any please post the review or outcome

  17. Gale Burnick says:

    WOW!!!!!! The VirtNext does really work, no wonder everyone in this industry together is endorsing them. I got 24 winners out of 28 since I activated. Fully Auto, I took 2 trades on Semi for testing but I think it’s the same.

  18. Blaise Kinyua says:

    Hi watchdog. Followed your link and registered.

    From the tests you have done so far, which method did you predominantly use; semi auto or full auto?

  19. Jim Cashatt says:

    Im looking at this one right now. It even looks very nice. Cant wait to give it shot!

  20. Lucas says:

    Activated VirtNext this morning, I noticed the review on so far I am happy! Smooth, fast and signals are accurate, got 1 tie but mostly winners.

  21. Omri says:

    The VirtNext is great Auto Trader guys you cant miss this opportunity! You have also a great brokers with full EU regulation and a great trading platform!

    Thank you !

  22. Abed says:

    Thank you Watchdog for this review! I just signed-up with VirtNext and it looks so good and promise Auto Trader!
    Thanks again for your support!

  23. Martin Levvi says:

    I was searching for a professional looking software for a long time, Virtnext is really looking a lot promising than the other auto trading solutions out there. I’m going to try signing latter tonight. If i have some kind of problems i will post another comment.

  24. Arbaz khan says:

    Hello Watchdog this software is available for Pakistan or not? I’m trying to register with this software and fill all information correctly with the registration form and then I’m click complete registration but not showed next page.

    • WatchDog says:

      Arbaz, it may not be available in Pakistan unfortunately. Many binary options brokers are not available in your country.

  25. Andis Andrew says:

    Am back with my update. As I said I signed up yesterday. Last night I activated autotrader mode, I got 6 ITM and 1 OTM. Today I was able to pull 19 trades on auto mode, 15 of which was ITM and 4 OTM. So in total I got 21 ITM and 5 OTM in two days. I used minimum $25 trades for minimum risk. I am very happy and impressed with app so far. I will keep you updating guys, cheers 🙂

  26. Mareli says:

    Hi watchdog, me again 🙂 Thank you again for recommending Virtnext, so far so good! The software is currently trading at about 86% win rate, and I am extremely happy. It is still early days, will let you know in about a week what my results are.

  27. Arbaz khan says:

    Hello Watchdog please guide me how can i use this software for my Country Pakistan which procedure I use.

    • WatchDog says:

      It may be risky, some traders use Proxy to get in when their country is not availablbe, but it’s not something we can recommend or walk you through.

  28. steven pelletier says:

    Virt Next is better than I thought! I also tested Profits Today, a software you warned about and lost money but today with Virt my account balance is up by $360. It’s the most I made with a software so far and I just signed-up a few hours ago.

  29. tamalep says:

    thanks for good work WatchDog, I am asking whether virtnext works in uganda East Africa? thanks

  30. Juniady says:

    Hello watchdog.. Is Virtnext available in Indonesia?

  31. Cherelynn Duke says:

    82% ITM first day! Never tried anything binary before. I am really happy because I heard that most services are no good. One of my Spot Forex friends told me about your review so I decided, hey why not? I hope it’s not a lucky day and bad day deal but based on the good number of signal alerts I am feeling safe.

  32. amysatori says:

    I haven’t used this yet, but it sounds fantastic. If it is all it says, I can’t wait to use it!

  33. Xbueaty says:

    Not available in my country but thank you for the review! I will recommend it to friends who might be able to access VirtNext for me.

  34. Hi Watchdog,
    I want to inform that this Auto Trader is amazing! I have great results with it!
    Secondly, the VirtNext has great costumer support.

    Guys I’m really recommend this software!
    Thanks again !

  35. Sarah says:

    I signed up yesterday and the results are great! I am expecting even higher performance today so far is great I am excited! I will share my results later

  36. 29david12 says:

    Hi watchdog, just a follow up on my progress with VirtNext,
    had 31 trades till now and 27 WINNERS (ITM)..This is the Awesome…Thank you for directing me to this software.. will deff be recommending to everyone.
    Five Stars man..

  37. manny says:

    I joined VirtNext today and deposited $300 with Bloombex Options. Hope it works out

  38. Anthony says:

    Have you got a link when I click the nothing plays

  39. Lanny Brum says:

    I read about VirtNext on and decided to test it out. 53 signals since activation 2 ties 6 losing signals. This is really as best as it gets! I tried other stuff before so I know what’s out there.

  40. Prince Emanuel JR says:

    VirtNext doesn’t work in my country 🙁 I am in Africa. The one software that all blogs recommend and I can’t join. I am feeling hopeless. Watchdog, what should I do next? I want to take part in a legitimate service or maybe just point me to a good broker, anything can help. I am really depressed because of this. Take care.

  41. hi what broker would i have to sign up to? live in ireland

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Mark, Since you are in Ireland you will be assigned with an EU regulated broker and they are working with great brokers, it’s entirely up to you and for some traders, they may sync you with a broker based on your GEO location.

  42. Martin Levi says:

    As i promised i signed before 2 days, and im coming back to anounce my trading results! I Made 18 signals in total: 4 signals LOST 14 Signals WIN!!! Virtnext Is proving Legit!!!!!!

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you for keeping us updated with your progress Martin!!! Anyone else has any feedback on VirtNext? If you need help in anyway just let us know, in some countries the software is not available but if you’re in and using Chrome, you should be doing very well.

