Lexington Code Review!! Scam-Free Software!

Hey binary options traders, check out Binary Option Agency’s  latest recommendation called Lexington Code.  Agent Matt is back reviewing a newly launched software unique in many ways.  Thanks to Binary Options Watchdog for the diligent work in examining this auto-trader as well.  We both give two thumbs up to Lexington Code! Our honest review explains the difference between this trading app and the competition.  

Lexington Code is No Nonsense and Scam Free!

Visitors to the LexingtonCode.com website instantly meet Michael Lexington.  He is a direct and to the point kind of guy. We like his style and approach because it is what the industry needs!  Not only is Mr. Lexington knowledgeable, he possesses proof of the Lexington Code trading history.  As a businessman, he has taken steps to insure his system works, makes sense, and is confirmed legitimate.  

Firstly, we shall explain the proof.  Immediately upon viewing the video, Mr. Lexington shows everyone documentation related to Lexington Code. His software was given a Certificate of Authenticity that proves the legitimacy of every single trade taken to date.  An outside accounting and legal firm analyzed the entire trading database and deemed both the software and its trades legitimate.  This endorsement is huge!


Prior to the endorsement from the industry, Lexington Code was only offered and utilized with private brokers.  Now having credible backing, this trading app is about to hit viral stages quickly.  The proof is in the pudding as they say, so let’s examine how Lexington Code works.

Trading Algorithm Never Before Seen!

The software has a unique algorithm.  Described as “binary options with a twist”,  Lexington Code trades differently than the rest. The explanation is clear, but we will summarize it for you.  Binary Options trading is based upon the concept of placing a trade with an expiry time and a fixed payout.  Lexington Code trades a bit differently.  Simply put, this auto trader places a few smaller positions as opposed to one big one.  In other words, it takes multiple small trades that equal your initial investment amount. You are left with the same trade, but with a higher profit potential.  So instead of taking one trade, this system offers a small portfolio of trades.  It’s a more enticing way to trade in the financial markets.  Investors are always looking to diversify to increase wealth, and this follows the same idea.

If you’ve invested in mutual funds, then you understand diversification.  Rather than putting all of your money in one stock and wait for it to grow, mutual funds take the same investment, but spread it throughout a group of stocks.  The result is a win win all the way around.  Lexington Code takes a similar approach trading binary options, thereby increasing your overall profit potential.  

Below is a screenshot of the trading platform. With one simple click of a button, the auto trader is on and trades will be placed.  Of course, a manual feature is also available, but auto trading is recommended to start: 


Meet The Developers And Their Team

Michael Lexington is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Lexington Code.  His background is business.  This is very useful with the launch of his software.  As mentioned above, he takes all necessary steps from a business point of view. This is a well thought out program that has been tested, tweaked, and adjusted to insure it’s a good fit for experts and newbies alike.  The business background offers a well rounded and  thoroughly tested auto-trader.

The other co-founder is an aeronautical engineer named Barry Storyk. He is responsible for creating the main coding platform, but is now solely the lead programmer of Lexington Code.  He has worked diligently to update this software on an ongoing basis.  His intelligence is apparent and appealing to any investor.   

One prominent aspect we like is the office and the Lexington Code team.  It is modest, without any bells and whistles.  The no nonsense approach spills over into the work-space and mentality shown. The founders aren’t housed in a luxurious mansion, or traveling around the world, but rather they work with a small team in a small office.  In fact, the workstations are merely tables with laptop computers on them.  They are down to earth and down to business.  For us, knowing there is a hardworking team overseeing a trading system is comforting.


Limited Spots with LexingtonCode.com? 

Lexington Code is just now going public.  You won’t find any historical data, but not because it’s some get rich quick scheme.  Everything has been handled privately.  As any good businessman would do, Michael needs to hit the ground running if Lexington Code is to be hugely successful.

This is where you come into play. A small number of public beta testers are receiving free lifetime access.  This is critical to properly exposing the software to the financial market. Private traders and the verified results are imperative, but everyday traders are needed to confirm this software is worthy of major news and financial outlets’ support. All you are asked to do is provide feedback on your experience with Lexington Code.  The designers are seeking traders’ input to make a great system even better.  They want to know if you like the interface, if our account balance is rising as you had hoped, and whether you have any suggestions for improvement.  

