TitanTrade is a SCAM!!


Based on feedback, provided by too many day-traders / victims and terrible testimonials all over the Internet we concluded that TitanTrade is a SCAM! Avoid doing any business with this company! If you deposited money with this unregulated crappy site, you must contact your credit card company and ask to file a dispute. TitanTrade.com is a known fraud and you will win your money back! Don’t let them get away with your money! For more information on Binary options Scams visit our complete Blacklist! If you have any questions or an experience to share, please comment below. let’s put the crooks out of business!

Watchdog’s list of Binary Options Scams!

Again, do not do any business with the Israeli-based company TitanTrade aka NRGBinary.co!

They are manipulative, unregulated and dangerous! Everywhere you will read about them, you will find the same conclusions!

128 comments on “TitanTrade is a SCAM!!
  1. Chester says:

    I tried a few brands, I’ve been with Banc De Binary before they got kicked out of the US and they totally messed with my money now I am with CherryTrade and they are the best! Thank you for the warning, I’ve seen a review by this one guy who lost $100,000 with them and they blocked him account. This is insane!!!!

  2. roberto says:

    Topoption is my favorite broker! I tested them when I started and withdrew half the amount, took less than 3 business days for the money to show in my account, since then I’ve been with them for over 4 months. I am not the best trader but I managed to pull some decent profit.

  3. I have an account with titian trade and opened the account on Nov 11th 2014, I had access with my account for about one week, now the say my password or my E-mail is not found. I requested a withdrawal of my opening deposit for $500.00 and sent the information required information to them regarding my visa card information along with my utility bill and Drivers license. Also a request to change my password and can get no reply from them, Your help to resolve this matter would be welcomed.

  4. Jake says:

    hi watchdog, TitanTrade totally destroyed my account with this account manager who forced me to deposit more money each time he called me up. I will dispute the transactions right now! I can’t believe they cheated me like this!

  5. Павел says:

    TitanTrade is Bad Broker! Why? Becose I can’t out my money for a Month!

  6. Richy says:

    Hi Watcdog,
    Let me first thank you for this wonderful site of yours where people like me are often taken advantaged of by scammers and schemers, take plenty of comfort when we read your reviews and assurances that brokers such as Titan Trade can NEVER be trusted based upon your honest opinion.

    After having read your review I have finally decided not to register with TitanTrade!

    Thanks a million times for your assistance and keep up the good work.

  7. Milan says:

    I’ve deposited 300 euros and on sunday evening somebody listed two options from my account which off course is lost and today another two options for lost. I’ve contacted them after first two bogus positions and they say robot was on my account. I asked to deactivate and they confirmed but then another position opened. Avoid. Scam.

  8. Hariharan says:

    Is Titan Trade a regulated broker?

  9. WatchDog says:

    TitanTrade is currently not EU regulated. Check out Topoption.com our top recommended EU regulated broker. They also offer a lower minimum desposit of $100 instead of $500 which is the new minimum at TitanTrade.

  10. Patrick says:

    My experience with Titan Trade was not positive. I opened an account which by the way I could never get to work, and they never bothered to answer any of my queries. Anyway, after that failure, I requested to withdraw the $250 US I had put into Titan Trade. They took 15 Business days just to authorize the actual transfer and I am still waiting for my money and am told it will take another 10 business days to have the money actually sent to my Master-card. Very unprofessional, they would take days just to answer my e mails and then I was called by at least three different levels of salesman trying to pressure me to use their brokers and being very aggressive to the point of harassment. Not a pleasant experience.


  11. GEORGE says:

    Titan, came with my China Millionaire registration.
    After reading that china Millionaire is a scam yet their broker TITAN is not im a bit confused, Titan did call me 4 times within minutes of registering but i didn’t speak with them until i did some homework.

  12. Matin says:

    Hello all of the readers:

    I, because of the most famous scam Binary Boom, register with Titan Trade, I never use the Binary Boom software, and instead of that, I start learning in order to have a better perspective in the binary options world, I had register with 250, and start trading with a very little knowledge, after a couple of wins an losses an was ITM in 40%, so I continue my learning curve and start trade with the 60 seconds, and that was pretty well almost 75% with the 4 one minute candlestick strategy.

