VirtNext Software Review! Proven and Tested!!


VirtNext Investment LTD is a real company, behind one of the few successful auto-traders we stumbled upon! This review is very important, as you will find many scam offers in this industry. In the last 3 years we uncovered many fake offers which you will find on our BO Blacklist, the software is not one of them. In fact, after testing the software for 40 days we reached a solid conclusion that it’s not only just accurate, Virtnext is one of the most profitable services in the binary options industry.

On the VirtNext website you will find an endorsement badge by our website. If you are not familiar with us, is the top site dedicated to expose binary options scams and based on the number of warnings we posted, we are the biggest in the business of alerting the day-traders regarding misleading offers. In an industry where “bells and whistles” are necessary to get attention, had no choice but to incorporate some elements on their site and if it was up to us, would be removed. You do not need to act fast, the software will remain available for new members, it’s not a pressure money-making-scheme of any kind with annoying pop-ups.

Vincent Bollore is the CEO behind, he is a real person that you can verify. Scams often use images instead of real evidence, the creators love to hide behind fake identities.


Vincet Bollore resides in France and is a person you can verify:

In our upcoming, follow-up review on Virt Next we plan to upload live results trading with the software. The interface is completely different from what you’ve ever seen, if you’ve been testing or currently trading with a semi or fully automated service. Just to be clear, does offer full automation but you can also set a parameter which will allow you to set limitation on which trades you decide to take.

The VirtNext software is Recommended & Tested by, and It’s really one of a kind and we encourage you to test it!


Once you navigate to the second page on’s front page you will notice real news stories, and we are not referring to unknown news release sites, the VirtNext software was covered on some of the biggest media outlets in the world. The CEO is a real guy you can confirm, not a “Fiverr-made” identity. VirtNext didn’t hire a single liar from to lie on camera, instead they did what any legitimate service would do by showcasing real testimonials.

Verdict: VirtNext is a Trusted Software!

It’s not often that we post a positive review on a binary options service, as many of them are misleading but after 40 days of trading, and not seeing a drop below 76% ITM, we can empirically and beyond any reasonable doubt, break the news to the online trading community, that we’re dealing with a reliable software! This is why we strongly encourage our readers to test it out if you have plans to join a binary options signals service. VirtNext will not disappoint you, in terms of performance and the quantity of daily signals. We encourage members of the VirtNext software to share your testimonials, feedback below this review. For alternatives to VirtNext, visit Watchdog’s Recommended Signals. New to the industry? Trade with a Free Demo Account before you invest real money!

Cheers to your success and stay tuned for our follow-up VirtNext Review!

294 comments on “VirtNext Software Review! Proven and Tested!!
  1. Joshua says:

    Wow this sounds great! A rare find, a good auto-trader! Virtnext will be the next autotrader I try! Fully automated and tested? Can’t wait, I’m signing up right now!

  2. Dan Berkowitz says:

    Great work Watchdog! I am so happy about this review. I’ve been searching for a real binary options software and was going to email you today. Everything is looking good with VirtNext I will be signing up tomorrrow morning.

  3. What a fantastic new system! I truly can’t wait to share my success with it to others. This is the real deal. I’m sure the Virtnext system will change and enrich many peoples lives. Many people like me will be able to profit! Bless Binary Options Watchdog! Thank you so much!

  4. Omri says:

    Thank you Watchdog for letting us know about this new wonderful Auto Trader!
    VirtNext is a great Software with a lot of reputation in the financial market!
    Thanks again!

  5. Sam says:

    Virtnext looks awesome!!! Oh my goodness! The CEO is real, the software looks very professional and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  6. Andis Andrew says:

    Virtnext really looks impressive. There seems to be a huge potential for this autotrader. I signed up already!!!

  7. WatchDog says:

    You guys are making a smart decision! We will also post a follow-up review with live trades. Please return to report your performance.

  8. David says:

    Hi watch dog, thank you for your timeless energy in reviewing softwares and auto traders.
    Honestly I’ve been trading BO for over 2 years and have used many auto traders, few of them were good, however it’s only after I signed up I used to read your review.. It’s so awesome to finally read a review on virt next by you, before I signup.
    Apart from your credibility, virt next seems legit, welcome page is simple and honest and Vincent Bollore is definitely real after my research.
    Again thank you , I’m signing up right away will keep you posted on my progress.

  9. johnson says:

    i m having trouble with applying for all these brokers,jux tried virtnext wouldnt work

  10. Sarah says:

    This is something that deserve attention. I am gonna sign up an try it tomorrow! Thanks for the review Watchdog

  11. Ricardo says:

    Finally a legit system released in the Binary industry! cant wait to join. Thanks WatchDog

  12. WatchDog says:

    Hi Johnson, Which country are you trading from? It could be that VirtNext is not available in your country. We also recommend using the Chrome browser.

  13. Marili says:

    Very excited about this software!! Have signed up. Will let you know how I get on.

  14. degraft uzakah says:

    I really hope this one will be available to people in Nigeria. We read other people’s comments but we just cant join

  15. miketadex says:

    Hi, I’m trying to register but it’s not working. Is it possible problem of Chrome? I am from Slovakia. Registration is limited to the country? well thank you

  16. Murray says:

    If I am using the auto trader, do I leave it on 24/7 or should it be turned off at night?
    When you did your testing, did you use the auto-trader, or did you trade manually?

  17. WatchDog says:

    Hi Murray, VirtNext allows you to choose between semi or complete automated trading. Please refer to the features and the instruction video in the members area, otherwise please let us know if you need any help.

  18. Grace says:

    First 12 trades 9 winners!!!!! I will leave it on Auto, hoping this is not luck!

  19. Raymond says:

    Hey watchdog just wanna ask you or anyone that tried a system called. AutoTrading Master if any please post the review or outcome

  20. Gale Burnick says:

    WOW!!!!!! The VirtNext does really work, no wonder everyone in this industry together is endorsing them. I got 24 winners out of 28 since I activated. Fully Auto, I took 2 trades on Semi for testing but I think it’s the same.

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