If you are not serious about making some extra cash, then Lexington Code only asks that you exit the video and not register. Michael tells potential investors that he does not have time for procrastinators.  If you are in, the let’s get to it, but if you aren’t that is ok too.  He wants people who are ready to trade with his software.  Again, the no nonsense businessman is very convincing. We believe that not giving it a chance would be a mistake at this point, especially after we established a very solid positive conclusion, of course the choice is yours. 

Some Realistic Advice relating to the software!

 Don’t Repeat History!

Lastly, we recommend registering while the offer is valid.  Don’t hesitate.  Remember Swarm Intelligence?  This was possibly the hottest binary options trader in recent history.  The Swarm team indicated it was free only until the met their goals.  Within two weeks, the free version ended.  No one should pay for software, especially when it is originally free.  LexingtonCode.com has limited spots guys!  After that, it’s allegedly offered via licensing fee of approximately $3,500.  Why take the chance and possibly miss out like so many did with Swarm Intelligence!

Lexington Code Conclusion

The Agency and the Watchdog agree.  LexingtonCode.com has great potential, an excellent algorithm, and backing of authorities in the industry.  All things point to profits, so we intend to start trading now.  This is a scam free software that is well worth registering.  Do not forget this offer is for a small number of beta testers.  We have no idea if it will be expanded, so examine it now and register soon or you may miss the chance.

Contact our Watchdog Team for help with all binary related questions.

Lexington Code Review Verdict – Scam-Free and highly recommended!

For other alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested signals for binary options. Please remember to share your feedback below this review, if you have an experience to share regarding the software or any other Automated system you’d like to comment on. Thank you for taking a few moments to read this important update and good luck if you decide to move forward and test this great offer, we trust it and have full faith that it will not disappoint our subscribers and stand fully behind it with this endorsement.

85 comments on “Lexington Code Review!! Scam-Free Software!
  1. Alexej says:

    Finally a good software is here! I am going to sign up and update you on my results.

  2. James Dean says:

    Hey WatchDog. Been using this system since Monday and so far it is incredible. I thought when I seen it first it couldn’t be true but I’m starting to believe now after seeing my own results. Looking forward to all your updates

  3. Karen Fellman says:

    I am hoping the Lexington Code is available in Canada. Last one I checked was blocked.

  4. Frank Cho says:

    Very informative review, I might take a deeper look into this. Thanks for the work Watchdog!

  5. Karen Fellman says:

    Thank you Watchdog, I managed to register! 🙂

  6. William Boren says:

    Signed up a few hours ago, 11 wins and 2 losses, steady growth and it’s looking accurate.

  7. Christian Ahukanna says:

    When will Nigeria be allowed to join this auto trading organization.am a man from Nigeria and my name is Christian Ahukanna

  8. Haley Curtis says:

    So thankful Lexingtoncode.com is available in the US!!!! <3

  9. Victoria says:

    I tried to get the Lexington code in Australia but was blocked

  10. Bernice Slater says:

    Continued success for over 48 hours, can’t go wrong! I am very pleased with the outcome of the trades with Lexington Code, and a well designed software. BIG THUMBS UP!!!

  11. Eugene nagle says:

    I agree that the talk on the video seems generally believable, but it’s always hard to believe a claim to have no losing trades… Having been burned twice this past year I don’t want to jump quickly into yet another, despite the recommendations.

  12. Adam says:

    It’s not true, check if there’s something wrong on your side. I reside in Australia and managed to join without a problem. Thanks for the review Matt and Watchdog!

  13. HY101 says:

    These binary business is only meant for Americans and Europeans to get wealthy and rich.Nothing is available for East Africans WHY WHY??.
    Its very unfair!!!.

  14. Jeddie Effiong says:

    How I wish I can join this auto trade from Nigeria. This is incredible.

  15. David Howell says:

    Well, It’s definitely available for me in the UK. Just started earlier today and the results are good, but only after 2 weeks with a winning performance I will reach my conclusion about Lexington Code. I have no complaints yet but we’ll see because I’m also not optimistic after trading with “Gemini 2”.. one of the scams exposed here on the site. Anyhow I just wanted to drop by and say thank you and good luck to others!

