The Penny Millionaire Review by Agent Matt; Scam Free!!

Welcome to 2017 Binary Options Traders, are you ready to learn how to become a Penny Millionaire?  Agent Matt is here with an extremely unique software system taking online trading by storm.  Our objective review looks in depth at all the hype surrounding  See why we give this software the green light!  Watch our video for further confirmation of a scam free system.

It’s rather rare that a binary options trading app catches our attention with “millionaire” in the title, but today we see amazing potential.  Penny Millionaire is a viral new software.  What is it?  For starters, it is a scam free look into the new year!  Most people are asking how pennies are involved in binary options, so we will explain.  Read this analysis to learn exactly how you could turn a penny into a million dollars!

Can I Really Become a Penny Millionaire?

Turning a penny into a million dollars may sound crazy, but don’t be so quick to judge.  The concept is known as compound interest. It literally has magical powers!  How much is a penny worth after 30 days, when compounding it daily?  The answer is over ten million dollars!  


A cool feature on the Penny Millionaire home page is a calculator which shows the compounding progression. Investors can see what it looks like at any point during a 30 day period.  Below is a snapshot of 15 days of compounding one single penny. Keep doubling that for fifteen more days.  You’ll be shocked!


Compounding is taking earnings, and then reinvesting them in order to generate their own earnings. In other words, compounding refers to generating earnings from previous earnings.  Learn more about this critical financial tool at Penny Millionaire does not reinvest all earnings.  Remember it starts with a penny!

Compound Interest is something The Agency has never seen applied to binary options trading.  The way this works in Penny Millionaire is actually very simple.  A small percentage of each winning trade is set aside.  Starting with one cent for the first profitable position, it doubles with each subsequent win.  Before you know it, the side account is exploding with pennies!

Is This Website Trustworthy?

This crucial question is at the heart of every review.  An easy way to debunk any system, including Penny Millionaire, is to visit the domain registry site Typically, if we are dealing with a scam, the site will be newly created, but historical testimonials will flood the presentation.  Alleged trading history from months or years past will attempt to lend credibility. Red Flags shoot up when actors claim to have made money before the website existed.  

Penny Millionaire is quite different.  There is no such bogus claim.  In fact, this website was registered almost six years ago. launched in Ocober of 2011! Rest assured this website is established and validated.


How Does This System Work?

Penny Millionaire is a new auto trading system. The platform appears to be created with both the newbie and the experienced trader in mind. The entire interface is user friendly, yet it still keeps up with the fast paced binary options industry.  

This custom trading software operates based upon a specialized algorithm targeting winning trades.  The trading algorithm will not always be correct. No software is, but the scams think they are!  David Forrester, creator and pitchman, never utters 100% wins.  In fact, he makes sure everyone knows it will lose some trades, but perfection is not need for profits. Only two out of three winning positions equates to profits.

Mr. Forrester says the computer programming is stable enough to single out several trading positions with high probabilities of wins.  In addition, he reminds us that all it takes is one winning trade each day to build up your compounding account. From what we have seen, and from what is explained in the video, Penny Millionaire is without question a highly profitable software. 

What is the Penny Millionaire Lottery?

Throughout the presentation, we hear the word lottery.  Don’t confuse this with any type of gambling or chance game.  The lottery refers to the limitation of subscribers.  While we are unclear how folks are chosen to participate, we do know only 100 will be granted access.  

It appears the selection is done on a random lottery system.  We recommend registering now.  Our traders are already gearing up to start trading as most have gained access.  However, there is no guarantee.  Here are the steps to follow to secure your spot.

Firstly, enter your name and email address on the registration page. From there, if chosen, you will be directed to the members’ page where you complete the registration process.  Then, once completed, you will be taken to an approved broker page.  There, you must deposit a minimum of $250 to sync your software and begin trading. Finally,you will see the Penny Millionaire homepage where trading may begin.  It’s a very simple process, but we recommend watching this video before starting.

The Agency’s Conclusion – Scam FREE!

