Is Epix Trader Software a SCAM? Unbiased Scam Review!!

Can you trust the Epix Trader auto trader for binary options and Forex? Before you put your money at risk, we urge you to read our unbiased Epix Trader scam review to learn more about the risks and rewards that can occur by signing up with this new online trading software. Found at and, the Epix Trader is the first dual binary options and Forex investment software we have encountered. Created by a married couple known as Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo who use to be competitive rivals at a Boston college, the backstory with Epix Trader is cunning, but does that mean you can trust them? Read our complete scam review to find out more.

(Note: If you’re in the US, you won’t be able to use the Epix Trader. Return to our binary options services page or to WatchDog’s new Forex signal services page.)

Epix Trader

So why are there two different websites? The website are for traders who are interested in trading binary options while the website are for those investors who would like to use synced Forex brokers. So ultimately it comes down to which style of investing you would prefer the auto trader to invest on your behalf. We have not tried either the binary options or Forex style of investing so whether or not one of these two styles of trading have an advantage over one another is still not clear.

What is clear though and what we learned throughout the almost 17 minute long pitch video would be that there is a large amount of information to filter out. Whether or not all of the information that is provided is legitimate or not we are unsure. What we can do though is try to make sense of the Epix Trader auto trader and help educate our viewers about this software.

So who are Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo? According to the promotional video, this married couple used to be rivals at some college in Boston where they both studied investing and finance. They met during their final doctoral year while specializing in finance and economics and respectively moved on with their lives after graduation. Mark Evans became the CFO of some automated programming trading company while Tina D’Angelo says she worked as a trader at a notable firm on Wall Street. It wasn’t until years later that these two lovebirds ended up rekindling an old flame during a reunion and partook in a seminar known as “The Alchemy of Finance.”

To be honest, that is quite the story and whether or not any truth of it can be verified is beyond us. We can’t compare their names to records at a university or investment firms because no mention of any of these has been made known. What we do know is that Epix Trader auto-trader is highly reviewed on a number of reputable binary option and Forex websites so whether or not the story behind these two individuals is true or not we aren’t entirely sure. We also know after countless hours researching that these two individuals don’t have any gigs or profiles with any cheap online marketplaces that we oftentimes come across where paid actors are hired to present lie after lie to you.

A little further on in the Epix Trader video, we come across the creation of the auto trader. Tina has the knowledge for investing and Mark possessed the knowledge for computer programming. Together after many trial and error sessions the two of them were able to successfully create an automated trading software (known as the Epix Trader) and perfected it to work for both binary options and Forex. Now, on the website the average reported success rate is 80% and higher but whether or not these claims hold true and are verified by a 3rd party organization we are unsure.

We do know however that the functionality of this system is based upon a theory created by George Soros known as the Theory of Reflexivity. Where a saying known as “The trend is your friend till the end,” is incorporated into the framework of the Epix Trader auto trader. So how does this system work? Well, Mark Evans, one of the creators behind this software, says that he always stayed ahead of the curve and so does the Epix Trader software. The algorithms powering the Epix Trader filter for the tell-tale signs of a trend becoming exhausted (indicating that a reversal may occur).

So the algorithms used to power the signals generated with the Epix Trader are supposedly able to filter out good reversal signals while also using a several scalping techniques that were created by George Soros. Whether or not the algorithms are actually programmed to effectively identify, plot and execute investments based upon those principles we are unsure. However, if they are true then we see no reason why the Epix Trader could not generate a success rate of 70% or higher. Now, there are 5 different indicators you can apply by using the Epix Trader and they are as followed: BP Trend Filter, Market Deviation, Price Pattern, Relative Price Impulse and Stat. Price Range.


What we do find interesting would be how Tina D’Angelo claims that during the beta testing phase, the Epix Trader was able to accumulate an account gain of 12,000% which sounds absolutely incredible. However, just like with most of the systems that we come across, no third party verification or documented investment results were ever provided. Which leads us to wonder whether or not there is any truth to those claims or not. What we can verify as true though would be the alleged scalping principles claimed by Mark, where he says that scalping is more of a short-term trading strategy for volatile market trends that yield lower success rates but more volume of trades.