  43. Sarah says:

    I am excited I am testing the software for few days now and no losses so far! This is going better than I expected, I am really happy that I signed up

  44. Martin Levi says:

    WatchDog actually, no matter that today is Friday the 13teen. I decided to go for late 3 trade session, All finished IN THE MONEY before 17 minutes ! So my overall stats from the begining is now 21 trades with 4 loses and 17 WINS!! Virtnext is turning really to be a Remarcable auto trading solution!

  45. Watchdog
    which support email

  46. Graham Fuller says:

    Now I understand what they Virtnext hype is all about. 3 days and I am not sure how to calculate the performance with the tie signals, but I think I got around 78% and my balance is up. Waiting for next week. Thank you Watchdog!!!

  47. Joshua says:

    Thanks for the review Watchdog, I’m so happy I tried this! Since I have been trading with VirtNext my account has grown. I started with a smaller deposit and unlike many others I’m already wishing I had put a bigger investment not less to start with. My initial results are around 8-9 ITM out of every 10 trades, very impressive ITM rate! I started with the semi automatic trading but quickly with so few OTMs I could tell this software was highly trustable and switched to 24 hour automatic mode. Even with my tiny deposit my account using VirtNext is up about $100 a day, and it’s on autopilot making more.

  48. Madeleine Shaw says:

    Watchdog, thank you for the Virtnext review, I did sign-up but why am I not getting any signals? I really hope this is not another scam, I had enough with fake services!!

  49. titalem vladimir says:

    hi watchdog i tried joining the system but had no lock. is virtnext available for MY COUNTRY cameroon in africa?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Titalem, Lately we are getting many emails from traders who are unable to access the software from several African countries, it can also be an error of some kind on your side and if this is the case we would recommend that you contact support. If you are unable to join Virt Next you might want to look into a different service or trade directly with a broker that offer access to day-traders in Cameroon. TradeThunder might be available, we know that they offer access to members in several African countries.

  50. Martha Schultz says:

    LOL Madeleine you must be completely new!!! Binary options services do not send signals on weekends.. same with Virtnext.

  51. Andis Andrew says:

    I am back with my performance update. So on Friday I got 24 signals in total. got 20 ITm and 4 loosing trades. Am amazed. I put $25 trades as usual and got $895 profits, man this is best autotrader so far.

  52. fernando cruz says:

    I really can’t wait to test all sites point to the same conclusion. I am a big research guy, noticed that you and a few other blogs disagree in some cases but all of you gave the Virtnext a positive review. Feels like a safe choice! Warm thank you from Fernando!

  53. Rick Tommy says:

    I feel the same way Fernando, just waiting for Monday now!!! Let’s rock the market!

  54. Sangeetha says:

    Hi Watchdog, Many thanks for helping people like me who are new to BO by providing your valuable reviews.

  55. Matt says:

    How many signals do I get with the software on a daily basis? Just opened a new account.

  56. dipsinh says:

    Can any Indian citizen go for it???

    Since I am trying to resister it, It won’t go further??

    can anyone help me on this regards.

  57. Omri says:

    Hi guys, it’s so make me happy to see you signing up with Virtnext!
    Eventually we have got to our industry a reliable and so powerful signals vehicle to use at our trading method on a daily basis.
    Keep it up guys and spread the word! If you have traders friends, help them to succeed and to earn more legit money by this great Auto Trader!

  58. Oscar says:

    I get around 20-35 signals/day but I really don’t think that it’s a matter of quantity, the focus should be on quality and Virtnext delivers it. I’ve seen some services offer 100 or more signals every day but all OTMS so I rather get less signals but with a high accuracy.

  59. Eddie says:

    Finally using a proxy I managed to get into the Virtnext software since it’s not available in my country. I hope it won’t cause any issues later down the line. Do you have any opinion regarding this Watchdog? I managed to make a deposit and my IP is showing Germany instead of my country of origin so I passed through the registration page and my trading account is now synced with the software.

  60. Josh says:

    I am starting to really like this software, I’m learning a lot while making money finally. Feeling fortunate I found Virtnext! Thank you for the review Watchdog I’ve been following you since 2014! Keep up the great work you are doing!!

  61. Laura says:

    Finally I have found A Perfect solution. Thanks for your invitation.

  62. Nessa says:

    So I signed up for this software and the broker I was assigned to is Glenridge Capital. I have never heard of them before. What are your thoughts on them?

  63. Sarah says:

    I am really happy with the first 5 signals today. Looking forward for the rest!

    • WatchDog says:

      That’s great Sarah, this week we also plan to upload our account results in a follow-up review for VirtNext. Nessa, Glenridge is becoming very popular and their Alexa rank indictates that they are big in many countries. They also have a great reputation, fortunately none of the brokers the VirtNext software is synced with are listed on our Binary Options Blacklist. You are safe with Glenridge and they are also available for US residents. If anyone encounters any type of issues with your broker remember to contact us and we are always here to help. Visit WatchDog’s Complaint Center and send us an email.

  64. Cecilia Matete says:

    I love how they made it easy to switch from auto to manual, with the GD the performance wasn’t as good and you have to register with two brokers to get full automation. I also don’t undertand why Option Bot 2 is asking for so many registrations, never made sense. I am happy with Virt next it’s the best software I work with now.

  65. Don Vinagrio says:

    Does give me commodities, currencies and stocks or only one asset group?

  66. Sam says:

    I prefer using the signals to semi-auto trade, Virtnext has been amazing! This is now part of my daily trading routine, just makes things soooo much easier!! Log in, get signals, make money, done!!!

  67. Trevor says:

    Thanks to you Watchdog and your review I can finally make some money trading binary options. I signed with Virtnext over the weekend and today I’ve won 6/8 trades! Small amounts of course because I’m still learning but very excited!

