SnapCash Complete Guide; Tips and Live Results!

Hey Watchdog readers, This is Agent Matt from here to show you how easy it is to get started with the auto trader.  Before we explain and demonstrate its ease of use, we want to give a huge shout out to Binary options Watchdog for the opportunity to showcase this exciting new binary options software.  The Agency recommends SnapCashBinary app and we will back up our support by showing you some live trades and video proof below.  Through two days of trading, our profits are over $300!  This product is the real deal!

SnapCash Binary is a simple, yet complete system that provides steady profits.  This is not a typical auto trader developed by some alleged Wall Street guru with inside information.  We’ve all heard the stories of financial insiders who find the secret to riches, right?  This software is much different from anything we’ve seen. 

A Brief Background:

SnapCash Binary is developed by Austin Ford.  Mr. Ford started working on an algorithm as a hobby for his own personal investment purposes. Through his research and development of SnapCash Binary, it became clear that simpler is better. The creator looked at trading through the eyes of an average trader.  He took the complication out and created a simple “yes” or “no” philosophy. Imagine seeing several trading opportunities that only require you to click a “yes” or “no” button. That is essentially the manual trading feature of this new viral system.  Trades are literally handed to investors, who decide whether or not to place a trade. Click “yes” and you are in the trade!  This could be the easiest software ever designed.

Tips for Auto Trading Success: 

The entire platform gets two thumbs up from the Agency.  The auto trading feature itself is straightforward.  There is one simple step to turn SnapCash Binary on.  Click  the red OFF button. It will turn green and say ON.  Once the trader is switched to the on position, a few other features appear which must be considered carefully. It is imperative not to overlook these.


Next to the on/off button a risk level option will be displayed.  Here you can select a low, medium, or high risk.  This indicates the potential number of trades placed at any one time.  In other words, the auto trader will take one trade at a time on low risk, but you may see five different asset positions running concurrently should you select the high risk option. We highly recommend starting slowly.  

Trade smartly by choosing low risk.  Always use proper money management with any investment.  It makes no logical sense to start your first few SnapCashBinary sessions by investing as much as half of your account (five trades of $25). If you invested the $250 minimum, allow the system to place individual investments of $25.  Take your time, be patient, and learn the software.  Once your account balance grows and you feel comfortable, then consider other trading options. 

The investment amount button to the right of the risk level provides four choices.  Here you may pick anywhere from $25, $50, $75, or $100.  Your selection is the dollar amount placed per trade. Upon completion of this step, do not forget to click the save button on the far right.  Failure to click on this will prevent trading.  The auto trader will only be activated when the save button is pressed.  

The Agency’s Tutorial and Trading Session:

Before you can utilize this exciting software, a completed registration is required.  The exciting part, however, is that the software is completely free to use. Investors will need to sign up with a properly synced broker for this auto trader to function however.  

Our video tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know to begin using SnapCashBinary.  If you are a subscriber to The Agency’s YouTube channel, then you may have seen our easy profits. If not, you can subscribe when you see the subscribe button displayed in our video. We opened a account two days ago with an initial deposit of $500. At the conclusion of our session shown here, our account balance has grown to $804. 

 The main objective of this educational demonstration was to show both ease of use and the options available,  Obviously the main priority was profits.  We definitely accomplished that with $155 increase to our account balance.  Remember to start small.  As we emphasize, trade at the low risk.  Our adjustments to three and five were for illustrative purposes aimed to help you understand everything available on the platform.  The higher the number of trades equates to a higher level of risk.

Our final stats today were impressive.  80% ITM for fifteen total trades.  We had 12 winners. Profiting $155 is awesome, but remember tomorrow is a new day.  Our results may be better or worse, but based on our first few sessions, SnapCash Binary has incredible potential!

Conclusion and Review:

As you can see, our account balance is over $300 in profit after a few short trading days.  To achieve these statistics, our best advice is to be patient.  We typically use the following settings:

  • Trading Risk (LOW = 1 Trade)
  • Trade Volume: $25

To confirm the software is active, the right side of your screen must look like this:


Each day we will provide updated trading statistics on The Agency’s YouTube Channel.  Don’t be shy on this one.  The early testing is promising and many positive reviews are making SnapCash an attention getter. Please take things slowly whether you are new to binary options or a veteran day-trader.  Both groups of people need to become familiar and confident before taking additional risk.  Agency’s traders have been analyzing the manual signals as well.  Once you comfortably maneuver the autotrading side of SnapCash, consider this manual strategy video.

Visit Watchdog’s SnapCash Binary Review for more info & user feedback!

There are a few other strategies that we’ve experimented with and are eager to put to the test.  Stay tuned for follow up posts and videos.  Lastly, be sure to watch these videos for special offers! We want to thank Agent Matt for his help with providing our members with live results and an extensive guide for new software members. In case you run into any questions you are invited to comment below. For other alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. Good luck to all new SnapCash members!

48 comments on “SnapCash Complete Guide; Tips and Live Results!
  1. Tom says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Watchdog and all the details Matt. I joined yesterday and I’m already up over $200.. Thank you so much

  2. Jossef says:

    Thx so much for the awesome guide, registered just now and really excited to get started!!