  16. svizzera says:

    Hi Watchdog, I was scammed two times in the past. I wish I had the motivation because this one looks like a real software rather than the previous BS I fell into.

  17. dcharles says:

    how about Malaysian to join

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Dcharles, We apologize for the delayed response. Lexington Code is available in Malaysia and they are synced with regulated brokers, also in your region.

  18. Alan Stevens says:

    Found out about Lexington Code from a review on Quintup and then I saw this great introduction right here on Watchdog. I have to say, you and Matt did an excellent job, I was convinced and in the last few days I’ve been banking really hard with the software. It’s the best Christmas gift I could get, a true online fishing hook, rather than a fish.

  19. ahmed alshamrani says:

    Tradextra and Lexington code is the best combination!

  20. Prosper Adipah says:

    Lexington Code is truly a life changer for me, god bless everyone who are part of this operation. This industry would’ve sucked without it, great review too Paul and Watchdog!

  21. Gilbert Correces says:

    I tried to register but when there were 3 spots to fill the site froze and I just was able to enter my name and email.

    • WatchDog says:

      This often happens with web-based applications Gilbert, try again and also check if it might be something on your side with your computer.

  22. Anna Gershkovich says:

    Do you have any info related to the Tesler software? I received an email about it today and wondering if it’s working or not.

  23. Hans Peter says:

    So much contradictory information online in the various reviews, I am so glad I took your word on Lexington Code because it truly works. Don’t buy into the scam sites who are selling you fake money schemes. This software is one of the few legit ones I’ve seen over the last 2 years. Thumbs UP Watchdog!!!!

  24. Dr steve Nwankwo says:

    i wish to be linked to the Lexington code, i am from Nigeria

    • WatchDog says:

      Unfortunately the software is not available in Nigeria Dr Nwankwo. As for the Tesler software Anna, we determined that it’s either a highly misleading software or a scam in the last review posted in our blog section.

  25. Isa says:

    Is it available in South Africa?

  26. Is Lexington Code available in United Arab Emirates?

    • WatchDog says:

      Hi Prosper, We apologize for the delay but we had to check with the support for you just to make sure. Lexington Code is available in the United Arab Emirates so you shouldn’t encounter any issues with the registration. They offer a wide range of brokers and you qualify to join an EU regulated broker in your case. If you have any other questions let us know and all the best!

  27. Josh Kane says:

    My only regret is that I didn’t find Binaryoptionswatchdog.com sooner! I spent a lot of money trading using indicators I found on Meta Trader, then I fell into the hands of this account manager who gave me all the wrong tips. Now After several days with Lexington I regained the investment I lost while I was playing around and played with and looking for next week to start generating the bigger figures! Thanks a lot to you and Matt for this review! Just finished reading the second one you posted, you’re all doing a good service! Josh

  28. Skyler Perez says:

    It must be a gift from Santa, because when I initially registered with Lexington Code I heavily doubted it and thought it might be a scam of some kind. After you try about 4-5 systems, it gets old.. but I figured I’ll give it a shot, and the way things are improving with my broker account using the software, looks like soon I will be the one calling the shots! Definitely a great shot and a gift to a trader who almost gave up on this entire gig.

  29. pam says:

    Hi Karen Fellman I am here in canada,please let me know its working for you and the broker your using thanks.

  30. Brian says:

    Is this still going don’t see any comments for a month

  31. steve ombeh says:

    watchdog why are all your prpgramms not allowed in in NIGERIA

  32. adm says:

    this daweda exchange looks like even with the ATS you will still need to be a skilled trader to use / trade with it. pls somebody who has used it should help explain

  33. adm says:

    pls watch dog do you or any body on this platform know much about TIX FX ,or CEASER TRADE, are they legit brokers,pls comment would be appreciated

  34. Ew Joyner says:

    Watchdog, Is Lexington Code still working

  35. steve says:

    Watchdog, I am based in UK, registered to Lexington code yesterday but they use 10markets as there broker. No end of bad reviews on Google about them, money not being withdrawn etc.

    Please advise.

  36. fearracious says:

    I signed up and activated. But no trades getting in.. Not sure why

  37. gloria says:

    With reference to the 12/14 post of HALEY C IN THE US. Being told that Lex Code was Available to US traders, upon further investigation I was offered a broker called
    SUNROCK. Is this the one you used? Are they a legit broker for the US?
    Thank you

  38. Gwendolyn Roman says:

    Signed up with LexingtonCode , connected me with bankofoptions broker – any info about them?