  68. Paul says:

    This program is sounding good! I hope to maybe start later in the week. I have blown many other accounts in binary options….let’s hope this one turns the tide.

  69. Jordan says:

    Do all of the brokers connected with Virtnext accept US clients?

  70. Travis Scott says:

    4 wins in a row!!! Good morning VirtNext!!!

    • dipsinh says:

      I am an Indian citizen, Can I go for it???
      When I open an account with virtnext, it won’t accept my credentials??

    • Sean J Glickman says: seems like a reputable software on many blogs. I will give it but can you please verify that by, 100% automated option, is it really the case? I’ve seen services pitch clients full automation but received manual semi auto-traders only with no such feature. This is a take it or leave it factor. Waiting for your response Watchdog.

      • WatchDog says:

        Hi Sean, VirtNext put in place a simple button at the top left, very easy to see, with an option to switch from full-autumation to semi-automation and vise versa. We know that many services pretend to have such feature and we blacklisted many of them. In a follow-up review, we will also include an account walk-thorugh video. It’s coming up today or tomorrow and it will give you a better understanding of how the interface looks from inside. Dipsinh, as for access in India, we are not sure but if you are unable to get through the registration page it could be for a number of reasons, please contact support.

        • Prakash J A says:

          Watchdog can you all connect between us Indian traders so we can find a good solution? I heard of using a proxy I need your help.

  71. игорь says:

    Up by 65 EUR on first trades. Good software for the start.

  72. Yusuf says:

    Are there any Canadians or Americans who are having success with virtnext

  73. Gordy Dez says:

    dipsinh, even I have an interest in Binary options auto traders. Perhaps we could discuss some things , do let me know. Being in India is a hurdle.

  74. James says:

    I signed up to Virtnext and I am completely amazed! I honestly didn’t believe that auto traders could deliver this sort of money consistently. I have been advising virtnext software to all my mates and they are also astounded with this too. I’ve made over $3000 so far. I can’t believe they had to wait a year to release this thing I could’ve done with this money sooner! I can’t wait to quit work and enjoy the freedom that this system is going to bring me. Its such an easy sign up process and so easy to set up, my grandma could do it haha.

    Thank you so much watchdog for pointing me in the right direction, you have saved me thousands of dollars in scams and made me thousands of dollars with virtnext 🙂

  75. Sarah says:

    I agree, it’s going well but not many signals today. Yusof, I don’t understand what do you mean by “are there any traders who are doing well with Virtnext in the US or Canada?” the software should have the same results for all people.

  76. Miral Sawjani says:

    Exciting times… Virtnext is getting lots of good feedback. Definitely something that is going to make 2015 go out with a bang

  77. Jack Forex says:

    I own a big forum on binary and FX and we are getting good reports. Our team will also be testing the Virtnext software. We appreciate your review. We sent you a link to our forum by the way, we are growing really fast and would love to know what you think being the biggest blacklisting site in the binary options industry. Thank you Watchdog Team.

  78. judith findlay says:

    Virtnext is not bad, not sure if I’ll ever get rich with this. I am new Watchdog, I tried Mockingbird Method and lost 3 trades in a row, but I wanted to give a this another chance. Not many signals with but they are accurate and it’s not semi, so I am happier with them and so far only one losing trade since I started, account up by 230 EUR. Hoping for more soon but I am glad it’s not a losing system or a scam. I don’t know if what you wrote on Mockingbird is too harsh, they still had some good service but the signals are just horrible so we can agree.

  79. norazman din says:

    since activated(30hrs ago) till now
    trade-26, ITM-23, OTM-3.

  80. Terese says:

    I got all 5 auto pilot signals ITM today and 3 wins out of 4 trades with the semi-auto signals. Virtnext is not bad at all! I am really happy!

  81. billywillis says:

    just joined looks simple to use

  82. Marjorie says:

    It’s sad I can’t even register with them, from Dominican Republic ?.

  83. Neil Folberg says:

    First 3 days of testing the Virtnext Sofware: Monday (80% ITM ), Tuesday (76% ITM), Wednesday (77% ITM). My trick is that for every automated signal, I also take a semi signal 10-12 max every day, currencies and indices only also because I have some experience but even without it I am sure I would get about the same results. I love it! Thank you for the review Watchdog!

  84. Audrey says:

    this one sounds good watchdog

  85. Ashley Bailey says:

    It’s great that Virtnext is available in the US, doubled my account in 4 days, I didn’t take many trades because I was scared and no auto yet, but I am very confident now. Kisses from Ashley Watchdog :X Thank you!!! <3

  86. shiraz rustam says:

    Certainly I will sign up and keep the public posted on the results. Thanks again

  87. Samuel says:

    end of day trade results with VirtNext 14 trades in all 3 lost 10 won. $178 made not bad for my first day.

  88. PAOLO says:

    Forgive the question, perhaps naive, but I have registered with Virtnext recently. To make it work automatically I have to leave my PC on continuously online? Should I get me a VPS service? Thank you very much for answering this question important to me!

  89. Roberto says:

    4 Winners in a Row , 1 Lost 1 Tie = from the auto tradind Virtnext signals, 3 winners 1 lost from the semi yesterday. This is very powerful stuff!

  90. Anthony Kay says:

    What an amazing week with Virtnext!! I wish binary options was available 24/07 but I guess the markets also need some rest.. lol

  91. Nili Haim says:

    Which service is better, the Channel Ranger or Virtnext? Thanks Nili!

  92. steven pelletier says:

    I really appreciate everythihng Watchdog. Virtnext is offering %100 auto and good signals, exactly what I was looking for a while and couldn’t find. Started on Tuesday and made a few hundred EUR with relatively small trades.