He claims that users can expect to average a success rate of 78% when scalping techniques are being applied with the Epix Trader and between a 80 to 95% when non-scalping trading strategies and algorithms are being executed by the Epix Trader. The scalping technique is supposed to generate between 2 to 3 times more investments with a small sacrifice in winning percentage. Although none of this has been verified, we were unable to find enough “dirt” on the Epix Trader auto trader to classify this software as a scam. The functionality and principles powering this software in theory make logical sense and under duress should perform consistent trading results.

Again, we wish we could have concluded this review with a more definitive answer but we are waiting for more information and feedback to be revealed on the Epix Trader auto trader before we decide to put our reputation on the line and endorse this system. As mentioned earlier the functionality of this system in theory seems legitimate but we are unable to confirm its proposed accuracy even though this software has been highly endorsed by a number of other popular binary option and Forex review sites.

With all this in mind we ask you to take all of what you have learned into consideration and tread lightly and carefully before getting started with the Epix Trader for both binary options or Forex. Although many other popular binary option and Forex review sites are receiving great feedback and have generated reported success rates between 68 to 77%, we don’t like to endorse any software, system or service that we haven’t personally tested out for ourselves. For those of you who have experience or decide to get started with this system, we urge you to please share your feedback below so that thousands of other readers can benefit from your experience.

Review Verdict: Our Epix Trader Review will remain inconclusive until more evidence is received!

Websites in Question: and

Although the fate of the Epix Trader auto trader lies in your hands and with your feedback, we would like to take this opportunity to alert anyone reading this review that if you have been scammed to Contact Watchdog. To date with have helped over 1,400 online traders get their stolen money back all free of charge! Need a way to recoup some of your losses? Check out Watchdog’s Verified Binary Options Service Providers or our new Forex Brokers and Signal Services page to learn which services are performing the best and can help you generate between an extra 3 to 4 figures per month!

Curious To Test Out The Epix Trader Auto Trader?

Epix Trader Signup

Using Epix Trader for binary options is pretty straightforward. Just click on the above link, sign up with the assigned broker and get started. In fact, if you intend on trying Epix Trader, I would strongly recommend that you use the Forex version and I will explain why below. For those of you who prefer to try the Forex version, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Head over to and sign up.
  2. Login to
  3. Download the software (MT4 and the EA file) onto your computer.
  4. Load the EA within the MT4 platform and set it up on a 15 minute chart.
  5. Click on the Auto Trading button to start!

The reason why I’d recommend using the Forex version is very simple. Binary options brokers make their money when traders lose. Therefore, there’s always a risk that the broker will manipulate your results to cause losses, especially if using a non-regulated broker. The Forex version on the other hand can work with any broker because it’s an EA (Expert Adviser) file which you can use with any MT4 Forex broker.

The Forex brokers currently on the list for the Epix Trader include Colmex Pro, Brokers Station, Capital Markets Banc, EuropeTradeFX, FirstCapitalUnion, FM-fx, FXP Markets (FXPM), HBC Broker, iTrader, Umarkets, UFX, StoxMarket, TradeFred, Ava Trade, ClicksFX, Kaya FX, CMTrading, RTC, Trade360 and ForexAds. You have to open an account with one of these brokers. Once you do, you can download the software.

Regardless of which broker you sign up with in order to get the EA, once you have the file you can load it with any FX broker that runs on MT4. We encourage you to only use this auto trader with a legitimate, regulated Forex broker. Trying it in demo mode is suggested as well, especially if you’re new to FX trading.

I was able to get some real Epix Trader results and was amazed. Take a look:

Epix Trader Forex Results

Amazing results! Please share YOUR results in a comment below this Epix Trader review.

For more information about the Epix Trader for Forex, please visit this Epix Trader Review.

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33 comments on “Is Epix Trader Software a SCAM? Unbiased Scam Review!!
  1. Bruce says:

    I would like to know if anyone has any info on Metainvesting.

  2. Hugh Johnstone says:

    so this system is for forex and binaries?
    that is very intriguing!
    will give the FX one a shot then I think.
    tired of all the binary scams lately – running me dry they are!
    traders from France can us this right WD?

