TeraBit Trader is a SCAM! Authentic Review!

Terabit Trader is a recycled SCAM that has just been released, this review will save you from financial losses! We are seeing this type of thing happen more often as time goes by, since we are realising that new traders are entering the market every day and the scammers are trying to seize the opportunity to get their hold on their money, before they know any better. Therefore we highly recommend that you read this full review on the newly released Terabit Trader scam, especially if you are new to binary options and online-trading in general, be extremely caution when entering the TerabitTrader.com webpage and don’t buy into it.

Richard Hefner is promising each and every person registering and depositing with the Terabit Trader software that they will be able to generate profits of $20k each and every single day. They will be able to do that as the system is able to achieve $850 profit per hour. The auto trader is able to do this due to Optical Data Transmission. Basically what those big words mean, is that the software is able to read, translate, and place a trade based on the information it receives. Not only that, the Terabit Trader scam can supposedly also receive all of this data 94ths /100 faster than the big boys on Wall Street. Plus on top of all of that, Richard also promises that the system comes with absolutely Zero Risk & full Guarantee that you will have no less than twenty thousand dollars in your broker account at the end of each day.

That all might sounds like you are striking the deal of a life time, and on your road to financial freedom by joining the Terabit trader software, especially if you are new to binary options trading, and heard of all the success and stories surrounding the achievable. However during this review we will be revealing why you cannot under any circumstance trust or believe anything Richard Hefner stated during his presentation on TerabitTrader.com. The thing that most people might not know when listening to Mr Hefner talk, is the fact that this auto trader is nothing but a copy of two previously launched systems, which is exactly what we are going to expose in this review. Given undeniable facts in this review, we encourage you to read further.

Can You recognize this actor? If not, keep reading and you’ll find out!


Not too long ago we reviewed two other scam systems, one by the name of GPS Trader, and the other called Safeguard Trader, both done by the same crooked people as before. When you watch and listen the pitch video of each one, you will realise a few things. 1) The person presenting all of them is the exact same person, the only thing that has changed once is his name. In one of the scams he is called David Hefner, and in Terabit Trader scam and the other one he is called Richard Hefner (very original, we know). 2) You will also notice that he is making the exact same promises in each and every video on the three separate websites. 3) Lastly, but not least of all, all three scams are supposed to come with the great zero risk, full guarantee promise. By now we are confident that you’re starting to see the bigger picture.

Here is probably the biggest issue that we have with the Terabit Trader Software and the other two released scam systems, and that is the fact that they all promise the exact same thing, and exactly the same profit amounts. We have received countless emails from unsatisfied traders from GPS Trader, and Safeguard Trader whom have all lost their money, and the sad thing is it still has not stopped. We have already started receiving feedback regarding the Terabit Trader scam and guess what, we are trying to help yet more traders getting than money back from this scam. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why it is so important to keep up to date with what is being released in the binary options industry, and most importantly, what truly works and what does not. Feedback and comments are highly important to us and the community.

We can go into much further details regarding the Terabit Trader scam, and expose each and every single piece of evidence as to why the system cannot be trusted, however we are not here to waste both your time and ours. Traders need to be vigilant, and when they see that a system is being made available on the market, have the mind to do their research in order to avoid falling prey to such systems.

Most of our subscribers would have noticed Richard Hefner and instantly knew that the Terabit Trader software is a scam. This is one of the reasons we recommend subscribing to our blog, and ensuring you stay updated with what is being released. We were not surprised when we saw this scam being released for the third time. Scammers are getting lazy, and instead of creating new presentations they are just changing the name, and adjusting the websites a little bit. We highly advise traders to do their research, read reviews, follow trusted day trader on YouTube, and most importantly, do not fall for relaunched scams such as Terabit Trader.

Review Verdict: Terabit Trader is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – TerabitTrader.com

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Never hesitate to contact us for help, if you’ve been scammed and need assistance with how to dispute or cancel the transactions against the brokers or services you were tricked into joining. For credible alternatives, we highly recommend that you visit our Watchdog’s Tested Signals for Binary Options page. We rely on real results over time and authentic user testimonials when evaluating binary services.

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5 comments on “TeraBit Trader is a SCAM! Authentic Review!
  1. Arielle says:

    I follow your blog very closely and have been saved from scams like Terabit trader. Thank you. I also have to say that I have followed your CodeFibo recommendation and I am doing a nice amount of about $300 per day on it, trading a few hours per day

  2. Freeman Ativor says:

    Dont fall for this cheap promises guys!
    Its all clear that this Terabit-trader is a pure scam promising $850 per hour….lol
    Cant stop laughing.If they can make that huge amount and up to $20k per day then why are they requesting people to join =D
    This is just one of the red flags about the numerous scams that BinaryOptions WatchDog kept on exposing all these fraudulent systems.
    And moreover Christmas is getting nearer and these scam gurus are just after your hard earned cash.Be safe about all these scams popping up each and everyday

  3. Joshua says:

    TeraBit Trader is a huge scam. Thanks WatchDog! Love reading your posts. Saved me from quite a few scams now. Your site is bookmarked for good reason!

  4. Marcel says:

    Just an update on another, Option Rally maybe is not a scam but I traded with them for a while this summer, made a bit of money but nothing big time. I decided to withdraw my money and put in a request , my money was put in pending where it stayed even after I contacted them. So. I thought I may as well see if I can’t trade a bit more cancelled my withdrawal request made two trades. The next day I decided I would see if I had won my trades, lo and behold my account was gone, my money had vanished and there is no response to any attempt of mine to contact them!
    Option rally is dirt!!!!

  5. chuck twombly says:

    sent terabit trader 300 nov 28 to which they promised 300 bonus. you cannot reach them from your website whenyou put your own info in but if you put in the wrong password, you get to a page that they actually monitor. Well by the time I finally got into my website to place trades around jan23, over 300 of my money and the bonus money has been lost due to someone trading on my account. i tried and tried thru emails to get to speak to my account manager, from support messages would say they would pass it along. end of feb i just got so frustrated that i decided to play trades using the remaining money on 1 and two minute trades. of course i lost all 250 that was left in 24 hours, but at least i got away from them. awful awful, just a scam front for barcleys which is an unlicensed broker.

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