Free Robot Signals is a SCAM! OptionRobot Rip-off!!!

Free Robot Signals is a SCAM posing as a ripped-off version of the OptionRobot for binary options. Found at, this binary options trading software has grown into a viral software scam that has severely depleted the accounts of countless day-traders. Claiming to provide free trading signals with a 87% success rate those claims couldn’t be further from the truth. Avoid this rip-off of the only reliable binary options software known as OptionRobot and make sure you only invest with tested and accurate service providers.

Perhaps the most disturbing characteristic exhibited by Free Robot Signals would be how it appears almost as an exact clone as the OptionRobot. In fact, they claim to use the same indicators as OptionRobot which would be the Trend, MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), RSI (Relative Strength Index), Stochastic, Williams %R and CCI (Commodity Channel Index). However, we highly doubt this is truly the case because no matter what indicators we had chosen when testing this system they resulted in similar success rates. The only varying factor that we found to have an affect on the success rate of Free Robot Signals would be when changing expiration times.

Regardless, the highest success rate we achieved with Free Robot Signals was 61%. That was with using 5 minute expirations. You see, we noticed that the shorter your expiration time is the less accurate the system ended up being. It didn’t matter what indicators we selected when investing with Free Robot Signals, which led us to notice a trend that was starting to occur. With 3 minute expirations we averaged a success rate just below 56%, while 1 minute expirations yielded 52% success rates. No matter what combination of assets or indicators we selected it didn’t matter, all the results yielded very similar results.

Free Robot Signals is a SCAM!

Free Robot Signals website,, was created on March 18th, 2017 making it under 2 months old. Now, as we mentioned just moments ago, it didn’t matter what combination of settings we had selected when using Free Robot Signals since varying expiration periods had what we believe to be fixed success rates. Due to the lack of varying trading results when using a number of different settings we believe that Free Robot Signals is a simple trading algorithm that just applies the same trading parameters as any other common binary options software that is one-dimensional.

One of the main attractions of Free Robot Signals would be that they are “free.” Well, let’s get one fact straight off-the-back, getting started with Free Robot Signals is NOT free! Just like most of the systems we have reviewed, a broker sign up with one of their “reliable” brokers is required to fulfill the obligations needed in order to use their system. One reminder we would like to reiterate would be to only to invest with regulated binary options brokers and systems that have been thoroughly tested.

DON’T be fooled by the phony demo account offered by Free Robot Signals. It is evident that the demo account is phony and rigged to generate only profitable trading results. Scam marketers do this for one reason and one reason alone which would be to earn your trust and deceive you out of your hard-earned money. We have seen this with countless trading scams we have exposed in the past and it is becoming more common than ever before. Don’t fall for their fake demo account, the rates don’t match real-time rates and it trades during the weekends (when the financial markets are close) so we know their demo account as just as bogus as their software.

Review Verdict: Free Robot Signals is a rip-off SCAM! 

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2 comments on “Free Robot Signals is a SCAM! OptionRobot Rip-off!!!
  1. hector v says:

    i lost 250 to free robot signals… free my ass.. pshhhh!

  2. Mohd Najib Mohd Amin says:

    My advice,better stay away from this Free Robot Signals software.. don’t take risk & save your money guys..

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