    Later an the first week, I receive a phone call from a guy that let me know that he is my account manager, so I talk with him almost 30 minutes, and he said I’m going to prove you that you can meake money with my advise, so I took the chance and after 5 trades I had earn more than 80 dlls, he call me back the day after and told me to make another 6 trades, so I do that and I lost every one, 150 less, that hurt, the next morning he told me that that was a bad day, but if I place 3,000 dlls in my account, I have an special advise, and that I double my money in a couple of weeks, so I told him that I don’t agree with him, and I continue trading by my own.

    After have win an loses I made a mistake with this Greek Bonanza Eur/Usd, and place a call instead of a put, in the same moment that I have a call from one of my partners and can not see that I was in the wrong path, so I lose that.

    After that I saw that my balance was in 117.1 and I stop all my trades and I request for a withdraw of the 117 in july 14 2015, today after almost 20 days I go to my account and saw that my withdraw request was cancel, I talk by the chat room with the guy that was in that shift, I told me that that was cancel for various reasons, the most important was that I have to speak with my account manager and the other was that the people of the finical department has to talk with me and my account manager.

    Two very good reason for they and keep my money with them, for me, after follow all the procedures that they ask for, they are not honest with their philosophy, and I just want to advice all of you, that are working with Titan Trade, I can’t say that they are scammers but they do not like (in my case) to bring back the money that we earn or invest with them.

    Imagine this is for a hundred dollars how could be with a thousands.

    Trade safe


  13. Александр says:

    I lost all my investment with the crooks! $2500!! I should have done a better research before, if I saw this review or somme of the other stuff that’s written on them online, I would have been saved. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  14. Banksteen says:

    Titan trade will suck you dry, always want more money say they are profesional senior broker, but the tips they give do not meterialise , beware avoid these money sucking senior brokers and there boss. I you ask me they just want your money and you will lose it. Avoid them at all cost. You have been warned.

  15. Isabel Serrano Gomez says:

    Hi, I’m new at Titan trade and wish to withdraw my funds back to my visa credit card, I have not received any response from my financial advisors and have problems with the page can not find the whitdrawal option.

  16. Lawrence Mb says:

    I opened account with Titan Trade through this stupid software. Titan Trade called me and told me they will help me make profit with my money and asked me not to use the signal service.

    After I verified my account with my initial deposit of £250, my account manager Mike Tompson called me and asked me to deposit more money as my account is not big enough for them to help me. I said to leave it as it is and he said he will see what he can do to help and next thing I know he funded my account with additional £3000 from my card. When I queried it he told me not to worry that I will get the money back in no time. I said I did not authorise the deposit but he asked me to give him one week to prove himself which I did.

    In one sitting trade section, we ended up depositing additional £5,200 as he kept asking me to enter trades with very large amount and they keep going OTM and we keep depositing and he kept promising that he knows what he was doing. At the end of the trading session he lost £4,500 of my money. I did not know how he does his analysis as we will enter 3 trades at the same time 2 will OTM 1 ITM then again and again.

    The next time (after 5 days) he said we will do a trade recovery session and he passed me to another person who he said is a senior analyst better than him. The Analyst gave asked me to enter two trades of 2000 each and they both lost, he wanted me to deposit more money I said no. He then gave me another trade to enter the remaining balance on the account of £553 which won and I had £940 Balance from £8,450.

    Next day I was given a bonus of £4000 as I have not taken any bonus before, I had no choice but to accept it. So my balance went up to just under £5,000. Then another Analyst Patrick Green came and gave me another 2 trades of £2000 each and they both lost. He said he will raise my equity back but I need to deposit some money, I said that I have no other money, he said he will try and get decline so he can be allowed to help. I said no. When he pushed me more I gave him a MasterCard which I have no money in it to try and get decline as he said, which he tried and told me he got £2,000, and then he credited me with another £4000 bonus as you know he just lost £4000 in 2 trades. I asked him how he managed to get £2000 as I know there is no money in the card he said not to worry.