  93. Tim Miller says:

    I didn’t make as much as some of the members are reporting but luckily I didn’t lose anything. My account is up by 290EU after 4 days with Virt. It’s not as much as I expected but it’s better than the previous signals provider which gave me less than 55% ITM. Now I am waiting for Monday and set the trade parameter on 100EU instead of the min.

  94. subash says:

    Does VirtNext work for India

  95. Bill Mayers says:

    Thank you for posting this review on Virtnext Watchdog! I plan to signup on Tuesday. Salute for the great website!

  96. Ash calderon says:

    First 3 signals winners 🙂 just activated last night left the computer on woke up early, great surprise!

  97. Abey says:

    7 winners 1 loss on Auto since the morning, I didn’t take any manual trades yet. I am not really sure which ones to pick so I am counting on the Auto Signals with high trade amounts. Am I doing it right?

    • Lanny says:

      I am also using the auto signals mostly with VN, you get more manual signals but on full-auto you’re safe and don’t need to use any analysis. The semi signals may expose traders to higher risk in my opinion, I’ve seen it happen with other services so only take the best ones if it’s a good day or trade fully auto with Virtnext and you should see winning sessions every every day.

  98. Sameh says:

    Please guys some one tell me which the best choice virtnext or fastcashbiz? i will deposit now
    Thanks Watchdog

  99. karimkassam says:

    I came across another Binary Software called “Channel Ranger”. Have you had a look at this one ? Can you tell if this is a scam or will really work ?

  100. Paulo Jimenez says:

    I disagree, the manual signals are not risky at least not the currency pairs, I am not sure about the other assets because I didn’t try. Currency Pairs on semi + all auto signals by Virtnext is good to make over $200 with minimum trades in a session. I am estimating at the minimum I will make $4,500 in the first 4 weeks ith min trades.

  101. Myles Kristian says:

    Is the performance results still winning for Virtnext?

  102. Patrick Embale says:

    I tried to register, but it is not going i.e. not given access. I am from Nigeria. Please, find out if Nigeria is not included. Thanks.

  103. deryll Diaz says:

    Beautiful!! My account is up by 50% in two days! Thumbs UP to VirtNext!!

  104. Gavin says: is completely on the web based or do I need to download it?

  105. JENNETTE MOODIE says:

    It’s online VirtNext. I don’t remember having to download anything but I did download this Binary Boom software 5 months ago, and they had me download MALWARE so you got to watch out with some services.

  106. Scott says:

    What is the difference between semi auto and auto trades? Thanks

  107. Chuck Bailey says:

    Semi-automated is when a software is synced with your broker account but you can’t get the signals automatically to trigger without approving the signal manually each time. This can be tricky because if you don’t enter the trade in time, you may lose the current rate and maybe lose the trade, that’s why I prefer a fully automated service! (one that allows you to set your trade amount and you can leave it on while you’re away)

  108. Vote for Trump! says:

    Lame explanation on the semi and fully auto bro, you could’ve done it in a sentence if you were smarter LOL

  109. Rachel says:

    No wonder your name is “Vote For Trump” …

  110. Jonathan Kay says:

    I plan to try VirtNext on Monday. Hope it goes well! Now after trying several services I am not optimistic.

  111. Joey Willis says:

    Monday it’s on! I am doubling app to $100 Trades with VirtNext. I really wish I’ve done it earlier but honestly I didn’t believe in this when I started. Much appreciation for your review!

  112. Cafu says:

    Hi everyone , i just signed on the 26th november……still waiting for my broker to verify my documents then im going on Auto-Trade, will keep updating….

  113. Steven says:

    I am in Melbourne Australia, Can I sign-up with VirtNext?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Steven, We never heard of a broker or a software that’s not available in Australia so you shouldn’t have any problems signing-up.

  114. Raad Saleh says:

    So far my experience is great with Virtnext, 5 signals for currency pairs this morning all winners!!

  115. Larry Pierce says:

    Not many trades but over my account is up by 25% not bad for first session.

  116. Jenise Spiteri says:

    I am glad VirtNext allowed me to register with 24Option it’s a broker I trust and I know they are regulated.

  117. Donna Neufeld says:

    Is 24option the only broker Virtnext is working with? I noticed 24Option is not available for US traders.

  118. Adam Groves says:

    First 4 days with and it’s not BAD at ALL! I placed $50 on each trade, entered only auto trades so not many but my account balance is up by 115%.

  119. April Clark says:

    I am in the US and it’s not a problem, they offer several brokers based on your location.

  120. unix says:

    Great forum Watchdog! 6 days with Virtnext and my account balance is skyrocketing!!

  121. Eddie says:

    Thank you for the recommendation. I am glad to see so many websites recommending Virtnext.

  122. Zack says:

    Great review by watchdog

  123. Christine says:

    I noticed something really interesting with Virtnext, during the GMT trading sessions they generate a much higher performance than the US trading hours, either way it’s pretty good but when it comes to the semi automated signals you are bound to make more money if you take the positions during GMT. The automated signals you can take at any time they are highly accurate.

  124. Syed Rahman says:

    Virtnext is not available in my country 🙁

  125. Justin says:

    I tried to register but it didn’t go thourgh.. Is Virtnext still accepting new members?

  126. Jasmin Monét says:

    I just registered and it went through, thank you for the review Watchdog!

  127. Cottrell Hector says:

    Best Friday since I started trading last year! I was about to conclude that Friday’s were simply a nightmare and must be avoided, but after getting 7 ITM’s in a row with Virtnext I gained my confidence back, big time!!!!

