iFollow Signals Review – Is it worth it? Must Read!



The iFollowsignals software seems to be getting a lot of attention lately and many traders are wondering if iFollow Signals is legit and is it worth your money and is it really free when you start! I want to give you guys my take on this binary options software and help you in the process of determining the validity of iFollowsignals.com

So let’s start with their introductory video, it’s short and to the point. It was refreshing to find a service with a introductory video that doesn’t start with “Are you interested in financial freedom? how would you like to go on fancy vacations and buy a new yacht?” because honestly, most of these services are not worth your time. You have to wonder why they try to seduce you with absurd statements. I mean if the system is good, of course you will generate a lot of money with it but it seems like the fake systems always focus on “selling dreams” instead of staying with the facts and providing an insight to what the client is going to get like a legitimate company who is not necessarily chancing after new customers. After all, if it’s a good product or service, the clients will come to you without efforts that extend beyond what’s reasonable and the fake videos you are seeing on many of the services are not inline with what you would expect a reasonable company to showcase. So at least we got through this checkpoint with iFollow Signals, they passed it well! It’s a very informative website without all the fluff.

Another thing I liked about iFollowSignals.com is their LIVE Support! Very similar to the Option Bot 2, traders are able to communicate directly with a Live agent with any questions which makes it a lot easier whenever you come up with any difficulties, questions, concerns and communicating by email is just not enough sometime when something urgent comes up.


The performance is very promising and the number of signals is very promising so I decided to try it and a few days ago I signed up. I am still testing it out but for the time being it’s very clear that the iFollow software works! The performance I got was around %78 last week, while the performance with the Option Bot was around %82. The Option Bot is more expensive for new traders because it requires opening multiple broker accounts, but on the other hand you are not required to pay anything else after you purchase the software license! As fro the iFollow software is more expensive but you can always get the 30 days free download trial when you register with an iFollow Signals broker, making it cheaper to start with. With that said, my top 3 services at the moment are iFollow Signals, Optionbot and SignalFeeds. If you already have a broker account, the cheapest one is SignalFeeds.com as you can get a 7 days membership for $35.

I can strongly recommend iFollow signals due to their high performance, 20 plus daily signals and great support! If you are looking for a good alternative also checkout the WatchDog approved binary options signals services for more information on the Option Bot and Signal Feeds.

4 comments on “iFollow Signals Review – Is it worth it? Must Read!
  1. Alvaro says:

    Hi WatchDog! Nice review! I will try it for 30 days. On OptionBot 2, do you trade all the signals you get to have that 82% ITM? Thanks!

  2. WatchDog says:

    Thanks Alvaro, with both services it’s hard to really follow all signals, I usually only get to follow around 7 out of 10 signals. Both services generate tons of signals every day. The average in the industry is around 5 daily signals.. OptionBot is still my favorite besides the starting investment of depositing with multiple brokers but the monthly membership is expensive with iFollow Signals. Either way, I’m really loving both services! I rather pay more than pay a bunch of shitty services $10-$50 and get disappointed.

  3. Gus says:

    Hi Watchdog,

    Great review, I’d just like to know what is the best time to trade these signals for all these signals (ifollow signals, optionbot, signal feed)? Are they during peak hours and do you avoid trading during major economic announcements?



  4. WatchDog says:

    Hi Gus, the peak hours are the same with all 3 services so around 13:00-22:00GMT you can expect to receive most signals. All 3 services are dealing with a high trading volume so their daily number of of signals is not necessarily influenced by major economic announcements however it does play a factor to some degree.

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