    When I checked I found out he actually took the money from my Visa card which is the card I used to fund the account. This was not what we agreed, I told him that I did not authorise it then he asked me not to worry. He was still asking me to deposit more money to raise the equity.
    When I called my Bank and cancelled the last £2000 and got it back. My account was disabled and I could not access it anymore. When I asked they said I must wire the £2000 back for my account to be reactivated.
    This is a big Scam to me. In the first place no Broker should be telling customer to enter trade by telling them amount to invest which direction and expiry time. They can advise on signal or possible direction which is the trader’s discretion to follow.

    The manner they took my money without authorisation is wrong, They have made me lose £8450 in just few trade sessions. I found out this is there style as I found other people in similar situation.

  17. Joan says:

    I have a 20K credit card debt believing in the pushy convincing talk of the broker from Titan Trade. I’m a mom of a toddler from Australia wanting to pay my house and landed to quickcashsystem website with a $250 first investment that led me to Titan Trade. In the first day they talked me through instead of putting $250 becoming $350, then another person Bruno Gold called convincing to add 5K but I only had $3,500 of savings so I sent that one because I was told that they’d give 150% bonus in order for me to make money quicker. The reason why they were so “generous” choosing my profile with the bonus is because of my status(wife of a working husband). Then the next week on the first 30minutes of trading all trades won becoming $6,800 with a more senior broker called Leo Dawson. This is when they pushed me again to Deluxe account as Leo would assist me. They kept on going with “when you make money, we make money”. So now already 2 different brokers contacted me. The next day, the first broker (Bruno) was calling me frantically to check the platform as the oil price was good. This was when I was talked to using my only credit card for 16K but he took 20K instead. Then frantically he told me to do put on all same commodity $7,500 each for 30minutes, I was going to change to “call” in last minutes but was unsure too as he was with a client on skype so didnt attend my trading. Then there it went, lost all trades at once! Including the previous $6,800 that I got before. Anyone knows and succeeded a way to recover credit card loss from this company if it’s a scam? I found binaryoptionswatchdog website after everything happened, so I followed your suggestion to file a dispute with my bank, and it will take 21 days to 8 weeks to process. I’m anxious with this process now, hoping my bank will be able to get my money back to pay the credit card bills. Never ever believe any ad saying you’re going to make money out of hundreds dollars to thousands in seconds.

  18. Sanath says:

    I opened an account because I were forced showing profit making. Then I were told to deposit more money and by forcibly scratched my card and took all the available balance. Then they told me you going to win today double my account and give me three trades which is exactly the my account balance USD 10000 after half an hour money gone. When I talk to them they told that is how trading. What can I do now I just open the account to sort out my debts. I clearly told them by knowing that they put me in trouble.

  19. Juha says:

    Thank you all for warnings.I deposit 250 to my account,and i lost half of it ,(not titantrade).
    Then my account manager called me and wanted me to let them trade for me, I make 200 000 minimun per year they said.I reply by email,that i will add 10000 more for every 5000 they can make me,but they have to start with my 125.No trades so far made by them!.

    Today i had call number 30 or something,i have to scan my drivers licence or passport for them to receive my bonus.And then they can help me.I did that loooong time ago!
    They promised to me that i dont have to pay any taxes for profits etc….

    I think i will leave my 125 to account and keep on listening more stories.I asked them a question:if you can make such huge profits in short time,why dont you give up your jobs
    and start to trade with your own money?. Answer:because its illegal! lol!

    Tomorrow i will receive another call for them,i think its the last one.

  20. Christine says:

    i too was manipulated & conned by Patrick Green by 20,000$ aus dollars. With his assurance & persistent word that I would not loose my savings I naively trusted him. We lost the lot in 30 mins with 5000 $ trades & a wk later another guy contacted me saying that Patrick was a junior broker & didnt trade safely so he got fired. Ok TitanTrade where is my refund? Im a single mum with 4 kids & trusted his manipulation. As far as Im concerned if the broker wasnt trading safely then the company owes it to clients a refund!!!
    My new broker assured me of a refund in the recovery program but I am required to borrow 2000 to start that recovery. I told him if he was so concerned for me like he said that he would lend me the 2000 & I would gladly double it when I recovered my 20thous.
    You can guess his reply to my heartbreak. Ive filed a dispute with my NAB bank but they wouldnt guarantee a dispute refund. Im emotionally & financially devastated as my children are highly affected by my ridiculous experience.
    I really need that money refunded. Any words of wisdom? Kindly
    Christine ?

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