Insured Trading is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!

We encourage you to read this highly informative review regarding the new Insured Trading scam that has just been released. The software presented by Oliver Breitner truly offers you a rags to riches opportunity, with false claims, and manipulated documents in order to try and convince you to deposit with the Insured Trading Software. During our review we will be exposing the truth regarding the auto trader and Mr Breitner himself, we will also be evaluating the website, and will be leaving without a doubt in your mind that you might just have been considering to register with a scam.

The Insured Trading scam is being presented as a system that has been carefully put together by some of the top programmers, developers and designers, to create a system that will generate you profits of $18k per day. Exactly how this system is able to do that, we have no idea. So far the explanations have been very vague, and basically we have come to the conclusion that they do not want to share much, as it is a closely guarded secret. The reason they guarantee that you will be able to make no less than eighteen thousand dollars per day, is due to the fact that they will supposedly pump up your account to $18,000.01 if you make anything less.

The typical Fancy Cars and yachts Intro by scammers like


Here is the big reveal… Are you ready?? Mr Oliver Breitner is the same person who introduced us to another scam service not too long ago, as system by the name of Insured Outcome, and here is the funny thing, nothing has changed. If you listen to both presentations you can clearly hear they are almost identical, and offering you the exact results and profits for using the systems. We received complaints weeks after the launch of Insured outcome scam of people losing their money, which proved to us without a doubt that the system is a scam, and now we find he is at it again, however this time he just changed the name to Insured Trading scam.

This Review still didn’t convince you? Here are few more facts to prove that the Insured Trader software is nothing more than a lousy scam being yet again offered to unknowing traders. During the pitch video you can clearly hear Mr Breitner state that he and other traders have been trading with the Insured Trading scam since 2014, and in the last three months alone he made 17 people millionaires. However sadly if you double check his statement on, currently the most reliable domain data website, you will notice that the website is only just over a week old. Meaning there is no way that the so called traders have been able to become millionaires, using the Insured Trading Software.

Oliver also very boldly claims that he had a debut in none other than in the CNN Business website, stating that he was offered with the honour due to his part in successfully creating more than one millionaire in very short space of time. We of course did some research into this very daring claim, and have found the statement to be none other than one big fat lie. Nowhere on the website did we find any mention of Oliver or the Insured Trading scam anywhere. We did extensive searches on the website, and even tried looking for it through obvious articles it would most likely feature in, and nothing.

Statements are also made of the Insured Trading Software not being able to lose even 1 trade, and that you will be able to make $18k a day as previously mentioned. For traders that have been in the binary options industry will know that there is no such thing as either an auto trader or a person not losing one trade. It does not happen, and is impossible. Nothing is ever that accurate. Secondly making $18k is a laughing matter, really. We have been trying and testing trusted and well known binary options services for years now, and the highest he most reliable of them all goes is to between $800 and $900 a day, and if you are really lucky, you can get, just maybe $1k for that day, but that is like 1 in 1000 chance of happening. We can assure you, no matter how far and wide you search you will not find a trusted auto trader that will never lose a trade and make you a millionaire in a few months.

Oliver Breitner is an actor hired by the same scam artists for more than one scam launched now. This is a great example of why it is important to read each review you find on the system you are interested in, as little details such as these are usually the biggest give away that a certain software is a scam. In this case we were clearly able to link Insured Trading scam to Insured Outcome scam, and prove yet again without a doubt that neither of these systems can be trusted. Ask questions, do your research, follow well-known day traders on YouTube, as following these steps are the only  way to ensure you do not get scammed for hopefully the first time, or if you have been scammed already, to prevent you from getting scammed for a second time.

Review verdict: Insured Trading is a SCAM!

Blacklisted website – by the alleged Oliver Breitner

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Prizm Tech, Push Money App, Centument Project 2.0 and Cash Formula

After years in this business and countless of counter-attacks by the scam sites we expose, we are still here and more motivated than ever to take a positive role in this industry. We proudly assist those who encounter withdrawal issues with unlicensed brokers, and assist with the handling of disputes against fraud schemes that plagued the online trading world. Your feedback is highly important to us and other visitors who may be wondering if Insured Trading is a credible way to make money online, rest assure that it’s not and your honest results and experiences can help us deter others from making the same mistake.

So what should you do now? Well, first and foremost if you read this entire review, you are already one step ahead of those who are completely novice and unable to detect scams. Not every signals service engages in false advertising and some can actually produce consistent, winning results. For credible alternatives, visit Watchdog’s Tested Signals for binary options. We rely 95% on our own testing, and 5% on the industry consensus but we take both into consideration as we receive lot’s of feedback, now with close to 10,000 blog subscribers.

7 comments on “Insured Trading is a SCAM!! Unbiased Review!
  1. Freeman Ativor says:

    Guys please be on the watch out for these scam guru tactics all the time.They will promise you everything that it takes for a successful life but as soon as they get hold of your deposit;thats all.So pls kindly stay away from this Insured Trading system.No trading is ever insured…lol.
    This a just a pure scam with all its attributes.Thanks again BinaryWatchdog for been on the look out and saving investors money

    • WatchDog says:

      Thank you for your feedback. It’s very important for us to see others comment, from experience or based on judgement and common sense. All comments are approved and accepted.

  2. MR says:

    Mr. Breitner schould be out of this world with that king of action

  3. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    easily to say this Insured Trading software is completely scam!..not being able to lose even 1 trade?? & generated 18k per day??…this all nonsense guys!..once again,please think logically..please save your valuable money by stay away from this..thanks once again watchdog for this review..please keep revealing!

  4. Ricki Lynette Ward says:

    A binary options group called and when I mentioned the buy out by bayar for the GMO food she hung up on me .Then I got a terrible feeling people are going to loose a lot of money if they invest.there are to many countries not interested in GMO foods .Please if you could check this out if it is true you should warn people about this

  5. Kai outzen says:

    LBinary brokers closed down and disappeared with my deposited 24000 without a word.

  6. Tayo Papahiu says:

    Whoa whoa whoa! Wait a minute, so I’m going to have 5 million dollars in my account by October 2017? Shut up and take all my money!

    Guys please be careful with this mother F’ers, read my last sentece thats how stupid this and every scam are, Watchdog words are true and sincere words luckily you’ll make 1K a day, luckily.

    The only signal service that will give you amazing returns and knowledge is Michael Freeman Facebook group, and is freaking free.

    Thanks Watchdog, be blessed.

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