  3. Robert Draper says:

    Wow, that looks amazing! I will definitely try it out Watchdog and use Matt’s startegy! I adjust subscribed to both of you. Will keep you updated on my results 🙂

  4. Michael says:

    Agent Matt is really cool! Thank you for all the insight, already got several ITM trades and 1 was a losing trade but I only trade $25 each time and the balance is growing slowly but steady and surely!

  5. Freeman Ativor says:

    Its good to see this Snapcash automated system pulling out good results as tested.Thanks BinaryWatchdog for following up on this AutoTrader and giving us updates as it produce nice results.Great work!!

  6. Jerlean Hope says:

    Go Agent Matt!!! You’re a star on Watchdog. I love your channel, been subscribed for two months. This guide is really complete and gives a lot of insight into the software!

  7. Theophilus Oduleye O• says:

    Is it available for everyone anywhere please

  8. Melanie lobb says:

    Awesome review I have joined. I have a question if our brokers offer bonuses should we take them and top up the account also. Many thanks Mel

  9. Jayaprakash says:

    Is it available in India ?

  10. it is very good,good job watchdog

  11. Benson Tobayai says:

    Epic ITM and over 30 signals yesterday on Auto!! SnapCash owns up to their claims!

  12. marc kollin says:

    Works in Canada! Just registered now but will update you with the results. Loved the breakdown of the software Matt and Watchdog thank you for the reviews.

  13. Hans Pallek says:

    Looking good here from Sweden, I registered with two EU regulated brokers and doing the same with each account with the risk level, $25 trades but next week if I continue to profit like this will try with $50 trades. Good update! I will also post a video on YouTube with my progress for SnapCash binary if for two weeks I will make it consistent.

  14. Patrick Levy says:

    Thank you Agent Matt, I couldn’t have done it without your guide! I am very new to binary options!

  15. lim says:

    Does it work in the Philippines?

  16. Ernest says:

    Fantastic ITM!!!! 12 days trading on AUTO!

  17. Don Howard says:

    Started a bit later in the week but out of 86 trades I only lost 7 so the ITM is really above and beyond what I imagined and praying it’s not luck.

  18. Jorge Pedro Arroquy says:

    Hi Matt: I wanted to see if SnapCash Binary, can be used from Argentina.-
    Thank you very much !!

  19. haibul bin yusin says:

    Hello.i’m not sure if singapore country can join this trading.

  20. ANTOINE says:

    hello can be used from FRANCE ??

    • WatchDog says:

      Dear Antoine, In France you can definitely sign up with and they will also sync you with an EU regulated broker.

  21. Gerald says:

    Hello, does it work in east African countries? Am in Tanzania

  22. jay says:

    HI WatchDog. Can you confirm the reputation of TradeXtra broker which was assigned to me on signing up with SnapCash. Thank you.

    • WatchDog says:

      TradeXtra is a good brand, however they are not fully EU regulated yet since they are relatively new. From experience and feedback we know that they are responsive and fast with withdrawals, the main factors by which we determine credibility. The payout is average and they allow the trading of most underlying assets.

  23. Ron says:

    is SnapCash available in Australia?

  24. James Patterson says:

    2 accounts is the best way to go! If you’re offered the upgrade you should take it and put only the minimum in both accounts, trade $25 with each broker and Auto and you’ll make it in no time.

  25. Is it available for Israel?

  26. evi says:

    Does it worked in indonesia? Is it real? Can we withdraw with the real money? Wich bank supported this system in indonesia?

  27. trevor says:

    Can we join in south Africa

  28. SASHA says:

    Please Wait…
    Registration In Progress

  29. Alberto says:

    Doubled by $500 investment with SC Binary in 3 days!

  30. bechara yammine says:

    It’s really unbelievable what this software is capable of on first look. Out of a total of 65 trades I got 54 ITMs. Simply the most solid among all the stuff I tried and most I consider junk. SnapCash tops all the automated systems in my opinion and the insight by Matt was very good especially on my first day.

  31. George says:

    Damn, It’s not available in my country. 🙁

  32. Francis Kahora says:


  33. Terry Forrest says:

    I’ve been debating for a while between SnapCash and Binary 5, but I noticed many negative feedback on Binary 5 so I will register with SnapCash. Hoping to get some good results!

  34. snapcash binary is applicable in the philippines??, pls let me know, im interested

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Mario, Snap Cash is available in the Philippines and they also have good brokers, EU regulated ones that work in your region synced with the software.

  35. nguyen nam says:

    I want to ask Vietnam im possible enrollment do not it?

  36. does snapcash available in UAE Dubai ?

  37. Oksana says:

    Hi there. I read in previous article that you wanted to publish list of countries this software available to. I would be very keen to learn if it is available in New Zealand as it has plenty of good reviews. I was scammed many years ago out of 12 K but am getting desparate for an income; I’d like to do thorough research on this before jumping in again. Would much appreciate your suggestion of trusted alternatives in NZ too if possible. Thx.

  38. herbert oropesa says:

    i may be tight/A but i would have thought that when one is just starting out , the minimum trade should be $5 to $10 so as to have more trades to adjust the style of trading . you can always go up as you become more proficient .

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