Swarm Intelligence is not a SCAM!! Honest Review!

Does Swarm Intelligence work in the world of trading? That a big question I have been asked this week since the public launch of Swarm Tech which is the brain child of Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter

Important Update: Swarm Intelligence is not available for new members.

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Hello WatchDog readers Paul (The Binary Options Governor) from YouTube here and I’ve been invited today to write a guest post about a new software launch called Swarm Intelligence which has been developed by Dr. Steven Francis and Thomas Porter through their company Swarm Tech. I was lucky enough to hear about this 2 weeks ago from 2 friends in the industry who were involved in the beta phase so I was able to monitor their progress which has had me eagerly awaiting this to go public. I will publicly state it here that this concept will change the way we all trade as it is brilliant. Before I go any further I would just like to thank the BOWD for the opportunity to post here and also thanks them for their continued work in exposing scams and con artists in the trading world so we can all trade safely.

Below is a YT review of my early thoughts on Swarm Intelligence:

Who is Dr. Steven Francis?

Steven the main brain behind the Swarm Tech strategies and comes from a unique background with a PhD in Animal Behaviour who has spent his life as a researcher studying the animals and their adaptive behaviour in a particular environment. He is also an avid day trader and came up with the idea of using Swarm Intelligence in his trading from studying how alot of animals make combined decisions together to help them make a more informed decision which is better for the group than they could ever make when working on their own.

Who is Thomas Porter?

Tom is a recently retired IBM scientist with over 30 years of computer programming experience so he is the one that brought the coding expertise to the table in this system. At a very high level Tom wrote the programs for each of Steve’s trading strategies and then each of these mini programs feeds the results back into a main computer.


What is Swarm Intelligence?

Swam Intelligence is the collective behaviour of a group of systems either artificial as in computers or natural as in group of animals. Based on the proven concept of how a group of animals will work together to make a decision that is of a benefit to the entire group rather than just one individual. This concept is also the exact same when you look at it from an artificial standpoint as you get multiple devices / computers to look at a situation from a different angle and all work out what they believe to be the best solution. You then go with the most common solution as that should be the most beneficial to the entire group.

Steven tells us that he has been an avid day trader for many years now and has been able to combine what he learnt from studying the way animals work together to come to a decision that will benefit the entire group into his trading using Swarm Intelligence. Within trading individuals don’t have the luxury of comparing several strategies before taking a trade so that is where Swarm Technology comes in as it can use multiple computers to constantly run different trading strategies and then compare the results of the predictions in real time to decide how lightly it is for that trade to be a profitable one.

When you think of it now I’m sure you will agree that Swarm Intelligence is something that should be used in all trading wherever possible as it can give you a far higher rate of success when you are comparing multiple strategies and only taking trades when all strategies align and point in the one direction.

The Swarm Intelligence Trading Platform

Another aspect I really like about the Swarm Tech software is that they have created the trading platform from scratch for their own Swarm Intelligence software. In the past we have seen a lot of scam software’s re-use the same old software front end and claim that behind the scenes they use their own algorithms to take the trades. With Dr. Steven’s system this is a completely brand new platform that I have not seen anywhere before. Take a look at the screenshot below taken from the Swarm-Intelligence.co web-based trading platform .

The main features of the system that I haven’t seen previously:

Swarm Level – basically this represents the number of computers you want to agree on the outcome of trade. You can choose between 1 and 10 with 10 been the most lightly to win. If you have been following me for a while you will know I am a conservative trader so I will be starting with 9 which is the default to see how it goes. I know some others will go a bit lower as well and still hopefully be profitable.

Money Management – This is a feature I have not seen anywhere else but it is a very good one that allows you to see what is possible with your balance and work out how many trades you want to take per day and your potential results.

Swarm Technology Results concluded:

From the early beta testers of the system Steven has told us that the ITM of the signals from Swarm Tech have been hitting 83% and from everyone I have talked to this is about right with most people hitting about the 80%. I have already created my own account and I will be reporting back with all my own Swarm intelligence results which will be posted in future videos on my channel and I will also pass them on to the watchdog. It is a very simple system to use but I will also record a video showing you the back office and exactly how I will be trading going forward with this system.

From everything I have seen with this trading system and everyone I have talked to I do believe that this system has the potential to change the way we all trade and can be highly profitable for everyone that use it.

Software registration Page: Swarm-Intelligence.co 

(No longer available for new members)

Review Verdict – Swarm Intelligence is not a scam!

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24 comments on “Swarm Intelligence is not a SCAM!! Honest Review!
  1. ilsa says:

    Thank You Paul! Your review was very interesting. Ilsa.

  2. Tapiwa Matizha says:

    Is it available in Zimbabwe/Africa

  3. Stan King says:

    The concept behind Swarm Intelligence Tech is really extraordinary!

  4. Alan Fluckiger says:

    Since last night when I activated the software I got 2 losing trades, but over 30 winners so I know this is legit. I also wonder about WikiTrader, maybe I’ll give it a try and work with both to see which one is better over time.

  5. Sharon says:

    Is this available in Canada ? I couldn’t sign up last night. Kept telling me to use a different email. I’ve never had this problem before

  6. Steve says:

    Thanks for the review, Watchdog!

  7. Valerie Clark says:

    9 winners out of 10 trades, Swarm tech is record breaking!

  8. Grace Thomas says:

    Glad they got good brokers working along with the software and it’s not one of those unregulated scams. It’s always good to verify the license of the broker in advance.

  9. Devin says:

    Yeah same issue here as Sharon, getting the same error message when signing up from Canada ..”use a different email”… I have tried 3 legit and one just random made up and same error. Wikitrader is giving me no broker signup as well. What has happened, did all these brokers suddenly bad Canada from their “allowed list” ?? 😉

  10. danzo says:

    Barkley’s Capital is a great broker and glad they are working with Swarm Intelligence. I synced my old account so I didn’t even need to go through the registration again, signals are accurate and I get to enjoy it without putting any extra investment 😀

  11. Sandile says:

    Hi, Is Swarm Intelligence supported in South Africa?

  12. Aaron H says:

    Good start for the week! Monday ITMs I love it! Swarm Intelligence is not letting me down so far but we’ll see, I am a very paranoid or skeptical person in my nature so we’ll give it time.

  13. Thippeswamy N says:

    Hi, Is this available for India. Kindly let me know.

  14. Kev says:

    Is BinBot Pro legit

  15. Cabuggy says:

    Same result as other Canadians – program didn’t accept email.

  16. Please does swarm intelligence accept Nigeria traders
    Can you please recommend any proven bot/software that accept Nigeria

  17. Stian Knox says:

    can i trade with Swarm from south africa ????
    Does Swarm have an auto trade ??

    • WatchDog says:

      Swarm Intelligence is no longer available for new members, they pulled down the site. If you signed up with a broker you can still fund an account and use the software, otherwise make sure to look into our various alternatives. Before you sign-up with any software also visit out Blacklist for a list of warnings and sites we do not recommend.

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