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Golden Goose Method Scam

Cute name but unfortunately the cuteness is all there is to it with the Golden Goose Method Scam! Why is it such a big scam? The problem with some of the signals services for binary options is that they often work exclusively with one broker, and in most cases, operated by the broker they are affiliated with. Some brokers lack reputation and this is the only way they can get unsuspecting traders to signup with them. Many scam brokers are now competing with legit signals services as a way to attract more traders by offering extra incentives, outsourcing it under different names and different services.



Is the Golden Goose Method a Scam? Complete Watch Dog Review!

The Golden Goose Method only works with which is an unknown, unregulated site that most of you probably never heard of until you came across the Golden Goose Method, probably after receiving spam emails introducing you to this service or possibly even paid advertisements. Ask yourself the right questions before you deposit with United Option in order to receive signals and advice from the Golden Goose Method. Why don’t they offer a paid membership? The only way to get started with this service is when you sign up with UnitedOptions. Why didn’t they choose a reliable broker to affiliate with for their traders? Unless of course they have a closer relationship to UnitedOptions, a relationship that extends beyond just affiliating with them. Why is there no paid membership for users who already have an account with a different broker? Why isn’t there any information on the site regarding how many signals you get, success rate, performance results or anything to ease the doubts of anyone who is practicing the most basic common sense?

Watch Dog Chat with a Golden Goose Method Rep

This is by far the most ridiculous chat I had with a signals service representative, the guy just didn’t know anything. Clueless about the service, signals, content of the offer, number of signals…I suddenly felt as if I had woken in an upside strange world where common sense is not at all common, hoping that someone would snap me out of it. Checkout the snapshot from the conversion with the Golden Goose Method “professional” representative.


Strangely the representative from the Golden Goose Method didn’t have any idea about anything relating to the service. At least he could have told me about the number of signals I am suppose to get. Tell me what the Hell is this service all about?!?! If you can’t, why on earth would I want to sign up with this, especially when the only broker I am allowed to signup with is an unknown, mostly likely a scam that goes by the name At least they could offer me some empty promises, or something that would make more sense. The Golden Goose Method is probably the weirdest services I came across. Whatever this may be, it’s definitely not endorsed by the Binary Options Watch Dog! If you have any experiences or comments about the Golden Goose Method or on United Options, please share your thoughts below!

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