  3. Kevin says:

    Seems like EPIX TRADER is an affiliate site of Auto Binary Signals by Roger Pierce. It is evident on the website where Roger is mentioned.

    • jessica reynolds says:

      good find Kevin

      wonder if the software they are using is a white-labeled product

      because i am experiencing decent results of 68% or higher but I’m only about 20 trades in so still a little 2 early to tell i guess

      hope the results will keep rollin in then

  4. Dmutro Kateruna says:

    ALL a diverse review of the epix-trader software

    • Kyle Bryce says:

      6 out of 8 trades were winners
      I guess that is a decent start.
      Was hoping for a little bit better but whatever I guess. : /


  5. Bradley Green says:

    Last Night: 3 for 5 – 60% – Profit of $12.50
    Today: 6 for 7 – 85% – Profit of $176.50
    Total Profit over 2 Days – $189
    Accuracy over 2 Days – 75%

  6. José Antonio says:

    Is it available in Mexico?

  7. stefantrades says:

    how much can one expect to make per week with this software?

  8. Laurie Johnson says:

    Not bad first couple of days with it
    Tuesday: 4-6
    Wednesday: 3-4
    Thursday: 7-10
    Friday: 2-3

    Accuracy about 70%

  9. KevinsFXJourney says:

    To be honest I thought this was a scam.
    Some other sites are claiming it is a scam but they clearly never tried the system out!
    The Epix Trader for FX and the EA they created is legit, I damn near smashed the financial markets to bits. My first day I went 11 for 13, I never trade that much or that good on my own! Recommend this to all people who want to generate some good extra income!

  10. Vicki says:

    Those signed up did any of you get utrader or binaryCM as broker? I wanted to try but just afraid that broker not reliable hope those are trying please help

  11. Roger Alderson says:

    Are either of these systems automatic or do they only provide signals to assist manual

  12. Roger Alderson says:

    More questions than comments, are the brokers offered by Epix Trader, registered? and can I use the system from Peru? Spanish not required, I am British so English will suffice

    • WatchDog says:

      I don’t know which broker you will be assigned. Let me know and I’ll tell you if they are regulated.

    • Leon Mare says:

      Roger, apparently NOT!

      I was redirected to CFDStocks and I thought Epix Trader could be trusted as it is recommended here and also by Michael Freeman – his Facebook group is one of the biggest for binary options – free signals etc.
      However upon Googling for some training videos for CFDStocks’ platform I found scam complaints galore.Many persons saying they can’t get their money out again and are treated badly when trying to withdraw money.
      Now I have the major crisis of getting my money out of them.

      Also Epiix Trader does NOT reply to my support emails Three of them. First one sent on 27 April.
      That on its own screams scam! Or not? You decide

      So watch out. It now seems nobody cares. Everyone and their dog wants to sign you up with Epix but simply tell you not to sign up with a non-regulated broker when it’s too late…

      Now I wonder whether WatchDog will place my comment here…

  13. Leon Mare says:

    Hi Watchdog

    Epix is still not replying to any of my emails (three different email addresses now!) going on for 2 weeks now!! Your answer baffles me. Maybe the name of the non-regulated broker – CFDStocks – made you write: “We only recommend using Epix Trader for Forex trading” * it is irrelevant. Or am I missing something? CFDStocks now sits with my 250GBP and it does not show up in Epix!! No way to get it connected although I have asked both parties several times.
    They also hve this clause which is quite vague:
    “In order to withdraw funds, a minimum trading volume (turnover) needs to be reached, trading volume or turnover is determined by the total of the deposits made into your account”.

    Is there anything concrete that you can recommend or do for me to make it work or get my money back?

    I have reported this to the Fraud department of my bank.

    Maybe you should change your recommendation for Epix as there is NO WAY they can ignore all my emails for 2 weeks. I can forward all these emails if required.
    Hope to hear something constructive / a solution from you.

    Any help will be appreciated as I don’t have 250GBP to give away for nothing.

  14. Leon Mare says:

    Thanks WatchDog!
    I’ve replied to your last email under the same title as before :
    Is CFDStocks a scam broker or safe?

Watchdog wants you to comment!!

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