Penny Millionaire is not your everyday run of the mill trading app.  It is new and unique with awesome potential.  Our review team has compiled a summary to support our recommendation. Compound Interest achieves financial wealth.  Never before seen in binary options, Penny Millionaire incorporates it into their overall money management. It is the best of three worlds!  While most websites offer auto trading only, Penny Millionaire app offers three options! It puts you in control more than ever.  Beginners, can set the cruise control by choosing auto trading, but the more adventurous traders will see new adventures.  There is a semi automatic choice, which allows users the choice of whether or not to take an offered position. Simply click the “trade now” button and your trade is executed. Lastly, there is manual trading.  Mainly for experienced traders, this feature generates quality signals for your consideration.  

The Agency fully supports this software, as do leading review sites like Binary Options Watchdog.  Stay tuned to both sites for follow up reviews and trading videos.  Share your experiences with Penny Millionaire.  Help spread the word on the hottest software on the market today.  Don’t wait!  Maybe you will win the lottery and be the next Penny Millionaire!

Review Verdict: is a legitimate software!


Unfortunately Penny Millionaire is not available in the United States, as the software is only synced with EU regulated brokers that cater to traders around the world, excluding the US and possibly a few other countries with restrictions. If you are trading from the USA, you can either join Nadex directly, or try one of Watchdog’s Tested Binary Options Systems as an alternative as most of them are available worldwide.

Good luck  in 2017! Be sure to share your feedback and questions below Matt’s Penny Millionaire review and the next reviews to come with live results and additional tips. Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to our blogs for the latest industry news & scam warnings.

28 comments on “The Penny Millionaire Review by Agent Matt; Scam Free!!
  1. Antonio says:

    I have seen so many positive reviews on google and YouTube from expert traders. I would try this new software and keep your team update about my results. As always with a properly money management, profits will come for sure.

  2. Vitor Lopez says:

    Thanks for the review. So happy to find a legit promising software after all.. thank you watch dog and happy new year!

  3. Carolina says:

    Proper money management is a key to real capital growth. That’s why I subscribed to this app

  4. Franklin D. says:

    Great review. Thank you Agent Matt and Watchdog! I was just accepted in the Lottery. Ready to get started with this cool system!

  5. Neels says:

    What is the difference between Swarm-Intelligence and Penny Millionaire software.

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Neels, Swarm Intelligence was a very successful software that was offered free, but they shut the free registration down unfortunately about two weeks ago. The idea is the same though, the Penny Millionaire is also an automated system.

  6. skylimit43 says:

    No broker available in my country,

  7. Miral says:

    Penny Millionaire Looks like an amazing piece of Software that is just what I am looking for to kick start the New Year. Great Review

  8. Alexej says:

    woow. I will test it out as well. I see that many people are able to profit.

  9. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    great job matt and watchdog!..this penny Millionaire is really serious genuine software ,i hope people out there can grab this golden opportunity to earn something!..definitely amazing start for this 2017!!

  10. Qasim says:

    HI, I have tried to register but it says that my country (Nigeria) is not supported because there are no broker in my region.
    Please, can you help me to find an auto trading soft. a scam free, that will allow me to use it, Thanks and hope to get a feedback from you soon.

  11. Mikelaary says:

    Thank you Watchdog for the positive review on this company.. Than you very much Larry Johnson

  12. Tshwarelo lubisi says:

    Hi guys i join penny millionaire from SOUTH AFRICA, my broker is 24OPTION, and i just DEPOSIT $250 , but when I login w the software it says I must FUND MY BROKER, by I already FUND if and the BROKER says I must contact penny millionaire, can u pleas help me guys, what can I do ???

  13. Raju Natarajan says:

    Hai, i have remitted USD 500 in TraderVC through penny millionaire. however i am not able to login through the software to activate and use the software. i have received the email from penny millionaire for the activation. however it is again for the depsot mode. can you please help me activate the software.

  14. here is what i want ; a “bot that has a REAL FEED “demo ” which the basic trade is at$5 or $10 without placing a deposit . it only has to last for ONE hr.

  15. Salah says:

    Hi I just signed up on penny millionaire and the broker that they gave me is “BINARY ONLINE” .. Is that a free scam brokerage?


  16. Abhishek says:

    I recently joined penny millionaire, and they assigned me Option star global as my broker.

    So I want to know

    1) Is the software still working with such results???

    2) Shall I deposit with Option Star, I mean are they trustworthy regarding deposit and withdrawal???

  17. Arnab says:

    Is the software penny millionaire still working with same results.???

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