  128. Grace says:

    What’s going on?! I signed up a few hours ago and I am not getting any signals!!

  129. Peter Chung says:

    Grace, I was also confused when I started.. Binary Options is not working on weekends. Wait for Monday and you will start seeing signals.

  130. Paul Robert says:

    Watchdog I know it’s weekend and not much going on but I really feel thankful. I’ve been following your recommendations for 2 months now and already withdrew money twice, my accounts are growing. Do you accept donations? I really think that what you are doing for the community is amazing! I would love to give back.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Paul, It’s really kind of you but we actually don’t accept any donations. Thank you very much for your support!

  131. Mark says:

    Hi watchdog. Have you reviewed
    British method?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Mark, We are not familiar with this system, do you have a link?

      • Audrey says:

        Nice of you Paul Bless

      • dipu says:

        Dear Watchdog,

        I am an Indian citizen, according to your review I am trying to register with and but it would not accept my credentials.

        Please suggest me a legitimate signal provider for Indian citizens, so that we can pay out some of our debts.


  132. Jay says:

    I am also in India and having the same issues with Virtnext and most of the services you recommend. What should I do next?

  133. Joshua Aaron says:

    You have no idea how thankful and glad I feel about this review! You literally saved me! I was about to register with the 1 Percent Ticket system and found your warning. I decided to register with Virtnext instead and doubled my account balance in less than 48 hours!!

  134. jeff Warner says:

    I almost signed up with 15K in 15 Minutes! Thank you from saving me Watchdog! Seems like based on all the feedback Virtnext is the best choice. I noticed other blogs are recommending this system so I’m giving it a go!

  135. Keith Carson says:

    Virtnext is stable, profitable and fun especially for me as a beginner I find it very user-friendly! I have a question related to Spectre System, do you think it’s legit? I am looking for a 2nd reliable software.

  136. Harold Egbo says:

    I am really disappointed to find that every good software, including Virtnext is not supported in my place of residence. It’s becoming really frustrating!!!

  137. Frank Alma says:

    I am ready to get started with They have speedy support!!

  138. Abdikadir Noor says:

    Does Virtnext work with broker that offer traders Muslim accounts? Cedar Finance offers it, I wonder if the other brokers are doing the same.

  139. Darius says:

    LOL what does a Muslim account even mean?!

  140. James Valentine says:

    I can’t agree more with all the comments on this forum, I love Virtnext!! The absolute best service in this industry, well I’ll never know as I don’t plan to test anything else. I am staying safe with Virt!

  141. Amy Currie says:

    Is there any use to register with Virtnext during the weekend? I heard that markets are not open for live trading.

  142. shaun says:

    Amy, Yes then you’re ready to trade from the opening on Monday.

  143. Steve says:

    I am trying to figure out which service is better, Virtnext or Aussie Method. I got 4 emails related to Aussie Method in the last couple of days, but I see that Virtnext is endorsed on a few intereting blogs. Any thoughts?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Steve, The Aussie Method is an old scam and now they create duplicate sites to continue and mislead traders from various countries, such as the new Brit Method, visit the site and you’ll notice that it looks exactly the same as the Aussie Method, here is a link to the warning: Virtnext on the other hand, was not only tested by our team, it’s endorsed on many authority binary options blogs and forums. Email marketers often sell a lot of rubbish without first checking the services credibility.

  144. Mpho says:

    Good day Sir,
    Would you suggest one should get a VPS so virtnext can run 24/5? My Internet is slow sometimes and running my laptop 24 / 5 is not economical. Will wait for your reply. Thanks

  145. Gale Burnick says:

    Actually I tried using Virtnext with VPS and without but the speed is about the same, maybe because my Internet connection is fast as it is.

  146. Rajan Kashyap says:

    Registered on Friday December 12th with Virtnetx, not knowing what to expect. I registered late so only recieved one signal and then the markets closed so I spent all weekend just looking at the screen lol This week started with a massive number of accurate alerts!! I didn’t even look at the ITM because the profits are what matters and I made $370 literally without knowing anything about technical analysis or Forex, zero past experience!

    • Paul Gardner says:

      Joined earlier today and so far 12 signals accurate in the green and 2 signals went south. Virtnext seems to own up to their claim to be profitable!

  147. Steven says:

    Hello, is Virtnext is open / compatible with country Greece?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Steven, We are not familiar with any binary options trading restrictions associated with Greece so you shouldn’t encounter any issues registering with

  148. Wolf Dressel says:

    I travel back and back and forth from Germany, China and Australia every month for business, I was wondering if Virtnext is not available in one of the countries.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Wolf, Virtnext is available in Germany and Australia but when it comes to China, you should look up the topics ‘encrypted browsing’ and ‘VPN’ (Virtual Private Server), as you may already know as a person who travelled to China, the “Western” Internet is not easy to access and they have their own versions of Google, YouTube and Facebook. We don’t get many visitors from China and if we do, it’s always with a different IP.

  149. Monica Asencio says:

    I’m registered with Virtnext and can testify that most of the signals are strong! It’s virtually impossible to lose your money unless you invest everything on one trade and get an OTM but losing trades are rare. I am doing the $50 per trade, I know I would probably make more with higher trade amounts but I rather stay safe than sorry.

  150. Suraj Johal says:

    Watchdog posted a review on Platinum Profits but the verdict was not clear. Virtnext is the safest choice.

  151. Susan Mckay says:

    Hi Watchdog, did you ever post a follow-up review on Virtnext?

  152. Tummie says:

    Which dates will trading be closed for the holidays.

