TitanTrade Scam – Read this Review!


TitanTrade Scam – Is there anything to it?

In previous broker reviews I addressed many parameters by which I determine the reliability of a broker and in the past few weeks, I’ve been asked a lot about TitanTrade. Questions such as: “Do you plan to write a positive or negative TitanTrade Review?” or “TitanTrade Scam or a Reliable broker?” As with every binary options broker that I review, I went undercover and tested out the TitanTrade support team, features and responsiveness to inquiries. I conducted an extensive Google search for this broker using the most appropriate keyword “TitanTrade Scam, TitanTrade Scams and Real TitanTrade Review” and could not find anything negative on Binary Options Daily, Forex Peace Army or any of the leading online trading forums and websites.

TitanTrade Withdrawals – Slow or Fast?

I tested out the TitanTrade withdrawal and just like with all brokers, they required identification to ensure that the person withdrawing the funds is the same person who funded the account, this is a very basic security measure that all financial institutions who are dealing with private investors, require from all clients. The TitanTrade withdrawal approval took about 4 hours for verification and another 2 business days for the money to show in my account. Keep in mind that bank wires can take up to 5-7 business days. Other 3rd party depositing/withdrawal methods are available but the easiest and fastest way to withdraw your money from TitanTrade is via credit card or international debit card. After testing out the withdrawals, I am convinced that TitanTrade is safe and far from being a scam, fraud or problematic with withdrawals. No hassle or questions on withdrawals and no % or extra fees. Minimum withdrawal is equivalent to $100. Minimum Deposit is $250. Visit TitanTrade – Available in the US!

TitanTrade around the globe!

Luckily TitanTrade is a US Friendly Binary Options Broker, available in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. The support team is responsive 24/07 and traders can communicate with the customer service team via live chat, phone and email. Users can trade commodities, stocks, currencies and indices from various markets including European, Asian, Australian Markets and US Market.

TitanTrade VS Scam Brokers

The power of a the search engine in itself is an extraordinary phenomenon, giving us a lot more power than we use have in the past. In the context of binary options, you can easily detect a scam binary options broker by performing a thorough research on the search engines to find out if there are negative reviews on the broker by searching for keywords associated with fraud, scam and negative review. In this case you would want to search for ‘Titan Trade Scam’ and not to my surprise there’s nothing that comes up because TitanTrade is very transparent and ‘what you see is what you get’, this broker is in it for the “long haul” and quickly gaining authority in the industry as one of the top brokers in terms of payout, reliability and accessibility for traders around the world. Scam brokers on the other hand, tend to “piss off” a good number of traders and eventually karma catches up with them in the form of negative testimonials, reviews and feedback on forums as they quickly lose all credibility.


TitanTrade.com is fully endorsed and a recommend broker by the BinaryoptionsWatchDog.com

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10 Responses to “TitanTrade Scam – Read this Review!”

  1. Daniel Miller Says:

    Glad to find that TitanTrade is available for US traders!! There is a signals service I’m inclined to work with that is associated with them. I just wanted to be absolutely sure that they are available for me being a US citizen. Thanks for the review, WatchDog, and for exposing all the scammers! I love the concept of this website and so far you’ve been helping so many traders! I can’t thank you enough!

  2. WatchDog Says:

    Hi Daniel, TitanTrade is indeed one of WatchDog’s favorites! They are partnered with SignalFeeds.com and many leading signals services. They are available internationally so if you are a US resident/citizen you shouldn’t have any issues registering an account on their website. Good luck with your trading Daniel and thank you for the kind feedback!

  3. Chester Says:

    The only broker I can trust in the US.. I tried a few brands, I’ve been with Banc De Binary before they got kicked out of the US and they totally messed with my money. I am now trading purely with TitanTrade. I don’t want to hear about any other broker, I don’t trust anyone after my experience with BDB.

  4. roberto Says:

    TitanTrade is my favorite broker! I tested them when I started and withdrew half the amount, took less than 3 business days for the money to show in my account, since then I’ve been with them for over 4 months. I am not the best trader but I managed to pull some decent profit.

  5. Артем Says:

    Thank you for all the information. At first I had issues with verifying my account with TitanTrade but now the withdrawals are very fast. I am originally from Russia but I stay a lot in the US so it's the perfect choice for me. Titantrade is my favorite broker and I tried 4 different brands already, one thats unfortunately on your blacklist WatchDog.

  6. Manjeet Kaur Says:

    TitanTrade is a great company, fast withdrawals!! I also recently started using Mike’s Auto Trader with Titan and I am getting a very good ITM, Michael Freeman really delivers!! Thank you for the recommendation WatchDog!

  7. george Says:

    hi watchdog, i have joined with titantrade they also help newbies with one on one trade placement my account manger david has mande me money with is selected currency pairs. in my first trades i’m up 10%

  8. Richy Says:

    Hi Watcdog,
    Let me first thank you for this wonderful site of yours where people like me are often taken advantaged of by scammers and schemers, take plenty of comfort when we read your reviews and assurances that brokers such as Titan Trade can be trusted based upon your honest opinion.

    After having read your review I have finally decided to open an account with Titantrade.

    Thanks a million times for your assistance and keep up the good work.

  9. Hariharan Says:

    Is Titan Trade a regulated broker?

  10. WatchDog Says:

    TitanTrade is currently not EU regulated. Check out Topoption.com our top recommended EU regulated broker. They also offer a lower minimum desposit of $100 instead of $500 which is the new minimum at TitanTrade.

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