  39. awe says:

    Watchdog, Is binbot pro still working

  40. Sasa says:

    I tried Lexington Code a few days and I was almost blow my account. Also I avoided trading on ” 3 bull” and “2 bull” news from investing.com/economic calendar, but without success. 8 OTM and 7 ITM. Maybe software was good in the begining, but now is totally bogus. You may think that I am paid to lie here, but please just check comments from some reputable website (you also have link to their website in Option Robot review) https://objectivebinaryoptions.com/lexington-code-review/

  41. Cameron says:

    What brokers do they have for Australia

    • WatchDog says:

      I’m not sure, but feel free to run whatever broker they assign to you by us to verify it’s a legit broker.

    • Brad says:

      Hi Cameron, did you find a broker for Australia – and have you started using the software? Would love to hear of your experience!

  42. Oneil Beckford says:

    In Jamaica and not getting thru with signing up lexington code, copy buffet, penny millionaire.

  43. Peter says:

    Im from South Africa.. will lexington be available here and is there brokers available..if so is there any broker company names..just to fell secure you can trust them.thank you

    • WatchDog says:

      There are brokers available, but I’m not sure there are any regulated brokers available. I don’t recommend signing up with non-regulated brokers. Also, I don’t recommend using auto traders, especially if you’re not an experienced trader.

  44. adrian says:

    I went into lexington code paid money, they sent my login can’t login can’t ring them and can’t email them so i’m done a $1000 and binary watch dog recendmend them
    not happy

  45. adrian says:

    adrian I’m in australia

  46. Alan says:

    Hi to all at Watchdog,

    I am going through the process of registering with the Lexington Code App / software and I have been allocated a Broker called “CFDstocks” do you know anything at all about them, also are you able to link a Broker of you own choice.? I am in the UK.

    I am a newbe to trading but have been doing some research for a short while now and think your site is fantastic.  I have also been watching a couple of Traders on YouTube doing so called “Live” Trades using Lexington Code, have seen at least 3 different Traders but they all have the Broker name of “Tradextra” on their platform page, is this down the their location or am I a being a bit cynical and thinking maybe some people are been paid to do these YouTube revues for or by Lexington Code.?

    Any information would be greatly welcomed, thank, Alan.

  47. Alan says:

    Hi to all at Watchdog,

    I am going through the process of registering with the Lexington Code App / software and I have been selected a Broker called “CFDstocks” do you know anything at all about them, also are you able to link a Broker of you own choice.?

    I am a newbe to trading but have been doing some research for a short while now and think your site is fantastic.  I have also been watching a couple of Traders on YouTube doing so called “Live” Trades using Lexington Code, have seen at least 3 different Traders but they all have the Broker name of “Tradextra” on their platform page, is this down the their location or am I a being a bit cynical and thinking maybe some people are been paid to do these YouTube revues for or by Lexington Code.?

    Any information would be greatly welcomed, thank you.


  48. branko kos says:

    when I want to sign into Lexington code, I was redirected to the site of PWRtrader as a broker. I found also this review on the internet:


    I was allocated to them when I signed up the CopyBuffett trading software and deposited £250 as part of the sign-up procedure. Copy Buffett would not work (refused to sync incorrectly with PWRtrade) and the only option was to close the PWRtrade account and try again. I requested the withdrawal of my £250 and about a week later was informed that the withdrawal was refused due to insufficient funds. On further investigation, it seems five £50 trades (under the heading One Touch) were done the day after I requested my withdrawal. They are saying that the auto trading software did it but Copybuffett never worked and did not deal with One Touch trades anyway. Despite numerous emails, I have been unable to obtain a satisfactory resolution.

    The question is, is the PWRTrader a legitime broker with reputation or it’s just another scam???

    Of course, I would like to go with 24option but it’s not possible.

    Credible information will be greatly welcome!

    thx and all the best,

    • WatchDog says:

      I don’t recommend signing up with non-regulated brokers. To change your broker, you can try to sign up again using a different email address. Otherwise, I know OptionRobot is available with 24Option and Stockpair.

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