  153. Jackie says:

    Query from someone re: Platinum profits – reading it’s a scam

  154. DJ says:

    Is this software still working well?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi DJ, Over the weekend you will not receive any signals but the software is still working and generating fantastic results. Many blogs and forums are now recommending Virtnext. It became one of the most popular and profitable AT in the industry, we hope they keep up the great performance!

  155. Martin (Marty) Truman says:

    Hello watchdog, I am registered with VirtNext and using an Apple Macbook with Safari browser. What browser do you use Chrome.


    • WatchDog says:

      Chrome is the top recommended browser for all the Auto Traders, we tested more than a few and with Chrome web-based services and software are able to run faster irregardless of your speed connection.

  156. Athos says:

    Is Virtnext available with Anyoption?

  157. Krystal says:

    Is there any new feedback on Dow Jones Focus Group or do you recommend Virtnext?

  158. Michael Florian says:

    5 years ago I owned a very successful store on E-bay but the competition became too wild and prices went down so I went back to working as an accountant, which I hate but this is what I was taught to do. Since I found Virtnext I’m considering again to go independent. I haven’t seen this money in many years. This 2016 is going to be the best year for me and I guess for many people who made the right choice. It was a scary process and I almost ran away from your blog after seeing how many scam services you exposed but decided to have some faith. It doesn’t kill to have some faith in life and I am not easily fooled, honestly I owe you my life Watchdog! Thank you so much!

  159. Mitch says:

    Hi watchdog. What do you think is best strategy for virtnext? Auto all the time on currencies or stocks or commodities? or auto during certain hours, if so which times on GMT TIMES.

    • Martin (Marty) Truman says:

      Happy Holidays to you Watchdog and to all your members.

      Cheers from Canada,

      PS. Keep up the great work

  160. Dan says:

    I’m interested to join Virtnext but when tried to register it states in the webpage no available brokers to accept traders from my region. Then how could I join and register?

  161. Jared says:

    I managed to get in quick, thanks Watchdog! I guess it’s based on countries because with some of the other stuff you recommend I had no luck at all signing-up. Best! Jared

  162. Prateek Shah says:

    I can’t be more gratful for finding and wish trading was also active on weekends. Finding this after a long-ride with all kinds of brokers and worthless services, getting to know this auto service is the best holiday gift anyone could get. Just like everyone else I am doing very well, still not in the thousands but quadrupled my account balance in 8 trading days. It just doesn’t happen with anything, been there done that.

    Virtnext is seriously the best binary options software in the market and if they keep it up, I will be willing to donate or pay a lot of money to keep trading. I do have a feeling that that’s where they are heading now but I just hope it won’t be too expensive. For now I honestly can’t brainstorm a better way to make money so easy.

  163. Ivani says:

    I really wish I could gain access to Virtnext, the support was really nice but unfortunately there is just no available option for me to get synced. 🙁

  164. Mike Hunt says:

    Hey Watchdog, I am really your biggest fan! I would love to trade with Virtnext but I can’t afford the minimum deposit with any binary options broker since I am really broke at this point in my life. Looking at the mirror I can admit that I am jealous and being so stupid I fell for so many scams. I’ll save you my problems.. This is the best review site in the industry! Thank you and happy new year from Mike Hunt!

  165. Chris Humphreys says:

    I had the best Binary Options Year!! Thanks to Virtnext!! I can’t imagine how the next year will look like!

  166. Trevor says:

    Virtnext looks more convincing than most offers in the market and I like how everyone is recommending it. I am moving forward and taking my chances, let’s do it!!

  167. Laetitia says:

    Thank you Watchdog! Happy New Year! <3

  168. Carlos says:

    Hello who can tell me which way I collect my winnings in VirtNext

  169. Daniel says:

    It’s very simple Carlos, you need to navigate to ‘withdrawals’ on your brokers platform and file a request. For me it too 4 business days because I requested it via bank wire but maybe with cards it’s faster.

  170. Bhabes says:

    All week I took only auto trades vs last week and my performance was up by 4% it’s a big difference. The conclusion around close to 80% this is accurate!

  171. Sizwe Ngcobo says:

    Hi are you guys still making money with VirtNext,I would like to joinso just wanna be sure if its still consistant.

  172. carlos says:

    Virtnext is going up in the performance on Thursday and Friday I got over 80% ITM!!

  173. Timothy Zbel says:

    Hi Watchdog! I really want to thank you for this review, if it wasn’t for you I would’ve never tried Virtnext and now I feel very fortunate, it’s becoming my main source of income!

  174. Ernie says:

    can I use Virtnext if I live in the USA

  175. Steve Obaji says:

    Does the auto trade when you are off line? Or is it only when you are logged on that it does. I turned my auto on but it takrs trades only when i am logged on. Do i need to do any other thing?

  176. Diane says:

    I don’t know why people complicate things, is a website my 7 years old kid can learn to work with. It’s a great service and what I can recommend after weeks of trading is for everyone to follow the fully auto signals, the other signals are kind of risky.

  177. Rajen says:

    Hi Watchdog it’s Rajen again, I left a comment under Binary Options Signals, I just wanted to thank you from all my heart! I managed to quadruple my minimum deposit last weeek with Virtnext. My motivation is better than ever with binary options again, 24option is also a trusted broker so I am glad everything is working out well!

  178. shiv says:

    Thanks watchdog. I am so excited after reading all the reviews and i am going to try this one…

  179. Long Teng Wah says:

    I just activated Virtnext. My feeling is that next week I am going to really rock the markets! After looking at about 10 offers, I realized that is endorsed by everyone so it must be the real thing. Thanks Watchdog!

