Profit In 60 Seconds SCAM! Doesn’t work, No response.

Here is a new scam: Profit In 60 Seconds! Sounds like a good name for a good service but this is clearly not the case. Don’t buy what you’re being told in the fake reviews on Youtube and on Google. Cost of service is $997.00 which is 10 times higher than what other signals services are charging! They are definitely shooting high when it comes to the cost of service. Other services offering similar features are priced between $50-$100.

Profit In 60 Seconds Review – Main Features

Auto Trading Software: Doesn’t seem to work on Windows based on testimonials! Not a single trader who downloaded the software was able to make it work. It makes you wonder if they didn’t intentionally create a fake, non-working software to confuse traders into believing something is actually wrong on their side, with their own computer. Nope! Your computer is just fine! The Profit In 60 Seconds is what’s wrong!

Free Trial: Funding an account with one of the Profit In 60 Seconds broker’s is a requirement before you get to download the Software, only to later find that it doesn’t actually work.

60 Seconds Signals: It would be nice to receive quality 60 seconds signals but the “performance” listed on the site doesn’t provide with sufficient proof to indicate they are truly as successful as one would think of a service charged at such a high price! $997.00 in other worlds is a Grand! This is a lot of money for something that doesn’t even work.

WatchDog’s Conclusion 

Face it… this service is a big scam. It’s overpriced and it doesn’t work, leaving traders wondering if something is wrong with their own computer. If you ask WatchDog… this is basically a Bait and Switch type of scam in which they get you to sign up with one of their brokers and on good days, they’ll get you to pay $997.00 only later to find out that you’ve been ripped off. Another thing is the high price, for some this may seem like an indication for a quality service, maybe one with benefits that other services cannot provide you with. This is not a Gucci brand or anything similar and you’re not getting a free limo ride when you sign up. If you are eager to burn a $1000, you should probably donate your money to charity. Last thing you want to do is motivate these scammers to stay in business. Help WatchDog put the Profit In 60 Seconds scam out of business! Share your comments and feedback below and help deter others from falling into this scam!

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9 comments on “Profit In 60 Seconds SCAM! Doesn’t work, No response.
  1. Eugenia says:

    Yes i must admit, i’ve been there, and i was £200 down due to this, the thought of making quick money in 60 seconds sounded so great and amazing, these guys were so convinsing on youtube, i did put my credit card out and i bet there so many who are doing that right now! thanks for your honesty, it does not work at all, sound good but you are literally chacking your money away.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Eugenia, Thank you for sharing your experience! 60 seconds is a very debatable feature and many are finding it extremely difficult to profit with. Just the name profitin60seconds is somewhat of an Oxymoron. Based on real testimonials from traders who registered with it’s obvious that this product is not worth looking any further into.

  2. Anon says:

    I am sure you have figured out by now what a scam Profit in 60 seconds is. I am sure many of you are angry and would like to find out the brains behind this operation. Well, you’re in luck!

    The guy spear-heading this scam is none other than the popular Jason Sweezey who lives in Kitchener (near Toronto) and runs . He is running this scam by making you fund accounts with scamming brokers who they have partnered with.

    The software does not work, obviously! And, they are laughing at all of you. By the way, this trio have more scam softwares in the pipeline so I would watch out for them.

    Okay, so more details about this guy Jason Sweezey. He is 44 years of age and was born on 1 June 1969. He’s profile name is “soeasy69”

    Now that you know this, god damn it take some action and bring these criminals to their knees. Write in forums and let the authorities know!

    Good Day

  3. Marie Schell says:

    Thank you for warning me. I was tempted to join, but having learned some things the hard way, I decided to best check them out. Glad I did and saved myself money and headaches. Thank you!

  4. Mike says:

    I just got an email inviting me on the free trial, it took less than 60 seconds to find your information here and that by all accounts is the only thing that works well. I thank you for the information and my money will not be wasted on yet another scam on the internet. Why dont these bastards just make a decent business and make money that way way rather than going for huge scam profits. Maybe they should change their name to “Gone in 60 seconds” because thats where your money will be headed if you sign up. Thank you Watch Dog

  5. Amit says:

    They force you to signup with their recommended “brokers”
    and fund your account with real money before you can put the software to test.

    They are an affiliates for those “brokers” and the moment you put money to your account, they get something like $300.

    Yes, that is US$300 !!!

    This is their only objective, to convince you to pay, they get their share, and then you can F-off.
    They used you, now going to the next.

    The brokers participating in this scam are:

    • WatchDog says:

      Unfortunately even a decent broker like 24Option is allowing affiliates to use ‘black-hat’ marketing tactics to deceive users in order to get them to signup. This is a terrible business practice and will surely backfire on 24Option, I think that they should be held accountable for this! Once they start getting a bunch of credit card disputes, they might wake up!

  6. Bruce says:

    WARNING – TAKE EXTRA CARE… I forgot to add this to my above comment… If you “take or except or receive ANY – (I repeat) ANY type of hand-out from either Bancdebinary or GToptions you will in all probability be locked into a position that means an awful lot of trading to get your hard earned dollars (?) back… YOU HAVE TO READ THE CONTRACT that clearly states references to the “handouts”… “normal” business practice… BUT at the end of the day ONLY TRADE WITH YOUR OWN MONEY ( read the last line again please)… because it may save you “bacon”!

  7. แทงบอลออนไลน์ says:

    I agree! Profit in 60 seconds is just another scam. I lost over a $1000 with this!!! Didn’t make a dollar since I started.

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