  180. Constantin Fandache says:

    I noticed that everyone is recommending this Centiment Application but I understand why you rank Virtnext first on your list. They are simply the best in all aspects: Customer service, ITM performance, Application Speed. There is nothing like it and I am glad to have found your review back when I was in my early stages of trading.

  181. Victor Xue says:

    Nothing like this ever in my life, 12 trades were winners today with I must be either lucky or signed up with the best! Virtnext rocks the market as they say!

  182. Joseph says:

    Can USA people join virtnext and do they have a USA phone #s

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Joseph, is available for US traders but they actually have one international toll free number and Skype members you can communicate with if you prefer more direct communication as opposed to emails.

  183. Derrick says:

    Hey watchdog just wanna ask if 1K Daily Profit by David Becker a scam? Let me know.

  184. I’ve done my own research and also found him to be a real person. The video seems legit too! Those are great signs so I’m going to sign up later today!! 🙂

  185. Idar says:

    I have registered with Virtnext, and got the members login – So far so good.

  186. chrispus says:

    hi watch dog
    am in uganda
    do you encourage if i continue to pay the 250$

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Chrispus, 2 weeks ago we had another visitor from Uganda who attempted to register and couldn’t, we are not sure if it’s due to his depositing method or the country so if you are unable to join please let us know why so we can inform other day-traders.

  187. Valerie says:

    I don’t know about what anyone else thinks but I agree that Virtnext is the number one software and you can tell by how all of the forums and blogs recommend it. Finally everyone agreed on one thing and it worked!

    • Andre Silva says:

      BOOOOM !!! I got 5 winning trades one after another! My account balance just skyrocketed literally! This is beautiful is the absolute top of the notch!

  188. Darian says:

    WOW finally a software that Watchdog recommends, I thought this would never happen in the history of binary options! Thank you for the review and love your site, biggest fan probably!

  189. Mike says:

    hahah funny comment but I totally agree and by the way Virtnext is rocking hard!! Got over 20 trades today 17 winners! It can’t get any better and anyone who claims they can get a higher performance is cheating you!

  190. Edita says:

    Hi. I live in London. So what is the best hours to do auto trading ? Thank you

    • WatchDog says:

      GMT business hours are the strongest with Virtnext specifically and it’s automated so if you’re holding on to a day job, you an just keep your computer on while you’re away Edita.

      • Onaldo ROSA says:

        Didn’t have luck on the first day, which made me doubt VirtNext App, I thought it was a scam because they claim that they had one losing session, but I can’t trading and 5 days later I managed to triple my account balance. I started with $1,500 so I am doing amazing! Thanks everyone and most of all, Watchdog!

  191. Charles Anthony says:

    It was worth it to take your word on this Watchdog, Virtnext is really something else!

  192. Tony says:

    Mmmm I’m going to check these Virtnex guys out only because watchdog seems to be endorsing them… Will report back when I’ve tried them out. Thanks for the pointer watchdog. There are so many dodgy companies out there on the internet it puts a smudge on the genuine traders who just want to encourage newbies in there business venture.

  193. Alison Pinder says:

    Well-written review, if it wasn’t for you I would’ve not signed up with Virtnext, all I can tell you is ‘THANK YOU!!!’ there’s really no higher ITM when it comes to binary options. Just now I am starting to get signals again as markets are working up and things are looking awesome as always! Alison

  194. Matt says:

    Wow I see so many new systems coming out! Every day I get an email about this new “not a guru” best software in the market… but honestly Virtnext is the most reliable one and you can see it with all the great reviews!

  195. June Poole says:

    The last 4 days were simply amazing with Virtnext, I tripled my account with $25-$50 trades and most trades were ITM. This is a really good software, I see why so many people are posting positive comments everywhere.

  196. Allama Iqbal says:

    Moved to the UK two years ago, been unemployed for a long time but I realized that binary options has a lot of potential. I started trading with Virtnext right after you posted the review and I can’t thank you enough. I make more than most of my friends, all Graduates with decent jobs!

  197. Aage Myrseth says:

    No wonder sits right there at the top of your list or services Watchdog, no need to even post a follow-up review in this case, I know it works after partnering with Virtnext a week ago. This is probably the most accurate binary options system in the field right now.

  198. Aileen says:

    I cant join,. I from the Philippines and it would say no broker available in my region…So they dont accept from Asia?

  199. James taylor says:

    The best trading platform I found is Virtnext, ever since they came out I’ve seen a few imitations so watch out!

  200. John Ellis says:

    This has to be the most amazing system that I have ever came by I have been trading since last November and I started with $500 now my account is over $350000.00.
    Thankyou Virtnext I am now very rich and have since retired to trade fulltime with your system. You guys are amazing.

  201. RJ says:

    how’s virtnext doing now? long term success? most of these posts are from november 2015. thanks!

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi RJ Virtnext is still rocking! We kept it at the top of our signals list due to the large number of signals and very high accuracy.

  202. Christine Andison says:

    Funded an account with $2000 in December and my account is already up by over $12,000. I withdrew $8,000 and I am going to keep going with Virtnext. Really it’s a life-changing software it changed mine!

  203. Allen says:

    I didn’t believe in this but Virtnext restored my trust in binary options and it took 3 weeks because I don’t immediately jump with happiness you got to give a software time to prove itself and don’t be all excited if you get one or two days. Reliable service should perform well every day and if not every day, they better still maintain at least 80% ITM and Virtnext is on it!

  204. Alan Leak says:

    I made over £700 last week with Virtnext I am not going to be stopping any time soon. This just turned my experience from negative to borderline quitting into a new journey.

  205. David says:

    VirtNext is gone? why cannot access?

    • WatchDog says:

      The server was moved to, we asked support why and it’s due to the increasing number of new registration. They had to migrate the website to a better VPS to ensure that the software is fast enough as more users are online at all time trading with the software and possibly slowing it down. It’s running much faster now so we encourage you to check out the new domain David.

  206. Simon Burn says:

    Virtnext or Copy Buffett? Can anyone tell me which one you are doing better with? I can only deposit with one software at the moment.

  207. Stella says:

    I am glad they are doing well but they should’ve emailed me about the transfer to the software is much faster now by the way.

  208. Peter Karlsen says:

    I am really considering Virtnext but had a terrible experience with Zulander Hack. You should warn people about it!

  209. mark says:

    3rd day in a row and with the best accuracy I’ve seen from an automated system!

  210. Pedro says:

    Not able to join 🙁 they don’t let my country in but I thought this is available all around the world.

  211. Jay Lundquist says:

    Thank you for the great work Watchdog! I just subscribed to your blog after you saved me from Trade Fusion!

  212. Aaron Scott says:

    Today is kind of average , last week was much better but I am not going to judge the software based on one day. Over all it’s looking good but you got to know when to activate the software. During US hours I never trade and I think that this is the key to the success with Virtnext. Best signals are during GMT trading hours, if you’re missing on the right signals you might even end of losing with a popular software such as Virt.

  213. Jim Bravington says:

    Since Friday morning I’ve been pulling at least $100-$150 a day with Virtnext with $25-$50 trades, I didn’t pay attention to the success rate but I am definitely pulling profits!

  214. alberto aguilar says:


    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Alberto, Unfortunately Virtnext is not available in the Philippines but you might be able to sign-up with we posted a few reviews on the software and it’s the second best.

  215. Jacky Kelly says:

    I started with $1000 and already made a few hundred dollars in 3 days with I will create a video endorsing it, look for Jacky Kelly on Youtube and thank you so much Watchdog!!

  216. Jim Casey says:

    Virtnext got me 7 ITM trades in a row right after activation, this is amazing stuff!

  217. Nguyen Xuan Man says:

    Friday was the first day I had with less than 75% but if I look at the entire week’s average with Virtnext it’s at 78% ITM so I made some profits but less than the previous week. I wonder what happened but luckily I didn’t lose any money.

  218. Lester Diaz says:

    Not sure why so many people think this is the best while Copy Buffett is the real king of performance I am telling you! I don’t trust services with pop-ups everywhere so I won’t be trying Virtnext.

  219. Brian Kendrick says:

    Very cool software but you can’t make thousands, more like a couple of hundreds at the most but you got to be careful. I always trade the minimum $25.

  220. Larssweden says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, and it’s hard to compare because everyone uses different parameters but with 85% risk exposure you can make a lot of money with Virtnext, I won’t go into the details because it’s my personal business but I love the software and can care less if other people join it or not. Hopefully less people will join so the servers remain fast, I’ve seen slow downs with other services when they became too viral.

  221. Robert says:

    Hi watchdon,i have signed up with virtnext after reading your great rewiew,but i can’t access the members area anymore,could you help me to solve this problem,i would really appriciate,thank you

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Robert, The software is now hosted on VirtnextApp, they moved the server after many people joined but they also sent an email to all members with new login details. Check your spam or contact support, the password should be the same.

  222. Claudio says:

    Hi Watchdog i have the same problema i cant signup, i already check my spam and i have nothing

  223. Peter Withers says:

    I didn’t like the VirtnextApp site when I first registered but luckily I didn’t listen to my gut feeling, this is not one of the average scam sites. The performance is below the advertised promises but they deliver and you can make some good money!

  224. Jeff says:

    Hi Watchdog, It’s Jeff again I am doing amazing with Virtnext but wanted to ask if you have any information on Limitless Profits, I am considering to join it as well.

  225. Allan Choo says:

    Virtnext is the best app I’ve ever put my hands on!

  226. MR Shane says:

    I am a big fan, been trading with Virtnext for 4 months and make over $16,000 roughly. It a big jump from my previous income, I also left my job when it became clear that it’s the best trading tool.

  227. Mei says:

    Hi Watchdog,
    Is CopyBuffet available in Israel? I keep getting a message that my email is already in the system and it won’t sign me up 🙁

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Mei, Virtnext is not available in Israel but we’re about to post a review on a new software that is available world-wide, fully tested and endorsed on many sites. Please subscribe to our blog to receive the latest articles via email. It should be posted within a few minutes, you can check back.

    • shaun says:

      I’m having the same problem as Mei any advice WatchDog?

      • WatchDog says:

        Please checkout the new review we posted on BinaDroid, they accept all countries. Trade minimum is only $5 and you get to choose your broker, it’s one of the best services we’ve seen in a while. 95% of the reviews we post are negative unfortunately but this one works, check it out!

  228. Thomas says:

    I am really now convinced and greatly impressed with don’t know what’s the big hype about some of the crappy services out there. This is real and I am not going to try anything else! Virtnext forever!!!

  229. Jason Anonymous says:

    Binadroid and CopyBuffett are so much better than Virtnext honestly, thank you for removing them from your top list.

  230. fran says:

    How about High Low Binary options?

  231. Victoire says:

    I’m also testing the Binadroid and Virtnext, didn’t try Copy Buffett but I can testify that Binadroid is doing better with the ITM in the last 5-6 business days.

  232. Gideon says:

    Please extend this to Nigeria.we just read reviews and beautiful feedbacks but can’t have a tast

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